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July 20, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 20, 1961

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...... ] tmtg I qFU [ of real estate worth a nuclear war. I I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON F.m r. s .... Ifir R I.,:H ........ v: ....... / It has become a symbol ofprincip ] 4---A THURSDAY, JULY I Ri I %. les. uavmg aeieatea me uermans I r :..: ~::. :::.~.: :i::::,:::::::::::::::::::::::,::,:, in the most costly and terrible of ~ ..... ] --J ::~: L~iii!ii!~::i~!!~iii!i~ H wars we are in Berlin as a matter t i | Z ] fifth birthday with a party Satur Junior Grove and family, WEST VIR6INIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER ..!::::!,~.{:~i~" :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: " , - " .... " ' " " m r ' VA ~: ~:~i:~;~~~:.~:::~.:::;-.'~::~::::.. ~ of right. It IS unthinkable that day evening given by her othe Mr. and Mrs. Charles, CnAm.~s X~WN, W. . --'~ *~::~i::~i::i~!i::::~::::)i::;i::iii~i~::-- the con-uered neonles of East - .... Mrs. Frances Rodgers. Refresh- of Chestnut Hill were re{ ...... ~~~= Germany~, notv~i~l~anding their wAnt~a~e~UC~es~fU:mRedsC[:ss alidn ~thfllipsRJ:h:rdR~bmsTf~a~:~" ments of candies, cup cakes, pink ers with Mr. and Mrs. N leaders are but puppets in the Y g " . , . , lemonade, potato chips and a bir- Grove BEST MEDIUM OF ADVERTISI G ~~~ ~..~ .~ ,~.~.. ~ .... ~ ..... ,,~.o pleted at the Jefferson County Me D]anne Unger, Suzanne Ward, Les *hd~v oako were served Norma ......... FOR REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERBON COUNTY AND ALL "~~~~ .... ~o .,. ~;,.** *.. ....... .;:?o:~.o_. mortal Park Swiming Pool last lie Widmyer 2:::[..^~' 2~_~ ..:__ _~." ,.u_._ ~VilSS auanna uogle ana R ORE THAN 116 YEARS " coma oe ptaceo In ~ DOSltlOn tO . ~ece,wu ~umc ,.~v s-t~. *-,,~= S ssard were uests IURROUNDING ARaB FO M " ~ s~ ~.,~ w. ~,-- :~: .h~n ......... i.h,= ,. ,ha oi,v week with a total of 217 children Water Safety Aides 8 enrolled nro~onf fa holn her were Louie ry. u. . .g .... R~ ZV~RY WEEK eY MOa~ THAN ' -- ............ l~"~;:~"~ere'is'~'even'm'ore'~h'an having enrolled and 92 of them and 7 passed: Carla Alexander, ~St'aubs. San'dra Staubs, Donald an a ~rs. Amry noweu o~ ~ ~=~:~ -- I 'rlt~ WAlt ~ouJ~ I ~.~"~t..n ~.~ .~,.~, ,. ,~,~ ~,~ pasing the required tests. Louis Garvin, John Rentch, Judy ].na Ro~.or White Glen Danny, nut rizli. . . , ] The saddest and mostdlscon- ,,,~io~ ~ake~ -ur nosition not onl,~ Board members of the Jeffer- R:ggleman, Candy Smallwood, I Everhart, Randall Gary Staubs, ] . Mr. and Mrs. C. H. R : "BLTTHEO EVERY THURSDAY certing thing about the simmer-:':'~i'"~.,,,~..~,..~, no~.. i~'o... ~ .... ~.. P~....~... ~. u~n Tom Specht, Paula Stokes. Arlene Manhis Brenda Stevie ~aaugnter l~orma ana ~j Y THE J; MPA V INC ing Berlin crisis is the unwilling- ..................... z ...... ": ............ ~ .... v~=,. .......... Jr Life Savin 13 enrolled and ~ ~ ' ' ghter Brenda were Sund B E FEa~ON PUm..im.UN~ CO ~ " " _ ........ ._.^_: ....... ~^ +_the key to the hope of an ultzm- Cross and Rev. Richard Neal,'. . ..g ..... Sharon and Susan Chapman, Del- ; ....... ,~ ...,~. .. ...n 8ECOHD CL~ PO~TAGK PAID AT CHARL~ TOWN, W. Vh. IL~ U1 tll~ 2~ll|~llEdll FVUtJIC t~ ~fp]v Ilni~iP] ('~orr~flnv ~i*h""* .h~;.......v *h~ w.*~. .vo., u~. Iour passeR. ~autcn ~arper, ~s- m~- C--le Mike Roa~ers Diane -,s s-=~t~ ~-,---. a,,u -- ---- face it. W~th the exception of the .~.~.~..~. ........ ~],. h,,, ho~ ............ .~ .... ~ ~..,~,,,n~ telle Gursky, aMrlan Merchant, ('.raTa ~r .qh]rlov Chanman Rodgers and Mrs. Haze OmSiT ~rAOUSH~ ~aa4 - AOVOCAVE ~STABmSHEO ~S~S President and a very few hlg.. a Rower vacuum that will leave and annreciation to those who Campbell Tabb. ~Mrs Maude Everhart, Mrs. Celia [ m Brunswick, . COMBINED MARCH I, t948 min!s~radon I~u~es,t r~er~er~sthe whole of Central and Western ! gave f'r~ely of their time and en- St. Lifesaving, enrolled 3 _all White, Mrs. Ethel Buzzara. [ ...... ~ M~ BmOWN imrroe ! ~Or~gne o~O~Paa~ aserious,g~r tend Europe like a ripe apple ready for rgy to these classes and to the Jef pa2e?'su~nn~ia~raccmie' ~tepnen Mr. Frank Rodgers and Mr. t~hurch emces r0r ..... -'~----- ' TELEPHONE =Zi " ........ ha* somehow when Soviet domination. Iferson County Memorial Park, Inc X.* .... n;.,.o :.~.~..n ~n ~.nIWhite of Ranson were Sunday I OFFICE NORTH GEOIR~ ~ - to me view t t - ~ ........ riB t'e .,,~.,,,=~,~=~ =,,.~,,~, w ~,,~, ............... ......... ,m ~ut a way Both East and West have reach ~or me use oI me pool au g n ............... [callers wltn Mr ~esne ~euson ~--I ...... .... La.. rJ HA'rl.AL ADV,RT|I4HG R~B~irNT~T|YI[S i~O~ t~mt~:aS;a::s lw;~l be found, ed the point from whiche there oS [two weeks of classes.. . xP Sse, aw lh r ar m:aj c,YD n I chMr. ::dofMi~SeGe:a~de.C~s~le I~rnd ~dJY~[~ A$$t BWl WEEKLY NEWBPAPER R~REBENTATIVES, INC. It has been argued for the past scarcely any return, w _ [ Announcemem was also mane nv Creamer Jennifer Carner I aX Y .... t ............... ~ v, 404 FIFTH AVgNU~. NEW YORK lB, N.Y. doendo that while neither East permit, voluntarily, the East Ger.[that all persons who are listed as ~.,, ~ .... ~-haa ni..o Coili~[Robert Chapman of Middleway xne aev. wm~am r .... ATI.&NTA -- CH}~&GO -- DrrROIT - Los A~z~u ~-Wo~t'-wnntu a war with all its man puppets to be our masters in[having passed their tests are en- "~'~'~o F,~,:':~.'~&~',.~:.~*~ r,l..~" [were Sunday guests with Mr. and tar of Calvary Assembly ! a~ndant~ "terrible- consequences Berlin we will have all ready lost i titled to certificates and are asked ~une"~arvi~n,' ~ona~o~me~;~i' [Mrs. Floyd Chapman and~children i Church on Fairfax Boule ALk SOISCRIPTIONS DILIV~RIO IN THE BTATa' AR~' S~J~'~ TO ~ ~ CONIUMl[~ll ' a World War Ill It is not a ques- to pick them up at the swimmin Mrs Leona Staubs of Bolivar located on Fairfax Bould gALZS TAX. BUBSCRIFr,o. Sa.SO PIR Vl~. IN AOVANtL I ~hueg;le:tdan~te~;satha~eWte. ~a~ tion of wanting" a war or wanting [pool after July 20. g )h eb]iM eKrece aPh oMCD led: I spent a day last week at her home I Fifth Avenue in Ranson] [that is nreciselv the direction in'to fight. The plain truth of the[ Assisting Rev. Neal as instruc-. Jeffevv O'Bannan Paula Pronns [here. Iced the following sche~ THE ~---- ~- -- , . - * -s -- ~ , ~r , MEMBER OF ] ~hieh we are headed at this mom, matter is we have no choice. We I tars were: Betsy Cole, Betsy Dav- ~h~rn,~ ~u]~o Li.a. Piarop l'~pn I Mr and Mrs Pete Greenwalt [ meetings for Sunday a~ a-r, ~ ~ at E ~tv~ B, ~, ~ I e'n't" ............ [can either hand over the world to [is, Mary Jane Specht and Elinora is'e-'l~e"ite'r"]~eb'l~i*e-'Re'i'ter~"E~i'e~ and "son of near Chestnut nill l quent week nights. Sundff I..~. ~., ,k u ~~ I Without having any. real choice [ the Communists w!thout a ~rug.-] Kable. Certificates were issued to Robinson, Walter Tabb, Michael / were Sunday callers with the tat- [ at 10:00 a m. morning : ~i l a a=~.~ ~-F~" ~n | I: ~~ I I in the matter, President Kennedy I gin or we can I~gnL "rnellr~is]the ~ollowmg: Waiters, Davie William White, iters parents Mr. and Mrs. Russell[services at 11:00 a. m: "_ I ,~ ~J I . ~.~ ~ I has stated the American position dent sees this only ~oo we . I Beginners in Swimming had 98 Debbie Whitmore Mark Wolf, Sus / Cogle and family. [ Evangelistic service at ~:~ ' " a his count men ' hrist A bs ...... "~ " ~ m the onl terms the leader of lmperatwe th t . . ry Brant Anan W~dm er Donald Wflhams Mr. and Mrs. Olhe Hawk, Mr. Tuesday the C r~ Y . enrolled and 30 passed - Y ' " d~ Ithe Free World can state it. He[understand ........ it as clearly. ...... ]ders, Beverly Carroll, Ann Wilson[Swimmers, enrolled 35 and 191Walter Wilt of Chestnut Hill were[meet at 7:30 P. m. Thu/s . Thursda~ J~l~ 20, 1961 [has stated we will fight for Ber-I t~'afnrU~ConeeVn~Sin~2~'YoS~a~. [Coyle, Patrieia Collis, Linda Car-[passed Allen Beahm, Pricilla Bir [Sunday guests with Mr. and Mrs.i Study at 7:30 p. m. .... a" " , " " , Y g" Ithe Russians may make the mrs- There is still time for the_RuSSl nl ha, Norma Mfimaw, Norman Mu-[vid L. McDonald, Patty Moler,/ r U n LIt~ is an ~dle blu~ leader to get off the hook end ' I --.,F ~ ...... The anouneement this week by Leland Shugart of the [take of labeling thi,' . i ......save face He had better tell the] :naw, David Liskey, Mike Magaha, Dee Ann Nichols, Virg~ia Por-[ i - -- ---.,- ~.,.~ ~+ ~h,~ --~-r of Washington / mat snoula Be calleU, i all~ equax- _ . .~ ...... I Nora ~aagana, ttot~in magana, Don tertieia, t~onalu naae, l~lsa bflu / ~, ClOSing oI ~nugarL ~ ~,~.~ ,~ o,..~ ....... ~" ' t East ~ermans mat any lnterler- . . .. .............. : ..... ,h, nn/lY concerned over whether orno .................. lme Miller, Raymond Mullaney,man, Barbara Slusher, Venetta/ I-Iavin sold our farm and moving to Shepherdsto~ ana unarms ~bl'~b~ lll~Llh~# ILL ,~ ~,,~ .... , ........... e, --.- ~ / *ha American neovle understand enee on tnelr part wI[n otll l'l~alL~,i,,r,,,,.., tr^^,. ~..*,:.. D^.bo D,.,~ .,,,~,.- l'~..~la n*.~ ~at,lat i -- " era. For seventy-eight yc rs the store has been a lana:/ti t'the-t;resident*means what he in Berlin will be acted on withI .................." ................. 1" ...... ] win sen me fo||owing, loeated 2 mars North of mark on the Main Street of Charles Town. It was no |has said the harshest of judgements on meI ! herdstown, on ,Shepherd Grade-Scrabble Road, on g ' " "" e Street/ " I SATURDAY, JULY 22, 19611i uncommt nr:?eredne ritb: t%therlo oneSStoh sestn/: of,Berhn has ceased to be apiece East Germans-and on him. [rile WEATHER AND OTHER , [ down the Street from Shugart s or just across th _ ......... I UI=@YLIIIT Ull I klk'll/C I?:UCBEGINNING AT 1:00 P. M. (D. S. %) from Shugart's" became accepted ways of telling peoplellTEMS OF INTEREST IN V1CLNITI Off ' I HILL I LWJ I/LJVIJ I ................... how to find one place or another. And rightfully so! _ For | In a ! P If ~ t|l kl I B- Mrs. Gear Pearl [ ,12 HEAD OF 1-1Ol 5'l']SIN (j2klll has it not seen the coming and going of every other bus -] ~ ~ K | ~ | ~ W M I 7 ~"~ [ 11 Holstein Heifers, yearlings. ness on the mam street of thin commumty for the pa [ ' | [ 1 Holstein Bull, 6 months old. o centu mallwood Phone 20 F 024 Weather better tone We are all very proud three quarters f a ry. By Mrs. Clarence S "" ; ]t has been the privilege of this newspaper to carry! [ Rather warm and humid about of the interior of the church, so] TOOLS AND MISCELLANEOU the advertisements of Shuga s since 1883, longer than I ow Brooke erns 'i all week. One week ago this Man i 1 Pt y uslaSveiSsitwere back ini| 3 H. P. Montgomery Waxd Garden Tractor with reve e ent staff of the a er can rememoerl James Gray of Mead day morning some fog in early r~ anyone on the pr s . P P. . ..... taehraents, otary mower, plow, and cultivator; 3-gal. p murat can farm s ent several days l~st week Early Monday morn_rag Mr. and mormng humid with some sun- thew respective places. Class No./ .............. [ ! ilil; iland longer, thanp most[ of the people .m .th s.c..Bin Y [ and" not'P Bo ' Y P . . " nter Ka-]] '" g '" g I] ~iii!~i]"1 ~~!ii~~~sprayer'gnarre! sprayer, JO~ppeO! mzierent size pipe wre~ ~d fairness. These art ' [chased a 58 Oldsf "pp .... ]Ground very dry, vegetation not[again. | tools of all kinds; assortment of bolts, garden ploW, e he accumulatmns of the yems ram the Tn department m the Acme Store, [ M~rg~panYalfeKra~lillea 1961 u?;l.eM~tlnRouss, childrenLa I kwmgntSfgdn, P;a s;rSe: emg i Mietswas ?e lmerch delighted to!b2t?~ sht2:2~h c::::Yc:~P,' ;=ee~l~clal::'f2; Wgha;dle: Ko n alow into the Gray raduate of Charles Town H'gry Linda and Joan, Mrs. J " rain very bad. Wednesday morn-Imeet with Mrs. Wilson Moler a .................. once bu g g lanstoen a e ine 1 children Chubb Debbieand in 1 " tar; mt ox omer mlscenmaeous aruwes too nmner at Avon Dale recenuy Pat Mr and Mrs Melwn S R~ss on until noon clearln and ver menuon li lfl BITllv, Ii [and Mrs. Douglas Brackett andl farmingl 3 Ton Ford ick er' nd'Dmne Mr and'Mrsl R~b'li " " g Yl] paper the Spirit of Jefferson and " , daughters who moved to Charle purchased a 1955 ~ P 1 a ......... ' , . - humid, temperature 86. Thursday tells me she really enjoys the HOIT,qEHOLD GOODS I ~ "]~.~1~ dl 'v,,.,n [up. ert White local residents w lthlmornmg some fog and h eavylChestnut Hill Items So glad to ......... -~---~ . Ronny Sowers also a member of Mr. and Mrs. Billy White daugh-[clouds but no rain. Friday morn-[have met such a wonderful person Very large antique mirror in mahogany frame (150 Mrs Bernard Ott and Mr and a Mrs John old) Fri claire FAectnc Stove m perfect conditmn, ve~ ~! IMrs John S Mennor visited Mr.lthe 1961 Charles Town High ter Brenda.oIvlr. ndT. ~.n_~ [!ng very .warm clearskies and in[. Mr. andMrs. Ronnie.Garza and . .; ~gi ............. ;--~I Six births, four boys anal two land"Mrs, Kenneth Anders and SChool .and ~n.employee _of the ~merm2a~ai~ ~a~a.e~e~rg~s ~Bee~ i~vaetrev ewVermmngnV?Y 2Umr~a:n~ a[ ~amuywere ~t~tzng wren tn~ ~=t~; wm~:~ormng .~t 2=:,r -::~:;:wi:X*eh~n: girls," occurred' at the Clfarles' fa~;~i~halles~ ..... ' ' Town, Frlda3" , a" f Acme Store, unarms ,own ' " ll ........ ........" --"" --'- ........................... " "-" "'" "- ' " "' d .............. ._ .Z~ i. - - .............. urchsed a 1957 Plymouth t ny Crim and friend Buggs a " ' ! shine and very humid 90. Sunday [ of Falls Church;~Va.' ..... ~' - '' with glass on 3 sides and server to m~teh; single be id~d?d~: !i!i~'~*' L Mi!n~nT! rarw~: :;!n~*i~Da~ I : B~ r~ar~tflt: ?:VaP I V~Y~:aetr~o~e~a~Y t~e t~aa:t~SenKai:~iS@iDP~H~hret~e~ildodsI :eP:=:~ :tall:; w ~t t:= r cdr e:h]a?ngs,t ~ab:g:itphh :;:~l:e; t~ wa;*~;o'r~ ~n!}e; hM[r ~nnaieM, rsi~:h;~a:t2r?y'drasu"' :2J;tYa~d l ai A son, Robert Erwin, was born[and Mrs. L.rR. Becker near Har- Mary Ellen Mercer of Bolivar a y -"'" "" -le Johnson of[~SCS MaRtin- " [ ish'h r n~e~edg.recocer le 25 vol. set of Universal Encyclopedia; table lamp, "~ July 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert l pers Ferry spent Sunday .withthe latters Cl~a~rie:n~o~rS. e~n~e~ained 'mem i The WSCS gof Chestnut Hill J P y Y" screens, 3 compartment metal kitchen wall cabinet; 1 r /vlrs. uletus AtKlnS " " Brown of Charles Town. I Mr. and Mrs. Alton Muse and granddaughte ....... ,. .... ,, .~^,...-..m.~ c,,.n.~., t- [ ~.^M ...; ..... , ......~, .... . [ ............. quart glass Tars, window blinds, drapes, and curtains, [~ Two births occurred July 16, a ]sons Timothy and .Kenneth were ~ind fa~e~Yeffis s'~endin" some: their annual picnic dinner at the ling Tuesday night in the Church[ ~IIVFg ~R~VF; pots, pans and many other articles too numerous to n#], son Raymond Clifton born to*supper guests weanesoay at me _ ..... ~. ,,~ ...... avilion in the Charles Town Me-|Hall The Devotional meetin~ be | ~i~mn v~v~-- ................... thin -- be remo~ u. ~.n ~.o Ra,,-~-d '~ ~aw former's mother Mrs Gentry ume wltn ner uaugnter mrs. ~Jray. v ...... / ". . ~ "1 n !., .~._ . ... __ ~ "r~:t~M~ O~" ~*::~t~t. ~o n g ~o ,,--a,,~, ...... ~|uv. ~. ~ - .... "_ ... ,:,.. ,~,__n ..... n .~ ~artinsburo morial t'arK. Tnose presem were/gan Dy singing hymn, some body/ t~y ~lrs, ~ael buzzar(I .~,,,.a ,^. iamii in LeesDurva pray . uvu**,.. ,,.... ~ .... ~..~. .~.. es, Hyattsvllle, Md. and a son l Muse aria. *- Y- g- " ou in Ter, , Row- his daughter Mrs. Janlce Bosley,] cares. We were led In prayer by ] .... _ , Dw:y~aEdW~dBbe:rn~m~rf?Y ' :d;M~':U~:nM~rifBriiaa~riSn~:a~ lai!;~yers!i~ni :on of :r and ~.; J :l w:d / a;:2ne" EDWAM2 :2d MMoRRS;2o.W:n~/[r~ |' I( ' attsville, Md. . ........... n r ..... *o- -f n-neon was Mr .and Mrs. Billy Brandt, Mrs./Humphrey Wilt read the scrip-~ Y " ( , " .Tnlvs 17, ~ d~.~htpro_, ..... gearl~tt were visitors ~amraay at me m~.. ~u. .... c.,o~.l "wimU'-'-~nuvv ...... .,.a~ bel Harrison of Charles Town/ture/ lesson from the Fifty lhrs'" t ing at 6 p. m. July 22nd. Come C. WILLIAM HENSELL, Clerk. Paige, was born to Mr and Mrs. ihme of Mr .and .... Mrs. William_ a WSltOr recent y oon Chub-Y thmr nephew and meee' Mr. and Psalm and gave very interesting and__en]ythe" evening." ," /qnvrn~n N Wilt nf Rzn~n and Hoak and MISS" Dorothy Bowers. .Seal" On .............. Monday aftern ~r's Ue-~-* Cobbs Charleston J lesson -n *he reaai~- -~ t~o ~.'~'r I mrmoay rarw _u .... -_.. ; .................. " ............. ic By celeoratea nls elevenm olrm- -- , . , - -, Sunday Scheoi Picn Norma Rodgers celebrated her 1 | the same day a son Rickey Lee,: ........ , ~....or..,...;..~ ~,,n dav having his cousins in for re. Mr. and Mrs. Abner Johnson,LLn-[ ture lesson. Poems were then read] I I was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald _ .,~e .a.,~.?, f .... ~_';2"~,_~'2'.~ freshments da and Cecil Ashby, Mr. unle[by the following: Edith Garrett, A I , Ray bcnool picnic was nero rrmay k a Mr " " L. Shade of Charles Town. * ~ .............. .... ~o-*-, a-~ 12 Roundtree of Suffol , V., .[Boys Confessmn; Nancy Runmn, July 18, a dattgllter was born a~ernoon^.at .~emormt,.sar~n a~l. ~T"h~ ~asomc"~rder of Middle- and Mrs. Homer Kees, Mr.and/Never Never Fail; Mrs. Nina Run-! , to Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Baker ~,a~e~ ~-- ?,u, ,~ ~,z sy~ _~ wa'" "lan to hold a lawn ,,arty Sat Mrs. Tom Wolford, daughter Laut ion You Know Who I Am; Mrs. | I ten(lance zne i0DQ was ODin plent ~ F e' "1 ' Dtckerson, Md. I .... " ............... n~., Auvust 12 at the Lodge ra Ann, Mrs. Leonard Ruble, chl d/Georgia Pearl, Along Lifes Way; I I Surgical patients admitted to ~?eis:n~ah:;l~Cm:r~ ;f:asa~t ~lm~: H'a~,"In'c;se of rain it will be ren Timothy, Kimberly and Phil|Mrs. Edith Garrett will read the the hospital were: Mrs. Hazel V. i p ............... " held" in doors Homemade ice lip all of Gerrardstown, Mrs. Lew[ scripture reading at our next ;' Hardy, Harpers Ferry; Little Ter i.. ~r. ~no lvirs.~onn,~. _._~Len-^~.~, cream and cake country ham is Rissler, three, daughters Patsy,[ meeting. The meeting closed with ,mo~ ~ ~'in~,~n Mr R .....11 L ~ars. t~ernara utt anu granuuau- , -- [~ ' ," ......................... L i, ( sandwiches will be on the list of Janie and Susan of Wheatland, a prayer by Mrs. Georgia Pearl. Jones, City; Master Charle M. ghter Terry Anders motored to s le Mr. and Mrs. Grady Owens, Sum-,The secretary Mrs. Annie Wilt Smallwood, Master Marshall G. Elkton, Va. on Saturday where "q"ues av'Ylr "an(i M-rs" Ar- mit Point/Mr. and Mrs. Clarence was absent Mrs. Nina Runion aet- Smalwood, Ranson; Master Will-" they visited Mrs. Ott's parents Mr. thur Bush of" Charles Town" visi- Smallwood, Kabletown. ed as secretary the roll was called ser,iam Mrs.Ayre'virginiaMaster E.WilliamBenner,M'city;Key andMrs.MrS.EdwardJameSyoungFielding.of Charles ted their brother and sister Mr. Friends avere shocked to hear those present were Mrs. Lillian Mr. Albert C. Weldh, Gerrards- To#vn spent Wednesday at "Beal- and Mrs Howard Bush and faro- of the fatal accident which oc- Garret, Georgm Staubs, Reba ALL ALUMINUM ALL ALUMINUM ' i]v " I curred Monday evening to Mr. [ Staubs, Essie Lancaster, Mrs. Nan- town; Master Thoma~ E. Hostler, lair" near Halltown visiting her-... - - ' ......... TE Harpers Ferry. . brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Bill Costello, a former resident Snowden McCarty of near Mechan ~ cy ~mmon, ~rs. ~lna l~umon, F O L D I N G F O L D I N G Medical patients admitted were: Mrs. Nelson Boyd. Visitors in the of this community who recently icstown. Our sympathy is extend-[Mrs. Georgia Pearl, Mrs. Edith mnvod " ' to his sister. Mrs ' Lona M ~arre~t, ~r rterman ~iarrett, Mr. Master Nathan W. Co0k, Kear. evening with the Boyds were Mr...... from Washington to Gay- ed ." i .... ... :.=..LAWN CHA[ I CH LOUI neysville; Mr. Emow L. Jenkins, and Mrs. James Young and two lord, Va. is now employed at Mar i Frye Charles Town and to hls bro i ~onn ~tunlon, ~r. rtumpnrey wu[, o.~ Rra~ nnd i.~ wnrk" ~ e er Mr Robert W McCart of k'lans were maue to put new itoor .................... moonth th . . y ,. ~tl Harpers Ferry; Master,Clyde M. children Debbie and Jimmie of rebuilding of the Cold Storage. Kearneysville who were both for-In the church hall and partition Luckett, Jr., City; Mrs. Edna M. Ransom Mr. Mark Hickerson, stone mason mer residents of this community, arm new tames., uur next meet- Armstrong, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Mrs. Douglas Bowers and son ks r a d Mrs Howard Bush dau mg will be In the church Hall of Winchester is laying the bloc . M . n . ' s c_ Regularly $5.98 Regularly SPECIAL $9.98 Irene L. Stickel, City; Little Jef- Mark of Bolivar were supper frey N. Spates, Harpers Ferry; guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geyer and ghter ,Sue Ellen, Mrs. Bushs too-i ond Tuesday night of Aug Mrs. Fannie M. Lucas, Brunswick Alton Muse and sons. six children of Philadelphia, Pa. ther Mrs. Joshua Clipp were din- usL Md.; Mrs. Eleanor D. Davis, City; I Mrs. Nathaniel Gray Sr. has are visiting Mrs. Geyer s father ner guests Sunday with their son- iPIcnic Suly 22 Mr. Frederick W. Costello, Har- been on the sick list the past week General Pleas Rogers of Hawthor in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. I Remember the Chestnut Hill ALL PLASTIC LARGE SIZE pers Ferry; Mr. Benjamin F. Ben with a kidney infection. Best get ne Dale. Mr. Geyer who broke a Walter Burdick and family of Sunday School all day picnic July EWBERRY her, Shenandoah Junction; Mr. well wishes are extended to her at bone in the left foot is on crutch., Charles Town. In the afternoon 22nd in the grove near the church. 10 GALLON N K I T C H E N NI Raymond L. Jenkins, Summit this time. .eswith the lame foot in a cast. they viisted with Mr. and Mrs. A basket dinner will be served at 5ARBASEtd" $199 WhSTF iBh$1[ Point; Mr. Graver B. Russell, Kear , Mr. Bernard Ott, Mr. and Mrs.' Frankie Howell, four year old Curtis Writt of near Shepherd - noon every one cordially invited. neysville; Mr. S. Preston Smith, John Mennor and son Stephen vis son of Mr .and Mrs. Frank (Bud= town. Marvin Jackson and Amos City; Mrs. Carrie M. Crum, Mrs. ited Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Becket dy) Howell had a ~rightful exper- Family Plrmie Woodward who are stationed at Mary E. Writt, Harpers Ferry; near Harpers Ferry Saturday even ience one evening last week when A family picnic dinner was held Camp Loraine, Maine and given Mr. Thomas E. Baumgardner, City hag. playing with a short length of at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ham their furlough they motored . Mr. and Mrs. Harry DiRges of pipe. Upon shakiag the pipe out er Wood on Sun_day. Those pres- Harpers Ferry to visit ith their Regularly $2.69 SPECIAL Regularly $1.49 HALLTO,.ffkl Charles Town were supper guests fella small snake hitthng him on ent were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas parents bIr .and Mrs. Charles Jack Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. David Pen the foot. His mother reports that Penwell daughter Margaret, . son son and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Garrett well and family. " . he lost no time getting to the Nelson and his children, Marie They made the trip safe and with By Miss Dorothy Bowers Visitors Tuesday at the home ot house, and Vicki, his friends, Mr. and out any car trouble they are leav FULL WIDTH 3 LIGHT Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gray and Friends were glad to see Doctor Mrs. Thomas WiIey and family of ing Monday, July 17 for camp L I N E D NEWBERRY D E C O R A T I V E Charles H. Kable, vet and two, Rippon, Mr. and Mrs. Win. WhR Trescure, Maine where they will children John and Martha on Sat- more and family of near Charles be stationed. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mennor and family of Fenelton, Pa. an- route ho, after a visit with Mrs. Mennors brother-in-law and sis- rMr. and Mrs. John Rountree, Clearwater, Florida spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ott. - gecent vi/)itors -" at tl e home Mr. and Mrs. Alton Muse and sons have been Mr. ~nd Mrs. Thomas Muse and family of Ridgeley, W. Va. and Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Cotta of Charles Town. daughters were Rev. W. Graham Wood of Duffields and Mr. and Mrs. HarIT Dinges of Charles Town. Mrs. Audrey Starliper Mrs. George Kidwiler and son Monty of Bakerton visited the family on Wednesday. Mrs. N~,than~el ~ray Jr. visi~d her son.ih-la v a0d daughter M-r. and Mrs. Martin Grimes and fatn ily near Charles Town Sunday af- ternoon. Mrs. Charles Gray visited Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins and Mr. Mrs. Ida CosteUo and famil and Mrs. Charles Perry in Berry- and Mr .and Mrs. Nelson Boyd villa, Va. on Thursday. spent Sunday in Washington, D. C. visiting the formers brother- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baumgard 'in-law and sister Mr. and_ Mrs.. her and son and daughter and "" William Strodnid r. : ....... [ her husband were visitors Satur- Mr. and Mrs, Harry Mumaw and I day vith Mrs. Grace Moler and f ly. oved last, week.from i relatives. urday when they stopped briefly enroute to their home in Westmin ster, Md. from Hardy County. Charles wanted the children to see the homes in the community where he once resided-the C. D. Mercer home: vhbre he was born, Meadow Brook Farm where h~ spent his early childhood days and Valley View where the family re- sided where he left for college and his subsequent vacation. He also called on Mrs. Oral B. Hu- ghes of Avon Hill. The following Mr, and Mrs. Robert Sowers, Mr. and Mrs. Nel- son White, daughter Kathy, Miss Barbara Tillett, Charles Town, Ronny Sowers enjoyed a trip Sun day ternou to the Sky/and Cav. Town, Mrs. Julie Roysto~ of Mill wood, Va. and Mrs. Wood~ two brothers, Charles Tumblin of Bar dane and Walter Tumblin of near Millville and Mr. Sn0wden McCar ty, Mr. nad Mrs. George Costello of near Charles T~wn, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Chamblin and fam- ily of Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. Er- nest Chamblin and children o~ near WiCkliffe, Va. Howard O. Bush, State Road em ployee badly injured four fingers on the left hand Monday while at work. The injury required the attention of a physician who took four stitches on one finger. More travel to United State ttr bed by Hodge . Ray, Lloyd Back Rev. C. W. Lloyd filled his rag ular appointment Sunday morn- ing at 11 a. m. reading, from the fifth chapter of St. Matthew and the first twenty verses for his sub ject he chose the fourteentfi vet. se. We were very proud to be back in the church again for Sun- day Schol and services after a per iod of four weeks which were hav lng services in the church hall. Due to the interior decorations of the church. Quite a change just does not look like the same place. The decorations are very attract- ive and quite a bit of harmony. The pews have been improved by a new dress up. Our electronic or seemed to ,bttag fortla, a / Regularly $1.00 SPECIAL Regularly $10.98 FRIDAY and SATURDAY STORE HOURS: 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Use Credit