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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
July 16, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 16, 1959

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X SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON VAa SRS ADVOCATE Mr. Pete 5t~pman of B evryviUe, Supper Guest~ will not meet at ~he home of, Nicodemus, Jr. and attended the Lions Will Collect Scrap : . ~ V a. ' RSDA JULY 16, 1959 5--A ,Mr. and M_rs. Lewis Srni0h and su~pperSaturdayguestseVening'in the homeJUly li,of Mr.the CharleSscheduled.and ElizaJbeta~ Adams as i funeralE. GrimfvchichhiS granc~father.was held SundayMr" C. Paper Saturday,__ July 18 ~ --'------- __ daughter O~il of Clevelland Ohio and `Mrs. J. L. Ch~apraan. were Mr. Mrs. John Kackley and four .from the Enders Funeral Home in ,Menvbers of the Ch~ztes To~,a , were guests on Sun,day a~t the Chapman's sister and ,her husband children are spending their va- Berryville. Lions Club wil'l ~ollec~ scrap Doper t WEEK',q NEW,q IN home of the formers brother-in- Mr. and Mrs. Rober~ Leake of c~tion camping in Pennsylvania, `Mrs. Orville DeHaven had a suc in Charles Town and Ranson ~,at- law and saster Mr. and Mxs. Aub- Charles Town, accompanied by accompan,ied by friends from Sil- eessful ~tanley Party at her home urday, July 18. Those Who have roy Jenkins. Also visit4ng wi,bh Mr. `Mrs. Leake's cousins Mrs. Lula ver Spring, Md. on Friday night with ,t~welve ab- ~l~per to ~ive to the Lions Club | | L~ L~ | If ~ ~1 | | If a,nd `Mrs. Jenk,ins on Sunday were Castle and Mrs. Carrie Belford all Mr~. J~hn Grove had a pleas sen, tee orders and the $oilowi~g at are asked to have it tied ia bun- " J U Fi [vi I / U I ! / their on-in-lia ,r !and daughter, riles and p~aced on the sidewalk in an,t surprise when her sisters and ~. L. Adams. Mrs. J. L. Chap- .fror~t of their homes s~ it can be o~ Hagerstown, Md. and her niece Cending; ~Vlrs. Earl Painter, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ho,ward Show,bridge Nan,cy Dawson ~f Charles Town. friends gave her a birthday ,pi~cnic man, Mrs. Ch.arles Adams, ~Mrs. seen and picked up when the , of Charles Town. Also visiting were Mrs. Dorothy ,party on her lawn Saturday even- 'Lee Brown, Mrs. George Clark, ~ruck goes around over the to~'n. Ilrs. Stuart Crlm Phone 47-F-032 Mrs Paul Boyd and her in,fan~ Stuckey and son Wayne of ~Viar- ing and she received many nice `Mrs. George James, Mrs. Herbert ---------- ~ son, Dennis Lee, o Germdstown tinsburg, gifts, l~amsburg, !Mrs. Charles Clark, ANNUAL WICKLIFFE . I were dismissed on SaCurday from ,Mr..a~d Mrs. Roy B. Harris andSunday visitors with Mr. and `Mrs. Robert Grey. Two parties urs Club Meeting pastor. Im,mediately following the ~the Winchester Memoria,1 Hos- SERVICE ALGUST 2 , i ~ummi:t Point ~arm Wo- ceremony a reception ,was held in ~pi~al Where the baby was born on grandSOncon~paniedROYby theirCarSndau.g~terHarris andaC- OailOrVilleandDeHavenRonn~e andwereChild-`Mr, wereams andbked`Mrs.~bYwesleyMrs' CharleSlvays. Ad- ~Clt~b met on Thursday even/~he seoial h,all of the Church The July ~t~, and are spending some son-in-l~w Mr. and `Mrs. Wayne and Mrs. 'l~hruston Collinsof Death Of Mr. Grim The annual service at Wlckli'ffe ~he home of Mrs ~erbert]bride, who is a gradua~te of the Itime a~t ~he home of her parents L. Tomtin al,l of l~aphine, Va.Winchester, Va. Church will be held on Sunday i~ith clown of the'members ] ~avles Town High SChool and IMr. an~ Mrs. ~ouis ~oris'n. stopped to visit briefly wi~h Mrs. Birthday Dinner Sorry to hear the news of the Augur% 2, ~t 11 a. m, i~t wa,~ an- ~,L~__ ~ ~,_ .......... ],Shepherd Co~lege is a teacher in `Mrs Ro~ber Chrism:an is a pat- Harris' parents Mr. and `Mrs. J. death of ~Mr. C. E. Grim, who died nounced this week. 2~he se~w~ce ~u:anee. l'ne iil~blll~, ~)'[-)- , . . . " r~.... ~,~,~ ~.~ ~, ~r, [,the elementary school ~ Hancock ~en, t m ghe Charles Town General Mr. and Mrs. ffVI. L. Adams on- on Thursday. Our ~ympathy is ,will be conducted by the Roy. , ~fterw~'h~c~'she~]nltro~du"ce~ land has many friends in Summi,t Hospital, i~aving been admi,t;ted on L. Chapman this past weekend, ~ker for the evening Mr / Point having lived here for a num Swturday for X-ray and observat- :as they were enroute to spend te~taineda birthdaytheirdinnerSn' WoodrOWsu,nday even-With Nicodemus,Wi'th his daughter,jr. Mrs. Harry GraceOhUrlesEp sc`opal P" Moncure,olmrci~.pas~or of the ~he .weekend wi:th ~,heir so~ and ing at t,heir home with the follow- ICooper of Winchester' Va " [ber of years While her father ser- ~on. Jamily `Mr. and ~Irs. Roy B. Har- ing guests attending; `Mr. and i Joint Meeting Tuesday, July ,21 ~)ke on ~he subjeot of S'ocia'i ~ ted as the pastor of the Je~fferson Colonel J. T. Crane of "Mt. John Stiles, Director of State ris, Jr. and ,to bring their grand .Mrs. H. O. Wilt, Mr. and l~Irs. Farmers Markets of the West d~aujh~ter back. , John Grove, Miss Susan ~issler, Presbyterian Elders, Deacons ~ and invited the questions / Circuit. ~El~len," left on Saturday for Volk Home Demonstratio~ Club group abou~t phases of the / `Mr. and Mrs. Milton Custer of Field ~e:ar_[LaC.ross~. W!sc., ~here Virginia Department of Agrieul-`Miss Nora and Robin ,1V~a,gaha The Neighborhood Home Dem- w~hich~they did not under i`MartinSburg were recent visitors ~ne 167t, h "l~cal,~er ~,~,~,- ture, will be one of the chief spent the weekend witch theirMr. Harry Heskett, Little Martl~a ~ ~a,t the home of ~the la,tters sister ron of the We~t Virginia Air Nat- speakers at the annual State Adams, Mr. and Mrs. ~Iitchell There will be a joint meeting on onstra~ion Cb~b will hold its July me conclusion of this pro- ,Mrs. John Marshall. lonal Gu,ard is enlcaged in a two Poultry Convention to be held at uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs.'Boyd, t'hree d~aughters, Dorothy i'Daesday nigher, July 21, a~ 7:30 meeting on Sunday, July 19. a~ ~e rol,1 was called, ~the mm- I `Mrs. Mabel Hall of Richmond ,week's program of strmmer train- Moorefleld, Hardy county, July Glen Magaha ,and two children D(~tie and June of WinCheSter, p. m. of :the Charles Town Pros- 6:30, in the form of a family pic- i l~e last meeti,ng were read V,a is visiting at the home of her r: ................ and 29-31. He will speak on "The Darlene and Rickey (~.'~ Seminary Va., Mr. Grwham Conners of Va., byteri~an Church. Elders and Dea- nic supper, at the home of Mrs. '4ng ~ Street while ~their parents Mr.the honor guest, Woodrow and his icons when the proposed Building Bayrle Link near Leetown. ~lal~Oved and a report was son-in-law a,nd daugl~ter Mr and ~Mr..ano Mrs. ~n vve~y ~^ State Seal of Quality." This will and Mrs. Bill `Magaha a~tended wife Ju~e and children Debbie [,plan will be presen~ted actd dis- :0y the Treasurer Several I`Mrs Herbert Gibbs an ct family son ~onnny ot w,ayne'suo~u, r~a. 0t business were discussed ~" r c~rr~n i~ ~ ~.~,~.,were visit,ors on Monday a~t thebe part of a panel during which :Mrs. Oha los ...~-,- .~ ~, p_~.~..~- ~ w opportunities to ~11 poultry and ~)he wedding of a friend in Wheel- and Franklin. cussed. A fun a~tendance of all REV. WRIGHT TO PREACH l~ p-lans f-ru. the work. meet j~nl ........... ~ne t=narms Town ~enera~ ~oshome ........... of t~te la~,ters bro~her-in-laber~t poultry products willbe dis- ing. l u hter `Mrs. Edith Nesmith of Mech- Elders and Deacons i~s expected,AT SHENANDOAH JUNCTION :~oh will be ,held on Thurs- pi~al hawing been admi~tted there ano s~s~er tvtr.., a~a cars. x~ocussed. , .Mr..and Mrs. Robert S a g anicsburg, Pc. spen~t last Wednes- ~he home of ~Irs. Robert ]on Sa,turday for (~bser~at~on and Ligh~ ann ~aml:~: . _ ~, .... and two children Doris and Boibby day with her sister and brother- BAKE SALE SATURDAY T~e R, ev. John Evans Wrigh~ ~,nd the annual family pic- ~ treatment ~Mr. anna Mrs. ~la~r "ri~s o~ ~u- spen t'he weekend visiting with in-la~ Mr. and Mrs. ~ober~ And- ~h will be he~d a tthe Jeff-,Mr. an~t Mrs. James Coleman :a,ms~own, M_d:, we~ tho~ ~:s~Chwee~ ~or Arlington, Va. to spendsome ~heir friends Mr. and Mrs, Bobors. The Dolly Madison 4-H Club pastor of Camp Hill ~Iethodis County Memorial Park on and sons Michael a,~d Mark of guests on weane, y ..... : ..... ~Spa~gler in Norfolk, Va. whom Mr. David Nicodemus employed ~i,ll hold a Bake Sale at Western Church, Harpers Ferry, will be ,t~me with Mrs. Thomas Kennedy. ,they haven'~t seen for five years, sot a powder company in Wilming- Auto, Saturday, July 18. guest .preacher ,at the Wllliahs 'Y a~ternoc~.n, July 19, be- Philadelphia. Pa. arrived here on ,a~t ~ne n0me ot- ~ne..~er~m~.~,o- !Mrs. Randolph Barnes attended ~t ' (6"30 ~ ms aver. anu ~v~r~ o~ua~ ~,, a meeting of the Pikeside Home Due o friends wcationing ton, Del. spent the ,weeke~nd with Memorial Methodist Church in 5.30 o clock EST T~esday evemng to spend t~hls ~x,,~,o~,, r -~,~a~rbe~m of Wash a Pleasant socia~ hour fol- week visiting width the formers . ".~"~'~_Y ~'Y.':,~:' ~' ~_" ....... Demonstration Club Wednesday ,this month the Ri~ppon card club his parents Mr. and Mrs. ~arry ATTEND ~HURCH SUNDAY Shenandoah Junction Sunday adjournmen,t during which aunlt Miss Frances Coleman an~on: 1): ~;. wsa~ea over_~,n_e~enets a l%ernooa at. t,he home of Mrs. 1 III to.up enjoyed a quiz game Miss Edith Frazier who had ena a~ne n~t)o~ i~n_e~e~m Calvin Kidwiler. Mrs. Kidwiler |elicius refreshments were spent the Past mnlth visi~tin~ with IMr" an~" tv~'rs" "~1 ~ ~b ' , a~d Choir ~am~,ly. ~ras was a member o~[ the Wizard ~~ ~~ ~~'~'~~ '~ the hostess assisted by ,her s~ster-m-law, Mrs. Harry C ............ v ........... -~,-~- Clipp Farm Wom,an's Club when ~ner ~Mrs. ,Mabel Hall Frazier and with her niece and . mr. l~..lana.~fl,ar~ ~ ~lc..~.~u,~ she lived in Jef,ferson County. ~ W. B. Grove and her sis-nephew ~VIr and Mrs Stuart Crim~s spenmng ,tins week W~.l~mg a~ ss Imogene Thomson of at ",Ivlonte View," lef~t on Wednes- ~.hehome OftrMr. and Mrs. W~lhamon:Mrs'Gran,thamEarl Grantbam,,and t~heMrS'lattersAm" or,n/' accompanied by ,the day of last week to visit for set- ',.~tacu~.n~~v~rs Robert Burch house guest, Miss Elizabeth Terry grandchildren Johnny oral mon~ths with relatives ~n Pa ,~mr. ann ~vt . Y ,--- if-' 'of Cleveland, Ohio were Friday ~beth Grve f Winchest"and Ohi betre returning in ~the wnse "marriage I~~" -P-~-a-ce"lt~ ~I left last week for a twofall to her home ~n Tarpon Sogs ~rtagerst~own r4o. on ounu ~uv~ luncheon guest,s of Miss Anne A1- motor trip during which Florida " have rented ,'he former Baker dridge ~t t~a~tlotown I~n ~hich ~an to tour through the 'Mrs "Paul Welch and her infant home from Mr. and Mrs. Jge ~s in Berryvil~le, Va. !~land States the St Law- so' " a. ~ p~ul ~f ~.~..~ ;~ Starkey and are taking residence i Guests of Mrs. H. H. Jennings , n, Ch__l: ......... _r .... ....... .. r during the past week were Mrs. ~a~t n ,there m the ~mmedia~e futu e erway and C~. ado. .were visiJtors on T~ursday a the ins For Bride-Elect home of Mr mud Mrs James H Dedication Service ,Da~ley Slonaker, WincheSter, ~a., ~imen,ting her cousin, Miss Snyder and their f:wmi,i'y. " Immediately fotlowi,ng the morn `Mr. and Mrs. W~,lliwm C. Beck, Chevy Chase, Md.,,Mrs. J. D. IAn- ~b. Torrey of Lakeside, O. Li~ttle `Miss Trina Propps of ,ing service at ~the Methodist ~hicum, MT. and Mrs. Phil Linth- narriage will take ,place in Charles Town spent the weekend ChurVh on Sunday a dedication ,icum, Mrs. W'illi~am Brosius, Hy- ty on August 15th, ,Mrs..a~t the home of her aunt and ceremony was held at which time attst~wn, Md. and Mrs. Ellis Lup- Creamer entertained at a uncle ~VIr. and Mrs. Page Hinton. ,the electric organ, a gif~ to the ton, Denver, Colo. ~neous shower held wt her IMr and Mrs Alexander Dunlop Church from Miss Bell Snyder Recent house guests of Mr. and Locust Grove," ,on Thurs-' their daughter, ~Miss `Margaret of "WeSt Shensone," ,was forth- `Mrs. Charles Grove were Mr. a~d irnoon. Abou,t twenty five Dunlop and ~VIrs. Dun'~op's sis,ter, erHy dedicated. Also held a,t the tMrs. Ben Crabil,1 of Mart~insburg ~and friends were prese,nt ~Miss Le,n~a Bhimenstiel of "The Chur(~h on Sunday morning was ,and ~Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grove ll Ill ll II ocoasion ,and enjoyed a Spruces," returned home on Sun- ~the Yearly Con, terence ~hieh was easant afternoon during day from a two week's motor trip presided over by the District Sup- ~f Bal~bimore, Md. `Mr, and Mrs, Reynolds Grove of elicious refreshments were during ~hiCh they visited width erinitendent from Baltimore, Md. :Inwood spen~t Sunday wi~h the the hostess, relatives in Rockford, Iowa and $'ormers paren',ts Mr. and Mrs. C. Crim spent Tues- otqaer places in the state. Grove. Wednesday of last weekVisitors on S~turday a~ he ~Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schill and D. C. shopping home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilton family were S~turday evening vis wit!h friends there. Henry were the l a~ter's brothers By Miss Dorothy Lake i~tors of Mr. and Mrs. Max Shock- Mrs. Rober~t Ligh~t and and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. \ ey and Mr. a,ad Mrs. John Cushwa Bobby and Linda and Jerry French and daugl~ters and ~Mrs. Helen Jones and child-nea'r Ma~binsburg. Mrs. Howard L. Ware, Sonny FrenCh all"ofPointOf rea, Danny and ~ay of Silver `Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Binkley Sons Les and Jimmy spenLt Rocks, Md. Spring, Md. and ,Mr. and Mrs. ,and son William and Mr. and Mrs. visiting w/,th ~iV~rs. Emma Family Picnic ~Da, le Dillow of Alexandria, Va. ,Edgar Nichcfls near Oh~arles Town her home in Waynesboro, Visitors "o;a Friday evemng at ~were weekend guests `of Mr. and cat,led upon Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ithe ihome of ~VIr. and `Mrs. W. J.IMrs. T. W. Dfllow, Sr. and tam- ~Sc2~il~l on Friday. Services Purr were the la.~ters sister, Mrs. flY. Sunday guests were Mr. and (Mr. and Mrs. James Ruble at- II' Services, conducted Dewey Baker with her dau~hter- ~Mrs. T. W. Ditl~v, Jr., and their ,tended the funeral of Mrs. Vera .nd Samuel Butcher in-'law ffVIrs. Ro~ber~ Baker anddau fChter Tana of the Bloomery. V~ro~e Wt Harpers Ferry Thurs- in Edge Hil,1 Cemetery small s(~n Larry of Berryvil,le, Va. `Mrs. Kenneth Turner and child- d~ay mor, ning. Town at 2:30 o'clockAlso visi,ting a,t t;he Furr home on ren Dawn, Barlyara An~ ,,and ,Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kearns ann of l aslt week 4~ l~tle Sunda~ a~ternoon were Mr. anal~ ,~eon~ o,f M urri,ll_I~/'t'l~ ~ IMrs. Charles A. ~earns attended Bell Verhon, four-year ~Mrs. Ne~on Renner, also of V~-~a~J~$t.~:~:iti~/ arrd ~t~l- ~the funerat of Mr~/:Phoebe HoUfg:h ,or of the Reverend and,Mem'bers of the ~lassford faro- ren of Berryville, V~. ~ held in Charles "l~wn on Thurs- Vernon, whose death pc-ily enjoyed an all day picnic held `Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rinaldi of day morning. n July 4~h a~ her home on Sunday at the War Mem:oriat Ransor~ visited Mr. and Mrs. C. The Ohris~bine Class of the Va. The Reverend and Park in `Mantinsburg. Those who D'Angel'o a,nd children' on Friday. [Me~)hodist Church t auJht ;by Miss were with ,the lat- were gat~hered to spend an on- `Mrs. :Moss Ranall.i Who was a Clemmye Baker held its regular an'd sister-in-law, joya~ble day were, Mrs. S. C. Glass ~pa!tie~nt in the Charles Town Gen meeting on Friday night at the ford, Jimmy, Oenia and Tony opal Hos:pi,~al the past week re- ,home ef Mrs. Paul Ring. The a~- H. Snyder here to a~ttend Glassford, ;Mr. ~and 7tits. Al~en ,turned to ~her home on Monday. ,rondo,ace was very good. were Mr. and Mrs. Gl:assford and. daugh'ter, Mollie, l~ba Lee Ryman o~f Shenan- T~hos e a~tending the first W. Snyder and their son of Summilt Pokn,t, Mr. ,and `Mrs. doah Junction spen~ the weekend Quarterly Conference of Jefferson Ba4~imore, Md. Calvin Fleming, their son, Ca'lvin, ~vi,th her gran~lparents Mr. and Circuilt :from the local Methodist Lawrence DeHaven and Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ho~lly Mi~ller, Edward Ryman. ChurCh were Mr. and Mrs. James Kathy and Karl, whoand children, Billy and Nan, cy ~Mrs. Pi~tman Russell and dough [Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butler, Mr. the 'eek visiting Lou, Mrs. ViTgil Lloyd and dau~h- Judy .and Karen of Win- and Mrs. Holmes VChite. Messers a,nd sister cers. `Mr. Wayne Lloyd, Mrs. ohester, Va. and Mr. John Shirley Grover Dunlop and Charles Grove. Mrs. John Newman ,at Phyliss ~armer ~and daug~,ter,"of Wades~ille, "Va. visiCged ffvlr, and The Conference was he,ld in l;he in Takoma Park, Md. Joyce, all of Charles Town, Mr. `Mrs. L. E. Wi,l~shire on Saturday :Summit Point Church. to their home on Mort-and Mrs. Jo~n Cd'assford and farm evening.' ,Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hough and Y were accompanied by i ly of Williamspo~t, Md., Mr. and LMr. and Mrs. T. E. Luke spent ,c~h~ldre~, Huffhie, Sherry and Bob , ...... ~Wman who returned to Mrs. George Glassford and child- It~he weekend wi~h the Indicters returned on Monday from a long Ill ae later in the day. re,n, Bobby and Patty of Shenan- ~brother Mr. Joe Gordon in Eden- weekend wa~a~ion a~t Virginia ~nd Mrs Willi,a~n Zombrodoa h Junet2on, Mrs. Joyce Tu,rner ~urg, Va. Beac:h. ghter ~obin of Charles and YN1 James ~lassford of: IMr. and Mrs. Floyd ~Mi.1;ton and ,Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Watson ;ited on Thursd~ay even- Washington, D. C., Lt. and Mrs. son Kevi~~ spent Tuesday with ~ttended ~a family picnic at Mem- be home of t.he lartters E~ward Dloyd ,of Greenville, S. C. I`Mr. and Mrs. Ray ~Marcus and orial Park, Martinsburg, on Mort- ar. and Mrs. Charles Rob and Mr. Jo'hn Lupkin of Hyde, son of Winhester, Va. d,ay. The occasion was in cole- their family. _ ,Maryland. iMiss Zelia Viands of B~i~timore, :br~vtion of the bi~hd,ay of Mr. In Berkeley Spgs. !Mr. Daniel Menear of Baltimore [Md. is spending a week wf.t~ ~Mr. Earl K~g, Mrs. Wa,tson's brother. Mrs. Howard L. Fellers `Md. arrived here on SaJturday to and `Mrs. Poa~ph Johnson and L. Poston and Mr. spend a 't~o weeks v~'caltion visi- sons and `Mrs. Lull' RanallL ~p Poston were among the ring wit*h his parents Mr. and Mrs. IMr. and Mrs. George Monti of t,hd wedding of Carl Menear and w~h his brother Rivhmond, Va. rece~ntly spent a ~be~h Ann Russe'll a,nd i,~ law and sister Mr. and Mrs. 'week with the lwtters parents Mr. By Mrs. Charles Adams Lewis Eppinger which Allen Glass ford. and Mrs. ~i~ber Dodson. e~nized wt 'four o'clock on Visi,ting on Tuesday at the IMr. and Mrs. Norm,an James Mr. rand Mrs. 1-eGbert Milbourne af,ternoon in ,the Berkeley ho,me of Mrs. Thomas Shutl and ,and Donna Jean Longerbeam are living in Ellio~t, S. C. where ~VIet,hodist Church of ~her family were her mother Mrs. moored to WaShington, D. C. and ~r. ,Mil,bourne is serving width the bride's father is the George Chapman and her 'brother ~ven to the Zoo While there. En- U. S. Air Force. Mrs. Mi,lbourne rotate home they stopped a~ Brad- is the former `Miss Polly Orndorff dock Heights, Md. of Clearbrook,Va, and is a grad- iMrs. Virgil Whitley and child- uate of Charles Town High ~Sehool ren Kay ~aad Stevie of Bat~timore, as she made her home with 'her `Md. spent Sunday until Thursday ~rother-in-law an~i sister Mr. and ~vi~h her mother Mrs. Lula Ranalli [Mrs. Woodrow Adams and family AND ITS ASSOCIATE and br0ther-in-l,aw and si~ter Mr. during her senior year. Her bus- and `Mrs. l~l,ph J~h~son and ~and is also a graduate of the sons, Charles Town High School. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. `Mrs. Lulu Castle of Hagen,- Floyd Milton were Mr. and `Mrs. town, Mrs. Dordthy Stuckey, son OFFER YOU A PROFITABLE John P. `Mi,lton of Kabletown. r~hray, neo,f Martins'burg, Mrs. Rob- `Mr. and 'Mrs. Pi,ttman Russell er~ Locke and lYliss Nancy Daw- 5-Point Portfolio including: and daughter Karen of Winches- son were callers ~vi,th Mr. and ~irs. lter, Va. ~and Mrs. L. E. Wiltshire M. L. Adams on Saturday even- Mutual Fund spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. ing. Elmore Wenner and son Freddie `Mr. ,and ,Mrs. Roy Harris, Jr. A & S Insurance Lee of Lo~ettsville, Va. Mrs. Wen two daughters Shirley and Nancy ner is on the sick ,list wi, th thou- of Byrd's Orchard visited his Life Insurance ma~tism, grandparer~ts ~`Mr. and ,Mrs. a. L. ~Mr. ,and Mrs. Mervia Ryman Chapman on Sunday evening. Auto Insurance and dauffhters of ,Shenandoah Miss Susa,rt Rissler returned to Fire Insurance Junction visited Mr. ,and Mrs. Ed her home on Sunday night after Ryman and family on ~a,turday spending 'a mont~h wi:t~h `Mr. and A. dynamic new approaek to public service evening. ,Mrs. John Grove. and to security for hoth Insurance and Mutual `Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hof,fman and Mrs. Calvin Bennett, two child- daughter of Athens, Go..have been ten spent Tuesday thru Saturday tlnd Salesmen. ,Gives you 4 well established visilbing the fo~mers parenM Mr. wi.~h thor parents `Mr. and ~YIrs. of personal insurance backed by the repu- and Mrs. B. W. Hoffman. Hayward Boyd. tatioli and resources of one of America's fore- `Mrs. Harry Longerbeam spent !Mi es Kay l~udolph and Louise ost family of companies.., plus a popular the weekend wi',th her parents `Mr. Jenkins spe~nt ,Friday at Cacapon ,and Mrs..Mason of Ohio. Park. 'UUtual fund. `Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Haines and Nancy Lee Harris ~s ~back home Drawing accoant for qualified men. Also, ~hildren Cynthia and Jerry .of after visiting with her grand- Brownsville, `Md. spent Sunday ~t parents .and relatives Mr. :and l)eningsfor inexperienced men and for out- ,the home of ~he lat.ters parents ,Mrs. R, oy B. Harris of Raphine, Standing part - timers. `Mr. and Mrs. Henry B,allenger. Va. for two weeks. IMr. and Mrs. T. E. Lake and Joy~e Ann ~Iarris and her FOR INTERVIEWS 1N YOUR AREA ~Miss Dot Lake visited ~Mr. and ~brot'her Roy B. Harris III, child- ad Resume Including , iMrs. Thomas Lake and children ten of (Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Harris of Brunswick, Md. on Thursday of Byrd's Orchard returned home IC~ ion and Experience I o: and a~tended a li,t,tle league base- with their grandparents iMr. and T i MONGOLD Dist Sales Mgr ~,~11 game.. ' ~Virs. RoyB. Harris, Sr.:foraweek. ~ * is will take her ,grandson Roy III NATIONWIDE INSURANCE the U. of Va. HospAal in Char ~lottesville. Va. eye clinic for an sburg, W. Va. Mrs. Randolph Barnes O. Box 6,1o Martin annu~al check-up on his eye be- Mutual Insurance Company ~ ,fore he eniters school this fall. ~Mr. James Grantham and sons Mr. Lee Adams a,ud son Donnie Mutual ire Insurance Conlpany Amon ~n,d ,Billy are in Bristol, of Charles Towln stopped bri.eflY [e Life Insurance Company Tenn. visiting the formers parents ~o visi,t ~:heir friends `Mr. andMrs. `Mr. ,and Mrs. W~lliam Flu. a.L. Chaon~a of l~lppon 8a, t ur- LG/D.'~. h~,ar~hal~l Er~:le le:It t~riday ~a~ {~elli~ BACOFI BO OGFIA UNBRANDED LBS. CHUNK Lb. PIECES ! NFrRA t t t tt tt tit tttt HAI2BUT STEAK DINNER MEAT LOAF DINNER FRIED CHICKEN DINNER ROAST BEEF DINNER JEFFERSON AVENUE AND ROUTE 9 Charles Town, W. Va. , Phone 287-M (QUANTITY I IGHTS RESERVED) OPEN 8 A. M. - 9 P. M. Monday 2hru Saturday