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July 14, 1988     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 14, 1988

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2O Life in the Slow Lane SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE -- THURSDAY, JULY 14, 188 Gone Fishin ' ? . When the temperature crested at 102 degrees last Sunday, most sensible people were inside, enjoying the cool comforts of air-conditioning. But naturally, me being me, I was doing something else. I was meandering aimlessly as I often do, this time along the Potomac River outside of Shepherdstown, when " I suddenly happened upon a little building that looked like it was lost in the middle of nowhere. A sign out front touted it as the Bait and Tackle Shop. Naturally my curiosity got the best of me. I stopped• The owners, Don and Wyvonna Burkett, claim to have met a lot of in- teresting characters at their wayside landing, but I'll bet none more in- teresting than themselves. They couldn't have been more down-to- earth than the big 'ol bumble bee I stepped on with my hare foot last week. And so it came to pass that the three of us wiled away that Sunday after- noon, swappin' tales, swattin' flies, and watchin' the grass burn brown• Don and Wyvonna have been operating their Morn and Pop tackle shop ever since they moved to this side CHESTNUT HILL Patsy Everhart Dial 725-8608 Happy birthday wishes go to Jill Grove, who celebrated her sixth bir- thday Friday with a party given by her parents, Jeff and Donna Grove. Those who helped to celebrate the occasion were Jerry and Elaine Grove, Earl Bramhall, Mandy Thomas, Vickey Wilt, and Brandy Grove. Jill received many nice and useful gifts. Lester and Pauline Wilt were visitors Friday with Jeff and Donna Grove and Jill. Jeff and Donna Grove and Jill, and Vickey Wilt were weekend visitors of Jerry and Elaine Grove. Vickey Wilt and Mandy Thomas were visitors Saturday with Jeff and Donna Grove and Jill. Jeff and Donna Grove and Mark and Tonia Springs enjoyed the weekend at Hershey Park, Pa. Ellen Wilt and Missy Grove were visitors Saturday evening with Jerry and Elaine Grove. Brenda Grove, Brandy and Tiffany, were visitors Sunday with Jerry and Elaine Grove. Roxanne Talton spent Sunday night with Jeff and Sharon Hetzell, Jada and Buck, Jefferson Avenue. Dinner guests Sunday with George and SOd Talton and Roxanne, were Dennis and Cindy Crawford and Den- ny, Malcoma Talton, and Jada and Buck Hetzell. George and Sed Talton and Rox- anne, Malcoma Talton and Jada Hetzell were visitors Sunday with Charles and Gloria Talton, Frederick, Md. George and Sed Talton and Roxanne were visitors Sunday evening with Jeff and Sharon Hetzell, Jada and Buck. A cookout was held Monday at the home of Dennis and Cindy Crawford and Denny, Millville. Those attending were George and Sed Talton and Rox- anne, Jada and Buck Hetzell, Randy and Carol Talton, Gene and Maxine Wright, Craig and Cindy Wright, Erik and Missy Hetzell and children, and Junior and Virginia Milbourne. Jerry and Mac Nick, Richie and Wesley, and Peg Nick, were visitors Sunday with Dave and Tami Nick and Ashley, Brunswick, Md. Jerry and Mac Nick and sons aRend- ed a party Sunday for Nicole Longerbeam's first birthday. She is the daughter of Wayne and Debbie Longerbeam, Arcola, Va. Jerry and Mac Nick and sons, and Cliff and Judy Wilson, Jason and Beth, attended a cookout Monday at the home of Charles and Mary Gray. Danny and Donna Everhart, Mar- sha and Erik, enjoyed Wednesday at Luray Caverns, Front Royal, Va. Tina Grove spent Thursday night with her grandmother, Ethel Breeden, Shepherdstown. Eric and Karen Rickard and Erica, and Jean Rickard enjoyed Saturday at Kings Dominion. Lyle and Diane Cook were visitors Saturday with Edgar Everhart, Wan- da and Angle. ° Mary Showalter, Gary and Robert, were dinner guests Saturday with Gilbert and Mary Staubs. DIRECTOR OF LWV Becky Cain, a resident of St. Alhans, W.Va., has been elected to a director- ship of the League of Women Voters of the United States at the league's convention in Denver June 11 to 15. A former president of the league in the Charleston area and later of the West Virginia League, Cain was elected to national office by the 1,500 delegates in attendance at the conven- tion. She is the first West Virginian elected to the national board since the 1960's. Other convention delegates from West Virginia included State President Nancy Novak, of Vienna, and Karen Lukens, Lois Kauffelt, Lila Hill and Lee DeFabio, all of Charleston. The family of the late John and Pearl "Cinnamon" Wilson held a fami- ly reunion Saturday at Clearbrook Park in Virginia. A cookout was held Monday at the home of Marshall and Gayla Grove, Gary, Machelle and Marshall. Atten- ding were Terry and Sherry Kelican and Curt, James and Inez Wilson and grandson, Nicolas, Clifford and Peggy Wilson, Betty Crib and Mitch, Lisa Wilson, Pete and Judy Wilson and Dean, and Mark Nicholas. James and Inez Wilson and grand- son, Nicolas, Harlan, Ken., spent a week with Marshall and Gayla Grove, Gary, Machelle and Marshall. Bill and Petrinia Howell, Melissa and Aaron, Shelia Mobley, Tommy, Michael and Matthew, Roger Howell, Dawn Harding, and Ollie Baer, Jr., at- tended a cookout Monday at the home of Harland and Elsie Anderson, Ranson. Visitors during the week with Dearl and Genevieve Grove were Bobby Longerbeam, Louise Howell, Danny ridgely, Gerald and Ann Grove, Jim- my and Christine Grove, Rickey Longerbeam, Sandra Higgs, Sherry Kelican and Curt, and Glen and An- tionette Everhart. Percilla Marcus and children, Shan- nondale, were visitors Thursday with Petrinia Howell and Melissa. A cookout was held Monday at the home of Sherman and Dorothy Grove, Keith, Bruce and Chris. Attending were BrianGrove and Amanda, Dan- ny and Sharon Ott, Tracey, Shannon and Daniel, Tricia Coulter, Louise Howell and Danny Ridgely• Paul Cogle, Jeri Everhart, Billy Grove, Jeff Cogie and Marty Staubs attended the motorcross speedway races Sunday held in Hagerstown. Cliff and Judy Wilson, Jason and Beth, were visitors Wednesday with Peg Nick• Happy birthday wishes go to Johnny Wilson, who celebrated his birthday Sunday with a party given by his wife, Susie and Shane. Those who helped to celebrate the occasion were Cliff and Judy Wilson, Jason and Beth, Charlie and Hattie Wilson and Sam, Lee and Anita Trout and Amanda, Floyd and Sharon Nick and Amber, Clifford and Peggy Wilson, Jim and Sherry Trout and Travis, • James and Janice Popkins, Richie Nick, and Danny Nick. Weekend visitors with Mrs. Leona Staubs were Raymond and Ellen Cole, Vernon and Margie Staubs, Donald and Anna Belle Staubs, Mrs. Austin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Staubs and children, Beverly Jackson and daughter, Rhoda Fetty and Kristin, and Harold and Delma Staubs and Patty.• Happy anniversary and best wishes go to Gilbert and Mary Staubs, who celebrated their 33rd wedding anniver- sary Monday, July 11. They are the parents of five children, Mary, Ann, John, Sonny, and Kenneth. Marshall and Gayla Grove and grandson, Curt, James and Inez Wilson and grandson, Nicholas, en- joyed Wednesday at the pet farm, Resten, Va. Gayla Grove, Machelle and Cm-t, Betty Wilson, Inez Wilson and Nicholas, enjoyed Thursday at Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Md. WEDDING BELLS Congratulations and best wishes go to Doug and Kimberly (Buford) Shaf- fer, Berryville, Va., were united in ho- ly matrimony Saturday, July 9, at 2 p.m., at Grace Episcopal Church, Ber- ryville. The bride is the daughter of Gerald Buford and the late Betty Buford. Tbe groom is the sen d Wealey and Nancy Shaffer. Jeremy Estep, nephew of the bride, was ring bearer. The reception followed at the church fellowship hall. They left for Virginia Beach on their honeymoon. Tommy and Tammy Estep and Jeremy, and Carolyn Cogle attended the wedding Saturday of Dong and Kimberly Shaffer. of the river. Previously they had liv- ed in Henry Ton, Md., with Den work- ing for years as a stationary engineer running the heating boilers at a men- tal retardation facility. Time caught up to Den, and perhaps in some ways it was a blessing in disguise for him and Wyvonna. Five years ago be came down with em- physema, due not only to his smoking but also to prolonged working condi- tions in an asbestos filled environ- ment. DOn was forced into disabled retirement- Wyvonna had sugar diabetes, too -- but maybe that's when this engaging couple found out what living was all about. They were forc- ed to move, and their better sense of direction took them across the Potomac River to West Virginia. Says Den simply, "I can live and breathe better here. We're happy." I guess so. That's because they're doing exactly what they want to do, which is fishing every day and enjoy- ing the company of good friends and neighbors. Running the store is just an excuse to meet people and see who can tell the biggest fish story. Like the guy who had been in the store the day before. "This fella stopped in yesterday. I can't tell you his name 'cause I'd like to keep him as a friend, but before he went out on the water he was about as fish hungry as a man can get," began Don with a grin. "Well, he came back a few hours later, empty-handed, so I asked him what happened. The fella told me he caught plenty of fish all right, a whole stringer full of 'era, but when he got the boat back to shore he decided it was too blazing hot to clean 'era so he let 'em all go, or so he says," winked Don• "I'll tell you this, if it's too hot to clean fish, it's too durn hot to he fishing in the firsplace," he con- cluded with a hearty laugh• "Like right now, it's too hot to be fishing in the middle of the day," ask- ed Don, watching the heat waves roll off the street. "But let me tell you, when the shadow of that big 'ol Sycamore falls across that vegetable patch over yonder," he said, gesturing at a huge tree and a small garden beyond it, "you know it's time to start gettin' ready to put the boat in the water." I asked this sportsman how many fish he's taken out of the Potomac. ., "TrillionS," he said with a straight face. "Why, I've even hauled in 20-pound carp right here in my front yard." I swatted another fly. Sure, I stirred the air a bit, but not enough to cool the hot air from this tall tale. Maybe Den was waiting for me to roll my eyes around, because when I did he continued with amusement• "Yes sir, it was just this past May, after we had all that rain and high water• Why, the water came to within 30 feet of where we're sittin' this very moment! And over there in the brush," he said, pointing past the veg- gie patch, "Wyvonna and I could hear the carp splashing around all day long. j Don and Wyvonna Burkett relax on the front porch of their bait and tackle shop and inside their establishment in the photo below. ( PhotOS f j They were everywhere in the woods !" Sure, I thought. But don't expect me to bite at this fish story, 'cause I'm not even going to nibble at it. Don and Wyvonna read my mind. because Wyvonna disappeared into the back and soon reappeared with photographs showing them fishing in the front yard, complete with photos of the spawning carp caught in httle sink holes near where we were sitting• Maybe they weren't pulling my leg with their story, but they sure gave it a good tug. Don promised to take me fishing with him whenever I gave him a call, even in the dead of winter. "We'll get some bread to fetch minnows with, then go out and get all the bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish you can carry," he promised. "Some people might think I'm crazy for fishin' every day of the year like I do, but I figure if you love somethin' you can take it or leave it." He shrugged, then answered his own thought with a wide grin. "I take it." I'm going to take Don up on his of- fer. Not because he has a reputation for being one of the best fishermen around the county, someone who's always known to take home a full stringer of fish regardless of bone- chilling cold or sauna-like heat. Or because he might bring me some luck, since I already know that whenever I go fishing there must be something wrong with my pole or the fish are pro- bably taking a siesta, 'cause they're never around when I am. No, I think I'll go fishing with Don just for the easy conversation. I like folks who don't need a lot of material things to be happy, and Don and Wyvonna are py growing a mg an occasional just sittin' swattin' flies. "We love living Wyvonna happi: the finest neighbors friends, clean air, a the river, you contentedly. "And don't fishing everyday," i sir, I guess you all." My fiance will this (she's "real" job), but and Wyvonna Theirs is the story I like to Super Summer Sal m(4 M umm bl a PI65/80R13 $ 745S 1555.90 P175/BOR13 $ 7845 $58.80 PI8b/80R13 $ 8260 $61.tl5 P185/7514 $ 89.b5 i7.15 PIgSI75R14 $ 9425 :$70.65 P205175R14 $ .25 $74.40 04h/75R15 $104.45 ; $78.30 [ P215/75R15 [ P22/75Rt5 I P235/75R15 P205165R15 P185/70(R 14 P195/70R14 t4umB lra m $109.95 $82.45 $11550 6. 60 $121 80 $91.35 $I 10 75 $413.05 $ 92 30 $69.20 97 25 $72.90 t $102.35 $76.7 INVICrA •Des, g ency • Advanced. long wearm weather tracon TIEMPO n orn A# SWI I PIBS/80R13 PlBS/FSR14 P195/FSR14 , P205/75R14 s 95 P205 7 SR 15 P215/FSR15 P225175R15 P235/7515 ARRIVA ' P17'80 13 P185/75R14 ! s 95 43, P215/75R14 P205/75Rt5 P215/75R15 P225175R15 P23575R15 VECTOR ---- P165/80R131 $41. I Pti'5/80R3l f).9$ J Pt85/80m31 .SS I P185/TSRt4 I .95 I PIgSI75R14 l S.I m SMALL CARS & IMPORTS! G-METRIC RADIAL  ARRIVA ,, 5 , . S 5 P145/BOA13 blll 95 •  R  95 w15580R13 12A)5 t55SRI2 165SR13 $ 115/7OS 1 1142. 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