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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
July 14, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 14, 1966

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we simply walked barefooted and write a book, and maybe will,SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS gingerly down to the second qua-l about Harpers Ferry, the cave THURSDAY JULY 14 1966 rry. It was bigger. Now days{where the park is now, trapping ........... '. ~ "" ~ when I read about someone pull. {along the creek near the Legion .................... ,4 ing out of the water I remember{ Field where nothing dares to live, ators .wouia de nnea, even tor vu xuu u~urm~J~l ............. ,,,r~D=D.Y how routine it was to give some[ my next-door neighbors - the six traveling at legal speeus. Why do people act tl~ ruD~,~nr,~, ~vr, nx ~.-.u~o ~ one a hand in the middle of that lSmith boys, our grea~ basketball These words are being penned they no? What motivates f ~...__~.-..~'[[--~-~T~ .... quarry which, because of the/team in '46 and 47 and some because as a private citizen and Learn more about psychol~ ~x "x~r~ ar~J~v, lt~u~ x--u~x,l~=u~ ~.~ t~ u ..... MO cliffs, looked a little smaller than] trouble we got in, and my other as mayor of Harpers Ferry I hope the easy-to-understand fea~ o~, ,a,-+h .... treet - rharles Town W. Va. By Itlmtl7 w. rl~w it actually was. [ friends . Walter Glenn, Abner the offendkng cylsists will not The Baltimore News Am~ "~" " ......... ;?: ~.~a.~ O~A'IA ' The best way to go to the qua-t R!ddleb.urger: Jack Huyett, Cec!! make matters bad for good cy- Read M.lrrr of Your MmdJ --'F ,.~,.u ...... __ __ rry was down the Flowing Spr-| ~boy C!), @ncl many others, t#ont clists and further that they will interesting 1acts aoout o~ ~ i ~ in~.~ Road ~r whatpv,~r tho~v call- I worry, I'll probably never write not so abuse their orivile~es as to a regular feature m rrt~ _~ READ ]BY MORE THAN 22,500 PEOPLE u~rM~'~n~',.~_ W~Qnrnnv , a~ w~q m,t it i~ ,~-uallv true ed ,that back road to Shepherds- the book. cause mistreated neighbors to 0 ORE NEWS AMER CA~ .................. . ......... . I.~.+'+~:.~"~.'^ =..~.~.. :]'-"-:~--isons town that runs by the MacDon-[ Some people probably wonder take drastic measure~ to keep On sale at your mcai neW~ . ........ L ..... " Charles Town Postofficc Those who fail to rememoerl='~.~m's~O'~om"'c~as,~, ald's place, where they also hadI if I'm not seventy-two and senile conditions a bit more tolerable ~, ~econu tAass ros~ge rmu z~kt ,~nax history, ~am~tayana said, are acorn- I ~ ~" [ ~ nica ~onnie o~,~rt I h,,,~ ~h~ I rather thmn thirty six and same -,--- -~-- 1--- - ~ ........ _ - _.-..., 1 -- ed to re eat it The statement it- I am well aware of the justme m ..... . - ..... P .:. _ ..... . ,h .... ,vii L h~ghway department never takesloarrymg on w~th th~s kind of Cordially yours, ~~v~.~ selt ts a co mm rememoer ,,- -,,- v-..---. , ,, .... , ..z P | I1 g d g . the upsy daisies out of that remmmcmg ~md nostalgm. I m not ~.~, --.c:... NATIONAL NEW$P_A _ Today there'll be dancing in the lrlghts workers that the Amerlca~ ............ t ....... TEMPLE G. WHEELER ~'~~~/A g~Wt |i sY~\ ~ ! _.C~.g2..t2 ..... : - I,~.-.. ,... ~.^.a ..... ~,~., ,~. ~.....lstreton atong mere trom me rau[sevemy-two, ann most or you __ M[,ik,~N~W~,~.~-W~i # {~mm~L~ ~ ~r i IA~O~,~t~m streets ot tarts aria all overl"~g'o"a~??~**Y~.w%~ .... ."~'~"~,road track and creek to where ~ who take Charles Town forgrant ....... "=~.~.-:. ==~,'~k~,~ ~k ~[ ~ } ~ ~ memory of that event-I t:sf~ureun~s,~u~+toi~e..shs~,2ScaZ2 [ you turn off to go to Sammy Mich I ed wouldn't tmderstand, but those Chamber Directors fuIJUly in when me -.--- o.-.v.: ' ' " c --" ~ ~ ~-~ " -- "! . . I ............... [ ael s. I ve ridden the roller coast- I of you who on e did the same t,~~J~'_~ .... oppressed and the underprwl!ged [ ~we nave ,pm,o~fo~.,o ~:ugh+t~e I er at Co~ey Island, but never en-[ things I did or now live elsewhere emd,~,A T--A VA,~, ~'htBibl, ~ _ _~-'~. [ ot trance stormed me ~astiuel.~ .... s~" ....?-?so ?~,,s., w i toyed it more than the "unsv/will a~ree with me dow~ the kll~l~ 1w~-/gal I can do all things i~ MAX BROWN, General Manager and set the prisoners free. It was ] nave aone s oma nave a me I d sies" at f'ihy miles an ho r ] line, Iam reasonably sure. that strengthened me. [ ru~rg ~cH N~ws Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor a~ indiscriminate liberation, [ before now that we can maxe up [ alfm_~ that road ] ~|~Hnn rann~eem~n --(Phil. ................ where cut-throats and thieves and [ for the lost time in a year or a ~-~ - - " ,- - | Har,~ers Fe,~',, W Va IblStllVll 5VH~lS,~alllSll ....... _j ..~;+~..~ ..~ ....... ~t.~ ..,..ol a~,o,~o .. o ~-,~-,~ ,, years? I I my xournteen year-old son nas[ v --~, ' TO meet ~ne cnaiieng~ ........................ --- .----~ ......................... I ,,,..,. ~nn" "~"" : ..... t the ] never ridden his bicycle more I Ju y 12, 1966 The board of d~rectors of the the day successfully thel ..... ~.: .... ~ ,~._. _^....~_..;...~ .... / ...~...;,.~,~ ~u...Ao ~n,~ ~f ~h~ { n = xuw m~a-~ xrum fume. xue l bplrlt ot Jetierson-Aavocaze e ~oa wuunty ~namoer u~ [ importan~ words to sail Newspal~r Repres~ntativ~, Inc., 404 F gh , . i.nnocent and mild marches of [ main false vremises', that because ] traffic ts. fnghtemng _ enough [ Charles Town, W. Va. C~mmerce mot Monday a.~ the I "we can.' The success Detroa - Chicago - Atlanta - San Francisco. Los Angeles protest- a inst the injustices of Jthe rights-have been so long]Wnen,y~u're tn a c~r..~o wnen-]Dear Max: Rib Room and endorsed the pre-[ day depends not on ci~ - ' the day" then the temno increas- ] demed we .should make u~ for / ever me goes to swimming prac- ] Harpers Ferry is only one of sent policy of electing represent- I stances but on attitude.I SUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Yr.,1965PlUSe t15cts.,,TaW. Va.r TaXw~hled, followed by the b~eaRing..|f ]|]the, to lost time I see the disgust []] sc .o~scnom, mus~c,'~a aucnurCn'me omer[oot" [[] ~he communities now victims of][ atiVeSears to Congress il~everYl~t@,MWll |two=roll attitudel ~rmlmust~~m~mbe one ofl~l~ the full storm. Then came the~and impatience that registers on~thi~." that makes his calendar]the unnecessary noises and in- y . rather than fear. We] Fbr Business, News or Advertising Departments b[o ., followed}e rise | the face of every, civil rights I twic~'~as erowd~ as hi~ narents, I ere_ as!ngly_ ha~rdou_s, antics ..of . The local chamber !s so notify-I These words can become ~ nwAr ,tom oa~g .,. '~m~ m04m ot P~apoieon, me convulsion ot { supporter every Hme someone { w^ ~oi .... r "~' :r ~yL *~-- { amy tl~U and quaui{eu mg me national Chamoer of Com- I of us-for through the~ ~'-~' "~'" ........." " Europe, the fall of Napoleon, and { cautions time and patience. But {. ~ .J. ? ~. "" "~ ~ ,,,~ ut~ } motor cycl, ists. On the other hand, merce { of God we can ~ lamny taxl ~ ' " ' " .... then the meeting at Vienna re[the very fact that the sickness] .... ....... I I have yet to hear anything but ,VW.W~TDVrt AV TTT~ V m ~ 10gg 1{~15 ,,,he,, and where an effort t has been lon~ and a~onizin~ is at I z. non [ {ranK my toms ever { act,.h+ o,,a ,,,~o_hoo,.+oa o,, , - .,oo".~ ~e'.,O-~'.e'~'~'.e'~e'~O'~',,O,',,e'~O~ ' the v core of wh we cannot tooz me anywhere, except to Lee .... w~s made to return to the way{ cry y ~to ..... a ....... ~..: .,,~^ :_ {prov~l of the motor cychsts who ,~ m ------- m ~. ~ m m .~- ! it had been before I expect a short and quick cure. {,,,as,,,~,:~o~,~ v.t= _u~. ~__.=: ~u..,?,t I use legal mufflers; who travel at [~1 I I I 1 " IK/It I 1844 T0 NOW 1966~sagoodtimetoremem-I Ihaven~d~hbtbutthatthere~an~t`~r~e~av~ap1~9n~a~t~3{~ega~speedsandwh~ha~eabit' ~ilff~m~m..ll~ ~~m..m.. i ber the French Revolution of [ are manly who counsel time and / bib thltn' most business ...... + { of corcern for people who need ', } ix a' d r,sr. this week the first edition of 1789 But we've got .to remember[ patience . n.d a long slow cureI on' a car nowda,,s. I've b-ee'n"inl rest to .work.; relaxation in illness Saturda July 23, 1966 10"00 A. M{ hwiSn ' yp:rrsWl ePZbl]S hede sol:hitl v tr hheUcn edu ns .- Tl:ee : e Cw t i ee dt: ] t shea r'cxl : C;!me n d: aot : g t o Othu rt ) l a J o hre }i [ ainSh.qd ts mpe hio TurS South Samuel St., Charles Town, W. V! rs th t were then bein Dublished in th - . ' . . ' ' "" " . pape a ...... ;;: ....... a rm was zoreaoomed to fahurelThose who do this are just aS[bicycle exee,~t Jeffe Countv the public does resent the[, ....... a .... [ nave amon out - its of what was then Vllrg~..~l~. we cto . , , g from the outset, because it tried{ shortsighted as those who want|beautiful roll'm~ hiRs; through{noises of cyclists who make runs[ z-xttbJqut~ d, llU lVltUU~l a! l' UHt lllUtil~ I ftles a co of that first eomon, nor no we Know wnere one to o too far too fast (Civil n hts m~mcles , ' PY _ __ " ....... .~ ., g " ! "g . [ " | green pastures and dark soil, I at any and all hours of the day or I Belonging to Mrs. Anne Selden Hobart I can be obtained. If we met nave SUCh a copy we woum n .ppuy workers of 1966, please note!) ButI The ultimate success of thelalon swift runnin~ creeks bv I night; ;some of whom seem to de- I ,r;.+..~; .... ~.., ....... +., .~ .... a ...~ }.~.~, ;+,..~.~ reproduce it, and make use of such means as are avauaom let us also take due note of the civil rights movement in this sites" and homes a urated vit[a l, ight in the volume of noises br ss" '; mah'o' am= dro"-leaf ble: drayton" oolstand" to us to enclose the reproduction in this lSSUd. It would not ~her' ~lhent les~n: the effort/ country is ldl but inevitable. In'{history, near woods whose fall[rrmde by rev~ng up their motors{ . . ' g.Y.. P" ' : P P ' "l ot me uo ress or vmnna zo re mg stand, several diner old small stands marble top co require much space to do so. Our best information is that ng - deed, the success or failure of leaves are nowhere prettier - be- at great speeds ,and some of" . . ; " "the first edition was small, a couple of pages of hand-set storethe ~atus quo ante revo~u~| that _n~ovement is not[lieve me! Skipp Hill, Chariie Gore/whom aPparently have "straight I table; large and small mirrors; dining room table witu.[ ......... ~ ,--.~ ~m,,~+;~,,rn,mf~ f~v~r ma ~r~ x~tueu tt,zau.,~ ~u "'~/ion. The question is whether or{ Rot, er Perry ann others I believe {exhausts" If the averaoe truck~chairs; mahogany serving table and sideboard; glass cl~ ype: news oI lOCal inr~eresb anti mc,~ ma ................... revolutions that swe t Euro in . ........ . " .... - .............. -~ .... ~ ........ q,~,, .f on_ p . pe /not Rs strongest supporters have{ will bear me out. {were proportionately as nmsy as ] cupboard, several stools, wash stands, maple twin beds, zne course oz one WhOm cen urb' anu -e,,-u .~-....%- : ..... 11848, which, by no smau coinci-I the natience to keen from esealat-i T s~s~,,l~l o~. ~ 6~,~ .... .... 1,4 ] enma m~,~-ea, re,clot ~ho ~,.~,ok ~nor [ nltaft~" nab ohac'f nf dra.xrorc" oxraral rlr.ctar, hlanbot oh[ other the Sprat or Jefferson has w tness to and ch, r [ deuce is the date of the Corn-/ing it to such an extent that thet , . / wardrobe with mirror; room screen; oak desk; telephone icier of many innovations, nor omy m tne commum y wnose {munist Manifesto) because the/ultimate victory may be post-t I I II I I I ............ activities it has reported on, but in itself as well. It has added [vested interests of 1815 mistaken-| poned another hundred years.| sO U co er cna r; smau. map)e uesK; maple urysser an m r] nother name, Farmer's Advocate, to its masthead; it has ly thought first shower was| The movement has already madel 18 Of Them --- s ra}gnt-oacK ann rocking cnairs; severat reeo cnairs; tan] increased in size of both its own circulation and its own [the end of the ram. | gigantic strides in the past de-| .sew no macmne; cremes namper; mrge. painting; otto composition so that it is now, in addition to be. ing the oldest . There many contrasts (as{ c ade,.but only. a fool would state/ oston rocKer;.palr n.urncane lamps wnth prisms; ~.-arm~ .......... ;,~ ~X?,~f Viroqnln t.hg ln.r~t~.~L ill make-uD and com- { uistinguisnea from comparisons)l maz most gums nave been con-/ . ~ ~ , s~ , . I canuemora wnn mar~te case; crass odor KnocKer; large~ ann Lne secom m. ":- -irculation., of the nemq between ....... the Revolution in France/solidated, and only a bigger fool| M{ {WT IIIW/$1 I platter; Chinese" set of china; large hand painted fruit , .... e, ......... i tiion in .r{~u .ann me present racial/would say it can continue the] ~-~ ~M~ ~t~][ ~VS ~ ~H~N~ ] tall hand p~tcher; gold in-lay glass vase; brass tray; 2 decant~ ore than 6 300 editions, " to the creek at the bottom of the = " " " " " Basically and primarily, after m , " Should you come down Inter. " ..... ' . . .. { ................ _ ........| mghouse vacuum cleaner; electric fans; floor and table hg the function and purpose of thin newspaper ]s the sazne .as state 85, please come to visit us. nnj. nat tray the .w~tu ?~ew. utvi ................. Mot-r-la .................................. * ........ ..... -.,, lished" to -ave a weekly renart [ Sincerely, : gate ShUt as my wi~e ialteIangly| We are ~ItXIO118 rot you Know our nne Jefferson t;ounty _ o u zX-.lC. ctcen. aum muue oea ann tame '~ naY"~"p~emn ''~ "~'s m~'~{ ~'~tms commum yv ""'" uurmg" IAte....... wee~L~ '-'~'~imm~u- ~[ Ned I but rapidly plummeted toward it,{ correspondents, eighteen of them, who cover every nook and drapes and .curtains," hshmg' " rod," kdchen" cal)met," table on t! 'Pi .. g.. ;- ....... - ........... ~ Edwa~ B S,,dnorImad I have always taken some, Comer of Jefferson .County every week in the year, looking scales; wonlng board; 2 step ladders; Westinghouse st~ ~~!;!~i! i~!' ~~~n~~i { ~~ ' ~::~:h~ii:!i~lci~~::2'~!n::~'a:i!!:~ga~ has and as it will. it is because it makes no pious claim toI education, the army, more educat ~ first and last, I hop.e, wreck.. It ......... BaHk of Charles Tow perfect{on. If there a e' those, who can lay claim, to such a ion, and business has taken me was me omy car wei nan or. eight ]e virtue, let them cast the first stone. |into Texas, Colorado, South Car:{ years, oecause t was aurlng m _ a { XXr35VDD For Anne Selden Hobart ,., ............ ..... o-^ h"n red and and Virgmm tiunareas of{w r. ] J2d. .I DD tweVVn y/tj Seye r?a}'dtlw w[i ge n !tr: