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July 13, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 13, 1978

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4 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1978 4-H'ers Mow Safely Through Summer CHICAGO-About 27 rail- lion U.S. families will operate some piece of lawn and gar- den power equipment this summer. And nine times out of ten it will probably be a rotary lawn mower. Because st) many young people are responsible for lawn care and gardening chores, 4-I[ petroleum power projects stress safety when it comes to using mowers, tillers and other small gasoline- powered equipment. llere are some nrowing safety tips from 4-1t men,- bers: Wear long pants and stur- dy work shoes not sneakers or sandals. (heck the lawn for rocks, large sticks or any ob- iect that could he thrown by the mower blades, Read the operating man- ual to becolne familiar with the mower controls. Know how to stop the engine quick- ly. Ilandle gasoline with cau- tion. I'ill the fuel tank out- doors before starting to mow. Never fill the tank when the engine is hot. Store gasoline in an approved container such as a safety can, never in a glass jug. Keep people out of the mowing are;,. Shut oft" the engine if someone comes into the area unexpectedly. (This makes good energy-saving sense, tot)!) Working with lawn and garden power equipment is the subject of a new 4-11 member's manual and leader's guide. I hese educational aids were developed with the sup- Follow some mowing, safety tips from 4-H members. Check lawn for rocks, sticks or other objects that could be thrown by mower blades. Fill fuel tank outdoors before starting to mow. Young people 9-19 can learn-by-doing about lawn and garden equipment-and tractors-in the national 4-H petroleum power program sponsored by Amoco Foundation, Inc. and con- ducted by the Cooperative Extension Service. port of Amoco Foundation, Inc. for use in the nat.lanai 4-11 petroleum power pro- gra Ill. In addition to projects in- votvirig small engines, the petroleum power program en- courages rural youth tel learn- by-doing about safely hand- ling and caring for farm trac- tors anti machinery. ('onserving fuel, main- taining engines, exploring caleers and developing leaders are primary objectives of the program. To recognize tile acconplishments of 4-11 lllenlbers, Anioco Foundation provides SI,000 scholarships for six national winners, one expense-paid trip per state to the 57th National 4-1t Con- gress in Chicago Nov. 26-30, and four medals of honor in each county. Awards are arranged by National 4-tt Council. Win- ners are chosen by the Coop- erative tixtension Service, which supervises 4-H projects and activities. Amoco also supports small engines and tractor contests at the Western U.S. 4-tf En- gineering Fvent Sept. 21-23 in Omaha, Neb., and the East- ern Fvent Sept. 25-27 in Richmond, Va. Young people 9-19 can learn more about the 4-1t petroleum power program from their county extension agents. Exposure to Asbestos Increases Risk of Serious Health Problems If you're working around as- bestos or once worked in an environment with significant exposure to asbestos, you may be facing a serious health threat, reports the Health Insurance Institute. Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Joseph A. Califano, has announced a nationwide campaign to alert workers and doctors to the hazards associated with exposure to asbestos. Increases Risk Exposure to asbestos, where it s concentrated, increases the "isk of incurring four serious diseases, said Mr. Califano: lung cancer, asbestosis (a progres- sively debilitating lung disease that impairv breathing and increases risk of serious illness or death from respiratory infections like pneumonia), mesothelioma (a cancer of the chest and ab- dominal cavities) and certain gastrointestinal cancers. Asbestos, the term used for a group of fibrous materials that do not burn and are excellent thermal insulators, has been used over the past 40 years for more than 3.000 purposes, said Mr. Califano, with two-thirds of all asbestos used in the construction industry. Ship construction is an activity with especially high use of asbestos, since the substance is effective in insulating boilers,. steampipes, hot water pipes and nuclear reactors. 4.5 Million in Shipyards In addition to the 45 million persons who worked in ship- yards during World War 11, it is estimated that 500,000 to 1,4 million persons have been em- ployed in shipyards since the war. Other occupations in which there has been significant expo- sure to asbestos include asbestos mining and processing; construc- tion work involving insulation; building demolition; roofing; and automotive work in brake and clutch lining installation and repair. It is important, says Secretary Califano, "that we notify physi- cians, past workers and others at risk of the hazards associated with asbestos exposure. If you are and have been exposed to asbestos, call your doctor, the Institute suggests. The Surgeon General of the Uni- ted States, Dr. Julius Richmond, is notifying all 400,000 doctors in the nation about the health risk posed by asbestos and describing certain steps doctors may take when diagnosing or treating pa- tients. Packing made easy Know your travel ward- robe. Choose easy-care fab- rics and plan around basic colors with coordinating ac- cessories. Basic colors don't HAVE to be navy blue, black or beige. These shades are prac- tical, of course, and if you're fond of them, fine. But if you'd rather wear red or bright blue, make those your According to the Surgeon General, no single step has a more important effect in reduc- ing risks from two of the most common diseases associated with asbestos - lung cancer and asbes- tosis--than stopping cigarette smoking. basics and plan accessories around them. Since you'll aim for a capsule wardrobe, just choose the clothes and colors you really feel and look great in. If your travel clothes are new, wear them beforehand to see how they wash, spot, wrinkle, dry clean. You want no surprises en route. Here are some tips to keep comfortable and well dressed while traveling: Select care-free clothes. Washable synthetics and knits need little or no ironing. Cotton is cooler but needs more care. Carry on breakable items, valuables like cameras and jewelry, one change of clothing and aerosols. Take an extra pair of glasses or contacts, and your prescription. Use plastic bags for shoes and delicate, damp or soiled items. Plastic cOntain- ers for powders and liquids prevent breakage and save weight. Put name and address on both the inside and outside of all luggage. Take luggage you can carry yourself. Porters are not always available. Remember important papers like passports, tickets and your address book. Keep them with you at all times or A Gift.For A Friend Or Relative? Why Not A Subscription To The SPIRIT of JEFFERSON'ADVOCATE 1 Year $7.50 Plus 23' tax in W.Va. Mail To: Name" Address: City State Zip Subscription From We Will Mail The Person A Card. Skateboard Riders Prone to Breaks Skateboarding is booming across the country, reports the Health Insurance Institute. And so are skateboard inuries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, some 370.000 skateboarders were injured last year- -twice the number hurt in 1976. Riders between the ages of 10 and 14 account for almost half of the injuries, while those between 15 and 17 years old run a close second. As many as 40 percent of last year's victims ended up in hospitals-most with broken bones. Most frequently broken are the forearm and leg (below the knee). "Nearly a fourth of those who were hospitalized last year were hurt on their first attempts at skateboarding," a spokesman for Graduates Need Health the commission told the ,nsti-Protection tute. For someone just starting to skateboard, authorities recom- mend: I. When you mount the board, do it on a flat surface, possibly inside the house on carpeting. Practice standing on the board, to get the feel of it. 2. Once outside, step on the board cautiously. Don't Ict it slip out from under you. 3. Until you become proficient, don't skate faster than you can run. 4. Before you ride. clean up de- bris along the path you plan to take and look for any bumps or cracks that could cause prob- lems. (Knowing what to expect gives you a better chance of avoiding accidents.) tuna you 00rwow : .................. Severing ties that bind is what graduation signals for mil- lions of young Americans. But if your graduating youngster will soon be out of sight, don't put him or her out of mind, says the Health Insurance Insti- tute. As full-time students, most youngsters are protected against the cost of illness or injury by their parents' health insurance policies. However, once they graduate and are no longer dependents, and are more than 19 or 21 years old, chances are they're no longer eligible for benefits under these policies. Eligibility also stops for a youngster who marries (at any age) or enlists in the ser:vice. While the government tends the health needs of service person- Ar 7e aesr e/ces w/zL O-'NeRAzzy a T,/'/E osr vccess;uz / ....... ]./N Tins WA to.war/r/oN ar/muzAres PROOUCrN/r/, ,X/L[.S A4/Z A //#Yg /IVING 5 7"ANDARZ. " h ffra/easrlNa PACTS ZlKe r//esa -_r',l#' AR" CI:gVR'ED IN A 2 ,0 j IZLU,qFRMT"' 80 /-/7"ZE' . ,Mv,.j A a/area ,4m t/e Per /,I/ /7:.", " ["? j POR A pRee COPY WR/Te 7"0: ,k "CONOm/C, "PUEBLO, COL OA,00, ltl--.'!=: 81009. [ql Ros.lyn Caner, wife of put them in your hotel safe. ] the President, on Use traveler's checks and credit cards whenever [ Solzhenitsyn's views: possible. Never carry more "... I can tell you cash than needed, flatly, the people of this country are not weak, cowardly and not spirit- ually exhausted." AP-NBC poll:Americans dissatisfied with tales. SOUTHERN STATES Annual Meeting DATE: July 24 TIME: Business Meeting at 8:00 PM PLACE: Shepherd College Student Center Ballroom. Upper Level POINT: Shepherdstown, W.Va. All members and petmns ars InvRed to attmd and hear reports on Southern States and local operations. Plan to take pert in the businass of YOUR cooperative. W.H. gnode & Son's Shepherdstown, W.Va. 876-6900 He Makes 17, 000 Mistakes A :i : John H. Moore, Jr., national manager of Trouble Shooting Contest, is the only executive wbo orders parts deliberately tured not to work. In Trouble Shooting, a encourages high school students to become ics, various parts of the car are "bugged" tO from functioning properly, and the contestants and fix the malfunction. Because installing identical malfunctions in as many as 50 contest takes a lot of time, Moore orders part: authentic but that just won't work He fake parts for the real ones. tie is shown 17,000 "bugged" parts that were specially nel, civilian youngsters may national contest. find themselves without any protection against ill health. I NDAL Ct What is the greatest dan- ger from lightning to swim- mers? Since lightning does strike water, contrary to some peo- ple's belief, swimming is dan- gerous when lightning is ob- served, especially if it is seen to the west. But swimmers killed by lightning are usually not burned, they are para- lyzed. So, artificial respiration is as important for lightning- struck swimmers as it is for drowning victims. Lightning strikes boats and automobiles, but all-metal cars (apart from convertibles) are safe havens. Boats near land are safer than boats far out to sea. Boats or ships.with tall masts are most likely to be struck. Swimming or bathing is never advisable during light- ning storms. LADLES SANDALS WERE s8.99 to $1 TO NOW ' s6" ,o s 11 ALL Children's Now Just ........... SLEEP WELL AT U.S. Government Free of all State & Local EARN 80 A OER MINIMUM INVESTMENT $5,000 WRITE OR PHONE President offers assistance on welfare bill. TAKE A CLOSE JOBS AVAILABLE NOW FOR 17 TO 27 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES. WE OFFER GUARANTEED TRAINING, GOOD PAY, A 2- YEAR ASSOCIATE DEGREE FROM OUR OWN COM- MUNITY COLLEGE OF THE AIR FORCE, AND MUCH MORE ! CONTACT: Cell Colle (3el -l2.111lS) Or  S.$. L Johneon t Fredodck (Mcl.) Town Mo11.21701 THE INCOME SPECIALISTS Members New York Stack Exchange, inc. Investments  tIE7 11411rms  tke U.S. r I Please send me free information on I I U.S. GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED I - I Name .............................. ' ' I Address ............................ ' I City ................... Bus. Ph..'"'i I State .................. Rea. Ph.. I I am a client of A.G. EDWARDS: YES [] NO [ I A.G. EDWARDS & SONS, INC. I ,,= KTN G. ADLER, VICE PRESIDENT I BarJow Building, Suite 10S0 S4S4 Wiscannin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. PHONE: 654 - 3000 AN.B-IlIg.EBM A gr wgyof ke INTRODUCING VINCE PISCIOTTA FURNITURE S Our firm has been in the furniture business for twenty one years. We special antique repair and restoration. The render along with refinishing are, repair refurbishing and upholstering.. FREE estimates, pick up and delivery in the Town and Martinsburg areas. Office Call: 725- 3084 9 to 5 Charles Town, West Vir Monday HOUSE of FABRICS in LEETOWN, W.VA. "Big July" % O,, II Fabr Vogue Patterns Price Nylon & Metal Zippers At 5 cents each Buttons 10 cents package OPEN DAILY MON. Saturday From 10 a.m. tEl 5 p.m. JULY 6- 2T july 10,1 NOTICE OF SUBDIVISION Please take notice that the Jefferson County Planning Commission, at meeting to be held on Tuesday, July 25, 1978, at 7:30 P.M. in the offices Planning Commission in the City of Charles Town, West Virginia, will we-application information and the impact on the community Type of Name of Title of Subdivision Subdivider Plat Location Type i Type ii Type ii Shenandoah Development Corp. W. E. Gano ,and or June L. Gano Kenneth W. Me[z and Marie Metz Tuscawilla Hills, Lots 212 thru 230 West Cavaland Walnut Hills Route 13, (Summit Point Rd.) Approx. 2V miles southwe' of Charles Town North side of Route 31, appt 0.6 mile east of Route 17, at approx, la/4 miles southeast of Shepherdstown Two miles northeast of ans on the south side or Route ' (Warm Swings Road) imma east of junction with Route 1 All persons and governmental units having an interest in said proposed to attend this meeting. Planning Commission files on subdivisions may during normal business hours. By July 13Ht Henry B.