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Charles Town, West Virginia
July 13, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 13, 1961

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REPORT ! cloudiness tonight and scattered showers and occuring mostly dur- and evening today, low or middle 80s. low to- to 70, warm and humid Saturday outlook, eontin- and humid with scattered TWO SECTIONS 16 -- PAGES TODAY- 16 Read By More Than 20,00111 People Every Week * l l II "Best For News and Advertising In Charles Town--Ranson and Jefferson County Since 1844" NO. 29 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THITRSI)AY, JULY I:L 1961 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS JH ly El " Ill ' t zr T re Narz )w Escal [-Ier Snydq r, Jr., ew ected (,ffice of:on I " At tC " ( i mct t ltanta I o t.i 15 ; ,--. .... -----. Ni md Dire for panty Junior Chamber ofer B()flanza Ilel; " .... . :ii::~:::i~i:~i~:~i !:~!":iii~::' ::}ili!ii}":::::%i~:: herdstown, son of Mr. and Mrs. , :~i::::: :::%~ :::!: : ~!::i~:!~ ;~:i Iterny M. Snyder of the Ridge I l i~ ! ii ~~ ~ i j Road see(ion near Shepherdstown, I / ! ~J~ ~ [~ ~/ I was named to the Board of Di-I ~ ~ ~ I ~ [~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ [/[ E [day morning, tie fills a vacancyI --~~i []] ~| l Yf, INCflflClfl rMllg /O I cunty and sur]:ounaing areas ?vitt ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ i which has existed since the death [ Practice" Denmtr" Isnnaveanumrreatpprtun" I ..... ~]: .... ' of the late E E Fuzr IllJ~l/ j ] . ity to enjoy another bargain shop ....... Here. , ,. , ,, ,, % ..... , . . Y ping spr(e and This om IS being . Mr. Snyder is chief chemist for . , .,,, ,, , :: ~:::~:~ ~ , ~:: ',.::~:~:.:~:~:~ planned as lh( 'biggest and th( [~iii...~,~,:: ........... ~:~:~,,. .... ~:~,~,~:~:~:~ ..................... ~!i. ...... ================================ ........... ..... " ~ ........ i .... the Martmsburg plant of the Opened Office This Week ....... .... , o ,o '~rl,~, ..... best ~ ( t accor(dn~, ( | s' .~::z~ :~:~:~.~: ~]~ . ~..~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~ [~ ~ ~ ~i ~~.~ ~ I Standard Lmm and Cement Corn-I ~ l l , ' ..... I ~l ~ ~ ~~ ~..~ t~ nanv havin- been with the com- I l l J Dr. Kenneth L. Psillas has re- ITown Retail merchants. i I a i~ili {~iiii~!~!~i~i}::ii!~i~!:i~:~i ~ [;~~ ~~~ ~ " ~' ._ ..... I l / Iturned to Charles Town and has I This biggest of lt]e Summer pany tne past zo years tte Is a l ~ ~ 1 ~ ' , .... i' ~.. -'7~ .,":'TS-"-"~, ............ I ...,,,- ..f *--'ferson Count., and i :: / 1 Iopened offices in the Professional [ sales locally will be known as the , ferry Anderson Wlln a oacg In Town tate Trooper t( Truex .at,re :, , , )ns, all residing on: '- - ". -; .... " - ]is a -randson of* the late Nelson[ / i Building to establish practice in i seeond annual "Bonanza I)avs' C jury; terry Anoerson owner ot salt! lvlrs uertruue Anuerson, a . ~ [ :, 1 1 ' ..... 'a " '" i" n f( m Tilt r~'l~ harles Town, suffered . , ' ...... ' ", . ~ . : . t~, c..,,.~ ..... ~ ..........e ~o t ~: : 1 1 [general J)entsstry. I" no ]t w 1! ru r) ~ ' ~y a the 195 Dodge zn watch me tour aaugnter-m-iaw oz Mr ant( mrs .. o,,~ .... ' " ................ ) ' s s " ~) nin ,, " nd were hospstahzed q. ........... . . '= i,~__., ...... ~ ..... , ..... ,a.,, [ ~~.~~ ~!il 1 ~ , I r. Psfllas :erved two years in In ( r g Aug. 4 through ~atur- tfter 2 p. m. Saturday i were ri.cfing, wno nan nip and ~erry Anderson, lost contrm oi j~o~,~..~,~ ~,.,~. o f, S~e~l~erds, tow, n~ I [llli~:| 1 ~ I the U. S. Naval Dental Corps., Ma- i day night Aug. 6. . . nana injuries, and r ancy Anaer- me car as sne was attempting to [ ra* ,v*a x aa, , u IJ " ' -- ' r " " , automobile being driven j.. '" . ..... 7. .' ...... ,.,._ . ........... : l:CI ll 1 I ine (;orps School, Quantico, Va. I And as sp(cial attractions for S. Route 340, went out j son, l a a granddaughter ot pass anomer .venlcm and ]t j ....... ll rite was graduated from Charles|the buying public, along with the )1 and overturned nearland. virs..rerr.y noerson, m- oacg o ]t swerved and Tne ranum rI ll ]Town Itigh School, West Virginialoutstanding bargains to be offer- e juries of me nip, leg ann arm car overturnea, mrowmg me pass ,uv.t ,,, ,,, , , , = mus farm. Taken to the [ .... ..... "" _ ...... I ........ [ 1 1 [ Uniters(t) and the Medical Col- [ed I)v each of partieipatin,, 'ow ener Ral wnen me car overturned gasoline ' engers ano onver onto me nigh uz yc,u~ e ~ n G al Hoso" bvl ' .... I I ~ 1 ~ [le,,e of Virginia Is(ores th(r( will also b~ a total !Pendent Fire Company ]spilled onto the highway and] way. Mrs. Gertrude Anderson wasJ__ - ~ J ~ 1 ~Jt I Married to the former Barbara i of $50'0 in cash offered as prizes. 'e -- o.n .. Imemers of the t;naries,own firelcnargeu wim taimre to nave me [i-hamh$e fit Iamm re I I ~i~:il IAllen of Charlotte N C they I The too prize will be $200 in I compames were summoned to the lvehzcle under control, rhe above [ I I h.v ..... fnnt 1 ..... hl,r t~t ...... [ e,,cla, th ......... II he thre,, ~.,,l~ fl r hospitahzatmn, were. [scene to pour water onto the highJpmture shows the scene shortly J|~|l| t~A~# |J,|u 10 AI, I Shown above are the new of-~Staubs, treasurer, Edward RaW-JThev are residin~, at 622 South I wards ,,iron alon,, with ~i~ .25 ruae Anaerson, o, with Iway to prevent a fire The car was Jafter the accident occurred. IWIII IVllglglJUI] I/ MI Jfleers of the Junior Chamber of ilings, secretary; John Bartlett,[ " ......... arm abrasions" Mrs [completely demolished Charlesl(Photo by Tim Sinn ) t _L I Commerce who were elected andlpresldent" Pmge Jenkins, secondl "he -f ""(Ilia ..... I ":TL"" )~., ~ ......... ' ...... I /AI I[IMI /111 [ I ...... r~L I .', . , n I lle s t ,(. o w m VSlllaS I wlnnt rs ( i in( (,'lSll aWal'(is Will . tbllOIIC3 /UWll IMII.C /lOt, It mstauea recenuy iney are as Iwce'presment" an(t (roger terry I o...... 1 s T( n-" th " "," t~_, ..... :.'-,. . ~! , [ I ..... . : --.. ..~ . ...... ' ..... I ,~nar e: )wn a a e lai(. Mrs. lee selecle(l llonl lICK(IS ~lvfn IO o , , snown tlelt to rlgnt) Daniel |ilrs[ vice presloent ) ~,~ ~:~4-,!1 rl~.~II V .... .~4-.-.~,v 1~,,4- il .... IUIII U .... I The Jefferson County Chamber J .... i " " " II sillas. Ipatrons of the participating stores ~GII I~t, lll 11;:711 IU~lll. k.~l.l.ll, LIIAU , ~ ' 'I|QI]~ ~l|l |ldY~ ] of Commerce will hold their mon- I J (luring the sah s days. t articipat- ~~" i~__ . t*_ll__&.'__ [thly meeting Wednesday, July 19, i. o t i I~1 Jdm/ / 1 . Ikl I ~1 U a I1% ring stores will he i(lentified by . A , I raper LOllt t IlOI! l at the Charles Town Race Course JAnlm l Lovers vlscuss IM _nn rfl tnwn MPn LIIm KiiV lat~prop,'iate banners and penn- "-" .......................... .------ ' - 12:00 noon. , ,,~===.r,.=w=ww=,=~== . =w.= ~ v.~ =v ~t~w 'ants. The Charles Town Lions Club at , W of ontmum Work , " , , porte olvners uelngl [ The program will be suppl'ed[ ay C g UA....., I NOT NECESSARY TO BUY II 0 V I met in regular sess!o.n with Pres-I by the Charles Town Race Course .... x. u...... I IVlUiyOH /OlIUIQUIIU I As in the past il will not be nec- dent Brown presmmg at Ine and a ve mstruct|ve and rater | UUlil HUlllClII UUI ! " es o so (ma :, . , .... . IT " U ~ ~ ~ :sary f r ~ per: n t ~ " k,: a pur- n~A I'~1~ I gP' ! ': ' I Anenthusiastic,,roupofaninlall**lW IloA Ao ~.l~ ~am.l.I D..I, [ Blue Grass Inn estm, erto4 has been prommed , t'hase ill any of the stores Io be |l~l~U ~k~l ~,,llUllllMIIi~ ll~l Bobby Dailey, one of the youth[ Admission is by button only [~ ....... a-* ~,'~---even~-,, lulv 7 11VII I~1~I~ i'~ ~O1 |v|~|||V|lOI |U|R ]eligible for the grand prizes since .... .... ~1~-'~" [that the Lions sponrsored at Camp[which may be purchased at of t"h%' 'F,nk I ' /each oerson oa'~mg a visit to a , JJ ~ II m" : I Ha~e?~:wthankedsthe club and JChha~mtbbe:seOffui~on~t b~ ;uerC:l~saery Jhouser office building. Roy Steel-[ After a lapse.of 30 years, laugh Dewdopment of the area will [~t~ie Wiallnha~i~i),lhe :'i~hJk~(~ S~ng~ Udlllltllllhl l[ I [ ....... ' ........_'_ Jey presided as temporary chair-[ter and good times are expected begin in the near future. Covering,|, " ./. ~ . "_. It' ,," _~ in at(vance so mat namuer illl nl llilUIMlll.Vll I The Club will meet at 6:00 p. _m,; ]. " ' ........ "lman and ways and means were[to return to the Morgan's (;rove the acreage are large shade trees PmCC. H in a oox wmcn wm ,, oers no not nave to pay me par . louna m each of the stores J Tuesday, July 18 at the Inn, I ". ' "ldiscussed for continuing the work ]Fair rounds and one fresh water sorin avail- ' " : :- in Cl~ar e . '" . ~ .... .."~------ .---'T---~ ..... ] going after dinner topick up pap:J g.a~fi~'~,~,~,~a ~,~a ~ l~,o.-Jf the Humane Socmty. [ A contract of ~ale for the pur- able. |~ The regularst!)r~ hours wl.!l be .lintY uourt ot Jette!:soll~, mainso,aissatisziea ..... ne may appeal I er All those, who have paper at .!. ~,~,, ...... ,~. ...... _'%" "t" ..... ~" I A Com~m~t.e_" t e was name_d with I ..... chase of .......... the Fair~,round'.~ ......... 27 acres T'I h./ ~..~'""" ..~ ,r. ...... ,.... , 2,.+, / tottoweo (or au nuee (lays. ot me ' ,- ' " " ' out ]s ex eetea .... o - 11~:~ ,lltlll JJ. LIIC * Ittmg as a Board of Eq-i to the .iremt Co :rt. Otherwme I home please cmltact any Lmn or I turn- P . " IMrs Nancy Rutherford as chair- I will be stoned b- Trustees of the ......... ,,..o, .... ,, ......... | sate, with the prtz(.s lo be award- ' ' Chamber embers .and their' ' " - ,. .... ....,- .,,,a, ,,,, , , , , . and Revle?', has sent] the assessed value of h,s property [ place it where the collectors can [ ...... :m .......... ,nan to explore the possibilities of [Shepherdstown Mens Club on Sat September 1 ends a seven ,,ear[ ed Saturday e, enmg at 6: 1 pL!n. ot notices to Jetterson is revised to comorm wire me see it , Immes wm oe guests oi the inau- how best to do this on the county lurdav July I5 it was announced :L _- ?- ..... ' , : " ./;-. / in setting up pmns mr the [ " " J he -"- - , . searcn,uy tne CIUD lor a SUltaDle operty owners m the Board opmmn of what tt should . agement for the balance of t . level-"the local level--or as a or(-] "' we k by on id F hair ........ ...... ., " ., | sales at a meeting Thursday July , . . The Club planned at thetr last id _ this e . D ..a uss, C " paz'K sit . ,t was not urltll recently . ' adv,s,ng them the be. ........ ....................... ..... a,nn, ,]lafternoon. The !eature race w., vate rouo. Itmav be advisable I man of'the War Menm'rlM Co,,]-' ,h,,,, ........... ,,,,.,. , ....... _.. ,,/. |6.. , the n]ercbants (hscussed a num- 'aluations on their prop. I Last week Assessor Shirley E. J at the "Blue Grass Inn' at 6"301be 'The Chamber of t;onm}erce to becomeassocia(ed with a nat-[ mittee rounds were availa'l le 'In 'r i/ber of methods for publicizing the changed unless theY jAlger indicated that his assess-[ p M Then go to see the new|at wmc.n ttme fes oent mrmY tonal organization' such as Fri-J Future plans of the club call of this year the membe -shi v( led|sales (lays and their value to the zo Will present a trophy to tzm v re the Board and show ment of Jefferson Count re ends of Ammals Inc ur hts pubhc and to the cammumt ..... I Y P P-Jdairy'setup just installed at Lion],, ..... " :, '. Ifor the t ning of t': area, lo- to pu 'chase the land i'rom Sam| !.;." . ' .," /" mey snoum not J erty would be about three I John Rissler farm [ .......... Another county-wide meeting[cated South of Shepherdstown on M Skinner for 90000 ' | Wmmm (Bill) : rnoorft, .pres- . r ~ 1(lent ot the He(all Mvlcnanl, te , out the initial notices milton dollars over the 1960 assess I "ihe Club will be the host asl _ will be called in the near futu e. tbe Kearneysville Road, into ;t "'Mor,,an's 'air lasted/" : !, "i ,,' "/ , ~ polted that arrangeln~nts ale De of along range project ment. Present indications are I usual for the first cabniet meeting]|~,~p~n rh~PIl It Plans will then be laid for form- t park for area residents. Anmng some 50 years The fair ,round's |- ~" ........ ! ," ~., " ~, 4~li~u~vnu I,~iuvu~o me rr waY by the court to, that the Board may increase this of District 29 which was announc-I ing an organization best suited the facilities will be picnic and ::' ........... " ... ;" ......... ~" ,~.. ::'S i ln~ l]latle Vlln OIIlelalS {)! 1Yte ~ore equal and uniform i raise by as much as another two ed by District Governor Walter iw~..&....t.m U.AI,|m. for this community, children's play areas and a lake ~ia;n~:rSe noT~,~ne ~u~;~'he~an~i'| Harpers Ferry Showca.~'!, t,,r the essments. million dollars making a totad in- Swiger to be held August 19 andlrm pumnU m= -uU for winter skating and summer ........ :| loan ot several of the,r large can- . ...... v ..... 8,,,-, ...... ,,--., nons ann casson W~I~OIIS IOF plaC ,the way the system crease m valuations of approxv 1 20 Plans are being made to enter-lal_Lq I..I.. q'l I ,,~.~, DA m~m~A~ Iscenic beauty. ,... ,,... " , :" ' *. : , ?. . ~ . " . "C'"~ .c~.,ulcu o~ ..e ~,.c.~ ,.,u. in,, O ttiS la ' i t',~,o I)IOCKS Ot )m .... i ....r ...... mately five mflhon dollars.I tain the visitingLionsand ladms IUnTII rrlua, JUlY 1 fflGll]ll LU GI nlg Illllll lI ............... , ............... | ,,, n .p n , -*****~.a*~a**~ uta d/t:tllLldl~ [ " " ~ ~ IJy pLllClli:lSlllg LIIU li;tllL| J. llt~| ' ' ' x ' " ~ ' " " " " o t I usiness t e meetin . West Washington stte(t q hutsttav In making its revmw the Board N fu her ) h g -- Club's "e 'v " ' ...... " l ear the County Assess-, ..... will not Ma or of M0r ant0wn I ob, es are to a ,am Avgust 4 . . . mdmated that was watching was adjourned ] The Jefferson Chorus Y g ,94 Chddren Pass _.,_. ,, .................... , i . t,a=c muz~;a~L ~ ~tuve r a~z " "o bell[ ' (it' t() IlS ne utle make an ,, ,, .... 1 " " " Plans ate als " ma p s for over assessments as well as meet Frtday mght for s regular o o I ..... Maryln E. Lugar, a West Virgin-t .j p .... C ......... grounds a part of the fun of liv- h~ve a" barrel of silver dnllars li) ot all taxame real and under-assessments in an at- J'[A~AM~AII~ C%AIII~[li t~ll~A~ | scheduled rehearsal oecause oot[l ia University nrofessor recentl" t rl~i l~uu~ ~Wlilllililimm in in She-herdstown s ~ s ' " " ~ ~ ~ g p a poke ~ )roperty in the County. tempt to get all property in the J J ll 13UII ~UUlUI~ V~llllUl~ [the director and assistant director became 6nly the second in the his-JA, m . .* ~1 man for the club'said.' " ," ~:ated at, s())~e, p()~t,]n,t~ (!~)~v.n } Work is completed the County reasonably _close to fifty k4..& k4..J.,,, M|.t_& .~& O J will be out of town. . tory of Morgantown to be named lUasses InSIl~iCII011S The fair~,rounds site of tht, faro ~"~v~,/~'~v~i',~ ~.~'1"~,.',~, '~a~' ..... assessment is turned percent of true and actual value I~1~1~1 I~JUIlUCly II1~111 GI O I The Chorus, w111, nowever, meet to a third term as mayor of the l . o , ,... ~, ~,, ......................... .,,.. ' *" el 1 [In ons /~lorgan s tizo~e taw was e Board of Equalization Board members said that it would I - J Frtday night July 21, for a full town I 'I he annual Summ !" sw!mn " g -n v"n in its s r 'as o t William Stewart, e!mirman of ed tim rehearsalin order to be read lessons conauctet~ unuer ine aus a w .cyuay .coz . the a(Ivertlsing ano pUt)lltlty W (the CountyCommiss be intposible in the limit " e J Chairman Joseph Thompson J " Y Lugar, a native of , Charles .'" o "i ....... s~ finest fairs" in the East 'rt~ous .... ":' m ....... e Ju 5 and Jul to sin for The Anvil remmre pices Ot Ine Jetterson ~ounty tte~a comnnuee tor Ine AnVil a te ~1 they examine it for available betwe n ly Y I bas caned a meeting of the Jeff-/ g ' P " Town, was named" for another .~ ' -~. : " - - ~ ands of visitors would flock here ' ~ : ,, ~'. -'. "- [''' By statute the Board's 25 to re-evaluate all county assess ]erson County Democratic Assoc-Ito be staged Aug..5 p the Jeffer- two-year term at an organizational ross napter c am.e a c ,o: e on from near ands(dr and a tent city enacunent. (It tnt! trmi or Jo.nn e amination begins on ments but said they would con-liation for Monday night, July 17|son t:ounty t ourt t ouSe, meeting of the new City Council ~ttttru~y auzy ~., .wzt,~ a .,titan. ut .......... ..................... t rown wn cn is to De s ageu m eintinma f.r 2n days tinue the nrocess when the-Board I., Oour* Room be-| ~ h. P,a,,noll ,' nmhov cmlaren receiving certltlCatlon wuu u pllll up UUllll : li11 tllIl~. Jefferson County Cotlrt (louse i)e If th, R nvd f, els thnt meets a ,ain in February to e-[ innin r nt n m ev,wal matters ....................... m the swimming mstructmns, Oddly enough the fatr was an ginning Au,~ust 5, sohcited the ments a-re"too low or valuate t he 1961-62 asses-'sments Sm; oSiance "" was announced Wednesday. outgrowth of the Moler's Cross cooperation of the merchants in !gives the taxpayer five The Board said it was motivated] uled for discussion as well as a[ __.-- ""He~is'She~so~no?tl~e'iate Mr'' The School!was conducted from Roads picmc which m the eazly having interesting h~stormal dis- in writing of its in- by a desire to see more uniform[membership drive. Also, plans] Therg will be a Special meeting and Mrs N L Lugar of Charles June26 through July Jeffer- 188ffs nmved !oa wo(!ded site on plays in thei~i windows pri,n) to ' me s and b a desire to v Clt zen Fire Corn an son Memorial varK pool tne morgan estate east ot tne pro ano (lu mg tne perm(t ot Aug ! revise the assessment, assess nt Y " ]will be made for a summer outing of the " i s " P Y Town .... -- " " tho - " d ark ' - it caz e : " " " lYer may then appearkeep outside forces from comingJto be held in September for the,tonight (July 13), at 7:30. ~ A..preaggown ot se .oe!ng pose p .. wne, ,, e'.. I 5-13. Board and state hisinto the County to make an assess J association. All members and any[ Every member is urged to at- " cert.tneu snows 80 pupus rethe now } as organ s .t~.rove ta r. :if ,the taxpayer re. ment. J other interested persons are in.[tend this special meeting. 1 0u r| I rilK t)eg nners classes_were certn!e ; at)out zuyears, mls nrst memories of the fair's ballroom ' ....... Mr "- m--on ....... : anomer for tne zntermeuiate cation was east ofme rantroaa antt - . '. ,_ :. vltea to attend, .ino p~ " ' ..... ' " s ~," ii ' " cn OU and and 11 ascensloBs t~inou IS nrs su [said GO TO ~ S~DA~ Of Heart Attack At t gr P; 19 boys g' "Is qual- north of the ridge road on the ' . .s. ,, . . ,' . : " l as sw s Three u lls, as wllham )ennmgs BrYant tour [ " .ram, .. , )if'ed immer', p p' front lawn of Falling Springs now [' "" . ; s . . " , - ' amenls llVe~[O(K aIl(1 lnacnlnel~, | IUS ll0me inls H0rnlnn also completed their Senior Life the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam , ", . ": !" .. . ; "Y soows ano just plain Olfl go0tl ......... ll Saving requirements and four Skinner. ' : ' '" . tooer rtoag n t raKe,.aa, wer pupils were awarded Junior Life About the turn of the century times. nown (manes Town watcn repa Savmg Certificates. There were the fair moved west across the In the words of an older rest- M. Moler, prominent educator and civic 'has been active in Kiwanis affairs 20 years, was named of Kiwanis Internat- at the annual con- in Toronto, Canada. field co-ordinator Field Services Department of Ed- of Shepherd College, convention seeking With the unanimous the West Virginia of which he is dent. He has in the as chairman of Inter- work at var- been a member Town Kiwanis past 20 years; has President and is also of this He was also, Dis- i/a 1954. He served of the International Boys and Girls in member of the Inter- for Vocational 1959 and chairman fittee in 1960. !. '.ns attended t'" : r some ,4,850 Unitec States and DR. JAMES M. MOLER Canada, with about 160 from West Virginia being present. Repre- senting the Charles Town Club in addition to Moler were A1 Ner- hood and Leo Widmyer. Lt. Gov- ernor, John Handzo, Sam How- ard, John Helton and John L. (Jack) Nadenbousch, represented the Martinsburg Club. By acclaimation I, R. Witthun, Milwaukee, Wise., was named the TURN To 6--A U With most of the principal |characters already cast Charles JR. Wood, a New Yorker, who is I directing the production entitled, J "The Anvil," to be staged in Jeff- l erson County Court House, Aug 5-13, is now busy tring to round out the rest of the cast so that full attention can be given from now on to rehearsals. Some half dozen parts in the production are yet to be filled in addition to lining up a jury, but most of them are of a minor nat- ure. The play written by Mrs. Julia Davis, will again put John Brown in the spotlight in a two-act dra- ma to be presented at the same site of the trial of the famous abolitionist in 1859. The play con-, tains information and facts taken from the trial or from contenap- orary records and it will feature some very fine acting on the part of talented performers from Jeff- erson county Mrs. Davis, is, a well.known, writer of New .York City and JULIA DAVIS "Media" farm, located near Char- les Town and she is daughter man and operator for the Jeffer- son County Radio Communicat- ion system, died unexpectedly this morning (Thursday) at his home on Augustine Avenue in Charles Town of a heart attack The deceased was born March 31, 1916, in Cumberland, Md., a son of the late Charles and Edna Leasure Drake of Cumberland. For a number of years he work- ed as a watch repairman for the Henesy Jewelry store in Charles Town and later operated his own store before he accepted a po- sition as an operator at the Cent- ral Control Center of the county radio communication system. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Eliza J. Drake, at the home; two sisters -- Mrs. Jess Martin and Mrs.Luther Brohemarkle, both of Cumberland; a brother, Raymond, of Cumberland; two step-daugh- i ters -- Mrs. C. W. Dailey of Char- les Town; Mrs. Samuel Pearl of Harpers Ferry; five step-sons --- Virgil Seal and Charles Seal of Summit Point; John Seal of Ran- son; Andrew Seal of Harpers Ferry and Donnie Seal of Char- of the late John W..Davis, one-[had rr TURN TO PAGE 8-A [today. seven water safety aides Certificates and buttons can be obtained at the swimming pool by those, who pa~ed their tests, :any time after July 20. railroad and continued until the early 1930's when it ceased oper- ation. Many residents still have fond dent, "the fair was the .~eial e- vent of the year and when one fair was over we started planning for the next one. Those were real- ly the days," )n- Officers for Jackson-Perks Post Pictured here, from left to right, 71, American Legion, for the en-, seated are William W. Jackson, fan; Joe Chrisnan, executive committeeman; James Senseney, sergeant at arms; Lawrence James, third vice commander and C. F. Printz, child welfare of(leer, Mr. Jackson, West Virginia Leg- ion Department third vice com- mander conducted the installation ceremonies. (Photo By Tin) Sinn)