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July 9, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 9, 1959

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I-~amstead, Is ,off, ending Leaders copted a posiltfion wi~h Doubleday flowers ~hroughout ;he house were You~h ~a~p ~t Jack.s~n's ~Vti,li ~S Book Factory in Berryv~l,le, Va. on ~rranged by `Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. week. ~nd~y. ,Hosfeld. Guests were prese~n`t from Robert Braithwaite Mr. and ,lVh~. Wayne yin,g and ~IV~iss Eleanor Creazner, d,augh%er Kearne~svil,le, Shen,andoah Junc- ,family of .Alexandria, Va. spent of Mr. and Mrs. H,arry Creazner is ~ion, Shepherdstown, `Martinsburg, last `Monday with ~he ~a~0ters sister on a week's vac~Mon th~s week. Charles Town ,and P~llade'lphia, Mrs. Edith Thomas. M~ss Paka~c~u She is presently em~ployed w~h Pa. Win,g is vi,si~ting wiith her aun~ and Patterson's Drug Store, Mur~ns- Miss Buhrman Will Wed cousi,n, `Miss Darlene Thorn,s for burg. a M:ttle vChile. ~iss Kaye Buhrman, dau,gh`ter 'Mr. and Mrs. Harold U. Buhr- The Circle of .the Presby#~erlan of Mr. and `Mrs. Harold Buhrman man of Kearneysville, announce Church met at ~he home o~ Mrs. is vi~ting for a few days width 'her ~he en~agemer~t and forthcomlng Harold Buhrman Thur~i,ay r~g~t, friend and classmate, M~ss Betsy marriage of *their d~augh~er Carol June 25. H,~l~xn, ~hepherdstown. Elizabet~ to John William Hen- Chaplain ~V~ar~tn of Newtton D. Miss Paanela H,I'H, t~hepherds- d~icks, Jr. of near She,pherd~t~wn, son of Mr..and Mrs. John Hen- Baker Ve~vans Admlnis~ra~ion ~ywn ~s vlsl,ting her f~iend, d~icks. ~v~iss Buhr~n,a~, a graduate Hospi~a~l was gues~ rr~r~ster in ~he ~V~tSs Berad~:ne~tra S~deU~ger~s onfr a few ofa Shepherdstown High SChool is PreSb~an Church Sunday o~t d~.g:ss a weeks member of the scarf of ~e B~nk 12:30 p. m. ~lss Virginia Creamer isi~ed v~c~Vion from the ~armen~ r-~- of Charles Town. Mr. Hendrieks, over ~he past weekend with her tory in ,M~r~lnsburg. ,altso a graduate of Shel#herdstown 'parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. (:til~ert Mrs. Edna S~nley, Fror~t Roy- Hig~ School, is a~sociated wl,th ~s Creamer. ~e arrived home ca Fri aL Va. visa,ted Sunday w~h her ~ther in farming. The wedding day as this was ~-he 4'th ~f July siSters-in-]~w, Misses Belle and well occur Sunday, Augu,st 9 in t)he Le~h H'amS~vd, dau- h~Mday weekend. Lo~s Stan~ley and ,Mrs. Robert PreSby~eri, tn Church a~t KearneFs- and ,Mrs. Elwoocl~Mrs. Robe~ Brai~hwaSte has ~tc VChi~t~g, Sunday: v~=He. ' Mi~ 'Mary Frances Creamer 'Mrs. Francois Loges ,and dough- sperms a ,few days l,~t week wi'th ter, Yvonne, t~al,timore, visl~ted ,he/" grandmother ,Mrs. Wa~er her sister and b~ther-in-l,aw 'Lloyd Clmxles Town. Mr. a~ud `Mrs. Harry Creamer and .The Evergreen 4-H Club met f~mi,ly Fr~d,ay. Monday n~$1~t in ~he Presbyterian Mr. and .Mrs. Rober~ Braibh~v~lt~ Educ~l~)n~l bufld~ng. H~tesses motored to Berryvllle, Va, where OF PERSONAL PROPERTY for ~e mee~ng were IMvs. William they u~tended a family picnic on V2hite and Mrs. Herber~ Evevhart. the Shen,andoah Paver ,banks Sun CONDUCTED BY Mr. and Mrs. Buddy 8w~rtz v~s- day. ited with her pa:ren~ Mr. and Mr. Joseph Dodge Jr. vial,ted and NULL, Auctioneers. Mrs. G41bert Creamer on `the 4~h. wi,~h his sister and brother-in-taw Mr. John Bralt'hw,aite, Byrd's Mr. ,and ,Mrs. Harry Cre~:mer ~the Orchard. Charles Tow.u spen`t ,Mon pa~ week. On S~ffi~urday hhey .mo- day wiCh .his f~ends ,Mr. ~nd ,Mrs. tored to ~he ~hen.andoah River to discontinue farming and will sell on prem- Harry Creamer. where .t~hey served a picnac ,lunch as "The Ramsburg or I)elphey Farm", located on Creamers Married 25 Years and waded. Road" whieh leads from Hansonville (U. S. A reception was g4ven ~or Mr. ,Mrs. Herbert EverCnart and ehitd 15) to Uticst in Frederick County( Maryland, on and `Mrs. C~lbert Creamer wt ~heir i rein spen~ Sa`turd, ay in Was~Angton home in Kearneysvil:le. ~t,burday D. C. shopping. , JULY 15, 1959 m~. T, he recep~on ,honored the Mr. and Mrs. Laird ,Marsh,all Couple's 25.~ wedding anniversary and .sons Benny and Ky spen~ the ~I~'l,ler and sis`ter, Miss spen~ Sunday wit~ d~u,$h,ter WirE. Joe Brook, Va. EdW~d B.adget~ is ~a ;pa- Town General Town. Buddy S~vartz v~s- and uncle Mr. Creamer and if am m,g~t. Robert Bra~t2~w~ - Ohrls~na v~si~-~d Paren,ts Mr. ~,nd ~ns. ~nd his sister `Mr. and ~Ma~s. ~nd son C'~rl Lee Charles Town ~a~ , , recent tragic death of my husband, Leon J. Vi'rts, AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. (D.S.T.) THE: FOLLOWING TO-WIT: -:HEAD DAIRY CATTLE - 45 cows, mostly Holsteins, some close springers, all from now until Fall; 8 close springing heifers, 6 1 Holstein Bull 2,yrs. old. This herd Is T. B. Accredited, majority vaccinated. Health sheet animal. Farmall Tractor and Cultivators; 1 Truck with ~ttle racks; 2 2-bottom gang plows; hgJrr0w, tractor springtooth harrow, tractor mower, rake, New Holland Baler, Alils Chalmers Combine, row corn cutter, hammer mill, ensilage cutter and pipe, manure spreader, low down wagon on rubber, fiat bed s; Superior disc grain drill, tractor corn planter, Handi Tractor, electric ice cream freezer, 175-gallon oil of used lumber, 2 deepfreezes. Many miscellaneous ' EQUIPMENT::~180-gallon Gurton Milk Tank, 3 and Pump; Smithway Permaglas Electric Water double wash tank, single wash tank, several milk cans, machine rack, buckets and strainers; upright steam cart, wheelbarrow, electric dehorners, electric cow fork~ shovels, scrappers, brushes, and miscellaneous Stapehions. AMOUNT OF HAY AND FEEDS. Ducks and Laying Chickens. FURNITURE. M{scellaneous Articles that are not mentioned. OF SALE::---CASH with Clerk on Sale Day and removed until paid for. : MILDRED LOUISE VIRTS ,and was 'lmsi :l by 'Mr. and Mrs. weekend w h ,forrmers nephew Creamer's children, Virginia. GO- Dr. l~arshaH Ri`tter ~n.d ,family in bert, Jr., Barbara Gall and Mary Boal~burg, Pa. Fra~nces Creamer and `Mr. and l~lchard Moore of aVlartinsburg i Mrs. Stew~art Curl,ton S~avtz Jr. wil,l be guest minister at Grace Aborts 75 of 'Mr. and ,Mrs. Cream- Reformed Church Sunday ~t 9:30 er's relatives and friends were a.m. ,present icy Che occasion. A cer~ter ,Miss Arlene Zin,u spen`t two piece of lilies and whi,te snapdrag days in Washington, D. C. visiting onE, arranged by his sister, Mr. her uncle Frank.lin McAtee and Ercel Boyd and ~iver candelabra sister M~ss BlanChe Zlnn. adorned ,tahe ~ble , ,from .w~ich 'Mrs. Harry Creamer and `Mxs. 'Mrs. S, Rodney Hlnwood of Kear Robert Br~l~h~a~,te visited with neysv~le poured pun0h ,and his sis her ~riends Mrs. Boteler IAnk and ter, `Mrs. Fred Hosfeld of Shena~n- `Mrs. David Link ~henandoah Jun- doa~ J~D,ction served cake. Other otion. `Mr. J. D. McOarty ~s on his ~wo e e A LAITIN TEITAMIINT 1'0 YOUR DEVOTION , Book weeks vaca`tlon from the B. and O. Railroad. ,Mr. and `Mrs. Harry Creamer and f.axnily spen* ~unday wiGa her sister ,Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darr and son C~uckie Round I-~ll, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Paul ~VIeCarty ~nd son of Vienna, Ca. spe,u`t #)he week end wi~h his parenlbs `Mr. and `Mrs. `McOarty. Mr. and Mrs. l~bert Brai,Vhw~i and daughter Chris~tina a~end- ed Vhe Fishel Reunion in Berry- vil~le, Va. l,azt Sunday. " Deferred From Last Week The Circle of the Women of the C~n,arc~n will meet width Mrs. Har- old Buhr~nan on Thursday, J,une 25 a`t 7:30 p, m. `Mrs. Corr~ne Farrell Charles BY JOHN A. FIELD JR. State Tax Commissioner The Business ,and Occul~tlon Tax is West Vlrgin,ia's largest sin- gle source of general reve~uue. More commonl~ referred ,to as the 'gross sales ,tax,' ~he levy pour ed $43,963,956.11 into ,the state's /en~ in t~ne Charles Town Hos~pi,bal suffering with a ckipped bone in her ankle which ~he received in a fail a few weeks ago. ~Ma~hin WeMer is visiting her 'mot~her Mrs. Leola WeHer. He is ~t, ationed ~t N. A. A. S. Reau Field, Calif. and is a member of bhe helicopter U~tHi~ty Sq. One (H. H.) Friends and rela, tives were sad cloned by the sudden dea~ of Mr. Cl~'ence Turner v~hich occurred June 25. He had been in failing for abou, t t~vo years. IA,btie Beverly B~l`ton and Char lea Lucas of Waynesboro, Va. are ~isitdng ~edr gr~nd~axen~ Mr. a,ud Mrs. Ed H,azn~ond and aurtt (Miss Ch~'nilla Wil~hire. :Mr. DMe Seal suffered a pain- ~u~liy sprained ankle and possibly fracture when a wrench he was using slipped and caused h~m to ff~ll backwards. Jmhn Brookman, son of Mr. and ,Mrs. Cave Brookman is home on a 15 day leave from Camp Hood, Texas. He is now a mem'ber o~ an engineering battalion h~tvang trans ~erred f.rom the M. P. School. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Swger and general revenue ~und for ,the fis- cal year ending June 30. 1958. Receipts from ~the tax are ex- pected to be somewhat lower for the .fiscal period ending June 30 of chis year. The total may fall in the neighborhood of $42,000,- 000. The cax is one of the best mir- rors we have of West Virgin,ia's business condi`tio~ns. Over the years collections have ,Mr. and Mrs. Grocer Thomrson gone up and down the ladder inIspe'nt Sunday wi,th Mr. and Mrs. direct reflection of the s`tate's bus Donald Sager in Shepherdstown. iness climate. `Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mercer Apprixmately 35,000 ,businesses of Middletown, Pa. spen,t the week file under this ~tx program, end v~i,th her paren, ts Mr. and Mrs. Back in 1921 the West Virgin- Clif~xu Gr~ves. la legislature ,passed a Gross Sa'les Mrs. Gertrude Braxl{ey of Mc- Act. Keespovt, Pa. ~has ,been visiting The tax ~ook on i.ts ,present her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. form in 1933. In that year .the Leg I.~wis Sager. islature passed :the Consumers Sales Tax Act a~nd revised many EH'G E existing :tax programs. The ~ax, as adopted by the law makers, is actually on .the "priv- By Mrs. Lena Ambrose ilege of doing business in West Virginia." It differs from `the fed- ,Mrs. Dorothy Price of Baltimore eml income t~x in hhra)t t'he l a~bter spent l,as,t week w.i,~h Mr. and ,M~s. tax is based on the t~xpayer's net Harry Locke. income. `Mrs. Helen McDonou~h and 'l~ne tax is divided into ~wo gen daughter of Charles Town spent eral alassifications. Wednesday w~h Mr. and ,Mrs. As related to manufacturing ,Marvin Breeden .and family. anch~ral resources,it is measured SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JULY 9. 1959 7--1} : : and family Monday evening. Miss Mary Lou Jenkins has ac- cepted a position as secretary witk~ The Finance Co. ,in :Martinsburg. Mrs. Jack Catrow and Mrs. Geo rge ~ageby went to Wes,tminis~ter Friday afternoon to get Misses Dorrene Gageby a,ud Betty Lou Catrow who had spent ,the week there at camp. They enjoyed it very much and {ound {t very in- teresting. Mr. and ,Mrs. David (~ageby and d~tughter v~sited tMr. and Mrs. James Pott~s and family in Shep- ~herdst~wn Sunday nigh`t. Mr. and Mrs. q:ommy IAgh`tner a~ud children of Washington and Mr .and ~Mrs. Bill Posts and dau- gh~rs of Bohvar visited Mr. and Mrs. David Gageby and family l asL Sunday. Mrs. Es~,her Bragg ,and daugh- ter Beverly visited Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell in Brunswick last week. Mrs. Rose Haubaker and Mrs. Pearl Watkins of Hagerstown vis- ited Mrs. Leona Ambrose Friday afternoon. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Discontinuing housekeeping, I will sell at my home in Middleway, Jefferson County, W. Va., on SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1959, BEGINNING AT 11:00 O'CLOCK A. M. (D. S.T.) ANTIQUE and MODERN FURNITURE Mahogany Pedestal Table, Mahogany Sideboard, Latrobe Stove, Shaving Glass, Mahogany Wardrobe, Gilt Framed Mirror with Marble Wall Base; Mahog- any Chest of Drawers, Tear Drop Stand, 4 Caned Adams Chairs, 6 Wooden Bottom Chairs, Several Very Old Chairs, 2 Old Clocks, Walnut Hall Rack, 3 Old Trunks, Piano, Chest, Lamps, Mahogany Sofa, Pine Cupboard, Large Pine Medical Breakfront, Wooden Bed, Franklin Stove, Box Stoves, Dishes, Glass, Number of Books, Bottles, Baskets, Jugs. All of the above is Very Old. Oak Extension Table with Leaves; Oak China Closet, 6 Oak Chairs, Stoves, Cooking Stove, Studio Couch, Oak Book Case, Kitchen Tables, 3 Rugs, Feather Bed, Pillows, Mattress, 5 Iron Beds, 1Vz Tons of Stove Coal, 2 Ice Boxes, Wooden Churn, and Lots of Other Articles. TERMS:--CASH. Nothing to be removed, until settled for. Mr. ,and Mrs. James Wel`ty a,nd by the value of the manu'factured datt~hter of BM'.timore ,and `Mrs. product or t~e ~atural resources Edi,th Wel`ty of Shenandoah Junc (coal, gas, oil ec.) produced. It tion visited Mr. and `Mrs. George dOes not pertain to actual sales. Greenwalt Sunday. For .all other businesses ,the ,tax Mrs. Lillian Keller of Charles is based on the firm's gross in- Town spent several days the pas.~ ,come. week w~th her paren,ts Mr. and Three Fourths of ,the ,business Mrs. John Fraiser. .filing under this program tax Mr. and Mrs. `Marvin Breede~n make quarterly tax 'payments 'to ,and femlty visited Mr. and `Mrs. the state. William Breeden in Ranson Sun- If a concern's `tax liability for day rflght. *he year is e)pected to exceed Mr. and Mrs. John Wet ty and $100 ~,he quarterly paymen,t meSh- baby of Waynesboro, Pa. and Mrs. od is required. ~f .~he annum tiab* Propps and baby of Charles Town llity is less `than $100 the ,tax may visited Mr. a~d Mrs. T. W. Welty be .paid on an an,nual :basis. Forms on which the tax should be computed are distributed to Che ,taxpayers by the Business and Oc cu~pation Tax Division of ,the State Tax Department. Payments are then rendered to that division. The $43,963,956.11 yielded by the tax ffor the fiscal year ending June 30, 1958, set a new high for this levy in West Virgi,uia. MISS SOPHIE S. BATES, MIDDLEWAY, W. VA. Lunch Served by Ladies of the Episcopal Church. PAUL MILLER, Auctioneer. R. H. HARDESTY, Clerk. July 2 - 2t. 114 North ,I Charles Street MOTOR OVERBOARD! `Mr. ~,nd Mrs. Henry ~ike 'of ,Mor gRl~town spen~ a nigh~ wi~-~ %he latter's :brother and sis~terqn-law `Mr. and ,Mrs. Elwood Hamstead. SET'N FORGET burner with o brain ...the most wonted, the most Importont single feature in c, modern ronge today Soy goodbye forever to bothersome pot watching, scorching, burning and mossy boil overs. 'This thormostati- colly controlled burner controls the temperature automatically. WITH YOUR OL,0 WASHIR PROVE~ IEST |Y U.S. TESTINa CO. : AUTOMATIG WASH TIMER ++l+Ri ll :Agitetor Gets Out Deep 0own Dirt i : " Without Buting ....... +m llll .... FRIGIDAIRE DRYER + !1 I AUTOMATIC TIMIR I ~ PORCELAIN DRUM I AUTOMATle i |AFETYr SWITCH i~ ,,0 ~ow. . SHEPHERDSTOWN - MARTINSBURG ..... o 0 ................................. o ......... o o # This one's destined for ,Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Thoreson Now, you get the most wanted gas Davy Jones's locker. The and ,children Sparky a~d Anna loss of a motor overboard Renee, Alexandria, Va. vlsi+ted . ~r~n~e: vange, in America, TAPPAN . . . and is just one of many acci- Thursday ,with her sister-and bro. Insur.nce ml~w with it the most wanted automatic dents that could happen ~ther-in-law Mr. ,and `Mrs. Harry to your outboard equip- Creamer and ,family. InV._diana feature, the fabulous SET 'N FORGET .......... msnt. Ask about our Out- Mr. :and `Mrs. l~oy Putman cele- your board Boat and Motor brt~ed ~heir lCth .~nniversary w~th ~..._.~i.t -- burner Wiih a etherbrail~exclusiveabSlutelYTAPPANFREE Insurance covering fire, a +large q~wo-,tier cake, ,co cream IIUlU' Store.g, t001 ... plus many theft, windetqrm, colli- and coffee. A number of friends Ibatures. Plan now to take advantage sion, and many other and rel,a~ves were in P+o ~help col- An outboard motor dropping MODEL NO. DCV-3776 perils. ~ ebrate Che oeoaslo,u. " Off is only one of the hazards ti~ Otf~! _~O of .ited REGULAR ~v~iss Eleanor Creamer visitedthat can sin your boating H. S. CLOPPER, JR aunt Mr. ~nd `Mrs. John Porte~ield Hedgesville Monday ev |un. Accidental damage, fire wt$&'/''v II/ Insurance, Real Estate emng. or theft can hit cvcn thc mog .ALUE.PACKED with" Wonderful Features and Bonds Guy c ec, a ,guest in +he Na t- cautious. LESS TRADE HERE ARE dUST A FEWl ~on, al L~theran ttome in 'Washing, Formerly W. Berry Grove ton, D. C., is spending ~hree or Make sure your investment $ 81-07 .... Agency ,cur days ~J+t~. +his ~i~ter 1V~iss won't di~app+ar o . . protect , i~l~~sIZZLe N SUPlia-CAPACIT~ PUrl O K+hleen lV~oKee and his o~iece, it with outboard motor. 120 : E.charlesWashingtOnTown, W. Streetva. i oyMrS'Mr.Willis&nn ajosel linShewbridge &artlnsburg.DodgeJr.and v,sfted J" Le- lamran. + $248" 88 Telephone 216 w~`th ,his sister ,and brot'her-|nqaw Mx. and ~rs. Harry Creaxner ffrom Tuesday morning of ~a~t week un- til"Monday morning of ,t~is week. DELIVERED and INSTALLED s,m e. SUaNe.SOVeN S OKeLES$ Revolutionory (eosy-to* Cooks comp e+e meal aRoILIER On Mo~uday morning ,Mr. Dodge re cleon) burners offer for 30 people yet is Pulis out eosily Am d nd eco~omicn~ too forsilent boll b~arin~s. ~urned o ~hc New, ton D. Baker sr.o,.r sp.e ~ , , , Veteran!s ~IospiSall IV~artinsburg , with the low- faro y s xe oven eodor body hft$ ,vt est turn-down possiblel mea|s. LIFEI'tME for eosy cl*anlnS. Where he has ~een a p~bien for Guoranteed for life. guoranlee. ~mokele~sbroilerl~l, nearly a year. IMrs. Harry Creamer and dough ters Eleanor,Sylvia and Penny v~s Sted wi~t~ IMr. an~i !Mrs. John 'Bral ~hv~a~',tC al ~yr~'S Oz, olmrd Charles TOW.: ~41~+"O+~ 114 North Charles Street I hone 226 Over two- th rd of ,the total HtrffordFire ~land" areS, ~of We~t V~rginia's 24,- Ia uraace CompaaY7 , , muar COMPLETE ESSOTANE GAS SERVICE ii!i ,+ .+. +,. ,+ + ,+P ++ i++ !/