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July 9, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 9, 1959

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By Mrs. Charles Adams Mr. Newton Magaha, two child ten Sue and David are in W~ash- ingte;.~ for a few days visiting her sister Mrs. Bet%y Hope and doing some sig,h.tseeing. Little Mary Hal en is staying with her grandpar- er~ts Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Roy- Seen in Berryvillc until her mother reC~urns. were Sunday evening visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams and family and to see the 7 m~n, th old youngster "Chuck" who we are proud and thrilled to have join our home. Mr. Orville DeHaven was on his vaca.tion last week from the brass foundry. Last Tuesday Mr. and ,Mrs. DeHaven, Mr. and Mrs. Geo rge James and Mrs. Stanley Boyd motored to 7 Corners to do some shopping. Mrs. Orville DeHaven is having "" R- - ~1 -- f _ ,~ f a Sta,nley party at her home in 'mrs. ooer~ b augnter o en'lRimmn Frida- 8"00 n m EDT erson Avenue, employed at ~he toy I ~'-~ ...... f~ctory in Ranso,n started on her] Little Charlotte Kackley of ewe weeks vaca,tion on Wednes-/Berryville has returned to 'her day but was called back ,to work home uf,ter spending 2 weeks 'with Friday. her grandmother Mrs. John Ma- ~Mr. and !Mrs. Lee Adams, son I gaha and her aunt Miss 'Mary Ma Donme and Mrs. ,Ernest Clipp~ g~vha in Ransom MOOEL U-11S I1-CUBIC-FOOT GENERAL ELECTRIC TWO APPLIANCES IN ONE ONLY and Old Refrigerator AUTOMATIC-DEFROSTING REFRIGERATOR ZERO-DEGREE FREEZER 2-Cubic-foot capacity and... 3 SLIDE-OUT SHELVES W ADJUSTABLE DOOR SHELVES TWIN VEGETABLE DRAWERS BUTTER COMPARTMENT EGG RACK 4 PHONE 202 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Sorry to see Mr. Ed Allen close his store as of July 1. The corner seems dark now and hope ~te see .it open soc~n aga'm Ed. Mr. and Mrs. Jo,hn Kackley and 4 Children of Berryville were Sat.- urday luncheon guest with her sister Mrs. Charles Adams and family. Entertained W. S. C. S. Mrs. M. L. Adams enter~ainecl the Kabletown W. S. C. S. aS 'her home Wednesday evening with 6 members present. Those ,attending were 'g~iss 'Margaret Johnson, ,Mrs. O. B. Hug.hes, ,Mrs. M. L. Adams Mrs. J. W.q Clipp, Mrs. Charles Adams and Mrs. Clarence Small- wood. A ba~by gift 'was sane to the Reverend and Mrs. Sam Butcher for their ~nfan't son Timothy. De- licious refreshments wear served by the hostess. Mrs. Charles Whibmore, ewe sons Brant and DeWayne of Front Royal spent ,the day with Mrs. Woodrow Adams ,and ~two Children recently. Monday evening supper guest 'with Mr. ,and ~Mrs. Thomas Wiley and foamily were Mrs. Graham Royston and Mrs. Witliam Wood of ,Millwood, l~sses Janet and rSandra Wiley returned to Mi,ll- wood with l)hem .to spend the week ~Mrs. Lore Richard of Purcell- vllle who ~has beech slSending some ~,time w.tgh her sister Mrs. J. L. i Chapman was called ~o the home of her daug.hter Mrs. M. L. Ch~p man in ,M%. Airy on Sunday. Entertained Card Club Paul and Ethel C'~apman, child ren Don and Nancy entertained ,t'he card club on .their ,lawn ~or ,their 2rid annual J~ly 4Vh picnic and swimming party. Those re- laxing on ~he ,beautiful grassy l~wn under Vhe shade of a glan~, tree or enjoying a swim in ,the pool were Mr. and Mrs. Jo'h.n Kack ley, e&lldren Jay, Peg, IMil,lte and Charlotte of Berryvflle, Mr. 'and Mrs. Warren LaRue children Jim my and Carol, Mr. and Mrs. Hay ward Boyd, Mr. ,and Mrs. Wood- row Adams, children Deb~le and Frankl,in, Miss Wilda Orndorff and Mr. and Mrs. Oharles Adams ~hildre~u ,Mar~h,a and Ohuck,'le 2 yr. old Debbie Adwms enjoyed ,~he pool as much as anyone Vh~s bein.g her first ~ime in the large ,beautiful pool, even "scooter" eheir terrier enjoyed carrying ehe beach ~wels which were scattered here and bhere away from ~he pool. Lwte in the evening Paul and Don Cha~pm,an 1put Off {ire :works Which closed the end of o, most ,perfect day. GUEST PREACHER SUNDAY The ReD. Carlyle McDonald w~l'l ,preach ~t the Beulah Church, Sun day, J,u~ly 12 at 7:00 p. m. (EST) As4 are cordially ini'~ted to a~btend ~his service. The life e~pec~ancy of the Am- erioan female whic~ was 51 years in 1900 is now ,~bout 74. MORE PROOF it pays to PURINA It takes a lot of extra milk to make 2,970 lbs. more milk per cow in a 73-cow herd." Yet, "Buck" Wade, herdsman at Lacy Peters dairy farm near Catlett, Va., got that much extra milk.., in one year.., when he started feeding Purina Cow Chow D! Cow Chow D is Purina's new high-efficiency milling ration. Developed in Purina research laboratories, this ration was tested over two lactations with typical dairy cows at Purina's Research Farm... helped cows produce over a ton more milk per cow,,, per lactation. Many good dairymen in this area, like Buck Wade, are finding Cow Chow D is helping them produce up to a ton more milk per cow.., and more! Try Cow Chow D. Let this new ration help your cowl produce more milk.., and more profit for you! cea= UltI (if eny) DAIRY RATIONS| DON'T MISS THE JEFFERSON 'COUNTY FAIR SEPTEMBER 3, 4 and 5 AT SHENANDOAH DOWNS Phone 17 Charles "Town, W. Va. Bible Material: Deuteronomy 29 through 34. Devotional Reading: Isaiah 26:1-8. I Ch0ie_ss Count I Lesson for July 12, 1959 I I wear today ? Shall I drive to town by the old road or the new road? What shall I give Grandpa for his birthday? The results of these choices are not likely to be world- shattering one way or the other. Still, they might be more impor- tant than you think. If you pick the wrong tie, the right girl may turn you down, for the reason that anybody who would wear a monstrosity like that couldn't Dr. Foreman have much sense. If you take the new road to town, some of the new traffic may give you a funeral sooner than you expected. And if Grandpa happens to be very rich, the wrong kind of present might induce him to change hia~villo I)eolsi0n= I)etermine l)i=tlny There are great choices in life as well as small. Looking back over a long life, an old man can see where this decision or that changed the whole direction of his life- time. A train crossing Missouri approaches a little station where it will not stop. There is a long siding at that station, and it is empty. The express train could just as well be sent through the station on the siding as on the main track, they are both going in the same direction. But coming out of Union Station in St. Louis, with its maze of switches--that is another proposition. All trains head out of that station in exactly the same way, but when they hit those switches, they are turned once for all--westward to the Pacific Coast cities, or east to New York, or south to New Orleans. So it is with life. Some decisions turn life toward a destiny of glory, or of misery . . . depending on the choice . ; . depending on the one ('e~l~aoS ileal[ X~l~mmmo3 &q pas~el~][ "V "~ "~1 oq$ ul SSlSq~ ~o s~q~znq~ eq~ ~o liouno~ l~UOl$~M 'uo|;laup~[ u~l;st;q~3 Io uO!Sl~l(l ~q) -q pot.qZlaXdoa "~aUlDUO uo pos~st~) Kiwanians Hear Bushong Talk On Declaration Of Independence At Meet Members of the Charles Town Kiwanis Club meeting i,n dinner session Thursday evening at the Thomas Jefferson H~tel, heard Charles Town Attorney Lee Bus,h- ong give an interesting and en- lightening talk on the Declaration of Lndependence. Joseph Christian in, troduced Dr. Richard S(~holl, new pastor of Charles Town M~thod~st Church as his guest. Dr. Scholl is a former member of Vhe Annapolis, Md. Ki- wanis Club. A, ttorney Bu~hong, who was in- troduced by Richard Brock,man, said the Con,tinental Congress au- thorized Thomas Jefferson o,f Vir- ginia to draft the Declaration of Lndependence and Mr. Jefferson wrote this great document, which was adopted by the Continental Congress July 4, 17'/6, abou~ 14 mon~ths .Mter 'the battle of Lexing- ton. The speaker declared thug Mr. Jefferson considered the writing of the Declara,tion of Independen- !ce as his greatest life-time achieve :ment, pu, tting it ahead of bei,ng Governor of Virginia and Che third president of the United States. After Mr. Bushong had read and explained eaoh paragraph of che Declaration of Independence and giDeon the names of all of the signers, his audience was convin- ted t%ug this was not only the SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON greatest event in Thomas Jeffer- 4--B son's life; but is today the great- est living document ever penned ~' by any American. PITY THE MAIL CLERK FARMERS NEWEST FIND IN OIL PRODUCT Up 50 1,800 phone calls are car- tied "piggFback" o,n carrier waves ,~hr9ug, h a long-distance telephone cwble. The calls are unscrambled by crystals formed from petrol- eum-derived ,producgs, each of vchieh vibrates to a differen car- rier reave. This serves ,to fil~er out ,t'he signal Mter they flash along ~he cable. Al,though they look like small sl~vers of quartz o,f glass, ~the'se special crystals are jus~ as much a,n oil produ~0s as the ~as- olCne in your automobile or the U1 ing on your kigchen floor. THURSDAY, JULY 9, Newark, N. J.-A cam,paign by radio s,tation WNTA has rid New Jersey of ~t least 1,775 flies, mos- qui~toes and wasps. The station ~has received tha~t ~mount of in- sects after ,offering its cents for each dead fly ,piu,to mailed i,n and 10 every dead wasp. ATTEND CHURCH FOR YOUR CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. Wesg Virgin4a's Cranberry Gla- des em~brace 300 acres of damp, lYoggy soil, carpeted in spots wi.t'h moss and overgrown in others wi,th shrubbery. SMITH STRIDER Millville Plant No. 899 Charles ToWn Martinsburg Plant AM 7-8955 FUNERAL HOME 304 West Washington St. Charles Town, W. Va. PHONE :-- Day 370 Night Ea~ Terms. Low Down paymenk Trade-In. Come in Todayl CHARLES TOWN GAS CO. PHONE 226 TOWN i ueaq eA~t[ PlnO2a eo!oq~) Slt[ :luoao; "liP A~ot[ 'tualqOad :~q~ paa~$ east[ PlnO~ oq ,fI~Uaaa~gtp ~ot[ ':IsiaqO o:~ pu~tu s!q pu~ =~oq s!H UeA~2 pm[ eli ~! 'Iooqos ,f~puns o~ pu~ tIo~nqa o~ ~uo~ p~t[ eH It 'amot[ u~i~ -s!.~qO "e ul dn ~tq~qnoaq ueaq p~q u~tu ~uno, ~q~ JI Zoo~ p~s eD~I[ iP~d ae~l~q s~ ,~u!uunz.tunz etl~ ~,nq 'aa/~ s~t qo.~ eo!~o :~sod eq~ ~m[~ s~ ees PInOO ~t[ IIV 2. aotJJo ]sod ~q~ u! qo. ~ ~2 eli PInOqs ~o '~!o eq~ o~u! su!~unotu eq~ ~o ~no ,,eu!LISUOOm,, ~u!~u~q 'aeuuru-tun.[ aq eq pinoqs "o~oql ~o :me ~o:~ oq uaq,,A op o~, ~,~q.~ pop!aepun s~ oH "tuiq ~UlZOq~oq s~ ~q~ tueI -qoad eq~ ~noq~ ,qeea; e:~!nb Po~II~:~ OH "I~:ITdsoq "8 u.~ ~uat~d ~ s~zn oq~ u~u~ ~uno~ ~ :~otu eauo ~a:~T~ s!q& "pod Io ,~a~I eq~ uaaPllqa zioq:~ qa~e~ o~ pepu~uzuzoo e~ soiI! -tu~$ ~Io sp~eq oH1 oaeq~ ,(tuouo -~e~,necI ul ~no ~q~noJq sl s!q& "~u! -u!~a~, pu~ uoD~onpa 'e~II aella~e sit[ ;o punoa~io~q oq:~ II~ :~su!~:~ 'o;I[ siq to 'sauo p~q oq~ ao 'saoToqa poo~ eq~ se~t~ux u~tu W" "~nno~A uIopmu sl 'uo!:~u ~ -To u~u "8' .xo ~q~ aoq~,ot[~ 'oalOtlO oN: UOlqOea io/punoJJ)lOe8 "~ep ~,~aaaB "a In diet[ ~ou IlI-~ ~alot[o pooB 'poD ao~ '.ealoqa l~aluaa arums ~m~ uo ~,a~ pu~ earl emil. ~no ul e~ sseitm ~nq 'pod Jo$ pop!cop eA~q euz S.~oq~laaoI -toO "sI :g erm, ~oq ~os e~ 'aot[lou~ sA~oIIo/ uoIl~ -aeua$ euo\~oq io ~ulq~ o~ uoqA, t opts s,pao"I eq:~ uo sI oqA~. :a~oqa eta~ :l~q~ o~imu o:I p~t[ ~B~ pus uI~B~ 'poD no; op!~p o$ I~edd~ ~it[ ept]uz seso/~ moqz~ o; '[e~asi ,To uoD~u eq, I, 'sJm[~ aeqlo aq X~tu eaeq~, pod Io .~oaou~ oq~ ul ~nff poo~ ao$ :tso[ sI UOlSpep Buo.t~ ~fq ~soI ssq cue ~qA~ "uI~S~ etuoo :lou seep 'uo!sioap cue ~4~ '.:~Iun~od -do a~lnol~d ~.[:~ '(eo!oqo ~uoa.~ $ ;IeS~! s[ ~IOap, ue ooIot[o et[:~ :~u! -aou~! pu~) epmu ueeq m~t eoToqo :~uoa~ eq~ ueq~ ao 'paaou.2~ ue~q S~q UO|S!oop eel ,~IIun:~oddo u~ u~qA~. ":lou ,fI~d 'ena~ ~I1a~d e.~. q~eaoad p~ utuXH "qaeAo.~d PIe u~ ii ,,'eouo lnq s~oou~ X:~Tumaoddo,, uu~.~q u~ou~[-IIa~ ~ou s! ~q,~ ul Ile~ IIessn~I setu~ O~.O.~, ,,'appap o~ ~uatuouz oq~ wotuoo uoI~u pu~ u~u~ ~.ze^e o:~ eouo,, If someone were to deprive you of the right of relaxation you would be a slave. Yet relaxation itself can enslave us! Nero is a villain of history because he fiddled whih Rome burned. He couldn't have put out the fire.., but what a colossally stupid time to relax ! There are hours in every week when we need t0 relax. And there are hours that challenge our mightiest effort. It is like those hours when, with millions the world over, we have opp0rtunity to seek in our churches truth. 0. faith... God! The value of relaxation is unquestionable. But the value of religious moral growth i , upreme! This Advertisement Sponsored By The The Churches Of THE CHURCH FOR ALL . ." ALL FOR THE CHURCH SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, . W. Va. J. L. EACKLES FUNERAL HOME J. DONALD EACKLES Harpers Ferry, W, Va. ,,Uel$eN putt ulN [ltAi eL 99u0,, CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION ,,'pool ~sooqa eaoleaeq$" '" l~O ptr~ q~,~ep pu~ 'poo2 pus O;l[ no, aaoI Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. Va. sesol~ ueq~ os s~ ~I "sesooqo o~ SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 CharlesTown, W. Va. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., Inc. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. Va. NEXT WEEK. ANOTHER LESSON- RELIGION FOR filE MODEllg* The Church is the greatest factor on earth-for the building of character and good cithenshiP~ It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: (I) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his cnmmunhy and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. Day Book Chapter Verses Sunday 2 Kings 12 $.21 Monday ~Deuteronomy 1-14 Tuesday Deuteronomy ! I:~I Wednesda~ Deuteronomy1 Thursday Deuteronomy 1-19 Friday Deuteronomy 1-16 SaturdaF Deuteronomy~ 1.20 J. EMERY KABLE ESSO DISTRIBUT~)R Phone 578-W Charles Town, W. Wa Business Firms Below In. Support Of The Community: J RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 309 WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC.- BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 650 Charles Town, W. Ira. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CI~IES" SERVICE Charles Town, W. Va. Martinsburg, W. Vm "-- Leesburg, Vm VALLEY BOARD C--ORP: HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA , PITTS - JEFFERSON THEATRE CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW" ' RODGERS SINCLAIR SINCLAIR & GOODYEAR PRODUCTS West Washington St. Phone 50~6 Charles Town, W. Va. POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS RANSON, WEST VIRGIN~ KEARNEYSVILLE ESSO STATION TON MR. and MRS. NORVAL jOHNS Kearneysville, W. Va. Phone Shepherdstown 211~ FUSS & DeHAVEN INTERNATIONAL HARVEST D E A L E R S - ~91 Shepherdstown, W. Va. Ph~ L L O Y D ' S PLUMBING AND HEAT " PHONES 41-M - 621-1Yl Charles Town, W, V$~J VICKERS & ASHCI AFT GULF DEALERS stre~ 321 West Washington W, V~ Phone 5006 Charles Town,