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July 7, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 7, 1966

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nmunization Can Protect Children nder Five Against J.....o.~m.. gditor's Note: This is the last THE YEAR OF DECISION a series of articles concerning almunicable diseases prevent- le by immunization. The art- es are prepared by the West rginia Vaccination Assistance Oject in cooperation with the fferson County Health Dept.) 18 Of Them --- m lllon eh[Idf' under ?he of five in this country that have no immunity agains t measles. If not immunized, about 90 per cent of these children will have an at- tack of the disease by age 15, De. Earl D. Allara. Jeffer n County ttealth Officer, pointed Measles is one of the more mr- out that children who contact ious childhood diseases There measles can have serious after are four million cases of measles effects from it such as brain throughout the United States damage, ear infection, and penu- each year and over 500 deaths moJaia. "Measles need no longer take are attributed to this disease a- lone. There is an estimate of 15 We are anxious for you to know our fine Jefferson County )rrespondents, eighteen of them, who cover every nook and )rner of Jefferson County every week in the year, looking )r news happenings to be published in this newspaper. lltis newspaper features the largest number of county )rrespondents of any weekly newspaper in West Virginia we are proud of them and anxious for you to meet them: MRS. G. E. WEBB Harpers Ferry-Bolivar. Phone 535-6569 MRS. STUART CRIM Summit Point - Dial 725-7777 MISS LILLIAN MYERS Shenandoah $uneti( n. Dial 725-5168 MRS. JULIA VIANDS Meehaniestown - Dial 725-2596 MISS MARGARET HOUSER Bakerton MRS. ETHEL BUZZARD Silver Grove - Dial 725-2240 MRS. MARIANNA SMALLWOOD Kabletown. Dial 725-5707 MRS. GEORGIA PEARL Chestnut Hill - RFD, Harpers Ferry MISS DOROTHY LAKE MillviUe MRS. HARRY SHIRLEY Middleway. Dial 725-7669 MRS. ELSIE HAMSTEAD Kearneysville - Dial 876-6032 MRS. MARY B. FURR Leetown - Dial 725-5969 MRS. PAULINE o2-r Mannings - Dial 725-2750 MRS. AUSTIN NICODEMUS Rippon - Dial 725-9098 MRS. FLOYD SIMONS Ranson - Dial 725-7875 MRS. BERNARD OTT Halltown - Dial 725.7477 'BU CKY' MORROW Shepherdstown, Dial 876-2066 WAYNE WELTY ENGLE -- TELEPHONE 725-7460 -- ,. ,,,,,, i SPGIAL VALUE 2.95 H0. LS20B - TT qual'Ry at a low price Waters in circular motion HHm .o. ts30 3.95 m Even spray pattern a Covers up to 40' diameter i .0.L 4.95 Distihctive design Swirls water gently u advertised on national TV and in LOOK, BETTER HOMES end GARDENS, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED m 121 W. WASHINGTON ST - CHARLES TOWN Telephone 725-5113 its staggering toll of young lives and health," said the health of- ficer. "Immunization, or a shot, given when the child is about a year old, can prevent the dis- ease." Dr. Allara pointed out that this cear will be the year of decision for Jefferson County parents of children under five years of age. "Parents are going to have to make a decision in the very near future as to whether their child should get a measles shot or let the child run the risk of having the disease itself" "Any unprotected child may de- velop measles. There may be a mild case without complication or a more severe one with serious after effects. We have no way of predicting the outcome in any particular child. Because of the otential , riousness, all child- ren should be protected by vac- cine in early life." Dr. Allara urges parents to take advantage of the measles vaccine that is available in Jefferson County now. "The measles vaccine that will be given in this county is to pro- tect children against what is commonly known as the 'bad measles,' or the 'two week meas- les." Dr. Allara continued. "The health department vaccine will be given only to those children in the county who are over 12 months old and under six years old." "Measles is a commons, and cer- tainly one of the most serious communicable diseases of child- hood," the health official said, "It ts caused by a virus which can spread by the air and wind, as well as by direct exposure to a sick person." Cases of measles occur all through the year, but seem to reach epidemic stages in late winter and early spring. By eight to nine months of age, all child- ren are very succeptible, and are likely to develop the disease if exposed to the virus. If a child has the disease itself, it gives permanent immunity. The health officer further stated that the only sure way to protect children against meas- les is to get the vaccine. "No parents in Jefferson Coun- .ty should subject their child to uch a serious disease as measles when they can be immunized so easily." "The measles vaccine of today is given in one injection which gives permanent immunization to the child' against the disease. So far as is known, no 'boosters will be laecessary." The officer said that all pre- school children who have riot had the disear should take the meas- les Vaccine. He pointed out that parents should not confuse the "bad measles,,' with "German or three-day m asles," or other conditions pr ucing a rash, "I.reebmiiie nd, that: in :the e- vent there is doubt as to whether a, child has 6r has *not had the 'two week meas!es," it is wise to take the vaccine, Dr. Allara said. He stated that many p e ts were concerned .with :possible re- actions to the measles vaccine; "Generally thexe a vexy mild reaction or no.reaction, For those children, the reaction is of short duration and usually requires little or no treatment." Dr. Allara concluded by saying that the measles vaccine is a- vailable at the Jefferson County Health Department now for Jeff- erson County residents. Maryland Woman FROM PAGE -- 1 took the ambulance crew some time to remove the Maryland wo- man from her car. The driver of the truck was not injured. Trooper Arthur said damages was placed at $2,000, most of it to the compact car. There was also a car.truck col. listen about 7 p. m. Thursday evening on U. S. Route 340 at Halltown in which damages to the two vehicles was listed at a. bout $1,000. Trooper Gary Arthur said C. A. Gay of Ranson, was making a left turn into the Halltown Paperboard plant when his car was passed by a tractor-trailer he. mg operated by George L. Guth- ridge, of Winchester, Va., and the two vehieles collided. Gay was charged with driving without a valid operator's license @nd Guthridge was charged with passing in a restricted zone. Be Sse -- Advedise t GO TO SUNDAY t rt n to an under a d;? ?he basic concepts of canservation. July 4th FROM PAGE 1-A and Fred Allen. Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor. Mrs. Edgar Whirring. ton, James and Samuel Crock. Brenda Dodson, both members ett: two half-sisters. Mrs. Alice of the faculty of Wright Denny Hiener and Mrs. MaD, Lewis. School in Charles Town. Services were held Tuesday The Workshop. spon red by afternoon from the Melvin T. the College of Agriculture and Strider Colonial Funeral tIome in Forestry, the College of Arts and Ranson, by the Rev. Carlyle Me- Sciences and the College of Donald, pastor of the Charles tluman Resources and Education Town Presbyterian Church. Bur- will deal with soils, plants, water tial was made in Arlington Nat- and forestry conservation, tonal Cemetery, Wednesday mo aa. This will" mark the venth con ing. secutive year Jeffer n County David Wayne Dawson, 20, of has been represented at the con- Route 1, Kearney ille, sustained ference, with the funds for the lacerations of the face and arms. two county hoiarshlps having Monday morning about 4 o'clock been made possible by busines s in a one-car accident which oc- clubs and civic groups interested curred on State Route 51 about in conservation work. six miles West of Charles Town. This special Summer cour is Corporal V. N. Brackenrich. of designed to emphasize the con- the Charles State Police,i tribution public schools can make said Dawson told him a front tire] toward developing desirable atti- blew out and he lost control of tudes and habits in relation to the ear and it smashed into a MISS PATRICIA BRANT conservation; to aid teachers in telephone pole and broke it off. Jefferson County will be repre, developing a better understand- The accident is still under in.I sented at the ninth annual Con. ing and appreciation for the con. vestigation. servation Education Workshop to servation of our natural resour- A total of $600 damage result- be held at Virginra Univer. ces; and to provide opportunities ed from a two-car collision on sity in Morgantown, July 5-12, by for planning for the kinds of State Route 51 about 10 miles Miss Patricia Brant and Mrs. experiences that will lead child- west of here at 11:15 a, m. Men. SPIRIT Or YEFI R q0N 'A fffftS ADV0 A THURSI)AY, JULY 7, 1966 A---3 day. A car operated by Herbert D. Thompson. Martinsburg, collided with an eastbound car driven by ,lames Leo tlerbert. Lutherville. Maryland. A passenger in the Maryland car, Beverly Lou Iterbert, was slightly injured. Thompson was charged by State Trooper Tony Divita with backing up in the face of oncoming traf. Those hurt were taken to the hospital by Independent Fire Company ambulance. Investigation of the accident has not been completed. State X- y FROM PAGE 1-A or/patients. All Dairymen and their employ- fie. ees; Barbers and beauticians; All Sunday at 4:15 p. m., two south- industrial workers; Adult contacts bound autos collided on the to active or recently active cases mountain on State Route 9 caus-l of tuberculosis; Adults referred ing $900 damage. ' I by their family physicians; Any Trooner Divita that a carlpersn with one or more of the driven 'by Thomas B. Landers, I follo qng, danger s!gnals: _, __ Miller street. Charles Town, had a, bp umg ot mooa or olooct stopped at the fountain and then streaked sputum; b. Cough or pulled out into the lane of traffic smashing into a vehicles operated by George William Sowers, of Berryville. Va Injured in the mishap were Landers. with fractured ribs. collarbone and arm; Arlington Mongan, Baker street, Martins- burg, slaoulder and back pains; Sowers, lacerated chin; and Roger Lee Howell, Berryville, lacerat- ions. All were treated and re- leased at Charle Town General Hospital except Landers, who was admitted as a patient. hoarseness that last longer than an ordinary cold: c. Persistent or recurring pains in the chest; d. A felling of tiredness for which there seems to be no particular reason: e. Steady unexplained loss of weight; f. Poor appetite; g. Chronic indigestion; h. A daily rise in temperature; j. Night sweats. 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