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July 6, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 6, 1961

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m '", lening, JuIy 10th at the home of LO a ERSONAL NEWS IN AND AROUND I Mollie Glassford. [ $ I I~llk kdlT }~1 IY I ~~''"''"q ] 3UP Iqll Ui q/ Ii #ll l i | By Mrs. Stuart Crim Phone. 47-F-032 I u Y a,t ! . IIqi3' J Vc,gir q A rulur~l~ [o Ulean" uess Ii~tit I Sunday School PlCnieCls ni 'ece a d Vweirtnthene wreekm eotndherWerMers forT moerm sa ~slltl i. mmmmmmm m~ mMmmq , FOR SALE:-1953 2-Tone Buick. FOR SALE:--Top Soil, l~lll Dirt~ WANTED MAN OR WOMAN, son Bobby of Brunswick, Md and The annual picnic of tlle Meth- nephew and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. I Five girls and two boys was the ~/'~D ~AT l~ INewly .repaJ~ted, good condition, and S4xme; Ba~,hoe ~rvlce. full or part ~me/.to s~rve wa~ki_,~s Mr. and Mrs. Sublette Chamblin odist Sunday School was held on David Cheshire of Charles Town. i ratio of deliveries which the stork ,"UAt, l$295.00. Call 680-W. ZS.K)YD'S PLUM31NG ~ ~-IEAT= Natior~Hy, Ad, vertAsed r'roauc~s to of Ranson were Sunday callers Sunday afternoon at the Jeffer On Wednesday of this week Mr. I made_ at the Charle_s __wTown......... Goner ~,.:-:.:.~ ~.:-:-:.:.'.:. ,..~., July 6 2t Telephone 744 nmal c as~ravrs in a~ferson Coma ...... I ' -- " ~' -- ~P~ " ~n~qq~. I = . ....... 1 " with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye. son County Memorial Park; near and Mrs. Cheshire and their fam I al Hosnital during, the neriod - April 13-~--~J u.w. ~y. Eaxmngs u'p ~o Stuu.uu per Mr and Mrs Albert Viands Jr ..... ~" =" "~ SALE:---Pot%able TV, .Price I LnT.g r(~R .~AL~----At ~4~]ltown I .... t- ,~h]~ f,-.~m t:h,~ ~t,~. ly fifty adults and children were lly planned to leave Hampshire I June 28 to July 3. ___Co,act MI~. ~I~IEIon~p~e'~r~s~o-w,-n-'Ro-~l ....WIL- FOR SALE:--Higlh Quality Topl~h'o'uld b~"%'~vv~r *2"5""yea]:s~of~g'e" Mr. andMrs. Bert Viands and Mr. on hand to enjoy the bountiful pic County for a visit in Williams- A daughter. Lynn Michele was ~, 112 SouVh Wa~ter St. ILARO W~H~?II~GTON " 'Phone Soil Call 54, Chaxles Tow~a, W. Cax or l~ght ~tuck rmcessa,ry. ForRoland Whipp were ~unaay even- nic dinner and a pleasant after- burg and Ocean City, Va. before Iborn June 28 to Mr .and Mrs. 29-2t.-pd. 1 722-W, Charles Town, V. Va. Va. ..... I Person~l Interview ~Vrl~te WAT- ing callers with Mr..and Mrs. Don noon in the pool. returning to their home. I Charles McDonald of Harpers 8ALE'---Livin~ Room Smte l July 6-4~. "April ~*~-~. IKONS PRCK)UCTS, INC., "P. O, aid Hovermam ann tamiiy near Miss Isabelle Hilleary who had To Spend Month In England I Ferry. ~vers " $25 00 - Call 887-M I ~ ~ I'Box No. 5071, .Richmond, Va. Jefferson Ave. Donald Shirley of been visiting for the past 'several The Reverend and Mrs. Jen- Three births occurred Saturday, 8-1t 1650 Ibs An~,s Hereford Sen~ most any size and oolor JEF-I J~ y - t.-pa. [Middleway is spending several days with Mr .and Mrs. Phillp nmgs W. Hobson Jr. of Leeburg, iJuly I, a daughter, Cynthia Gay, -- I r'~rt~%'des ~r'alas 17~/-,C ,to 22C i InER~E)N PU~(] CO., I~ I ~ days with the Hovermaies. Creamer at "Locust Grove" left Va. left on Wednesday of last was born to Mr. and Mrs. Willard SALE!.---Cart crete ~Mix~r, IS'.~.M'"* p~S~I~ E)ual" ~I~:,~r~y I Peb. 2-tf I be~w%~ 3"5-~50~vi~thm~l~'fa~ly Mrs. Beulah Fritts was called to on Friday to return to her home week for New York City and on M Allen, Ranson; a daughter was ?o~wn~.~y. l'none o.~-~u, I stock ~a,rm, Hagersc~w,n, Md. LOTS FOR SALE Belvedere ['for horse "farm In Maryland. her sisters:rSe.ekR% P~lse ~rMid in Warrenton, Va. I Thursday flew to England where [also born to Mr. and Mrs Robert a ,, 2:~ l July 6-2t.-pd l ....... ~. ~-'~.~,. ~,~.~ I Would prefer m~n with son old dleway las w y s~ " Visitors over the weekend at they will spend the next month A Smith Charles Town" and a ~'~'-P~" I ~R .~ALE.--~a~a F~,a a/4 "~-- I ~elgn~S,Housin=r DevelonmentLamau~ """"ne=r ser orl" " enough t? work .~lso. ~st be Ifllness" of her mother Mrs. Mary the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack at Canterbury. The Reverend Mr. i daughter," 'Shefla' Demse." was' born ,-SALE-:-- TYpewr ers' m~h ~chool ~J.~ON IN-l er.' ~o ~[~ve, a~?_ _unae~y[Cline" We are sorry m near ot Kincheloe and their small son Hobson is one oT a group of clerlto Mr. and Mrs Charles S Wash- I eg s ers, ~novo~opy I " --* .............. mznpm f~nz~ machh~ms. Mrs Chnes illness an h~ e sue M r " ' " : " _ males Call ~DGAR C~IAI~MAN, VESTOI~S, INC. P~one 55~ For ..... ..... P. John were r .and M s. Floyd gy~en ,who are attending a tram- mgton, Harpers Ferry. ~ors, Dupllcato,rs, Ct~eck- . . E $190.00 a mor~th plus good ~use, Wll! soon oe lm rove~rs ~eon " Tn-State Mobile ~ome 350-JX. More Inorm~t~on.NORMA;N . ldn o ~P . - Anders and daughters Pamela and mg program dealing with the Sunday, July 2, a daughter was D~ct~tmg-Mac~nes ~Sup- , electri~i~y, oil he~t ,a~d coo g . narle TO n a " " vvP-^ ~,~,~ ~4~y July 6-1t.-pd. i I~SNER. -as Stove and ~refvlgerator pro- ard Fntts o~ u s w w s Sandra of Springfield, Va. work of the church in rural areas born to Mr and Mrs Stephen R ~. ~,~ ~r~r~ rll 6 ~ " " " " " tnchester._ Va I ~a~,~, ~a~. w~ ~,,I ,asp -tf. I vid~d. Write H R. ~CE, also a caller on Wednesday even- Mr. and .Mrs. Howard. F~lers and Mrs. Hobson plans to spend Greene of Harpers Ferry. I Elem--azld plenty of them. C~e.t] RUB]BER STAMPS:--A~_y Type, I ~ly~d.~h M~.or Call 1~o~2~s I ng ...... k-- ,,C_" ............. left spen.d.tne rout me month in slgh eemg. The .......... ...... Monday a son, Donald Andrew" " ~" ~ - i wire lvtrs Chne , " " " ~ lYour needs today. Different col-lAnY Size. We caw talm vaxe ofl.m~m, ~a, "r~myson ~-~ vo~-i. ~vir ~[~: ,uarL%~ otuc~ u~ m ot aqly,nonuays v~smng wire ~everen.a anu .~rs: nooson we Iwas oorn to Mr .ann Mrs. Chester ,,~ ~WTm r~ _v~a~mza~r~)a l Your needs m'omptly Phane or I lec~. ~runswlcK, ~au. ano ~rs. t;amer- the tormer s morner ~rs. ~aman many ~rlenas in me coumy, me J Waiters of Charles Town and ]b~/~l:~ i.~AT.~. I A"I~rOCA~" VI~" OvI~CE on""- "~N"(~[~m~o in, "-~ON PUB- I Jtme 22-3t.rPcl. ine Holler were Saturday evening Fellers at her home in Nutley, N. i,ormer having served~ as the rec-J tile same day a son George Selden . ~,~. ~-ffiz.~z.~ I George Stxeet, Phone 222, ~harle~]LISHING CO., Inc., r~ort~ GeorgeI .... supper guests with Mr. and Mrs, i J. I~tor of Nelson Parish for a num-]was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. t I s~-et. Phone 2~. I LOST & FOUND Robert Frye and son Sylvester. I Mr and Mrs Fred Auld and i ber of yearS. J Courtney of Harpers Ferry. r crMeOde nrDWm.eai go, es -I l~eb. 2-tf. .I Feb. 2-~f. " I .... Mrs. Holler remained up with l their" two sons who were enroute l MrandMrs. GarnetSmallwood} Surgicalpatients admitted to t invited. " I FOR SALE:--Three Deaiwblel OLD NEWSPAPERS by thel LOST:--~n~llM~leShovt~air Mrs. rryeuntnaftertne.4th. _It~ Andover, Mass. from theirlofAlexandria, Va. visited on Sun- l the hospital during the period dr-,,.-- ~r,ao,,, n ..... n,,~, I Building ~ on South Sel-pAvmry bundle. See Us or Phone 222. I Redish Tan Dog. collar ..~r. and ~rs. ~.~ert vlanas I home in Charleston, W. Va. were'~day at the home of the formers lwere: ~, on'hl~l~wT.~--3 miTes~rom I St. P~iced for Quick Sale. Con- J~N PUBLI~H:I~_ CO., I w~Vh nickel studs and dog c~a~a ~r. an~ ~ars. tslny vlanus, ~vir. I recent visitors with Colonel and I brother and sister-in-law Mr and I Mrs Gertrude G Co~le,, Bait, A ~r" 1: '"v:n' h--me I t~ct ,E L. McI:)O(N ~AId:), JR., I INC., North George Sta'ees, ~.:~la~rles I ~t~ohed. Phone 6-F-024 or 1060. and Mrs. Donald Hovermale and I Mrs J 'r Crane Jr and their fam i Mrs Philin Smallwood and "their t mop " ~a ~o ~,. ~" " o,,~" AG]gNCY, Tv_sur~nce ~nd Real own. July 6-1~. ~chlldren Davle and Donna spent ,, ,, da t " " ,m Bungalow, on Laxge Lot, I E~.s~t~ ~rs_~ ~u~=, t,~,o~,~= m,~,,, [ lZeb2 tff I ............................. lily at Mt. Ellen. I ugh er Sharon. I City, Mrs. Frances K. Via, Ranson I ---~:'.L~ "~,-,'~ ..... "' ............ I rvu. ~-~. / LOST" Man's Blo~ck Billfold ~mr~uay ~V~lng warn ~ur. a.~lu I The Reverend and Mrs Arthur I Mrs Edith Nesmith of Mechan Mrs Beatrice O Ott, Mrs Ruth C )m House in Ransom early l .......... I. S I, G,,NS FOB SAL. E:-T:'No Hu~t-/with very ~mportant 9apers in it .... ~ars_ .......... r~arry ~n rmy ann ~amuy [Kerr and their three sons had as {icshurg, Pa. spent last week visit. I Tomlin, City; Mr. William L. Dil. on. l FOR SALE:---10-,.foc~t .me~t oase, rag, "No.'x~.a~smg,,, ~'~,"/near quarry. If fo~m4 please call [Jea:d ;~nU~'ol~;~t I their guests at a picnic held on ling With her brothers and sisters-l low, Ranson; Little Gary L. Daw. ............klS. ,~a ao,.~ Lime- Na~ion~ Cash .... Register; teeming- ' v~r ~-cen_~," wanr~o, ann ADY' 1 296-R.. REW/kP~. DAVID W.. ue u-u ~ ms on ..... their lawn on _uS ...... ndav afternoon I, in-law Mr .and Mrs. John Henry, son, Kearneysville', Mrs. Nancy M. .and, 7 Room, 1'~ Baths ~,+,,ton .... Electric, .~r,,,tAddang.~),~,~.Machine;) "r~oa,1 ] ManyOCATEOthers.Ol~l~iCEa, t then NorthSPIRIT'Geor~e" l BUD~~EN~ ,, " l ........ There was a ve.ry bad ....... automo. ]Mrs. W. O. Macoughtry- Sr., Mr.~ Mr: and Mrs. Thomas Henry and I Kuhn Shenandoah Junctlon,' Lit-" V 0 ~,tta.v u ~ g, stream water, on gooa .~al~:~~'~"~" ..... a~"w:~'T'~';,, ,~X~el,~,.u Z^~-,~.,~.,,,mta~, ....... ~t+-.~-~-~trl~-~u~ ....... w,~nn- ...... [ Olle neau OnFr.COmSlOnaftat me ,rltts land Mrs. Robert H. Hardesty and with omer remuves in the coumy, j tle Brenda. K. McDonald, Harpers Phnrt~, ~qR W [ Feb 2 tf I ~store on lday ernoon be- Mrs Mar aret Kilmer W.S.C.S. Meeting Postponed Ferry; Miss Rebecca J Feltner, -- -%1; t. " " I. MISCELLANEOUS. itween Mrs. Ruth Tumblin of near M'ajor ~d Mrs J~es Breckin- The meeting of the Women's Mrs. Mae V. Shirley, City. ..........]~O]~ ~.~TT * ' " "- ' , I FOR. SALE:--Property 704 west/ lthe Bloomery and Mr. Sonny Dil rid" e and their" family" " of Alexan. Society of Christian Service of the Medical patients admitted to FOR SALE: -- Hagerstov~ Su- I Wushir~ton S~et..f.rontir~g 268[ ~,~,~- $fi l~IT~lI~f~'.--.~a%f, r$ | lOW of Ranson Both were cut and n,ig w .... ~,,~a ho,~ ~ ~,,,n~ Methodist Church scheduled to I the hosnital were" Mrs Katie _0m Modern House. imme- pren~ B~mld~ng Bloc=ks. ROB~_.TI feet, ~r~g ~ac~k 136 fe~:. ^~./ ~ponslble ~or any debts other bruised very badly and lost so it~ visit with the formers mother l meet at the home of Mrs. Wallace I Dunn, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Edna Possession. ~VL Mzi'n. l. wren e ~., proveu oy ~n. o ~u .~,, d ere removed b a - , ,, . " ' ...... Chaxles Town, W Va ]l~rame Dwelling. Anyone lnter-[ :th_.aa my own. CE-I~ T. [much bloo w ...... y~ m [Mrs. J. C. Brecklnridge at FlagISnyder.n July 5th s been post tj. Miller, City, Mr. James C. Win ~,n uouse, possessmn etu- "~ro,.,,~ ~n +. " " l ested C~vll CLEM'$ ~OP, 610l ~At~i~. I omance to me nospltaL ~rs. Tum stun" poneu tor one weeK Tne meeting szon, r~earneysville' Mr. John T .s~. SEE .......... --" l West Washington ~0reet. l July 6-2t.-pd. I blin had her knee cap cut very I i~Ir" and Mrs Robert Light were will be held at 8:00 DST on Wed- l Shirley, Cumberland, Md.; Baby ~._ FOR SALE:-Lot on Po~ St. & I June 29-2~ [ "NOT~E--T~- ~ I deep and we understand a broken I amon~ these attendin~ a meetin~ I nesday evening, July 12th. [ Joel B, Newby 2nd Ranson" Miss ~E Cleaner Ave in Bolivax 70 foot ..... -- ...... ' ' D R. LINAWEAVER . . Y - - ^= - - .' .... [ ~,~, a,, ~ ,,v-~, ........ , ] I will r~ot ,be resu~ns~ble for an~, leg and also injury to her chest, nf the Rinnon Five Hundred Club Mr. and Mrs. George Costello of [ Mary E Gibson Harpers Ferry: Iron~ axm l~U aeep. ,~r'llces Sour. ru~ o,-~,.,= x,~,, ~ ' e " " ' "- . Norm Geor e Street "--. m"' fu~'~~- bills or debt, s con~azt, ed by @ny- Both cars wered mohshed., which w-as~h-eld on Saturda even-I Belle Vue Orchard were recentMr. Carl W. Wise, Ranson, Bab-~; L~, ............... g Easyn~z,nwDF_~Payments.w~h~z~=Wr~te HAR~Y~r~ l.n.aceW~ll wR~h stol~erSell my cOalhot water ta~cbuv rig ]one except myselL JOHN W. Mrs. ~aucle~ma}lwooa ancl son lm~ at. the home of Mr .and Mrs. IvlsltOrsy "' with Mr .and Mrs. Carl!Tommy L. Thompson, Harpers --~o Jtuvv~% vv. v~. --, .-------oun~ r~--t~.-pu. '''-~ ~' " ............. I~-.~,,,, eor~oM"trols for ~100 O0. Thi~/POPKIN~.~ 29 Marvin and his twin. laaughters I~%,~a. ..~a-~-,. *-~aRnvd ...... in mnn,n~.~.~... I Wiley and their, family at their Ferry; Mr. Ernest F. Hardy. Char 6-it. -- ! is ar~ excellen buy. C~0n be re-/ June 29-~t.-pd. . I were Sunday evening callers with t Mr and Mrs. Henry B. Cooper I home near Mannmgs. les Town; Mr. Thomas D. DeAn- l~D ~,4, Tl~ ] ~noved without separ~ing see- { ~.~ . . ..... ,~ the formers grandson Mr. and [ of Winston-Salem, N C have an-, Misses Lucy and Alice Farns- I gelis, Baltimore, Md.; Mr. Leonard x, ~x~ ~,~. i,tions or disturbl~g insulation-I l njoyaDle eCtlOn O[ Mrs. Francis Smallwood and fam-[nounced the birth of a son on lworth of Washington, D. ~. are [L. Rutherford, Harpers Ferry; VERY DESIRABLE CORNER LOT i C_~tB~RT ~E. PER~Y. ~arpers | T~ ~-~ , ~ ily in Ranson. I ur~,;-,,~a~,, .... o~o, ~h~ now spending the Fourth of July hull ~ Mrs Retha M Cross City" Little Priced Low for Disposal. I Fe~,..rY, WA ,~ I run reautres I Mr. Pershing Ott of Ranson was arrival has been named "William days vmiting at the home of thee Teresa A Engle, Harpers Ferry; uorner ol Jeiierson ~ve ann for ou~m =- ,,, ~ .... " . Im ....... .:_~" I ~'.~, e..*. ~ :*~**, .. ~**:,@*******.~,~ I The Baltimore American has a caller on Sunday with his bro- I Owen" and is the second child in ] sister and brother Miss Edna Mr Ellyett Jenkins, Harpers Fer- ~].~1~ Al~ rest" Price $2,395 00 Phone ~ .....~ P;.~. .@,~X*~ :,~,-~ ..... r ~ ~LV~'~ " " " I [ enjoyable reading for you and ther-m-law and sister- Mr. and ] the famil~ ha~in- a two year old I Farnsworth and Mr. Holmes t ry; Mr. Howard E Shreck, City; [OF .... LE8 TOWN'S July 6-3t. ] FOR RENT /your entire famdy in the lively Mrs. Garland Hen ~y. ~ . ]brother Kent Mrs. Cooper is the Farnsworth. . . I Mrs. Ida E. McCauley, City; Mrs. ~; _ ~'~ |FUN-FEATURE SECTION. Don't ~wr .ann lvtrs. ~eison tmsn were I former Miss Virginia Anne Mad- A numoer of boys ann girls Margaret A. Chapman, Rippon; ~ E I ~.~:":*@*:'*:**:" miss me a s and a es of ' " " S T H 0 M S ............... [ . p ge . P g . Saturday evening callers.with the |dox of St. Petersburg, Florida and =from the community are enrolled Miss Helen L. Slverly, Ranson; ~! on South George Street ........ I FOR RENT:~rrfished P~oom| comics, games a na.puzzms pros a latters mother Mrs. Wllhngham [has visited frequently with her ! in the 2 weeks swimming course Mrs. Ellie M. Spates, Harpers Fer v wi,~h Bath Phone 240-M Iuu-iengm novelette every weeu and da hter at Kearne sville ............ IYUI ALd . ] .... = " /:- , ug ...... ey [grandmother Mrs. Harry C. Fraz which Is being sponsored by the ry; Baby Kenneth W. Payne, .....x GROCERY ] Jmy ~-zt. t " ...... Mr. an.a ~rs. ~elvin v ritts were, ier at "Monte View". Red Cross at the Jefferson Coun- Knoxville Md.; Mrs. Margaret V. ~W'a By Appoi]atmen~t Only ...... o~.~ I FOB RENT'---F~urni'shed Cot-| '1he 15al lmore ]in wasnmgton, D. C. on Sunday Bishop Campbell To Hold Servlees ty Memorial Park Pool. Among Braunschweiger, Ransom Mr. uetalls and Infol:matlon 2kl; ~umlm~ t'oln~ .rages located ",at the Bloo~nery.| a_._ ----'-___ I visiting their oaughter ~vws. ~Joris t The Right Reverend Wilburn C. those who are participating in the Paul T. Stewart, Mrs Ida J. Smith act The ~. n, a,_~s,~,~~.,........+:..., ICozztact H E o3"r ~fter 6:00 P./ /-kmerlU~tll Herndon and daughter Melody. I Camnbe]l Enisconal Bishon of program are Sue Snyder, Janie Mr Paul Stewart, Mrs Arlean .,a...,,., ,, ...... ...... IM. Pho~42-~-013, Charles Town./ On Sale at Your Local Newsdealer. Lltle Melody returned home with |West Vireinia will hold Confirm- Go~dell, Mary Lynn Chflds, Beth Funkhouser, City. ~v~ -~az~ .',oxz~x~:~ 2xt Z-x~tmt ~untvtct I July U-tGZ. / July6-1k mem until Thursoay ~':~'- ~-'~^~ ;" *~'e "~'""c" "f Snyder, Roma and Bobby Liskey, | ~T~TTI~A'NT~ g'~f'~. I | ' I " ~t~lUll k~l'VIUeb IlL tll "~./llttl 11 U | -- .._ a~L~..z'~,~La , ",,~v ' ! FOR RENT.---Furnished A-art-| _ I Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hovermale I the Holy Snirit at 9'30 o'clock Boby Go~dell and Jack and Peter 1 Miss Linda Pulse of Middleway ~t~N, . . WS$~ = ~)a~~v~'~o~'~ ~ m~..!2~ ~uth Saxnuel S reet.| Mr4"HAMIr TflWM [and fami!y, Mr;andMrs. R onald tEST; 10~30 DST on Sunday morn-~ Kerr. is spending the week with her me Charles Town 809 ~ a~t~x~,,, ~. ~" Gall 628~ after 1:00 P M. LO-TlVlL~lllHtlll~dl~ VV IW I wiles anu oaugnter ~nerri oz ~ou [ ing, July 9th A cordial invitation i Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Furr and aunt Mrs. Beulah Fritts. 18-t~ Phone 309 UISE WAI~:~AVEN, C'harles Towel|[~.. ~.~ v..s:., u~:.... ~r~.-.a= ! doun Heights, Va. were Sunday ] is extended to anyone wishin~ to Mr. Randolph Furr visited on Sun ...... , i~ANT.~7~ W VA Ju~e 29-if. [ u.v ,,u~. ,~u~a ,, mr, t, V=a ..... i vis!tors w!th their parents Mr. I attend t"his service~. .day with Mrs, Furr:s parents Mr. GO TO CHURCIt SUNDAY ' ......... "' " ...... ~, .......................I ............................ ) ann ~ars Amert vlanas or. near I Mr and Mrs James Coleman and Mrs Melvin Magaha at their - i.~ . a .,,-,~ *~ ~U~ l~i~lJL:---~ ~ 'l~lT,'~b ]L~['L}~t Ivr .ilIIU 111"~;. L, IIlILOI]~ ~iilallWUUU 1 _-- ... " I -- ~ " .... I ~prll z~-~L Ap~r~nen currier of Academy of Martinsburg were last Sunday i the moomery. I and sons Mike and Mark and the nome near L;naries Town. I r- ~r~ ....... axtd ~outh Mildred St. Large afternoon visitors with his broth- _ I latter s mother Mrs. Vanderhaar varm Women s Club Meeting I[ IPAI~I~I=~ITI=I~C IA H ~ ~ront ,and rear porch privileges ..... n o;.+... ~.~ ~.... ~....~n ~. I IE kl dr m e i of Philadelphia Pa arrived here The ~ummit Point Farm Worn- ]J La~J'[~/[~A I~-_ ~ ____ % - _ y~rd privileges... Y or ~mm%d~a~ George Jones Mrs Jones had I I~ FI 13 != !:: ]the latter part of the week to vis- e_n s Club will meet at 8.00 .o clock i tr ROOM HOUSE WE NEED ?c:up~a.cy_..~.~n ~z~. ~es -x..x?v~ been ver,, much in(iisnosed from l ....... ,_1.__._ lit with the formers a,~nt Miss DST (7:00 EST) on Thursaay ev-!/ ........... .= . ~.n. a, lt~o-M, or ~I:L 1or ~.1.1 l~.'~orln~lon., - .. a ~" I ~y Mrs. ~,e~m,~muru~ m ~, ...... ,~,~ .... n,, ~..-~--. *,-^ enin~ jfilv ~ath at th- hnm'~ nf I L~t~:~u3, ,7~:m XUUL~U WUL~ t~ll Juv~e 29 tf a oee sung Jcruut;e~ ~u~a.a~a. ,_,~ otulutz~ talV ~, - a ",v "~ "~ "~ " . Off Heat, 2-Car HOUSES TO RENT ' ' " " [ Mr. and" Mrs Hubert Dutrow IMr and Gageby and t group visited with Mr. Coleman's Miss Shirley Mac~)ughtry. Plans / for first class, framing 'age, Work Shop and CONTACT mFOR #2tNT~v---~hi~l~)oto~ AP~-Iand Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grams )baby'of near Charles Town spent [sisterand brother-in-law.Mr, and :ilnlub~ cma~en?ctthis~imel~or the / rnPenLe:si"n_ .to .... ,.. _~ .w. , ~, -' and son Joe of Hagerstown and/Tuesda,, with his ,,arents Mr and IMrs. v rancis J~rown ann meir aauuu t, -, ~u m~,u- I =, ~,~ ,,uuu~ juu ....... !-. ................. ~v~xaoie Jmy 1st.Mt~. H. C. ,,. ~.,.....~ ~ ........ , a,.~ti...r. .... I.. .-/ .. _~,.v ~,.. ~,, -(~hter ~rittv at their home near bers are urged to be present. ~ with tools read to work iJlllegra~81 ~Yl ttAIN UN ttr Ab r TA'l i LAKEN/ tiv.. ,au u x,=wve vtrs. tsave tta euy. ,..-" -. _ .. ; .,a_t^_ I . . Y.--; y . %" ]~ ..... J~ TN.~TTDA~I~. ~a Ju~ne 15"tf I spent Wednesday evening wire Joyce is spending a week with rtamiiton, va. ann on ~onaay _ ~,. ~ .et.. p ,,y,~t ~,xr, w.u u?u / tinter at t;eoar Lane "~ [rum unarms "town ............... ~="~ ~'~' Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. i him and family ]with his sister and brother-in-law .oeen vls)ung zortwo weeks at. me [ Cottage Street, Vienna, I .... Phone 309 OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT:- I The Assembly Church of God of I Mr and Mrs Floyd Manuel and I Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan and' their home 0;t Mr. ann ~rs. rio~err tt. / Virginia tr OIl e ~ Professtonal Bulldirtg Call DR 'ad P' ;r Cunda" schoo] I_ _ " _ . ".,. " . _= _,_ t famil,, in Wood tock Va ' ft arqesty left recently to return / " V ' x~a, ,, ,, ,~L o a Daoy Ot KOCKVlUe spent Tuesuaya o , RANSON, W, VA, a~.~. 282, o~ 173. ]picnic Saturday on the creek at t with Mrs Mabel Hardin~ and sonl Mrs. Robert Macoughtry and ~oh!s home in Graftan, W. Va. / tn~Atu ,. -~,-~ ~xu-~~ .... dmn. z~-~z. IHarrv Shirlev's farm. There were ',M,~ l-l~rdin~ vi~itod ?~om last her daughter Miss Shirley Macou Miss Joanne Lemen, a student / YPIINAN U~.RLES TO-W~ June x-'l'~" FOR RENT:---Commercial Cor~{aboui one hundred and fifty pres w"e'ek ..................... [ghtry were among the guests at nurseat the Win c.nester Memorial ||a,~~ ii ~ Property, suitable .for office Lent. Games were played by both Mr" and Mrs Howard Kirby and la picnic held on Sunday at the uosp~tat spent 'raursaay vxsiung 1 DEVELOPMENT OR SEE ?r store. Available J~ly 1,. 1961.,young and old alid also swimming, daughters of ~Ialltown visited Mr. I home of the form ~n . | . ~w. , ' , ....... ;. ~ueuress ltepty I~ox ZTZ, unarleS~was enjoyed, land Mrs Bill Gifft Tuesday I nephew, Mr .and Mrs. Dunaway ~emen. _ / VIENNA, VIRGINIA ler wageley i~ U T 1 (-~ ~ I , AW~i 13 tf ] Misses Mary and Nancy Viands I The l~r S C S of The Uvilla I Licklider in Leetown. The picnic ~-~.ulub Mee~ng ] __ a,, r~T =zrT~r~T~a~ .~,a ~ " " ) spent the weeknd wRh their cous I Methodist Church" will hold their was held in honor of Mrs. Licklid ~l~e ~U~ ~ees" @H Club will - ~ 17 - .-,,.,,, ..,,,, ., " " ,, s ' meet at , -tf. . ............ :,~ ~.~.,:.~%'..X~.'~ .... *'~':'~ ins Misses Judy and Debbie Shir. i montH- meetin~ at the home of, er s brother and sister-in-law Mr. ~:uo Jg~T on Monaay ev ouly ~ - zL pools, Se.ptie Tanks and mi- " W ANTEp :|le r?ardMiMdd:.e Yison Bush mo. Ir:y Jt m?hM fss F :d Yo ltght d TmJ % SsG.2 rlseYJor.. and .PIRI'I' OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE tory tOlle[& ~.~:~':-:'~-:-:";* tored to Weston last Monday and Methodist Church here held their John Crane, younger son of Col- THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1961 5--A O P E R T Y ROBERT JENKINS WANTED:--~avm Ha~d end viisted the formers mother Mrs, meeting at the church Wednes- onel and Mrs. J. T. Crane Jr. of Phone 227-W or 569-M day night. Misses Norma Lee Jenkins, Dor P0R SALE! RANSON, W. V~ rene' Gageby and Judy .Robinson Dec. 15- CA. spent the weekend at Ocean City, Md. and enjoyed themselves. I{IDWILER PROPERTY I : KERTON, W. VA. CONTACT: Real Estate Co. ]PHONE 309 W. VA. VANMFTRE'S COUNTR S AR- CURED YAMS LEAN--GUARANTEED PHONE :-- MARTINSBURG, W. VA. AM 7. 8761 April 21 - if. Ill ]able USED ,CARS and TRUCKS Ford ~-8 ,Fairlane "500' I 1956 Ford V-8 Faiflane 4-Dr. .~l)6or Sedan (Ford-O- I Sedan (Power Steering, ~latic. R~o Heater~ I Ford-O-M:atic, ][l~lio and l;ower S'teertng) I and Heater) F~ ..... ]1955 Plymouth ~oDoor Subur- .~ rd 6 Custom 4-Door I ban ~edan (Ford~O-Matie,]1953 Plymouth 4-Door Sedan i~! I1952 Chevrolet 2-Door Sedma Ymouth V-8 Custom I T R U C K S -- ~Uburban 9-Passenger i "- 0 (-l~owerflite Radio and I1958 Dodge D1 0 - 116 ~eater ' IPickup V-8 Motor 'IK R SALES *S:aO oClo ,On s tm i v Dairlman w~,th references. Goad Bush. At the present they found salary for good rna~. P. O. 19, Mrs. Bush getting along very l~ipp~n, W. V~. " good in which all of her friends July 6-2t.-pd. will be glad to hear. ~- ~---~ Mr. and Mrs. Milton Popkins of GLASS ~XPERIENCE. SUB- Kabletown and Mrs. Thelma Col- STA~TIAL SALARY. CALL BAL- lins and children of Ranson were TIM~RE MEDFORD 3-6049. Saturday callers with Mr. and May 18 to thru July 13-pal. I Mrs. Obie Johnston and daughters WANTED:-Z_.~dies to sell Dutch- Joyce and Bonnie. maid Clot~_mg. I)utchma~ Oax- Mr. and Mrs. C~ares Stocks of taunts of" the ~ghest ~tuali~y. Brunswick, Md. left early on Sun- Satisfaction Guaranteed. Good day morning for a vacation with Commlsslom P~rty .plan. Wrl,te friends at Daytona Beach Florida. lYE,S. ETH]~ Kt~AZ~L, R. D. No. They were accompanied home by 1, Conneltsville, l~a. Mrs. John Viands of that city who July 6 3t.-pd. . __ Y has spent two weeks with her re- MALE OR FEMALE:-.~ppor- latives back here and Virginia. tunity - Nittlowally 4kdvertisedl Mr. and Mrs, Melvin Fritts Mr .and Mrs. Kenneth Owens of Tablers Station visited Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Spitzer and family Sunday. "Mt. Ellen" is spending ,several weks at Camp Lupton Boy s Camp near Woodstock, Va. , Mrs. Thomas Lemen spent Thursday visiting with her sister and brother-in-law Mr .and Mrs. John Hendricks and their family at their home near Shepherd~- town. .... FOR SALE .... Mr. and Mrs. George Gageby Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pannell of and son Glenn were dinner guests PortsmOuth, Va. spent the Fourth Sunday with Mr .and Mrs. !H. C. of July holidays visiting at the Ambrose, Mrs. Gageby's parents, home of the laters parents ,Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gageby vis and Mrs, Harold Hint~n: ,ted Mrs. Etta Graham and her Little Miss Theresa Jenkins HARPERS FERRY, W. VA. daughter Mrs. Laurence Frye at spent several days this week vis- Buckeystown, Md. Wednesday. iting with her fatl~r ~d .~e,p-, TF-,LFaP][:!O~ 2610 Mr .and Mrs. Stanley Zombro of mother, Mr. and Mrs. woolr0w May 4 - tf. Falls Church, Va. spent the week Jenkins at their home in Ransom firm ~a~ ,full or pav.t ~me :route spent Saturday evening with end with Mr .and Mrs. Harry Ga- I Mr .and Mrs. Reuben Poston of available in .Cht~rles TowzL $2.50 friends in Brunswick. Md. Mrs. geby and daughter and Brenda Gaithersburg, Md. Were : .................. per hour pos slble ,. ^ Fritts is on her vacation from the has been visiting here for several on Sunday at the I i e .v neace m': e '" Powhatan plant in Ranson. "weeks. mers sister and l s rv * .and Mrs. Billy Viands of I' Mrs Mary Engle spent Thurs- lieP0st0n and Mr. S nner DUCTS, INC., "P. O. :Box 5071, the Bloomery, Mr .and Mr. on- I day with her parents Mr. and Mrs. ton. Dept ,S-3, Richmond, V~rgini~ l ald Hovermale and children Don- l w. E. Gageby and assisted Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elwo~od :C~hire SOUTH ~GEORGE STREET R kNSON, W. VA. July 6, 13 and 27-pd. . I na and David of Jefferson Ave. I Mary Kidwiler in papering and and children Deboran, Jonn ann i~- --"------[.were FrRlay evening callers with [cleaning house for Mrs. Gagcby." Patricia !eft on Friday to spend FRIDAY, JUL 7, 1961 ,~ a ~ xr ~e ~ [ Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. Satur- I Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Penwe~ll a weeks Vacation visiting With the~ ][~C~I~TN]~(] AT 7.30 P. M. (I)t S. T.) *o I day evening' catlers were Mrs. land two sons of near Chestnut latter's sister and brotheiMn l iw, SEWING MACHINE I John Viands of Daytona Beach, I Hill visited Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mr .and Mrs. Hobart K[Lne and, REPAIR and SALES [Fla. and mother Mrs. ClematineJBreeden and family Sunday. ltheir family in Shanks, W. 2 W ,nat Tables (small); Seth Thomas Mantel Low Prices---Phone 219-J I Aits of Chantilly, Va. I _ - and at "their farm near Augusta, EVERH [RT'S STORE I Mr .and Mrs. William Frye and lAdvertise In The Spirit.Advotato W. Va. Visiting with them thereClock, Spinning Wheel, and ManyOther Articles I [ that are.not mentioned.. June 15-3t ................................................... ' I GEORGE R. HEIDRICH ERMS.- ASH. :Nothing to be removed until EWB.RyI II,. w. t NA@. PROPPS I.,. , settled fOr.sALE EVFAtY FRIDAY NIGHT. _ _1 R E A L E S T A T E FEA6ANS' im tractor ilderllll^.. .... II THREE--1 Acre Building Sites on Kabletown Road. Contractor-Budder 18 ACRF in grass with large stream, barn and AND WATCil REPMR IIcon -Bu li Small house. H. and R. COMMISSION AUCTION TELEPHONE 386 W (u]n TELEPHONE 386-Wllll I INANCING AVAILABLE. H. CLAY THARPE, Auctioneer. 114 East Washington St. For Infor aation and Consignments Call v= I! Chrles Town, W_Va. n[ LISTINGS NEEDED--Can Charles Town 886-H CHARLES TOWN 7R.'-t I,t, WORK GUAR TImDI! I/ June 29- it. July 6-St.