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Charles Town, West Virginia
July 6, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 6, 1961

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REPORT! and rather cool, occasional Possibly scattered thullder- tonight and Friday. in the middle and upper Lowest tonight in middle outlook, rain ending followed by partial dear- rather eo.I. TWO SECTIONS - -11 Read By More Than 20,001) People Every Week "Best For News and Advertising In Charles Town--Ranson and Jefferson County Since 1844" NO. 28 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY Only Three Minor Road Wrecks As W. VA. TltURSDAY, JULY 6, 1961 Miss Civic WqJrker In Former Town, COMPLETE I~OCAL NEWS COVERAGE 1 C _ . ~,_. >----- While other parts of the nation way. oumy Assessm ~mr- i dl'B I~ | joined in a record breaking par- A third accident was reported , ._' esumateu tins wee~l ,Tl.avean IIJarv ode of highway fatalities, ,leffer- Sunday morning about 11 a. m. defferson uounty 1961 as- J~lllg/d}Vll /U/R son County had the good fortune which occurred on Secondary Rt. ff._.o.f real and,1. I~ I* ~/P to enjoy a safe and sane July 4th. 17 ahout 8.1 miles North of Ran- t~ylappf:x~In~an~ely'~r~Se .ealtzes: 10b l icD:Ti: ,e (cX~ur3mv(~Yhih~:~y stra~- son and involved were two cars tl011ars " _ .... . ' y'" g ' y.', .'- which suffered total property dam o..... " .... ll;..,-- I ..1o K'.I.. pet[ally the major ones, Charles age of $150. ~y in tne~ounty was [|~||] lr'~|~ ~l~ Town State, Police reported that Charles 1'own State Trooper W. ~,~ Ha a~o last year . . raa~_ .' ' .,,. only three minor highway accid- R. Barlow said a 1949 Ford going ~o?:rtma~ea~eou~l;14p,0ao~ ,Teffersor~ Menmrial Park realiz- en!s we~ iyported dul~!ng the per North on Route 17 and being dri- a ' h " IOU of Prluay lnrougn lu(suay ~he hi,,hest assessment in ed $765.29 from t e benefit auc- . ........... ~ ven by James Edgar Fellers, 64, of ~" .... ,~.~ ,.ms ~,o+ q,h,,,oao,, ,,;,h, .~, night at nnonlgnt. Pin(1 amy one Route 1, Charles Town, crashed '( ...... "~'~ '"?~ .... :~ '"~ .....of them was ot a serious nature estimated that valuesthe Blue Ridge Livestock Sales . , .. into a 1953 Pontiac being driven , . , . and fell into the personal lnju y by .John Arthur Fleague, Route 2, tll county real estate will arena, it was announced this week . Se 1960~aksessm~:t by a- by Glenn Ramsburg general chair mass. Martinsburg. a-- ~ .%2':.v:~ +% . man of the vendue This one occurred at 3:15 Fri- Fellers was charged with fail- ! t~:t pen~lotnamlUpnp:r~y A diversified array of items and day on Stat~ Route 99~ar v~erchan ure to yield the right of way. lCstown w e y ~w about the same in- livestock was of such quantity.. . . ::" . .... Trooper Barlow also reported a ' .... a acing uriven r~orm on t~oute umino~ two-car collision which oe- that it required Auctl)neers Cl y ........... .;' ~r crasneo into a 10,')D YlynlouIn eases are general and Tharpe and Paul Miller ,Jr. four , ".:' , . ~ ~. ~. " .... curred Tuesday, June 27 on Sec, ;hi ou - oeing urlven ~o~tn Dy mrs rmm ost part are evenly h rs to compete the sale. Aiding ....... .~.. .. -.. ondary Route 17 about 3:45 p. m. We ~. ,,~ornella Tomonn, ~ l, Route 1, r the County About in the sales ring was Clark Furr . .. Involved were a 1955 Chevrolet !s of the increase is r'e- while William Moore and R. E. Charms Town. going North on Route 17, and ~1 real and personal prop Moreland served as clerks. Charles Town State Trooper R. being driven by Charles Kidwiler ~lations in Charles TownOthers assisting in making the 'R" Truex said Mrs. Tomblin sift- 46 of Shepherdstown, and a 1950 ~rt and district with the ~-~ ................ r,,~ wo,.o k',nnv tered a broken leg and bruises Buick being driven South on 'Rt. ag on " r rou '~'~ '~" .................... and abrasions, and Dillow suffer :g e-third sp cad th Kisser Shirley Hunt Mrs Norval : " ;~ : 17 by Sarah Juanita Willingham, other towns and dis- Johnson, Mrs Maryianna Small- ed lacerations of the hea~ aria 18, of Charles Town. , Damage to ! the County The only , ,~d ~ ~,~; urol,,h Pmvhutnn Iace. ~oth were rushed m the the two cars amounted to about ~ng any perceptable loss Brass & h'on Work, Charles Town Charles Town General Hospital in $300. ~I)'ooper Barlow said the ~s Ferry District real es- Grain & Feed Co., Ladies Auxil- the Charles Town moepenctent Willingham girl was charged with ~s attributable to the vir iary of the Citizens Fire Company Fire Company ambulance, driving to the left of the center ~tion of quarry activities Jaycees Junior Womans Club, Damage About $700 of the highway in the face of on- ~kerton area. Senior ~Vomans Club and the Ran Damage to the two vehicles a- coming traffic. t~ve of Kablet0wn District i son Civic Club. I mounted to about $700. Mrs. Tom- Drunken Driver Nabbed not yet been totalled, [ " ' I lin who had started to pull off Charles Town State Trooper %occupied by the ownersh-J g*.... 1 ..... I I Route 9 into a store at Meehan- Tommy Ward also reported the (arms occupied by the [~ ~,['0~ A[lflUd[ [icstown, when she was struck by arrest of a drunken driver about ~a bona fide tenant, show . _ _, __ [ the Dillow car) She was charged 4 o'clock Saturday morning. Way- s~TtYemfTs~STe :h:w86la Membership Meeting , [ irmof [!vin . to the left of the cen ne Garnett McAboy, 19 of near d~ , n ne mgnway. Charles Town was taken into cus ?me increase, exclusive of , ~n District, of $468 650 (,~ nunlu [Also Friday afternoon about 4:45 tody on a drunken driving charge. , ~. , : , t ,~,u urn ~un$ u u I a two car collision occurred 5"7 Although State Police said traf h~g#.srg is reuuced to, a . . [ miles South of Charles Town on fie was heavy on the highways kls_,~.aooy reason m m.e r. The annual membership meet: [ Secondary Road 32/2 near where during the afternoon and evening s In Harpers gerry ~LS I lag of the omterson t=oumy ueu I. i.,,~som urlth Rn,,*o ~of July 4th it was reported ex- s IV real estate shows Cross Chapter will be held in the ] A car hein[~ driven by Lester W tremely heavy Friday night and t~re ~ ................... i chapter's the County I Longerbeam.RFD 2, ffarpers Fer- early Saturday morning ~i~teu zurmer 3nat me [ buiiaing, in Cnar[eslzown on~lnur [.ry, crashed into a car being driv ' With the weather s6mewhat un eLtfom t2e,Lncrease i slay, amy at ~:6o v vi. ~J~L [en by William Arthur Dicl~inson, favorable for picnicking and swim ~':~I"*~a".Yk'~ P'=.UZ~:.~ The Qurpase pf the meeting is I 36 RF~,L~r]aa;l~s Town. State Po~. min~, patronage of Jefferson Me- n wouia nave sil~nlzY ;~ n ~ si ~ fin'mcial ~ mortal park was not as heavy as ~"mah ........ ~zo,uoo in mcreaseo'1" ~tOandrecel:other ~ areportsd,~a for ~ r the past' aiCemuntedSaK~ damage, ,~ {o the two cars had been anticipated. over t,he.19.60 f!, year and to eleci new Directors l~t tile sce:tne oSf2~0e aIc~:rb~ N.arly 10,000 persons flocked to ~l'~c .;. '? ". ~ , ] for three year terms under the re later a warrant was issued for his Charles Town Race Course for the uown oi all CIISIFICtS aria orporauons, oy clas es ~ty should ~e available t tatin system and to transact such arrest on a charge of driving to noon to neat" dark program of rac Ileal; ..... , .... t. A~ .... lather business as may properly the left of the center of the high TURN TO PAGE 2"A .... ~ ................ s~" l come before the meeting. ----- I All those who have made a con a, - p ~ a . Near ,aveSeen r..... [tribution at any time during the hllAttt l-ram Par anti ill + Vl4~l~illJ IIVlll Bill If'liBel Ldll QIYt fl , [year are considered as members ~ _ Iof the organization and it is their |1. - I I= m .1.. | C UH [duty to atend. There will not be , lade eadent hiSTOriCal I:XnlDITS Ifl Y P , any .set program and it is expect- 0 rl 0use m r ~, ,, .n led that the meeting will be con- m ~loes/0 neflle l fined to the business matters set 1,071 people have signed the the Union. I forth above guestbook in the hallway of the One visitor from Black River, Michigan, apparently left the ex- :0|stein heifer calf which! ~" Jefferson County Courthouse in- ated LEE BUSHONG ER dlcatmg that at least that number hibit in disgust. But not until to the Charles Town SPEAK "" " eat Fire Company recent [ ~nn V~'~]~]ff']~][JTJf~W~ ~|,a,~ of people have seen the exhibit of he had written into the book this U '" ....................... hi " ' " led as a means of rais l -------- stormal relics on display there, note: "Whoever arranged these ex ~Y for the company wasl President JoK A. Warrenfeltz The showcase was put in the hall- hibits must be'a nut! Brown, the Saturday nizht to C A I said this nmrning that Lee Bush- i way last September. religious fanatic, bankrupt mur- Charles To~wn. Presen:l ong (side burns "and all) will be The addresses in the book read derer and traitor rates a top case. the calfiwas made at the lthe speaker Sunday morning for like a geography book. Guests Stonewall Jackson, the most fam. the carnival which wasl the Yokefellows Bible Class of the have registered from as far away ous native of West Virginia rates tl on the City lot by the ] Charles Town Presbyterian Chur- as Augsburg, Germany, Middlesex bottom case." The message is sign ~any. ch Converting promptly at 9:45 a. England; and Hawaii. Names like ed "F. B. Voegle, Once a West Vir ei, nu notified that he was I m the class extends a cordial in- Hurt, Va. and Accident Md. also ginian but not now!" the calf, Hehle said he vitational for all men who are not adorn the book. In going through Another guest signed his name 11 th n tuin attendln Sunda School to meet the long book one can fred the e animal a d [ " g y , " ~ as John Brown and listed his ad- ~,ds from it over to the ~ with them and hear Mr. Bushong s name of virtually every state in i dress as "heaven'?" ~ny. [exnlanation of the lesson. F.E. -- was donated by C M. Brenneman will direct the song k! 1= alad Charles E Hough. service beginning at 9:45 a in. All NOW awn said both the calf pro members of the class are request- ,v,, :he carnival were very ed to be preesnt and bring a guest l~rojeets, with them. Council As Director USO In Washington PRICE 10 CENTS Town Council is- Monday night at meeting that all out be checked by the Officer and any that to Chapter 13 of either be made to action will be taken ~mmediately. this action in re- which have from time to time to the condition of back houses located limits. on a set plan future building in ~, the Council decid- chief architect of National Menu With them at some on a Colonial de- idea, for Charles possibly later set up a commission ar govern the designs ~tion within the Fathers also adopted SCheduling the costs cases, providing of them and to the Mayor or in as judge of WillBe the Municipal Court. In the special Charter under which Charle~ Town operates, pro visions was made authorizihg the mayor to act as a justice of police or police judge in hearing muni- cipal misdemeanor cases. But in the past the city has never had an ordinance on the books which guaranteed this right and the "~ihestlon has been raised frequen tly in the past as to whether the Mayor has such a right. Council felt that in placing such an ord- inance on the minutes it would eliminate future criticism of the Mayor serving in this capacity The ordinance stipulates what charges shall be imposed upon, and charged,, as costs to any per- _. .... I Tholnas William Dillow St. 84 Bn. F0urlhSales ahout 6:45 this n, orning ~ (Thursday) ~If as!)hyxlaltion and I~ . -- ,., Ihurns of the fact rec(iyed in a I enartpfl lll'('lsl fire and explosion which occurred rv .... ~-vvvvv in the one-room franle building -- ~ , +in which he resided in the Moun : ::~ The three da~ "Big I, ourth ' .... : " " ] lain ~[ISStOn seclnm el .leffel son special sales whlct[ lhe Retail Mer CoHntv chants of ('harles Town staged ~.. "~ . ........ :: ~: :: last Friday, Saturday and Monday .,,r~. ~l,~K I u sr, .cnit~ ,!x .tn .................. ....... -lo~e(" "(~ t e ~,el S s f :l t hurl( S lown lnfl(penoen! l' lrc : p i 1 } a , -y :ueee "S u ~ ' . " , :::: :: ....... :: ::: ::!:~!:::!:::i :::: :': ..... ...... : ~alos nrz~m~tinnal ~rnloot sea.eft. Compan3' ' said" Dlliow ~,as" nldkl' " II:. ~ ........ 7 ..... o ............. ( ......... :~"'" a file in a .mall wood .trot and : .... ................ lag l reports froI 1 the partlclpat : in in h n's when he pouled a kerosene nllx- :: :: g ere a I'. I , , ' ~ +e ......... Me .... , "lan ..... tile into th( sieve appaltntl~ Ill St O[ the nlercI tS sale Inky ..... ' ,.:, -. , : : :: .... . . ..)) ,,.) ..... ) . +h +h,, . ..Ilarlles sno[Hp lilT() 1)UlOW S Iac( , :: i ] : : wer~ WL+II ~LI~flSL'kL ~ltll /lit. l*t'" 1! / r,~-- ,'~ L~ ~ suitsWilliam (BilD Orndorff Iurnmg tonisn,~nny, l ne Haines :~ chairman of the Retail Merchants [an r, sid ~ said he has learned there is a , ' '" , ' " ~ feetin,~ amen,, the merchants that ItS in a rlous( close 173, pulled his ~ there "-o "" be more of such s ec Ifath(r trom lh( structurt hit )re ~ . . sn ULa -- .... "P [ the flanles en~4ulfed it hut he was ~ lal prolnotions~ tie SalH tne met- ,. . :. . ' , " ~ chants feel there should be nlore oca(l Dy In(. tnne lie COtll{I lie re- ~ " '" +; .... ' "o '' ":- +'-'sImved to the younger I)illow's dune to mt me pe pl( in /Ill,"I - + . ~ ( ...... home The flames had spread to ~ shopping area Kn)w ma[ local . " ,, , .,'. _' ; . ~ ~ - " ~ tr t I[le ~alts aml Cellllq,R el the l)ttul] ~ mereaants Dav2 evervmln~, in i. - ..'; .., .,' ~, , , ~ ln(r, +~ ~ l , + ~ their stores they will find in sur-[. " guHln~ IIti~,,m(, unl( ~,oll!n ~ - + - i teers lronl lile t.naries "I'OWn m- rounalng traulng areas, i . " ....... " .,. . ~i ~ Mr Orndorff said there was al [oepemtent ano Cl[lZen's Fire t~oln .... , , f 1 any arl i~ ( d ~{: ~ m much interest (in lhe part o I ,.; , " , - Y: ~ '" " "" ' "" :) "S i Ille (lecease(I was r(WllOVe(Ih) ~:~: ::: : ~ Ale ouylng puolicin in( speciat,'/~ ;... '~ ,. ' .... , . - : :'~:: ; ~