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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
July 2, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 2, 1959

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Bride's parents in Ranson by the ~ ~,UUCl JGIIIU~ L. Wd|~ ,,~---;~ ......... -" 9 -(,-o o D Rev w, H. Bes~t. Charles A. Durr ~ [ { IHt. lt,.~l*A. 1~ .It'Ll _*, l:~a'l . ~ ~ -)----,) of Mar$insburg to Miss Mary A. '1 [Aee,nnad la RNTr I HyatL, d,aug.hter of ,Mr. and Mrs. ,I l~aalymwl, u IV IIVI~ ~ ...... l B!_k..J.... I'.. The Charles Town club has receiv D.W. Hyatt. [/ [ [L0[ rdl ~I{:lld[U~0R lO led an i,witation Io altend the Robert T. Bowers, son of the ~ ~ I~=lmn A~ ~:h@~ ~'n#~v [ [Charter Night moo,ling of the Ki late Robert L. Bowm,~ of Ranson ~ ~ | ] ]~,ulll~ RI /VII IIIIVA [~'-----I. IL V! .--.,!. ~I..L [wanis Chrb of Suneres.t Area, Mor was drowned while ba,thing in the | - ] ~ I ijpesK AI RIWSBI$ LlUU ]ganlown on Tuesday, July 14 at, Shenandoah 1%iver at Manning's | /n [ Cadet James E. Ware, son of ~H(~tel Mm'p:an in Morganl.,:~wn, W. ( 'Y near the Bloomery. ~ | ~ [Mrs. Mazie H. Ware, Woodbyrne ........ ~ . I Va. ~, m I[arm near Charles Town a senior I . worporaJ n'a, r. mcna~o, on_m ] 50 YEAR~ AGO---1909 II ~lm la't Virginia Polytee'haic Institute, ,tile loc~al de tacnmen~.ot' .w(~tfvu'I ATTEND CHURCH SIINIDI'~' .......... s home in Charles BY JOHN A FIELD JR IBlacksburg, Va. has been assigned gin)a ~oepartmen (n r'uorrc L'~i,a e~y IllLlJ:.,%b nl,' ..... |t~, k~a TT~ A.'m,~ I~f'I'T~C' .q,~rnm~r Iv~i'u oe the speaker lOt tne l'[ L, Town Tilden (}a,ne'ttBadY;,s "home STATE TAX COIVEYIISSIONER ICamp at Port Knox Ky. for the I day mgh2 droner meeting ,of Zhe l ~~ ~al~['~ tYIRI~I~IEI/:.-'~L ,I,~e o' ," ' ............. l~.' ....... ~. =~a *..-':--~...~course |Charles Town i~iwanis ChID. 'l"lle l & b ~I .~ "e7 "~] "~ " U'J~ on We~, vlrgln~la nas nap an in,nora~a-wcc~ *ac~u v~uu, u$ ~ m Charles 1own, Capt. ~t . ~ . " " " , ' s club meets promptly a.t 6 15 p ~ "~] AGO -- 1949 John S. Altriend of Charles senan. Rouss to Miss Mary Lyne Wilson, ,lltanee and transfeI tax since 0he I whieh will eontlnae until Augu ec m. and committee chairmen arel ~ ..t, , 'S Cou'lt year l~J~'l *" . . . . r----r -- ~bnu~ ...... Town has been appoin,ted by Gov-IIIED:A.t the home of his son in both of Jeffe|.on , Y. I ~,..:.... ,-, ..... ~ ~xr ~""I"ohn [~emmded that, June ~e'ports are I [' ~] , m m | | .... -v l~Jlgln IVlOL0r ~ 'R . zv~a,Jl ~J~tlc*a, vv. ta~t u - . . w~. ............. e:nor Okey I,. Pattm. on to the Ad Rag]SOn, Daniel W. HyaN.; In Roa- .,Frank O.,p of Kearneys;The tax applies to property tran [son Commanding General of the t due Thursday mght. Chau,men [ ,,,.--~, ~ ~ll~R 1 lllEll IS R glllb gO ..; .... D~.~,..~ ~-t' I~{ -2.1c~*(~ Bt,old ~1%~ m ..... c ..... v*.~*'y ..... "u o .... :' ..... " ,,~ noke, Va. C. E. Mciillion, hus- vu.te was appomLed a member o,~ sfers wl-r4:eh take pl.ace a,t dea:th l arior Center a~d Commandant Is'hould turn in their reports ,!o }he[ |||ifil|||'au |||I||UI;UI ........... .....f "'ealth band of t.he former Miss Estelle the Jefferson County .Bo.aId oI take effect on deat!h, or which Iof t'he Armor Sdhool emphasized [clu'b's secretary. Josep~h ChnsLmn./ I~lllllm lea,t of the Charles o r~., . .'lub - Jefferson County is one of nine Horn of Jefferson County; at his Tax Rewew and Equahza~t~an.. have been made in con, tem,plation [that Cadet Ware will undergo an Lodowie J Milbourne o~ w~]anes of dea~h | ' ~1,7." .... in ,t,he sta,te to exceed campaign home in Illinois, William Sylves- ~ " . : _ ~ _ - ....- ~-. . ..... lin~tensive period of practical field[ creo renovacea " " - i ' O o, tuni~ ter Kearney, native, of S,hepherds ~h.iWnaW~eaPp~n~1~l(~v~ ~caaem; .The levy ranks sixm }n prgq,uev-[training designed to prepare him [ T~ ~ r~ r~ r~ r~ T xr T~ I I~T . ~e ..... goals m Amcr ca s pp ', y Ban~.o.r wnal)es Lo, n Drive town . P ' .. . lvlty among me ~ace s pnwmge Iror the responsibilities of aeom- [ 1~ ~ 1~ I I) lg I Y 12, - I i~ d~s offic~ra.l opening MARRIED:Miss Janice McRae MARRIED: In Frederick, Md., a ~nnapons. taxes, s Imissioned officer. Included in the l , x~r "" ~em~w'mcn everY-Johnson, daughCer of Ka'ble D. Abner Whitmore o Cl',arles Town In 1958 it accoun,ted for 1 :~ [over-all program are marksman-[ 011 Roule ,LI0 - 2 Miles Wes| |If Harpers Ferry, V~. Yd. "~"" *'~ ~"~'~"g ' " Y Johnson of Charles Town and Miss Emma Minnick ~f Bruns- 60 YEARS AGO -- 1899 per cent of revenue produced by [ship with the latest weapons par- i i.__ Arthur' M. Boxley, son of Mr. and wick, Md. J. MrS.FrederickEileen Shaull, J' Shaull.diedWidowat herf privilegewastaXeS.approximatelyThe total for the tici~pa,tion, i ..... n^. ~a~c x e ;~**~e~* ....... r .... s[ , nsworth of Sum- Mrs Lloyd B Bosley of Randalis- yea Thursday .... lu'y 2 home in Midd'leway. . lu.nits in the field. I " " ..... 0 wned ummer 'tow Md 30 YEA.S AGO--.29 ..r [ Pa~n America,n Un- Apt~lica.t,ion for a m,arriage fi-~, The Board of Public Works ap- As true of mort s{ate ~.axes | Extensive athletic and recreae~- [" ,,~ .~ ~DD~'" i,,,eans Horror~l elgo L~eras, Secre- eense has been filed w'irt.l! the cou,n Me'~. rs. Clayto:a L. Haines .and poi,nted Gerard D Moore and J.,the revenue yield .for the nscal |ional facilities have been especial- ~ *"~'~ ~ ....... * ardzat~on of Amer- ty clerk 'by "Paul Kenneth Barron James A. Smith this week bought Ride[ to assess the real e,s'ta~e year of 195~ was greater than ever |lv mxg~rided for the ROTC stu I , , of Charles Town and Pauline Evathe Maplehurst residence from inW't'he County.- " " '"' " ,ue"-~f^reu . . .... Ioen~s.l""~ 5 " " II So terrifying we insure you for $1000.00 against DEATH BI FRIGtIT. Lelonde who ix a na,tive of St. Law Mrs. l~osa V. Boyd who had pur- The first work was done on the pr'ope~ty owned by a West Virgin [Polytechnic Inst Cadet V/are will ] ALSO SIIOWING rence, N. Y. and is residin'g in chased it at a public auction in The wheat harvesg has begun. General'ly, The bow anec'~s ari I On graduxtion from VirginiaI farm of Col. J. J. Riely near Sum- ia reside~n, at tt.he time of. h!slbe eligible for a' commission as aI "QI. EEN OF OUTER SPACE" in Color 'lti I~ Charles Town. She is a member of M~: W. Burch of Summi.t Poin't,mit Point. death. Lan= ou~loe, the ..s~ace 1.%. |Second IAeutenant in the Unil.ed t ....... ; ...... II IE the .teaching staff of Charles Town High School. was appointed game warden for exempted, however, varies from IS tales Army / w~m /~sa,r, sa , ao,,r 70 YEARS AGO -- 1889 The rate of tax ' [ ~TI~IINI~I~ ~g$ l)IEDvMary Nell Campbell diedJefferson County. /llll lT [U. at the home of her brother Evarts Mrs. T. O. lank wire of County ........ lhree per cent ,to 30 per cent, de- [ . -- [ ~,.;a,,,n.l ...... lulv 3 , W. Morrow i;~ Miam,i, Fla. Mrs. Assessor Link died a't her home in ~ T. G. Bay~On~,lel. wl-le.r:'~-arlOern~na pending upon the value of prop-I II" kl i~ I IP [ "' ...... -~ ..... -~ " " ' " " b0 N I A I, Mamle Link Lemon, wife of Harry DulTlelds. a eom,mit,tee ~y me wouncy ~ourv ,ship of the recipien to t~e de- i ...... I " " "- "" M. Lemon and a lifelong resident ~IARRIED: At Camp Hill M. P.~amuei t). . g .. _ ,PP_ _erty transferred and the rel.a'tion-[ r PI II L E I How many people can yotl cram into your car? ~AL }IOM~ of the county died a't her home at Charc'h, Harpers Ferry, Miss Ado- .to confer with Berkeley co 'ceased person. [ By Mrs. Lena Ambrose / We're gonna find out! [Summit Point. Lutherle Yantis Dyott, daughter ofR. Dyot.t to Mr. RoyMrS'H. ~~!~i~i }c~re~r~d~!~i~~i~ IS~eal~S~l~eaDnd!:~gSt~s~gn~edf P~iw~hb~:r~ /"~he .p ~N~nha:::?i~TD~i~ i~i~i~] ~FT::: Hart, of Brooklyn, N. Y.: In Was~h 20 YEARS AGO -- 1939 ington, D. C. Miss Mary Armistead =. assen hones 162 Charles Town, celebrated its Gold de,q Lippi.tL former resident of " P " " lowed personalexem.p" ' "' /and Mrs David Oageby and fam-[peopleEs! Consonlation Prizes will also lma~ardedm'tde ( g g ~ . " " " __ -- l en Anniversary. The sermon was Charles Town Lo Mr. Frazier Gu.- PRI: ~.IA ~IT |~U~ H.A_TI, ON ii:i,ii~i:i~:~iiilB:~. ~R~:::i ~. delivered by the Rev. aame.~ Gil- t,hery of Washington, D. C.; at the .Mebhodi,~t parsonage in S{hep- herdstown, by the Rev. R. B. (]lag OR FILM gett, Miss Marian Allen Hirst, dau ghter of Dr. H. P. Hirst of Lee- [,town to Mr. Upton S. Mar~in of I Shepherdstown, W. Ca. [ l%andolp~h Barnes purc,hased a t PROCESSING , house and lot o,:l t,he west, side of ~~ |the Leetwn pike frm Fred M" - "- "" ~ ~ '*^ Dr ' s ' "q ~ /ing'tn~penttheweekendwi~thher| ,600. . .... ALSO- ~ I Myers for ,the cc,ns,idera.tion of Harris of this cou,nty" in Wln c'hes ever" est~ate is re~u~re~ by '^w ~o" " ' " " .~e[ oy ~,ne ~ev. _r~. ~i, w~, .,his ibe appra,ised ano .a .copy..oI sunni parents Mr. and Mrs. John Bragg| ,,omr~r~r~ ..... ~'" g~,~ H,mr wiih Tha 'I ,~Iooffe~ :. , ., ,%,~5 l$I I ~]ogar ~,. ~mlvn o.L ,v~u~,~.=s u ~.~ I appraisemen~t must ve llleo Wl'vnI and sister Kay I mt~J~P~li;~I|c~. ....................... ,-, " .. .Y _ I the l;aherl,tan, ce Tax I)ivl.s~on of[ Mrs. iVack Barger and IMrs.| -- 40 YEARS AGO -- 1919 count 'to Miss Eha E l~a~nam o~ ...... " J DIED:A, his home nor'th of winchester. ,the State Tax Departmen,r. 1Buddy Barger of Brunswick visi-| ..... .lnlv I & ST[iCK I Hal'l'twn Edmund R' Taylr fr- I -- --~'----=-" "1[1 [.provedl The appraisement musm ~eby a Com~r~issioner of Ac-IaP'/ted MrScme dav" ,Mamie ,Martin last week|. [ 3aturaay ~niy .......... , * [mer principal of the Charles Pvt. Clayton M. tngi. ,coun'ts. or if none is required and[ The ~I. Y. ~F. of The Uvilla lIe-| "The West unhol~ers it: most .sa,~gt:. story. , Pharmacists /Twn Academy; at her hme in t Oharles Town, Mrs. Mary Jane _ .... ],Vhe esba,te is valued a't !ess t0ha:n[ t,hodtst Church selected ,two of[ '"QUANTRILL'S RAIDEIC% $1 000 an ]nver~ory of t~e aase~s ' , rs Mis e e' 173 . . CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. / Gal,laher, widow of C. Frank Gal.,~,..,Tr;~|nllnfl ,-,.A~ ,,,,.FIr~ .,_l~k~[}n.. I , , ' a oe .... summen~ [ their membe s s B tty Lou| ~n C-lot_ and Cinemaseope with Steve Cochran [laher; a't his home near Young-I ~ ..... ]of the esl~a'te m' Y' ", .| Caltrow and Dorrene Gageby to at| ..... _ __ _-! | stown, Ohio Ninth New,ton, for- I . ~ ~ ] mer owner of Federal Hill farm U KNOW THE ADVANTA(,LS t,his eoun,ty. A LAND BANK LOAN? The Rev. G. G. Snyder of Rome, Ga. accepted a call to the pastor- ate of the Charles Town Pres'by- (10 to 35 years) teria,.n Chur0h. ~ation or appraisal fee t Payments - geared to farm ineome fit ~ay off or reduce loan at any time without charge . L~"2~ heirs to assume loan % insurance for those who desire it YOUR "FARM CREDIT MAN" EVERLY WILLIAM W. HAMMOND ~a. Shepherdstown 4441 ~wk 2-5751 . or ' Office Martinsbur~,, W. Va. St. Phone AMherst 7-8011 ~---~~-~J~'~-'~ . t t.w fend himself in simu,l~ted chemi- * with Gerald Mohr Kathy O'Donnell ca, l, biologica.l and radiological Sh0t On Fishing Party Mr. ,and gqlrs. Ne~le Am,brose ~ ~ T~'" and son Larry of Charles Town vis ALSO--"LOST. LONELY AND ~ I( IOU CALL warfare si,tu~abions. Moulion Farms Cow Has High Production Record CONTRACTOR A FREE ESTIMATE ON RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION OR REMODELING -Martinsburg Collect AM 3-9411 . , Owner to a roar, smooth listening is yours at all times latest hearing-seeing duet -- a slim-trim eyeglass eyeglass hearing aid with exclusive AVC (Auto- to soften sudden, loud noises. Fashion-thin men and women. Also latest "Tuck-A-Way" styles doa't wear glasses, ~ME iN. SEE AND HEAR FOR YOURSELF-- ROy B. FURR, Manager e Oae Hagerstown REgent 3-3242 or Charles Town 825 AT YOUR APPLIANCE DEALERS OR THE LIGHT & POWER CO. Bra0~bleboro, ~t.-The Hols~tein- /Friesian Association of Americ~a ~has an~ounced the com,pl~tion o,f | an ou~s,tanding,al produc,t~on record by a registered Hol~te4n I cow owned by Moul,ton Parms Oha,rles Town: Moul'ton Ormtsby Donna CarnaAion 3869996 produc- ed 16:387 l~bs. milk .and 548 buL,teff~t in 362 d*ays on ,twice da,ily miiki,ng as a 6-year-o~ld. West Virgin'ia Univ@rsi,ty work- ing in close cooperation with the national Hols'tein organization, su )ervised ~he wei'ghi,ng and testing of production as a part of the Herd l~m.provemen,t Reg,i~try pro- gram. This offici,al ,testing progDam, commonly referred to as HIR, pro rides c(~ntinuing lactataon and life time produot4on records on every cow in partAoA,p~ting regis,tered Holstein herds. E. L. McDONALD, JR., AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Mason Building Phone 735 Charles Town, W. Va. Repreeentlng THE TRAVELERS, Hmrtf~ ,i~ed ,Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ambrose Hear Harpers Ferry S~.nday nig~. We wi~h to ~Jaank all those who a~tended our festival Prtday night Maryland law enforcemenet au- I~t was quite a success. We cleared thor}ties released u man ~ho ad- .xbo~t $'85.00 and everyone enjoyed mibted ,the acciden,tal fatal sho~t- ,the crovcd. i,ng of a 26-yeur-~ld Negro .~t. a fishing .party Sa,turday nighab on .the Potome.c River near Harpers Ferry. W ~he victim was Pd,~hard . Shedd of Hagerstown, ~VId, Con'fes ~in'g the shooting w,as George W. Smi~'h a,lso of H,~vgerstown. Inves,tiga,tion revealed Cha~ Shedd h, ad been fishing near the Harpers Perry bridge wl'th t~hree whi.te companion's, George W., Ernest Merle ~-ni,th a~d George R..Moore. Ernest and ~Mvore, who brought Shedd ,to a hospi,t~l in Ha gerstown told officers ,tha, t S~edd was cooking ha.rr~burger~ over a c~l~arcoal fire when George ~Smith, va~ MARK 20, picked tip a 22-c~liber rifle. S-~dden~ly the zifle disc~harged and Shedd fell ~o the ground wi't'h a bullet I.n his neck. He w~s pro- n~unceded dead by Dr. E. W. Di,t- ,to, II, a0tin,g medical examiner. George Smi,t~h t, urned himsel,f i,n ~rolur~ba~ily to the V~ashing~on coun,ty j~i~l Sunday morning and was booked for investigation bu't l~:ter released. [Berryville Postoffice Became First Class office Wednesday The Berryville Post Office ad- vanced to i~irst class sta,tus July 1 Postmaster T. M. Hooker announ- ced this week. Postal receipts for the year are t~p 900 per cer~ Hooker said over ,1958. The Increase is due to the heavy mailings af Dou~bled,ay and Co. ~hic~ last year amounted ,to $280,000. &s a con~parison Hooker said in 1957 total reei~p~ were $35,000. Last year t~hey amoun'ted to $320,000. ,, Along wi~h the status of a first class po~t office axe certain new regu,la,tto,.ns, l~l~cels real,led at a f~rst class office in t"ne Untied States for delivery at another first ~lass office are limited to 40 pounds for first and second zones and ul~ to 20 pound~ for ,l~e t~lrd ,t~hrou,g~ el gl~th zones. There are certain exceptions. s~h as baby poultry, nursery S~tOck, 'a,gricullbural commodities books, Braille w~l~ers and o~er ~ppll.ances for the t~t,i,nd, etc. Parcels are limA,ted to 72 inches tn size, len~t~ and girth combi'n- ed, w~hen m~alled at a first class office and addressed to an office of the same class. Confidential Expose . . of the boys and girls seeking suc- cess in lIollywood Today! 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