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July 2, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 2, 1959

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FORECAST. and cooler this aftcrnoo. with l,igh this afternoon and low tonight around sunny and cooler Friday. Fair and cool Friday night. 55. Outlook for Satur- and somewhat warmer. "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" TWO SECTIONS I Read By More Than 20,000 People Every Week 95, NO. 27 WEST VIRGINIA'S ()LDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, JULY 2. 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 t J~.~to Fulfill 2 1934 Chaff Pled Town uating 18 Race Card At Shenandoah Downs met with success Tuesday in their second at- " tempt to push out the boundaries of Charles Town on two ToHighlight July 4th In County an(, at the same time ffive the town's income a heavy boost, members of Charles Town Council at a special meet- ............................................ . ........ ing Wednesday nio-ht lost no time acting upon legal details Once again July 4th will be ob- served in a rather quiet manner in Jefferson County with no patriotic observance of any kind having been planned. The day, will however, be a full legal holiday in every respect with all cou.aty, state and Federal of- rices being closed along with stores and other places of business Most of the industries of the coun ty will also be working only skele- ton crews. Metz Named To Head County WVU A Jefferson Coun,ty Chapter of the West Virginia Alumni Assoc- last|on was organized Monday ev- ening a,t a special meeting held in for iml)osing the $250.00 tmx per operatinff day Ul)On the two race tracks invoh, ed in the boun(lar/ extensions. Council re-affirmed and reenacted an ordinan 'e of Monday nig'ht which alters two sections of the to ns charter to permit the levying Of a license or tax, for horse racing within the towns corporate limits. The ordinance as adopted, stipulates a per diem of $250.00 per day be paid ,t he Legion Lot~nge in Charles by such race tracks lying within the t(,wn's co q)on te Town with Attorney Kenneth limits, and that the tax "shall become effective Jtfly l, 19 )9 Metz being named as the chap- About ,the only scheduled act|v-t~r' rlr,~t .,,~,~. Theer are no provisions in the~ ................................................... lty of any kind set or t'he county c~ther ,qTlcers n,m~a , ~,.,~.ordinance stipulating just when I L, je o ........ f h se ra ............... wm oe me long any o or c- Paul Cain vice-president' Jane or how the $250 daily Ltax shall be l~ew ~NiS~ Assumes l~g set for Shena,ndoah Downs 'W Strider' sect ......... s-'~- m h . . e~a~y-~z'ea, uzer paid. Thus the tracks can decide l where an 18-race progra as ' , ' : for themselves whet~her they pay [~ , . L, o| ~.. ...... ~ " 2 D~recoors named were: Wllham oeen .... nnea up start_rig hi;... P" im" o,~tl,rk ..... r~--,'~,~ah ............. o. v,,-~= * r. the tax daily weekly, monthly or [ras[0ra[e Me[n0al~r ann runmng T, nrougn untaJ nea uy T~iohn,d~,,~ ' " at the end of each racing meet. [ - ~nr~:a~,ght with only about a hour ""~e'~0"~l' committees were Only Few Changes I aries Town n~med: J There will be eight races in LheMembershiD-J E Seville Rob- Prior tore-enacting the Monday Church Jn Ch afternoon and ten at night with err D Stone and'Charles P 'Printz !night raee tax ordinance Coun-| day's election and found only aI ~embers of ~he 1934l Prizes~ offered by the l~lanning ret'ary 0'f ~the 1934 class. :Making Ira'., Second Row-~Mrs. James ~en~e 100~0e0 Pae:P~ 'eXpeo~tedlvIty a~0 r S~t~'l "~ndI~thl~tic'F'red'O~ By- oil canvassed the ballots of Tiles-J: ............... ....................................... ........ . e ~ arms ~tnner ann Fran, ; ew minor changes in ,the results ] :,ii:: iii~:i ~:i !:: ~n High School senior I committee were won by Mrs l arrangements for Sa:turday's re-lStone (Ehzabeth ,Harrison), Rich ~ho ~-o-k m~,~a~ement has an .... '~, ~ ..... ~:.-, e~l a ,pledge made 25[Harry Puster, for having ,bheJumon were Miss Shirley MacCouJmond, Va.; Mrs. Joseph Ohns,tlan nnnnaed ,t,hsL box hmehes will be ,~o T~er ...... r~ ....~, r~,~,~o, ~ as announced Tuesday niwht. It J W~en they ga:thered l younge~t child" Maurice Viener [ghtry Mrs ~McCormick !Mr I (Alma Lee Stl~ider)" Mrs Robert Z.qSZ~-~.--,-d..~-: wh~s~ .... throu- '*"~ ~''....... .: "~"~*,.'?~ .'-:,','~..... was found the vote within the cor J : :i:'i!":/ , ~ ..... ~ ' ' ) ................. '~,~ - pnmaruy a socia~ ant a mmuc or- porate limits had been 299 for l JeffersonMemorial I for the oldest child" Alvin Blum I Printz Mrs J P Christian a,nd I McCormick (Kitty Lou Wetzeli -'~" "^*'h i~^i-'- ^ards ..... ": r . ' i ..... ~,~ out; ~; ~*~ ~ ganlzal;lon l-'tans are unoel~'ay T.O ' e-union [for ,tr,aveling the far,thest dis~tance [Mr. Vmner. [Mrs George Dress (Sarah Bush- . ......... ; ............ and 119 again.~t which added an- ] %he hi hli-bts" (~f the re[ and ,Mrs. GeoI'ge Dre~ss Mrs. Rob-[ Graduates present are shown in[ ongi Towson, ~Md.,' ~Mtss Helen ,/enerson t:oun~y's 'Nlemona, cnai'~er a ous mr me wvu-,aaary other 24 votes to the majori.ty for | Of ~.o ~---~.+ .... ~,o,.~[ert O McCormick and Mrs. Harryl,t e above picture. Left to right[Roberts M, ss Shirley MacCotg - . .......... ...~ o~ r...uo.o vo, t. .~r~.. ,..,e ,.. .... g ' ' ' h , ' , ' ' , ' i h Park is also expected to be a busy land football game to be played the referendum in Charles Town. I .' .... .... i ..... " ..... I Puster for having t~he largest fam I front row: Frank Pat~ton, Char- I try; ~Mrs. Victor Blue (Sarra Coy p!ac.e o.uJy ~~n Wl:m sw) a~,,~ ?~_,,~,:y~ .... " ...... ~ ........... w- [There were also six challenged vo- ]:i i ~,:i!~ii~iii~ ~.~::: :: xown High School t ~ picnicking me ~op a~racuons Lezzzuez V .... lily each of "~hom have ,Vhi'ee Child [lotteswlle, Va.; Maurice Viener, lie); Mrs. Harry Pus~ter ~Eleanor ! g~cznc~ms tL,v ,~u,-, ............ ,~ezzm~z. ]tes, three or them being for the [ as t~he reading of t)he Iren [Washington, D. C.; C. Francis [Burns) ,Mrs. Harry Baecbtel (El- ~boundary extensions and three a. [' :Y 'by Alvin Blum. I -The -rou'~ voted to meet a-ainIPrin'tz Alvin Blu'm, Nor,folk Geo-[iz~bet.h Cockrell) Berryville; Mrs. "K ~' ,~'~1 1 1 ['rl gainst ] ~::~: :::~. iii~~i alumni were accom- | s .~ ~ . ]rge Tabb; Irving Payne, Baker [Ralph Oden (Marie Ki*te); Mrs, ~k~l~ ~'~'f'~il I "ll~'~P | "l "l ~ ~,'~e"~"~ ~ | -f% In ballot~ing ,in the outlying ar- | ~ir families, w~ho were [five years hence with C. F. Prin~z ]Heights; Wa'llace Bush, Washing- [Nichols; (Delm,a Good) Strasburg, IL~' IL~.Llk.,e~l..ll. ~1~ ~,~J liLJllJ~lk.~ ~l, ~,,,~ eas ,there was only a change of ::::: lunch dinner. J named to serve as permanen,t sec-Itc~n and James Early, Reading, Va. ,~ one vote wi,th the final count| i~ii: ~iii::/!i~i!i 102 T esda y As J being 117 for the issue and 59 a-]::::i:!::~ii!i~'!~::!::~:i::ii gainst. There were also tlhz-ee chal l ii !i ii i !i ili 1 TAT "~ ~[" ! 1 Council then a athorized the M a - ~!~ ~:.~ :::~:::~i~::-..~:~:~:~:~. :?:~ig~:~: " " IT o For Moose Lounge 7 p.m. Y Tuesdav Nnaht On Mountann urtle Derbv T t'rovea vv e rm lvionm o, and ci.ty Recorder to notify the J i~~:::~ ~:~?:~~:-~,: Clerk of the Count Caurt to chart .... ' ~ .e ~------------ ge the boundaries of the town's| i~ll~ll~:~ is were inj~~d: R~, Saturdal, Jul 2Sth I The month o~-~une ended just III a,,, corporate limits as specified~ tn the I !i~ll~~l[i:ii~i: .two-ear nlghwaty ac A minor mv,tor vehi'cle accident II~ IlU|l ~t~llUlUg3 l e~bou,t the way It has been much WAm~n ||t MAJflil~ metes and.bounds of the electionl :~~~: ~ccurred IMotld~ay also was in~e.~tigated :by Trooper .. .... ,Headed by Joseoh Thompson .of the time-sizzling, The intense VV VIII&ll VI I'i~V]% call I ~~::: , evem ob~t 6 50 ~auizoay ~uJy 4th the big day em rs f h fferson un~ heat wave which ~as prevailed In :50 on St~ Rou'te Wade SundAy "ng a~ : ' ~ ~ , ",' ' m ~be o ,t e Je Co ~;' , .~ " ' ~ In t, he balloting on ,the boun-I REV. DR. RICHARD SCHOLL ' r F for ,the running of t'he Second an m :' ' ire m~t t this section ~and areasince last les Sou~h of Char- on U,naon street in Hmpes erry ...... De 0J~tlc Execut Corn ee, l~tall flffi~ dary extensions issue Tuesday | Tie Rev nr Richard "l~beodore ~ w~ter foun.t~ln on wi,th tk 195~'.(:~ht*yr~.:~ b~',ing d,l~~- nual J. C. Turt, le uerpy is ~a~s~ a/p .a~,e 'fast eo~plettng MI plans and I week zoomed ,to a t~gh for the eakcm~sm vmsm~m~ ablewhich,~o~..r~received .... abot~t,: ..~:^..~ ~, ,a 2.t favor-l~a~n.,l~:~ ;J,:.~:~uw mxms~er' / or .... ,~ne: ~:tmr"---- latain. ' van bY Cdvdel~a Kelfean ~V~erri~ of prga~u.~ and !nt.ei-~ in the evj arrangements for Vhe ,coming to [,Su~er a~d the past several The Women of the Moose Char- ter ""?~'/~ ..... ~"2~'~"Y~" ~Y" | les Town Methodist Church coxnes - ~.~,~ ...... .... 'r'r~.r.. .... A Stephen Ci,ty, Va..welvt ou~t of con e,n,~, a~ vne t~ar~74s .growing~ wi,~, the county of ,Hon. Sam Ra'~bm'n. ,, year;on, . TUeSday, v~nen i.~ m~ a .w~-~ --..--T ..... ~.__~.~.r-~=.,~. .~...'ng~e ...,..~o.~ ..-'-. tr~ligU~inma~rlSSm,~%~uu z:eg.]:~" I from a pasLoia, te in Baltimore, the injured were: tro! and cra.shed In,to a 1954 O lds- already 133 en,trfl~s l!sted. . Speaker of ,the House of Repres- ,102 reciting an Charles Town. Mon stallatlon of new officers l~-lday, a,buttlng territory, took t!anat~l~--nel~MdtDl"e me caser, pSaCha?dll rWaSiv~nl~n eartyLan" McDonald 37 (yf morale vcnien was parKeo on on- x~ne ~uvues nave oeen ,~redning ereta~ives of She United :Sta~es June 26 at 7:45 in Moose Home, pu.bligi,tY el|rector ion street and which ls owned by a.t the "Demory Stables" and traln Congress on Se~turday high,t, July The installation chairman was issue.and trouble to vote on this vital education there. For a while he Harvey Clinton Lessinger, 45 of H'agerstown, Md. Trooper Wade swid .Mrs. Me'rrit% told him she turned her a,~ten~tion from steering the car to a chl]d whi(~h w,as in the back sewt of .the vehicle and ~he lost control of t~he machine. I.t wane across the street ,and crashed into t,he Lessinger ear w'hi(~h was parked. ~Mrs. 'Merl'i,t,t was cha,rged wi,th ,hazardous driving. Damage .to the two cars was not .heavy it was Stated. Charles Town M'an Pleads Guilty To Drunken Driving John E. Mum,aw, 500 East Wa,' in,ton ~treet, Charles Town, was f!;aed $50 and costs, his driver's li ~'e,n,se revoked for 'six m,on~hs when he Pleaded g,ui,l, ty t:o a Oa,ar- ge of drunken driving a~t a hearing before Justice of the Peace Eug- ene Cl~pp, Monday morning. ~Mum.~w was taken in,to cus~.ody Sunday nightt about 9 p. m. by ConstaLble Lewis F. C,arrol*l, Jr. of the Kabletown diStl'iot near My- erstown. Downs r)ace ,ti,ack, Neal James and all of Paeonimn ~, and a friend CamOS of ~H~amllton, . suffered a crushed chest and facial rs. Mary Elizabeth of righ% fore- ri~h:t elbow and lacera~tions knees l(,p; Mr. J~ames, in- and right knee 7 a skull fracture; 9 abrasions of Stephen Jam- ~)ns of the top of the Glenn Whittington Now In Navy Taking Training At Great Lakes, Ills. Glen Whittington enlisted in U. S. N, avy June 10. He is :t,aking his training a:t Great Lakes, II'l. He would like ,to hear from 'his friends. Glen,u Whi,tting~on S. R, 5333496 Com, pany 232 Recru~d~ Tra, ining Cen,ter Great Lakes, 1,11. er "Demory" s-t~tes that t,hey're tuning up nicely and Jaycees re- port they haven'.t been able to get him to go out on a limb and.,make any early selec,tlons. But they say they don'.t blame him a bit be- cause when that starti,ng ga,te goes up and twenty turtles start wan- daring in twenty different direc,t- ions :vcho can predi'ct which ~turtle will decide ,to head for ttae finish line. Entries will be open right up unti.1 t;he ~ime of running. I~f you have,~'t purchased your turtle al- ready be sure to do so before 2 p. m. S~turday. Fol:lowing is a lis~ of the en,tries t~hus far and their spon,sors. West End Gulf, Gulf-Crest; E. E, ~airchild, Slow-Poke II; Wag- ner's OhevI'olet, Corvette; Smith- Nader~bousch Ins., Stro~ts; Ran- ,son Grocery, Snooks; John Doyle, Comrade Senator; Charles Town Race Course, Bangtail; reagan's Jeweh'y, Myrtle; WashingLon ~pec iality Shoppe, Eleanor; Rolfe Hay as, Rocky; ~vIartinsburg Jaycees, Charley Brown; Bill Sites, Dyna- mi~te; Lacy Rice, Jr., Miss Anne; Keyser Jaycees, Keyser; Dr. Russ- ell Evans, Percy; Calvin Flemlng, ~hee,m; Viands Amoco, Amoco; Modern Homes, Pyrofax; Kables,Esso, Sob; Paul's Super ~Marke.t, Western Beef; Dovenmue hle Taxi, Sandy; Rodgers Sinai.air, Power-X; Don RenWh, No Pay Raise; Old Dominion Appliance, Easy Does 13t; J. C. Penney Co., Penco; Town dr Court, try Cloth- iers, Curlee; Fairway" Cleaners, Cindy; American Legion, No To- morrow; Bet.'ty B.yrer, Mar-Sam; H. S. Clopper Jr., Steverino; Shen andoah Downs, Dead,heat; Charles Town Esso Servicen.ter, Esso Ex- tra; Citizens Fire Co., Aekio,m Bank of Charles Town, Corner- stone II; P. T. Porterfietd Jr., Poop-Deck; Anonymous, Anony- mou s; Dr. Dale Keyser, Perpetual Mot ion; Flemings Market, Bobby-Ed; ~Io. dr K. Super Market, ,Mamas y; Ranson Real Estate, Flick- ers' Folly; New Central Restaur- ant, ,New Cen~tral; Ted S'tel,ter, Dl,tJhane Z-78; Western Auto, Wiz ard; Jefferso,~ Cleaners, Varsol; Silco. Cut Price; Va'lley H, ard,ware, Nuts dr Bo~ts; Kastles Men's S~o,p Zero; Burns Huyett, Nixon; Dr: Earl Allara, Doug dr B. J.; Va*Hey Board Corp., Fi%re; C. E. Dennis, Jr., Jane; J. J. Nvw~erry Co., New co; Children's Haven (Donated For), Pop Wheeler; Rosens, Swif ty Flyer II; 'Millers Market, Jim Beam; Cadet lac Clu,b, Cadillac; Joe Chris,tian, Speed -Bald; Stauffer Chemical, C~ptain Sow; Wade Benne~,t, A- lan,tic l~lash II; Marine Room, ~ergean% 'Monk; Pamela, Sharon and Cheryl Demory, Farm Girl; J. Russell Fri,tts, l~ilco; Ford Bow ling, Barbara; J(~hn's Restaurant; Jahns Rest~auran, t; C. P. NIoler, ~Violer's Cl~ies Service; (~ayle Mar- shM1, Speed|e; E. A. Stone, Eddie; John's Diner, John Diner; Leeds I~iely, Speedy; Lisa Ham~nann, ~kippev; Guy Davis, Ho~eless; Dr. Continue~l On Page 8-A 25th, Mr. Thompson sa~d today ,that the dinner wilt be held in the ,Moose Lodge Lounge, which is air conditioned ~throughou~t at 7 p. m. Speaker Rayburn is coming here through :the efforts of Congress- man Harley O. Staggers. I~ is ho~ ed Chat ~the entire West V~rginia delegation in ,the Senate and the House can be present ,for the oc- casion in 'vchat Is hoped to be one of the largest Democre0tic meet- ings 'held here in many years. :Mr. Thon~pson said .today .~hat tickets will ,be $5.00 each .and ,that they can be obtained from any .member of the executive commit- tee or himself. Arrangemen,,ts are being made to take care of t~wo hundred and ,twen,ty-five persons ~t .the d~nner and Mr. Thompson said 'that .tic- kets will only ,be sold to :take care Moved To New Location The ma~agemen~t of Elaine's Dairy Bar which has 'been located in the store room near Moffebt's Drug Store and across the street from the Thomas Jefferson Hotel for several years, announced on Wednesday ,that t, he bus:|hess will ~be moved, effective at once to ~he store room at 301 We~t Washing- ton Street, formerly occupied b~ Newton Magaiaa's Grocery busi- ness. The new ~tore'room 'has been give~n a complete anoderntz- ing j(~b from top to bottom and will offer the f,ines in homemade icecre~m, milk shakes and ,foun- tain service, t~he management said. A complete stock of all soft drinks candy, cakes and bread, wili be for sale at all times. LAWN PARTY Genuine Country Ilam and Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Ice Ice Cream, Cake. Drinks. Lots of Room and Help, No Delay. CITI- ZENS FIRE IIALL, Wednesday,, July 15, 5:00-.9:00201"'6M" For Home Delivery Phone , July 2-2t.--FP ATTENTION FREE GAS ,THE RANSON ATLANTIC SER- VICE STATION (on the Ranson Circle) WILL GIVE AWAY 10 Gallons of Gasoline to the lucky winner each week. Drawings on Saturdays at 2:00 P. M. WADE BENNETT R. M. SMITH, Distributor. May 22-tf.----l~P FURNACE AND HEATROf,A CLEANING--CaU 545-R, BUDDY FRAZIER. March 5-tf.--Y'P The same month last year was relatively moderate in temperat- lure, as well as the an,tire summer, i during which .temperatures no higher 'than 94 were reco~led. Rainfall this year amounted to 3.70 inches against 5.86 last June. Harpers F erff-Bolivar Lions Install Officers Ladles night and lnstallatlon of officers for Harpers Ferry-Bolivar Lions Club were observed Wed- nesday evenl,ng, June 24 follow- ing a fine dinner, served by the W. S,' C. S. of the Camp Hill Me- t~odist Church. .Mrs. Paul Fishbaugh entertain- ed the Lions and their Ladies by singing "It's A Grand Night For Singing' 'and "Though The Years" The latter was a request to be ded~.eated to the Rev. J~n E. Wright young mi,nlster and his wife who had only been married a few days. Mr. Fishbaugh furnished piano accompanmen,t for his wife. The Rev. Mr. Wrlgh,t was wel- corned into the Club as a new mem~ber. Mr. Gordon. of the Paw Paw Lions Club hod charge of the in- stallation of officers for the conn- ing year and Vhey were as follows: President, Herbert ~perry; ~first vice president, Lewis Meadows: second vice preside~,t; Howard Mullah; t~fird vice ~preslden~; Frank Anderson; secretary, Lew- is N~ehols; treasurer. John New- comer; Lion Tamer, Clarence Arms; Tail Twister, Willie Moore; second year board of directors, Bill l~amey, Raymond Blller; first year Board of directors, Charles Riley and Earl reacher. Lion Bar,' of the Charles Town Clu, b was a guest and presented a lapel but~ton to Past President Carl Auvll for his valuable servi- ces rendered during the year. July 15 New Deadline For 19S9.60 Auto Tags ~Because of ~t~e large number of motorists who have Changed ad- dresses in e0he pc'st year and were l,a%e gebting ~heir a~ppl~vation ~taCe ~MOtor Vehicles ,Commission er Hubert A. Kelly, announeed Tuesday night la,te there wil~l be 15-day e~tenslon on *the new licen se ~Lags. He said West Virginia mo- %o~lsts now have until J~ly 15 o ,get ,Vhe new red and white 4rags on ~heir cars. DEPENDENT INDUSTRY A recen4; study has indl'caCed ,that the income of more titan one l~al, f of West Virginia's population depends, to a substar~ial ex~en,~, upon the production and sede of the state's leading natural resour- ce--voal. Charlotte Shifflett. The lnst, alling of new officers was done by Col- lege of Regent, Gertrude Frain Instal.l~ng Chaplain, College of Re gent Gladys Spinks, Installing Guide, College of Regen%s Elaine Malhone, the buying and presen~t- lug of Gifts to retiring officers and officers who served last year was done by C-~llege of Regents Virglnia Dorsey. The new o1~ers in,tailed were Sen~ior Regent Mamie Lancaster Junior Graduate Regen% Phyll' Propps; Junior Regent Mary Dor sey; Chaplain Bessie Tumblin; Treasure Ann Oetzendanner; Re- corder Devora Simons; Argus, Au- drey McCart~hay; Sentinel, Mar" Special Commit,tees appoin~ted were College of Regen,t CA~alrman Gertrude Prai,n; Academy of F~iend Cl~airmen, Mary Basara:ba. The College of Regen.t members will hold the fLirst Oha,pter Night program of the new year. Instead of being the regular meeting nig~ht JUly 14, i.t wlll be held Sunday, July 19 at 3:00 o'clock in Moose Home. All members t~a,t can please try to at,~end as the enroll merit will be done by College of Regent mmebers of other chap- The meeting was adjourned to meet again Sunday, July 19 at 3:00 o'clock. A dance was held af- .ter the meeting. WORLD WIDE I Ninety per cent of the coal ex- ported o~erseas from t~his country .is produced in West Virffinia and 'abou~ one-half the coal ~hi'l~petl to Canada is also West Vlr,glnia mln- :ed. I BANK IIOLIDAY, JULY 4 The Three l~nk------~ listed below WILL NOT BE OPEN for busl- ne~ on Saturday, July 4th, a legal holiday. Patrons and cus- tomers of all banks are asked to take special notice of this closing date and make their plans ac- cordin~gly. BANK OF CHARLES TOWN OF CHARLES TOWN BLAKELEY BANK & TRUST CO. July 2-1t.--PP CLOSED JULY 4th. The Three Grin and Feed Dealers listed below WILL NOT BE OPEN for business on Satur- day, July 4th, a legal holiday, Patrons and customers of each place of business are a~sked to make a check and have their needs taken care of in ample time. PEOPLES SUPPLY CHARLES TOWN GRAIN & FEED SOUTHERN* STATES COOP. July 2-1t.--PP Included in the newly gained territory is 308.5 acres of land which inchIdes both race tracks- Shenandoah I)~wns and the rac- ing course of Charles Town Prop- evties, Inc. About 200 acres of .the area is owned by .the two race :tracks. The ci,ty has estimated that in addition to the $250 tax per oper- at,ing day which the two ~raLckS will pay, ot~her 'tax levenue which should be derived from the new area, will give the town's budget a :total of about $60,000 more re- venue per year. Defeated First Time On April 21, a similiar boundary extensions referendum was de,eat ed by the folks in the outlying areas. But this time the size of the area which the town desired to have ~ithin the corporate lira its was reduced from some 800 acres to 308.5 acres, And w,ith only a simple 51-percent majority need ed to carry the issue, this time botch the town and the outlying areas voted favorably for the move. The managements of both Char les Town raee tracks this time op- posed the move to bring their pimp erties within the city's boundaries because of the added taxes. In the Aprit 21 election the is- Continued On Page 8-A attended Asbury College in Ken- tucky but ,transferred to Ameri- can University in Washington, D. C. where he received 'his A. B. de gree in 1935. Af%er serving several churches in V~as~ngton. D. C. and Bal,tim.ore he became a Chap- lain in the U. S. Navy i,~ 1943 and served In ~he Pacific Theatre. Fol- lowing the war, Dr, Schotl organ- ized a new congregation and built a church in Southern Mary|and. In 1951, he was appointed to Cal- vary Method,ist Church in Anna- polis, Md. where ~he had bhe op- portunity of ministering ~o a large num, ber of m, tdshlpmen,, ollicel.-S and professors from the Naval Ac ademy. In the summer of 1954. Dr. Scholl was .selected by the World Mel;hodist Council as an exchange minister to the Park Avenue Meth odlst Chulxhh in Northampton, En,gland. The honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by t~he Amain|can Uni- versity in 1955. Dr. Scholl was married to Viola Sweigert of Akron, Ohio in June of 193I, the year Mrs. Scholl grad unfed from Axbury College At- tending the A*meriean University graduate school with her husband Mrs. Scholl earned the M. A. de- gree in the field of Philosophy . The S ~choll's have one daug~hter, Gweneth Lynn, who has finished her first year of ~tudy at Drew Unive~.~ity i,u Madison, N. J, Town Lions Band For Trip $1,000 New York H. Clay McCormick, secretary of the Charles Town Lions Club, is shown presenting John Pestun, director of Charles Town High School Band, a check for $1,000 to help defray the cost of the band's trip to New York to play for the Lions Intern~tion~l con- vention being held there this week. The lmad marched in the paxade Tuesday and will pla~ at the opening session held in Mgdl- son Square Garden Frtday morning. Also going from Chaxles Town w~s Miss Darlene Hef[ner, dgughter of Mr. George Heffner aad Mrs. William Perks on the District Float. The band will return to Charles Town Friday. James, 2, minora- Amos S. Elmore, 78 1, Va. lacera~tions of of ~tongue to both el~bows,i vas rushed to Loud-' in Leesburg morning ,an opera ormed ~to correct Lhe of his k,~ee. victims were the C~,arles Town where all of Nancy Jatmes were ,trea%men,t and said the accid- When James driving RouLe 9, made a 340 across t'he in fron.t of ,McDon- was ~rave'ling ,to- Va. James was Chevrolet, w~hile 'a 1959 Ford said a charge of Wrong side of Lthe been placed agains~t to ,the ~two ears $1,500 Trooper number of people Charles TOwn Tues to ~tlhe' Red Cross w~hen i't op~ed dona~t.ions ~t the ~a House despi,te watt, her and al- 8 pin,ts were co,1- 137 persons offer- of 19 ~h~ad to ,be reasons. several ~t:her mos~ of Tuesday's of the 118 contri- irst ,timers and an- to give blood who has been donor, made the and Phy- Blue and Shir ~he one-gallon ~.dministra:tive visit ~a~cn III,, Cha9 Ch~imnan; Mrs. George R. Heidvich, Execuive Sac retary; Admiral ~George R. Coop- er, Blood Program Chairman; ffVlrs. J. D. Yowell, Blood Program V, ice-chairman; Mrs. Donald K. ~Mo~nityre, Secretary. Registrars, Snowden Durham, Carolyn Leavitt. Lalbelers Mrs. Joseph Christian, Mrs. Clarence 'Hobart. ~HosLesses, .Mrs. Glen Brown, tMrs. W. P. C. Perry, Mrs. Floyd Owen,s. T:~pist, Sydney S~hirley. :Motor Corp: Nina Ramey, Adm. George R. Cooper. Ca,~teen, *Mrs. Lacey Bailey, ,chrm. M~ls.s Ann Aldridge, ~VI~ss Ann Lloyd Baylor, Mrs. Brown l%is sler, !Mrs. J~hn Kelley, Mrs. Brooke B,l,~ckford, Mrs. Lacey Bail ey, Mrs. Kenna Alger, Mrs. Eliza .Mil,ton. Nurses: Mrs. Don~Id K. MIn- ,tyre, VhaixTnan; Mrs. John Porter- ,field, Mrs. l~ul M~l~on, Mrs. Don ald Webb, Mrs. Jules Langlet. The complete 1,i~ of blood d(xn- ors w~ll be ptlbllshed next week.