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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
June 30, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 30, 1966

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........... HIGHWAY SAFETY IS EVERYONE'S JOBI SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 1966 Horst, Bill Welch, Bruce Linton,]owned and operated by ........ ...~,~.~ ~-.l~n.~.~ Rodney Horst, James Linton and Reininger, is specializing in r,~D~a~n~, ~.v=.,ax L~u~ou~. Steve Linton. and die making, tool r~ ~a] ~ 'The Senior Heifer Calf exhibit- I welding and metal frab ic~ ..................... '~ "" INC n ed by Barbara Walker was de-~The business operation was l~x "~t~ j~~ul, t x--u.ox~t~na~ ,~u.~ • " i M b Mr Rein ..................... By Henry W. Morrow I clared champion of the show by/chased n ay y . zlu ~orm t, eorge treet - t~narles lOWIl, ~, v~ ~,, judge, Dr. John Butcher. John[ and since then he has been Zip Code 25414 Milton had first place in Junior / the process of re-organizing it ; ;r Heifer Calf Division, Barbara/expanding it's operations. ,- ,-, ]Walker in the Senior Heifer Calf/ Reininger said in addition READ BY MORE THAN Z'/'~D(K) PEOPLE HUMPHREY'S FUTURE which wou!d suggest to me that Division, Bruce Linton in the] Ol~ndorff, two other men are ." It is now widely assumed i- the I the President will probably pickI ]Junior Yearling and Jerry Walker/ employed at the plant, with a Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffice so-called better inforn~ed poi'i'tical a running mate who is not soI in the Senior Yearling Class. / itional personnel to be hired - -- - " c_~..o,,i-olo~ ,~, ¢ -,.~tho ~.....c....~n ....... ,;~ ---~P~*", closel, y identified with ,the Pres-. i J Clarke Taylor,. Secretary. of the/ soon as the new machinery; ,~ ~ ~ T,,.~,,,,, ~ .T,hn~,n ,,m ] ident's own policies. Let s face lt:] ]Holstein Assoclatmn; Dotty Rems] euoiDment which has been NATIONAL NEWSPAP[ ,.. ,~.. n ...... ~ ....; .... ¢,., l if the Vietnamese situation Is still/ burg, Manager West Virginia Hell chased, can be installed ~-~ ~ [A~¢~TI~M ~res~i'~len~'=i'~'l"9~an~"'a's~sucla" Iwith us in 1968 the President ]s :-. Istein Sale; W. E. Walker, Dele-/ | ['~l]~l~l~J] ~ ~| [-~'~"~-~'" wm b- ree'iected and' that ¢2~'!g°ing to be scouting around for a ~. [ gate to the National Holstein Con| V,,I,,41,o^ {^.,oI,,-- r_,., ...... "" " v " • " ' I II " ~ ~ Vieo Prouiden? l~umnhrev villi running mate who can add more • I entmn, Burton Phlllps, President| JI~|I~LII¥1~ Olgl¥11*~ [: II ~ e'~ntinu-~-in-t~i-~-rol-e-n~'-~)]ce Pres-] to the ticket than Humphrey • I West Virginia Holstein Associat-| • idont under .Inhn~nn nnd that] offers. With the poss]bfllty of ~ [ on, Sam Donley, the host for the[ T/~ R$ ~lVi~l Frll~Rv ~' MAX BROWN, General Manager i3;in ]ohnson%vhlen eavor the presidency itself hanging ,n l even!ng; Dr• R O Kelley West|'" "" "--"" " v~rt~, ~-~g~ltl N,Tz,~e lh2¢li*~t~* H~N[Ry MORROW. Assoe Editor to pass the presidency on to] the balance Johnson is not apt • I Vlr.gmla . University Specialist| N ~t~ 1~ @L__L--.J /%dl,. ~'~'~ ~ ..... "~ .........."-- ...... .......... " ......... e'" As t- -n- first as- i to take anv ........ chances This does ~ I umry anu tirayson ~owers, t~Ol-| 0*.~U _3111 U11C[11 L011g Hump!, y:. ~ , ~ e -. i not mean that the President ~ |tein Fieldman all made brief| r sumpuon, mere are tew aouoters. . National Advertising Rejla~entatlve, American As to the second there are some would humble himself to the ex- 1 Irema'ks" / Announcement was m~de ................. ~ ~,,,*. ~.,~ ~r,,ffi York d~,,h~o~s h,~ scarcely enough at itent that he would pick Robert ~e~ ] Mr. and Mrs. Donley were very| nesuay oy o~nclais of bnepr ~ewapaper ltepre~emauvt~, ,at,:., ~ xum ~.~, ..... YY.--7. .... .-~ - ~ ~";. I .7 .... ~. ~, ........ ,~ ,^__ ... m / ~racious host and hostess for thei College that the Selective ~er ele~ tins time to warrant counting ,e,,euy. .e ovum to o . . . . . Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta- Sa- Fmmelseo - Los h ag Humnhrev ,ut t- the third]someone not too identified per- [ evemng and at the conclusion of[ examinations whmh were to t ............. assumption, there ~s considerable / sonally with the Kennedy follow. • | the i.eeUng served refreshm t [ beengiven at the college last SUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Ir., rills laem. w. va. xax doubt, not so much over whether [ ing but nevertheless identified • / in s m an annum event tor t e| nay, out nao to oe postponed, ..... ~ , tlomtein proaueers of the area be given Friday morning, be ~ ', the President will try to pass the l with the Kennedy thinking..f [~ ~ o,n ;. ,~.]..a ¢ .... a ÷ .... a] ..;....+ ~ ~, -..;.^ ~ ...... . v,.~ m,,a,,~o -ws or AdvertisLn Denartments nresidencv on to Humnhrev but/thi~ should han,~en as there is / • .......~ ...........~ .... _'l ..... s o~ o: .................... xv, ~,,~,,.~..=,. .............[,~.,-,, "--" eve- whether or not he can' /-oo~ reas--- t- ~eliev- 't ..,ill the ' , ] year with great anticipation andl the library at the college. JL~IAL 'l~O ~O~O or 'Izo-~uff~ x • i s u u. u ~ ~ w , l / ;., .... + l .... ~-- fe:~ifi: :n~eelagn~scap%thl/:~ser~fPhu~Y star will have burnt ~ ..... .. W U , . , than a hunch, that, barring the i But even if this should not --" ] ~ewsl~r A{] | same students who held admis~ death or disability of the Pres-]happen, there is no no really Mr and Mrs Leonard Ruble and Philadelphia Rotary Club, The] i tickets for last the exam ......... , .... ,, [ident while still in office, Vice]sound basis for believing that family " ]English Speaking Union, along B.__~.z_ T_.I.I | .......... s. UM'MeK , [President Humphrey will not i Johnson could or would be able Rev." and Mrs William Reed, lwith several other foundations, I~ill~[li~/010 |ic~e~ulevflilOrelaSt ~r~lay an(l: y, w t D aum tteu to make it to the White House. lto pass the Presidency on the Mr and Mrs ~r'illiam Boyd and] organizations and interested indi-~ , • ] a ................. , Summer has made its appearance, and from now on vac~t- I There is nothing personal abofit I Humphrey in 1972. The Kennedy Mr: and Mrs Robert Webb of [ viduals, were involved in the Rv ]A~n A~e~u~l~An ] ex mma,on~ tm~ rxm~y, z~ U bVUII ~OVSIUIIVII staten ion oases of every form and description will take a beating. |this• Frankly, I like Hubert I following in the country is great Shenandoah Junction spent Wed-Itour by lending support. , $ / • Only the reor)ening of schools immediately after Labor Day I ann personally regard h!m as [ and is expected to grow, and nesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. [. The. students were entertm.ned Growth of the two Lytton sav-[ R an q,h, to dim"" Y . _ , ... -I • I "~ a ' r "n "g 'Y. .. "" .-1 e a good ' p "n chairman, Lyton Financial CorpI ~~ nace, that is the way it is. Perhaps this feature was a~ded as] Most of the speculation on ] do so. Make no mistake about it, and Mrs. raul Ring and family,| American College students abroad', oration, in California , ! ~~..~.-~i~i~ a r~minder to those who ~ro all out for summer that all good] Humphrey s chances of h~gherl President Johnson is a master of Mrs. Kenneth Ring of Mlddleway/ and when they were introduced ~ ................... ,¢¢~¢] ~~~.:~t~ an end / political office are based on the I the art of compromise and of the Mrs. Dorothy Arnett, Mrs. Edith] to the Mayor in Nottingham, Eng ] ,,~'~;~,'~."~'~',e~o~,~;'~.,'~, ] ~~ii!i~ ...... o .................. 1 now generally accepted premise [ art of divide and conquer. Jones of Martinsburg and Mrs./land, he commented on their neat ! ~,'~" ~,~ "~,~'~.~'~'~"~. I ~!~ ................. "'~;'..,,,.. that he will be the President's/ All of this leads me to the Robert Whitmore of Kearneys-/appearance and on the boys' ~':'--':_ "---'::~:E-"-:~"-""~:h~"-~,-~"-~;I ................ • ,, tOES pYOVlUlllg LIIU II~I.IlIIIUI-I(-. Ol [XPANDIN5 3~IAL M:LIUKiiY running mate in 1968. This I/reasoned conclusion that the vllle. . ..... ]"clean-cut hair. successful financial enterprise, hel I~),~/'! '~t/'~o seriously doubt In(iced, I would[ Hum hre star 1 n a i uur sympamy goes out ~o ~lr mt~ ~ o • . • . ' . • . p y "s ow t "ts • The Drexel Variety Singers was told the California Newspaper .~ v o ths a o the Martmsbur Journal edltormhzec! even go so far as to predict that zenith and that the man who will and Mrs Raymond Breeden Jr ] ~. ~;,o÷ ....... , ^..,,;.~.. ~, ............... ~rl .......... A m n . g g • | • 4/ ; ....... "~ ~,,~ -,-o~ s~,,-t, u. ,-~.~..,.a. u~,.- ~mveruslng ~xecutlves AsSoclat-I irritatea ann mtmmea trom to the effect that the Department of Health Education ano he will not be. Such a prophecy[succeed Lyndon Johnson in 1972 nott er (l rn ~eCarl ~leT~n},| dents to sing at Winston Churc- ion's convention• ] toomu. TV, sun, wind, dust 1 be well advised to establish a branch office ]n is not pure speculation There are/is at this moment largely un , ss~ hill s -rave ^ ...... ¢,.,,,.~, at " , A, Welfare wou d • - "- " Swartz of Leetown ~ • .~ s---v ......... - "No m ter wnat media we may t;iear u Eastern Panhahdle of West Virginia tc meet the demands already signs ]n the wind. Therei known,, not Hubert Humphrey, , • ] many had sung there previously• l choose to com-'lement our basiYc] P the . . ,, • ,, • • ,- • ........ :-: .... "- *,-;~ ~,~,,m fur information and xs, at the moment no rea; reason/ not rtooert Kennedy, but a man ............ ] Tim ;s a graduate of Colhngs onrnnni~rn ~ nl~a,eu ~t~rt w|th[ ]niust~s~ndswlth lib lit bltl*~ ~.t ~.,.. ................ . ' ". 4-. ~ .+. ' an~ neens el Ll~e @iLize t" ~"'lev^ that t'~e Vietnamese" who-- star -+ thls m .... + ~'--~~~,~.~:,-~, ...^_. m-~. ~.,.^., and - do-he --....--~..., ........ a ........... I • sterile • • sln the man matters that are now ...... . , and stay with newspapers and assistance in pro~s g. ..... Y ............ ~ matter will be settled to the| scarcely begm to rme kJlklkl|klg*~ /m°remDrexelsSch°°l°fEngmeiour-rin, adve.=ln- eme :ol Ymme £1 W S ~%OUIIU " b Social ecurl we believed idea a ., affected y Y- . - ...... country'ssatisfaction by 1968l areawhonknownur i InNNINII ) ering, majoring in mathmetics I ..... _ .. - i .... ram, t~ . •. ~. ~ __i ....... _, ,. .......... .~ ..... ;.. ~vlardnsbur,~ . m•mramuum,v~ t • )eons~ruc~ our campaign, Ly~tonl eyearoi~ ll~]v'mia'ofl wnen 1~ was ilrs~ auv~tnceu uy uu~ ~,v,m~ ,- e,, " Charles Linde Smith Tim's "- -- Doctor. " and now with the advent of Medicare we believe the idea even slate- brother in law Mr and Jackson Linda Pi-'e- Le^ °-llinMrs. Pauline eLL 1- dunker brothernwas named b' sam. • • ] recommended ....... .. ~ ___ " . ~. - - , ., , ~., ~ z~u - l y s , ~ ,~ytton newspaper a~vertising isl since 19~7 ~~ more plausable. At the presen ume ~oclm ~ecurl~y ma er, Mrs. Charles Nuneville and dau [ son, Ellen Grove, Nancy Grove, ~~)~i,i:~i~ ] Congressman William T• Cahill' "considerably more" than half anl affecting citizens of this area are processed in Wlnches[er,. ghter, Michelle. The Nuneville's [ Walter Browells. A wonderful ,tFR~ ....... LAcT ~EEK~, i as the principal appointment to annual annro,~riationvv v which excee i c5" Virginia. To be sure, representatives from the Winchester;live in Alexandria, Va. ] evening was enjoyed by every one ~,..~,., p...t~r / the Air Force Academy in Colora ds $1,700,000 annually "~] oiceofalassorplast,o bottle •v,~it.Tof" ~" ferson Count two or three times a month and Mr. Dale Gageby, son of Mr.Ipresent. A delicious lunch was ...... ".-','.~ ...... / do. He left by jet from Newark Lytton ~ave this newsnaner canal ,.-,,,, o,-,~- °~:~ie accordine: to our in~Yormatiola, Berkeley County four Charles Gageby writes home from [serVed and Judy received many ~..~rs..t,ueme utt was Hostess to| June 27 along with 30 other boys. lpaign the~ major share%f credi-tI r r~r=~ ~::~rt~ ~r~r~ ........ a ~tamey party a~ ner nome on Linatended the Universitot .... inl ,~.,,.,~,~o ~v,,~,, ,, .,-, ....... ,- ~-.~ "~ ~.. + .... -~- -ne has to wait until Vlet Nam that he arrived safely ln]ce gifts .......... ] Y for a $312 mflhon savings gain ................... ........... • - .......... *~-~ .... +,," he at his dest nat on. His new add-I . a d Mrs. James Jenkins .......... / Y " during the first four months ofl ........ =~ umes a IIIUIILII. 2"~Xll~J, tt, 1:3 t, xu~ vtto~t~ ~t~,J v , " i i " Mr n • Tuesaay n]gnt. Tnose attenalng Delaware last ear on a scholar " - e ~oclal ~ecuHl~ re resentablve t:Ultlt~ bu btt~ ~uttxxoj, D w re s " " - tn , -. Y-, P,~ ...... :;,~ ;, xxr;,,h~÷^.- ~,,+ ;,~ ress is: S~/4 Kenneth D. Gageby]and daughter Karen were dinner . e l vlr_. Annie wilt anu.(laugn-[ ship awarded by the State of 11966. That's one dollar for every] Hallt jl ll can mways go mrec~!y to~ne ~ounL .............. ~.:. .... ~'-~--"~-nd CO A 53rd Sig. Bn. (Corp) I guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. ter, .ArbUtUS, ~wrs. Antomet}e] New Jersey. He also isa graduate l 17 netted nationally for the whole[ iO| ~|N~iNm| many, indeed in mosl;, in stanc?? ~ne persOn?alee~lagb?:lU:^.o APe S. F. 96266. l~red Jenkins, of Maryland• ~c~l~aU~rs an~ose~a~gn~:i)aMiil of Collingswood High School. I savings and loan industry corn-I • ~IVi,I-- V ~P'-- assistance are either pnysmaHy o tma • y ~ g Mr. Thomas Moler has been[ Sorry to hear Mrs. Inez Hawk-"' -'' "~" ...... ia IBoth boys are the grandchild--posed of 4500 insured associations l ~ ~'l~ql,2~JP , anu uaugnters, ~naron and ~nel , even this relatively short distance. " transferred from Fort Jackson inI was a patient in Charles Town o= Chestn .... ill Mrs Vir~inia[ren of the late Mr. and Mrs. Olin]he pointed out. [ ~ ...~ ~~ Social. S cur"h' ,enefits" have under one .'a vast expansion....... Columbia, S C to Fort Campbell[ General Hospital We hope she .~... . u t n , ,. ". .~ .- Bush.. Sr. Mrs. Smith was form- I ..... ~ ..... v ....... ,~on my ..... .... T,,**,n la..... ~" ~*~ ~...-.~- ..... ..,, c ntur . When the Winchester in Kentucky after a two weeklwill soon be feeling much im- wut ana ~augnEr, ~lnay,?t•melerly Miss' Lorraine Bush and al-rowth from -¢14 million to "a! 4L ~'l~ :~'~ uu~,~ ~-~: ~,,,~ qu ~ • leav a o i n "¢ rov moomery, ~ars. eaargaret rmsuer, . • ~, ",... ,, - office was created many years ago it was probably larg.e e t h me. H s~ewaddress LIp e.d., .. Mrs Nellie eden, Mrs Pauline]graduate°f.Um°n Memorial Hos lthree.quarter billion dollar bus-I l~ PVT Thomas W ~,~,~ J~atner s Day was well remem pltal in ~alumore lnes com lex as another exam le ~ enough to service the area it was supposed to cover. But US 52674191 " ] ............... " Ott'and niece, Lisa O len, Mrs.[ • I" s P P I I~ Ihl seems to this newspaper that both good managemen.t and 592nd Transportation Co I ~Fl~a:letnne nom~ ~o~ ::~nlvm- Ott and niece, Lisa eden. Mrs .......---T--~T~'~...... I of the use of art in newspaper I ~--~. I~.-I good government would be better served by the location oz Light Truck " / e-. him A real ,.io.i. ai .... gl~: Arietta Penwell was demonstra-] 1 ~ Attended .olstem I auverusing, the convention theme I //~,i~i0M)l~l I~ 1 a corresponding regmmd office in this immedmte area. Fort Campbell, Kentucky, 42223.1served on the lawn and a real old tor._,_ Games were played an.d_re-I _ . I.___,. ^_L- ,,..... i L~/f" I ] Mr and Mrs Andrew Ca ' / fashione c n r ' n1 zresnmentS serveu. ~vtrs. ,xose- Twllnht'- At I I I . . vaher d ou t y din er was a 1 . [ rr~nK t~lOrH r anlger .., ................. -- ..... ,~..,~Pl~ and family of Brunswick, Md .......... bud McDamel won the door, ,.,..1~$,,. ,,~..n. W55Kiv um~ixua'um-m~ ,.am~ m.ammm.m~x .m in rea(~ymess zor me ZOIKS. ~very -rize Eve--one had an enjoy I I _ _ I ~ ~ ~ i WLLI~t-/ I Lw, rilrl.nj I]i/4111 IILMVldlJ spent the weekend visiting with/one was well taken care of and P-• " . ") ,. , ,. ,, , I I -" • . Mrs. Cavalier's parents, Mr. and] ~ift~ of al, kina ,,~-r- ~'iv-n +- Mr aom evening. [ Lloniev rarm Mnn v i a~ll~l~ll/WI ~vmll~ll] ] ~m~rulrna~-~n mm^.l| Weekly newspapers in the Umted States experienced Mrs Stanley Eye | wat ~.o..o..; ..... ~,~. ;.. +~. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wiley and I a i ] m~.,~, r~r~-~ t'/raldll$] 50 : increase in circulation from 195 through 196 , the C ,URCH ANNOUNCEMENTS daughter, of Charles Town, were I One hundred persons attended lizard4 g ar gailtnum I latest .vear for which figures axe available, according to the The MYF met Monday night at| liam Wilt, Mr and Mrs I,ester Sunday visitors of the former s] ~he 1966 Holstein Twilight Meet-I """''" '"" """ ....... / OiATI HAIR ~ ~i 1966 National Directory of Weekly Newspapers, published the home of Wayne and Linda/W!lt, Mr. and Mrs_ Frankie An- PaFl~nts, Mra a..nd Mrs. Charles] .ng heldon the Sam Donley FarmI Frank Orndorff, an experienced/ *|ATS FAT O last month by American Newspaper Represen anves, Inc. Cogle. Refreshments and enter-/gem, Mr. and Mrs. tiuilford Turn- w~t, y anu z m,y.. •. . / near ~nepnerustown eaonaay, i tool maker, who worked for / e ll Mrs t'atsyDavlason anu ocordin to the 1955 directory, in 1953, 8,400 weeklfes had tainment were enjoyed by all pre-/ r and fam' y, Mr. and Mrs. An- _ _.. ...... ) June 27. / some years with the Victor Pro-/ VMIEY llhRDWhRF £( "*'~ ~" " • • elo Mr Ste he An el n M aaugnter, aamty ann son, Jimmy, ~ .................... ~ .... , +,+o] .;.-.,,l~+i,~., ~¢ 17.2 milllon The 1966 directory lists sent. ig , • p n g o a d r ................ The Junmr Black and White/ducts Company, is managing the/ ~or:~9641ii¢~mewSi~t0~n~esi:ci~ll~nlf t2~-mWelik:~les and dThegOhff~l:Bo;sd.~et W:d?:I Kevm Angelo. ieleJ~is!: Co!iJl::if ]e~ennrd: ll:WngaSiChethhighl~lg:tin~f lehe] le~eilff:~st°ntTFll~W}:rny~la°" [ 121 W. Washington St. semi-wee ) " of officers of the Board was held ~=-'- ~g~lll~l Kati]y g sons exhibiting cattle: John Mil-/ age, on U. S. Route 340, near/ Charles Town, W. Va. ................ ~ also, study began on the booklet .. • ........... ton, Barbara Walker, Jerry Walk-[ Halltown. / ,, ,, Mr ana Mrs Tnomas wiley OI / Ifl YM TA/[I r, AI nUI Our Witness In One World _. • , , =' .. ~; er, PhillipChrisman,Ronald| The new business which is Telephone 72a-5113 ~v~mlmm m~m.mum~v N v Our Vacation Church Sclaool ~nenanaoan Juncuon, were ~aon- day evening visitors of Mr. and "Advertising not only hangs the carrot in front of the will begin August 8 and run Mrs. Floyd Simons Mrs. Walter Kuhn, Jr. donkey s nose but it nurtures and cultivates the carrot. Of through August 12. All youth and Sunday dinner guests of Mr. course there are many who would prefer that the donkey be teens are urged to attend, and Mrs. Frank Bell and family inspired by loftier motives. But practical people know t!mt Mr.. and Mrs. Johnny Bowers, were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Magaha, ~~1~t~11 Kenneth and Randolph Anders, of near Charlestown, Mr. and Mrs. IN donkeys will travel farther and faster in pursuit o1: wt}a / ur' 'TklIIT u. m Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simons, Mr. Johnny Brechett and three sons, they like rather than what some sociologists like• Or to put . CHARLES uu:: /nu/ lilLL and Mrs. Scottie Johnson, Dixie of the Bloomery, Mrs. Kenneth it another way, advertising spurs us to the attainment of ......................... ,, .., . .. . wutsmre, tiary ~ager, r~arl" reacn" - many, though certainly not all;of the things that make life ~lrs. tie2,[gla ~el.[l er and son Clifton and Bill Black Wiltand Mrs.and daughter,Wilbur BellDianne'and fam-Mr" TOWN worth living. And even if it offends the sensitivities of the ~z'~~ ford of Halltown and Mr. and fly, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wiley and sensitive, it putts new products the market and keeps the ,. ,.,.~ ,~ ^~. ~.., ...~ Mrs. Jerry Fink of Middletown, family and Mr. and Mrs. Philip good ones there. It makes jobs and profits and pays the tab . Md. motored to Roanoke, Va. and eden and daughters, Marssh and ~und ven'n it- M . .. ptayea a uouo e neauer so t oal Lisa. for more public enlightenment than the detractors of adver- ramuy~ ay Ore ~vmlvi] g w~e nWerer anoV]Slt°rSMrs ....... 1 ......... f" "- 1 ...... • _ .. • game loosing the first game to Mrs. Nellie Oden and son, Billy tising could ever hope to provide.' James ~omoro anu ~r. ann ~rs. the Roanoke team, but came back ...... Paul Rand Dixon, Chairman ~ames ~oung. A oencious cook-land won the seconn -ame They and granddaughters, Sherry Federal Trade Commission out.:supper .was greatly enjoyed ] are playing under th~ name of Oden, Lisa Oden and Dianne Ott were shoppers at Winchester, Va., oy ~r ann ~v[rs ~ames ~oung . • .. . "." _ , ." [Commercial Credit and Loan in on Saturday. son Bert. Mrs. Gageby returned - ~[rs.. virginia .~ombr0. ~[rs: l Winchester, Va. They were form Mr. Robeert Ott, of Huntington, James ~oung anu Mrs An(ly ~ea~ m~ • • M • Eli home on the train Friday evening ' . .... • . . [erly IIalltown Paper Board They and Mr. Glenn Ott, of Randalls- ., _ • ...... ~ I rcturned home Sunday afternoon• town, Md., were Monday evening N b L ~' Visitors at the home of Mr. and werewLrS ueorglaVlSlt°rs rean~Unaay MrseVenlngrear°r,I Mrs. Thomas Welty and family .... . " Mrs Nell Meade, Arlington, Va. callers of Mrs. Nellie Oden. who has been on the sick list for • . " Mr. Wayne Welty and Mrs. Ruth Clegg Monday ....... ; . .. I visited her daughter, Mrs. Phylhs quite some time, enjoyea me v,s,t ]~ril .... 7,~ ave -ver the weeU phew s night were, Mr. Wayne D'Angelo . " " v ............. ~ " ~~~'~~ of Millville, Mr. and Mrs. Robert with them.' Mrs. Pearl is lmpro-/end He Mr. and Mrs. Blackie Elwood Longerbeam and three daughtrs in g aftera siege of.the.flu;, v ] l~r. and Mrs. Joe Frye, Alex- (', • " . .." ..... ~andna, Va were callers of Mrs. of Bowie, Md. spent Friday after and Mrs. Dave Gageby and dau fflr ana lv~rs aonnme ~ro e . ana sons, Mrs ttacne, tirove, ~v,,ss ....... = ......=-o.,. .... from "600~ifl Tour noon visiting with Mr. and Mrs. ghter and little Miss Debbie Gage- -. -- ~'_ ....... ] Luu~e ~,~.~ ~,u ....... , .... t~ George Gageby and family and by of Charles Town and Mr. and ~ay ~irove an d.~uenand r~ancy| of Arlington, Va. spent the week t, rove were visitors Tnursaay oz| on,~ with hi~ rn~th~r Mrs L * Mr. Howard Ambrose. Mrs. Harold Covert and family of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Higgs andI ~'en,z'"r'{~,;";ni'~;~,¥'; c~,l~,u; Of European CouChes CHILDS---WOMENS Mr. James Mitchell of Newton Winchester, Va. M~ss Rose Grove of Mt. A~ry~ ...................... Sunday "~-" ~%~.~ _/~q~I D. Baker is spending awhile visit Mrs, Stanley Zombro and dau- . ~. The Misses Lucille and Murine Tie or Slip-On ing with his parents, Mr. and ghter Brenda of Falls Church, Mountain; ....... [ Mrs. Willard Willingham, Miss Bush spent the past weekend visit Mrs. B. C. Mitchell and Mrs. Vir. Va. are spending awhile at the M r~ ana)~rs. ~vt~v.ln roper, lvm/ Nancy Willingham, Mrs Paul Ran ing their sister and brother-in-law ~.J NEW BRILLIANT SHA ] ..... • ........ alh and children all enjoyed last Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Smith, ginia Cummings and son Gary. home of Mrs. Zombro's sister's ann Mrs wmlam riper ann ~am. ~ . . ". Uy, ~ur. ana liars. Jonnme lvter- W~rln,~d~ ~t +h. n~.~ RED - GREEN Picnic Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gageby and cer and daughter Carol, Mr. and ~'nen~'~-~a~wi'~min~"~'nd'~'~ Jr. in Collingswood, N. J. Their A picnic dinner was enjoyed family. at the Bardane Community Cen- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longer- £rs'nCalvln>ancast~and:~augh" a"picnic lunch antl"su~per"tlaere nephew Timothy Eugene Smith, ............................... a good t~me was reported by the a student at Philadelphia's Drexel 'SAND - BLUE ter Park in the honor of Mr. Cha- beam and family spent Saturday Longerbeam, i~Ir. and Mrs. Peary Institute has just returned from rles M. Viands and daughter Suz- and Sunday evenings visiting Lancaster met at the home of Mr. children, a seven week "goodwill tour" of ie's birthday, last Sunday. Those with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Longer and Mrs. Perry Lancaster and all Sympathy Europe as a member of Drexel's present were, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whittington of Chestnut Hill, Cla rence Whittington, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nuneville and daughter, Michelle and Mrs. Gary Viands and daughter, Dawn of Bolivar. Games and retreshments were en joyed by all. Mrs. Elizabeth Gageby spent a few days last week in Alexandria Va. where she visited her dau. ghter, son-in-law and grandson, Iz. and Mrs. Donald Hale and beam and family in Millville. Mrs. Betty Kidwiler. Mrs. Mary Engle, Mrs. Calvin Butler and dan ghter, Ida Mary and Mr. Samuel Gageby of Millville motored to Woodbridge, Va. and visited Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nesau and fam. ily. Mrs. Audrey Gageby, who had been spending the week with her daughter, Mrs. Nesau, returned home with Mrs. Kidwiler. Miss Suzan Viands returned home offer a week's visit with her enjoyed Father's Day. Birthday Party Miss Judy Piper enjoyed the celebration of her 15th birthday with a party. Those assisting with this occasion were Carol Lancas- ter, Gerald Renolds, Fred Ash- baugh, Garry Piper. Mr and Mrs. Teddy Jackson. David Piper, Rog- or Piper, Paul Pearl, Stanley Jenkins, Dale Manuel, Denny Manuel, Sha on McDaaiels, Diane I want to extend sympathy to Mr. Calvin Bennett and family in the death of his wife, Mrs. Betty Boyd Bennett who passed away Tuesday morning in the Kings Daughters Hospital in Mar tinsburg. Mrs. Lucille Brown and Mrs• Wanda Ring of Middleway, attend ed the Seventh Anniversary ser- l vices at the Gerrardstown Metho- dist Church on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p. m.. They also called on Variety Singers, comprised of 40 young men and women chosen from the larger glee club at the school by auditions• Their itineary included stops at Bristol, Salisburg, London, 0x. ford and Nottingham in England; Cardiff in Wales; Dunfermline in Scotland; the areas of Detmold and Bonn in Germany; Amster- dam, Rotterdam and Margaraten in the Netherlands" The City of Philadelphia, the MEN'S or BOYS' LOW TOP TENNIS SH'O . CONVERSI