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June 29, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 29, 1961

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I ~ , , -[ and son of Alabama. Mr. Donald-1 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON vamvtns son is in the Air Force and was J4 A - THURSDAY JUNE ! THIS WEEKS NEWS IN I stationed in Germany for six men- i -- ' :::~:, :~:?;:~ ~:~:: ::::.-. ~:~::~ .z ~ .... f~-::::::i~::i -- , ths and now they plan on making| ....... ........................ Ao~o [ ~ ~ | [their home in South Carol)na. [ Master Paul Dalley spent a few Eastern rannandm bow ................................ i Ai~i~i~alW Ill '1 I [ Masters Christonher and Clin- days this week with his cousin, tion District through a ~ARUES TOWH. W. VA. lld~i:: '~ '~i~:~.~,~ .... I- .......... lot n Nicely of Worthing.. Ohio Master Bobby Gruber. ~ dum of understanding. ---- ~~ fly Mrs. Key ~reeaen Telephone ~ab-J |spent last week with their grand- Lawn Festival Aug. 12 the District supervisors ............................ [ "--" ~ , " mm :. ~-arents Mr and Mrs Har,',, L Triluminor Lodge No 117 A F Fish and Wildlife Service. fOR ,EACHIN~ THE BUVIHa VOWER OV aEVV.RSON COUNTY AHD ALt I "~~~~ I Mrs Phyllis Viands who has Ranson, Mr and Mrs Clyde Hehle INicely" - ........ lanp~.?:?v;.~,l, 2gi?aTw2w,va2 .zonpL aL% Nxcxe l ....................... i .... ~--i~ .... , Mr and Mrs LEWIS i~ JenKins,~u~u~ s~, soux az~ ~ua~ ux ~t~ ~uu ua~o a,,,~ ~,,.,, SURROUNDING AREA~ Fur~ .uu~ .na~ ,,o .r.~. I ~ ~ U,~ ~. ~,, I-- 'been a patient in the hospital for and son of Rippon Mr. and Mrs. o,a a~,,.~,.. " ~,~a.o "T .... ~e lodge hall I acre R~.AD EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN [ -- " I several days returned to the home Floyce Rickard and son, Mr. and I~'~,~"~v'~','~,~ ,~=,'~'~'~o,"~--'~,~o",~ I -Mr anti Mrs Josenh Gruber I ,v~,~ ~o~ .... ~,~ ~od by: M --FI AL ............................. a .................. ~ ............ a ....... oc~ ew~r~ m~m~ _ ]JEFFERSON VS ARX N Iof her parents on Wednesday. Mrs. Lyle Furr and son, Mr. and I ....................... ,~^- |and sons Jackie and Bobby Mr I ............ -~ ab0 ---- ---- I In this fifth and final install- ] lvirs, tsIanca James woo came to Mrs. Jmmn J~reeoen anu tamuy oz ! ...... ~ ~u, land Mrs Lawrence "Larry" Pier- I ,,,,,n~ lmm.m ,rtili~ PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY i ment of this series of articles I [the.state from Rome(Italy receiv- Charle?s Town, Mr; and Mrs. El: ]"~l~ir"~an~l'-~irs Leonard Evans Ice and Mr. George Gruber were ] acre:~hiswi~l*increase BY THE JeVVEREON eUaLmmNO COMeAHY nNC. ask the reader to indulge me in a ea ner papers on eaonaay saying wooo t~re~en anu tamny an~ .... : ....... "_ ............ nSunda,, dinner -uests of Mr and -- "- ........ SECOND CLASS ,orrA~E eA,D AT CHARLES TOWN. W VA. ]few personal observations. In writ she had become a citizen of the Mrs. Mollie Hilliard of Rippon, [~ weregSun'dayZsu;;Ifgue2~sl;~lMrs ~rnol0 Da~ey and fa~ly of Ingsh~ggl~ 7ra~Igemgtoodv --- -- ling this series I have not been [ United States. _ _ _ Mr..and Mrs. .Howard Hough and i Mr" and Mrs Irvin E Moreland [ near Summit Point. | by the end of one growi~ EIPIRIT ESTABLISHED IS44 " ADVOCATE ESTABLISHEDlea~$ concerned with literary excellen- ~ars. unarms James wno nas tamuy oz t~aotetown, Mr. an~ Mrs. I ~r',: o,,a ~:.o ^ c, "~] ..... ~,'a I ~ I -- COMBINED MA CH I S I.,,, ~T~.r have I tried to sa,, an,, I been hvmg in New York for some Wflham Whetzel and Mr Sonny l V, / ..... I ...... I -- c ..... a J" son ueorge returnee nome ~rmay RUMMAGE SAIL~ thin- that is new or startling, t time has returned to Ranson to Miller of Beltswlle, Md. [ ........... / ~ ~lrllllrl}lg/ I; rm Pantie I t s ~,. . azter a wonoerzut visit mrougn --m ~VlMIlll~'lUl|ll 1Vll~l~ ~ : MAX BROWN, EDITOR What I have tried to do in this live with a daughter Mrs. Mildred Everyone had a wonderful get the New England States They vis[ ] - OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREE'r -- TELEPHONE Z== column for the past five weeks is [Marshall. ... to.gether. .... ited many places of special inter-[ &~,bAJ.~M|&k D,,,,, [ .Therew~llbe a R~mre~ ~ "- "resent in the sim"lest lan-u [ Celebrated His Eighth Birmuay ~wr. and ~rs bpencer weich I ~ I OIULR~U WIIII D~33 ! at me uiu renney ~tuL : ........ tAs the West has suffered defeat[the evening by playing horse-urday. Tink'and his buddies spent IHospital after an operation. She[~ FRIDAY- SATUrRDAY- SUND~ Before so very many more weel~s [dave passe~ j after defeat, in Asia, in Africa, in I shoes. _ ...... br nner the day on the river fishing. Lit- [ is doing very nicely. [ ~ Congress of the United States will adjourn Its first ses- South America, a neutral obser-I rs ~acquet! e .~ tle Bruce Webb returned homeI Mrs. Marshall Stickles is a pa-|~ . A q~ ... 'i stun." It will have considered., matters ranging ~rom trivial, vet" might," indeed,.' wonder wneth.'./ and ~augnter" w~n mrs. m!zav.em~ with' his" dad" after spending the I tient in the Charles" " Town Gener" . | X -- z~ x . appropriations for acquimtmn of lands for the Intermr or I er or not there is some truth,.m / MerrDacK o~.~umDer~,ana: ,u ~ past week at the home of his I al Hospital. / ]~ ........ Postoffice De artments to such far flung projects as billions the communis~ c mim, ot toe . ~n:low~.:~u~-~ .~,~. 7ug:,,,~ a-o~-~,~~ grandfather. [ Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Cave, and[ K 1[ 1~ jr ~ II" l[ ~ i P " flit ot nisto and ml m ~,~,u~ ,,~,~ o- ~,,, ..... a .... - -- e,. ,,-~i~,~ .ia That is as it should be. and at some ao-[evltao y ry . .. g / ....... ,,....., ,~.o ~ n,ooa Mr. and Mrs. David Webb wRh[daughter Glenda of Martinsburg[~ ~~1 ~.~ ~ ~ ~"~ ~'~'~'~'" -"~ " -wonder whether or not mere ~,u~ w,~,, ~,~, ,,,u ~,~,o. ,~ ,~,~,,- nronriate moment a Representative will rise in the HouseI ................ [en and children . little Bruce visited at the home[were Sunday callers at Mr. and/~ ~' ~' I !, L 1 i - -.,- ~ .............. ~_~ .... .~ ~.~.~ +~,,~ ~mignt oe trum in me ciazm matI .... of Mrs Webb's grandmother Mrs IMrs Earl Harter's |~ ~L J~.~L__~JL__.~ I~ and a ~enamr wnl use ]n ~ne upper Wna~,,~. a.u ,.,~.~ ~"~ '. communism renresents the wave/~reeuen ~eumon ~ ,, b ...... ^. ,~,: ...... ,,r^a'l ~,L _..a ~,.. ~ ..... ,,r 1,^ |~ ....... " " " - " heir J~, JUI, O~.JUIL~ UI DUIIVd Ell UIA" V1, alIU 11~, ~:rcul~c YY, I~,U- " motmn that will make the fzzst sessmn a matter of the lof the future. What can we do to/ The Breed en family held t .... a ...... ,,~, liana ,f Winchester wero Ratnrdav [S ~x, xvv ~o~ ~TT~ ~ ')~ ~7~ ast. Anticipating the arrival of that moment, may a small !stop this tide that has all readylreunjon on bunuay dune 25th at "'\~_""- ~-"":':~," - ...... I -- "" . : .. --m---&-.7",o J.~,xx,~x o~,a,o ~x,,~,w~,~ xv ~-/o -." P ........... A in a surr restion 9 When that I ..... one third of the neonle / the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Mr. anu vzrs. t lIl bmanwood ] supper guests oz Mrs. toni enav t VALUABLE PREMIUMS. and sons of Loveland, Ohio spen r I ~ F r if civilization is Breeder near Rzppon. To start the moment comes may the leadershap of both Houses be p e- of the world: o ..... [ ........ " "~'ere were twent,, the weekend with Mr and Mrs [ Mr. and Mrs. Allen Creamer of ~ THAT IS 6c ON 10 GALS OF GAS. larelttOnd am2 skl l n l le3ofurW ilhee egi aat Ve2tar :n :; !tamO;e t th!![e~v~a~d~]m~U~mUr~st~nl[ ~ra:((cl~dlel~s[here w~ WI[~:d:m:l~v~v~d. ThllrV~ritlllMft:vlla~f Mduandck,Ml~i. HwiledI t ASK FOR PREMIUM CATALOGUE et or so for the purpose of enacting legislation to deal withi .... .... a ,.,., ...nod back[ Tables were placed in the yard on Wednesday I Thursday supper guests of Mr. S See the Variety of Things You Can posmb!e, preszdentm! d,sabl!ity. .............. land so thoroughly discredited that/with plenty .of food for everyone t ~aMr~te~rrdfMl~IchJe.steRUn~ol~ I an Mr A en A Childs I I ' "~'---'~[-- '. In ~nls age oI ln~:erconunen~ai Dalnsuc missiles ll; is ] the names of Marx and Lenin may/zrom me Old country nam to u ag , , ~ - r " now possible for this nation'to be basking in the sunlight !be listed with those of Nero and[ pretty cakes Those helping them spending some time with Mr. and land daughter Mary Lynn were I~ A T I A U T I r g A q I I peace one minute, and under heavy physical bom- Hitler as symbolic of all that is/selves to the food were Mrs. Gee- Mrs. Ralpn mcCamey, wnue [ ~unaay runner guests ot ner me- ~ 1~ l I~ Pt !1 'l 1 ~ ~ M ~ V LII ! If. ' . " " t s later God forbid that such an ,m and sinister /rge Breeden and son George, Mr. [there they are visiting Mrs. rmm-[mer ~vtrs..roni ~enaven. ONE OF THE BEST REGIILAR GASOLI ] rdment fifteen mmu e e """ " - ...... " " a re and Mrs Bert Rickard and son fola relatives ~vtr an~ ~v[rs tmne t~rown, Chip ~ T entuahty should come, but ff ]t d~d come our response It seems to me that it xs pp P/and dau'hter Mr and Mrs Lee Mr Robert'S ringer who is em[Morris of,the'Leetown road and o ON THE MARKE . , of the Presadent of the United riate here to list some of thee g I P [Mr a d Mr D n [~all but~'holly rathe hands ...... reasons ~ m,n~ ............. ~,~ ~,," -ot, retard the! Breeden and daughters, Mr. and [ployed near Washington spent the 1.. n . s. o m!d O_Schill" and ]~ --~ ~'~ ~l |rates, Suppose, zor any numoer oz ]magmame , ' ] .................. ,~-~. |Mrs Roy Breeden and sons of 'weekend home with his family. ]]9onna,aean an~ t~ltty ~ane motor I~ 1 II ' 9 growm or spreau u~ ~um,,,u,.~,. - |e is unable to act. It seems inconceivable to us tha~ we I" 'derin the fact that for the/ ......... - ................. ~ /ed to me Wasnington zoo on ~un-I~ ~--~ A.. W ~ The President can allay many of our fears if he will It is astonishing to note that only| ~ wl~ --'-'--- |papers do have (Da!las Morn!ng [grandciaughter Miss Judy Duber-ll ~ A ,m, ~At, r He need but call the a few years ago a real debate was[ ~ News) ann (trends tames r~eram) lial Mrs Calvin ~" ". _ m in m n m ammu take the m]tmhve m this matte. ~ . l . , . rmrce and aaugn - - - = - Majority Leader of the Senate, Mr. Mansfield, and the Speak- afoot moth, s e:hun~d~ wal:: :hetl-| Once again th!s pastweek the ~f:t%f{equ?:lypn~:y~llte~l [ ter, Diane of near Inwod and Miss [I | ~j/ | ~][ L ~, " ...... r "resent his views.We ,er or n . v - nursery at the cnarms town wen ........ - IPatsy Zombro of Kearneysvillel~ er oz ~ne house, y ' ,- -P ...... -i lventive war" to rid ourselves of oral Hn~nital wa~ a h,Lrv nlace run uown mmr tamuy geneaJogy, lo~H~n ,,,,.,, ~r;o T~,,a~ ~r.~h,,/.~ . ~'~~ -- -.. . . ~ are confident the uongress WOUld ao me pe y the communist menace The argu with a feral AF nine now hnhio~ SO I thought perhaps you can help I.. e,,.n~, ' .... ,, .... IK ............. I DdlV M I A I effectively. "ment was without merit then; it is t'o'~l'oo~ a}ter Six'n'ew'gir"l babies" me, by printing the following in. [ Trilu~inor Lod~e No 117 I~ l l'l:/ it. II I fi L. j without merit now For war creat rrived at the hos formation ~" ~- " " "and three boys a " " ' " ' A " ONE OF THE BEST HI-TEST GASOLII I PL,,,^J Wi&k Th~4 I State Trooper and held in Jeffer- es the very conditions, social and pital during the period of June i I would like very much to cor- I "T'h'e~ne::a'."'~t~.ea .... e,. ON THE MARKET ~,11111~11 Wllll/lll~l I son County jail in connection with economic, upon which commun- i 22 27 respond with a descendant of Ce- I - . 7:ay .... .y..; ....... ~?..~" / It " " " " I ' ur~ay night, dune ~,~tn were: Wll- I a charge of being AWOL from the lsm feeds and breeds. There IS an A dau~,hter ~obin Kay was ceha Davis, daughter of Richard I ~,.-. ~,r o~.~+~..... ~r~.~.,~*.,~ ~ in | Alll~Alin ~/IIlII~V I U. S. Army. Ott was turned eve ever so easy tendency to beheve[b.rn t- Mr and ~rrs Carroll E t Davis, of Harpers Ferry, West o .... ,, T.,. .... r _._ , ||| bvu v n vuum .... t rn ' . v . .,. ......... A.. o=l,- J to Military authorities who re u that if Red Russia and the Com- ICo.le Har.~ers Fer.~, on June 22 t Virglma It was just plato Virgm-I .......... /O ~l~U~ ~ A I IV -~ ~r~,~,, w . .... u .q~ Route Ied him to Fort Knox, Ky,, from munist Party could be destroyed ~ ,., v . ,fa .- . '1 ia, during the lifetime of Cecelial}r_ warden! b.ra__~y ~ u wens2,_Jun [~ ~'r~ ~Al~ ~, ~ - il ,, "~'~'~;~2~;'::,~'~'~.'o~n~ [which post he was declared as our problems would be over. This . ~amraay,.aunez~ a son_t~rjan and her father. Cecelia Davis mar- }r waruen~; ax~.~e~x~ranmam'[~ ~ ]l[~a~ ~, xxaxp~t~ x. ~j, who a~r, ..... " [ hoin~ AWOT, Trooner Barlow ;~ ,,,.,.~n.I Th~ cancer in the tv,eim, was oorn to Mr. and ~rs. I .~n ,,,,, ..~ ...~t crrnnrlfnfhor I treasurer; oosepn u. uruDer, sec-/ t m ~ ..... ~id:oi/: ' cRb~r IL:f r !I;::T iT:' .......................... a~ o._o............ i :e:Z~o:~ i " fund Ott in bed at his hme" lilldhit::Yorl~h:~t~edn~{!{~ :~ir~il;~TrthfuM(~:l~MdSulllY, lalddH~ggunS~!FE~v:idLM~e- ::::::::::::::::::::::: PLUS TAX - - e, - - - j ceny which occurred in Loudoun Ray Conrad Named To taYnd 2eeia~aieese~ileilce upon which born to Mr. a~l Mrs. Harry E: [~IgnSnWc~cliAlllSdied in 187~ in lHutzler, !Enter deacon; Douglas ]l T/~T . ] t~ounty, va. ,,. ..... ,^.m .... a ,~,,.h thew[Martin" a son Louis Franklin Jr I~r~.-_..~.. n ,- ~ ...... o ~. I t~ees, senior stewart; .lay r~earns, zA / || / . - = - = = .... 2~ ~ ]'ff rs0n'~ . .uey a.e ...... B ............. ...m.,~ ....................... ler,, J / v--, ?rgan|ze e ~:?:~n~:~?g ~d:;:R~ ] ~NO~? tlDoMRrar::h~d:t l~Ugh Fi [ ~et; Jrt~dged~i:j2N;rw:ikgt~o~eai~!~. ]'unl0r M.stewart'ANshaull, chaplam.Dunla , fp y 1 ~ o ' ' . Amateur Ka0t0 u0eral0rs we must rid the worl~ of serial[Mrs. Marshall C. Stickle, Shenan lender President Buchanan. Cecel-I , :: .... ~ ........... Penwell is charged with steal. ~ and ec0nomie injustice. ] doah Junction [ ia Davis Higgins died in October ] n ll 1 I1 ll I 1 I 1 1 ing a Farmall Cub cultivator in Ray E. Conrad, cashier of the ~ thi~ he trne-------and I sub- [ Monday, June 26, a daughter, [ 1846, in Washington, D. C. and I rm n r- n fl II'U Loudoun County on Dec. 8, 1958 Peoples Bank of Charles Town, m~" (laat i(i~-2=---how easy for[Renita Yvette, was born to Mr. [ both she and her husband are bur l lllll|l lll I ll| Ill - ~/fl, and disposing of it later, has been named to set up an organ us to see that even the most over and Mrs. Calvin H. Walker and on led there . ~ Ri Lilll U L1 1J Ill I " ization of Jefferson County's am. ,,m,b,,i,,~, vie~,rv by f,rce 5f]the same day a son John Lee, was I n~,,i~ nnd (~ae~lia llavi~ 14i./ lll r lilU rlf IP / I CA.... u|aal~w=, ateur radio operators prepared to ~'~=s"would'solve littte ~.nd like born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. I,,insha~l five cl i]dren't'h-ree'bo = ] II 1 II 1 I l l 1 I1 . ' e" m .- m IVlUlll l ivlIUUI~:W~UJ furnish organized emergency com "'. .... ." ~-- --- "- see that I Shewbridge, Brunswick, Md I ............. ,' ...... L7 J 1 n /I / a u r . --" -'"~+'^"~ i" "i~'e " at-aster it wise now easy zor u~ tu . I a da...~.ter C-,nthia Denise was Ix~uer~ ~.mmet~ ntgt;~ua ktuy/ L fl L1 l ~ n ~- i ' : ,. . ^ ~ ,u ,,,u.,~ ....... ,~ ~ .: u? ,,~o ' societies and organizations sucn I - ~ ~"~" ^" ~ "" a ~ Mrs great grandfather), George Llew- / 1 rap, mu u II J V ; Keg0en! un i,0uncll announceu toady ~y ~ommulf as the John Birch Society, how-[ ~orn_.. dun% z~_ to_ ~ar~i Towni ellyn Higgins and Lucius Cornel-] ications ~ahager ~ ~: t~aroy o tsnarwes is oonnsuu, - " " " ever well- intended., do more harm " ~" " " " " a lies HzggIns', and two daughters. ~ ~ ~ ,~ , n.. ~ . .n the Amemcan Radio Relay League ,~ .... .a because "the~/"6r0Vide J and zne same day a daughter w s Mar,, Louise Hi,,~ins b 1 Sent ] " rranK|m a m nmn association of radio ama- no"an notic for the real disease, i b nsot M ar end TMo n Gene W. 1 1820", died 13 A~g. 1854,' married ] MISSES- IeADIES WATERPROOF PLAID .... .q~m.~t ~. w~]~v West Ches .. ........ Communism will not be stoppedI "~ r ic'a" atients admitted to I July 4, 1842, Joseph M Farr and . ~'-.='=.-~= "= ......... 7 .... " ~ar. t~onraa s asssgnment, wnicn bv merely hatinz it or shooting at ! .. ~u g .~ .P ....... I Marion Higgins, who married' J. J " Z O R I S " NEW~ERRV ~.IPPEREI~ NEWB te.r KJ.S, a, zormer resluent ot me carries the t!tle of Emergency it~ howe~ex great the provocation i me n.qspltat were Master ~arK . I Remington Fairlamb. ~-' ............. :'" .~".r .. . " service in his community to per- in= them from the soil so that the ~ . ~-- .' ~.. .' "; ,,a ~o, ,,,h,, RiO'ard r~av's of $ a n U a L a -I "1 - m:m,n imu ~ I tin and Marsnau uoliege, was Daoy Terry A. uuntap, harpers ............... , . "': . . , , :. ....... fect arrangements for. emergency upper plant has no ~mg upon * Har ers Fe , Vxrgmza " ~ ~ ~ ~ J d~t~d ba povular vote of the al- ramo communication ~y Rams m. ~.~oh t ..... ~h ~" Ferry; Mrs, Betty A. Pace, City, _.P _ ~ .. -: ................... ' .... TnanK you very much. [ umnl. . the event of natural disasters or It is not entirely inaccurate to Patrlc~a.A: G rubb, Kn0xv}!leO,_c__el_ Regularly 59c SPECIAL Regularly $1.39 VAI, in ano ltlon to raa, Mrs lVLILarea w ~nugart, out ez- y, A graduate from Frankl" other emergencies In add' "say that, in a sense, communism .._ ". =. .. ~." ........................ ~t/[nrrhnll in 19~tfi Walker is cur ,,o~ ,, normal station e-ui-ment " . ........... ~ ,-:~ ~narles TOwn; Mrs uamerme a. ~tlzaDetn exnn x-zzggtzz-~ ~ ..._..__ ___._._ ................. , - ~,o~ ,,, -~ v represems me )uugemem uz usa- , rently assistant director of sales working from commercial power tory upon us for the mistakes of Shake, Harpers Ferry; Master R. 5620 Live Oak Street , - .... of the Explosive Department of amateur stations use self-powered., the past ................... T-Tnd th~ Ru.~ian czars Michael Barger, Miss Peggy J. Dallas, 6, Texas,. ' KIDDIES - OXF RD , r~t~t~n'"'"~ ...... .n n the E. I. DuPont de Nemours radio transmitting and recewmg heeded the cries for lent overdue Welch City; Mms Carolyn J. Bow .(Edi.tor's .Note)..Wz]l any one L O ~ ~ U~ ~1 Company of Wilmington, Del. equipment as needed Mr. Conrad reforms it is unlikely _ the Russian ers, l-ia.rpers rlerry.. ... woo might nave any mzormauon ASSORTED STYLES NEWBERRY x ~,,,, as ARRL Emergency Coordinator Revolution would have been so meaicat patients admitted were about me aoove named people \ __ ~ ~aka~ Is~leeAn TA will call local meetings of ama- violent There is a lesson here for _ Mr. Harry O. fimeltzer, City.; or families, please contact,. Mrs. .'HH.......... , [1"7__ PLATES Vl. UlVU~uu aub~mu mv teurs, establish common operating ,,~ In "Asia in Africa, in South tattle Terry ,,. ,.wesco, ..~ummzt mggms at ner address as gzven, lI-MMl% ll/Ir1} procedures and g g America ther~ are crms for social . " AtU31R 0R !ly~51~ ' Knoxville, Md, Mr John Strother, ~ ....N arrane re ular Point; Baby Carmine It wenner, ~ IL11111~I ~IIL#~I~ Practice Chnropractnc lo l lP = = Ion: :th:ehz mo iLPsz :ndthecnlm Ce ' ?nswlell t. ll M I D D L E W A YRegularly $1 59 ' E ul ~~. ~. .. ~ ^~, under simulated emergency con- so lon~ must we run the maxi' g, pe ' ... l~v po~,~ ~.,mh,.,, AT iqarnnsDur0 Ufflce ditions. His duties also include lid mum r~sk that the neonle in these Liggett, Mt. Rather, Md.; Mr. I~OD --a --,--~a ....... , " ..... eft W Fritts, Harpers Ferry; Mrs ..... ~son lannm with the local chap P g affected areas may attempt to dup __. -: .. ~ taft Kearne- sville Mr and Mrs Toni Aguair and Doctor Robert L Jackson and ter of the American Red Cross licate the Russian feat of a half Iteata v. ~ranas , Y Mrs "Geor-e Drumm and son all ,, " ' family .have moved to ~1 S. Tenn. and other relief a.gencies, as sug century ago. Mr. Hdrry A. B, reeden, Cit.y; ~Mrs. of Baitim~re, Md spent Saturday 20 ADJUSTABLE , 6-FOOT FENCED Awleere ~r M::;~llblll'ope~edVa~ Inlt~l:nAt~IE~l~engg:2cdyer~toarpds mW~ththlu~XCfePlr~ ~f the blae~I Mld[edw~VH. ~riA~eg~K~!a M~iv!l~e ~ndrS~a~o~In,M~r a:d Irr~. STAND UP HEIGHTH NEWBERRY P L A S T I C office at 306 W. Burke St. for the has with the national headquar- . -~Ci~ relations this nation flus Mrs. Eel" h'M. La , .wi~ ~i'.i,** o,,a no, .~,,,~. ~," I | general practicef:LChir?fal~Ic. ~ers I[" trheaAemel~lanLile2onCT[Sl]a long and traditi'onal association 7" --"---- Louise oYSMar~i'nsb~urgS'were%~s; ~ ur. dUCK, On,. , ~y. , Y- . na . n , g ," "" ,,,', with the doctrine Of the equality ....... Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. " ~" ston, Georgia where ne nas been be establisnea also witn'iocal pro nf man That i~ the he ita~ ' q~ ~1m c,.~, T4r T,-,~,,,~..', - , ........................ r___oe we --- .,..v.,.,o... ' in prattles since December oftective services, such as Are and have been handed by Thordas Jef 1 / Mrs C C Wasson was a Sun 1956, received his education at Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio and Furman Uniwersffy; Green- vllle, S. C. He received his degree of Doctor of Chiropractic from the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1956. For Being AWOL From Fort Knox Army Post police departments and civil de. lense communications will re- ceive much attention. ATTENDS STATE BOARD MEETING WOMAN'S CLUB Mrs. O. S. Bloom, president of Eastern District Women's Clubs of West Virginia attended the State Board Meeting in Charles- ton, W. Va. this past week. tm dy e49, by Ch rl Town USE THE ferson. It is now incumbent upon us to carry thaL doctrine to the four comers of the earth. Com- munism has dared to challenge the fitness of democracy to sur- vive. If we are to accept that chal lenge we need to wage an unrelen ting war against social and econ- omic injustice everywhere, in the name of democracy. 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