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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
June 29, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 29, 1961

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* y ..,- .,. .... . REPORT! today, lfighert tern- 80, fair tonight and tonight 59. slightly Outlook for Sat- and warm. Light varia- and tonight. "Best For News and Advertising In Charles Town--Ranson and Jeffer n County Since 1844" L I I I ~1 = L TWO SECTIONS 16 -- PAGES TODAY -- 16 Read By More Than 20,000 People Every Week I NO. 27 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 196L COMPLETE I,OCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 cENTs' ,;I i., n41., Kenneth Sims Accepts C ,K..I D..,.. J I[ ...J More Contrih,,tianc , rry Captured in Martinsburg I q =" "" Kill I II llallt ) i Footballr^..h .,,,^., dp ,tiuui uutai ta i 4L ta I,... ,. ,, _ I iV ith Spend iron Cut ecetvearrrark Search ('onttnue," In ]"ii F urt I" At Charles Town High r igh uction Ton t ') ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ................................................................. =.::52:::5::+:+ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::5: :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::2:2: ~ "--" "~' I Ill A , ! iiii~iiiiii~iiiiii~i!!!!ii iii!iii!ii!iiiiiii!iiii!~iii!iiiil It now appears that the Jeffer will not close his books on thelthyhlaa~ L~,:xPxe~ted ~ be one of, U'AJIJ~''''IE'' eJ~.&,,,, ii Fkdi~ li ~"AI~ d~ [ iiiii!iiiiii!ili~~iiiili!ii!]iiiiiiiil son Count), Board of Education 1961 real and personal property l .. g. ' mo.'t attractive l|llllllltq_WalV ,'~D'Pl:lll |1 I |lit i v _'~hagIild ~ I Jili iiiiiiiii~ii!i!!ii!ii~iiii!ii: 'will have to tighten the purse assessments until the end of this laucjmn sates ever criea inn lWii~lli~V WW 11415 VVV~Iq Ii iiPat# W ill VI~l~ law I iiiii!ili~i!ii!~iiii~iiJifii Jstrings on it's spending (luring week. i eHemon.Cou.nty Wnl. get miner-I ' "/ iii!ii::~ii!ii!ii!ili!i a the 1961-62 school term for two But even if these two added l a.y at u:3u tins evening and for llm I I I i" -- -- ---- ] i!i!i!!~!i!iiil I reasons-a possible reduction in financial problems do not prove [~i'e TffI beeveryth!ng from live i~Al~ IO|/II~IAIIIIfll HAIl iC IllltlI hunters of Jefferson This will mark the first time a/ ii iiiiiii~! iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiii I state aid and a state order for de to be as bad as they now appear/P g: can ea porK, wJtn eacn~iI II IIJlll II lllI II |II _'N I Ir.ll d surroundm areas'coo eratwe Summer bar alE sale f]m ntem to besold regardless of IVi IIII ilIVIIH IIVH N NVII g . p " " g" ." ' "te reduction in spending out the School Board will be faced l" " , ": J an opportunity for a I has been tried by the local mer- / iiiiiii!iiiiiii!! ] the outset of the fiscal year be- with financing the added two Ionce" I " -~ :n ,shoppfng spree at chants and they are hoping to/ iii]ii!i!iiii!iiiii ginning July 1. weeks of school which the stale | 1he sale will offer the wildest] 'With one of the two prisonersI ~nA ~ Tw^ lal:|,,n,e^n wn s Retail stores in t make such a success it will be- | iiiiiiii!!iiiiiiii I An order which came out of has ordez'cd for lhe 1961.62 school ivariety of things to the anxious Iwho escaped from the .lefferson I ~tl~; VI iflV J~;II~;I3VII lear future as plans come an annual event. | ]ii!!!iiiii Charleston last week requiring term |bidder, with a number of addition tCunty jail about 4 30 Monday if- ........ last week at a special ] Even though this is a sepcial | i!iiiiiii:i I We.t Virginia State Departments i The 1961 West Virginia Legis- |al items being received just in the ]ternoon, again behind bars a lir- I lail F~f'a~tpp~ ~]ll the Retail. Merchants~ .sales. pronmtional project the mer ,+:::: ::~:~::::~: ..... ~:i~iii~ i ::~ , and agencies, to reduce .spending lature appropriated ,some $7 rail. past, few days. ...... These latest contri ed and weary bunch of ,lefferson, ...... "-r ........ !for a big three day lchants have decided to stick to[ ]by three percent at the outset of lion dollars Io finance lhe longer/bate--and what they have given/County law enforcement officers[ ^,, .,..n . / h" Bargain Sale. I their regular operational hours | ~~" ~ [ the year will take about, $20,0001 school term in order for the state ]are as follows: two Mansfield tires/started out again .late this nmrn-[ u~Jec~ wile 5e~rcn (Will open on Friday If'or all three days. [ ~ ~ ~ lout of the school systems finan-I to meet the requirements of the|from the Community Oil Com-ling It)continue the search for the I lure 30 and run until I Most of the merchants report ~lll ~ i cial coffers for an indefinite per- North Central Association acered/party; a case of oil from the Ran-~other one which was reported to .~. ~ ~ .., onday, July 3 wRh at customers will fred for those [ .~ rod. Thzs sum may be recovered ztmg agency. But the money goes son Machme Works, a case of od have been seen on the En~le fazm ~ ~:?~!i~*'~ .~ .~ ":~ ~:~i.~:~i'~i"~::~i~;::~i Mmerchantsparticipatlthree days that they have slashed i!~l Ilater in the year but the board only to pay teachers salaries dur-[[rom Carson's Auto Body Shop; on lhe Middleway-Charles Town! ~~iiii~:~i!~: I prices considerably on many ar.I " iwill- not be able to plan on havin [ ing the two extra weeks No pro./four Hlet Mignon Dinners from/road about 2.30 Wednesday afler t F i: .... i :tl be real bargains of- t]eles, of merchandise m order to use of ~t. VZSlOnS. were made by the leglslal, the Blue Grass. Inn, a Bar-B-Q noon. ::~::~,,.~..~ ~.::.~.:~ ,~:+~.'~:.~::,~;::::.~:~ ...... , " rill fr ~" " ..... ~"~:::~ ...... ., of the parhc]patmg make the sale as attrachve as poE- Then there ]s also the possibility are for additional mone~ which g om the Western Auto With Samuel Berry 27 of the i ~::i::~:~i~;i~::i: bang-up savings on ]sable. .. . ] KENNETH SIMS l that the county's state aid returns (will be needed to defray extra/Store. /Bardane ..... section of tim 'counlv ii~~i~i!i:::i::ii C and a revmw of possible legzslatp ur y nd W eontln [ } ~:~:~:~~iy ....[ merchandise to the I The partsc~patmg merchants [Announcement was ,,,,~,.mn" w,~n,,,.u. ]will be about $12,000 under what / non-teaching personnel. . and. for | Glenn Ramsburg, sale chairman having been apprehended about ::::,.,:~:,~!"Ii~! ..::::::~=::::~, ~lC.. ..... I wlll be. ....... ]nesday b T A Lowerv Sunerin ]had been expected, i the added cost of mamtaJmng and/said Wednesday the auction corn-/1:30 Wednesday afternoon on a I ~::i~~i::~i!~:~ !~ s i t Y " " "~ ' " " " " ' :~:~:~:~ ~'~:~:~:~:~::~ pee ai eature oz tEe I J. ts. t-enney s store, om ~om~l ~..,~,~., . T.~ ....... ,. ....... I Thin loss m state a~d could, how / operating the school system s tran/mlttee is well nleased with the/downtown street in Martinsbur- / ~:'~:~i~~~!~:~;~ Partm)patmg merchant )rotOR Apphance Store, Shugart s,I Sch-m~ lb,, w .... ~ leverbe recovered should there/sportatmn program for the extra |generous support the merchants)law enforcement officers now are :~~ii:::!i 7 away free a valuable iNewberry's Store Swimley's Fur] ia.a~-~'n~--~n "~',7~'~'~),'~;~'~"~'h"'~,'~ /be a sufficient ini~rease in the to-/days. /and Othe~ have already given the/coneentratin,, all of their efforts i~4~::~i~ii::~ili::i::~:-~! e person 3ust by regts- / mture Company, Western $uto, I .... ~ ..... , , ..... ~..L~,. ~ ..... Ital county assessments since there / Then the board will also have Jauetlon and it is honed that the/on roundin * tm Ra-mond Ilous- I ii~::!~~!ii::iiiii~i~~ , , . ,-va,-..,8 ab ui~e.oa.h lalgll . " r ~ r ,, ' :~(~!i:~i:i::::~;!:ii~' ~.~?!:i:~.!g!:!:i=i::~ ~t's'tore sometrme durJ Rosen s, Melwn T. Stmder Furmt-I .qehoot in P.o~h.n*.e ~ .... *,r ho~/woul.d be no penalty and thus the(to fred another $3 000 more to |general public will be on hand in [den ']4 of Ranson a nenilentiarv I ~!~ ~ii~ }e day sale. lure Store, Diamond's, Valley HardI aco",~',~",*~:~'~.7~,"'~ "~'7."~Jo~i'~"~/county Schools would not stand to/pay the local share of the inereas/full foi'ee tonight to bid for the/parole "wilh a 'lon'~ criminal re'- ii!::::~i~! ~i',~:~'ii:i::~' Will be necessary for i ware ~Store, Lucille's Small Fryi nosier'ion" ~t~;]'~"~,'~.~,"~;~ I lose too much in state aid. Ied Social Security taxes for the ~items to be on the auction block. / cord i ~i~:~:~ii~iii~:~:i:~i ~tr to, become,, el}g/b!e [Fashiden:s.t.Sha~es . Townc,..Photo[ School. He'wi'ii'~eac']a Soc'ia'l S'~uci':[, But it is still too_early yet to i Year 1961 school year..~ ., i._.Proce fromthe sa!e go to i It "was IIousden who brutally [ ~%;i!. ~alll ~tUle ~IILS 1~ tlllt |dlIIA 'O'llU OllOIJ, IUVVll alia ~,UUXI, Ul y i ies un.i Dh~rt.]ool 1~.| .... t;~.n .~.1 I Know Ior sure whether ire stale [ In general as oz now iRe SChOOl Ithe pencil[ Ol detlerson auemorial t~..... .... , ~..,~..n zz ...... ~ ...... ~.. t " ~ * ~ q , I~IIU lllffO 1~.~ ~& ~u Ll~.atl~)ll gill~ ' . . * | |/['dL 611ILl /h. I ~ h L-LI 1 1 ~ltlff IJIUt kt~- ll~ op m the stores and/Clothmr s, Wtute s Market, Caper- I ,,,ill ......... ,..a ~..,~..,, .... ~. I aid will be down as much as the (board ]s going to have to pinch ~ Park. |"" a .... st" e" "~'""";" T"~ .... ' Z..: .......... ~tration blank. / ton Brothers, Clendening Tire[ ann ~'~" ~,.;"o%~'~:"~','~,~'~'~ CT~' [anticipatGd $12,000 since the Jef- t pennies at least for a time next i /,'~. t.'~u.:.:~.. '~-..,~',"~.~,;, ~'~.:.'~ ,~ I , ~. - ~~ yl[tbe p::~en~edeM:n [Co~iPa~ecP(~uF~aoSU~e[erMa~ke~ ] dan i"n I~a.~k~t]~l~ancl'~rack: o,,, [ferson County Assessors office ~year. [Dates Announced '~]~o~'a*i~a;""a'ftez~oon I I~~ !e name of the recip-/center, Leggett' p' Departmen l Lowery has been commun!ca.t-I,, ,, ma . o..o . _ . o ' . I_ _ h n .making h!s escape from the t ~time "Store J Russell Fritts Incling wire ~ims since ttonnie t'nill-/U~ IIAIm~klA |limaallm~a |'Alll~lltll iimmm~l ICA~ l'.,,,&., llH.II law.pen a~ m( law. 1 .... !i" " ......... -I ips resigned the post several I r~|3e II~llaUll~ I, IUlIIIII bUUlIly/41iilllOI i[ur I~,UUlllI ffe|l |About 35 In Search I RAYMOND HOUSI)EN _ /weeks ago, but it was not until ...... ~ , _ I__ 1 About 35 armed law enforce I One of the most inlensive sear, .... "Wednesday afternoon that it be- " Child" Conference meEt fficers" ecial deput'- ches. to be. Carri~,d on. in ,h:ffer. age Serwce Fee Voted For [came deflmte the former Green I Welfare S0ctety, To Meet July 7 To I lies from Jefferson and Berkeley Isn Courtly m some |lille has |)eelll =7. I. . ,- ,. , / bank, eoa=ch would be coming to I . , p . - ,,.. ^o . I Well Child Conference dates for [counties combei an area of abot[t/underway in the Middleway-Sunl $ lllwn,_ I arnan K;ll tl-_ / t;narms Town. ~im:s had tentati.I IleT rmln ,rllllil ~tamc tit MlflP|V I Jefferson County are announced [100 square miles for aboul seven 1nut } (lint s~'(lion since early Wed ....., -,.,. ,,,...,.,., /vely acc eptea t~e neaa coaching i .v ,,,v ....., I, .w.u.w.~ v .wv~,,v ,1~ l as follows this week by Mrs. Kath |hours Wednesday afternoon and ]nesoa~ afternoon wEen Kaynmnil / Hou~ All( l~ io i / I Joe at unarms Town a year ago I ~ . . -- . .