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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
June 23, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 23, 1966

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i I r and -;chal-fl VlaM l h goin on o her izter. in Va., in J ti.v. S iRiT OF JEFFEE ON Ar)VOCATE I ap~|. a ,.~qp#~,l'i| ianii "daughler Vii'Me spenl the I Charleston 'and enter the hospital lwill be an utmost loss to the eom-[ tHURSDAY- IUNE '3. 1966 f ' I NI=[HANll%lllWN I clay Suuday with her mother Mrs. ] where her brother-in-law is going [ nmnity as Mr. and Mrs. Munck I ......... ' .............. ____~ T~ Four persons were injured, one critically in two of six highway a accidents which occurred in Jeff erson County during the period 0f Thursday, June 9 and Wednes- " , . " . 'g y . . '" " . . ". ' ~ . " " , . = . ; day afternoon, June 15, Charlesl Charles Town on U. S. Route 340. though her birthday is on thelour con'[munitv the son of Clint[ ~~:;~:~lg~lll their new charge at the Campttill[shats per hundred, 3,).00 down;| ~'~ ~~.~. Town State Police report'andinternali juries nd submitt- [tie sustainednfaCial alaceratins twentYnthird lhe dinner was held ~ . Smallwood Sr.~Now also living in[ alal~l~Pn~r rPl~l~le |Methodist Church. / pigs per lmatl, uP to 20.00; boars,| ~~!)~ George Victor King of Hare- I "t on Su (lay. I Martinsburg We all here wish i MIIKI~I~K~ I~rKK | Miss Susan Marie Mentzer has/ 16 50 down; sows and pigs none | "~ ~nl[~i~ rl#l~ D~ wood Avenue, Charles Town, is] ed to major surgery for the inter-] The W S C S meeting of Oakl him the best of luck [ II~ll|g'lld ILnHmn | returned from Jackson's Mills| "]~iscellaneous' Sales Start ll:{)O" Vdl[ 102 ......... Inal injuries shortly after hiS[landChurci~was'heldonWednes.] Mrs. Hall Thomson and Mrs.[ Mrs. G. E. Webb | after a week's stay at Girls State. 1- -- I= i I arrival at the t~aKer t;enter. I n,., "-h* "t the home of Mrs I Albert Viands of the Bloolne~w I . _._. .,~ ....... ,-..~--.-----------------~.~/ Miss Judy Hoffmaster spent/ ~ =. ~ ~ =i i ~ i i i i i =~ 1 1 -= =- .. I o" Ge r e "s ... . [John L. Rissler, Mrs. Maude Small Miss Judy Shwley and sister Deb-/ [ the past week w~th Joan Winters[ ~ _ ~'~k [ o| o g, l' a p.. t.. n charles| wood and Mrs. Mary Henry and big of Middleway were Wednes-/ - Visitors at the home of Mrs. G.| on Ridge Street. / ~ .... ~ ~ r~ [ ~ [ Town ueneraL hospital, aemg ~ weed and tamny a iew oays I ....... " . . Mrs. William Diekerson were day afternoon callers with the/ '1 / !1I! II IIL kI OW CO~T itreateo ior ficial mcerations analamong the ones from here who latter's grandmother, Mrs. Julia|ago were very welcome ones.| ~~~,~,~~I I ITIni,/'i-l-J it' I omer injuries reeeivea in the! ultondot| thoro was n good turni Viands [ They consistea ot Mr. ana mrs.l ...~.mmi ,~P.~A,~.,,.[ _ w,..-,- -- --- . .......... ' .... ~' '" " Cave Iaccident" tout and the hostess served re- ~,,n ~,~ 'v,,m,,,;,~ u ..... [Fred Davenport, of Wind [ MhNKI=/ NI=I IIK/ l m .... __A, ":~s~:*'~:~;~~'~;2;::~::i!~i~?;;~:::;:;!'~*/~!?:21~:~t:~:"j~O~ ii [ According to witness, the car lfre~hments after ih; meeting I ,a'~,";,,."~"~2,~'~'2" ~:~'Y"~z~,~:~;/:l National Park in South Dakota[ m,m~imna-u mmffi-mvmmm [ .. U 1.1 IIJ l lid ~'~he ~:i: i being driven east on the highway ~,,, ~,.n., ChirleZ has enrolled ! 2:;'_ ~-':-"-="~,'::-"~':~",,'~=~:U{~:: [ and their five children, Dennis,[ ~lg~:~g~>~lg~,;NNg~.:,:i:',~,~:i:*lg~:~/ l II~ l~a I~. Ii.1 II~i k'~l ~'~" oy ueorge ~lng, suuaenly veerect tvlarle Jean, wayne anu ouuy l a I ....... l in the Beauty Culture School in~ with their brother-in-law and sis-I t . ." .... " Quotations of the Blue Ridge[ i /,,.,~'~'~/~ across me roaa ana into me park M rt ~ " ' Parents ann eniluren an seem ' I. ........ [ a irlsburg and started on Tug, t ler, Mr. and Mrs Nelson Bush. [ ". ......... I Lwestock Sales, at Charles Town,[ ~V~ I ~ !'!' ~ g~l I/ ~'~ /pag mt ot t:lenaenlngmotors, da,, .... -~ ....... | well and nealmy. Tney made JOtS I W Va Monda,, June 20 1966 / i IL~ Li" /I " H ILr ~ I~ | ~i c shin ' ' ~. ~v[r Leonaro r ntts ot cnarles urin lhei sta in ., , / s:,: ,::~:~,;,..~,,~::~:,~,.,~:~,:,~::~::,~:;:~;::::~v~:::~:~. ;:i: ra~ g rote six used cars parked . " " of friends d g r , Y e i - q es i ht I~ Irl .a~:::.~,~::,~.:, ~:~:~::~,:::.:~:,.::~,:~ ::,~.:.::~:~::~:~e:~1 ~c~ ,~o ,,, ~,a ....... ~ .,,m,,,o~,.,, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fritts Town was a caller Saturday night/,.,, ,.. ,~.. ........ ' ,-as con-I R ce pts of all c ass,g, i i l-- ~ ~l~ ~ i i/Y8 | I along with the rest of the family with his son, Mr and Mrs Melvin/ _"2::::.~"..,i't~'" ~'ark~"w'ork'" ~l'urin. [ with a good demand for all butch-I .............. of Mr Leonard Fntts took their Fritts . . . e, c asses. Ah'l'Hls~R U/~/CE Jcareened through a hedge fence ..... ................ "- I thelr stay m Bolivar. [ N-mh ..... h,~. lO lea I l All grow BETTER, liE / ............. ~ Iamer out to uinner m winches- ~ Mr and Mrs Donald Hovermale t ......... " En-le ' ........... .o, .... , -, _ I ppCK across me highway, anu rip-I ...... ~_,,_ , ~virs. t~avlo uageoy, oi g , I .... ., ,~,,. o.~,, I i r x ter on ~unoay in honor el ram ~,,~u .. ootc ]bed off a part of the front porch[ ....... "t anti daughters of Leetown were, spent last Thursday with her I Choice hutcher steer none" i[] hen you (ORTHO) | . . . wkh Nationwide'sl I at the home of Miss Katie Boxwelll er ~ ~,ty. I Sunday visitors with the latter's cousin, Mrs G E. Webb, in Bolt- I ................. g~.,~." I' [] "" ~ I new Family Hospitaliza-| " r Joe M era I '" " guuu uutcner steers, ~ouu to ]Charles Town State Police who[ Born to Mr. and M s. Y ~ parents, Mr and Mrs Albert ~"a~ [ ...... % " " [ - "J | tion Phn! Offers liberal| " " ra Hos " " " v' :. za.oo; prom to memum steers, ]are investigating the ace~dent, lln the Charles.TwnGene I.. Viands. Mrs LewisReek ofBolivar, ac-|gonn*,,'~o'm, ohnlo,~huWhorh,ifl I Ilglit fil~E~lllllll~ i cash benefits . . . world.| ~ ~-" " " " i uau nter - - " ........................................ ! said this morning they are not/p tai on baturoay, a .z MI. and M s. William Wood- eompanied a few relatives to| ers none" -ood butcher heifers I i IIIH|||I= Ulllbn Ru OUI, | *vide coverage . . . lute| yetsure of the cause of the acci-/'rney ais? nave mree ooys in tne ward of BaKerton were Sunuay Wash[n-ton D C last weekl ol'~ft 4,-- Xr~. ~]'21;n t. ltar~t']i,lt~ I I =Ill ....... r . i rates. See me soon! i dent, since they havenothad an ] fami~y,,~nfy~ve on me iarm m c~alle~:s )v!th rLandMrs. Har~ where s~he spent a few days with [ ~e'i~er~s, 18v~'to~,20.'7'5; goo'd~bul~ls"i [ I ~| opportunity tO talk With The urlv-/ ~'*';',"~'~'\'.'~".~:'~- 1-. ~ ~Snuy anu granuSon DoutJy vvaze,relatives 1 2don ,,, 9~- nlo;, ,,, mat~i, tm I a'~a'~tl't'l~P~l O |,.~.,-t~.l-e. IIORTHOil HOR~.H ~ K~HER erofthecar They put the prop-] Ivlr. andMrs./vlutonvopKlnSOt The four woodward children !. " .................. /~.7",'~ : t.~Ul~l/INU1-O III~L,L~) ~_,~"] ,...,.. a ..... ".+ .,....,+ Kabletown were Friday evening ~:non~ thp vuookontl urith thpir Mr. aria ~vlrs. Armur lnolllp~u.[ uuus, ~o.uu tO zO.Io; colnillerclal [ [] . ,... g:i mtp,,l =. ~$ u--,,,,ge a~ auu.~ .o,uw. - ""~" ............................ i s ent cows 9 5 " ' I " win--"" ....... : visitors with their daughter Mrs. -rnnn narent~' Ashb,,'s and family, of Pennsylvan a, p [ , 1 . 0 to 21.00, utility cows, [ . ano ulseases tq J llmurance Consultant ~ minor one-car eoulslon also Jose-hine Johnston and dau~h- ~' " "~... ~"..,? ~ " . . . last week at the home of Mrs./18.00 to 19.25; canners and cut-I [] . . I~1~| OCcurred Wednesday June 15, ,o,~v n' Mr: w~.hlam ~i!nKman. eemora~- Thompson's parents, Mr. and Mrs./ters, 17.75 down; cows by the I [] CONTAINS Malathion I~llffil Fairfax Bldg.-Phone 725-5814 about 3 p. m. on the Flowing ~'~" _ ............ ed his elgthy.~ffm o~rtn~ay ias~ C. E. Garten in Bolivar./ head, up to 261.00; stocker andl ~. --~;'~ . ik~l Springs Road about four miles ~w[. and E~s. uester vlanus.anu weeK. ~ls ne]gn oor mrs; .aooert Mr. John Snider is very much/feeder steers, 22.00 to 35.00; stock t I ano ~ap~an i~vll West Liberty Street East of Charles Town. son JaCKOt ttomney, v~r. anomrs. Itowaro oaken him ,a olrtno.ay indisposed at his home in Bolivar.| heifers and bulls by the head, up[ m Charles Town State Trooper ~onala trover[ale.aria oat~gn~ers, cake and prepareu him a line There has been quite a lot of ill-[ to 235.00. [ ~~ CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. An h " " " a tmnna anu ~ammle o~ l ......... ainner ! I or,ven~ast on me nIgnwayoy~ ............................... few months ,kand/3 I VIILLEY HARDWARE l l ._ . .t ony D~vlta said a. car being ann Mr and Mrs Albert Viands ,.. ~...~.,. c., wn ,n ~..~hvUl. ness in Bohvar during the last| Choice to prime calves, 34.00 to I " " 1 ne ...... 600, good butcher calves, 30 00 , .... " William W White, 19 of Harp~;rs of the Bloomery, Miss Dar e Tenn last week attending the " A1'lONWmOli. Fe~nry- Wv~t uti.:f ~nntr~li ndr Tycr2e:~ M~r;M:~2~hr~P~eM:'Jge ~I is~mW:iC2h~:larra~e~ntowhiiil~ niM:mtndhM.:isci R:::,rtl)MUny t~.g'~5o' 2~.~dlu~ibUtcCahers,C~.~, ~_--'~...-'m~ M,~mmtmTmmuuct~m,,~,~n0~ ~,m mt,,~.~i cmm,|l ed, buthis'W~ a: SmagedJ o day callers with Mrs. Julia Viands going'to college in that city. vacationing.!n SoUt aDakrt eMrv/down! th n_ Caa Ves, down; [ 121 W WASHINGTON ST - CHARLES T( I """ ~an~ tm ~,m ~m I +h" exten* ,, ~b,,,,t 800 He was Private Lester Viands stationed Mr and Mrs Albert Viands ~vlUnCK is wlm .me.. p ... y| ~., , . y ., . .u~. to ~.uu. [ " ........ ~" " " " n " " ' National Park bervice "me mue neau graae lames, 25 50; charged with failure to have his at Fort Eustus, fla. came in o and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles ............. "~-l-" ] re .................. " . I Telephone 725-5113 ... ~,;,a ..... ,,..~ rriuav nignt and went DaCK ~un- and children Sherrio and Ranald IVlUnCKS plan to return m ou y. | u ueau graue lames, z~.~; real ~,,..,,.,~. ,.u..v.. - ......................... 11 I he l - . . av v ninff Wayne wo-,~ ~.nd~ ~voning oall The Robert Munck family Wl I s u der grade lambs, 22.85;[ ~ x..~c, u s ~r o~, ,so~ox I I I I ~unoay evening June 12 at 7:15 d :. e ~ ~. ......... ---~-=.,"~ ~"'X"?/. ~'4_" ...... 7" be transferred from Harpers Fer- butcher ewes 4 00 to 10 00: stock I =i i i m m "n i m m == a i i i Trooper Divita investigated an Mr. rorrest ttissler m rqttsDurg ers wlm ~vws. J~etty novermam , , ace[dent in which two cars were Pa. was a caller on Sunday with and family in Leetown. Mr. Leroy PHONE 725-5212 RANSON, W. VA. Thurs..Frl.-Sat. June 23-25 "THE THIRD DAY" In Color with Gee. Peppard ALSO "KID RODELO" with Don Murray . Janet Leigh SATURDAY 2 P. M. 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"BOEING, BOEING" With Jerry Lewis - Tony Curtis ~IN COLOR- PLUS "LOVE And KISSES" In Color with iticky Nelson involved on Seconday Route 27, about five miles East of Charles Town and about 50 yards north of U. S. Ruote 340. about five miles East of Charles Town and about 50 yards north of Trooper Divita said Franklin Cogle, Jr,, of Route 2, Harpers Ferry, told him he put on his brakes to stop and his car slid into a parked car owned by Don- his cousins Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rissler and daughters. Miss Pat Rissler came up from Washington D. C. and spent the weekend with her parents and sister. Mrs. Robert Howard and two children were callers on Wednes- day afternoon with Mrs. Hall Thomson at the Bloomery. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and children Sherri and Ronald Way- ald B, Hetzell, 23, of Bakerton. ne spent, the day Sunday with his Damage to the two cars was plac- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiles ed at $300. No charges were pre- at Loudoun Heights, Va. Hovermale of Silver Spring was a caller on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Milton attend ed the birthday and house warm- ing Friday evening at the home of her nephew Mr. and Mrs. Sam IIough who just moved into their new home in Martinsburg. My good friend Mrs. John Love called me last week to tell me she was leaving on Sunday for Appomatic, Va. to spend a couple of days with her neices who had been visiting her and form there ferred and there were no personal [ injuries. Trooper Divita also investigated ~ CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. a minor one-car accident about 3:30 Sutiday June 12 on State Route 9, about seven miles South of Charles Town. He said a car being driven North on Route 9, by Charles Ashby Lay, of Win- [~[~@~.~ chester, Va., went out of control and off the highway. Damage was listed at $300. Lay was charged with failure to have his car under control. Charles Town State Trooper Gary Arthur investigated a two- car collision Saturday on U. S. Route 34(}, about 1.1 miles west of Charles Town in which a tractor trailer truck and car were involv- ed. Trooper Arthur said damaged to the two vehicles ~amounted to about $300. The vehicles involved were a truck operated by Frank- lin E. Parrill, 24, of Stephen City, Va., and owned by the Bowman Trucking Company; and a 1959 Ford being driven West on the highway by John Robert Nichols of Bakerton. William Robert Gibbs, 25. of Winchester, Va., the driver of the car, and his three-year-old son, James William, were slightly in- jured in a one-car accident about 11:15 p. m. Thursday evening, June 9 on Secondary Route 13, about four miles East of Charles Town. The youngster was treated at the Charles Town General Has pital and then later transferred to *Winchester Memorial Hospital for additional treatment. Trooper Gary Arthur said dam- age to the car was placed at $200: Gibbs was charged with rurnken driving. Robert N. Willis, Jr., 2. of Rip- pun, was injured about :40 Sat- urday June 11, in a driveway on State Route 19 near Rippon, when a car being driven by James E. Larue, 17. of Rippon, backed over the youngster. Trooper Arthur said Larue said he had backed into the driveway to turn around and did not see the child in back of his car. The child was struck by the back bumper on the car. Larue summ- oned the Independent Fire Com- pany ambulance from Charles Town and the child was taken to the Charles Town Hospital for treatment for lacerations of the back of the head. The youngster was later released from the hospi- tal. The accident was investigated by Constable Robert Carr. CASH JACKPOT SHARED BY WINNERS It can be done. Although weeks went by, and the jackpot grew because no one solved The News American Jackpot Crossword Puz zle.., finally three lucky entrants hit it. They shared $1500. You may be next. Send in your solution. 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