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June 23, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 23, 1966

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[] === SPORTS SECTION -=- DON RENTCH -- SPORTS EDITOR LOCAL COVERAGE - SCORES - PICTURES SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE JUNE 23, 1966 SECTION--B On Top Shsher's Close Gap On Full Game Rockwell's For Lead in Monday Commercial Loop TRI-COUNTY LEAGUE STANDING OF TEAMS Team W. For the second consecutive week Slusher s Ciigo bowlers cut L into the lead of the league-leading m W! League 6ets " The traditional Summer out- door basketball program got un- derway again Monday at Jeffer- son Memorial Park under the dir- ~Okem~oawk ) ~ RigktWfllt~e:~vi:nda;t~ngM~day ec_tion of Dickie b~_b_ersole,, who is Norman N. Wilt and Connie ty Blackford, 152; A1 Collins, 152; .~A...-. ~ -imercial I ea~ue at Shenandoah agam ulrecung me park s sum- Ham|ann shot fine closing rou- Bill Spinks, 153; Tony Palumbo, ~lep~lel~dstown 5 ~1 Lanes "~ mer recreational.program; _ nds on Sunday June 19 to tie with 154; Bob Benton, 154; Gary Flem- Sleenv Creek 4 4 I The Slusher bowlers cut a full , ,A_naonme ~lrst oi play the 143 net scores in the Sleepy Hell- ing, 1,54; Steve Smith, 155; Char- Grea"((~acapon 3 6 ! point from the Rockwell lead and (~l.~ev~tters scorch an exciung ow Golf and ~Cotmtry Club's 1966 les Lutman, 156; L'd Dillard, 156; Charles Town 2 7 now are only one noint out of the ~,~,~t~to~ over me Aces in an President's Cup Tournament. i Ray Blackford, 156; Ed Spinks, ~-~n~bo~A 1 8 ~--- ~nm n~ ro~lt af thoir4-O "~. ......... ~'=" . Ham|ann had a final round net) 156; Paul Dorsey 156; Marshall .. I . . "" .... ?. " .., ~ ..... with the Aces in trent 17-14 at 69, while Wilt had a net 70 Earl, Brown, 157; Gene Myers, 157; o -- -- victory over ~rlsweli s wnue ~tOCK alftim " ' _.-~_ ..-7,~ ........ [ .., " ' .. _ h e, the Globe Trotters sad- Allara, opening round leader, fau-t Norman L Wilt, 158; Oscar Wilt, SUNVAY ~ Jtr~vL't~ weu s was gaining a ;~-t victory denl,~ cau-ht fire in +h- -e----~ ............. ~ ........ " - ' .......... [ ~ s t = ,~ cu.ultereo to a Jo anu flea 15oo Lea-! la ; ~ct tiecJunan, laU; Bill Kern, iltmlW,|Altlff~ Tomahawk 3 Charles Town 1 (lst)_ over the Srnoot Insurance Agency half with Scott Whitmore and vitt for third place with 145 160; Donald Noland, 160; Carl ~ ~ ,~ Tomalaawkl0 Charles Town2 2ridI ~nt ?hn:~e~W:~u,~ match Snick Dean Coyle leading the attack, Another shot back at 146 were Benton, 161; AI Hooper, 162; Pres .... ~age~on l~rea~ t;acalm_nf,, I lers of"Martins~uru downed" the ' ana went on to win. The score Meredith L. Polen and Roger ton Merchant, 163 IkJAV' R~/t"~Jlk/'Ikll BaKermn 1# ~rea~ t~acapon a _ 0 ..... , _s Iwas tied at 37-37 at the end of Clinn t ,v, r-~,~ ~m~,v- ,. She herdstown I0 Siee Creek tun l)lner team q-o ~ } 1 ..... " . [ " - W'It and Hammann wi I meet PLAY BEGINS IN MIXED y P PY regulatmn play Then as the overi 1 B BARBARA HOOPER 4 (lst) I ROCKWeU s now nave a seasonalltime got underway, the Aces lost ~.. ~,, ~ h.~,~ ,,~o.. t,,h, ~ + ............... Sleepy Creek 12 Shepherdstown I mark of 14.6, Slushers 13-7, Spick I their ace scorer Buddy Lanham ~,,~-~;-~ ,~ .... ~,~ .... +~,. ~ .... HOLLOW golfers hadbetter be at thelr'Sundayi2 (2nd) ....... Ilen~Sotl0n~uraCr~s~el~Sc 9Jl~Jnh~[n fuls- And althougb he fouled donated by Dr. Marshall Glenn,{TOU NAME T.THIS WEEK We entertained the ladies from , Leetown 10 GalnesDoro a (lst} " ~ Y, " out, Lannam was still the game s ~'lay oegins tnis week in the " M . . - . ~ Club President. . Frederick VFW Golf Club la~ this week if tl)ey are to top the en sGolf team flu| I Leetown 9 Galnesboro 4 (2nd) l Turf Diner, 6-14. ]top scorer with 22 pomts. Whlt-w.~,.+ ...... ~. ....... ,.,^.~ +,.. ]MLxed Scotch Foresome Tourna- Thur.~dav the event bein~ a home rse unoa ers . , . .o.t ---, .......... o --- rs va, ey on the mca~ cou _ .y, ~arp . [ -- -- O -- -- [ Spmkler s rolled the h~gh team] more had 20 and Coyle 13 for the ~ a.~,~ ~ .......... + . ..... +~A merit, a match play Man-Women and home Th- fellowshin was , with Billy M)tchell and Club C amp|n, l)onn e SUNDAY S GAMES set score, 2359 and also the high Globe Trotters ............................ team event at full team handicap, nioo h~,t the rafultin~ fearo t~'~a bhstenng the course, defeated Mmtmsburg 19 to Tomahawk at Bakerton I team game score of 805. Slashers [ Tuesday the takers got a great wilt aa. uo-- Eighteen teams are ente d: w,th not (depending upon the side ' " " 1 . paruClpalltS ave llllteu OelOW. ! ...... *" ....... -- ....... a .........~. and that's enough to tell us that the locals wall have Great Cheapen at Sleepy Creek I had the second h~gh set and game I 33-point scoring performance i mann, 143; Earl Allara 145" Bob first round matches scneau~ed to ; you're on). Frederick not only work cut out for them It should be a highly interesting I Shepherdstown at Galneslmru t scores for the night. [ from John Lorenz as they stopped i Leavitt, 145; Roger Clipp,' 146; De completed oe~ore ~une z t. I bested us 1O points to 4% but ~. with a ood crowd exoected out to root for the home t Leetown at Charles Town I B. Ayers is still far out in front I the Royals 66-61. Doug Linton of Meredith L Polen 146; Bill Ben. -- -- o -- -- I one of their players, Lenore Dem- .... I Another round in the torrid I in the individual race with a 196 [ the takers trailed Lorenz with 16 ton 148: Sam Gilman 148: Ralnh CARPER'S VALLEY AT ] check, parred the hack nine, also " [ battle which Tomahawk and Bak- ! average, while E. Cloud is second ] points while for the losing Royals Board '149" Junior 'Jones 14~9 UL~,~v w~ ~ uer~z~av ! winning low gross low net for ........... in or the ...... Bob Hankl ............................ .................... [ erton have been wag g f I with a 191; and J. Leshe is thlrdl by ns and J. T. Kztchen Jack Akers, 150; Meredith 0 Pol- ~leen,, tr,,Zl ....... ;1~ ...... ~o, : Frederick Nancy Ruth won low LVUV~X rALUIVI~U, reurea JOCKey WhO now serves as an I lead in the Tri-County Baseball I with 183. I had 23 and 19 points respectively, en, 150; Carl Merchant 151" Char- --~, [_,~_-..._. ~.. :..~,.:.$:~-s~ ~,..-2-gross and Polly Moore low net ..... lace Sunda . . , ' pt~l" S yall~y ~o~l ~uu ux ~e~lll-i al at both local race tracks, ~s a patzent m Wmchester I League will take ~ . . . Y, [ ~ ~ he Clendenning, 151; Patsy Grant ~hes+,~ ~, . h ..... a t,,mo for Charles Town. Aside from the this tame o the J~aKerton n a )rial Hospital, for observation. He would apprecmte I . . n . .. . "I am mm m~ ~,. 151; Doug Lutman, 151; Norman match on Sunday June 26 It will, home and home score zt was a hay well card or a visit from his friends down this way... [ mona when Tomahawk, the lea-/ ~[~|~ ~fl~|~ ~]~fl~[~ |m~fl~||~[~ Corbin, 152; Joe Servis, 152; Mar- be Sleepy Hollow's second such I enjoyed by everyone. " gue leaders, move in to oo Dame - Th Women's Hand,ca Tourna ............ I ......... lace B-ker'onI ommmm ;o m~mm mmo~ ~umo~; match this year and their first at I .e. . . p ~. wlm me seconu p a t ment is zn play and |ere are me IN of football coach Fie d " Sleepy Hollow The local club " COI~MENTING on the loss y ] boy.s / ........ ~1~1115~[ ~11A |115~ lo~t t- Martinsbur- Me-. 1 at Mar [results of the first two rounds: . e]'atMartinsburgHigh onTuesday, Bob Scrivener, sports] With the two teams separated[l' Om # #'tm11,m, ,m; ltl l ,fltAm,ii Rnd ~mno~ l,mvv~ nmmv tinsbur- and willSbe shoot,n- to)lst round everyone drew a bye tlt of The. Journal,. came ,,right, out. and put it in blackI.. by only. one game, this Sunday's i|Ik]l IPIIIIkI IIIUUII JqUllkm ta .o m ;even t ir season record andone iexcept Mary Ann Ha|mann and tl white m th s manner: It s obwous that MHS re]battle is expected to not only be lie wire inQIBn$ i nd one The match will be follow Polly Moore. Polly beat Mary bt ble athletic-wise and the fault lies with the Berkeley I a hotly contested affair,_out is [ ..... __ __. ......... |__ |_ _ R 11_ ..... i ed by a" meal, Arrangements for [ 3&2; 2nd round re sult are - }llll'Lv- Ranrd of Education and some of our head schooll expected to draw one ot me|nO yraor'ame |||w LLTn I-- M.&!----.! ! ..- the day are beinu made bv thelr'l!Y moore, oeteatea ~ana ulen. ~Onr V3-'-.,--. ..... :-'; - ..... "_'..__1 ......... .ow^..~sl est crowds to witness a Tri-Cou-I a.~|||||~ ||~|ti|||~ ~U|l 1tim m I dllUHdl O i Committee of Cars Benton "Pres I denning 1 up, Dot Brown, defeat- nnel Ior ~nelr seemingly lacKactalsiCm ~VlbUUe ~ a~x~ I .,., +hie coa-n ! ~,~ "-" " r i ......... ,.. "I ea Mot+- n,:,,,la ; ~.'~" Rsrh ~n,,.n. ......... + High " And Bob had s ............... ~ ton ~aercnam ana ~lWOOa ~elron i ~ ."t*~,'':~ ~2 ~'~, ~-=.-.~ :-y-'% ......... P-',s ...................e ,~ ~Sl laal~!:~khU!o~l~/: ~!egiySc!it~:~:~mnt e!ehailtte~s ~i:)tu!f:~;~~ghTt lt~meP ------- S m'usSTAG'NTG [?~ tie eate a act , I , ~ a M rg r 1~ acmora ~e~inng?.r~. t'SauYpOnt the;~b?~ectmi~h's:~ur~i:ne i c prMogP:mSt, t~m: fo; S~/~I~)(~NN~Lo~.~ME ~ITTJ~NE 29 'BBr:ddnY 5~m3?N::f:aRedhM~ ~0W' " l [ " ]twobe offered two daily doubles and Team W L feated Buby Propst, 6&4; Evelyn about it... ies over Charles Town by scoresbred racing. Irvin Kovens, presi- i " " I The second stag night of theI " '-'1 .....-6 ~n the Tomahawk ...... tw n doubles during the twin Indian., ~ ............ ~ Grant defeated Betty Glenn 3~ ........... i uz o- aau ~o /[ dent of the popuiar west vlr-]] ill a " l ..... :year WlU De neia wednesday even B ' b , 11 for a stag e admlssmn etty Stefhe defeated Gla !/I , diamond, and Bakerton scored an er made known Giants 4 1 In h 1 vI ) ' l~ n tl e news mla racm cent g June 29 A nine o e lndl S ANOTHER birthday (75) for our lo g-"m - . g" " " g char e " .... " Houser 2 u ; Ethl McDonal easy 17-3 victory over Great Caca-" r the Inde en g Cubs 3 2 p yn plans thls week fo p - dual event will be followed by an efe ;r friend Ed Blake, who helps Bill McDonald and Mary pen on the Morgan countians field De-" --lida" schedule A Special B & 0 race trains direct Yankees 2 2 , , I dated Janet Grady. , ~ ~ ,~ ~ evening meal , auley turn out excellent publicity pieces for Shenandoah [ In other Sunday action Shep-[ ~welw -oce ,~roovam on Saturday [ to trackside will service Balti. Dodgers 2 4 ,~., ...... =. .... ,~ ......,.,.;... I We 11 have more about the tour- ns and does a b~t of gardenmg at h~s attrachve reszdence I herdstown spilt a pair of games[ night, Julv 2 will lift the lid on I more and Washington area fans, Braves 0 5 ....~ ~... c+ .... c.~+~ .,,.^ ~..~ e . week. Do you all . ...... ,,,,,u~ ~ o~,~ o,,,,~,, ~,,~ ,,,~ have n ' Summit Point. on the szde Ed has been around for alw~th Sleepy Creek ,taking the/+h,~ bUSY weekend with the usual[with special bus transportation ---- O---- ...^~.~ ............ ,.~, .~...~ a y aarKnorses so far Who ' Hrn,~ anr~ h,~ ~,~vav ~mu t~) run down or wear out I first game by a 10-4 score and] 7.1.~ P M ~tartin~ time nrevail. I from surrounding VlClnitms avail- RESULTS OF PAST WEEK .......... ,. ~.,.~.. ,. ~.._~.. ~,^. would you bet on to win. Watch "" nappy~ ........ returns ot~ 'he da-'y... I dropping the second one by a 12-61 rag." I able for both programs. June 15 . Giants 6 Dodgers 0 a:oo ...... r. ~n 1 t is co umn for all the results. .......... I count. ! Monda~,'s Jul- 4 card will takel Gates will open at 11:00 A. M. June 17. Indians 16 Braves 9 ....... - ................... I -- ' ........................... r I Leetown moved up in the standI on the "doub{e your pleasure, l on Monday, July 4. Last year JUne 18-C abs 10 Indians 1 inXc ar eUo V l e evenln, Umea ' I anwl The ~ILI~ WAl'l'l~ti Ior ~Jovernor Hule~ ~mltn ~o e ap- n rm a air of vtctonesl ,, o l s s II~i;lllU I In~ d~llll 14U11/~UI[ " / i gs by see " g P " ' double --ur f,m motif with a I 13,633 turned out for the d ub e June 20. Dodgers 8 Cubs 4 .............. .......... .......... i. ~ .... ~ .. wnlcn wm ~eature icon no Lt Joe Condry chmrman the West Vzrglma R mglSu 4 z qamesbor , onI doubleheader, ~ern0on and even I header ~grams and poured a GAMES ON TAP n--s Members shoul~s~fl' a" o~). ,, ........ -- " Urdssion, and we'll never understand just what is hold-/the l~eetown field, winning the in~ program consisting of ten lnear-record $90,908 through the Jun 23 Dod'e v-B'aves ~y~ =. ...... ,. ~ v * ~ ............. " i a 1 -4 an d ~" e - g rs s r me t;m~ rmuse, ~ow. ~rr.en(a tmurcn lnls week up the a, , intment, the Na mnal Assocmtmn of State f rst g me 0 d the secon races for the first |re,ram and lmutuel machmes. With the cooper June 23- Glant~ ,~ ~.h ...... in . ........ ;*~ ,-~;-~ i- Lexington K- have one 9-4. The double win for Lee- ei-ht eventscarden for~the even I ation of the weatherman, officials ....... ~ .... =~'.~ ;=5=._ ~ mm ~== town move~ mem into mira price, o a a ~ 1 Joe to fill a very important post by selecting him for ....... - . ing session. Post time for the I are looking f rw rd to s'm'lar June 28. Yankees vs Giants It# t e, ~ I m,, two games OaCK 0f ~aKerton and , I n chairmanshin of the vital committ on Constitution and ....... ' afternoon s races will be 2:00 P. M large attenda ce. June 29 Braves vs Cub ~ K # | i ." -- -- mree zrom me top spot. " o . m ~ ~ t The Association, apparently was mreaoy aware .... The Giants, with an assist from HALLTOWN, W. VA. all-around ability and vast knowledge of the racing TWi I Take er Jef as Joe Condry holds today... How long Governor, how ' the Cubs, moved into a tie with we waitS? .... the leading Indians the past week SPECIAL -- THIS FOR MANY years, when it comes to fire equip- and fighting fires, and we might add "friendly rivals" members of the Independent and Citizens Fire Coy0- of Charles Town, will carry their rivalry on to the here, Sunday, July 3rd, when they will lock horns big soft ball contest at Jefferson Memorial Park.. It's be a real big attraction, so don't miss it... More later.. KADY, who doubles as Oliver Kastles' man Friday, salesman, asks: "Wasn't it Leo Durocher who guys finish last? Well, what about Durocher?" ! ! BUCKNER who had earlier said that he would at VMI has changed his mind and chose arch rival of VPI. Larry, a tremendous high school football the Clarke County Eagles, joins area boys Gene and Dickie Longerbeam at Blacksburg. Buckner cap- unbeaten Eagles last year... BRILL, who plans and all-day motorcycle trip on vowed that he saw this sign in a credit union office the other day: "Be careful driving. The life may be our loan." . . . BOYS who were enrolled at Bones McKinney's Wahoo basketball school at Miller School, Virginia l st Were Craig Kastle and John Lorenz... LOT OF HISTORY went with that old Pimlico club- when it burned the other night. The famed "Members' which was under the mmmgership of our own of Charles Town, had been a Baltimore land- 1870. Also lost in the fire was the gallery (rf the Jockeys Hall of Fame as well as the Maryland Library with volumes dating to 1764.. WEAKLEY, a 26-year-old former assistant coach at High School, has been chosen as the man County's Eagles basketball teams out of the Weakley replaces Roscoe Dean who stepped down post recently... BOYD, former Handley High and Shepherd gridder, has accepted the head Track Coach's job at TI. TO 2---B m AMERICAN LEAGUE STANDING OF TEAMS Team W. Twins 4 Astros 3 Cards 3 Met~ 3 -- -- 0 -- -- RESULTS OF PAST WEEK Sune 14. Mets 16 Astros 14 Sune 17 - Cards 31 Mets 21 June 18. Twins 18 Astros 6 June 20. Twins 14 Mets 9 GAMES ON TAP June 23 . Twins vs Cards June 24. Mets vs Astros June 27 .Twins vs As tros June 28 - Mets vs Cards L. 3 3 3 4 The Twins jumped from last. place to the top of the league this past week in action in the Ameri- can Little Baseball League by scoring a pair of victories, while the Astros, last week's league- leaders were dropping a pair of games, one of them to the Twins on Saturday, June 18, by an 18-6 score. This game was moved for- ward from Thursday, June 16. Sam Stanton and S. Clipp each hurled three innings for the Twins and between them combin- ed to hold the Astros to just six hits and the same number of runs. One of the hits was a triple by Wayne Walker, who worked the first three frames on the mound for the Astros. David Alger led the six-hit batting attack of the Twins with four hits in six times at bat. The Twins scored four runs in the first frame on walks and err- ors and without the benefit of a base hit to take the lead in the TURN TO PAGE 2--B The Jefferson County Jaycees will hold a Junior Tennis Tour- nament at the Jefferson County Memorial Park, Wednesday and Thursday, July 6 and 7 from 6-10 p. m. The tournament will be open to Jefferson County res- idents only. There will be both boys and girls competition, and three age groups, as follows: ages 9 through 12 13 thru 15, and 16 through 18. ~rhe tournament is being staged by the Jaycees with the purpose of providing the opportunity for youth activities, keeping in mind the development of physical fit- ness, strong competitive spirit, and above all good sportsmanship The tournament will be direct- ed by park director Richard Eber- sole, with assistance from the Jaycees. Applications may be tak. en from this paper or secured i from Mr. Ebersole at the park and returned to him not later than 4:00 p. m., July 1. Due to the second tennis court being unlined and the net need. ing repairs, a donation of 50 cents should accompany each applicat. ion. The receipts will be used to ready the courts for use during the tournament. APPLICATION JEFFERSON JAYCEES JUNIOR TENNIS TOURNAMENT JULY 6 & 7 -- (6 - 10 P. M.) (JEFFERSON COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY) Name Age ------- Address Phone I hereby certify that my son/daughter has my permission to participate in the JEFFERSON JAYCEE Junior Tennis Tournament and that I will not hold the SAYCEES liable for any accidents which may occur. Signature of Parent Applications must be turned in to the tournament director, Mr. Richard Ebersole by 4 P. M., Friday, Suly 1. A donation of 50c should accompany each application. The sole purpose of the entrance fee will be to defray the costs of ren ovating the tennis courts for the tournament, especially court No. 2. The Spirit Of Jefferson.Advocate as a result of the four games play ed in the National Little Baseball League. The Giants scored a 6-0 victory June 15, over the Dodgers in their only game during the past week, while the Indians split a pair of games and thereby lost ground to the Giants. They chalk ed up their fourth consecutive victory of the season Friday even I ing, June 17 by a 16-9 score overI the last-place Braves; but then on 1 Saturday, they suffered a 10-1/ setback at the hands of the Cubs.~, In the other league battle play. ed Monday evening the Dodgers~ scored an 8-4 victory over the l Cubs. I In the Giant-Dodger battle Wed nesday evening, June 15, Monte Collins, hurled two-hit ball at the Dodgers and shut them out. The hits were collected by Tom Ott and Jeff Smoot. Collins also coll- ected one of the nine hits his team had for the day. James Alger, Rick Knicely and Dewey TURN TO PAGE 2--.!1 Your own She'll love you. Tonight at the [ Charles Town Races] ONE DOZEN WORMS F-R-E-E (With A Purchase Of $4.00 Or More) June 23'lt-pd. It's good to get home.. armr a day of hard work or hard play. And it'a pleasant to relax with cool, rer , hing beer. In fact, 65 % of all the beer produced in this country is enjoyed at home. It cheers your taste as it re- news your zest So, make yourself at home... with beer. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION~ INC, P.O, BOX 111:!9 CHARL|$TOI~ W. V&