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June 23, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 23, 1966

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|MUSIC LESSONS: - Will give I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE : ---- Ipiano and organ lessons in my/THURSDAY JUNE 23 1966 A--7 :~ !r Et.L, Ihome. Donald Chapman, Tele-[ '. '' ' .~~ i i - I phone Charles Town 725-7474. [ ii! ~ II [June t Great From Uffle Acorns Grow. I1 ---. 1 II [ I have in my hands for final 1 --- I settlement the accounts of C. Wil-I I~ "--"-- ii ]: I!R! leon Moler, as Executor of the[~rdl[iU~.-11dlelll[ I ~ a : I estate of Randolph Moler, deceas-I - "- : _-- '" - [ SECRETARIAL SERVICE ll i ' ed ...... ~.: .................................... e..~ .... " Photo Copy Hearings 5Us.. :,t' / FOR SALE:'1958FrdConverti'l~':":":':":":" ~'':':':":":":~'amgfrtheglvmgftestlmnyrI T W. STEPTOE1 ~ ! ........... SALE z ble-overhauled 352 thunderbird ~-~ P(JI~ I~I~NTrP ?'~ Wi~ ~ATANTrP]~.I'~ ~[lother evidence. [ Commissiorler of Accountsl .m~g~r~/'L~ I (t~ext to r. L. e~ r. ~o., FOR en~in~ rrui .... rio tran~mi~inn ~a J. x_,J,, .~a-.~a. ~ ~ vv~xx~,tJ..~x-, ~1 GEORGE R STAUBS/ T~..... r,....~,,I a' IBox 414 Phone" 725-2615 - L rge wood "" a'*';":":':'v*;'ed ~ts radi' heater, power steering, six ":':":"":":":":':":":":":":":":":":":":~"~:':" ":":':':':":":':":':":"":":":":":":":':':"'=':'l doing business aS[ju,~ 16-2-t [Attend Church This Week ' S A~"E: tires in excellent condition (two FOR RENT" Three room anart. SITUATIONS WANTED iINDEPENDENT CAB COMPANY] .......... l acre or more, Restricted, as snowtires). Phone Charles Town i ment, heat and bath Fairfax Build ATTENTION BUSINESS MEN i ......... 1.30 5 pJe Avzn ?l Notice Of Trustees' /i ,.., / lzo-aOu/. I i.. r ~,~ n.,~h.~. I ....... I x~a,tzzt:=s Auwzs, vvt:~ vzzE~uza/ . |1 H~| II ]~-.1~ I~l I1~ '~AI~J~ as $10.00 down up to five June 23 1 t d n ,-s. ~,,-~ ~'=o-,,-s. i ~s your OUslness small anti cmr- I ..... / ,~-,1- hA~ IT_I___tl__ | 1 ......... I s to pay balance. Jefferson "" "P " ]June 23-tf [ical work needed but you can't iJune z~-~-t. [ ~Ie u~ ValUaOxe ]| ............ ,___...__ : ...... ...... 1 tge Sub-Division, Charles " t . " r in most ueslr~toie ~ogauon in town three ot'urooui~ oattt FOR SALE'. 1958 Plymouth, four I ~ afford full time help. I am lnte- i NOTICE I REAL ESTATE 11 .... " ...... l n, W Va. Call Jack Ireland ...... a._" ...;...~, .... ;.~. o~. IFUtt ~t~2~'~"- moaern Air cona - ested in Hart time work Telel / and enoromous closet space l/ownstalrs consists oz i ~116 Winchester, Va. d~Ore=~,~:~0~4,~ .... v, u ......... [loned ofnce will arrange to suit phone 725-~161 between 2100 and l Notice of sale of race horses tol 11 large entrance, hall, living room, separate dining room, I ae 23-4-t. June 23-1-t-pd. " I tennant, goper & l~oper .Rentals 4:00 P. M. Can furnish references I satisfy a lien thereon, i By virture of the authority l l kitchen with built-in cabinets, half bath, full basement. 1 ~[C/_ORusseil B. Roper, TempnonelJune 23.2.t. I Pursuant to the provisions oflvested in us by a Deed of Trust~l Storm windows, oil hot water heat, double garage on, SALE: - One Siegler oil l uu~ ~At~: -__//2 poome puppies. 725-7789. CARD OF TIIANKS Chapter 38, Article 11, Section 14, bearing date the llth day of lar~ ....... 1,( ,,~,- S,.l~,,,l~ u,,t ~,.I, Thi~ "i~n~ ha~ ~er, 82,000 BTU, Thurmo con- 02~~ ~.. Telephone 725-9193. June 23-2-t-pd. ~d $150.00; One Quick heat $j1~0e I want to thank my friends for W e:tdV~rgm~a Code of 1961, as/December, 1962, executed .by I1 had best of care Priced more than re&~onable. 1 burner, 87,000 ,BTU $50;00; - - t l~OR~~ RENT.~ ' -Four room turnish-) t,.~,'~; .... ...... at, ....... ~ .... rs ~,-ift~....... and I thatam at d,10.00not Ace ~SM nereDYD S TgiVenon/Anare. r rancis bum. ant r~imar e ' ~- ~ UP' " [ rayers durin- my illness in the ' . .... , Guth, to the undersigned, Geo g CALL 725-0358 I OR APPOINTMENT. roll top desk 38 W x 27 D, SO S on, the rug that is, soled apartment. Private entrance,! P .....~, ...... I Mondav Jul- 11 1966 at the/~ ~,,u .... a ~,,,,h W M,,'l _ 1 )0; Two pop up toasters two clean the spot with Blue Lustre. I venetian blinds, oil furnace treat, [ nospitai. ~temn ~w. ~vniton. I O'Sullivan Farms' nea-' Charles[ ~,:,,:~'~""*-~'~'~,,~'~',:-;~:~ ~,;,~='~ il June 23-1t- 1 each $2.00; One 34' x34"x36 Rent relec~ic cshampooer$1, r,,~, [ elec.trlcity and water turmsned, i June 23-1-t-pa. I Town, Jefferson' County, West/of"~l~a~certa~n 7romissory~ note[ .~ saw with blade $10.00; One "une 23 1 t " " "| " I : :-: :": ~"; : : .... ,.-;. : : : :. :..~ e I Virginia, I shall sell at public/therein described, recorded in the 09d lathe - Antique. o " " " ] June 23-3-t-pd. I ~ h/I;~,~.-,|] ....... ~ I auction the following race horses,[ Office of the Clerk of the County I Phone 725-2865. ~~ [ ~ I ~-4 vxl~xzO~lWUU~ ~ / to-wit: Daddy s C. O.", a bay/Court of Jefferson County, West I ~ A UU|~ T~ ~~h~l :23-1-t-pd. hire Electric Stove Standardlbath an~-h~C~r'~f~r'smaiil~:":":"":":"'~':lmare foaled 1953 by Colonel O'f/Virginia, in Deed Book 257, at I [IL~l~l~|i~ l~ nU~LIL[ " - ' ........... ' "~ - . - out of Sun Clock by Sun Teddy; page 173, the said note now being ' SALE: - LINCOLN WELD- Size. Call 725-9428. I family. Mrs. Sherman Harrison, I Will keep children m my home. I ,,~ billo ........... i ......... i 2 9026 ~o , a Day mare, tome~ ~vaa ave ann payame, ann aetautt Y N T Y '.- New A. C. 180 Amp. $80.00, June 23-1-t-pd. / Bolivar Telephone 535-6576 I Telephone Charles Town 7 5- | | I WH O TR amp. $93.00 including Access- ' T .... ~4 " I J-no ~a-l-Lnn "l by Princequillo out of Sob Story[ having been made in the payment I .-~-. ~ -~r .-, ~ .. ,-~ ,~ Engine Driven Welders, FOR SALE:. 40" Frigidaire stove. " ...... -~-~. - 1 ............ _] by Peace Chance. | thereof, the undersigned, having I 't_;I/ Ano w L;onstrueuon uorp.: , Electrode & Supplies. Good condition. Mrs. Charles FOR RENT: - Rooms, day, week l P. S. C, W. VA. M. C. FORM 38 ] This sale is to satisfy my claim| been required to do so by the I ......... ;. .............................. ~RSTOWN EQUIPMENT CO O'Bannon Telephone 725-7783. I or month. Mrs. Robert Wiley 219 i NOTICE OF MOTOR CARRIER ] and lien for the boarding, black ' holder of said note, will offer for I Wh 5TAI~'I" UN "1"111~ .~ Wl~ 1~ 1.~1512 U~N TINIh ! rstown, Md. June 23-1-t-pd. I South Charles Street. Telephone I ~.~_ / smith, medical and other expen-! sale at public auction to the high- | ~rr~ f, ~ ~.r r,r, A ~f,~ ~"~xr ^ ~.r,~*.rf, 725-9353 ] ~ ,~ ,,.oE N,~ 176~1 / seE of the above two and other : est bidder at the front door of the I 234-t. . ~ur~ ~A~" - ~arge wlnclow tan " ~ zu ,~ ~.~o v. . ~ ...... , . ." , , " " nurses against ~rving t~rascn I Court House in Jefferson County, ,, ,, will cool five rooms. $25.00, Tele-, June 23-1-t-pd. On the 21st day of July, 1966, at [ Mr .. . [ Call: - M ke Culhnane for FREE ESTIMATE $ $ SAVE $ $ phone 725-7193. 1 FOR n~?~'-"--'--~-- 9"00 a m EDST, at the Harrison ~" O'Su"lli'va'n"'~'a~'r~s ;;,,~f ~'~'~"~"~'~n'~'~cT,,"~"a" ~" I ~7R Rln' SEWING MACHINES ...... - ", i _. ..... ; .... .............. -...3 SHEPHERDSTOWN, W. VA. REPAIRS and SALES June 23-1-t. l Large two family dwemng sit- C?unty Courthouseinthe City.of Charles Town, West Virginia E. D. T., the foiioWing descrihe i Prices- Phone 725-2824 FOR SALE: - 35 acres of Rye for ~:taeu~if~lyt~:n;::Zed,f tgoUn:r ~arKmS~U[gn 2~Vesrt~l:Cgi:er~Tl~ June 16-3-t. Ipr er Y:those even "7- er" in EVERHART'S STORE sam; would like to sell immediat- -ara-e hear the application of the under- NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OF I.. 1 . s^ . (.) .c ta .......... el AsKin $600 00 Tele hone ~ s .... mrs or parcms ot tuna lying ann Y-. . .g - P ~ ...., .......... .i ~..,,. ,-. s~gned for a certificate of con- MACE ELECTRIC COMPANY I ........ GEORGE R. HEIDRICH Shepnernstown"876 2493 ~,.~,,.~ .~uaa.~=~ a.u .tva,%v ~u., .... being in me Town ot ttanson. SALE: Complete bedroo - , venience and necessity to operate Notice is hereby given that the .. l with mattress and springs, Jane 16-3-t. ~uke;3 tf Phone 725-5115ias a common carrier by motor under signed, Mace Electric Corn- Jefferson County, West Virginia, Realtor DO, large five piece dinette ~ " " I vehicle (taxicab) in the trans- pany of 321 East 25th Street, Bal-lw~tn_me improvements_mereon ~0.00, sofa and two matching each Community Oil Co : ~nc, ~1 portation of passengers in taxicab timore, Maryland 21218, a corpor-i ~n~o~nen appu~t~nesanC?t:~ere~I Several Jefferson County farms s, $75.00, Frigidaire refrige- Charles Town, W Va Phone 725 stone farm-house, Brucetown service from a standtin Charles atio~h organized under the laWSlNos ~4-~5-363738~9 and ~0 in --" , freezer, $75.00, Frigidaire 7021 " ' " Road, 2 mites West of Summit Town, Jefferson Coun y. of e S te of Maryland, and B1 c- "" T_ ": : . _. From 100 to 400 acres --- Priced at $175 to $325 ic range, $50.00, Frigidaire June 16-tf Point. $50.00 to small, responsible1 Anyone desiring to protest the authorized to hold property and ..o K ~, saia lo~s ~rontmg on ......... tic dryer used five months, ~ family. H. W. Capper granting of the authority applied transact business in the state of THird Avenue and extending back per acre. DO. All in perfect condition FOR SALE: - 100x155 Lot on June 23-2-t-pd " I for should be present at said hear West Virginia, has resolved and to an alley in the rear thereof, as Jefferso Aven ............. intends to withdraw from said shown on the plat of the lands of CALL HARLES T ' - 94 sell above prices or best n ue. Call 725-2763 F I C OWN 725 7 2 Telephone 725.7763. after 5"30 P M OR RENT: - Forty acres of pas- ..... .n=,.~ ~,- .~u,,~,state, the C. M. M. & I. Company, and re HOMES FARM" LAND 23-1-t. June 16-2-t-~d. ' TeletUre withh running water for cattle l I~hlNRINh ............................. Ur b 1Nh ! 'Phi nntloa ;~ ~,"i ..... .......... v ........ * I oCrded in the Office of the Clerk ........ p one 876-2111. I ..... I +^ the .............. hanf~a, a~ ] f the County Court of Jefferson .Tune 16 tf SALE: - Good 1955 ton FOR SALE: - Two 50x10 mobile June 9-tf i I ^^. ^.en ~U~ i Articlo T gl~oinrt 921. ,~ fha ,,,ei,,l~! [ County, West Virginia, in Deed :olet pickup. Telephone 535- homes $2,495.00 each, where is as ILWI~ Ull'h A [-[:]IV Code of'ffest'~V"ir-~i-~-'- ............ I Book X, at page 1 Harpers Ferry. is Apple Valley Homes Sales, FOR RENT: - Five room apart-] I ...... _s I ....... - .... ' " ment ~vluce l~leCtrlc t;ompany r~:m~ U~ ~ALll~ Clearbrook, Va., Telephone on third floor. Peoples Bankl DEAl gCTATg grtD CA/I: IAttested I ............ ele hone 725 018 harle I IliJ4L LJlbtll, l~n aal-U, onem]ra (Va) casn on clay oz MoHawk 2-1236 ' p " -7 C s Town B " " SALE:- Lots or acreag : t,,~----. ' , .... ..~ y S/Otis E. Mace I sale, balance to be paid in two HELP WANTED spring fed lake with acreage ~une ~o-~-~. o~.u ~-u. I -- . I Otis E. Mace, President I (2) equal installments, evidenced With acreage; Barn, Well, FOR SALE'.. 1959 Cadillac Con- FOR RENT'. - In Histor'm Harpers JUST LISTED'. in time tospen(l_ S/Edward W. Weidman. I by the notes of the purchaser or a of water with approximate vert)ble, good condition, fully ~'erry, 11 room house, two baths,/the summer In the Coumry" 7 Edward W. Weidman, Secretary I purchasers, bearing even date 'Formica Mechanics Or Helpers ~r acres ROLLING ACRES equipped. Phone 725-7411 or 725- oil heat, large porch over looking, all fenced, deep.and full Corporate Seal I with day of sale, payable on or I, Approximately one mile ~ ~naries Town. Potomac, within walking distance i ~towmfl . wen .near ~umumway. MACE ELECTRIC COMPANYI before one (1) and two (2) years West of Leetown. Contact June 9-tt. of B & O Station. Virginia E. | ~eremcn..TOMACamg.Rivr=KsLte_.......... rltur~'lAUl~ .......................... I SEAL [after date, respectively, bearing Fur Fa~t.Growin~r~ ................. Formica C,rnnanvr.._~ One after 6:00 P. M. William ~ l~enner, Broker I _r~,, ........... I l~ Imterest trom Rate at six per dson, 725-5333, Charles Town ~ ~+~,~ ~ .now a macmne May 26-tf " ] 1870:187 Ac., ~.rm. ~oioniaL ~rLc~ MARYLAND I centum (6%) per annum, payable 5 DAY WEEK -- 8 TO 4:30 P. M, 23-1-t-pd. .' .. .... L .... , * ......... ~v,,,,-~ -~,-- ---" ..... I resiuence compmte~y restoreu ant T .... O J_+ I semi-annually, secured bv a Deed SALE: - 1958 Chevy,,t' pers terry 535-6356. FOR RENT: . Trailer space locat-] modernized with built-in kitchen ........ [ of Trust upon the property sold,Experienced in Formica - Also Inexperienced Help on"the f]oo~'.'$10~.00. Tele- FOR SALE" ~oe.a r~.n.~ ~r.,..wneeier zvaner yarK vnone /za- ~,~ a.u ~:~. ~;~, ,~= .:,?- ..l"Uz~z-tA~ v~ x .-x a ~ . in reasonable amounts upon the n ~lr 'O~r~L~ r~n ~ ! 725-5518 or 725-9369. ~1~ r,,, ;.. "~.~.~.'..~'~,,~..~.."~' ~-150. May 19-2-t. ings and easny accessible, ueep T~f~'~ c~av~ [ buildings thereon, ifany, withthe 1%. YY. ~ILNI~ IUI- ~L~U. 23-3-t. __ o;. ,~u_#,..,.%,. ~u,L~,~2=_,.~z~. water for skiing, boating, fishing.JPU'I~ ~2Al.z~ [privilege to the nurchaser or --~ i phone ~names Town Yzo-YYtro. FOR RENT: - Five room modern WATER FRONT, 1 mi on Poto . I purchasers of payir~g all cash or Call Collect - AREA CODE 703, 560-2033 I June 16-2-t-pd. 2nd floor apartment, private en- mac River 6 rm restored stone very attractive four bedroom da,, of sale or ~,,c.~a~",- ~-=--~*- [ ~ trance, adults only. Virginia Ben- and frame dweiliw, laPP bank h me on corner of lEt Avenue and navm~nf a~ h~ rnav tl~h-~ CALL FROM 8.30 A. M. TO a P, M. ELECTR~ ~vlu~utt~ ~ t=omrols,Her, Broker May 5-tf barn 50 Ac wo~iancl~. Ideal Preston Street. Wall to Wall car., ....... :: ..... ~.'-:'..': .... ~. ........................ SWEi~11JX Welders S-eed Reducers V-Belt " " '- " - " - -etA-,, !..~,~ n,n ..... t*hl tieorge ~. lviunen, Trustee ~11~l~l~lr'll~LD, VII~tiIINIA , v , ~ -- ~ watertront development proper~y r --~, .... ~ ....... ~, ......... Kenne ~-IN-t Block & Chain Drives, Generators, Corn- PARTMENT For RENT: -One Farm consists of 195 Ae fertile flreplaee Beautifully landscaped [ th W. Metz, Trustee SELL. RENT- SWAP , HI RE " BUY - SELL RENT . SWAP " HIRE " BUY " SELL. RENT . SWAP - HIRE HIRE. BUY - SELL- RENT - SWAP " HIRE" BUY. SELL. RENT- SWAP ,HIRE" BUY. SELL. RENT" pressurE, Boilers, Air & Electric tHree room and bath apartment, soil and good buildings. Owner will finance. June 9-44. MINllA| ~oodod Ilelo mi,o|ll RUY IT TODAY AT SOUTHERN STATES Town Cooperative Va. Tools, Hoists, "Pumps, St!ction i Hose, Plaster & Concrete Mixers, Vibrators, Trowels, Power Tools, Traffic Cones & Signs, & Mics. New & Used Machinery. HAGERS TOWN EQUIPMENT CO., Hagers I town, Md. June 14< WHY BUY A TRAIL]~R FOR SALE: 8x45, f~nancing available. Wheeler's USED WASHER? Trailer Park, Telephone 725-2150. June 16-24. Why buy a used washer when FOR SALE: Five Heifers -- ear now buy a springing will freshen within 30 BLACKSTONE days - bang tested. I INGER WASHER June 16-tf. Peoples Supply gears of cut steel wheels for easy moving service facilities FOR SALE: - 13 pigs. Call after with: 6:00 P. M. Richard Moler, Summit Point Road. duty ~wringer June 16.2t. large insulated tub motor for longer life F G 'S JFW RY l~uy now from the EDISON CO. - for just IN)WN. $5 MONTHLY AND WATCH REPAIR 230 West Washington St. Charles Town, W. Va. ALL WORK GUARANTEED Priee... only $115,95 Jnne 9-3/, W. L HARD PROPI Contractor.Builder PHONE 725-5510 Charles Town, W. Va. Boy" While Houle PiInl Intense whtte that stays ~r. No unsightly discolor- chalk wash-down. Giva of beauty, ln e- STONE AND Field Dirt Hauled Howard G. Shade CIRCLE SERVICE STATION C0al CO., liE. Telephone 725-7514 Jan. 20 tf. 725-2721 LIBERTY STREET LI 8 TOWN, W. WL GO TO EHUI SUNDAY READ CLA$SLFIEDS lEt floor. Telephone after 6:00 p. in.. 703-882-8181. Apr. 14-tf- OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Frofessional Building. Call Dr. Van Metre 725-7215 or 725-7214. Jan. 21-tf. HELP WANTED [] HELP WANTED LADIES: - age 20 to 45 to work at Dairy Queen in Harpers Ferry and Ranson. Apply in Person only at Dairy ~ueen in Ransom June 16-tf. ~TED electricans: Ex- perienced electricans to work in Fairfax area. Top wages for ex- perienced men Contact Gates Ele tric Service, Box 46(}, Fairfax, Virginia, 22030. Telephone 703-273 1133. June 94f. WATER FREE: - Water analysis on your water supply at any time. We are "equipped to test water supplys for proper water conditioning equipment. Phone 725-7021. Corn- munity Oil Co., Charles Town. May 12-tf. Electrolux- Cleaners SALES & REPAIRS (Parts For All Models) PROMPT SERVICE J. F. Wiles 9O5 MARION ST. HAGERSTOWN, MD. Telephone REgent 3.2043 June 16.4t- NOTICE! Drinking Water Hauled ALSO-- CISTERNS PUMPED & CLEANED Richard Dodson RANSON, W. VA. Phone Charles Town 725-9120 June 23-tf- CREEK frontage - 13 Acres, 9 mi. from town Delightfully wood ed; a real RETREAT from the HEAT. NOTE SOME OF OUR MANY 'OTHER LISTINGS IN THI~ COU NTRY: New Modern Stone ramb- ler, ultra-modern in every detail, Family room, 3 baths, 2 fireplaces This is one of Jeff. Co's. finest homes and is nestled amid an acreage of stately trees. This shaded home is most inviting dur ing the warm Season. We invite your inspection To-Day! 4 Acres fenced, 5 rm. house dear MarUnsburg. This property priced for immediate Sale. RETREAT: New rustic small Cottage, 15 Ae. land, well with old fashioned wind mill in Scenie Mt. area near Cacapon Springs. Reasonably priced, terms. WOODLAND: 28 Ae. 6 rm. Cot- tage stream, spring, with lakesite Stately trees, located 48 mi. from D. C. MOUNTAIN LAND, 2200 Acres at Cacapon Springs. 600 Acs. Valley with 7 lakesites with moun tains ranges on either side. Ideal potentials for devoiopment. 160 Acre farm with 6 rm. house long road frontage in Rt. 50 at Cacapon Springs. Small stream traverses property. URBAN: 6 rm. house on W. Liberty St. tn excellent condition Early poss. Large 9 rm. residence, 2 baths conveniently to shopping area. Ideal for large family or apart- ments. 7 Rm.. 1~/~ bath res. in down- town area, recently renovated. Good investment. BUILDING LOT: 82~ on S. Seminary St. Excellent drainage; desirable bldg. lot. WOODLAND: 19 Acres near Sleepy Creek Forest Preserve, all hardwood. GROCERY STORE & FILLING STATION: In nearby Village & on Rt. 9 at Berkeley Springs. FOR RENT 7 Rm. brick house Alfred R. Linaweaver Brokers Real Estate Agency 212 N. George St. PHONE 725-9111 Charles Town, W. Va. March 24-tf. Subscribe To Spirlt-Advocat Six room one story dwellingI located at 203 South Church Street. Cheek with us on the num erous modern improvements to this property which will sell for $20,ooo.oo. Seven Room Colonial home on large lot in Middleway. Three baths, two fireplaces and plenty of Colonial Charm. Price just re- duced. Call for particulars. Two story brick, four bedrooms and bath. This eight room home is on the corner of E. Congress and S. Samuel Street. Ideal locat- ion for home and office site. Priced right at $30,000.00. Very attractive three bedroom home on Burns Street in Ranson. Living room with built in air conditioner, large 10x15 kitchen. A completely ll1 dern house prl. ed at $8,500.00. Two dwellings In Ciem Subdlvi. ~oiOn o~ Martlnsburg Pike . one r $4,000.00 and the other $4~500. Nice home on 7th Avenue, Ran- son, ,skins $8,500. Four bedroom dwelling on 14th Ave., Ransom Only 4~ years old. Finished receration room, modern kitchen, lot 65'xi25'. You'll like the $14,500. price. Commercial location on Rt. 340 between Charles Town & Hall. town. Five room home, three bed rooms, living room with fireplace modern kitchen, bath and full basement. Restaurant convenient- ly located next door with all fix. tures included in the just reduced price of $20,000.00. Check this prime location now. Five room home plus store- room situated on lot 145' front and 300' deep on Martiasburg Road about 3 miles from Charles Town. Excellent financing on this $9,000. Parcel. FOR RENT: . Furnished two bedroom dwelling located 4~ miles from Charles Town on Route No. $I containing 5 aeres ef land. Ranso t Real Estate AND Insurance Co., Inc. 3rd. Ave. - Ranson, W. Va. Phone - Charles Town - Phone 725-7071 725-7910 June 16-tf Be Wise- AdverSe CLA $IFIgD BUDDY FRAZIER FURNACES - TRAILERS CLEANING Phone Charles Town 725-5565 June 23-E. O. W. NOTICE I Am In BUSINESS Witl A PUMPER To Clean Cess- pools, Septic Tanks And Sani- tart Toilets. 'ROBERT JENKINS RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 725-2728 Oct. PENNEYS Berkeley Plaza Shopping Center MARTINSBURG. W. VA. t YOUR COMPLETE CAMPING HEADQUARTERS ALL SUMMER LONG TENTS 9' x 14' DOUBLE ROOM TENT ....... $59.88 s' x 10, FAMILY LODGE TENT ...... $59,88 9' x 9' HI-WALL TENT .... $59.88 9' x 12' DELUXE FAMILY LODGE TENT ...... $89.00 9' x 9' UMBRELLA TENT .. $39.98 5' X 7' MOUNTAIN TENT .. $II.98 FRONT FLAPS PUP TENT .......... $6.98 4-Lh. POLYESTER SLEEPING BAG .... $12.88 3-Lb. CELACLOUD SLEEPING BAG ..... $8.88 On June 20th, we will be equipped to unload wood mechanically at Inwood. We are in the market for Un- peeled pine, eut 5 ft. long, 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Also we are accepting an unlimited amount of mixed hardwood, cut 4 Vz ft. long, sound, well trimmed, straight and .ranging in diameter from 4 to 16 inches. This species includes all mixed woods except willow, aspen, hickory, cedar locust. We accept full carloads of wood loaded at your nearest railroad siding as well as truckloads at Inwood. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL Or WRITE: Fred Smith Inwood, West Virginia -- Phone 229-3553 Alton W. Mathews, Inc. Bentonville, Virginia-- Phone 635-8510 June 16-2t- ---- Big Selection Of--- Buy At Prices You Can Afford Stop In Today And Let Us Show You This Gigantic Display... Camping Cots * Camp Stools Coleman Stoves and Lanterns Cook Sets * Canteens Sleeping Bags PffO~ Ma~nsS~r~] 367-2923 Ju~ 94t- ON MARTINSBURG -- CHARLES TOWN ROAD NEAR ROAD TO AIRPORT OPEN 9 TO 6 P. M. DAILY --- PHONE 267-6331