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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
June 23, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 23, 1966

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D-II.. J_.It,__ P_.J__ J+ ~a a ~.. ~ a Allen, born June 16, in ?he Win-I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE I .,,y ~..,~....~u~,, miss ~nar0n L0U ~me [xcnang chester Memorial Hospital. Mrs. t THURSDAY. 'UNE 93. 1966 A'} 1 - - JenKins is the tormer miss Snir-I, ..... .4 Club Talks Plans For , ,oy Ann Dun. . With Mr. Barr In Charles Town Rtte woo+ow o+rl w,+.o rh#tm.o =.... Oh... __ for. Mrs. Ruih Porter, Charlesl I I I expectedly last week at his ia0! A kin2 i frn ~ :) 113 /lUWC'I J UW I~ Twh' Mrs' William Masn and I ~ ~ [ in Baltimre The Rev Dr ti~ record brea g 06 p nts ofii,,,e me~ts. Ii ~t the annual~l~z~: ~state arden elub~li + Ii~ " " AtmaryH0menoa'erlek Gray " I . l| ;~%.$75.00111 , "pp . " " l~t SALE _, $7500 son V. H Malone of Martmsburg Fife, president of the Mary blood was collected atthe June Carl Shenk and Conrad Ham- The Dolly Madison Garden attended the commencement exer l~JiM! ~: .... n .; ,r,, +,,,h .... Ch 16th Jefterson ~:ounty lxea ~ross mann reached the four gallon Club of Charles Town is in the 1 ~!%: _ I .............. .............. "l ~ ~" I I ~'~;:"Y."; ":'.~ ~?"'~.'"" ;:i Bloodmobile, to help. the county ~mark; three gallons, John small- process of making plans for a I~~?- ....... ] C~ei~)t~iLa-~)a,.V,~..~ff,v~-~y, ,~-1 ~ ~ | ] oztzc~mteo, l~urm ~as ma~ attain ana go over mew goal ot 'wood; two gallon. Cedric Sullivan Christmas Flower Show to be held ! ?~ ~. a~,.=;,~d, ff, L..~ ] ~ ~ i [ t~ammore. _o~,,,..,..........~ 685 pints for the fiscal year, also;James Grimm Richard Hart Cur December 2 3 in the leffers~" I ,o,, ,:,. ~-,,,~,v ~,, to,,,yl, ~t,,, t,, I ~ I Mr Helwig, 57, was pastorl-~''"'';*'a';" a r~evordo + .., tis Bennett and ~na Unger: One County Civic Center. """ 1F~~ Mrs; W3odr3~erRU2?es~?:dcer~3-[ MRS LINDA L SEAMAN I the Lutheran Church of Ou.rt FOt ]o netp set this reeora, ado ~allon donors are" Anna K Lon~- ~+ ,,. .... +,., .... +:.._ ~.^,., ~, lI~~ u t .. +, .. +u " I .. : . ,'. .. + I ious in Baltimore at the tiu,l~. ........... . . ~- ~ ~ t.e .,u.u.y .lcett.~ .era aL , gree in urtnooonlics aervmes were nero in Yeatman . , ., ~":..;..:-.:..:.-:. CorpsCenter at Harpers Ferry erbeam F S Woodford Neff .................. ~ " I.. .~ /his death lie leaves his wffe,~~';';':':':':" sent.37 donors., Dixie Nareo 30...................... ' Rluuhor' L~. ~:'.mzhpv .It ,'P'"~h''-'-'--. me nome ot ffxrs. ~,en. ~art{ett ~:~ : Sara Steptoe, daughter of Mr. l~elley funeral Home in Wilming- Pearl Mae Corbin ttelwig it SALE'. - Hall town Paperboard' 29, Powha- Blaekford' F Leon 'Longerbeam," 11nm....on June ~..,~.~' me;..,aenmrman,...~..+ .... mrs. ~i: + .... and Mrs. Thomas Steptoe, 505 S. [ton, Deleware Monday for Mrs. "ltwo daughters. "~ LJcreor : Eac tan 15 Rumtan Clubs 14 and 12 Graham Bullock, David K~dwell a~r.. ~ .... V"r .......-~ +~'- ~: Mildred St., Charles Town, haS lLmda Lot Seaman, 25, wife of[ Mr. Helw]g was pastor ofl~e as $10.0 from Badger Fire Extinguisher. land William Shutt. 7or ow n =crommi (ees:' .......... i been eleetedsecretary of the Out-IErnest E Seaman, a resident of[ Utica Parish from 1947 to l~Sto pay Thefourfluritan Clubs of Jeff-t The staff workers for the June ....... ....... ":" ....... 1 mg Club at Randolph:Maeon w o- I the Tri-State Trailer Court, Bruns / The parish included Lutl$1~ge_ Sub erson ~;ounty sponsored this high- ~r ,,+o+, .c r,~ m,,,~m,r,u,~ ;,, . ,.c..euu~e- ~,r.~. ~. u. reuers, l} ::. : I man's ~ouege, t~yncnourg, va. I wick Md, who died Fridav ]une t Churches at Walkersville,l~.-_ W. Va. ly succes~ul visit and are resp(m- ~,,~',:,~'~'~ ~';~,,,,~,~. ........ "~rs. ri. ~s. Lm~c ! ~ii: :- - [ The Outing Club organizes exeur- / 17 in Charles Tow-- Genera'~'Hos-[ Bethe~ Lutheran Church ' ~.116 Wine sible for breaking the old record l~'~",~'~::?al;~:~?.:'2".,.~... I Staging . Mrs. Allen Marshall, 1 sions, often in cooperation with [ -ital ..... | Charlesville and the churcla ane 234-t. of 180 pints collected in 19,53. [ Reoistrars" Mis- Shirle,, Mac- I Mrs. Robert Butler, Mrs. Robert 1 other colleges m the area. Sara I The deceased was born in Pa-e [ Uhca and Creagerstown. He~ samur~ni~olh~gii~~n~~i tM~!~a'rlMaM~d' :~lliin/Sir,~jm?ker' :rP!~Itr;B~r~i~" MJle~r Huyett, .: ~Y~~itlrRa:ii~te ~hli~lWilViydM~yawl~ ~ag~nm~e'm~beedraUo~hilii/~!3~a!e!~!!Ti~le~5r!i! like to welcome" Wells ]Industry l _/~pist: Mrs. Michael Rice , Pieing- Mrs. William Jordan,I were t'he latter's'son, and family, IBa~ptzst. Church.. ..... /ish at Lemasters, Pa m~.0~?ll to~ d ' , " Juice- M A 1 Mrs r~ooer~ ~uuer + ":~:.... '. ~urvlvlng in aoa]uon to her ", " " ' ;lwo p and Badger Fwe Extingthsher as . rs. lfred Bay or . . . .... Mr and Mrs James Jenkins and " e .o,, oo ,.. o.+ ,o i o,o O rO.e Clasmflcatlon - Mrs. ttarry I .=....__:: .... ^_.. ...... /husband and parents are two dau-/ Mr..elw,gs daughters a4"ea~hV~2.~ Y~"X -:Y ':"%'~"'~2 "3 :'~ "Z'?I r,r,,*:-=.. ,=~ ~..~ ~r~*.... ~.. I Barker Mrs H B Link I l l)~:% i I ~u,,~, o,3.,3,,,~, oe,t a,u ou.. ut/ ~,hters . Miss Bonnie Ann and l Nancy Elaine Linthicum of I~le saw wit] for the llrSt time to ]0In SUCh ~ug~n. m~. xau~ m.tu., mt~. ' " " " , isentrevllle, mass. o ' : o - a industry stalwarts as Powbatan, I Allen Marshall, Mrs. James Sites, Judges& Clerks . Mrs. Allen MR. And MRS. WILLIAM LEE BARR ...... , ................. / Brenda Lee Seaman, both at the[ tst wn and Mrs. Lorett ;. 09d'ia e ~ ..... , " . , . mL vmuu~ ,tau x~m- . ~ew~on ot ~oonsooro; ana n~ Dzxm-Nareo and Hallt0Wtl l~aP~r- [ Mrs. Sterhng Tenney. B~lett.: .......... The Charles Town Asbury Met I Following the ceremony a re- ilv Mr James Lon~, and family ] home, and` four ~sters ? Mrs. |~ ....... h..,,.., t ..... ~Phone. 725 .' ttospltallty, l~rs donn rtowaru -. , . , -' ~- -' ~ancy ~atxenua ~aroara ann,,, ~,,,,~,,~,, ~=,,,~ o. ~6-l-t-po board. We ~vere parUeularlv[ Nurses Azde:+Mrs. Roma Sh rley[u , r, ~,~, "~, hod~st Church was the scene of a [ eeptlon was held m Fellowship Mrs. Melvin Jenkins and family,/ .............. L" ......... +, ~| wi~ of Littlestown Pa" and~ pleased to have the Ruritan elubsl Canteeen: Mrs Lacy Bailey, l"~','~: .~." o~y,~,,o,. ...,tovely and m~pressive wedding on I ttall with Miss Donna }lowell at Mrs Josenh Wilt and family / .v~.~t. auu xneHna wl1s, air 0t| ,.-~.~.z.h;~.i .... I ~'~; l',~;,r~l ~ S~LE~.". . - ' " FUMICIty- ~vtrs oeane hnmerThursda M "" " ,- -,- -, wnmlngton s-.,,u~,,,,u.=,,, ,~,,-, -~,s ..... - sponsoring, the vimt and feel that I Mrs. George Diem.. M~ss AnnAld-I - " .... " ..... t . :" . y. ..... ay 12 at 7.00 P. M., I the guest book. Mrs.Minnie Chapman_ and her] " / .............. Rnhort Wondon, t .~,...~..,.+ +,+h; ..... ~ .-N ew*"A :e_ .. .... Junior t~araen u uos ~virs. when Miss Shard Lo m - S they dtd a wonderful reerulhhgI ridge, Mrs. Ezra Campbell, Mrs. I+.o oo ..o ,,.. .... ; . n uS e dau I :e~mg the four her wedding daugh.ter, Mrs. Margaret Host-/ at.t. m M ,~- / - .. ~.~1..~ ~t--.w---l~., .i..,. -...- nter z ~vtr n mr t "' c ........... ~-,--- Joo, as me results mmeateu, t~nza BlaeKtord, Mrs. Robert Ap- : ...... . g o . a a s. ~ mer ~me aKe oaKeo by me groom s great ler and famll . and Mrs Mar _ s, There were 77 first time d0norsl pell, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. Cab-],a~ Jordu,.: ...... of Burro Street Martinsburg, ,e-i unt, Mrs. John od+ers of Pur-. Ott were ree ht ouests of +u,eral services were hem/W h0n Camnbell uonservauon Mrs Kennetn a ' ~" / Thur d r r , "~+- 231 presenting themselves; 25de-tellTapscott, Mrs. A.B Cash. Ipsillas Mrs A'G HOd er Jr C me the bride of Mr, Williamlcellville, Va. Were Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Thomas W Ottof Ran~. s ay, June 16 at 2 p. m./ [ e Rs a:O:W ............ I.. :t. : " ... P, '., Lee Barr son of Mr. and Mrs. lJones, Martinsburg aunt of the son " !trom the Brown Funeral Home in/ T, I/t,,.*& z=,: ..... I ~Igers(~wn'~ .J ,. ,, . . . to,, r,,...., .... .,., I Mrs. t~ate t~eyser, mrs. Cnaries Mitchell G. Barr 201 N. Lawrence I bride; and Mrs. Sarah Custer, iVir and Mrs Theodore R-~-~ll i Martinsburg, for Allen M. Link,/ ItS VlMI l.upal I% "" way~e ~r{i~ ~l~ l so a guest was introduced andI Entries Mrs Richard Hartjj St~et, Charles Town. I Charles Town, aunt of the groom, and son Ricky, Joliet, Ill., and 80'rf 370 Boyd Avenue,+ Martins-| ..... I / .... " i a ne aouble ring ceremony was l Serving at the punch bowls were Mr Davin Oox Feller~vill- w g, o a'ea unexpecteaty Jatet i'hllrPhat ~llltd;Iv ! $ $ o_i.l_ L..__J-,_ I spoke briefly to the group, giv.lm~wWflham Coyle. I performed in front of an alter l Mrs. Pauline Creamer, aunt of Va', have"been 'visiting"/~iss'Dal" Sunday night, June 12 in City/~.u,~,m,~ ~m,vu$ I SEWlN( nOIQ$ AwIIrQ$ Lun I ing them some idea of future I .. ds . Mrs. Harold. Bart.. I decorated with white snapdragonsl the groom, and Mrs. Jauinita las" Russell Hospital. He had bee in his usual/ The Rt Rev Wilburn C REPAIR ......... I plans of the district I ~rograms_- mrs. a~nm um~m. I The Rev. J. Lee Williams pastor/ Kisner, friend of the couple. Serv. Mr Calvinu Fleminu Arlin~,- health just before he was striken/bell i~,,iscona'l Bish .... ~ ~W Prices AI Villan Nat a I Mr~ M,~r~h~n ,,,S,, h,,. o,,,,o~[..t;onsmtan~zs - mrs. refers, mrs. I of the Methodist Church offieiat-I ing at the mint, potato chip, cook- ton Va andS'Miss Sond'i Gilden and rushed to the hospital. The[ Virginia" wi~'i m~o "~;~" OffaL _EVERH, n. ,,-,-+,, I..=:.': mrs. tsutler, led The traditional wedding music lies and mixed nuts table were WaShington D C snent the Rev. Henry K. Brown, pastor of/ vis'i~t'i'~-n t'~"ll~r~-~'~l,~:~'l E-I~e 23-2-t. rh, ! +, .... ,tin,do In December 1963 .flee club held I was provided by the churcb organ / Mrs. Betty Creamer, aunt of the weekena wi*h Mr a-a Mrs Cal- St. John s Lutheran Church ofI ohuroh, -" .. -"+ "'=..... ?':.... .V"+.:?71 K7%;CL/a t;nr~stmas snow which was very I ist Mrs. Edward Pine I groom; and Mrs Betty Asheraft, [vi- ~'lemin~ Sr ...... which the deceased had long been/'-:.-"..- ...... "~" .~ .... ~" bALE: ~IS annum awaros mneneon wea.l,~.~,~:,L....--,-=-,,~,,~L_:.~..~q:,..%lwarmty reeeivect and which brou-I The bride given "in marriagela friend of tt~e young couple I "Recen* visi*or~- +h, h .... ~ a member officiated Burial was/ 5t ~ a. m. ~isnop t;amr~t with m e LIII~ p~l~t .yea[~ llllllg~; IO ~aUlllt;J~h 1 ............... ,1. Wlll reac a le n sday, June 15, at the Village " ^, .... , ..... / g t the e ub the state award for l by her father, wore a street leng-I Miss Sandra Bennett friend of Mrs Jo,,ee Wolfe and "amil .... ro made in i lmwood Cemetery in/.V! .p..n no. wm se large v-vj~,-~ a,,u -,==~u,s~ ut .,,lsu~-! ~ - a-.~ ,- me not uommunlon at ~t a ~00 House m Shenandoah Junction. i ........ the best Christmas Flower Show l th dress of white lace with a/the counle was at the -if* tabl- I,+...... ............. Shepherdstown / Y . ~:,~0.00, sot _ anee [o 100K forwara to ana'a . . r ~, - ~. ,,--~. ~,~y ,_.~.y a.u ~o., mrs. Church Ri on Assisting Irs The members and guests en-] "F-* .... .... .1 ,:,,o,~,, I . . g .. I wmte lace head pmce to matchI Following the reception the lElaine Donavan and son Mrs Bearers were" William Coffin. - " ..... a c+,+ ....... : ......... :o o+0o. oo .e,o at reen a +rt +el, +r ououot youo +e e,tona +rt,r+ .a ower an ,=, erger ame+ o,, n Mrs Wfllard Martins, exhibit brier Whit S 1 " " ry d Y .... new vmar ot ~t oonn s ~,, c ran e luncheon from beautifully decor-I-. " _ +_ + P g. I was a lovely cascade arrange-Ito tour parts of Virginia For Patsy Smallwood, all of Ranson is, Albert Schneider, Raleigh Rid-[SUcCeedin~ ,"^ G--- r~-,,-la'~l~tr~"o range , , e u phur S rm s g ated tables Mrs. Charles Marcus[cnairman, an.nouncea me w~nner I ment of white carnations. [ traveling the bride wore a "green I and Mrs Donna Mestre of Calm ings, and Noble Ridings I !- .. -:'" .... ~..~ .... y.-~ :~d~,;.=" "~' " " oz me aFUS[lC ana nordculturat . . . " t~a]le A rece ton on tne c~, ~,vV " chairman, had arrangements of I .......... , th~a~ U~n#l~u ~,tk~ I M~ss Joanne Sine, roster of the I and yellow spring dress with I fornia H- wa- ~'-"-- :-- T,~g'.e ..... /'~..---- I. y.... _ ~p ..... ~v0..All j spring flowers on each individual ] va:nSBW s n fo t agnmg nvn I I'IVHMO~ Ill~./ ! bride, was maid of honor. She was ]white accessories and a white I A pleasant trip was made re- ty, May 6, ]8"8'6,'sonof~ohn A 'en i an n-w ts emnme ita rl:n olT0 r ~e:~ a~ table . ~ dressed in a light blue street corsage of carnations centl b Mrs Har Mercer f . . . g y~:~,let.ep. retepn~ dints for the ear. Mrs Bush Mrs. Marllyn WhRmore was . . . . . . . y y . ry o and Ehnore Hlckman Link. A son the service. Mrs. Carl Merchant, President I~as nresented w~th two silver en-[honored with a stork shower byl!ength dress, with matching hght ] After returning from their Charles Town, M/Sgt. and Mrs. of a Confederate veteran, Mr. I At 11 a m Bisho~, Ca~'l't" rl' " o lueneaaplece tler oouquetwas honeymoon the eou le are m an h arle o I "~~ introduced and welcomed the l r, raved bowls by Mrs Martin IMisses Diane Collis and Susan l - ...... I ..... P .. I c ~ c met, Brunswick, Md., Link was a member of the Henry will be at'Zion C't~urch, C SALE: ,,test,. Mr~ Tomoo ~,,,~ TTr I~' " " o, ,ho h .... ~ +~,o ,o** cascaae arrangement oz Jlgntlapartment a~ me nome oz me and Mrs r~aaie L Painter, of Kyd Douglas Camp, Sons of Con- Town. e rol +, ................. ..... -- ................................... . where a class of b et pm Mrs. Robert Butler, Mrs. Harold} ~ t~ t o, I on Monday night, June 20 I blue carnatmns. +. Igrooms parents 201 N. Lawrence Charles Town. They began thmr federate Veterans and St John's 2.~ ~;h an ~,,~,~ o,a ~a~r i - ~ " The orioe's momer was attired Street,'Chartes Town ' tri on June 6th their destination Lutheran Church He " ~ ....................... w-~ Barr, and Mrs. Charles Strider, I ~e wise i In attendance were her former I ......... I ....... "... _ I. P ~.. ~ ,. ] _ . . . had former-Ibe presented to him for Co.~.~ 23-'lV-t~-pd . T, ,,,h,, .I. _.~__ .~ ...... L_~ t I_,............... ~._ _1_ .... :..~.~1 in pink With wnlte accessories I "me ~riae attenae~martins I being ~ort ~am Houston, Texas, t tat ht a bo s ctas m th Sun . l ~..~,. ,,,u, uurng the year nat I (21kt~Slll~tLt~; Iruu wtio ~-e receveu . ........ , . " , Y g Y s" e - ation. Bishop Campbell wil served as judges. Mrs. WilliamREAD The CLASSIFIEDS many useful gifts i ..... [ I ' . y l -inreach Assistin- him at t~le~ I and wore a corsage of white and burg rngn ~cnooi ana until the where the latters husband Pvt da Schoo and was a former dea e SALE I I pink carnatmns.. The Groom s mo-I wedding was emp! the Jeff I Ed.die L. Painter is receiving .his con of the church. I vice will I~e the~'Rev. Allen- ~ s f, 4t~PI I~___ I_ _1__+ I1~ / #~ / *1 ~1 q~ Ill I~ I ~nerss w~ ah~gnatccCresame:t:r I er~n uarment plant m martins" I t-raining wz~ the U" S~ A" Medmal Mr- Link had been employed bY [ lett, Rector of Zion Church. ]~with a' l~l~ FInQ l=l~I'l~AMI i~IIPIIll I~I~I~HIII~IIIhlI I l~@@ l~ H~U~ I~IIRId%HI - ntt lourg. I Training t~enter, l)uring the the B and O Railroad from 19121 The annual "Homecoming~.~ of wal IO~V /Uy~ dlU~R~Vil III1~111 ~IIIUU&IUIIIII~I I~11~ IV IIIiI~ Ii~UlII~Ill a corsage of yellow carnations.I The Groom is a graduate of leourse of their trip, they toured until retiring in 1946 as a fore- nic" will be held i the C~U't~uracresacres " - i ". ..... I n in the -maintenance of way]Yard immediately followingI~.~It, Appr -- -- I" ~ Mr Johnny Maye was best man I Charles Town Hzgh School and a number of southern states ma n M, A r = I for mr ~arr, wim mr. Danny is presently employed in the ace-IWhile in Texas the sent an / a West , ~~.~ ........ ~: ~ .... _ ..... Y P department +;+~:~:~.+~:::.>,:~ .... ~ ............. ~:~ ..... ,:+.+~:+::~ ..... +::~>~,%~ ........ ~:::::, .............................................. Breeden and Mr. Mike Kldwell ountants office at the Dzxze Nar- en o ab three da s at the home ~ ...; t hun ....... +.~::::+~:~:+:~ .... :~::~:~::~=. .~::::~: ...... :~::~ .:~;~:. .... ~;~ ...... . J Y le y Surviwng are his wife, Mrs. Bishop Campbell ,,,ll be s e afte ~f~: +::~:~"~+:~ : ...... ~:~:~:+~:~:~ ........ ~:~*~:~:*~-~+~*:. ~*~+::~:~:~ ~+ :~*~i~,~::.. I ~ . . eturn ng Ruth Snyder Link, at the home; Phlhps Church, Charles To n, 72 ...... ...~,:~ .... ;+,~;~. ~:~:::~:: :+;~:~,,~+~:: ::+~:::,:~;~ ..~ .... serving a ushers co plant in Ranson of Pvt Painter Before r i " b0dso ~i :~i~:!~i~ii::i~::i~ ::~::~: ~::~;~i/i~ Friends and relatives from Mar After the rehearsal on Tuesda home the ,rouD crossed the bur- . .. _ ' 23-1+( ~z~i~ ~:+;~ +~:;:+ ........... .~,~>,. +~+::.:.::.~..~ :~+ . . . , Y . ~ ~ , one daughter, Mrs. James (Doris) 5 p. m. for a se,vme ~f Co~ P ~l~l~i!: :~:~ili+~+~~ I tmsburg and Charles Town, Win- mght the groom s parents held a der intoMexico Pvt. Painter s Lennon, Santa Monica, Cahf. a ti .+ '+*~;:* ...... ~:~:~:. i~.~:~' ..... ~,:~:...:: . . . . . ._ tlon and for the celebra S - chester, Stevenson, Leesburg, Pur party at their home in h(mor~ef mailingaddr~s is: Pvt. Ed~he L. three grandchildren Robbin. Scott "the Hoiv Communi-n i cenwH?...... and Hfllsbor0, Va. were the couple and their attendants Painter, 131 Cyril Drzve, San An- and Jamze Lennon, Santa Monica" |Campbell ....... will also preach / present tor lne ceremony, and friends, tonio, Texas. . one brother, Charles Link, Win- | service A tea in the Parish ~e 23-P,-t-- i . Those enjoyin.g a picn~. Satur- chester, Va.; three sisters - Mrs.'for Bis'hop Campbell and for I ren, Parkview Trailei" Court. aay evening with the ~tusners + James Myers, Harpers Ferry; Miss congregation and friends wi~ I ! . ! The Friendly Class of the As- and Wllsons, near Leetown, were I es Grace and Ruth Link_ in the low the service. Assisting .~t~ ~! / I ~ ~ I bury Methodist Church will meet /Jr. and Mrs. Jerry Wilson and ILutheran Home in Washington, I Campbell in the service wi~,~I I I I with Mrs. Gertude Penwell, Mil- daughter, Sara, Warrenton, Va., I D. C. and a number of nieces and I the Rev Dr. Charles AteL#~,-~I / '/ ~III([A'M~Ii ! dred Street, Monday, June 27 at Mr. and Mrs. William Swartz, Mr. I nephews. I Professor of Mathematics at ~t~"ll I I ~-~r.-IIawvnfi~ I 7"30 ,~ m and Mrs. marshall Wilson, and l I herd Colle--ann -+-~-"-ed 1~.'~ I I \ ~. I ..................... I son, Kewn, Charles Town, Mr. and I REV E K HELWlG I eonal Priest who has beell ~k,,,,., sZ +/ / ~ "-----'~ 1 .t. anu .twr~. S.~lullll~lll d. ,JUllltl-la~., ~ ...... T.. ,.. ~.r I " " " I " ~.d~r".,n,~m;'~: &1LS J~LlgUlll~ o~c~on, near mar ' o - " / | I ston and family of New Port I .. "; ........ " I Funeral services were held on I ing sere, ices at St. Philip s : ...... .... OWS,L Va, were weekend visi+ors aturday in Bal.more Md forl "UYI mrs t~onme owens of Alexan ] , the Reveren Ed / -wth their parents, Mr. and Mrs. I - ;" ..... " 2 .... "l d mund Koontzl Wl,,^ i AJ'^ i.80UTH er, aaugnter tan, ana mary ~t u~ VII3~ HUVle, e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e~U I1~ x,, / dria, Va spent the weekend withNorman E. Johnston, North Law-I ..... "I Helwig, a former pastor of Walk-[ "~J ~h~..~ oert, Leetown I .-'~aa'teS "1"~ /her parents Mr and Mrs How- fence Street. Dr Johnston re-[ l ersville, Bethel, Utica and Creag- . ...... ...... cl : ,es v | ard Barton,' Ranson, and visited cently accepted a position with ] ",, t, ,;. , ,,o I ertown (Md.) and Harpers Ferry ATT _N 19 (St-IU son, her sister, Mrs Joyce Wolfe and the National Aeronaut!cs _ and] H~, Nellie Kilm urg URS I famil-" " ~pace Attministration ana will be I , I ....... I --'-- ::iii t "" ding research wrk in Organicl IIi WHH Mr and Mrs J W Russell, ch le Air F r ' hte formers smter, Miss Dal- moved his family from Blacks-I :Mrs. Nellie Irene Ramsburg, 691 How l;usv Beauties L u ..... emistry at Lang y o Oe Wednesday ~s :~:. Grafton, W Va, spent a few days Base Dr ohns ~" ~""" .... ntl ..... - -- I U wit h " "' " " " " J tu. j,~ ,~ .... ! las ttussen, burg, to New Port News. Va [ died at her home in Charles Town I ~ " i~ Why buy . .... ~:~:~:~: I Miss Nancy Miller, Washington, I C~l~hr~ta~ .qov~nt'h Riv;hdav" / Wednesday. I ~ I"~ eaa n.~ Shown above are the 25 members of the 1965 graduating class of Page Jackson High School which D. C. spent the weekend with her [ Deb~e'~l~trn~re~ce]ebrat'e~l'~er/ The deceased was born June 7,IS + 1 ..... operated for a number of years *In Chai-les Town before being elos~l two years ago, will hold their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy H. [seventh birthday recently. Those' 1897, in +Jefferson County, a dau-| ~ ~ time, 1. BLA nion F n bar T A muter ghter of the late Thomas and first reu riday, July 1, i C les own. nne Stevenson, Kathleen Hart and Huel Willis. who are / helping to celebrate were: her .... ro c iWRIN A Father's Day droner was held famfl Mr and Mrs R J Whzt ..... "~ ~uTdan~. as~d et~emltwtw~ill~ hadtd2~g ~rgTnmistt,s 13[ythl: a%rf~hre::niC2a~l~=sf;:Te F;lad;Y ~hr:U:nh ~trtheahO~eauOfhMt:r a~id Mr~nAwrtie moreYRobbie, Tommy, her'grand- Mp:Ti~ng l~a~LrU, rHdapgh:e~sr" ]l haircoio~'i~g'=achi"neT~t"~ ="a" i Saturday, there wi|l be a+ big reunion picnic, and on Sunday the class plans to attend church in body, Y Ld ~ , p , . wood parents,.Mr.and Mrs.Thomas W. rv. "Mr~ a ..... w .... It on ~un~ay. Tnose present were Ott, Juay t~arnara, Davy Mary -~, .......... ~, .... ~o, ......... " Twenty.three of the 25 graduates shown above are still living and all are urged to attend this affair, thai,, nar~n My ~nd Mr~ 14"~u~ ~,r.,~a u,:*~ T,,d,, rPa--,' D~,,! phia, Pa.; Mrs Ernest Chamblin,|~ -~.,;~- | vy dut The two deceased memlmrs of~ the class are John Berry, Jr., who was killed in an automobile accident ard Barron. Ranson and Mr and Whi*mnra Mnrv Wilt Wrmni~ Charles Town and Mrs. George[ ~ .............. ~ .... '~ ~ra larg, and Minnie Morris, who dted some time ago. ' ' Mrs. Jimmv Ahatt 'and son I)a'r[ ; K"e'v'i'n"~Sa~d~-"e'amrn"~,'"~-~+~J"~'f'f Armstrong, Jr., of Harpers Ferry/II perm~nents~ and touch-ups. I :~ersized i ii ---------- ].------------ -- ---------q- . I Refreshments' consis"t~ng"of-'ice five sons - Ermor F. of Charles / ~ All tW~~t~m ~r I ~t gears, ~ ' ~ cream, cake potato chips and ice ~:own; ana unarms R., Francis R.I ....... "" i~ger wh, tea were served Everyone had ~:yna_r(1 ~. ana ~onert T., an of/~laer minute: i ~a~m~e ' N-YOU HIIRVEST GF a Mer~aR~;]eY?hlealtV::dn:on, Dar-?~:r:;i:~~'~~l| -~ re , k 'ew Trailer Court, Mrs. hal ~, . f-siter, Mrs. Cora-Hardy, Alex. ~ , Janlce Frye and daughter, Hope, "POM ~, 't.~l " 1" T"llkT i[ 11 'I'T & "1 T12" ....... andria, Va ; one brother, Charles/l CALL 725-5011' FOR AN APPOINTMENT ~1~~ .,~I~ .L U l 11 JL&M ~L]'IIkAIIM DAINI~ Ot mwooa spent Tuesaay ant O_r~.. _. ;~ ..... ~, ......... --- ,,,,- .... -- ............ ._ 1 ~* . . ~ a3 ux xa~tt-p~~ r erry; a nali ~~ Thursday wzth their parents, Mr ~r ............ IAqCMIIdl~TlllkJI i/I ;All 'V ~AI ~ 1 , u, t,~wrence L~ray, ttanson; ll~ , " SAVE TIME AND MONEY and Mrs Howard Barron, and an~ 35 -randc~-'l ..... II ~! Ii/~ I ~11 m ,~u i ~L~ " ~ ., . , ~.~.~ . . u g m uren ana a hum- U _---. .:~ their szster, Mrs Joyce Wolfe and e" " ~) .... . ' b r of meces and nephews. 3r + " family of Ranson. I Funeral 3rd AVENUE, RANSON, W. VA. --- TEL. I)0WI CHICKEN FEED thMr. ~dlMr~ Jo~h~vCOO~iidge ~r~d Sa~ur~lay-at'~'p.'~.~ from the l~u~- Price t n g .... rill Hill Church, with the Rev. are visiting her paren~ts, Mr. and Lee Williams, pastor of the Char- * DEPOSIT YOUR GRAIN IN OUR BANK * HAVE MIXED TO YOUR+FORMULA NEEDS * PICK UP IN BAG Or BULK' (And Save) * OIL WE WILL DELIVER IN OUR BULK TRUCKS, OR IN RAGS PHONE 725-2002 I N S U R E D BEEF AND FITTING RATION * Save Grain -- No Shrink Or Deterioration * No Storage Charge On Grain Used In Mixing CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. HOG FEED Mrs. Frank Comer of Ranson and les Town Asbury Methodist Chu- Mrs. Coolidge's sister, .Mr. and rch, officiating. BUrial will be Mrs. Terry Bender of Pikeside. i made in the Murrill Hill Church Mrs. Harry Ashcraft and sons yard. Jeff and Eddie, Mrs. Edgar Dill- The family will receive friends ow and daughter, Kathy and Mrs. at the Smith Memorial Funeral James Darlington spent Wednes- Home in Charles Town, Friday day in Buekhannon, W. Va. Jeff from 7 until 9 p. m. remained to spend two weeks. vacation with relativeS.Born to Mr. and Mrs. Husterl Be~e I h~erflse Leon Jenkins, Rippon, a son, Dale I Monday . Tuesday . Wednesday ---ONLY--- III III I (Experienced Operators Only) VIRGINIA'S BEAUTY SHOP 118 N. Chai-les Street -- Phone 725,5414 Charles Town, West Va. iI WHEN HAY FEVER BRINGS RED, IRRITATED EYES e BRING RELIEF IN 60 SECONDS The modern way to refresh your eyes YOUR when they are tired 15cc GLASS and irritated. PLASTIC