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June 19, 1969     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 19, 1969

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" n on W Va and["~"~" ~ ~early mtne season J games~JmuLiA me same ume me| [[i -- /| o r ne malans on June ' "!1 .j~il.--i!i~ii!N ! :.:.: --i~,i:in~y~ --i!~ii~iii ~e! ~!~:'ii i)i:!i! ~ ~ ui.~iiii!i)!)~ii!ii:i!i~i~<~ --ii!!i!i:: w~i ~iii!i:!!~:i:2:.: i~!~ !.ii~i~ ~.;. [ ofinth~{~ COUNTYtehem s olSOFTBALLtn beg1 re ame LEAGUEla. ed O cr:~ilt:~v tT" Miller'u WaSm:uuuhittingm~ t~eei~nol!le!~Star u~i!! f] sTMrneod out from J id une 8iu!~il between i~n~am~~! ] lectlngii~i 12i~oy hits Op~il~ ff the O v~i~ trVto~!! fferwoyn l i~n~ iig::sidl/W! ednesday ,with Mr ~s: : Goldm Noilinv;,ood~mau. " ' Charles!, Town.mMWr'" " wasi.well. ~:~.i ~ Standing of Teams the game with four hits in four] ~ ~ represented in this league. The ~7~~ - ~~! Teams Won Lost hmes at bat. ] ~ ~ first and second place winners 4~,~~.] ~r~tle's 7 a In the first half of the pair of[ I ~ were from Charles Town. "!:i~::~:.! "'-"~:'n's ~. ~" attractions at the Halltown dis. ] [] il [ The Marletts were declared red to be a first in ra:ing" Mrs Wilma K:-Mc ] lit" " " "" !:l " ,' " [P0t0mac Edib0, rR MR. " ; " 7 ] Ha own Diamond sive 17-1 victory over z)el- I ~ [ wno ]s a ncenseo ~ramer, saooleo ~]gn Jmpacv I Smoot s vs. Creamer's at 1:30 men]co. I d~ J d~a *ll II L l ,LI- I 1 .*.--- I On June 11 the Giants, who I T. @ JL, T. H[~ m; ed aturday night for the 6-furlong sprint.e to h andl then I Merchant-Noland vs. Halltown Smoot's rolled for fives runsa in ] 3Till unDeslaDle m american i continue to battle with the Cubs 1/Ut hJ aa--e horr /Odun. ,amam: the hgurs of ed to toss up her daughter Debb] and e the I 3 p.m. the first frame and stayed far ] [ and Yankees for the lead in the I and her first opportunity of riding her first race at [ -- O -- out in front all the way. [ ~|U|~|AR. ~nnh~ .~e~R$~ V ~ide~a$ [ National Division, scored a 15- ] ~r AX ~c~agg, o t me J:'umm i-rautuel track. She finished out of the money i Sunday, June 22, will mark the ~ [ |I|V|~NV|NI 1~D$~ v|~n|i~ ]a||~ [ victory over the Mets. I ~eJ.auons .~.epartment ot.r'ommac ~ halfway point in the Jefferson I '-- . ] Johnson bested Butch Hays, [ ~mson, wnl oe me gues[ speaKer unt Softball Lea ue and at " - - - tor me regular weemy amner OM BASEBALL TO RACING --- and he has been [Co Y : anatnr Win I gattlha Fnr.Nah al lVlCl n |$Rd I by limiting the Mets to four hits, I.~e t~.~ r,~,arles T,wn Ki . ,the park ammona zt wm oe al- ~.~,ilUSVi,~ w ui VlU [ ~alimiv lVl 11HiIVliHi YIVn4IVil k~MM i while his teammates were collect I ~'" ~""~." ?.'~. "~'" . ?'-. " Successful in both fmlds, ]s Charles Town s Ira,st like as thou ,h the season i t =~'~wains ulub mis evemng( "rnurs- -.~ ~, . ms x~ noumsu~, ~arro u " i m f ~d He ]rommus Long known for his aggresswe [ is just getting started because ~a~|~i~ Ta T~d~ [ aM~w,a~ ~,w, I c : I day) at 6:15 m the R b Roe o : and especially on the |the first half of the doublehead- O,|0|~11, /V |,~ [ "'~;tL~l~g~7;;;~n~:~ [ ;uUnnee ;~.~:,r~Sl~: ~raagees~ z ] ;orV~e "Mete;" ?o~ison? ~nyd'e~ltw~l ::irfnt2~n:ce~ t:h~e ?:~k:r )ad, he is just as corn- ~- i- . : -: ~ ]er attraction will o~ng }ogether ~ ----J [ Teams ur-. ^ [ June ll--Yankees 24, Braves 6[Carr and Hummer each had two]i,a h,~ ~i~ ~o,t,m ~,~, is wit~ ve i- tha ae ~.~lf~~ - :.- :-:-:: ~ ~ line mague-maamg z~asue Da~s- a-any lP~iflllP lp~ln i a~a. I .T.n~ 19---d~.h~ ~ ][~d0~.= a I hits for the Giants I:,"~" ": "-:. :' " Y - "= h',~ ~'~:~,~V,~" ~ ~!",~'~ ~ --- -:: . [men, and the second-place Juli- avn~ --~~ ~-~,Cardinals 11 0 I ]Un~ l~.~h~ ~ ~' ~][~W~,~. [ (~n T 1 ) +~.o n,a ~[tne engineering (lepartmem ~t ical ' iS ' 'a'n d is CAD-- ~~~ [ans, in what could be the big ~.^ -"~-~ ~ [ Ams~ s ~ ~ [ June 13---- As"tr~)s'll.-Yan--'l~eesll[toa'neasy 19-1'l'vic~tor~=over'the]trh~ cn~a%l~%nwan~i%am~im~lr~t , r game oI me year roz~x L~u,~ ~ " " / of touring most any : i " ~ Braves 4 7 ! " (tie) Twins, scoring seven times in " I Thi battle get u:de ay Teams Won Lost / June -- ards Indians the first frame to take alead Wlth.t:.: ~:.~-~.ff [at l:;~u ana wul ormg mgemer Senators " ' 3 0 [ "'?, 0 U ] June 13---Astros 11, Yanks 11 coast to the victory. Smoot was Mr ~ MI~ |alllti~ ~||~'M ~.~m~ ~ ~ z~- ~~-.~ I two of the best pitchers in the O~ioles 1 2 l -" '-' "- ! O I the winnin~ ,itcher ~,-~ n I ,',-. ~ ,-,h ~ ~, r,-.-,~ Udge at the local ~~~,league in Buzz Wagner, the ace Reds 1 2 [ NATIONAL DIVISION ] The Cardinals, who had been[ was the loser [ ~. Elwood has moved ~~~ [hurler for Kastle's and. GentPirates 1 2 ] Standing of Teams ]unbeatable in nine previous| June 11 the Yankees routed]|0 ~ser~e ~011~ Wed~ %redder and with his [Pyne, star of Junan's p~tcmng " -- O -- / Teams Won Lost[games, came up with a no-hit]the Braves to the tune of 24-6] ~ knowledge of t h e,staff. . . Results Games To Date [ C-"-s 7 . [anud no-run r game Tuesday eve-[ with Warrenfeltz and Scott Lit-, Ann|v~l~ml~ |I|BI~ ~0 ? game of racing, is [ This will be the first time th~s June 3 ---Orioles 5, Reds 4 [ ~u~ e~ ~ [ nmg, June 10, when they tangled[ tleton limiting the Braves to sev-[Pu v~-~m$ jm~ I-o l oldin down the i ob I season the two teams have come t .~ . ~,~,~ ~ o ~o ~/ ~='.~"~ ? ~. I with the Braves in a big Ameri-[ en hits whilehis ~eammatesl s Stant Racin Secre- [to grips, and it could be a rea . June 10---Senators 10, Orioles8[ |can Divlsmn battle, rolhng to a|were clouting the offerings of| Mr ~nd ~r~ ~ ~r ~n~+,~ 1 ~ nYeo~e:fe~~ !iii ]~n~:~~ [ u,us,: o v 12-4 v tor . Dry:4 -'. ~:~h~srhel~i~:djw~! ~~ /~ir~:i irROa~lis 6 :: Last ~eek's :me: [~Ja etMs!aDwm~l:u~h::t t:~hug:/~hi~V~b~a:J:[!;!bhl~:~]if?~e~:n:~e:tbRe:rrv~nCh~!! ~wner and o~erator of the Washington Beauty ' -- ] June 9---Cubs 6, Astros 3 v ~ ,~^ ~ ,~o / . . . "[ day, June 29. And to mark the i Where she has'met with much success [ " Games On- Tap,[ June 9 --Mets 4, Twins 3 h~"an~ no rUn "a me=of ~t'he~ sea-[ c~s]cn ve .t ",: ]occas'on they will receive friends :~,~ ' " " Tne seeona ame on me ark s - ~7. Dy pushing over two runs in - ~ ~ o s and relatwes at an Open House : d ~~ . ~ . bottom of the ~ ~ame a t " - 19--Ori les . :Reds son. the ' :~)~PING BY for a brief visit on Tuesday ~ our l~d ~'~"~, Who a~e| 'J~'~na, v -O~l les |after tl~./.~leS thken.a 6-5[ Between the two of them they/after the Cubs had moved into a[2 and5 pm ddy Bob Scrivener, sports editor for The Journal, [ battling for fourth place in the ] June za.--mraces vs. l~eas]leaR. m me top ot ~tnn ~.rame ].fanned 11 of the Braves. Both] slim 4-3 lead in the third frame. [ " ' " v on jus[ one nit, a smgm ~y ~ver d~d show some streaks of h be n off-duty for several weeks recoverin~ from ] league, l -- .-" .--" . - i. . "i " wild-[ T e Cubs collected eight hits off [ ~ A at~ -~.--:-~ -~(~ ~ ~ ~,~,i ~! Bob is l In last Sunday's action bothi. Tne . uenators nave a.ireaay[haru [ness and gave up a total of 10[ the offerings of Joe Cart, while[ ~/~:~=i~-.~ .- ~ u,~ ~,~,~o~, ,~-~v ~ ~aemonstrated mey are going to " [Y h; ),~t~ ;neo fho daily o~ind of |Kastle s and Juhan s scored vlc. ,:-- ] M. Colhns went the dmtance [ walks between them, but these] Jason $erv s was hm~tmg the In. i,I g NltiD II ~h. ~ s -/ ~ ~"*'? ,'. ~ ~, ~"~- -- /tories The Kastle batsman rolled [~e ~ougn to u.ea~ ~n me Je~Ier:| for the Orioles and gave up eight [did not create any serious prob-] dians to four hits. ' /,~.n^,m~v.r ~,~2~ ne. spor s scene ms many reaoers in ~ne i to a 10-2 win over the West End i son uounty, tour-~.eam sol,Dan hits, while Jeff Anders worked [ lems except in the second frame I [ i Jn~uuun ~n~ [~ wishing him a speeay and ZUll recovery bo~s and Julian's edged Hall-J league, navmg cn.a.lKe.o up mree for the Pirates' and give up but [ when they gave up three consec- I Mrs. Martha Lumm, of Sharps- : ] town. 8-6. i consecuuve victories many six hits. [utive walks. At the same time |burg, Md and Mrs. Helen Kauf-/ L ~.A~S ~~ ITING FROM his home in Hunt] gt . ! ~, the Kastle West End battle " ~ ~ In a make-up game which was / the Cardinal batsmen were c01- ] man," of Waynesboro, Pc spent,~~~] : "~ " ' omer mree teams are all dec . etterhead of the old, but never-to-be-forgotten[the Kastle batsmen were able to i~,*h ~ ,*,~, in~t tWO de- ' [ [- " "] -'~~ ~ ~J Jefferson Hotel. "Snooks" Winters pens this Imake better use of their 13 hits|~'~'~: ~ =" "~" the Reds and Pirates, the Reds]Of J. Pmrce. liana. - ,*- ) ar ~'--- h~.~ Vo- 2 00 I than did West End who had 10./ 'scored a 6-2 victory by pushing [ In another game on June 10[ "- . - v.u~u~ ~ my ~.~ ~ . ,g u. The urioles corea a close D-~ : want you to do two thin~s for me First, ! In the first two frames neither[ . .s over five big runs m the hrst]the Astros scored a 6-2 wctory[| ' . . . o o victory over me ueas In me op vital Fund . 15 00 and then find two kids who ]team scored, but in the third KaS-[enin a f "- ason on two frames and holding on forlover the Dodgers to. move in[I qkili i AB AmBmmHmmA PIA|HIAIIA ~ g g me o me se th n ffor a owinuni'n " ol ticket and bu" them a ]tles pushed over four runs and|whursda - e 3 - ushin e wi . " ]front of the Mets and take over[~ ~|| I:/ll/Hk b6 HaaaJ ~ ~ ' -~ ~ -- - z, . Iscored in every inning there-] y, jun oy p g Staubs and Moler worked onisecond place in the American Di-[| ~L.~.~. V~ Vlil~.v lr~Vll|g|l~Q~ ticket with the balance If this is no~ enough ! st:-" in front ~ over a run on just one nit,-a sin- ~ - ~ vision of "la-- ~m . ~ "~ t alter, tu ay t le - D ~ne mounQ ior ~ne tress w][n / P ~" ! . . . -- )e~ me Know. l-lOpe ~nls nnos you an(/ all, wel [ West End pushed over their| g Bo~Y ,orse. y er who Markle~; taking the loss for the[ In this game the Astros moved]~ A Inns Faai' Kllm'm PPy and my best regards to every one up ~nav i two runs in the fourth frame onl ? ~. o~uu.y wa~,Pirates into front by a 3-0 score in the/| ~ a-V|~ ~VV| ~PM||||||~| , nurlea tor me ueas, ana gave up cerely, Snooks ,P. S.: The Judge (he is a [three hits. Jones and Ballenger] Sunday evening the Senators]first frame aand stayed in front I| ~:".*. ,only six nits, ana i Jersey, wno "of Snooks, ), says hello to you and why dont [each had three hits to lead the| n ri chalked up their third consecu-~all the way. Lee hurled a five-lI "~ ?~ ae down to Huntington and play a round of golf [ Kastle attack, while I. Grey had[ :~ ~ tive victory in three times out]hit victory for the Astros, while I[ ~:: "~. i soon There is one thing which can always be [three for the West End boys. i ~us~ ~our~i~.~ ~u~edUU~n ~ne by downing the Reds by a10-2 iJ. Hooper was giving up nine [ ~ .~(~ Sn k He never for~'ets his old home town I g p y l ' co e I hits to the Astros, and took the I| ~~t~ ~" g " " 's a pltcnlng permrmances " . :::t~i.::,!i~: . ~ invitation to attend the Frederick High School i " ' " - " "' [the S-nators oiled to a 12 3 vic ' T. Ott and S. Stanton combined ] Cubs and Jeff Rickard taking the,I ~Li~>'~, wh t h ee-t]me stayed m front all the way wilt se r anquet Wednesday night en he t r -" i - "- - - "" " ]" over e " v n to limit the Reds to just three|loss for the Astros IE ~ :~::k :long,jumper Ralph Boston will be the guest [Cc~lale~.!l~dl:;~e~a~i~nl;h~lee2:[ii[~orYugh they ~c~lec~'e~a;~ly e~t base hits. The Senatorslcollect-i The Cubs moved in front ofi~ i~~" ur ~ m.~ +~ t wi*h ,ou Adam and / - / ed seven off the offe "ngs oflthe Astros 3-2 in the first frame|| ~ - vv~u, j~z~ ~ ~ Vz~o~,~.~. v~.L j," S nits ; 'i,~ ~reat track star but some nrevious commit-,- [ m: ~ Kelican and Markley. and stayed In front all the way. '' ~~h" : ~, v l m a game wmcn naa oeenl .~ommy ut~ was on um muuuu I j~I~r'~~ a~ke it impossible this time. Give us a rmn- /rainod~out from June 8 Wilt's~for the Senators and he limited II ~~:~:- : o~' your '70 affmr and well be there Again, [came on to score an 8-3 victory, the Pirates to hue base hzts, two i I [~ ~~~- ? thanks [putting together 13 hits, while of them by M. Wiltahire. The,| i| ~~1 ",- [Halltown was being held to seven sP~rate~nn~vedi:s~ front bYu~ ~0 i II JI.L--. i ill,~":,:.~,' TO HEAR of the death of Mickey Furfaris ihit,o . " g:,y. I a-e rn I IH ,assed awa,~ last Sunda, Furfari one of / Both teams scored in the first the mira zrame the ~enamrs naa I a !m ~~ ~" "7 ~'" ' ~fra"-e Wilt's ~ickin~ three runs moved in front by a 6-2 score| m=~,~J,~=~B~,lk~ m.~,~ I |~ ~~ es top sports scribes ]s also editor of the Domm- ]an, Then Wilt's and they stayed m front all the I i |~ ~~ii~[ a Morgantown where he has been employed /came on with three more runs way. In addition to his fine i [ . . " ! '[| ' . ears. Our sympathy to and famdy [in the second inning and that pitching Ott also collected two of[ I heer COoKery ! I T~ PAGE 2 --- 1~ TURN TO PAGE 2---B /was enough for the victory. [the eight Senator hits, I [ ~,N I II ~ ~" "-- - " " I Tuesaay evening, June 10, the] I ' - I I I ~~.! i S nators chalked up their second [ ! ' lind out how to make I [I l consecutive" victory, edging the J I I dehc!ous everyday dmhes ! II I Orioles by a 10-8. Score Botht I I with beer such as beer I I E ~~i!?~::, [teams collected eight hits, bu I I -- . I II t [the Senators managed to bunch[I meat loaf, beer chicken, [ II I theirs a iittle better: [,beer sausages and beer [ [I . ~ ~ [ R. Carroll had three of the l i cake And then there are, I II v eight Senator hits. " ~,"i~:"::~ k I III ]. On Thursday evening, June 12,1 ] such gourmet treats as I I! I lt I I I I I I the Pirates edged the Orioles by I I S .d In rarebits and Carbonnades,! II l a narrow 7-6 margin in a game[ I ,~cou~on~,=rffou~ Fiamandes i II that went for 10 innings and was ~'~'~.-~oo'k= ' ~ It's com,ng up g I decided by a home run by Bruce II I l i a c t i o n tom ht at Beer cookery =s as , Jhenondoah Dow.ns| R l i.g .action that it earumnanb ab ao edr came i I V -- traditional as yesterday i I I i;i Y as modern as tomorrow. puts more punch m your ev nmg with the I- I I Beer adds a real flavor treat /I We have everything a well-dressed man needs to Bag Exacta. Post timo is 7.15 w.dh nine I, I I I /! protect his reputation in summer and fashion in ,Just a short drwe over LUCKY S BAIT s zes 35 54 m regulars, longs, shorts, x longs and ra el n'gh.fl . II I I / V / /i i ' - " - *********************** stouts, from modern h=ghwayS. Grandstand $1. I I & ! ! l 1 . /I -- i Clubhouse $2. Phone 304-725-.2021 II TACKLE s or tl ! : /I 1 I;/1 I; for information and re. rvatmns. II R.R. 340 II : freepemphlet, " : /I t GO where the action is, Charlel Ii HALLTOWN, W. VA. II :,: /I 6 @ ~ Town, WeltV,rg,nia. II 'B,ggest Variety of Bait II -- - /! -- . ll"" Area" II " "" " /I "Also, Light Snacks" : Cm/ . ! NOW: : State Zip . ,[ Cold Beer To Go I I : !! II - II . UNIT D~rATESBREWERSA$SOCIATiON, INC. ~B~ " II 11 Ull;i;ll II rnunr. I/ " =o BOXZR Z Charleston W va. : /m IIj II'l Ii iiii :! ii'i~i, i!~!