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Charles Town, West Virginia
June 18, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 18, 1959

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i `Mrs. Anna `Mary Hetzel, Bakerton. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS " , l~, ,,,, @l lfil ardly .)0rth enti0n ,`MrS.Charles'Medical patie, ts admitted wereErmaLewisLUdelleFowler,Ott,`Mrs.Litt, leElla 4--A THURSDAY, JUNI Louise Penwell, Miss Betty Janewhich give a final touch of beauty The next meetin~g PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W VA. Shumaker, Mrs. Minnie Rubel to a r(>om; they are we,ll Chosen, picnic at the home `Mentzer, Mr. Robert Howard W.i- ,.not collocated ac'cording to the los- [Staley at 6:30 Tuesd~Yh' BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. ' ..... By He, cry W. Morrow Icy, iMr. John William Twyman all son leaders. To achieve an uncul- I The hostesses serVeu ALL SU,,R,PT,O,, D~,V~O ,, TH~ ST*~ *~ S~CT TO 2% co su, , Tourist Trade Last year more than 200,000 peoThree births, all boys occurred ;of Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Anne Cur- tared looK, use fewer ~h~ngs at a I refresllments. ple recorded their names as visi- at the Charles Town General Hos rine Webb Harpers Ferry; Mr. ~ime, putting others ,away to beI ~ "- SALES TAX. SUBSC~,PTION $3.SO PER YEAR IN ADVANCE Last week, in the course of t, ors to Harpers Ferry. This year pital during the .period of June Manuel C. 1%odrigques, Havana, enjoyed later. I,t was agreed tha~ 366 ENROLLED AT doing some technical work at the the year of the anniversary of 10-16. Cuba; Mrs. Lillian Julia Edwards, the entire purpose of the discuss- FOR SUMMER SPIRIT 1[STABLISHE:D 1844 -- ArWOCATE ESTABLISHED tSeS courthouse, I was confronted byBrown's raid, it is safe to es,timate A sc~.n, Randy Lewis was bornLiJttle Charles William Carpers, ion was to make .the home a pleas ---------" COM=INED MARCH ~. ~94S an elderly man in ~harge of atour that at least t~wice that number Thursday, June 11 to ~Mr. and Mr. Will, am Sheridan Portable, an,t place in which to live and be The first sessior of some sixty or more people who wi.ll be here. The poi,.nt is that .we Mrs. Lewis Frank~lin Lang of Rip 'Mr.Leonard Thomas Chapman, comfovbab.le. .school at She flax SROWN, [DiTOR Mrs. Evelyn Hendricks read for on Wednesday of wan,ted some i,.nfm~n~tion on aare for the most part allowing pun. City; Mrs. `Marg,aret Virginia Fell- OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STRI[E'Ir' -- TELEPHONE zaz man who cut qui~e a swaVhe here these ,people to come to HarpersMonday, June 15 a son Charlesors, Li'ttle Debra A,.nn Jenkins, recreation, "In the Good Old Days an e,.nrolment for a hundred years ago, a man ham-Perry and leave Harpers Ferry, Wilbert 'was born to Mr. and Mrs. ~Mrs. Margaret Idellle Holder, V~here Hens Were Hens." was 344. ed John Brown. I d4d the best Iwithout doing anything a,bou~ i~. Robert Gilbert Cook of Ransom Knoxville, `Md.; `Master John Wil 'Mrs. D. H. Tabler reported on SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR it4 YARS ANO READ BY MORE could; I tOOk the ~e:llow across There is more to Jefferson Court- Tuesday, June 16, a son was liam Link. Shenandoah Junction; the Block Party ~t the Cl~arles Life is no more tHAN 20.OOO PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. the hall to the room where Brown ty than Harpers Ferry, al,though t>9rn to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Ro- Mr. Franl~lin ,~lbert H4I,I, Bakerton Tow~n Hospital Com~migtee reports ~han death, but is was tried, and found guil,ty. I ex- the bewildered tourist will never land Bond of Harpers ~Ferry. iMrs. Jessie Lee `Marcus, l~nson, were given, ular su~pport. ~rNT~RED &S SrCOND CLASS MATTwR &T THsr POSTOFFICr IN CHARLt~S TOWN. plained t'hat Blown had been in- know it unless somebody tells him. Out patients udmitt#d to the w. v^.. usw, v.z ACT 0~ M^~C. a, ,879. dieted for treason against the It seems to th,is observer that hospital were: Fred Whit)tin.gton H01er' Finn W0mns state of Virginia, murder, a,ad in we have an excellent chance of of Ranson, Charles Ware .and Tho S WEEKLY NEWSPAPrR REPREflSNTATIVES. INC. ci,ting oVhers to riot. I editor~ali- being one of the .truly garde,~ mas Henry, Summit Point; Don zed that Brown was far from the .~po~s of the world, if we will but Menefee, William Craven, Richard Club Her For M tin NEW YORK CHICAGO ATLANTA Dk--fROIT LOS ANGELES hero most people suspected h~m Lake advantage of it. We have Smi,bh, Virgil Pitt, Fannie Custer, ,,,ee.,n~ ..... i~Margaret Giffin of Harpers Ferry; of being, and added the opiniongeared our economy to two racei Mildred Smallwood, `Michael Jen At Home :Hrs. Vicke~ MEMBER OF TH~ th~ Brown had never succeeded tracks; we have held ou~ our arms NATIONAL EDITORIAL ~ at any thing other than his quite invi~ingly to every kind o~ busi-:kins, Rans(~.n; Albertis Cra~ford, ~e~/~~-.~'~ successful venture here of one hun hess and industry. We have seen Millville; Eddie See, Charles Car- A T dred years ago of inciting the peo the forest, so to speak, without per, Stanley Small, William Whit The Mulcts Farm Women's Club ple to ha~-],g him, which they did. ever seeing the trees. Right in our more, Dante Ssoocca all of Char- met at the home of .Mrs. Ed~vurd This is the hundredth anniver-midst is Vhe most promising, ~he los Town; J. B. Horner, Shenan-iVickers wi~h `Mrs. H~trry Ashcruft sary of Brown's abortive raid on i most flourishing industry of all; i doa~h Junction; Karen Wilson, co,hostess for ~he meehing. Harpers Ferry, one of t,he truly our tourists trade. /~.nd we are al- iPleasant Hill, Pc.; Calvin ~Viyers, ,Mrs. John Al~shire co~nduoted Thursday, June 18, 1959 " dr~m.atic inciden~ts in American lowing it to go to waste for lack of Hillsboro; `Manuel Rodreguez, Ha- ithe devotions on the hovne. The vana, Cuba. I group sang "Home Sweet Home". history. And it would seem th~vt iron,inaction. af.ter a hundred years Jefferson It would seem that so~ne person I Surgical patients admitted to ,Mrs. A~b~h~re read from Proverbs :the hospital were: ,`Mr. Thomas land Bphesians, closed vi~h pray- VACATION HhZA~S County would be well prepared to or some organization would beiPaige Henry, `Miss Na,nnie Lee 'or. `Mrs. J. G. Fuss, presided, the Stand up and defend her legacy kn well advised to organize a service :,Bane, Summit Point; Mr. Francis secretary read ~he minu~tes and history, not only t~he h~story of that would origina.te in Harpers jHenry Napoer, Mr. Richard Smith'roll call width twenty members The vacation season is upon us. May we utter a word John Brown but a Vhousand and Ferry and would offer to all in-l`Mi~ Nancy Lou Tattersall Little present. Treasurer report given. of caution. Each year thousands of people are killed on one other thin,gs ,t~hat make ouz coming tourists an opportunity to,Gary Lee Kerns, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Wil,liam E. Van`Metre and county unique. But instead little see the many oVher poin,ts o'f i,.n- `Mrs. Edna Osborne White, ,IAttle `Mrs. El,mer ~ickers gave the los- our highways in traffic accidents, many of them enroute or nothing is being do,.ne and t~he terest in Jefferson County. There William White Granth~m, Kear- son- on "Accessories ,for Today's t9 or returning from a vacation. In addition, hardly a thousands of touri.sts who visi,t us annually are left to find ou~t are few areas in the whole court- neysville; ~VIi~ss Nancy Lee DoCk:on, Home." day goes by that we do not pick up the paper and read what t'hey can 4n 'the best way Cry tha~ have such a weal~th of `Master John Harold Lorenz, City;- Accessories ,are~hose things of an accidental drownin'g. Vacation is a happy season, history. We ~have ~the famous a season for relaxation and rest. But in one careless ~hey can, ,with precioas li,ttle hel,p Washington homes; we have a from any ot us. court 'house steeped in history; we moment it can be turned into a period of tragedy. Don t For some years now I have have the site of the first steam- let this happen to you or to some of your loved ones. heard that the Jefferson County boat venture in history, ~the fol- ) ' Have a vacation, yes. Relax to your heart s content. Chamber of Com,merce is ex.treme lowers of Fulton to the contrary Enjoy yourself. But never forget the simple rules of ly interested in aStra~ting i,.ndus- nobwi,thstandi,.ng. We have two of try in,to our good county, and that the most historic rivers in ~he safety first. Don't take chances with your life or wit] it has on occasion loaned a holp- world. In short, we h,ave a little the life of someone else. If you are at the beach obey ing hand to ,those interested in ofevery~hingandi~tsashameso $2000 OFF the safety signs and warnings that are given out for settling here. I,t would seem to me much of it is going to waste. your benefit. If you are on the highway, observe the th,at the Chamber, as well as other If the civic and h isWrica] or- * It'sself-cleaning- Renewsits organizations, migt~t do well to gan4zations of the Courtly are not , scientifically formulated Io0kt traffic rules and regulations. If you are at camp, guard look beyond ,their ~noses, so us to willing to do something aboult ,this against undue exposure or other risk. Don't make this speak, and recognize tha,t we all i:t may wel~ be th,a~t some private ~ to stay white ! summer's vacation your last one---or the last one for ready have potentially one o~ the individual wi~ll be quick to see someone else. Play safe and live longer, biggest businesses ~n ~the world ,that a wonderful oppor~,z.nity is at Sheds dirt, dust, and yearn. right in our own back yard, if we hand. The saying is that %here"s wH1 but wake up to i~ and do some gold in them t har l~l.l.s." It's a~lso soot with every rain ! ADMIRAL STRAUSS thing about i,t. in the valley...our valley PLUS.... ion and it is art especially su'btle us. We have been watching the growin controversy over and dangerous one. Cannot " Little ~`Miss Nancy Lutz daugh- the appointment of Admiral Lewis Strauss, to be Secretary Shoughcful voters think through er of Mr. and `Mrs. Daniel Lutz t~he obligations involved in accept- daintily danced two lovely hard * " of Commerce. Ordinarily a president should have great ing such money as well as .tJhe im- toe hal,let ,.ha.tubers for which she li ,( liberty of choice in the selection of members of his 0ffic~al plicatAo,.ns which w~ll result i~f wore a white and silver costume. family and mere political or philosophical disagreement Clmrles Town is to become sim-Nancy also d.anced a gay tap dan should not be used ,by the Senate as a ground, however ply a parasite to ~wo Race Tracks co, "Buttons and B~ows" wearing V concealed, for failing to firm. Nor do we think Admiral Thiswith communicYood_given hasresources,been blesSedboth Missa blUeNancyand silversperry:COstume.from HarpersLittle LIBERAL TRADE--- p Strauss personal insolenO :'as displayed to some of his physical and,htttl an. The proper Ferry danced %TO tap routines, CONVENIENT TERMS--- questioners on the Senate Committee a sufficient, ground use of these f0r ~he r~a;1~ be~ter- "Tip Toe The Dancing El.f" and for refusing to confirm his appointment (although this merit of the community requires "The Arkansas Travelor". This PHONE 17 CHARLES TO arrogance must be hard to take). Nevertheless, we think a careful and prayerful consider- charming little five year old wore ...... LIMITED OFFER ~t, ion on ~ part of b(~th v~ters a lovely yellow .and gold sequin cos he should not be confirmed and we hope the Senate will and public officials. To vote for tume .for her da,.nces. reject his appointment, bhe proposed annexation would be Miss Becky Kay Ware. daugh- BUY THE PAINT THAT'S WORTH THE It seems to us that in all the heat--and precious to6 a,.n a~ttempt to take t~he easy way ter of Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Ware little light--that has been generated on this subject sight OH,t, but it would in effect only ~Myerstown presen,ted four dan- corn,placate and increase Vhe towns cos. First, dancing a spirited tap 111 South Queen St. Martinsburg, W. Va. : has been lost of a:signifigant fac : Admiral Strauss has problecns, surely i~t is not necess- routine to "The Duugl~ter of Ros been charged with and has not Successfully denied charges atY for a town to sell i~s soul and . PHONE AM 3-5651 : . ie O'Grady" dressed~ in a green that but for the fact that he has not yet.been confirmed lose it~ ider~ViCy, taffeta costume, wearing a green would have caused his resignation if he had been con- Sincerely yours, bonnet, both trimmed in pink rose~ I ~ ~~ mm ~ im firmed. When one gets right down to it is the Admiral s Patty A. Mitohel.1 buds. She tap danced to "Tea For ~ i ~ ~~ ~ ~ /B Reci ~o wearing a acqua costume i case any different from the case of tIarold Talbott or with an orga,ndy 'pinafore over the Sherman Adams? Admiral Strauss has been in the gov- bouffant sklrt and a ,perky maids 4 Ot t~ ~ BI IIII ~! ernment service for years and ought to know the mean- atop her curls. Miss Ware a~lso Ever Presented presented ~vo especially iovely'bat ing of indiscretion. It would seem a pity to us to thintc let dances, "On Wings of Dance" that his future conduct in a higher government post would for which she wore a beautiful sil be different from his conduct on a lower level. On the A well represe~nted and ~pprec-ver and w,hite tutu .and silver -w~J i~)0~/I/ contrary, he has given evidence by his insolence and arro- iative audience was present ,at the ,tiara; then a "Alice Blue" tutu of | | dance that he has no intention of changing--unless it be finest recital ever presented in Romantic lengVh with a blue tiara for the worse. Thus being so, it would be a mistake of Charles Town 'by the Walraven as she gracefully danced "Alice Schl f Dance last week at the ~lue Gwn"" (;IFTS FC} national magnitude to have such a man in such a high Junior High School Auditorium. Little Miss Susan Magaha talen and sensitive post. The children ranging in ages from ted young daughter of 'Mr. a,nd ' three years to eleven presented Mrs. Newton `Mag ai~a presented ' some thirty beautiful numbers, five numbers; two tap routines " Letters To The Editor oso.oo o a b aU rand "B'al]in' The Jack"' a ......... " lively Charleston, a very fine mud ~ as ms ,, tiful garden scene wi~h the cast ern jazz, "Golly Golly Wall,aboo" Mens Wash and Wear , ' Men's ,Wash and Wear of dancers on stage who sang a and a ballet "On Wings of Dance" i, ,, welcome song to the audience. During intermission Miss Sally Fine Cotton Summer NEWBERRY Wash - Hang - Dry $ Charles Town, W. Vay, as has been st~ted, surely the i,.n_ The pre-school group, JulieDorf, A,.nnWatsonta, lentedyoungdau- T $199 SPORT !;HI I] June 15, 1959. clusion or exclusion of water ser- Kathy Jenkins, Patricia Mangrum ghter of `Mr. and Mrs. James, War ............ r vi'cettheprpsedareafran" GinnyLuandSusanTabbdan" snsangtwsele~ins'"Cl]ds'" LENO SHIR ,lv~r *Max ~rown, ~ur~ w rked cod t~he openi,.ng number "This Is by Ernest Charles; and "I Could - . " - - "- - ...... ate nexa~ion has already been o ~p~rl.~ oz_jerzer~n:-~uvuc out, I.f the answer given at t~he The Way". They were adorable ,Have Danced All Night" from ' . charles "i~wn w. va. . _ ' first eleot4on was n(~t concluaive and captivated the audience with ",My Fair Lady. The second ,part ~)ear Mr ~rowrt : w l~a~t assurartce can voters have their a, bility and charm ,as dressed of t,he recital opened with "Re- PERMANENT SEWN IN LoW Thank you .for publishi,.~g my ~I~a elections will not be held ad in yellow tutus they presented~his cital Time" by the entire cast LONG SLEEVE DRESS SHIRT-- LOW PRICE, ~e~ter regarding the Boundary An i,.-~finitum witch new results 1)o be and four ot'her numbers,and ended with agood night song. PERMANENT STAY COLLAR. COLLAR STAYS. nexation in the &prL1 16 edition of sought ~fter a lapse of only ten Debbie Ballard, Beverley Kid-Some (K ~he pupils will be pros- your paper. As a resul,t of the is- weeks? Incidentally, the cost of we.ll, De~bie and Mickie .Morris outed during the Summer in sever , she's being raised so soon again, such frequent elections wt the danced Vwo ballets, a gay can-can al local entertai,nments, 'having HENS "PENNWOOD" BELTS $1 O0 FATHER'S DAY CARDS 10C certain fu~t~he.r questions which rate of $500 per election would and a lovely ballet dressed in blue danced before the public this last~ - - . " " need .to be answered have come take a considerable from the tutus. Debie and Mickie ~Vlorris season in `Martinsburg, Harpers ~o mind. revenue of any town. later danced a tap routine to, Ferry, Shepherdstown as well as W~hy is i,t ~neces~ary to holda At the Public Meeting held prior "Goody-Poorly", dressed in black many ti,mes in Charles Town. HENS SPORT CAPS " Special Eleot4on every 10 weeks to the April 21st election, Vhe ques a,r~d yetlow ensembles. IA~,le `Miss HENS BlU. f0LDS . . $1 00 $1 98 - - - when the answer being soug~ht was ~ion w.a~ :asked by a man in regard Bonita Anderson and Mary Eliza- Have you ever noticed how * " . .included in tha~ given in ,the elec- ~o the sought-af, ter Race T~vck beth W~tson presented two sing- m~ny people haven't learned o ~ ~ion of April 21sit? I~f ~the purchase revc~nue,, "Why Do We Have To ing and tap dance numbers ,as ~alk? of the Charles Town and RansonHave Tha~ Money?" The lure of well as t~vo ballet dances ~or Just For Him--- Wa,ter System is near completion easy money is always a teml~tat- which they were lovely pink ~ut- READ THE CLASSIFIEDS NEWBERR--~ Men's Summer Gold Loving Cup with , i EE TI $ ,T" TIES "FOR THE WORLD'S LOW.PRICE GIFT BOXED FREE GREATEST DAD" HENS KNITTEE SHIRTS- - 2 for $1.00MENSTEE SHIRTS (Newcress) ' HENS "BIG ROCK" BRIEFS - . - 59c WEA VER PEN-PENCIL SET PORTION 2 Speed Multipurpose Aluminum, Sturdy, Durable 'Thermostatic ,Co ntr ol NEWBERRY SEPARATE DOOR FOR CONVENIENCE SEPARATE INSULATION FOR ECONOMY -'it LOTS OF FOOD STORAGE SPACE *FRE|ZEll$ MAY BE LOCATED IN THE LOWEll SECTION Reg. $4.98.-Practical Gift LOW THIS Reg. $29.95 20" Size LOW PmCE For His Use. PLENTY OF SHELF STORAGE SPACE FOOD IS EASILY REACHED QUIET, EFFICIENT, ECONOMICAL OPERATION \ Zeke nether Ste# I#te The F t# e SEE THE MODERN llEFRIGERATOR-FR~EEZER$ NOW AT YOUR LOCAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE DEALERS OR TH[ I~OTO_Mfl.C LIGHT & POWER CO. PHONE 314 CHARLES TOWN