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June 17, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 17, 1982

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Y SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE AY, JUNE 17,19 21 High Announces Business Education Awards Armt.ryW.k d Remarried Veterans LEGAL NOTICES TOW,OMrrm, C CERN C OMMISS,ONER+NO=.Cr ~mkttfldhdd xAn ~ Cll~dk|li~, OR~~N LEGAL NOTICE I certifYU!a~ t l?vel~ ~ oupc uc v. . i ts of the founwmg tldUCiarms. " ' r" 1 lamed [3 Lord O COUN,that the unders gned . I Leime m p eased to announce p Y John E Dyer, E.ecu d mm ~ a "~'~"1 W"^I"^-A WIC~"I" VII~UINtA MICIIPd~L LEE "I'ENNP:Y, a ' . ct cJ,u m. i " f f Edith Rose Dyer, a mm. n --. t. hota According to Mr Frucis A. Painter c tizen o Jef erson County .- a o . " "'--'J t V" " " reside " uonam e e xeemor m 1 ik ! at Antietam National Bat- Lord, Deputy Director of the P.O.BozU, Rammu, W.Va. WeD. u'gmm, rig. mtttnk, nJtl ,r mink deeemed. I /L w " " rl T t + ; < tlefteld on June 19 and 20 West Virgtma Department of Plamtiff ~na es own, wed V~, n P tdmhthtra- + ," .: " " The Maryland Light" At. Veterans' Affairs, remamag"e v. ny occupation a bondsman mr r---; :" - the ti f rkele tdx d Mbmle M. Park, deeemed ~=~ ~ " . ~ory, parti'ci, pa ting through. Of the widow Of a veteran is net. Mr. aud Mrs. Guy Hassele . .Count rson eSwmO! Beon M "'y and Bank of Clm rles Towa, Com- tbeBattleheldsVolunteersm a bar to benefits ff her RD. 2,Box775, : onoay,mitt ,f .l mlavd . " :+":!" the Park Program, willremarriage ends in death or Arcadia, Florida33821 Augustz, l atl: p.m or --it for .?t'B ecutor ! [] " " " divorce as soon thereafter as the mat- == . present mterpretwe talks and Defendant . ,~ :~ ~ ~, . of Clara H. Rissler, deceued. I .+ ter ma be heard resent his . / demonst 'ations concermng Mr Lord went on to explain ClviIActioflNo82-C-421,Y . ,P . . " . " - C]mrl William Kli,Eze - + artillery and tts use during the that some veterans widows Theobiectoftbeaboveen- appucauonanapetttiontothe it ~ ":L+~C~ ~;~'~;~ ~ ~ utm- tn ,~uuu wuum~m nwm,v. B L Civil War. This group will also remarry and the marrmge m tiffed action is to collect a bill J udg. e Of the C rcmt o! K'% have a military camp setup dissolved by death ordivorce, for services on a horse by the Jefferson t;ounty,west -~ . L nd this [+ +" '+ ' > " " " ~ V" ulven unoer my na for vtmtors to walk through. In this insta/ ce, the widow can name of Carolina Man Board wgnua.and move the Court i + " " ' ' ' fora ,- . + [] Members of the group will be revert hack to her widow s Vet Sh, in# & tP in the ncense to carry a n .n i n[ " [< Bu>"~ ~#~ t +.+= e-- ,i. +~ j -.-o ------ ~,lv~ n nti,~ WO~ .+, r.Lrun~nr~,++u,--, ~ ava1 aole to answer quesuons n-urn me amount of l court +on + ,o [] veter^ $945.00 p us defined in Section + Article 7 Commiulmer of Acconmm + ~ at)out artmery anu t;wu war mz. ts +' ' n M ^ Mr Lord further states it ces . Cha--o-61 oftheW Va Code mlT.Z aeffentonCOuty " t~U.l: m~:. And i ' f v--, + . . t appearing by an a - l The following m a schedule will still be necessary for the ,+,+. o ,+,o, of 1931, as amended, on or + ++ > ot r rams for the weekend" re~ameo wmow ~o meet +t,~ ahem ms person In connecuon t,vr, t,m,e,m,~ + < + + +: + p og . . . + =a, :, . . . ,+,u, i ! , School on May gnunders. Sharon Harshman, Dana All programs for the specialMANNINGS Entered the Clerk of said Randy Te~'y Painter filed in this action that Charles ij Typing H students receiving High, Beth Hone, Bessie weekend will be held in the Mrs PaulineOtt CourtJune',Defendant Joseph Byrne, III is a non- iiJ cuarms were certificates of proficiency for Jackson, Steve Johnston, vicinity of the Visitor Center - " - DORIS R WHITING Civil Action No. S2-C- 3S resident of the State of West m to shorthand tylingS0ormorewordsuer Mike Kidwiler Krtotinolocated one mile north of DlaI725- 78 i (Thpahis~tnfthi~m,lti~x Virginia, it is bereby ordered I mn8 the Gregg minute ona five-minute timed Howell, Dorrie Kowalski, S harpsburg on Maryland a n4t--, to obtain a divorce from the that Charles.JosephByrne, Ill ti M tmgwithnveorle e ors L- boud ofmatr mony> So - il n-S mpercen were: Tammy Mills, Ancly Moore, for mrmer !mormauon Mr. Mm'z Waey OtM . at aetterson Memorm To the Above Named Defen- weu, t'mmm.vs a mrney, neywere: Angel Breeden, AltheaMildred Morris, Perry ptease contact me parx m mewaywas unonyvi torot were Mr. and Mrs. dant: wnoseaooressmP.O. Boxl00,:l] :'ry, Mary Buffer, Brown, Chrisman, Nicodemus, Scott Payton, (301) 432-5124. his mother Mrs. Cora Wiley. Alger, J an s and Edith It appearing by affidavit Charles Town, W.est Virginia, . temmons, LorE Debbie Clinton, LorE Donna Pipes, Amanda Poe Mrs. L deKe Ott and Mr. Alger and Jack and Jane filed in this action that l ndv an answer, including ally ~1 Ca y .Farmel Dennlson .M'. Quigley, LorettaReed, LEETOWN BIll Oden .were Saturday .Alger of Brjm vlck, Md. and Terry Painter is a non- .re ted counter .clam? oriil L 'Y, Debbm rtsner, Jeanme Elizabeth Remington, Sheena Mrs ,th w morn.rag .vmztors. of Mrs. Mr. t'atu muton ot tmarles resident of the State of West oete,you may nave m me 11 I - +m + v~ l-'a u High, Kristine Hammond, Patty McDonald, Roberts, Diane Robinson, ' .mine ^nares arm family at TOWn. Virginia, it is hereby ordered compmlnt filed in this action tl Vince Petti, Sharon See MikeSarra, ShanieSingh, sae vial725-8309 Or chardHi +: . l ce.H fl.ersl e.nt.Sundsy tha- heserveupon'PeterL, on or f.ore July lg, +I . JeWeu, DOllS Margaret Shanton, meryle Stickler, Donna Ta lor. " ---- t ongrauuanons w msnt romp.nan Item. Chakmakian Plaintiff's at you mu no so, meremmr . ' to shorthand McDonald, and Sandy Tvnin. I" M :Mattia came by Ires fr( n Texas. daughters Tracey and isamedicalpatien, oent:.a .prfper ROSA W LYNCII i++| " -" .'-7-':" " ' Mve " """- ~ "'a ~ " > K ,st,ne Howe Brenda :t .Je.erson Memor,menagm+tyouformre.ef *'"* CLERXOFCO,+T ++1 ~, ues~ at ~0 WPM Students receiving silver Kramer, Pamela Brmmon, ~,-~,j-:-,~ -,e ~Jale ~toClllI~t 13I ~ l'lOSplUaL dmn~rut~ in th~ emnnl~int !~l btngit95pereent. ,cha for being outstanding /Al y TorchEd, Whitney r earYl,a d g, tmm Win" .d espmt yni . and eliaKulmcele /atedh Ac----opy--of-said-com--'-I la m-i'can ORDER OF PULBICATION n ,# xney were: m.xypmg were: . Calkins. Ruth " a mrtmymmnarmenn, tam mrtnnsy on mun'aay june a be obtained from the under- CIRCUrr couRT OF I ranson, Angel Lana Baker, Bessie Ty#ngH: PattyMc Lockewasa.break cooper and her perents Mr. at the home of her grand- . . -'-" Prtda signed Clerk at her office. JEFFERSON COUNTY + n , mtcneue cooper, JacKson, Dorrle Kowalski, Lona Crawford, Debb e n mrs= e ran uoolm, Jr, Lxwems Mr. anO Mrs. Enteredbythe Clerk of said WEST VIRGINIA +!1 Judy I.AmMattia, ShanieSingh, and Webb, Sandy Singleton, mr. .m?. ,Jim vine m ason .otue. Ot.t. Those helping her to CourtJunel4th,19 2 l raWaGrove, CindyMelissaWhitmore Jeanine Hammond, Denise mm amoanauncuon. Mrs. Mary Alger, Sberri celebrate were Mrs. Jajm / noxaw ;vmru uuncan, oun. 'l .4 n S tffer, Susan The following Typing ISmith. uth Jefferson Ruritan Buracker/and Mrs. Kuhn and daughters Becky C-'~r"RK"SFC'8~T'~T vun can, aoan .l tmn, n m erriWelch, students received certificates Shorthand: Jackie chicken BBQ Mowatf.endedasbewerin and Amy of C iarles Town, Mr. By Beverly' Grove, rU ,'tv :i l . mallwood and of proficiency for tH ing 40 or Smallwood, Susan Sharkswm ne nero at the Bardane honor of Miss lkenda Milk of and Mrs. Martin Viands of17 Z " # [ownm passed themore words a minute on a GlendaTownes, PanlaGrove Community Center on Rans at the Lions Center m Che nutHill, DawnHardiug . v. e'minutetestatl00 five-minute timed writing SherrieWelch, CindyM aturUay june19, from 4:00 to Monday night. Brenda and and Car Wiley. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE }l with flve or less errors : Accotm ng: DavidNoland, .8:00 p n The De . C ve will be married Birthday cake, jello, ice OF PERSONAL PROPERTY ~?::=y~a~=Tr~stCo i ,?utstanding I.ana Baker, Billy Bogp, Yvonne sadnders, Cathy mcluoe ne n al.t 0oJuDem. potatochilm, kool.eld The Sheriff of Jefferson il +rag awards werePam Brannon, Camille Brown, Mark Hays, Tinny mm Mr. David DLllow. of coffee was.served+ County, West Virgim+a, gives II t to David f hm.trmut . andi Cr~ P intm- Mal ni P.mwmhnva D4M sauce pros cme maw, Walnm ureve is a mecucm ne nag an entovable h,tx 1). !1 Noland, - -.-, -, e, ryo . . notice t + baked beans, apple sauce, patients at the Jefferson time follow+ ~ ~ ~. ClvilActtonNo.93-C.24~ !~ w wuq$ F,~m~w.~ l~V.q.mzty . + County Committee on Aging Frances Penwell attended the . ,butter, ice cream, with backSaturday.e g visitors of previously levied upon in Civil The ob)J ct of above+1 UOLIVAR wtuspmmoraspaghetti tiuner fimeraloftbeiruncle. . .ma an conee.t ne mjury, wewi hlma mdd Mr. andMrs. ChumPenweil AetionNo. 82-C-192, Bankof Hard, on June 19th from 3 Mrs. Pat Rhodes and Mrs. m m ma .mor c izem recovery, were Mr. and Mrs. P.W.Charles Town vs. Magdalena Order the partition and 1 to7p.m. A dultswillbel3.m, Marylin Whitmore were ecl Mrs: CH e .wasHillia.rd of Shenandoah J. KidweU, in the Magistrate tlm!ce m.let pa.r +lol . -,--,- o + utorctmaren,ages tgL+L dlnn+ guests of Mrs. Frances cnMargeL n uTl myumn o Mr. mm on, Mr: and Mrs. Court of Jefferson County, .r a m,+m mammu t wn+I -,a u mugowlmlp en They dined at loug m m tM .CarlVisn Sr: Ton . y uunumngs and West Virginia, being a 1975 u nar.t? Jef.f s . eommunity center. John's Silvers on Wednesday nmma . $.un.aay v}simrs ot Mrs. da .uginer of Bakerton. . Yellow Pacer, the property of uoun ty, wmt vu'gs,i|ll :--uFy Mrs. Dorothy at mid-day, umueu m tmoeue u. were noy + mrs. vmnne Cline andthe said Magdalena J. Kid- as oum +narses I1| +t Butler, Pe.nn ' Mr. and Mrs. Garland. I. rmmng etto are Dinterman and Joey tm oz oaugnu,Brandy and Brook well, defendant therein, which and the d sam +l , and Mrs Lilly Pope and family entertained eomm on of Flowing SprinSs Road, Deeson Jasen, were Saturday sale is to be held at the front of be dE,dad the parties iII n'om Balttmore, RIPPON on to a birthday dinner gn .w.ceemmmtT rvlce DeeSowe ,RiekyOttand visRers of ber mother Mrs. the Court House, in Jefferson acc.o[ tothewrespaetive ,g l their aunt, Mrs. Ni emus and party in hon r of Austin organ za.uo stone daughter Devin Of Chm'les Mary Johnston at the County, West Virginia, on rights and interest. . . ~l mr?. " "" Jqicodemas's birthday. His are to Town, GaleLong, Rand[Ott Friday, the 25th day of June, And a .10 ea'.ringoyanaf- ill . Lucasof Lplan,'za-mpm wife Elizabeth Nlcodems . et m m mortm ttospttal son Randy Jr. lm's. Butty Mr n ershel Ott .of l 2, at10:00 a.m. orassoon nnawttmmmtmsacuonthlK :,l+l were visitors of was among the guests. " me e at "" Pte.rsm and daughter, was Sat. visRor thereafter as may be con- F. m a 11011- Mrs. Ella . Buddy and Audrey Graves .my tm yne am Mrs. m Mr. l rOy Algera patientat venient and possible, rest(lent of tm +z the weekend. +South Jefferson Runtan gave a gra mtion party in -moam t . mm Elda Ott. Jefferson ~ Hosp~L DONALD R. GIARDINA dered that James F. Berry c b's honor of their daughter, L oy to. M? and S ofJe. Cmty W. !il rumor at the will be held at the Bardane Tammy Graves, wno msnomeon w -m myn'om oangl r Leslie of Harpers WestVirginla Pmmt.m'sattorney, wncse ag" Ill'. Mrs. Harry CommunRy Canter on graduated from Clarke ctmm'en ana Jefferson Memerlal Hosp/tal Ferry Mot Club were Paul Miller, Auctioneer dress m 322 No. Mildred SL, Sattwd~Jlme19 b~om4:00to County High SchoolonFrklay w tmszear a Ch lesTo, ,W.Va + +I ,-+my Mr. and Mrs. 8:00 p.m. +The willIdght. 'Fne party wm at ere ou+.s numg mrs, pauem. Mrs. t map Wiley m. swer omer flelense to the +l fmmy of theasua h chi,their home on Saturday .enmc Mrs. oft Vu- mn and J rym. Joey Oft Of Flowing ompla,nt m acti !+I Md. and Mr. and with Ruritan special BBQ eveners. Mrs. Doris Dodson m c?rge oz daugbtrer Shelia were Jr. of Orchard Hills were this Springs Road was Thursday on or Mo,July 19 , Ekfffamst of sauce, plus slaw, baked and son, Roy Jr Mrs. net viUre.nda Demory, bxanntml, Monday evming visitors of week visitors of their father .visitor of his mother Mrs. o.t.he rwm judgmentbydefault karl were visitors beans, apple sauce, rolls, NichoLs, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin w.g .spent Friday night Mrs. Nellie Oden and Mr. Jerry Staubs Sr. and Ludelle Ott. . will be taken against him at of Mr. and Mrs. butter, ice cretan, cake, ice Jenkins and children, Marvin,atn. Ki.m. emory. un daughter Pauline. family. Mrs. Joan Rollison andany time thereafter. A copy tea and coffee. The punic is Jr and Tona ofStephmm CRy, S a nt or me gwm move .to Bruce Hostler spent Mrs. Ruby Ott and grand- daughter Bridget and sod said complaint can be 0b. maeShreck wed a invited. Senim" citizens, 75 Va Mr. and Mrs. James union an, .urenaa Th.ursday.nishtwithhisfrlend daughter were Monday T-rever of Chestnut Hill were tainedfrom theundem . .qr at the home of years and older will be served + ,tmkins St:, and Mr. and M eotrmn.mgn mool. Brian Reid and his parents eveningvlsRers o Mr. and Frlday visitors of her father, Clerk at ber office. without charge, Children Mrs. Don and dsughter remrneo nome on Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reld and Mrs. Dale Harding and Mr. QuintonOtt, Entered by tbe Clerk of sald q rsFerryBoltvm. under 12 - 12.00 and dults Peggy were among l00 y' " " s " " family. : dm hterDawn. Mrs. Lanie Magaha of Court June t4th, H 2. + m met for their who attended. . ana Mr oennls Miss Brenda Mills of Mr. Charles Wilt of the Charles Town and Mrs. ROSA W.LYNCH ~[] at l wy's Mrs. Frances Pmlwell andMrs. Frsnces Penwell and Magaba of Brown. p Rans,Mr. Dennis Grove of l ocmery Was vi Ror of Mr. Ade e Oden were Monday Clerk of C rt IUtchen with 13 daughter Mrs. Barbara daughter Mrs. Barbara the e ot. lmby Charles were Tuesday and Mrs. Wilt. visitors of their mother Mrs. By BeverlyA. Grove, Depoty They W1llLwzw enjoyed this IMUlt Wl]]im were on a week of + mmg viziers of Mrs. Mrs. Pauline Ott was Eva Bell and JoAnn. 1'41 . ++ nm Black Winchester. l ant in Winchester. The blugahas have two other Mrs. Mfllard OR were Mr. and Rev. Paul Harrup of Class of : make tbe lqes iast grMay Wilt has after having in Jefferson WewM . heslth. IZ the home of ,Albl ancl and son-in-taw Wlllh,m Lance. Mrt. Ramrt L. Sl mg, Md visitors in Ring and of Mtd- v tors at the l kla Creamer D hlm. Citimm of tbe Ferry Jefferson Mrs. Doris Dodson, Mrs. Patty Jenkins, Mrs. Jean Camlon, Mr. and Mrt Jamm Jenklns St Mr. l rs. Somy cadre, $omy Jenkins Jr and Mr. Mrs. Amtin Nicodmm tended tim C mmenmmem ercimm of Ctarke County mgh Scheol in mm yvi on Friday night at 7 o'clock on the campus where Tammy Gravm and Toby C rdon were among 137 seniors who sraduate Mrs. Frances Penwell's sistm" Mrs. Esthm" Kflmer, wed teken to the Wincheat Memoriat by am- Imlunee on Friday mxl ad- mitted as a patient with a blood clot in her leg. sympat extendad to me kmily of Mr. Dmn Wamon, of Fort Ashby, W.Va who died on Monday. Mr. Lewis Carton, s% Mr. CarroU Jr Mrs. Eleanor Hummer, Mn. Sany MI and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkim - St spent the weekend at the home of her mother, Mrs. Her in Stephens City. Mrs. Jolm Gordon and son Tiger, Mrs. Jmnes Jenkins ,St Mr. and Mrs. So,my Jr Mrs. ller N'mhok, Mrs. D IS Dodson and Mrs. Patty Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jenlins and James HI, Stacey and Toby, John and Nora Gordon, attended the graduation of Kathy J. Wm . who graduated from Jmes Wood mgh School in m night. to Nicodemus, Dennis Whit- tington, Nancy Tumblin, Sandy Fiddler, and Mrs. Jamos their birth y this week. Mrs. Lester Jenkins has returned to ber home in Berryv e afl " spending 10 days with her son and wife, Mr. and Mre. Leo Jenkins and family. girls, Mar'de and Stacey. Miss Diane Collis, Win. chester, vislted Mrs. James S. Locke on Sunday evmlng. Wednesday Jme Ray and Jean url/ng answered a knock at their door and there sto0d Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hoffman, stols mg to pmce some items in their attic of their honse, were on their way to Utica, N.Y. to visit some of their relatives. Pam is working in a beepital in Island, N.Y. Jamle graduates from college this yesr. We sure were glad to see tbem and stm heping they wm be moving back way. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chrisman and und Jean SpurUng attended the gradmtlon of Misty Otrtmm from at Jefferson on Monday June 7. Atso from this area were Carl vrew and Mrs. Stanley Dunn to see Midmel Lee graduate too. Mrs Martin Chestnut Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kuhn end daughter Becky mad Amy of Ctmrlm Town, Kenv.eth Dale Harding of Mamtngs and Mark WUey of M S .my. Mr. Dick Viands of Leetown were Saturday evening visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Visnda St. Mrs. Janice Hostler at- tendsd a baby shower on Sunday at the home of Mrs. Ellen Bigp at Walnut Grove in honm" of Pam Blgp and Dm'lene Alger. Tammy Painter was saturday vls/tor of Mrs. caro Cooper and daush Pare end son Scotl/e. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Oden of sle, Mr. Sanm Oden and son Timmy, Donald Paintex Jr. and Mrs. LudeIle Ott were Sm y of Mrs. Nellie Oden and daughter Pauline. vls/tm.s Mr. Leroy Alger Viands of Manninge" Rev. Sam Miller, Bolivar, Rev. Arnold Huff- men Of Rarpers Ferry, were Cmitors of Mr. Leroy Alger at Jeemm Menorm HespitaL Dee Dee Sowers, Rick}, 0tt dsugmer Devtn a Ctmr Town were Friday evening vtMtors of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sowers and f lly. Mrs. Lanie Magaha of Ctm, Tram wu Mond vlater oftier Mrs. mn Bell sml JoAna. mm I/m Odsn of Char Town was Sunday visitor of her parenis Mr. and Mrs. Odan and dangm Msrsha. "+ Mrs. PauUne Ott wm cMl of Mrs. Linda Peer at Ommm Hill on M l y. Mrs. Esther Oden and srandson Robert of n#e were Monday visitors of Mrs. Ne e Oden and Pa:uUne. Mrs. C olyn Cooper was ,mky vtm r of bet luther Mr. Qutnton Ott. TO PROPERTY OWNERS OF CHARLES TOWN Chapter 12, Article 2, Section 20, of the City Code of Charles Town, Stotes that it shall be the duty of every person in the City of Charles Town to keep and maintain all vacant and other property owned by him or her in such condition that such property shall not constitute o fire hazard or condition detr0mental to the general health and welfare of the citizens of the city. There are many pro- | perties where weeds and bushes have i not been cut and have trash on them. If J not properly cleaned warrants may be [ issued. The City will take the necessary J legol steps beginning July lOth, | against those property owners who have not complied. of Chodes Town