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June 16, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 16, 1966

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t I , i i i i till allI - - 2 By Henry W. Morrow ;qm-~, i i i1| i I rl i i i i I i ...... THE MEREDITH MATTER reaction immediately after when Forgive me, dear friends, if I they rushed to the scene to be do not ,join in the thunderous seen and photographed leading applause sweeping across the another march identical to the nation for James Meredith, the one they had but a few days be- Mississippi Negro, who was shot fore disassociated themselves down in cold blood as he peace-from. fully walked down a highway ofI The move on the part of the that state last week to prove a I civil rights supporters in this point. The dividing line between' nation to gain their proper meas- heroes and fools is often quite ure of freedom has my sympathy nebulous, but in the Meredith and it has my support. But such case, I, for one, do not have too support does not obligate me to much trouble in seeing ft. There condone, approve and applaud are only a few narrow minded that which is irresponsible, and bigots in this country who would" smacks more of publicity seeking deny Mr. Meredith the right to than genuine interest in the cause. I am glad James Meredith walk down a Mississippi high- was not seriously injured. I am way, unmolested, and undoubt- edly his assailant could be num- bered amo0g those few. But Mr. Meredith, far better than most people in this country, because of his experiences at the Univer- sity of Mississippi a few years back, either knew or stupidly refused to admit that you cannot taunt or tease a bigot, and to at- tempt to do so is the most reck- less sort of folly. I have nothing but contempt for the man who shot him, the same sort of con- glad his assailant has been appre- hended. And I hope his assail- ant will be dealt with properly But I grimace when I see the public attempt to make an act of martyrdom out of an act of pure foolishness. ~. ~. _--~-:_ .. - Mrs. G. E. Webb tempt I heretofore reserved for ~~~~~ the Nazis and Adolph Hitler. But A recent visitor at the home of just as I would not have encour- Mrs. Mae Ramey in Harpers aged any Jew to flaunt Hitler Ferry was Mrs Elsie Sutten when that deranged man was at Grimes of Fairn~ont, W. Va., who his zenith, so I will not encour- taught first grade here in 1917 age other Negroes to emulate Mr. and 1918. Mrs. Ramey had been Meredith in their quest for the in touch with Mrs. Grimes this rights they deserve. Such con- winter and when Mrs. Grimes att duct is abundant in zeal; it is ended the Alumni Banquet at wholly lacking in discretion. How, Shepherd College, in Shepherds- I dare ask, can the President of town, she came to Harpers Ferry the United States stand before to see Mrs. Ramey. Mrs. Ramey the world and decry the meedkss reports that Mrs: Grimes hasn't sacrifice of the immolating Budd- changed at all and inquired about hists in Vietnam, and at the same some of the older families in town time condone what Mr. Meredith that she remembered and also did, and be outraged at what asked if the elementary school happened? Fanatical means of ac- was still being used. Some of her complishing a desired end are first graders were Catherine Cope not to be applauded, so I abstain. Dorothy Reed, Isabel Flanagan I had thought Jefferson Count- and John Delauder. Mrs. Ramey tans would be well aware of this said that if any of her former considering the sad experience pupils wanted to get in touch this country had more than one with Mrs. Grimes she would be hundred years ago with one John glad to gwe them her address. Brown. Kenneth Kain of the U. S. Navy As much as I hate to say it, and notwithstanding the justness of the cause of the civil rights movement, I cannot escape the feeling that many of those who are agitating in the most prom- inent (and. I might add, most stationed in Pensacola, Florida, is spending an eleven day leave at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kain in Harpers Ferry. Mrs. Dorothy Stottlymer of Bal- timore, Maryland spent the week- photographed) areas are more in- end ~t~the home of Mr. and Mrs. terested in personal publicity M~rlqg~ain. than the cause they espouse. Con- Mr. Thomas Kitchen and Lewis sider, if you will, the little known Meadows led the secrives at the fact that before Meredith madet Bolivar Methodist Church on Sun- his eventful march he tried to| day, Mr. Kitchen is a member of interest other civil rights lead- the Asbury Methodist Church in ors in joining him, and they lCharles Town Mr. Meadows is.a would not do so. Compare the layman in the Bolivar Church. reaction of these same civil rights lThe pastor, Rev. ttarold R. Mc- before march, to lea~ers the their JClay, Jr. was attending a Confer- TRAVELER It's the only patented fashion raincoat thai folds into its own zippered pocket. For rain or shi~e, for night or day, for travel or not, Rain-Paka is uniquely good looking . . . exceptionally convenient. Wear this (me right now, In smooth rmw silk-like 100% nylon that's permanently waterproofed thanks to K-KOTE and EARL~LO. You can wash it by machine and see it drip dry creaseless! ._. ')~ 90 RANSON, W. VA. Charles Town High School PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY :BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO.~ INC. 210 North George Street - Charles Town, W. Va. Zip Code 25414 ]READ BY MORE: THAN 22,500 PEOPL.__..__~E Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffiee NATIONAL NEWSPAPEI - - Immmrnm m na MAX BROWN, General Manager DON RENTCH, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor National Advertising Representative, Amerlean Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave., New York Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta - San Francisco - Los Angeles SUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Yr., Plus 1bets. W. Va. Tax For Business, News or Advertising Departments DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 THURSDAY; JUNE 16, 1966 Charles Town, W. Va. June 13, 1966 Mr. Max Brown, Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Editor Spirit- Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Sir: I think it possible that some of your readers might be inter- ested in derivation of names such as Battle Town and Berryville. On Oct. 23, 1750 George Wash- ington surveyed a tract of land Charles Town, W. Va. 445 acres, for Captain Isac Penn- Dear Max: ington. Then in 1754 Colonel John On page 30 of the 1964-65 Po- Hite. purchased this land from lici~ and Criteria for Colleges Pennmgton. Lated Col. Hlte sold an(l-~Secondary- Schools -of t'tle tnh:m~atndhteO esMta~or,,CaS~eit,,h who North Central Association to . .. t .. 1o . which Charles Town High School The name.~at.tle ~iown. was given belongs, it states, "A new assist- to me p0stoHlce in tins locam in ant hiuh school urine;pal must 1779. A parcel of the Battle Town hold a'master's degree and have l estate was later sold to Benjamin t n o ~ra ate l Berry who divided a portion of it at least _e.. h_urs of o du .. _ .. into lots and named the new trammg m secondary school ad-I ......... ...... aevempment ~erryvme "rue mmlstratmn, supervlsmn and I ....... " . ~,uidun~e whpn ~mnloved undt name ot me postmzlce was cnang ~' ""- - ' ................ e- fro Bat-I T " ~" must meet fully the requirements[ .ct m . t e ,~own to ~erry- for a principal within four years."[ ~'.'~an ~vCats ~:s~as~en tieorge Our superintendent, knowing| of this policy, employed a person Yeours Truly to serve as an assistant principal J.W. Ware (through no fault of the person employed) not having the qual- ifications stated above. It is the Be Wlse- Advea]se duty of the superintendent and the Board to see that the stand- ing of the school in the N. C.A. is not jeapordized by a flagrant disregard for the criteria of the North Central Association Taxpayers have a right to de- NEEDED" A NEW BAIL LAW mand tlaat people employed, and in particular those in administrat- ive positions, bring to the county The fifty states of the Jnion would do well to follow the and to the particular school, ex- example of the 'Congress of the United States and commence ' periences and techniques of the ..... f latest in curriculum design and the drafting of leg, slatmn desxgned to change the system o .......... " tod teachingproceaures, omerwlse requiring bail for those who are being confined to cus Y thos- -e on= Cuncti-- -nlv as awaitain trial on criminal charges The present system was g " - .... nder' - ....... ............... never desie ned to permit the evils that are comm1 ect_ u "I[ taxoaver_ _ s a voor return__ __for it. Not infrequently, citizens are apprehended, locked up, ana Ltheir investment when unquali- forced to remain there until" the charc eso against" them are' [ fled' personnel are employed to disposed of, simply because they do not have the money at l direct the training of their child- or because ren What term can be used for hand I;o guarantee their subsequent appearance, ........ they are unable to find anyone to post the money for them., ,,. "2" o-.v ..... ..... ,, .... ,, .... ~- -'--l WHO IOIiOWS a less man aaequate To be sure, they generany crem ume spen m,-olic., te .. ; .... li .... "all if the are found uuilty But, as quite frequentely hap-i-e^_,:L ........... ~e?edWhs:s~ !t~s:j:u~:cgStil~!P,S:~tstcha~nem~l~d~ne~aam~,oS~i~l;elsi;~i~ei~the~ r~dreer ~frtgt~ts:~e:: things, a , " g I s th's past year h ve be n, et The bill under consideration by Congress would greatly re- I me restate the purpose. o and m u hce b pe zmttlng It ]s my intent to reform the duce the .Amnces of hard "p ' " j Y " " [ " " " judges wide discretion in granting or refusing bail to persons, general public of the antiquated without security, in proper cases Experience has demonstrat- I policies whichshackle our.system. ed that the bail business is, by and large, a racket almost as I nave never cuscre(med me pres- " " wh' h ent system or any employee mere- v mous, and in some cases more so, than the cr me for lc .... : ...... i o~ ~ nave attact mose poncms it is no,ted Experience has also shown that cases of forfe - -_" .............. - ~ * . .... ali(l practices Willed nave ser- e of collateral for non appearance Vhe accuseo to answer ...................... " - . ..... ~t,u~,y ~t,mteu the growm ana po- the charges are rare. The present system archaic, neeas tential of our system to be changed. And it is to be hoped that the West Virginia Many Jefferson County teach- legi,slature will follow the example about to be adopted in the ers have realized the lack of pro- Federal Courts by revision of the State Court system, gress, the lack of caring and un- derstanding of their welfare. One Also Heeded: Finandal Protection Against Crime CancountyStandandin moStlook anYintoPartcountiesOf our where Jefferson teachers have Speaking ~of needed legislation relative to bail in criminal gone--Loudoun, Clarke, Berkeley, cases, it seems to this newspaper that there is another area Washington and Frederick. Mon- tH which the legislatures of the various states are consider- ey is not always the main holding ably behind the times. We refer to needed legislation whereby power that keeps qualified teach- states.will undertake to indemnify, in proper cases, those ers even though the public may who have been the special victims of a criminal act. Rare, be lead to believe that this is why indeed, is the se :ieus crime that does not do some special teachers leave. damage on some particular individual as distinguished from In September, our county sup- erintendent would scarcely dare! society as a whole. For exaanple, in case of aggravated to publish the rather lengthy list assault, the criminal now pays his debt to society in general of teachers" leaving the county by forfeiture of his freedom. But how does he pay his debt this year. I predict 20 to 30% of to his pal ci ular victim, who may be maimed or even dis- the county teaching staff will abled for life ? To be sure, the victim, has a right to bring a leave. Let the county administrat- civil suit for damages, and recover a money judgment. But mn prove these facts wrong. : more frequently than not the criminal defendant is financially Very truly yours, unable to pay the judgment and furthermore is even pre- William J. Brown cluded from making any effort towards payment by reason Past Principal, of his incarceration. Would not the ends of society be served by creating a special court, with funds appropriated by the legislature, empowered to award compensation in proper cases to the hal)less victim? To be sure, legislation of this sort would have to be carefully drafted to prevent unjust enrichment but certainly a reasonably well drafted law in this field would be better than no law at all. Society is pro- tected from the theft of public officials of public moneys by the general requirement that such officials be bonded. So- ciety is also protected from the abusive policeman by a similar requirement. Let us now give due consideration to carrying the theory a further step forward: by legislation creating a public bond, so to speak, for the unbonded criminal, be he the drunken and uninsured motorist, the crazed assail-: ant, or the thief who comes in the dead. of night. ence on Sunday. Mr. Raymond Wilt of Bolivar, has been hospitalized due to ill- ness. Mrs. Mary Eackles has been quite ill at her home with the flu. There has been quite a few cases of that ailment throughout! Bolivar during the past few weeks Mr. Ernest Littleton of Atlanta Ga., Visited his mother, Mrs. J. W. Rannsdill in Bolivar last week. She has been quite ill, but is im- proving, her many friends are glad to note. Miss Kate Marlatt is still a pat- ient in Charles Town General ~ios pital, where she has spent quite awhile. She is showing " however. Read The Spirit-Advocate SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 1966 i i i ii iiii i ii ii i illm we are pleased to am ounce that DONALD L. MYERS is now associated with our firm as a Registered Re')resentative I BRLANflt, N$tNSER & BARRffT, Inc J ,mber: Phitadelphia-Baltimore-fgashington Stock Exchange N),. 8-9700 1511 K. ST. U. W., WASH., D. C. Thanks to Dairy Farmers, you and your family eat better, live better.., with good,tasting dairy products that are good for your health, too. And the Dairy Industry helps keep our commun- ity's economic health blooming! mm m e" A THOUGHT TO REMEMBER . ; r. ; .*. BY CHARLES J. W. SMITH ] A fellow was asked, "How is the world treating you?" He rep~ "The world treats me fine; the people in it don't." There are those who say the world is worse than ever. Actu~ what is meant is SOME of the people treat other people worse f ever. However, if we will only look around us, we will see vast bq ness also. We hear more of the bad things than of the good. Sere ing headlines of crime, disaster, destruction and tragedy steal front pages. Kind deeds and friendly thoughts receive less publi because they lack the punch of emotional impact. I / From time to time, we will point to the goodness we see fl day to day . and it is abundant. These deeds on the local, natiq and international scene are bright rays of decency and goo~ These rays pierce the publicized dark clouds of people's neglect press;on and disrespect ofr the dignity of man. It will be a plea to spotlight the goodness and decency of mankind as we see it. CHARLES J. W. SMITH --- SMITH MEMORIAL FUNERAL H0 CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA IN CHARLES TOWN FOP, FA'I'HER'S Loads and loads of cool short sleeve shirts in whites, solids, plaids or patterns. No iron styles too. 99 Solid colors or plaids in belted or continental models. 29 to 42 waist. 'Wonderful no iron trousers in belt loop models or continental styling. 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