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June 15, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 15, 1961

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Bible Material: Proverbs 6:12-19; 15:1-7; Acts 4; James 1:19-20, 26; 3; 4:11-12. Devotional Reading: Proverbs 15:1-7. THE first date he had with the girl, he enjoyed so much he asked for a second. The next time he Went to her house, instead of his talking most of the time (as ehe intended he should), she car- tied the conversational ball, so to speak. She was a smooth and easy talker, but when the young man got home and had time to think it over, one point sh~uck him. That girl did not actu- ally have a good word to say about Foreman anybody but her- self and her one close girl friend. Everybody else she mentioned--- she seemed to know every- faody--she tore down; wittily, clev- erly. in a very interesting fashion. The young man could not help thinking: When I am gone, what does she say about me? He never went back to find out. "The Tongue Is An Unrighteous World''~ The world of the ton- is a wide one. It is as wide a ,man language. Even today, with all our printing presses, microfilms, and recording machines, the spoken wold is'much more common than the written or recorded word. The world of the tongue, however, is wider than what reaches the ear. It is advertising, novels, books of poetry and science, it is fact and fiction, it is useful and useless, it is ugly and beautiful, it iT true and It is false. The dictionary can be used just as easily to tell lies as to tell the truth. The ~ngue can be used to build people up or to ear them down. Now the Bible warns over and ~ver against the sins of the tongue. Some people think that the only 'eal sins are acts that are done, not words that are spoken. What is a word but a sound, a noise7 Stabbing a man with an ice-pick is murder, and it's real and it's bad; but how can talk hurt any- body? That is bad logic. Most sins begin with thought, then they break out into words, words that bring forth all the sins there are. In the Bible story of the first sin, why did Eve disobey God? She was talked into it. Why did Adam sin? Eve talked him into it. That's the way it goes. We aren't usually pushed or prodded into sin by a gun in our ribs; somebody ~lks us into it. The Tongue Is a Fire When James (Jesus' half bro~- er) says, "The tongue is a fire," he did not mean anything good. In the same passage he calls the tongue a restless evil, full of dead- ly poison. It is like a diseased or- gan, staining the whole body, like a diseased liver causing jaundice, or like certain fatal poisons which turn the victims' faces blue. In short, he is reminding us of what every sensible person knows; that the tongue can be destructive, like fire, like poison, like a cancer. Fire, when it destroys, does not rebuild. Is Fire Bad? So it is with the tongue. A lltt", lie told in secret is repeated and repeated, and it loses no fat in the telling. A careless mean remark can spread till it ruins some one's reputation. Would you rather be stabbed in the back with that ice- pick and have it over quickly, or do you want to be stabbed in the back with a slander, see your world melt away from you, and suffel7 a lingering/living death from the fire of suspicion and hate which that slander has kindled? The fire of the tongue lasts longer and goes farther and can do more harm than any flames that kill off the wild game or turn great man. siena to ashes. Nevertheless, fire/ is not always bad. Without fire man could never have become civ- ilized. But the only way to make fire good is to control it. Fire un- tended, unwatched, is almost al- ways bad. It is the guarded, con- trolled fire, in the furnace or the stove or the motor car or mine, or the laboratory, that is a friend to man. So the tongue unguarded, clattering wild, can do damage no insurance can replace. Can you control your tongue? Best way to stop a fire is before it starts. (Based on outlines copyrighted by the Division of Christian Education, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A. Released by Community Press Service.) Kennedy stresses urgency of aid to Latins. Historic antique table found in White House. "America Is A Better America-Thanks To Advertising" "A Constant 'Best Sdler" rican Newspapers, PURINA TM Hew Purina Fly Control Aid for: DAIRY BARNS PIG PARLORS POULTRY HOUSES FARM BUILDINGS DOG KENNELS YOU GET THIS N[W FLY-KILLER, PURINA T*A (while sample supply lasts) with purchase of any Purina Health Aid The minute a fly lands on Purina Fly Checker... he's a goner! See how the Purina Fly Checker kills flies at our store. Long lasting, economical, the new Purina Fly Checker is a fine fly control product for use in barns, feodlots, poultry houses, kennels. Get your free sample and order more to / help you solve fly problems. [ l]p+ L fli ' + PHONE 17 LE CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Chamber of Commerce By Brooke Blackford Executive Secretary , mother Friday evening In the teffat in 365 days on twice daily, Charles Town General Hospital. mzlking as a 7 ear old. Mrs/Cline has been Very ill We *West Vii gim 3Jni ,ersity st- wish hera speedy recovery." pervised the weighing and testing On Sick List of production as a part of the of- Mrs. George Jones spent Men- ficial herd testing programs of day afternoon with Mrs. Julia the national Holstein organizat- Viands who has been on the sick ion. list. These programs provide con- Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and tinting lactation and lifetime pro daughter Sherri of Loudoun He:- ducti~n records on every cow in ghts, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Donald more than 2,800 participating re- Hovermale and children of town gistered Holstein herds. and Mrs. Floyd Bagent and daugh-i six day period to visit the tri-cit-I OF JEFFERSONrAm eas ies of Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto, the 4_.BSPIRIT THURSDAY, JUNE 11 cultural and shrine capitol ~f JapI ........ an. ....... The carrier departed her home Plans are to have exhibits of Edison system which port at Alameda, Calif., Feb. 15, C. B. gear by leading manufac-i keley Springs, Charles and since has visited Hawaii, turer's at the event. Games and lberland, Keyser, Guam, Hong Kong, the Phillip. outdoor activities are on sched- Southern, were pines and Okinawa. ule. The park has been reserved ly. Francis Frye was A ' " " a- ard +he and the site is excellent for CB man of the Charles erlaz armament Do + ....... 1- in or shine v " incl de ..... a k "et use. ~+ wm De ne a, ra with Paige Jenkins as esset u s me Kyn W J attack aircraft, the Demon all. as a shelter has been reserved, man, Barbara Ramey, weather jet fighter, the Skywar- The park is located near Fred- and Danny Staubs as t~ tier jet attack bomber and the ermk, Md. on U. S. 40 west. It is Commissions are not 00 will establish a $1,000.00 schol arship with Government participa tion. * * * * * The Sales Tax Collection for Jefferson County for March, 1961 was $25,073.48 as compared with Twenty one of our local bus:. ters of Winchester were chllers H 01d R L0ng rl~ supersonic Crusader jet fighter, on Braddock Mountain, about 5 arguments won, but less executives attended the Bus i with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands a[ e em The Midway is scheduled to re- miles West of the city. If you made. iness Management Institute at Jr .and family. ~ ~e - -- turn to the States in the Fall. need assistance in finding the lo- Shepherd College some months Visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Wil- ~ aircraft mer _ __ __ cation there will be monitor stat- ago. After the expenses were de- liam Dillow Jr. and daughter ions on channels 11 and 9. Station Committee amends ducted,the balance of the sum Tana the past w~lll[were Mrs. Wil dw"" I" 1--an I ple Valley atizens 14WO485 will monitor channel 11 children of jobless. was taken in was split between liam Dillow Sr. ~son Danny of U i ]a M O~ !I JlOIJ Ira, , ~t , .... nd 4W1730 will monitor channel the Martinsburg Chamber of Corn 'Millville, Mr. and-Mrs. Dale Dil Western Pacific (FHTNC)Thelm.0ers uuo ,,o :nave [9. SMITII & I merce" and ourselves. Shepherd low and son Spanky, Mr. Wallace .... i An admission fee of 50c per car sent us a check for $234.12. Barren, Mrs. Peggy Pringle and first visit since Christmas 1959, t R. s L, w -- s g ~ is charged by the park commiss- Our Board of Directors voted to son Rodney, Mrs. Betty Hover- by the attack aircraft carrier USS i flcn|c ~ear rr~erlcK ]ion for entry to the grounds.FUNERAL send $100.00 to the Shepherd Col male and children all of Charles Midway to Japan's largest seaport [ ] There will also be a Swap and lege Foundation, Inc., for the 1 Town, Mrs. Evelyn Wiles and dan at Kobe was concluded May 20. I The Apple Valley Citizen's Ban / Trade booth at the Jubilee. Bring student aid-fund for Business Ad t ghter Sherri of Virginia and Mrs. Among the 3,700 crewmen a- I ders Radio Club is sponsoring a- anything of value with you for CB 304 West ministration students. This $100. Marian Dillow and children Lynn board the carrier was Harold R. z Jubilee on Sunday, June 18 from use. $17,977.89 for March, 1960. A whoping advance of 36%. and Robin of Berryville, Va. Mrs. Lorraine Collins and child class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. ren of Ranson and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Longerbeam of Summit Milton Popkins of Kabletown Point, W, Va. were Sunday afternoon callers The Midway crew left behind with Mr. and Mrs. Obie Johnston them operational responsibilities and daughters, and thronged ashore during the Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shirley and children of Middleway were Sun- day callers with the latters par- ents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands Sr. Judy Shirley a~d Mary Viands Longerbeam, personnelman third 10:00 A. M. DST to 10:00 P. M. at Gambrill State Park near Freder- FRANCIS FRYE, CHAIRMAN ick, Md. LOCAL PE EMPLOYEES' Club members are invited to at- -- tend the event and bring the fam Newly elect~ officers of the ily. It will be a picnic with each Employees' Associations for the person bringing their own food. various districts of the Potomac In the first quarter of this year the sum of $90,158.86 was callee- ted in our county. , , , , . who spent the weekend with their Our Board voted to continue grandparents returned home with our ad in the Shenandoah Valley them. Mary is spending the week ~/acation Guide. This magazine with Judy. covers the Shenandoah Valley i Mr. and Mrs. William Frye and like a blanket-going even beyond son Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Charles to Breezewood, Pa. to the north and the North Carolina line to the south. And our ad rides along with each copy sold. We are making a change in the ad this year to advertise our show ing of "The Anvil" at the Jeffer- ;on County Court House, begin- ning Aug. 25. This is the story of ~he trial of John Brown and is al- ceady attracting much favorable aetention. We*are ~app/ to welcome to the Board John Bartlett, J. Em- ork Kable and William Pringle. These appointments have just been made by President Shirley Hunt. We are always on the look out for able executives and, in zhese three, President Hunt has :ome up with three winners. harles Franklin Day .leceives Degree From University Of Missouri Charles Franklin Day, Second ~,venue, Charles Town, was one )f 1,829 students to receive a de- -ree from the University of Miss ,uri at the annual ll9th annual :ommencement exercises held in ~olumbia, Me. Tuesday evening, ~une 6. Young Day received a B. S. de- ~,ree in Education. The degrees were conferred by Dr. Elmer Ellis, president of the Jniversity. Stocks of Brunswick, Mr. Sylves- ter Frye of Bethesda, Md. were Sunday callers with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye. Bobby was sporting a brand new car, a gift from his parents at his grad- uation. Moulton Farms Holstein Cow Has Outstanding Production Record The Holstein-Friesian Associat- ion of America has announced the completion of an outstanding of- ficial production record by a re- gistered Holstein cow in this area. ~Beaver Dam Promise Chinqua- pin 3497722 owned by Moulton Farms, Charles Town, produced 17,010 lbs. milk and 673 lbs~ but- II I' OII THE BEST PRINTING CALCULATORS. AN ADDING MACHINE WITH 999,999,999.99 CAPACITY FOR ONLY $115.00 CAPERTOH BROTHERS THE CHURCH FOR A*LL . .. ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church. neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: (I) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. C3) For the sake of his comraunit~, and nslion. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. i!iii~:i~ili~!:i~iiiii!ii!!:i!i!i:i!iii~!~!/ii! .:~:i ii ii:iiiiiiiii!i!!!iiji!!i:ii :iii!i!i!i:!iii~ii!ii!ii!!i:ii!: ................................. :ii.: :...,.. : +.:::::::+ ::: ":i:!:::::;" ..... -,%1!i .:+ let not man put asunder. Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands Charles Town, PHONE :-- Day 370 Mr. and Mrs. William Dillow Jr. and daughter Tana of the Bloomery spent Monday night with the latters mother Mrs. Mary Z'rye at Point of Rocks, Md. Mr. Irvin Hedges and Reverend Reese of Ranson were Friday ev- ening callers with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shirley at Middleway. Rev. Reese and Harry Shirley were in ;he same army over in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocks of Brunswick, Md. were Thursday evening supper guests with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye and also visited their sister Mrs. Sublette Chamblin who is a pa- tient in the Charles Town General Hospital Mrs. Lester Viands and two sons Glenn and Jackie of town Mrs. Harry Shirley and children of Middleway were Wednesday evening callers with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. Mr. and Mrs. William Dillow Jr. and daughter Tana visited with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kemp of Ran son and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hay ermale and family of Jefferson, Ave, of town last week. Mr. Floyd Fawver of Martins- burg and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. and daughters Mary and Nancy of the Bloomery were Saturday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brown and family moved last Wednesday from the farm of Richard Dailey where he has lived for so many years to the farm of Mr. George Marlowe and son-in-law Mr. Leo Widmyer. + Mrs. Lester T. Viands and son Jackie and Glenn were Sunday dinner guests on Sunday with her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Hari.lson Tumblin and daugh ter at Bardane and in the after- noon they all vigited their parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson and family at Marlowe. Little Miss Judy Ford of Ran- son spent Saturday afternoon with Colinda and Cozella Small- wood. Mrs. Maude Smallwod and son Marvin and his *twin daughters spent Saturday evening with the formers grandson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smallwood and family in Ranson. Mrs. Nelson Bush visited her mother Mrs. Willingham and dan ghter in Kearneysvi! e last week: ]$culal /tts visited her Charles Town, W. Va. Day Sunday ...... , Monday Tuesday No other monument can be "just good as a Rock of Ages" Monument available only from your Rock of Ages Authorized Dealer. MARTIH UR6 GIIJUtITE WO S 109 West John Street Telephone Amherst 7- 6141 W. W. FLOYD C. 0DOM, Owner Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Book Chapter Verses Genesis 22 1-18 .Ephesians 6 ' 1-4 I Chronicles 16 23-29 Psalms 95 I-6 John 4 19-24 Psalms 66 13-20 I Timothy 3 1-5 Before the Altar of Christ they took their vows. And now God has another hand in theirs; a small hand, needing tenderness and guiding Before the Altar of Christ they come with their child, and the baptismal beliefs of their church dedicate his life to God. Before the Altar of Christ.they worship each Sunday, and eagerly their growing son to master the Truths that will undergird his life. Of course, there are times when the responsibilities of marriage and enthood test their patience, and understanding, and courage to sacrifice, t: But they have learned long since to conquer their selfishness and their pride where they receive forgiveness, strength and ever-deepening before the Altar of Christ. l ~opj'right 1961 Kcister A~v. 8ervlc+ Inc.. Strasburg~ Va. THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: + . _ J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PH/LCO DEALER Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone 403 CHARLES TOWN ES ) 8ERYICE STATION ['hone $007 Cl rles Town, W. Vs. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY "ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY" CHARLES TOWN, W. VA, H. W. WAGELEY, INC. ~,UpERTANE GAS S]~tVICE Phone 241 Charles Town, W. Vs.' i w. & SALES, 'me. OWN, W. VA. BOX Sgl PHONE US J. EMORY KABLE ES$O DISTRIBU~OB Phone 578-W Charles Town, W. Vs. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SHERWIN-W'ILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45 Clutrles Town, W. Vs. POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS RANSON, WEST ,V!E~INIA RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. R~NSON, W. VA. PHONE 309 RANSON MACHINE WORKS PHONE 481 RANSON, W. VA. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES SEBNICE Q Charles Town, W. Vs. ~sburg, W. Vs. - Leesburg, Va~ VALLEY BOARD CORP. HALLTOWN, WEST VIEGIN/A LEGGETT'S DEPT. STOBI "THE HOME OF BETTER VAIA~ Charles Town, W. Vs. m SHENANDOA AIR CONDITIONING HEATINCv---COOLING Plumbing - Sheet Metal - Charles Town, W. Va~ PhOne THE MELVIN T. COLOm L FUNERAL : Charles Town 16~ " SUDLEY FUNERAL HOM~ 8hepherdstown PITTS CHARLES THEATRE--Ranson "ALWAYS A GOOD