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June 11, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 11, 1959

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ILL A birthday party wa~ given by Mrs. Robert Ot, t at Vhe Memorial Park in Charles Town, W. Va. in ' By Miss Dorothy Iake honor (>f her husband Mr. Robert .--.---- Oft. Those attending were Mr. Birthday Party Melvin IAlla, Rebecca Lilla, Mrs. James Lilla and sons Jay and A birthday party was given at Vince, Mr. a,'~d Mrs. Bud Pope the home of Mr. and Mrs. John and family Mrs. Mary LJlla, Mr. ff~n on Sunday evening in hon- and Mrs. George Helman of Ran- or of Mr. S~nowden McCarty. Ham dellstown, Md., Mrs. Myrtle Wil't sandwiches, chicken salad sand- and sons Ronald Tom Larry and ,withes, ice tea, potato chips pick- Sterling, Mrs. Mae Ott and Kay le, mints and cake was served to Lorenz. :~r' ::.;d Mrs. Edgar Frye, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lake at.tend Mxs lake Frye and son and Mr. ed the Baltimore Annual Confer- ~,-d Vh's. William Ainsworbh of e~nce of the Methodist Church the Charles Town, W. Va., Mr. Ed past week. The Conference was Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin held at Western Maryland Col- To~nblin and family of Mechanics lege at Westminister, Md. ,town, W. Va., Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wiltshire Mercer and daughters of Kable- and children Veronica and Merle ~wn, Mr. and Mrs. Will McCarty Jr. of Harpers Ferry visited the Mr. and Mrs. Wagner Hough and latters paren,ts Mr. and Mrs. Rob family Mrs. Willis Hough, Mrs. err Hardy on Sunday. James Lilla and sons Jay and Mr. and Mrs. Pittman Russell Vince, Mr. Snowden and sons Jay and daughters of Winchester, Va, a~nd Vince, Mr. Snowden McCarty and Mr, and Mrs. Elmore Wenner and Mrs. and Mrs. John Milton and son Freddie Lee of Lovetts- and family, ville, Va. viaited Mr. and Mrs. L. ---~ ............... ~ E. Wit~hire and son on Sunday. Miss Mary Ann Dillow is spend- FORT DRIVE-IN ing the summer months with her sister-in-law Mrs. James N. Dil- On Route 340--2 Miles West low and children of Berryville, Va. Darlene Everhart, celebrated her These ariAcles should be practical k] k| k! kl g* ^,,tk^M SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON tAR,CuRs ADVOCATE eleventh Birt,hday on Saturday and designed ,for utili,ty. They ~Vl N [1 JUUIIlgll! Jlfllt:b DUUIU 6---B THURSDAY, ,1UNE 11, with a party given by her mother Should be at.tractive and not 'be "=" i. 'Mrs. Beatrice Everhart. Several of weighted down with decoration. By Mrs. Pauline Oft Tn ~a,,f h,n,, 1(I Dl~n ~he," small friends were in to help Just to mention a few useful acces ___ .v .,.. k Results Use Our Classified C0h her remember the occasion. They sories such as clocks ash trays, Deferr-....... F0r Quic were Libby White, Edith Longer- lamps, pill0w~', fireplace equip- ea from Last week ~,m~,ek|~ U~^4[,|~ beam, Nancy Davis, Judy Cogle. ment, minors and waste paperMrs. Edna Potts and daughters I'I~IIIL#~;13111~J IVl~UIIIl~ Sandra S~aubs, Doris, Juanita and caskets, l)ecoratlve accessories Joyce Ann and Shelia of Falls Lucille Cogle, Glen Danny and such as pictures never hang just Church Va sprint Sunday with Members of the Southern States Paula Everhart and Arlene fill up empty waN; make them her patents'Mr and Mrs J Hen- Charles Town Board of Directors DR. VEleA FISCHER, Optometrist phis, Darlene received ,some nice a part of ,fur.niture grouping, fig- ry Penwell .... and the local Southern States gifts. Cake, candy, potato chips urine hobby collections, potted Congratulations 'to Joyce Wiley Farm Home Advisory Committee, EYES EXAMINED -- GLASSES FITTED a~d kool aid were served, plants and precious treasures, daughter of Mr and Mz's Hugh their wives and husbands will /tours:--9:45 - 5:007~,Closed 71uesdav and Thursday Mrs. Hazel Staubs and children When you arrange your accessor- 'Wiley of Mi.llville She was'a grad meet June 10th at 8:30 p. m. in OPEN Friday Evenings Lntil 9:00 P. M. accompanied by Mrs. Curtis Ben- ies remember: 1-Have articles well uate of Harper's Perry Hi-h the Southern States Charles Town Phone 785 112 S. Charles St. Charles Town, W. nett and children of Rippon en- balanced; 2-Keep articles in scale School Also to WOody WHey son Cooperative to make plans for joyed a picnic lunch at the Mem 3-Achieve a feeling of harmony of ~VIr and Mrs Carl Wiley He their local 1959 Southern States orial Park in Martinsbm'g on Sun and order; 4-Simplicity is in good was a'gradu~te of Charles Town Cooperative annual membership taste. Remember Select, Don't Col High School. ' meeting. They will also nomkna~e idMraY, and Mrs. Preston Holmes lect your accessories! Mrs. Esther Oden and sons Oily persons to fill vacancies occuring mmmm mm mm and childre,n of Keedysville, Md. Mrs. Mary Nicodemus volunteer and Frankie and Becky Ki'dwiler thisyear on t'he Board and Advis Dfl zY 2mm'ttee Electlns wall ta~ke OR I! and Mrs. IAllian Dillow of Mill- ed to hel,p Friday, June 5th with of Bakerton and Mrs. William " " ' . " ville were Sunday visi~tors wi'th the "Block Sale" for the hospital, low of Mlllville were Friday eye,n- place at the membership meeting Mr. and Mr. Ira Piper and family There were much discussion about ing visitors of 'Mr. and ,Mrs. Ken- tobe held later, t~s year. . naemoers of ~ne local ~oara of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Eye,hart taking a trip to New York City neth Turner and family. --. .- t)lrectors t~at will retire th~s year and son Glen and Mrs. Annie for our education tour in the fall. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ott and ' . are James S Senseney John S Grove were visitors on Sunday Our picnic will be held at the sons DonnJe, Van, Nell and Oral ~.. : .. - , C A L L 1 t~ss~er ~aleb Burns all of Charles with Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge park on Sunday, June 28 and re-of Charles Town were Sunday ca 1 ~own ' " " Staubs in Charles Town. member wilt be no meeting ers of the formers mother Mrs. T. ~. ".. .. rtetmng ~nls year erom the Mrs. Anna Mae Flenchmen and in July. The picnic will be held D. Ott and brother Mr. Harry E. Farm Horn ' " - daughter and son-in-law of Win- at noon standard~ time. With ~the Ott. are Mrs ce-Advis-rYmCmmitteeL. Nicode usofChar chester, Va. were Sunday guesLs June issue the Home demonstrat- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Penwell of . :._ . ' les Town and Mrs Lyle Tabb of with the formers mother Mrs. ic,n Council's page wilt be discon- Berkeley Springs were visitors of . ' .. Mary Cogle and other relatives, tinued in t'he farm news publish-~Mr, and Mrs. James Penwell and ~earneysville. of Harpers Ferry, W. Va. Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cogle and ed by the W. Va. Farm Bureau. children and Mr. Leona Everhart With no further business the -Fri. June 11-12 Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Kelican were and daughter Wanda enjoyed a: meeting adjourned after which de .Mr and Mrs. Nozwell Fields and icni ..... li i r " h " w r s rv - "They could tame the wildfamil- of Ranson W Va p c mncn ou.~ in virginia o~n c ous e~res menLs e e e eo ~r~ ~n~ M',.~ n~l~ P~lnw ~d Sunday. Ad,ams and ~Vh-s. Woodrow Adams. horses of the Mesa Country ........................................... s ~'r ~, ~o~ ~or,, DiP,~w ~f alex r'w. wayne wooK returneo to ~ars. r~oy ~wason's paren~ w~ . . . but not the woman who .... ,, .......... a ....... - cam K r f Ha ers ~,, ~,,,~,~. ~ ...... ~ ,~., w~t.~...~ . p on Wednesday after spend- and Mrs. W. onde o g .- obsessed them both. ..,,,,,~ ..... ~,~,, ............ in ' " i with Mr and Mrs T W Dillow g a furlough wrth his mother town spent Monday w th them. "WILD IS Z .. ;. "i ~'i~: 2"h 1 wi'll Mrs Elsie Cook and family He ,Mrs Woodrow Adames and Mrs THE WIND" ~any vaca~ on ~ me ~c co . :" ' . .... ............ ~. ,o .h_~ brushed his twelve weeks of bus- M L Adamse attended the Kable Starring Academy Award De nero a~ me Ml~llV'llle ~vle~ OCl- . ...... , "_ ....... ~- '*~ ,..,~h ~,,~o4~rintr r~. ~,,ne 15 m training a~ ~. t:. town w. 8. t:. ~. mee~lng a~ ~ne -Winner Anna Magnanl - An- o-~,~ m-s~-~ -- -Tun,~ 19 The c. Gerald Buford of Fort Eus home of Mrs. C.D. oyer We ne. 'a ............ ~ ..... ~ ........ pf B d s 3thony Quinn. ' ""~ "- ....... Vi ' ~:~,~,,~ .'m ~,,,,~ .... ~ ..... i"" ~ S, Va. spent a long weekend with day night. NOTE:--The ~ene showing o ,,,~,~t, o ,,~ a, ~)~ ~l,~ .... i- ~s ~fe Mrs. Betty Buford at her ,Miss Janet Wiley rs spend, g the birth of a lamb may be ................................... r ,,~ ~ ...... pare,ors Mr and Mrs Frank Cog- this week w~th her grandmothe found objectionable by some. ~ne commum~y are lnw~eu vo a~- ,_ " .. __ ...~ tend ~. 2errs. rlomer wooa. A L S O -- ' ~ ~K~: ~*,* ~,,mon and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Piper and ~Irs. Lillian Keller O~f Charles CECIL B. DeM'IIALE'S .......... ,,~r~ Children were Sunday evening call, Town ~ho 'has been a p~tient in "UNION PACIFIC" ............................ ...... r l wnl ..... f ,-m-rs brother and e s with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nick the Winchester Hospi ta A Ca~t of Thousands .... ~*~-"~ .................. ~o~v ~A', and Mrs Ed and family in Chestnut Hill. spend ~wo weeks with her ,sc;~-ln- Starring Barbara Stamwyek ~;""'"" n ...... - Mr and Mrs Junior Grove were law and daughter Mr and Mrs. Ed W~Ia ttaYn~a Mrs Leenard V~ands visitors wiVh the lusters paren!t~s .ward Lee Boyd. " . Joel McCrea T, ,~,n o,, ~K~J: ~f ~'~S ~7'~W: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Longerbeam in (Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bane and Saturday Only, June 13 s~-"'~'~':,"'w-,~"~-end'wi"th~'lVI~r T'on~ Chestnut Hill. two boys were visitors with Mr. "2" GIANT FEATURES ~.~J~ "~" ....... Mr and Mrs Nelsca Grove .and and Mrs Robert Anders several l)'Angelo " " '" " "The West's Bloodiest Gun- ~ ....:~ t~-s ="nn,, Hou-h andchildren of Chestnut Hill were visi days last week Mr. Bane has just Shocker" .~^:'~'b~."~; ~ov~.,.. ~,~o+,o~ tors with Mr. and Mrs. Junior ;returned to the studies after ser- "THE SAGA OF the la~,ters parents Mr and Mrs , : ving 2 years in Africa with the Air HEMP BROWN" Hursell Caniford and son James nv,s~orsbw.ith M:..and,,,, ,------ ~,~,,,* ',,~,,-,, ,,=,=:Mrs",,,,,.Vef For~..~a.r, gnd Mrs John Crim of in Cinemas.cope and Color on Sunday. " 's s nd and Mrs Floyd McDaniels and Berryville spent Sunday :with ,l~e with Rory Calhoun ,~Miss L~nd~o?~Ang?~ ll~erPeaunt children "of Chestnut Hill. Mrs. lat.ters br~ther-ia-law .and sister "The AThrillingL S O-- Saga of a':n~d uncie'M~"and Mrs Leonard Curtis Bennett and children of Mr. and Mrs. Herman SwartZMr. xr~,.a~ ~, ,,~ "rm~,q~ T~wn l~pp(:kn. Other Sunday visitors wePe . Submarine Warfare." -- ......... ............. n v~r ~ ~, ~,,~ w,m .... f ~,~ .Mr. 'and Mrs. Jo'hn Wha.tehalr ~,nd Mrs. Charhe Hare and so "THE ENEMY BELOW" ~f=:~ ~r~"~:,-~o,,~'~'~'~'~'" ,~,:~ok'end and son Keith of Harpers Ferry Rusty near Summit Point. In Cinemaseope and Color ~,,,~ , .... w~., ........... we S n " w~,t'h ~s narents Mr and Mrs re u day visitors with ,the lat- Mrs. Roy Mason vis~ed 'her with Robert Mltchum ~...~. 2. g .... ters parents Mr and Mrs Howard great uncle last Monday at the Curt Jurgens ~nrton ~el,lcan - " . . " " ~rrs Irene Rinaldl and dau~h ~vernar~ and family.. Newton D. Baker Hospital. Sun.-Mon. June 14-15 *"::" ~" ...... n ~o.~,,, o~n ~ M~ss Geary Martz of Dargan, Mrs. Chavlie Adams attended 'L~'~__,':'_'_'~',',~_,,~,'~'~ ~'r~'~,H~'~" ~"~ Md. was a caller with ,Mr. C~arles the Walraven School of Dancing ,,, The FORT Picks 2 Win- narw w, enov ..... ....... Everha ,Mr and Mrs Willie Smallwood rt and 'his parents Mr. :and reel,tal held in the Charles Town ners! A real payoff in Enter- an(l son of OharJes Town s r~nt Mrs. Howard Everhart. Jr. High Wednesday evening. Her tainment!" ~ ,,,~ ..... ~,~ 7~:~ o,~n x~.~ C'~a. (Mrs. Anna Mae Flenchmen and niece Sue Magaha ~t student dan- OUR DAILY DOUBLE les D'An~elo ' daughter Patsy and her husba0nd ced the Charleston, Modern J "A NICE LITTLE ~ " and Children of Winchester, Va. and several others. BANK THAT SHOULD BE ROBBED"" With Mickey Rooney. Tom Ewell, Mlekey Shaughnessy ALSO--- "SNOWFIRE" in Color with Don Megowan "A Wonderful Adventure thriller for the young in heaxt and years." P. S.---"Don't "horse around" By Mrs. Ethel Buzzard IAnda '~taubs cele~rwted her eleven, i~h birthday on June 6 wi,th a party~gt~n her by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Staubs on Friday eevning. Refreshmer~ts of and see these 2 fun-packed, cake, potato chips, cool aid and thrill-pa~ked horse pictures!" cup cakes and candy were served. Tues.-Wed. June 16-17 Those present to help her cele brute were her playmates Wanda, ,,, The Double Scorch! Paula, Darlene, Danny and Glen Jet - Powered! ' Everhart, Terry and Nancy Davis, To top the jolts of any Judy, Doris and Juan ira Cogle, Double Hit Show on Record! Junior Sterling, Lewis S,taubs, San "DRAGSTRIP RIOT" [dra, Ruby, Gary, Randall and Da- A L SO -- ~id S~aubs, Edith Longerbeam and "COOL AND Janice Cogle, Leroy Longerbeam,. THE CRAZY" Alvin Cogle and Mrs. Delm~t Staubs Linda received some nice Ill I gif, ts. -, CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA. Millviile Plant No. 899 Charles Town Martinsburg Plant AM 7.8955 I ALE? The Board of Education of Washington County, Maryland, will sell five (5) forty.eight (48) passen- ger school buses. All cha is &s li ted below equip- ped with "Superior" bodies. Bus No. 22 -- Titled 1949 Ford Bus No. 23 -- Titled 1949 International Bus No. 24 -- Titled 1949 Chevrolet Bus No. 25 -- Titled 1949 Dodge Bus No. 26 --Titled 1949 Dodge These buses are in good condition, having been operated on regular runs during the 1958-59 school year. State regulations require buses be withdrawn from use after 10 years of use regardless of con- dition. They will be sold in an "as is" condition and must be removed within ten (10) days after notice of award. Interested persons may submit bids on one or more buses. Bid forms may be secured at the B[mrd of Education Purchasing Office, Commonwealth Ave., Hagerstown, Md., after 1:00 P. M. (D. S. T.), Monday, June 8, 1959. Sealed bids will be accepted in the Purchasing Office until 1:30 P. M. (D. S. T.), Wednesday, June 17, 1959, at which time there will be a public opening. Buses may be inspected at the Board of Education grounds on Commonwealth Ave- nue, between the hours of 10:00 A. M. and 3:00 P. M (D. S.T.), Saturday, June 13, 1959. The right is reserved to waive any informalities and accept or reject any or all bids. By order of C. M. MANN, Supervisor of Purchasing, Washing- ton County Board of Education, Hagerstown, Mary- land. June 11 - lt. were supper guests with Mr. and Li ,tle Rocky Mason is attending Mrs. Edgar Everhart and family, vacation Bible SchoOl this week Glad to have back with us for at the Charles Town Presbyterian another year as our pastor 'the Church. Rev. C. W. Lloyd and ~hls wife as Congratulatic,ns t~o my friends our friend and neighbor. These Mr. J. L. Chapman, ,Mr. Hugh fine people have been wi'th us for Cra~ford of Ranson and mY niece ,twenty one years, little Mary Helen ~fagaha all will Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bracke~tt celebrate their birthdays Tuesday, of Virginia were Swturday eveni,ng June 9. callers with Mrs. Annie Grove and Mrs. Charles Adams and d,augh family and a,btended the lawn par ter Martha have been attending ty which was held on the church vacation Bible school a~t the Char yard. , l'es Town Methodist Chtlrch for ~Mr. and Mrs. David Brackett the ,past 2 weeks. Mrs. Adams is and family Miss Betty Viands of helping teach primary grades then Millville attended the lawn .party te,n sessions provides experiences on Saturday evening on the chur- wi'th "The Earth Is F~tll of Ht~ ch lawn given by the members of Riches" such',~ as soil light and the local church. A good sum was water and man's use of these ncn raised toward .the furnace which es. " ' t / " was recently put in ,the basement .... of the church. NOTICE TO CREDITOR,. Mr. and Mrs. George Vundors- dale and children of Martinsburg To the Creditors atld Beneflc- were callers with the latters par- iaries of .the Es~ate~,~ of Gc=orge Ed- en, is Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cole. ward V~ckers, deceesed. Junior Sterling returned home All persons having claims, a- with his sister and family for against .the estate of GedrgeEdwa- visit, rd Vlckers, deceased, wheVher due or not. are notified to exhibit the same with vouchers thereof, le- gally verified to the ~n~erstgned By Mrs. Charles Adams at my office in the Citizens Office Building, Charles Town, West Virginia on or before ~e 14th Farm Club Meets day of Dee.. 1959: otherwise they The Rippon Farm Club meeting may, by law be excludect from all was held at ~he home of Mrs. benefit of said estate. All bene- Charles Adams Thursday evening flciarles of said estate are notified with 14 members and 2 visitors to be present on said date to pro- presen,t. Devotions and lesson were tect their interests. led ~by Mrs. Charles Adams who in Given under my hand this 25th troduced 'the guest Speaker Miss day of May, 1959. ;Reba Nieodemus who taught t~e L.C. BRISCOE lessen "'Accession For Today's Commissioner of Accounts Home" gave a most interesting County 0f Jefferson talk and showed pictures. Access- May 28-3T- cries full into 2 Classes useful. NOTICE TO' cREI)ITORS. To th( Creditors and Beneflc- To the Creditors and Beneflc- Juries of the Estate of Clmrle~, iaries of the Estate of Chlothllde Thomas; deceased. Hoover Smi.thson, deceased. All persons having claims a- All persons having claims a- gaiast the ests~te of Charles gainst the estate of ChlathHde H. Thomas, deceased, whether . due Smi.thson, deceased, whether due or not, are notified to exhibit the or not,'are notified to exhiblt the same, with vouchers tllereof, le- ~same, with vouchers thereof, le- gaily verified, to the undersigned. gally verified, to the undersigned, at my office in the Citizens Office at my office in the Citizens Office Building, Charles Town, Wesl Building, Charles Town, West~ Virginia on or before :Tm 141fl~ Virginia on or .before Vhe 14th day of Dec., 1959; otherwise they day of Dec., 1959; otherwise ,they may by law be exclt!ded from all may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate, All bene- benefit of said estate. All bene- ficiaries of said estal~e are notified ficiarles of said estate are notified to be present on said date to pro- to be present on said date to pro- tect their interests. tect their interests. Given under my hand this 25~, Given under my hand this 25th day of May, 195@. day of May, 1959. L.C. BRISCOE L. C. BRISCOE Commissioner of Account~ Commissioner of Accounts County of Jefferson May 28-3T- NOTICE TO CREDITORS. To The Creditors and Benefic- iaries of the Estate of John Har- rison Hall, deceased. All persons havlng claims a- g~nst the estate of John Harri- son Hall, deceased, v~he~her due or not, are notified to exhibit the same, with voucher~ thereof, le~ gaily verified, to the undersigned, at my office in the Citizens Office Building, Charles Town, West Virginia on or ~before the 14,th day of Dec., 1959; otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene- ficiaries of said estate are notified to be present on said date to pro- tect their interests. Given under my hand this 25th day of May, 1959. L. C. BRISCOE Commissioner of Accounts County of Jefferson ~ay 28-3T- County of Jefferson ,May 28-3T- NOTICE TO CREDITORS. To the Creditors and Benefic- iaries of .the Estate of Lefla B. Grar~tham. deceased. All persons having claims a- g'ainst ~he esbate of Lella B. Grantham. deceased, whether due or not. are notified to exhibit the same. with vouchers thereof, le- gally verified, to the undei'slgned at my office in the Citizens Office Building, Charles Town, West Vlrgir#ia on or before ~e 14th day of Dec., 1959; otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene- ficiaries of s~id estate are notified to be present on said date to pro- tect their interests. Given under my hand this 25th day of May, 1959. L. C. BR~SCOE Commissioner of Accounts County of Jefferson May 28-3T- family on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Junior Viands of P, dmson were Sunday visitors of the latters parents Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jenkins and family. Mrs. Shirley Fitzwater and grandson Terry Dodson of 'Middle way spent Saturday night with her and Mrs. Millard Ott and dau ghters Janie and Cathy. Mrs. Dorothy Cruthis of 'Mc- Lean, Va. were Sund~,y visitors of her parents Mr. and (Mrs. J. Henry Pen.well. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Seal and daughter Patsy and sc,n Johnny of i Ranson and Mr. and ~Irs. Pat Hos I tler were ~unday visitors of the l la:tters parents Mr. and Mrs. For- rest Hostler and ~amlly. I Mr. and Mrs. Roy l~lse and dau I ghters Llnda and Cathy and son l Martin of Middleway were Sunday I visitors of the lwtters mother iMrs. ~fary Cline. [ Seaman and Mrs. Donald Orient and sons Guy and Frankie of Bak I erton, Mr. and ~rs. Theodore Ott i and daughters Linda and Diane I and sons Teddy, Randy, Joey and Ricky and Mrs. Pauline Oft were [ Sunday viistorsof Mrs. Nellie I Oden. | Mr. a,nd Mrs. Glenn Biggs of ] Leesburg, Va. were Monday nig~ht | callers of the farters parents Mr. | and Mrs. Forrest Hostler and fam | ilY~vlr, and Mrs. Frank Angelo and [ sons Stevie and Kevin (>f Burke, Va. were recent callers of Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Turner and family. Miss Judy Hostler is spending[ this week width her sister a.~d bro ther-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Blggs at Leesburg, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beahm of Charles Town were Sunday call- ers of the formers parents Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Beahm and sons. Mr. Gilbert Deener of Bruns- wick, Md. was recent callers of ,Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilt and family and Mr, a:ad (Mrs. Calvin Lancaster and daughter Dianne. ~r ~r Ce ly, we'll comPP.Un. 4 your -. Doctor,s" prescriptions prom~pfly=- and ** precisely as directkd. . In addition~ we'll i accord.,y0~a Courtesy and ~:onsidera'fion, prompted l#yl sincere ** desire fo: serve you ' wel[.LWe hope y0uql drop in often'--- make this your Family . Drug Store.' * NICHOLS STUCK PHARMACISTS Phone 173 Churls, .Town, W. Va. I Tired of the 01d Juggling Act? Why keep track of three or more insurance policies when one will do the job? Our Home Protection Plan gives you fire. theft and liability insurance on your home with one policy.., one premium. It may save you money... or give you more protection than separatepolicics.., or lx)(h. And il's so convenient. IhWr mg{sl. tl ' Hartford Fir, Inmursn e Company I Kiwanians To Visit GENERAL CONTRACTOR 'Federal Hill' Farm FOR A FREE ESTIMATE ON The Charles Town Kiwanis club ANY RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL members and guests will meet at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel for' NEW CONSTRUCTION OR REMODELING ~heir regular weekly dinner meet- ing at 6:15 p. m. and after the meal ~hey will journey to Federal Hill Farms, managed by Leo Wid- Ca[[ arhnsburg Collect AM 3-9411 myer where they will wi'tness a modern dairy in operation. Mr. Widmyer has promised to give ~ADI D~l~ II~l~lffkl ~u.~m~m each member of the club and also any guests who zztight be present ,all the milk they can drink. ATTE~U~DAY R PITT'S - JEFFERSON THEATRE SMITH & ST IDER CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA FUNERAL HOME Matin 304 West Washington St. Night 7:15 and 9:15 P. M. ADULTS 50c -- CHILDREN 25c Charles Town, W. Va. Wednesday and Thursday Tuesday and Wedne PHONE:-- June 10 and 11 June 16 and 17 Day 370 Night , CLIFT * ..b.,~ RYAN OAI~N~I~ o., .... HART ,~,~o~v t ...% Friday and Saturday June 12 and 13 COLOR ClN~MA~COPE Sunday and Monday June 14 and 15 |[I[ASl)O TH|U U,4tT~D ARr,~$ T~CHNI! Thursday - Friday - June 18, 19 and [. L. McDONALD, JR., AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Starr|ns CHRISTIANE Former MISS UNIVERSE ..d CARLOS Mason Building Phone 735 Charles Town, W. Va. Repreeentlng THE TRAVELERS, Had:ford Having moved to a smaller apartment and bringing I I me an accumulation of useful articles f~om over st of 45 years or more, located at 110 South Charles Charles Town, W. Va., on SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 1959 BEGINNING AT 10:30 O'CLOCK A. M. (D.S. ..... "-'"ANYq~Ig~ITL~,~,---,~,~ FURNITURE - Mahogany Love Seat, Very Old; 2 Library Tables, of Robert E. Lee( Solid Walnut Double Bed with and Mattress; Walnut Veneered Desk, Trundle Bed, Celarette, Old Cradle, Over 75 years old; Break Front, Baby Carriage, 2 Small Wood S.toves, Old; Old safe Ball Feet; Fire Place Crane, Very Old; Pair of TongueS, China Cabinet, Very Old; 5 Trunks, Laxge Steamer 2 Old Yokes, Copper Apple Butter Kettle, 2 Large Bells, Sleigh Bells, Side Saddle, 4 Antler Horns. MODERN FURNITURE , 2 Wooden Beds with Springs and Mattresses; Ir oar Broad Form Personal ~ Large Stand Mirror, 2 'Wall Clocks, Mantel Clock, Theft policy. ~ Straight Back and Rocking Chairs; 2 Porch Chairs, J %= Chairs and Table; Yard Chairs, Porch Chaise Lounge; Insurance, Real Estate and Bonds Formerly W. Berry Grove Agency 120 E. Washington Street Charles Town, W. Va. Telephone 216 H. S. CLOPPER, JR Glidder, Office Chair, Hall Rug, 2 Hat Racks, 1 BraSS Shelves, Drapes, Large General Electric Refri 75-1b. Freezing Unit, A-1 shape; Westinghouse Electric with 4-Burners and Ovent, A-1 shape; Itoover Electric er with attachments; Electric Floor Lights, Cage and Stand; 2 Screen Doors, 2 Wood Doors, Utensile. Pots and Pans; Kitchen Table, Some Chin~ Glassware; Lamp Globes, Victrola and Records; 3 Bed Suit Cases, 2 Cabinets, Leathe~ Leggings, Small Electric Washer, Churn. Jars and Jugs; Electric Cream Freezer, Large Pressure Cooker, new; Garbage Grain Cradle, DeLaval Cream Separator, 2-Pr. PlatforVa 4 Stillyard~, Timothy Seed, Horn Weights for Ice Hooks, Sledge Hammers and Wedges; Tre~e Crow Bar, Digging Irons, 2 Wheelbarrows, 2 Garden Block and Fall, Remington Portable Typewriter, of Other Articles not mentioned. ~1~ ~t~ntw m m~W ~t TERMS:--CASH. Nothing to be removed until MRS. ' -IARLES H. STRIDER, K. K. CAVALIER and H. CLAY THARPE, C. W. MOORE, Clerk. Ju~e 11 and 18 - 2t.