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Charles Town, West Virginia
June 11, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 11, 1959

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PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN. W. VA San Diego, Calif. Not long ago voted in t~he Coun,ty, are to be " " ' they enclosed a clipping ~rom a given credit for exercising this that, ~he two Texas oil men (bythey did not all agree. The great name) had bou~h,t the race track number ol eligible voters voho did ~t Charles Town, W. Va. and the,not come out, had just as much ~proceeds would be given ,to a New BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING C OMPANY, INC. By Henry W. Morrow Orleans charity! say Senator Ken,Ling of New York i As you yourself no doubt rec- ALL S,.SCR' T'ON" DE',VEREO ,N T.E STATE *RE SU.JtCr TO a% CONEU"ER* AS The Race Begins or Representative Charles Ha]- lize, the War Between the States SALES TAX. SUR$CRIPTION $3.$0 PZR YEAR 'H ADVANCE. With the Two Nationail Convert- lock of Indiana would now be good was not a "Civil War". The states 1,ticks, ,the Democratic and Repub- h~d the right qto ,pull out and .to SPIRIT E~Ir'ABLISHED 1844 -" ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1885 lican, a li,ttle more a year bets. COMBINED MARCH !, IS48 ~way speculation increases by ,the It has been said that the Demo- decide ,their own problems same .... Iweek on who the presidential norm cr~ts have so many candidates as today. The U. D. C.'s energet- MAX BROWN EDFrOR linees will be. The specul.wti~n ,be- they w(~n't know v~ho to Choose ically fight the latter name. r~lr~,r-= ~o'r~ ~=~=~.r ~'rDrr'r TELEPMONE ~]cmes all ~he more ripe due to ,the from But a close look a the pic- The West Virginia University is ............................ --" "" [fact ~that,for the irst :time in his tare cannot help bu,t reveal t~hat quite a place I've heard it refer- ...... -- ------ -- "----- ~tory an incamberrt presiden is d~s each of the Democrats being ser- red to as "up at the college" long SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR !!4 YKARS AND READ BY MOREIqualifled by law Irom seeking re- iously considered has some major ago but please not as "Morgan- rHAN 20.OOO PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. election so that we know as a mat weakness. Kennedy is at present.own University" .... .ter of law nelL,her of The t, wo can the most popular but both his I hope you agree with all this didwtes will directly have fine ira- youth and 'his religion are major Sip, cerely, m'~TERED AE SECONO C-An MA'r'rER AV "rHZ POSXO~'~:CE IN CHAIn.Ca TOWH, meuse prestige of ,the office in his handicaps. Stevenson ~hares the Nan Brook Harold W. VA., UNDER THE AC'r OF MARCH 3. 187S. Icorner up to She tune of FDR all dubious honor of 'having had the (.Mrs Edward B. Harold) WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, INC, Icandid~tes respected ~the two term nominaticn ,times with rrusting NEW YORK CHICAGO ATL,ANTA -. DETROIT * LOS ANGELES Oradttion, but ~one was leffallY out success. Johnson is from a sou bound .to do so. thern state which is generally not Bake~ton, W. Va. ..... ]~arring death or a tylunder of looked to for a nominee; and he June 8, 1959 MEMBER OF THE I,the very grea~test magni,tude i,t is has had a heart wttack. Syming- Mr. Max Brown NATIONAL E DITO|IAL Isafe o pick vice presiden Nixon ton, geographically, is inmu~h ,the Spiri,t of Jefferson-AdovcaOe I~-f~-- C~~I~) ,as the Republica nnominee. The same position as Johnson and has Charles Town. W. Va. i @C9 faded smewha~ ~'n ~he pu'blic eye Dear Max: A T Rockeleller "t>vom" if it can be ~tthough he may be able to re- called That, poses no serious threat O ~r congratulations to Henry ~ ~o the ~ightly knit Regublican or- gain the lost ground Hamphrey is ganiz~tion w,hich will control ~he in much the same p~sition as Morrow for his article last week re co,nvent~on. Even the popular 'Mr. Johnson and Symington-in rover- lative to the school issue in setting Thursday, June 11, 1959 Eisenhower had 'to fight for his se. Of all the candidates his nora- ~ortAag,h hisVerYcolumn,Pertinen~wri.tte,nfactS'priorThU-to life to get the nomination and ination would be feared most asthe election was timely, I believe Governor Rockefeller is hardly in provoking a Sou~thern Bolt. Mey- the edi~,orial in the Mar~inSburg Journal the evening before the LITTFR BU6 the same class as ~ar as personal nor (of New Jersey) is lit.tle election was also very convincing. SPIRIT OF : EFFERSON FARMkRS THURSD________AY__ J__UNE Shepherd College for the generous Funeral Rites ridaY space ,that you have given in your newspaper during the past year to news regardkng ,the college and its many activities. We have 'had ~ good year dur- ing the 1958-59 academic year at Shepherd College and ,the news th~vt you carried about the college in your newspaper has been 'help- ful in in.terpreting our education- tal program to the public Again, let me say "thank you" and ex- ,press my very best wishes to you and the ,members of your news- mt stake. I would appear thwt the recen letter by the Teachers of Harpers ~erry was a bi,t off cen ter and certainly not to the point. We also feel tha mo~t of those in the CounOy now living on meag er fixed incomes are mteresOed m be~ter educwtion for our c'hfldren if they were quite sure that the tevm Better Schools, means just this. Ie~ appears th~v,t somewhere ~long the line the word QUAN- TITY has been substl~,uted for QUALITY in educwtion. The three R's are being battered around in p~per staff. Sincerely yours, the basic training. This is not Oliver S. Ike~nberry only applicable to our S,ta,te but Presiden.l~ to the Na,tion as a whole. To put the wh~e of presen,t day educat- "Glenwood Farm" ion training in a nu(t~hell, the Charles Town, W. Va. dern~nd ~ppoars to be for more . June 4, 1959 highly ~chn~al trained m~nds versus the FilCh of Our Fat:hers, Spirit of Jefferson-Advoca,te to safeguard America. Dear Sir:- T waa,t to thank you for the l:t, esl~e~fully, friendly reminder t~h,at my subsc- A Jefferson County Taxpayer ription is about to expire. I don't wane to ,bake a chance of missing Shepherdstoavn, W. Va. an issue. So please find enclosed June 5, 1959 my check for another year's sub- Mr. Max Brown, Editor scription. Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Thanking you, I am Charles Town, W. Va. ~Sincerely, Dear Editor Brown: Iva C. Moler AHow me to e~press the apprec (Mrs. C. KAckor Moler) iation of the adminisOration, oacul For William P. Russ William Porter Rt ss, died Sunday night in C.~.,~ pital here after a long'ml~ He had been em,ploY~ Charles Town JockeY CI~I past 20 years. Born on March 31, 188 ke Cotm,ty Va. he was l~te Philip and Susa He was a me:nber ( odist Church and a !~ Star Lodge No. 1, A. in Charles Wo~vn. Surviving are his melia R. Fuss at the Hesse street; three da~ Mary R. Harrison, eke R. Ferrell Mrs. cas, Washing~n D.C. es D. Russ Shepherd: ter-daugh~ter, Miss NI~ nor, Charles T~wn and ors-Preston D. a,nd Le Washinffton. Friends will be rece Smi~t'h and Strider Fu here until services Fri p. m. at Zion Me,tho~ with %he ReD. Homer elating, n F~d Burial will be i tory. President calls talks 0a popularity is concerned. ~ir. Rock known. e4eller is perhaps wmong the first Democra,~s who think ,they are We believe those vOho ac,tua,Hy ,ty, staff, students and .friends of ATTEND CHUI~CH SUNDA~ There is perhaps not one of us who at some-time or :to realize t!his.and for tha,t reason shoo-ins in 1960 may be guilty of Reeps saying he is not a candidate, gross over-confidence. A ticket other has not been a litterbug, a person who clutters up Ohus bettering his (~ha,nces for a headed by N.ixon and a strong vice public property with private trash, by our definition. The serious bid la%er. Nor it is likely presidental cand4date, coupled practice is a deplorable one, and the fact that some or he would be disposed to accept with The major weaknesses of ,the all of US are uiltv of it from time to time in varying second place on $he $icket. If I principal candidates now being --- ~, ~ ....... . ~ . were to guess who the vice-presi- considered by tJhe Democrats, degrees makes it no more excusable. The temp auon IS den,t nom4nee would be on'the ,,Re- could resul,t in another Regubli- so easily succumbed to; to toss the empty cigarette pack- pu, blican side, a,t ~his da,te I woald can Administra~tion 'O" * * age on the street o1" on the ln hway to discard the un- important mail in the gutter. Persons who practice this ...... . sort of conduct do it, for the most part, without thinking. Te Fdlter . They scarcely stop to think of what an ugly habit it is, -- --wqv and of how unsightly it mak: the c imt U iotuYb : Whod?ci Nor do they stop to think " " oscar C Stine M.D..called to other counties Just be- actually be to place this rubbish in either a public or Shenherdstown 'W Va cause your purchase is by way of ........ "able ~ ~^ '.,.,.',. " a tax in the least expensive al- private recepta " " W Ie d of an unusual sentence May zt~, ~ ways wha.t you want If ~this anat- omewnere, recenuy, e a ' Editor . ter was ".presented intelligen,tly meted out to a litterbug. Instead of a fine or jail sen- Spiri,t of............................. Jefferson-Advocal;eand fairly to the neor le" it ,tence, one judge ordered an offender to clean up all the C_h !es va. not presented long enough discarded trash along a mile strip of highway. We ven- To The :mmr: enough. " r" " rs tare the opinion that that offender will cause no future ~^State~aent~. in ~he lgower wle:t I o::rn 'D 8 WOMENS RAINCOATS - $10.00 I 1 WOMAN'S CORSET--Size 35 - trouble For he learned that while his particular of ense i, ~rmer ri~ht'l ............ -' " " seemed" trivial, yet when multiplied by hundreds it be- aa'n f-co n-er-offl e fr- t-wgeofl Maryland Jaycees came large indeed, your May 22 issae.T. A. Lowery is I Jr. Oh~amrrber of Commerce 2 WOMENS WOOL SHORT COATS $6.00 I 1 WOMAN'S BONED GIRDLE--Size 31 I I 10 WOMENS BRAS ....... Let's keep our town and our country and our state clean, q utedi etheh o e e eha d crI Silver SPur , g l ldg9 ,,2 SUB-TEEN WOOL COATS - - - $4.00'!] Let each one of us resolve to keep the public prope y c'e i it'p~ailosophicall"~y" (t~he fail ..... ' 'KNIT 2 MENS PAJAMAS---Size 46 " ~ r " ~r, rM,ax l:lrown, ~mBor and the nvate property of others as neat and tMy as are of 60 acceptance of the .... . r n" P . ,, . Sprat of Zeffe so / 89 INFANTS SOCKS ...... " we would our own. It's such an easy thing to do . . . tsehool levy) In the upper ngh,t Charles Town, W. Va. 3 WOMENS FULL LENGTH DUSTERS $6.00 we but stop and think, i,,hl .i%%RCeOignrsi a %es s,,? iat eslDearMr. Brown.' .. 8 WOMENS CHENILLE SHORTY ROBES $2.00 certain 'that some of these eight l Fri~y evening, our ~ary- 5 WOMENS CHENILLE HOUSE COATS $2.00 I 8 INFANTSSLEEPERS ..... : ~4A&I, AJ|~& ~~ I Hill CemeOery, the nurne of the fare not accepting the failure of 1land Sta~e ~-res~iaen,t, How.arc '~.,no 3 WOMENS DUSTER ROBES - - - $2.00 / Mt:lllUtll31 l(It,tB .. IRe v- C~rlyle McDon~]d minisOer ,the school levy ",philosophically". j ana,mysen were prlv,uegeo ~ / 2 INFANTS HATS ...... " /~'"g i