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June 9, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 9, 1966

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I Y The Jet Ag :or's Note: This is the third series of articles concerning ~unicable diseases preventa- y immunization. The articles Prepared by the West Virginia tion Assistance Project in tion with the Jefferson Health Department.) popular belm~ that a per. son who has taken a smallpox vaccination once in his lifetime makes him permanently immune to contacting this disease is just not true," Dr. Earl Allara, Jeff- erson County Health Officer said recently. "There are many false ideas about this dreaded disease that should be brought to the attention of the public immediately," Dr. Allara continued. "Once a person has received a smallpox vaccinat- ion for his initial protection, a re- vaccination is necessary every three or four years." "Too many children are not vaccinated unt!! they are about to enter school, Dr. Allara stated. "These children are totally unpro- tected from this serious disease until they are five or six years old." This is the "Jet Age," where everything is moving faster. The sound barrier has been broken with high speed jet flights to all points of the globe. There are advantages and disadvantages in this way of life. A traveler can be transported from one contin- ent to another in very little time. For instance, a person can land on four continents in a twenty- four hour time period. Without the smallpox vaccination, now is the time to begin." 'I urge parents to act now by seeing their private doctor or local health department." _ - ~,, -'eA~'?~~,,,~ Mr. and Mrs. Garland Henry spent the week end with their son in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Hampton and son Terry and chuckle in Baltimore, Md. they also attended the piano recital of their grand son Terry which was held over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles took their son Ronald Wayne to the Winchester Hospital on Wednes- day for a check up and an infect- ed ear. Mr. and Mrs. William Dill ow also took their little daughter for a check up. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Frye of Lovettsvitle, Va. were callers on Friday with Mrs. Julia Viands. Misses Linda and Gaselia Small wood spent the day Thursday near Baltimore, Md. Mr. Clyde Spears of Berkeley evening with the formre's brother Harpers Ferry. Mr. and Mrs Melvin Rissler and Mrs. Jessie Thompson and daughter, at Kabletown. daughter, Miss Alma Brown, of Mrs. Hall Thomson spent the Washington, D. C, Mrs. Mary Bo- weeknd with her daughter Mrs. len of Silver Spring, Md., T .W. Arlene Leonard and family in iDillow, Jr., of Charles Town, Ohio. RFD 1. Mr. Dale Dillow and chil- ]dren, of Rockville, Md., and Mr. ~~~~ and Mrs. Kenneth Turner and Ra~S,L~L a t children, Kim Barbara, Ann Dawn KIVPI IN [and Kenny of Middleway, were re- J,~vm cent Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nicodemus Mrs. T. W. Dillow, Sr. .................. I Mr. and Mrs. Moss Ranalli and ~;~.'~s~r~..~w~~*~[ Mrs. Marie Whittington of Mill. Sunday, June 12, at 9:30 a.m., I ville and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Min- Rev. Frank Wade, graduate of the I nick, of Martinsburg, spent the Virginia Seminary, will have I weekend in New York City. morning prayer and sermon at Mrs. James Lilla accompanied St. John's Episcopal Church, Rip-Mr. and Mrs. William Hough of pun. Sunday School will be at 10:30. Miss Ann W. Smith of Arling- ton, Va., returned to her home after attending the graduation of her niece, Ruth Rogers Smith, who received her D.A. degree in French in the College of Arts and Science of West Virginia Uni- versity, Morgantown. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Mills and son of Berkeley Springs, Mr and Mrs. Thomas Sowers of Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Jenkins and Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nicodemus attended the 77th annual gradu- ation exercises at the Berkeley Springs High School on Morgan Field Tuesday, May 31, with West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd delivering a very inspiring ad- Bessie Luella Jenkins, daughter realizing it, the traveler can trine Springs came down on Friday port a disease thousands of miles evening and got his two grand Model RD108Bfrom it's source. Smallpox is one daughters Misses ViclCie House- of the diseases that can be trine- holder and Donna Hovermale who cools several rooms.., ported in this manner, are spending several weeks with even a whole house. I Though rare in the United their grand parents. States, smallpox is still common Mrs. Albert Viands was taken I in many parts of the world. Pub- to the Charles Town tIospital on~ of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Jenkins, lic health authorities maintain a Saturday morning where she had who made her home with her close check on all persons enter to have a blood transfusion .She !aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Lew- AIR CONDITIONER ing a port in this country. Travel Wto~i!:~!i~is oTV~ii~f~mrbffl dn~lmgl~~fBerk~l~Y Sp:~ngs~dwas :Heavy-duty components for high I ere from foreign countries may" . ". . ' . , " i " " ' ' . , not show symptons of the dis- f Coolingcapacity.,,amazinglyease, but can still act as a carrier ,, ". _. ", _ P . ' ] Mr. and Mrs Robert Randolph quiet, and expose many people to its ~virs. Josepmne Jonnsmn ann dan ~.:. ........ "_, ........ .......... ~mmz a~-., ann oaugmer/~llzaoetn gmers Joyce ano ~onme, lvir. ano [R an~l Miss Elizabeth Mo~ e,~,~, Four air directors "focus" for [ dangers. [ Mrs. Levi Gray and daughters, [ ,,,~h ,~ ~,, ~,.,~,~, o,,,, +,:s~,~,, Powerful cooling thrust. I The death rate for smallpox is l .... ~ ~ ....... ~ ......... ~,,,,,~ .,,- I one out of every three persons. I M:~l ~nds t~:l~eJr~h~rG:a:~ an:nM(o [stitute at Blacksburg, Va., on Automatic thermostat . ., [ Those who survive, are usually I "'~,'~ " "~" ..... ~ " . I Sunday for graduation of Mr and ~n,,s~ ChUrCh bemetery on ~un- Mrs Smith's son *'ob " ""an multi-spied fan. ]horribly disfigured by the after day and decorated the graves of ~ 1 "- ....... " ix .~rt ix - 23,000 BTU/Hr.Cooling Capacity. { effects of the rash. I .............. oo pn ~mzm, tit Who wni receive ] Vaccine for the prevention of[tn~Lf x~a~,.vus.. ~ ....... ]a B S degree in' horticulture. ~vzrs ouna wanes attencieo the I Mr" and Mrs Perry Nicodemus Beginning At / smallpox became a reality in the] graduation of her granddaughter Mr and Mrs H" B Nicodemus Sr' ]year 1796 when Edward Jenner, I i ....... ~l~ ~~1 ~lOe~[[~ [ed/a youngthat dairymaidsmedical studentS,who hadbeerY'Icon-Judy Shirley ~n the Charles Town [Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Whitting- [Senmr tizgn ~enooz on TnursuaYlton and two sons, Jonathan and [ tatted a disease called eowpox,] evening. Mr; and Mrs. Garland [ Dennis, and Roger Lee Nicodemus rmnry atmnoea me grauuation m I and Len- "Sam" Tumh]in Jr ~nd [had also developed an immunity[her nmce; ................ Mzss Susze Ott at the I Mrs" David Nicodemus and' ~-"daugh-"-- D DOMINION i to smallpox. He developed a vac-[ lethe from a cowpox sore and in-Isame t~me.. _ . ]ter, Lisa, were entertained on [ jeered it.~into a patient, who then[ tv[r. ~armnd_ Henry ~s on a [Monday, Memorial Day, with a ,,:ll |tlITli weeKs:vaea.~io~. ,~ the St .~daru I cookout on the ~lawn of Mr. and RE ] became immune to smallp~dx. J~n-[ plant at Mzllvzlle where he zs em-[ Mrs Harry Nicodemus, Jr [ her's discovery gave us a way to[ [ eliminate smallpox Iplyed" [ Mrs. Charles Adams and two | No child or adult should risk] Mr..and Mrs. Donald Hovermale]children, Chuckle and Martha IDI ane,_..__ Inc...._ [having smallpox because vaccinatl and oaughters Tammm of Lee-[were guests at the home of Mr. ] ion is simple and easily obtained!,~wn spent Saturoay evenmg w~th]and Mrs. Glenn Magaha of Fred- r" ] from the private doctor or the i her parens zwr. and Mrs. Albert [ erick, Md., on Friday and Chuckie W. Washington St. /county health department, v~anas ana oaugnters at me[and Martha were guests at the Town W. Va. / "Parents should not wait any' t~ oomery.. . . [home of their aunt and uncle ]longer,' advised Dr. Allara. "If Sunday droner guests wzth Mr.!from Friday till Sunday. They 725-2811 ]any of their children are one and Mrs. Joe Milton were; mr. [attended the Walkersville School and Mrs Ray Marcus and two i,,Cou ": Fa'r" ~,~ w.~,m~,, | year and over have never received nL ~ .................. children of Winchester, Va,. Mr. ~ Mrs,. Max Christian of Atlanh~- and Mrs. Donald. McGaha and City, N. J. returned to her home [ oaugnte, r oz, .~viiauzeway, tvir. ann after atten'ding the graduation of mrs Jonn ~vHkon and two sons ot h er niece, Ruth Rogers Smith, near town. from the West Virginia Univer- D I ^ Ivl O N D RINGS Keepsake Engagement Ring is guaranteed (or replacement assured). Its brilliant fire and modern cut are found in only one diamond in Keepsake diamonds are protected against loss the setting for one year. Each ring carries a life- trade-in privilege, plus permanent registration... is yours at no extra cost only from Keepsake. Mrs. Maude Smallwood and son ~Marvin and twin daughters Linda and Gaselia spent Saturday even. ing with her grand son, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smallwood and fam- ily in Ranson. Weekend callers with Mrs. Jul. ia Viands were; Mr. Ronald Via- nds and Rickey Riley, Misses Sus- an Clark and Barbara Welty of Inwood, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hod- gee and nephew Gregory Viands of Kearneysville, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hovermale and daughter Tammie of Leetown, Miss Ann Whipp of Millville, Mr. and Mrs. HarD, Shirley and children Har- ry Jr., Bobby, Judy, Donald Lee and Rusty of Middleway, Mr. Ned Kimes and Eddie Webster of Cha rles Town, Miss Darlene Turner of Harpers Ferry and Mr. Lester Viands of Romney and son Glenn of Fort Eustis Va., Miss Judy Shirley spent the night with her grand mother and early Monday morning she joined her school mates on a three day bus trip to New York. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Armstrong and two children of the Martins- burg road spent the day with his mother Mr. Rhinehart Johnson and dan ghter of Front Royal, Va., Mrs. Mary Anna Smallwood of Kable- town, and Mrs. Caroline Hess of Charles Town were Sunday visit ors with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ris- sler and daughters Mr. and Mrs. Rona!d Wiles and children Sherri and Ronald Way- ne spent the day Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiles and family at Loudoun Heights, Virginia. Thursday evening callers with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rissler were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Everhart of Cool Spring Farm near Summit Point Mr. and Mrs. Richie Viands and daughter were Sunday callers with the litter's mother, Mrs. Mar garet Gayhart and family in Ran. son. Mr. and Mrs. William Dillow and daughters were Sunday call ere with Mr. and Mrs. Kemp in Ranson. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rissler and ctat ghter were cal/er on Sunday sity receiving a D.A. degree in French Mr. and Mrs. Norman Briggs and daughter Dawn, of Wilming- ton, Dela., were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Nico- deans and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nicodemus, Jr., on Wednesday. Mrs. Max Christian and niece, Lynn R Renttinger of Kensing. ton, Md., and Elizabeth R. Smith will join Ruth Rogers Smith in Germany in July at the end of the school year to tour the Scandina- vian countries and Munich. Harold H. Carter, who has been stationed at Rhode Island for the past two months, has been pro- moted to staff sergeant. Mrs. Elizabeth Donovan of She- nandoah Junction, Mr. and Mrs. David Housden and son, David Lee, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Housden and three children John- ny, Bobby and Christian Marie, Mr. Jean Summers, Mr. Freddie ttousden, of Shenandoah Junction were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Breeden. Mr. William Temple Allen has returned to his home after being a patient in the Winchester Me- morial Hospital where he is re- cuperating after a very severe heart attack of four weeks ago. Mrs. Evelyn (~ardner has re- turned to her home after being a patient in the Martinsburg Hos- pital where she is recuperating after undergoing surgery re- cently. ~~~~ ..... Miss Dorothy Lake Mr. and Mrs. George Monti of Richmond, Va, spent Memorial weekend with Mr. and Mrs. John Dorson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert James. Mrs. James Lilla was a visitor of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. William Ainsworth, Charles Town, on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Mary Wiltshire was a Sat- urday "afternoon visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wiltshire and chil. cken, Veronica and Merle, Jr., of COMPLETE SETS FROM: m or No Money Down. Take it with you. We are Authorized Keepsake Dealer. 230 WEST WASHINGTON STREET I I ONE 725-7411 -- CHARLLES TOWN, W. VA. Bakerton and Mr. and Mrs. George Hough and daughter Kathy, to Herndon, Va., on Sun- day. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Howell and daughter of Charles Town, were Sunday visitors of the for- mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Howell Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Dunn and sons, Tommy and Terry, of Col- lege Park, Md., were recent Sat- urday night guests of Mrs. Mimic Wiltshire. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn and sons of College Park, Md., Mr and Mrs. Wayne Mason of Rippon, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Dunn of Washington, D. C., and Mrs. Mimic Wiltshire were recent Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Stuart when they all enjoyed a cook-out. Donna and Bill Lewis who are staying with Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Dillow recently spent the week- end with their father, Mr. Forres- ter Lewis of Silver Spring, Md. Mr and Mrs. Gene DeWalt of Carlisle, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Smith of Jefferson, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lake, Jr., of Bruns- wick, Md., and Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lake and Miss Dot Lake recently spent Sunday in Strasburg, Va. Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Kelican were Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clark and children, Melody, Tommy and Scott of Mid- dleway, Mrs. Betty Chapman and children of Stephenson, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelican and children, Jackie, Ricky and Vivian of Ranson. , il Sunday sisitors of Mrs. Mae Webb were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Webb and children and Beertha l Morgan of Shenandoah Junction. l Miss Patsy Peer of Charles l Town, spent Thursday evening l with her grandmother, Mrs. Mae l : Webb. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. *l J. T. Longerbeam were Mr. and l Mrs Norman James of Bolivar, l Mr." and Mrs. Frankie Longer-l beam and daughters, Robin and l Tracey of Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. l Bob Longerbeam and children l Linda, Kathy and Diana of Engle, i l Mrs. Douglas Kelican and chil-il dren, Sandra, Brenda, Kevin, I='= Wickie and Terry of P~nson, and l Granville Longerbeam and chil-, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE .... dren, Faye, Granville, Jr., and[ THURSDAY JUNE 9 1966 "7 Cla ' ' '" ~'--"" yton. I ------------- c~lidr~ra:~h~le~ge=edi~;'" "" '" " -- and herdstown, West Virginia, that Specialist; Mrs. Reva Miekey, .. , , r " u g m I me staft tor me t~omposition Lab Language Arts Spec!alist; Dr. tmiivar, nave moved into an apart-[ oratory to be held June 13-24 in- i James Moler, Project Consultant; ~nentc atiMil~flle owned by Mr.t cludes the following: I Mrs. Ruth Dean, Language Arts o u. Instructors will be Mr T D!Specialist; and visiting consult- 'Duncan Williams rofessor" of ants. L ~ .P. . T C0mp0slh0n Lab0rat0rv ['Enghsh at West Vwgmm ~ esle- .... 2 he program wzll center around " [yan College, Buckannon, West creatwe writing in relation to a ..... detailed study of the short story, VirgJma and Mr C Kelth Coff- " ~ . To Be Held At Shenherd ..... poets, and related works Part- [ ~ . . m~pants m the laboratory will be P,,ll,,.,, h..,, I*)@,i [t~ounty system. . involved in demonstrations, lee. ~gllCM~ JUII~ 10"~ [ Consultants for the two week - - . " ~. "* ., ~ .......... tures, semmars, zeadmg m related ] sessmn wzh De IVJlSS LOUlSe Stzm~p materials, and discussions. It was announced today by offi-[Art Consultant; Mrs. Mary Elinor __ _ cmls at the Multi-Purpose Curri-! Peters, Music Consultant; Mrs. Mrs. John Stanley is a patient culum Center for Region II lo-t Minnie Wilt, Poetry Consultant; at Charles Town General Hoe- cared at Shepherd College, Shep-, Mrs. Betty Livengood, Curriculum pital. ooO CHARLES TOWN ..,WE HAVE THE RIGHT GIFT'. FATHERS' DAY. 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