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June 9, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 9, 1966

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IN THE CIRCUIT part of the final liquidating dirt- JEFFERSON COUNTY. 'r ....I,,.%.,,,J |., E ,,M I B. Heilt who is conducting lhe . SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARYd Rs ADVOCATE OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, dend. . ........ ]June 2-3-t. /WU IlilUI't U Ill UI|U UI IUUl i survey, out was unam~ To alTenct j THURSDAY, JUNE 9. 1966 u)~'~T VIRGINIA ~iven unuer my nana mis 26th I----~..~~...~.-~X'~---~ # line meeting. I ~~ .. .... da of May, 1966 ~ull~r, lu ~ullun~ q Mr Lowery explained the three l - , CHARLES TOWN HORSE SHOW Y .o-::. ..........[ APPI I~lN~ff in rAlIN~U [ PlA~ [ - -" ..... ..... Pl-n f soon as possible No registration structor for lhls group al pro. A~TArpTF$]M~ h " MAI~ ~. wr~z~r~u, I ............ ~IL~,~l MII~;lllJ ill ~VMIIB][ I /IMUl i paros oI me survey: ~ne a s o ,.~;~ ~ ........ 1,~ .h,~, w,i,~,, ~ .... I All those interested are cord .~:~._,,'~Jx.,,,,***..,.,, .. ~naniul g?nmmi~inn~1. I "1"O toe ureaitors aria Denencl- w ~ /High ~ohnnl ~-dents for their --,- -= ,---,~ "-, ....... :, ' ..... t. ". " CORPORATION .... . *'~" ..................... [ aries of the Estate of SAMUEL ~ -~ [ ~":~?__~.';,;~.::~r~::.;~.~ :'...~ ~ .... f 17. Fees are $10 for the eight I invited to altend. PLAINTIFF, June z.;~. IJ. ttOCKENSMITH, Deceased Two persons sustained injury iTown, a 1966 auto was damaged / Parent's ~ft:r t~'t~e]r~C~'~l~dren'an~d I class session and studentsshould[ CIVIL ACTION NO. 550 O S All persons, having claims a- in one. of h)ur highway, accidents] to. ............ the extent of about $800 whenl,~h. ~:,~m.s ....... ~,n r~ ..... -~ ................ ~ ..... ,~ ,el provide tl]eir own nlaterial.~.. / Cu~ ~C x~ NOTICE TO CI~EDIT R Igainst the Estate of Samuel J. which occurred in Jefferson Cou-] it failed to make the.curve at.the/Emnlovers in the Area Accordinel Mrs. Huyett studied at West- / The name of Vickie Rudac v~. .......... m .... I Hockensmith, Deceased, whether nty Friday and Saturday, accord I bridge. The car was being arlven[ t- the's-eaker, tabulation of the[hampton College of the Univer-] a student in the 10th ~,rad To the Creditors ana ~enen-ldue or not, are notified to exhibit ing to Charles Town State Police. lbY Maurice Row, of Annandale,/m~rvev l~as not been comvleted [ sity of Richmond and received] Charles Town Senior Hi~t~Scl ~TITT~'~'~*hLMES cmr~es of ~s~te ot ebu~t-[ same, with voucher thereof, I ..Russel! Springer of KeedysvillelVa. | but [is results will be published l further art training at Richmond I was not included on the li~ 7V"~t*'~V~ARI)~I~N fOR WARTHAN) ~ ~.:.~..~'~. ,~o,,~ ..I legally v.erlf~ed to. the unaers~gn-[ ~.,. an~.. lwarvln Jones, aiso m I Charles Town State Trooper/ when they become available The] Professional Institute. I nanles listed on the honor rc T" "(')" "I~iNK " - ..~..~, ~:~'w'~o,::~;"~.~:~?2 ~ / ea at h~s o[nce re_the wl~zens] ~ee~ysviue were taken, t.o .~ne I Anthony Divita, investigating offi] study has shown, however, a def-] For further i~formation ahout [ Charles Town tligh School :. X: .- . ..... ~ ~a,...~ ..~ .~o.-~ ... ............. ~ J~uiiaing. unarms Town I _King S uaugnters llOSpltal in ~vlarl cer said no charges were preterr~ ........... ..___. / the~.~ ..~..~0 n]aiorlah: a~r [ th.~ final ui~ wook~ nm'i,,1 J. W. DeJAJt~ltutr McVei h whether due or not . . . . . ,. . ' lnne nee~ anu oeswe mr vicar ..... -~ ................... , -,-'., ...................... ~ ........ " - MPBELL _ ........ .... ] wrgLn~,on or before.the I trlnsburg for treatment for mjur led ]n the accident. / tonal Education / please call Mrs. Huyett, 725-2862 [ ie's name should have bee~ --. - ..... are nuu~u ~o ~,,u,~ ........ r~m Ray ot uctooer, i~t~; omer- ries sunerea when me car in , " " h " " 1 " ORNWELL - . . Also Saturday night about 730 . T e adult group will meet at c uded m the 10th ~rade H. T. ~ ......... with vopchers thereof, legallYiw.~ they may, by law be ex-] which they were travehng fhpped[ .............. , ........... n ../ Questions were answered bYltha Civit" t?on,or ....... "0ff,~ln,~e [ ~ho ha,I a ao avora~,o u ?a ~A~l~U'~l"or~ verified ;to the undersigned, at/~_a^.~ ~ .... - ~,~-,ofi~ nf eain l ...... h,,, ~ ,,o~,,.t- ~aturdav/a u-~:~,--,~.~,~,~,,~ u?? ..... .Y"/ Superintendent Lowery concern- - ................ ";-~ "~ ...... " ............... ~- C YOUNG JR and ......... ~tate ~oute .% aoout mree m . .~ y evening at 7.30 o clock oegm- S:,;~: ;. ..... ',.~,~,~o ~, my off,ce m Harpers Ferry, Westlestate All beneficiaries of said[ mormng on State Route 45, lust/~a..~ . n~-~,n ...~ ...... |rag the survey as. well as tho~e[ nin~ J-n- ~ ~'h,,, ,o .. ,. [ v,~n T,~ ~.:. ;~ An ..... ~ ~tu~-~=~~n~d~-'~g Virginia, on or bet0re ~eptem~er/ estate' may appear on or before]west of Shepherdstown. I ~.'.'~'~," .~;...Z"~;;'D".,~'~',~a"~rson[ relative to the ~ouowing reoera~[ _Z ........................ " ............. i~ .... -~,~ Mj~al~utu~ ,~ ~o~,~o 30 1966; otherwise they may. oy/~o~a no,~ ,,~ o..~ml.,~ ,hol, infor./ Ja~favcnn (?nHnfv Constable/~'~"~ ~"~'.~ ~ .... -"~" ~.'"~.~ / Aid programs: The National De-/ |l THE ABOVE NAMED PER ....... ~ ......................................... ot ~vmier Avenue, ~aarunsourg, OF " law be excluded from all benefits] o~ / Michae~ Buracker who investi~,at-/ ....... 2..- | fense Education Act (provides] 1 " . " ' ' went out ot control, soot on toe , SONS, .................. t of stud estate. All beneficiaries of[ Given under my hand this 23rd] ed the accident, said the occu-[ ............... .i_ _~ the] equipment for schools), Headstart| I BONUS u~z~uw~ ~e'v~u'~:~A~,[said estate are notified t be Pre'/day of May, 1966 [pants of the car*told him the/c'm o~ t/)e r~%,ro}~e~,offa util[ (to be in effect again this sum-l| 100 ..................... r~aa~ ] date to rotect their roar ana nit anu o bI I I IN , IA ,VII IUO ............. Isent on sad P " i M/kRK B. WETZEL/ driver and two other passangers|it, -olo "imer) and the Elementary and/I Notice to me a~ove nameu ue- I terest ~ ~"- ............ and -re lip . ....... | COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS/fled the scene of the accident on/ .~ " ....... .I Secondary Education Act (provi-| | --- AT ~enaants an~ to au pus? .._ ~ f l/ Given unaer my ainu tins ax/ JEFFERSON COUNTY[ foot and header for Maryland. / . ~orporal t~. t~. HoJman, sa].oldes remedial instruction for the/I xxr o o~nxrT~ sent stocKnoloers aria ereal~Or! o Ma. 1966 o~,~ o, ~ ........... -Anaerson, WhO was (wiving hiS' ' :~ .~. . . ....... [day of y. / May ,~u,,, o-~. ~ ~onstame t~uracKer sale me carl ......... '[ lower grades and courses for[ |1 vv ~P-~I F_~N l~ ~.~Ul.~ ~r.~Vl~ me tmanes Town Horse ~nuw/ LEWIS D. NICHOLS/ /is owned bv the Trittinoe Car/car ~oum on me highway, waslthose who have the need andlll .................. Association, a Corporation, and to ] COMMISSIONE]~ OF ACCOUNTS[NOTICE TO CREDITORS ] auencv of Middletown Md, and[ charged with drunken driving. He] meet the reauirements credits]l] L:kiAKLI~ 'IOWa, W. VA. all persons, hrms or corporatmn / JEFFERSON COUNTY1 ' [ had boon loaned to Russell Snrine/forfeited the $50 bond and cost[ are t- be ~,iven to narticinatin~ Ill ,-, 1-., ~ -x,, .... ,~ -~- having any claims against the I June 2-3-t | To the Creditors and Benefici-[ erwh]le-Springer's car'was being| which were assessed against himI high school~students~. " llI on rurcnase uI ao.oo ur ~vlore Charles Town Horse Show Assoei- [ ......... I aries of the Estate of ETHEL M.] renaried He said the car was] and also will be given six months[ .............. III o.........,,i, ...,..... ,~,,, at]on, A Corporation: : / NOTICE TO CREDITORS l BISHOP, Deceased. l ~o~aoa ~.o~ .~ ,h~ hi~,h ..... h~,/in the Jefferson County jail. Dam[ __ ,~ -~ ~ . i~ [|1 ~,~, rut, ~nr~ ~,u~,~rl vr ~t~,~ r~ You are hereby notified that | ------ persons hawng elmms a-| it ran off the right side of thel age to the car and pole was hstedI PAr[ uasses l0 5e Hel0 Ill WITH THIS COUPON I have fixed December 5th, 1966, | To the "Creditors and Benefi-] gainst the Estate of Ethel] road and overturned The car| by Corporal Holman at $220. [ [|~ . , . ' , * ~I at 10:00 A. M., at my ofhce ~ the Icianes of the Estate of ELIZA-] M. B~shop, deceased, whether| was comnletelv demolished with] In another accident which accul ~a~ ~l~l~,~ ~,~ "! 1 ~ ] ...... Citizens Building in Char~e.s TOWn IBETfi M. BAEC~.. ] due or not; are notified to exhibit[ property damage being" placed at] rred Friday morning on Jefferson] I~1%,llll~llgll b~ e=l & ] I Jefferson County, West wrgm]a,| All persons having claims a-I same, with voucher thereof,] $300 | Avenue, Paul William Wilt of[ a. o, . Ill ~ A ~ v ~ IT as the time and place for the [gainst the Estate of Elizabeth M.[ legally verified to the undersign-[ In' another accident which accu| Ranson, was charged with failure[ ~f |fft~rg~n |.lVl#* LPlwPr/II ,., -- v ,_, ~,~ e in ulrles not -"-'= "'=''"-== "='=" "'='='''" ----'--'" --"- purpose of making th i q " " IBaechtel,- whether due or :led at ,his office in the Citizens[ rred Saturdav about 12"15 a m.I to have his car under control. The[ III OI~AnV &llV I~lnll~lPO----T~ laLLni an statin and reporting an are not]fie exhibit the same Office Buildin Charles To " "" " " liste a " d .. g .... win matterslal "" d to .... 11 ~|- -" g, _ . .~{m/near the Bloomery Bridge onl accident damage was d tI A series of eight art classes for[ll IILAl~/ ffilA ~URU~[I [ I~[Kl~J account on me IOllO g . with vouchers mereot, lega y West virginia, on or oelore tne lRtat~ Route 9 ~o,,th ,f (?harlal about .%00 /children a~es sevpn fhrn,~c~h/II as directed by the Circuit Cyttrt IT rified to the undersigned, a [17th day of October, 1966; other-[ ............ ................. -I twelve, will be held'in-the'Je'f e r"-[ll HOT WATER NOW ADDED in an order entered in the aaove my office in Harper's Ferry, West wise they may, by law be ex- " " 26th 1966 " " " ' r . . ~ , , son County ClVlC Center, begin- CALL CHARLES TOWN 725-7612 OR entitled case on May , , I~/lrgmla, on or before Septembe i[ eluded from all benefits of saz~l gm~e V~n h^-Ia i Hazelfield Farm Is [ ning Wednesday, June 22, from/tl ..... IM%* I ~ /VM ~ VM M 13t: ]se the ma b aries sa VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W VA as follows, to-w't: 30. 1966; otherw" y r Y' Ylestate ~,11 benefici " of id[ i | 1"30 unti~ 3"30 -m M~ T.,t* ~ Ill " " 1. The total number of issue" ' d ]law' be excluded from all benefitsl " estate" may appear on or before[ ,~ ~ . ~ I e,_ aJ ~,_ t t__. a__J t* ..... I. I Huyett" will" "be"'the" instructor''" 'll r~q~r~D~T TT ~mD t~XDA~TV and outstanding shares of the Iof said estate. All beneficiaries of] said day to examine their inter-[ ADOU][][OUr [ 3010/0 Milr l lfl0 LoupIc I The class will be limited t ] II capital stock of the said corp0rat- Is aid estate are notified to be pre-[ est. [ [ ............... [ twelv^ so those inteereste shoul]]1 Ranson Plant - Call 725-7612 - Charles Town ion, to.wit: The Charles Town sent on said date to protect theirI Giv'en under my hand this 23rdl II.,. I nazeifiela zaz acre stock mrm I . y ..... y ]a ....... ' ........ register Dy Calling Mrs Huyett as ~vlar[lns~urg t'lan~ zbt ~aa orse Show Association [ e erest I day of May 1966 ' / /41Ill:IlL(ill /IGq land historic stone house on theI " " :" 2. (a) The names of the present I'" Given under my hand this 31I " "' B. WETZELI ..... -- .... ] Warm Springs Road in Jefferson] | k , owners of said stock, if known, day of May, 1966. | COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTSI .. Toe Americanism commerce o~[ County ,West Virginia has oeenl ....... 1 and the names of the last known Id LEWIS D. NICHOLS [ JEFFERSON COUNTYI ~ne Auxn!ary ~o. JacKson-rerKs| sold by Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hen-[ ~lll~ll~|~ ~|SeM~Am] - owner if the name of the present]COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS I May 26th, 3-t. / rost Amem.can ~eglon in an enort/dricks of Shepherdstown and Mrs.[ ~lllill~ WG~IIIIIUI~II| i I l I 9 ~l~ 1 owner is unknown. | " JEFFERSON COUNTY[ to .ammarlzed the genera].pu nc|Edna Hodges of Martinsburg,[ i. . " anmamevr vn wire certain ~acts aoout me ulss Vlr lnla t Mr and Mrs (b) The total number of shares|June 2-3-t. ~ | - _ -: = -~- -- -=l 'i . ~i "lin etc f t~e|we't " g " o . ~.l /ha=tea 1 I~lUlllllll~tlMtVl ~ ~l~Llil~, owned by each of the said stock- ,, " playing, nan~ g, ., o Brackett Muir of Seneca, Md. IIIbUIl~, , ,,l ow t. mh r with the stockl NOTICE TO CREDITORS / P "]American flag, has issued the/ The farm was part of a large] I~A~ ~,r ~, / As Adminlstrator of the late Annie Longerbeam s Estate, I'~ ~,~,:~'~~'~'~he]tt- by each stock- I | lU:nl mr I TILLK | following pointers under the title[ tract belonging to General Adam] ......... ' "" "~" ] sell at public outcry the following articles. Located at 1 "~" " " ~ ............ " ' " Ameri Creditor and Benefm~ of Let s Be Right on the War holder and the number of shares i To the .... s ........ ~l ~... "~q~,:,. v.~..--o,^.,.~ | .... "/Stephen of Revolutionary 1"1 Fri Sat "un .... ,I Jeffen~n Avenue; just off State Road No. 9, Charles Town, renresented by each such certifi- I aries o[ me ~:state ot l~.,~r~ I Ulna. ~,~ al~ma~-~u / can lrlag. / fame and founder of Martinsburg i .- . o v ~-L~I ca~e |JOSEPH THARPE, deceased. | -~::---:----'-- - I ~. Eliq~ttoew the -ro-er time/ in Berkeley County. General Ste-I In The Disney Fashion' | SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1966 r" cn~ The stockholders who[ All persons having claims a-I / ~o yo P P /phen gave 60u acres m his uau-I ,~c~ ............. ~. / .............. , T~ ~ ,11 a nst the Estate of stud Bernard to fly ourg en s art of ~_INUYY were paid the face or par value[g i ........ d[ Miss Barbara Russel' was ~'est[ - _ ....... /ghter Anne Steph a p ,fl W HITt~ [ Dale tartlng a~ l*o ~ t=IOCK, u. ~. z. , ~h, ~t,~k in the amount of I Joseph Tnarpe, aeceasea, wnemer[ ..... ~ .. ~".' ~1 uo you Know me r'lag snoum[her dowry when she married Cap] IN TECHNICOLOR ] '. .................. " "" " exhibit nonor at a surprise nlrtnoay be dis la ed onl from sun rise Lar e x rl laalre retngeramr like new, w]zara electric ra] ~n ~ J.~- ~h,~ li.nldatin~ divi-I due or not, are notified to " it| ....... ~l " P Y Y " / tain Alexander Spottswood Dand-I ALSO 1 g g" " , " "X" I same, with the voucher thereof I party gwen oy ner parents, Mr.I to sunset, or between such hours/ridge in 1780 He was a grandson I .- 1-- ,. ... 1 with 4 units, like new; Norge automatic washing machine, 1 htenetocl ers werellegally verified, to the under-land Mrs. Alvin Russell, in the Ed-I as may be disignated by proper[of Governor" Alexander Spotts:l 7 1)V(ar s 1o | new; Kenmore washing machine; Television, like new; Elec ' " " " W Ucation Building of Grace ~nurcn horit ~ .... " wot naid the face or oar value oflslgned at h,s office at 104 [.I ............. ~l aut y. [ wood of V~rginla. ] 'rh, ][~#~Ol1~ ~l toaster; 12 inch Window fan; Electric floor and table ligt ..... - .... on ess St Charles Town West on her otn olrtnoay, ay .... ........ . the stock in the amount of $10.001C. gr. ", _ .... '~ _ ~l Guests were Kath" and Ma~:i Did you know, the Flag may,bei The house was built about 1782.1 | 3 Piece bedroom suite; Sideboard; Oil lamps; Lantern; Seve and the liquidating dividend in I v;r~]~t~ai~o? ~6%eto~;~enat~ae~! BoBor, Mark Osbou~n, Kathy J~l dic~Pa~yed ath:ight iup~nsiSrP~Ci~lI It is well preserved, containingI --" REGULAR ADMISSIONS --- | tables; Breakfast set and6 chairs; China cupboard; Some sil the amount of $90.00.. . . [ ~ ................ ,...~^.~ .... n ] Smith Larry Phillips, Carol Har-I _ " ........ I the original floors, hardware, andI ~ !, ware; What-Not; New leather rocker; Several straight b (c) The total amount o~ money may uy raw uv ~=..~ ..,,,.. ~.. ] . , proouce a patr]ouc enect: much of the original win~ow giass i i d e " " ............. ,, ~aia e All bene-, ns and Robert Carpenter, all ofl ............... ,..~....,.~ ,..] ......... ss[ SATURDAY 2 P. M. ONLY ~ and rock ng eha rs; Day be ; C dar chest; Pictures; Lmole nela oy me otncers ot me --- -'-fstateL_.: ----'She-herdstown Mar-ie and Ar-[ .......... ome ot me SOnd wooaen uoors[ I ..... b .................... ., ........... nvntinn t^ nnv the. ~tockholders I nclarles oI salQ esLate may .. v ... , .. ~. ..... "1 hoisted briskly but 'should be lOW I ~,~ ,,,ahra Cant hi~,h A three [ Ra~,~ Rawe 111.. *~; ........... ; ~,.ru~ll tool~; oau~ag~ gr~nut~ anu ~,uH ".---'Z:_IY -~i." ..':Z~ ~.^ .... ~. I aupear on or before said day to tour uoason, ~amie waiters,[ ,,.on ~lo,,,1,, and ceremoniouslv~ / ~.'Y_.~"..."~;..~...~'/:,.'~o" ~ .... ~ I .... ~--~.~u~ .... ..~--.. I Kltehen utensils, pets and pans; China; Glassware; lots wno w~re nut ~,~ -~ x,~ ,,, .= en rmeth """ ..., ~. ~mry wa,.u~ ~,..,,.;=~... .:, u.~ u. ,, ,, .ar w,.. o, " yOU know a ract ve ea ure JAm ! no, amount of $10.00 and the liqui.-[w~iP- under m-" hand this 2nd Donald, Sandy and Rosie Dodson, be displaye$ on all Natmnal an~l house. . .... . I Adm.: - 6 Empty Coca Cola TERMS---CASH On Day Of Sale dating dividend in the amount of I _ " vu ....... ~ - and Scott and Steve Jenkins all ~tate nolmays ano on historic, Mr. Muir,is a wen-~nown wash- I~.,, ....,,~.. , ~ " :0i~k~ea)~~c~u:y,:~nhr~d luay o* Z:::s:OTo~eefTo:ATEc~l~uuOEt~l !~~:rPaePndP%i!~y~ t ;;~t~!ii~ila/1 ..... ~ 1 ...... ~ ...... ~g~:b::~ ~e~u:gb~,:~ Ut~h~!~! ~u2~infs~ Sun..Mon..Tues, June 12-13-14 Walter Ban o , Russell, Linda and Roger Potte, 1 / If You Are A "Pe on Place" Town. West Virgin,a. ]June 2 t. I Frances Creamer and Bill]every day throughout the year I farm for the rinsing of beef cattle I ..... ~yt I H. CLAY THARPE. Auctioneer (b) How much, if any, of said I' "~'~'~" TO CREDITORS ' I Un~r [ (weather permitting). . I Sale of the property was hand- I ~an ~ou u LOVe ] C.W. MOORI~, Clerk June 9-: account in said Bank of Charles | ,,~v.~ [ ~" ...................... ] Do you know, special care led by Mr. Woods of the Tighe "MA]~AM]~. ~'~' . Tow is obligated to its stock- _ ....... ~,..: I ._ _ should be taken to see that the Woods Realtor firm of Shepherds - .~ . I ,-- *bo -f nast l To the Cr diturs Befit,,=,-/ evening ot uancing in a room aec- Fla- is dis la-ed on followin .... ..a i m corer with Lana Turner I m,, ao,a hv enrn. arms of the Estate of MINA J.[ orated with gay pink streamers. Dav January 1" -" ....... I RAU The hostess served ham sand a Januar 20 oration prior to the institution of t --.:" .......... ~n- elai--s - I _ ............... .~ ~" Inauguration D y, Y , 1 ~ Wed.- Thru. Tues. June 15,21 [ 1l~ 1 1 I~ 1 I ~ ~ A 1 I~ +h; .... ;+ o.,~ 1 ,~*1 pvr~uu~ new ~ m a-| Withes Wl[n plCK~es anu potato Lincoln s Birthday February 12 ~ --, , ~ me I ~ 1 l~ 1 I 1 .- "~l Ell 1 1I "";,~"~,~,"much if any' of said]g-ai-nst .the EState __of . Mine/ chips, and cake, punch, mints and iwashington,s Birtl~day, Februar l M|$$ Jane ~. mm|ng Direct From Its Roadshow I l V ~ llII1 V ~~~~ ..... .. , . . -,__ . j uau, aeceasea, wnemer oue or/ nuts. 122, Did you know, Easter Sunday I Engagement I 4.... .... .1 | account. c o[g:eOfpta ]not are, notified to..exhibit ,the/ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baad and[ (Variable) Mother's Day second I V me 1"-- / *,, - "" " .. - same with vouchers mereot legal-1 famil,, Bolivar Ohio snent the' ;- uo,, a~m~a ~nrcesl 1-A~,lIOll~il~ IUW3 W llll l1gl,~lltlJ[l~l~llt 1 lt Xlt / tonowmg mca eu mnes eas ot nepnerosmwn, .. va " r oration , , , ...... ............. creditors ot sam co.p . = .. [ ly verified to the undermgned at] Laho," n~v weeke-,~ with her oar I r~... +~.~..~ ~o+,,,no,, ~, ~o,, [ q~,~* ~hr~,~ ~Ul[,~h,~,~~] miles north of Molers Cross Roads on the Island Green f~ d How much l]: an , ot m . , .... j ..... 1- " J~ay, t.***~tl ~.~.~.j a ...... j , , II~IJL ,L'IJI[L'~I~ lVlK4b~L~lllll[ ( ) .... : .... l y .... _~.. I my office m Harper s Ferry West| ents, Mr and Mrs Raymond l Did vou know, the Flag is flown ! Mr lahn Rnrk nha.nh ,, ~-,,,,. ,nil, an ~,o, t.o~, ] (formerly the old H. T. Skinner Farm) account lS avaname xor ~-" " " ,_ ,.. . !. ..., ,v,,,, ,,-,,-,,,,,,,,-,I,. - .............. - tion to the stockholders of thelj0 1966" otherwise they may by| " [halfstaffuntn noon, o . C~,l~ql'Tnlr~&N[7" TTTXT~r3 11~11- lgtg:'_~ , o hart of future . , .... = ............ | Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burhman]ml Day, 30. [ Miss Jane Ehzabeth Fleming, JUNI~ llLll, 1~OO ~.~. .... IO.. o .. ,- law oe excmoeu zrom ai1 D~IIUIIL:$| Mr liouidating dividends ...................... motored to Goldsborough, N. C., ] Fla~ Day is June 14 - Indepen- I daughter of the late Mr. and s. [ ~I II ~,~,,,,.~,,,,~ ~,,, .,,.~,, - ~ -~ " ot silo estate. AU Deneilctarles ox i ' ~ ! le lan Flemin She herds ' ~ ~.~a~ ~ .,~.,,,, ,. ~,.. 5 What and how much are the are notified to be I last weekend. The r daughter, deuce Day July 4th, Labor Dayi C ve d g, P " DI' hDIUg lid totalassets of said corporation p~esen~;~r said date to protect [ Mrs. Wade Kidw)ler_and son, first Monday jn September, C!ti-] town, became the bride of Mr: ! un/Yi lTi= = I:ll 1951 Ford Tractor; Grove Farm Wagon; picnic table, wa: ic are available for a merit wane, Jr, returnee wim mem tor zenship Datemoer 1"/, ~:om- Jonn ~ooert Koczenoaugn, son o~ la f t hlo ln,,f lrlfoh , a fo morhla fan ,nCf fnh| wh h P Y their interest I . .- Y P .................. ~ ......... ; ................... ; .......... ~ ......... of the following'. " -iv "" under- hand this 31 [ a wmt. mbus Day, October lz, veterans~ lvirs. J~eo ~UcKIes at m a. m. on HARPERS FERRY, W. VA. ..... ~h~ a~,~ ,,h~,i,-,.. ............ ,~ a~t~., a,~ ........... ao~. hook ca (a) the debts of said corporat- G en my ] Mr and Mrs Donald Welsh and Day, November 11, Thanksgiving Saturday, May 28. - ........... :~:,~'~'~:~,:,.o::,~.:~,,~;~ ,.--,~,,~ -; .... na stool" sov,~-~s r day of May, 1966. . ............... m .... ...... ....... " ...... ;on; LEWIS D NICHOLS son, Takoma Park, Md., v;sRed Da~, Fourth Thursday of Nov- The vows were exchanged be- r,u~ a~-zz~z .................. (b) the expenses of dissolution COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS Mr. and Mrs. Earl Welsh on Sun- ember, Christmas Day, December fore the altar of the Christ Refor- mg chairs; ~. t~. regt~.muon poo~ tanle, co mp.m~e w.itn rae~, and li uidatmn" of said" corporat- day. 25. and such other days as may med Church, Shepherdstown .~hurs.-Fri ..... ,. _.~ ~-.,,a .n sue~s & anus; snufne ooaxa set (comple~e~; sonu oag ro . q JEFFF.RSON COUNTY ...... . ' ! th s d er Ilk new E on; - -o, [ Mrs. Raymond Gottschalk and be proclaimed by the Premdent which was graced w.]th white car table already cut down, Sears c o e ry ( e ), te~ claims of stockholders for June z-.,-~, daughter Frances were ;n Wash- of the United States nations and canaeia~ra. The Rev. lal~A l~;n. rl~ "IkT ~ ~h,~,,,' broiler; utility stands; power mower; bicyele; 2 record play """ - ~ ' ~" ' ' " " " i ia ed 1 LLq~ Ul~ lU&N "1 bOIL~J~Y , un a|d dwidends in t n n Sunda for the radar The Flag should be displayed George Johnston off c t anv nast and p ; '~Wrl~.'l~. ~ ~.REDITORSI g o o y g . ,, ~,~ radio; table model TV and stand; 3 wrought iron stands ('d-) d,str~bution to st0ckhoIders ............. [ tion exercises at American Uni- 0n, or .............. near the main administrat- The bride was given in marri- 6~,~, ,~'~u, r~, ,9 ............... ..... t,~ HI. *...~o; ,..-'~ ~'w! .... ..... ~. ....... I .... * ,#? ................ ,~h~! .... d 1.~z.~ in liquidation. To the Creditors and Benefi- versity. Mrs. Peter Gottschalk re- ion ouiiaing ot every puouc in- age Dy her cousin, mr. r. e Taml now _,__.. ,o _ ,o .., .... o, 6. The creditors of said eo p- aries of the Estate of WILLIAM] coined a Bachel or of Arts degree stitution. Banks. For her wedding the bride R?gn-Mlller---I{ay Cl arles rug 6"xl2" g ' e al deskand"eh r t y hes trr ungk i oration, if any, including officers, L TABLER with a major in political science The Flag should be displayed chose a navy suit with white ace- Su-remes James Brown and stockhold- "All persons having claims a- in or near every polling place on essories and a corsage of white P tree;,mns an man o~ner ltdf dishe~;2arueles ~ numerousmmenuon demitasse chocolate set s;erys~l, agents, employees p y at the ceremony Plus, Many, Many Other Stars ers, their names, and the amount gainst the Estate of William L. Mr. Thomas Welsh is a surgical election day, and during school carnations. due to each of said creditors, in. j. Tabler, deceased, whether due paient at Charles Town General days, in or near every school Mrs. Calvin DeLauney attended ..... cluding any amounts due to stock- or not are notified to exhibit the Hospital. house the bride as matron of honor. SATURDAY ONLY JUNE 11 holders for dividends heretofore same with vouchers thereof, leg- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams So let's remember to Best man for Mr. Rockenbaugh declared by said corporation a~td ally verified to the undersigned at will be in Boone, N. C., this sum- our Flag. was his son, John Robert Rocken- 2 TECHNICOLOR HITS 2 66 " " 9 remaining unpaid, my office in Harper's Ferry, West mer where Mr. Williams will be ~ ~.--'~-._. baugh n. Apache Uprising' 7 Any claim for taxes due to Virginia, on or before September taking some courses at Appala- Peach [~['l~| ~u[~ey Both the bride and groom are With the" United States Government, 30, 1966; otherwise they may, by chian State College. graduates of Shepherdstown High Rory Calhoun - Corinne Calvet the State of West Virginia, or any law be excluded from all benefits Sunday visitors at the home of School. agency or political Subdivision of said estate. All beneficiaries of Mr. and Mrs. George Hilliard were ~[ng Made in lhree The bride is employed at The '~Clarence, The thereof, said estate are notified to be pro- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnston and Independent office in Shepherds- Crosseyed Lion" TERMS OF SALE: CASH. J,C, Nothing To Be Removed Until Settled For. Auctioneer: EDWARD (Ned) MORROW June 8 The necessary expenses of sent on said date to protect their family, Harpers Ferry, Mrs. Mar- Eastern Counties liquidation and any costs inciden- interest.' garet Grove and Nancy and Mr. tat thereto. Given under my hand this 31 9. (a) Total amount available day of May, 1986. for distribution in final liquid-LEWIS D. NICHOLS at]on to the stockholders of said Commissioner of Accounts corporation. Jefferson County (b) The amount to be distribut- Sune 2-3-t. , ed per share of said stock in final liquidation upon surrender of NOTICE TOCREDITORS - said stock certificates. The aforesaid persons, firms or To the Cre and Boner]el- corporations are hereby notified aries of the Estate of WILLIA_WI that unless on or before said date, H. WILLIS. they attend and produce before All persons having claims a- me such evidence, vouchers, etc., gainst the Estate of William as would enable me to properly H. Willis, deceased, whether execute the same, any such claims due or not, are notified to exhibit will thereafter be barred. All the same with vouchers thereof, stockholders of said corporation legally verified to the undersign- are hereby notified that unless on ed, at my office in the City of or before said date, they make Harper's Ferry, West Virginia., on application at my office for the or before the30 day of September, payment of dividends declared 1966; otherwtN they may, by law prior to the commencement of the be excluded all benefits of above entitled action and unpaid said estate. All beneficiaries of to said stockholders, thereafter said estate are notified to be pre- any claims by the for divi- sent on said date to protect their dends shall be barred anti all un- interests. clah'ned dividends shall revert to ,Given under my hand this 31 and become part of general day of May, 1966. assets of the corporation and, LEWIS D. NICHOLS, distribution town. The groom is employed by DuPont of Falling Waters. and Mrs. Donald Hilliard and son, Having sold my farm I will sell the following at public M artinsburg. Three students from West Vir- Mr. and Mrs. Rockenbaugh will Sun.-Mon. June 12-13 ginia University will be contact- reside at their home Bun Air ,,How To Stuff A on: Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks ing producers of peaches in Jeff- Shepherdstown. SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1966 - 11 A. and family, Shenandoah Jun'etion, erson, Berkeley, Morgan and Ham Out of town guests for the wed- Wild Bikini" Mrs. Wade Kidwfler and son, pshire Counties sometime be- ding were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. In Color with Annette And theTwo miles South of Berryville, Va., on Rt. 340. Turn East Goldsborough, N. C., and Mr. and tween June 6 and June 30. The McDonald, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Beach Party Gang the Alpine Kitchen Pastry Shop --- Horace S. Moffett. Mrs. Harold Burhman visited Mr. peach market has been selected Mrs. Robert T. Banks, Martins- and Mrs: Jay Kanagy at Watnes- because peaches account for more burg; Mrs. Ben F. Banks and PLUS --- CARTOONS ANTIQUES -- Charming dough box, 2 spool beds. desk, 14 drawers - plank seat chairs . several bedside born, Pa., on Sunday. than one million dollars of agri- children, Martinsburg; Mrs. Joe Eight young" people from this culture sales in the state each Ross, Parkersburg; Mrs. Ruth M. TUESDAY ONLY JUNE 14 area graduated from Shepherds- year Furthermore, no attempt Stickles and Miss Alice A. Stick- town High School on June 3. has been made in recent years to les of Shenandoah Junction; Mrs. FORT BUMPER STRIP NITE! 66 99 Kaye Hill|ard and Madeline Un. provide peach producers and buy Ella Shank, Wheaton, Md.; Mrs. LILI -In Color ger plan to enroll at the Scott ers in the state with research Kenneth Cottrell, Martinsburg. Wonderful Family Entertainment School of Beauty in Martinsburg; findings that would be helpfulfl~~~0--0--i ---'y-'~- Donald Jones has received a in making marketing decisions. Voca n Wed,-Thurs.-Frl.June 15-16-17 scholarship from Case Institute at These, students are working for Cleveland, Ohio; James and Veda the Department of Agriculture y F-p'xi McDowell have already accepted Economics and the Agricultural! Sine alned To In Color employment; Mary Everhart has Experiment Station at West Vir- ennessee Jamboree' enrolled at Marion College, Ma- ginia University. Each interview- Wo ALSO rian, Va.; and Brenda Willingham er will have an identification card Leag __ urn "Country Music and Braun Hamstead have been to show that he is employed by accepted at Shepherd College the University. . At a meeting of the Provisional Caravan" Classes for Daily Vacation Bi- League of Women Voters held at ble School eonvened at Grace E. TdCH CH S-UHDAY the Civic Center Auditorium on with Marty Robbins- Jim Reeves aild R. Church on Monday. Mrs. GO May 26, T. A. Lowery discussed And a host of other musical stars Robert Anderson is director of the Vocational Education Survey which will continue for two currently being made in this area -- At Regular Admission READ Mr. Lowery had replaced Mr. C. captain's chair - walnut & mahogany chests, marble top table .ogee mirror - Fine 78 inch pine settle beneh - fire brass fender - brass fireplace tools - bellows - iron kettles! skillets, stone crocks, butter mold - silver, china, brass, lamps. Fine chairs matching mahogany drop.leaf dining room lounge chairs - matching sofa & chair - Misc. beds, chairs hogany sideboard - chests of drawers - washing machine - pans and many other household articles. 1 Whippy hunting saddle - steeplechase saddle - tack - ets. wheelbarrow - riding mower - gates doors - fence work tables - tubs - tools - water troughs - Misc. tools and farm equipment. Lunch Available. Auctioneer: W. D. Horace S. June