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June 8, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 8, 1961

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, lee ~rig~-s, U. S. A.; Joseph A., WIN~'NER5 AN'NO 'N'cED IN ]. ii II " I [ I [ control. Thi iost out then pheno-I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON tin.MERe LOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN . . . Keyser, C: ~A.; Rufas.Barker, C. [MERCHANDISE CLUB I L'~I [I ~ , | thiazine came along and worked l c. ~ LlqqTO~nA V ]ITME . ~. A. uapt. ticorge uranam, u. ~. ~ I I III i] I | wonders for awhile. This seems to l ..... . __ " ........... ". .... -- MI DD~ )~ IECIDO I Alkl~ | I~1 II | [ h. II. Tacey U. S A The following winners for the / ~ have lost some of its eft'ectiven-i ssJ nr~ a~ ,ann , ll~H I i aal r Itarpers Cemetery- Capt lames I first five weeks of Lucilles Small I ess and now the roblem is moreure swine self feeder construction IRk t P. T. A. .. ~lllm, l~miP li,-,illia l 4"1111~ l t#'m"l/ iii= / ..... ' l ~ I '' P ' " " Grubbs, U. S. A.; N C. Brackett, I Fry Fash,ons Merchandise Club / A,I:ld 1 [ i i~ complicated It now takes a con}. and teed wastage, new method tor , By Mrs. G. E. Webb Telephone 2492 U.S.A. "Christian Coxm~lission". I were Mrs. Frances Bradley, Mrs. [ F'I I Liq | ~ i I1 1~ bination of'materials to'satisl'ac- control of cattle grubs inspection J ........ Daniel Young O'Boyle, C. S. A.;lRolfe tlayes, Mrs. Ralph Johnson, [ BY " t, ~.,,,,,~, torily do the job o'f controiling of sheep flocks and inspection cat IHoId Festival June ,Iohn Bond, U. S. A.; Cllarles Ed. / Mrs ,lames Everhart and Mrs./ ,,. ~,. ~v~r, these parasites. This program .is tie nerve . I Dinkle-MeCormick Reunion [Charles Bulls and daughter Mr. ward Dudrow, U. S. A; John Me. / Marshall Glenn, according to Misst COUNTY AGENT outlined in a leaflet printed by W. A beef barbecuc lunch will be ]The Bakerton Parent-T~ The annual Dinkle-McCormick 1 Frank Dinkle, Jas W. McCormick Arthur, U. S. A.; Benny Dent, U. [Bush, proprietor of the store. ] Va. University. Copies are avail- [ served by the 4-It Clubs of War- I sociation will hold a fe~ ~.;, .... --, ~ land Mrs Ercel Dinkle of Bolivar S A ; Alex Tattersol, C S A ; / 1 ..... able for the asking at the County ] densville. Iday, June 16, beginninga l-~CUnlOn was nelo on mc lawn Ol " '" ~" " ~ " " WOOl vooI . . [and llarpers Ferry. A dehclous Capt McConnell, U.S A. Anyonei / ,. .... Extension Office in the Courtl, In the afternoon the subject [at the Church of G~ Mr Jame,; W McCormick on May " " " ' C M ' i ode rersons waving wool conslgneu ' l country ham and chicken droner reading this arhcle who mlghtl lub were re. Calvin N c -/_ ..' ........... ~ . Itouse. t'Why Quality Roughage Pays [grounds. '~ 20th wilh the following persons I was served with all the trim- know of a Civil War Veteran mus, Mrs. Charles Adams, Mrs./to t~erKemy-Jenerson wo.oi ~ ooi Farm llome Day [Off' will be discussed by John B. [ For sale will be co~, present: Mr. Jenkins of Charleslmings. being interred in either of thelnazel Spear, Mrs. Raymond MY. lare reminded ~at.wool~s tobc Friday, June 16th will belwashko of Pennsywania Statelsandwiches, chicken Town, Mr,, and Mrs. Charles Smlth I Mr. and Mrs. Wm Itenreita vast above Cemeteries will please re- crs. ]~3~ve~,~dh tf~r t~aa~lane a~3es~lay' known as "Farm Home Day" at I University. , I hot dog sandwiches, h0!l anti ~,ranoson Mrs. Eleanor Shew- Iten the ~-**'~,'." ~.~,.t,, ~,.,. wn;,~ port to any member of the corn- I Elizabeth Smith has returned [ , g g P" Wardensvillo Revman Memorial I The program for ladies will feat Isoup, cake, pie, home bridge, Mr. Noel Shewbridge, Mr. iFr ,e wl-l),"l:~",~:;i~ent 17".7"h~2;~' mittee I to Powhatan School after having[ping The management has asked Farms. ;rhis-is a substation of the Iure the topics, Using the Fods Icream, candy and soft and Mrs. Jerry Shewbridge and l al ~n Bal;imo~e,e~Id ......... r,,~- Death'of Forrest Russell the measles this past week. [ that all wool be in by 12:00 noon W Va. University Agricultural l at Hand and Making the Home ] In case of rain it will l~ son Mr. Allen Dinkle and daugh- I ..... " . ~ ....... , .... o...::L ~ ^t r,..: I Mr and Mrs Roy B Harris Sr. [ on the above date. Experiment Station. | Color Bright Ithe Community IIall in" uon anu uean ~eneiee are re- ro,,est ~,tu,, x~u~,:,,,-,,, t,, ~,u, '" - " st r 1 lets Mrs. lhlda Creamer and Mrs. I ......... ,,_,a ................., .... I and grandson Ray spent Sunday]Regi e ed Ram Sa e A program is planned for the } ...... ~ .... ]according to Mrs. Ralei~ . ~ covering nicely at lrlelr flume aI- .era out a .u,,,,e. ,inure ox ,,ca. . . , Carrie l)onovan of Brunswick I .......... u.r .... '~"-r" ai"n .... nq" in ] night and Monday with their son i An auction sale of registered .... ~ u b tus araos mey inject dis-, --- ~,.~ ,ta,.. xz~.,~., o;.,,, ,.a ..... m,,~ Iter waving inelr tonsus removeu x,a ve-~ -c- y u eu ,c~c t y ---, -, .... ,~,., ~,~ t~,,, u, o,n ~a, / rams will be held Tulv 3rd at Win women and one Ior me men. i ; " . - " / .......... ...... ., ........ ,,e~ ,,,,,s ~,,u ...... ,,,~, ...... . auu u-~,s ..... ""'""" """ ..........." ' - Livestock program will start at i corn m u ~,~ t~o '~'t~ ~]ttu]~.~li i ............... tin Winchester, Va Memorial Hos the State Hospital m Weston if- ,. .......... /chester, Va The time is 1'00 P M I]ey )1 lVJldUleway, w va. lvlrs. I ..... ~'e- ~- :q"^s~ of *h:" ..... are it toy D. tiarrls or. ot wnarles/ ...... 1,curia IIino of Kearneysville~ Mr. [ P~E~ a few oays ago;, ~. " [ ~ "~ ~e~onl"" son L^~t~Jme~sGor ] Town. ] E. S. T. The following breeds of 9:45 n. M. D. S. T. and will feat- ] , and Mrs. Gilbert Smallwood and 1.. mr am~ ~lrs J. u:. ~arney m i ~. w~,~.t~* .~.~ o~f. or~ ....... v" ] Mrs John Ambrose and Mrs. ] rams will be offered for sale: Dor [ ~i~i~::~iiii::[iiiii::i~::i!~::i::~i~iii~~.~ Mrs / ~ooertll Mr" ana.L,lgntMrsXrOmLouisTnse~ummltt;arronrU~t'~r / Stomach[ " thatWrms ut ~neePof " ledTheactioni objectbe is~tof obtainthen abovea divorceentit" [/I li , ~ ( , umana, NeorasKa lei[ ior their uu. ,~u~.~e,, ,,,u ,,o.~a He,~,,, = set Ham shire" Shro shire, South :.::.:::.:.::.:.::+:.::::.:~:::+~.:+:-+..:.:+'~:.'.~:...:.:~.+. ....::.:+ ..:::.: :::+:: ~::.-+:.:o. s )n and Mrs Josephine Schultzl ........ D ..... ,-, ....,.a .... u..:.~ .... ..... ]Robert R. Smith Jr. enjoyed the 1. , p. , p NOTICE TO CREDITORS. I and daughter and three grand-[nme on eaon.uay, niter spenumg ~ ~.~-~O~]vi~n~a]sone,~sis/movie, "Exodus" in Washington, Idown and Suffolk. To the Creditors and Benefit. ] !i~ii~i~iiiii~iiiiii!!ii!iiiiii~i~i~i~~ .h;M,.., ~,~n ~. tr,.,~ c~..~;.... /SIX weeks wnn mew son-in-law ,e wa~ do,, ou ,,~ ,~ u, . ~- ........... ~-- ~ Since JeffersonCounty does .,,u ,,,., ........... "-- "'-- '" N W-"---" Los / u. While waiting ior melr uau- I ]aries of the estate of Ludessa M. I ............................ ........... of Baltimore Md. Mrs. Mary Nu-/an~. aaugnter mr. an.~ mrs ~er- ~_~.,tx~. o*.*i,e ,~._~.~,~ ~.~ ,~ Izhters arrived to Washinzton on Inot hold its annual ram sale this " ' . !~i~i~F:~::~i;!~ii~;~%i~.-'.. .... ~.'..?~+ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::~:..::'~.t:~ ice Mrs Beatrice Mummaw Mrs /oert /xlsnng o! FarK Service. TWO ~,,~,:~e.~, ,~, ...... au.~.~ ~:, ..... I t'r-in Jane Moore Ambrose from l year, the Winchester sale will be Penwell deceased I::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~:~:~:~:~:~:;:~.~:~:~~i:~:~::.::~:~. v.,;;, ~ ...... .~ ..... ,,..,,,,' a~... I grandchildren Laurie and Leslie F. Stoutsenberger of Washington,/,-,~,.S .............. ~.-... ~,, i- l a fine onnortunitv to secure a All persons having claims a-t !iiiii!iii~iii!iiiiiiiii}!iiii!iiii!iii!iiiiii~i!i!ii!!i!!J~ ................- - _ ~ ................ ~ ] Schoo!/ .-v,,.-. ao returned'"" "'~+*'" '"~'~^""~home~'~'e"'~"~"~W'with"~""*thelr" near]3 ~ Harpersnnd Mr~Ferry,. ............. C r.are.~O~ansurvlvors of t~'u~eand ............. MaryVmVe~t~'RandolphWU"""from Umver- ...... [~! good ......... ram'-"nearby. " essagainstM.thepenwell,estate Ofdeceased,the saidwheth [Lud'/ iiiii~iliiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!;~: :!:::::~i~iii:iliiii!iii!iiii!iiiii ............... ; ....... /grandparents to spend the sum. Also two cousins of Harpers Fer-[slty ot ~. ~. unapel rlUl. ~-,,~s ....... Mrs Paul Welch and daughter Bagworms are a pest on many er due or not, are notified to ex-I ii!i~iii~i!ii~i~!!i!i!ii!i!iiiiiiiiiiii~~ W E B B S"I.mer months. :,.. They made the trip ............. ry and two of ,.mo~..._^Washlngtn'r_-a^,.nBurial and friends'" and Mr Harry Lucas Ishrubs. Evergreens, Maple, Spru- hibit same, with the voucher/ !i!i!ii]iiiiii!iiiiiii!iiiii[iii!iiiii /oy automomie wa.~ m~ue m ....... uxu, ,.,u ........ .... ... - , ......... thereof legally verified to the un-[ i!!iiii~!iiii!ili!~iiii!iii!i ill~allr~,a '~,,,.h~,,. II..... .I County Va with tho Roy C A law m r~earneysvme was baturaay Ice, Sycamore ann wmow are most dersigned at his office in the Sad-I iii::~iiiiiiiiii!~i~~~ ........... / ~. , .. . . . ,~r,~.._,., officiatin" I caller m the home ~f Mr. Lu as I commonly attacked. These worms ler Building, Charles Town, W. } i~iiii!ii;~iii I IlIT[lUlIIA IV /, ~pen Llouse was re.order on ,-~o-~a.,..n "f ~. "nd Mrs I sister and brother-in-la@ Mr. and lare not usually noticed until they iviV/VIIVIb/~ I I last ~unuay at me rAementary ..e ,= ............... /~,~hno] ~ .... 9 ~m a ,,,q,,~t. n m Charles Willis in Bolivar are very I Mrs. J. L. Chapman and was ac-thave constructed a bag or cocoonDecember,Va" on or before1961; otherwisethe 8th daYthey|Of [ iii~iiii!iiii]iii::iii WIIMN TELEVIgT r-- /T~ ..... :" .... 2-,:.~ -._.~,~- v. ,:,. ,_..^,. .,.^.....,._. ,,,..,.. I. .... ;~" Icompanied back home with his lthat is readily noticable, b~t now may by law be excluded from all } !i::::iiiiii ....... "" -- ..... /OY memoers ot me r. T. A. In ~uuety t.eae ua~'a, xu~x ucau~,'l_: ._ ~.__ .^-,, D:..~..,.a,. whoI=- ""^ ":--^ " ........ to cont-"' .... ' n is l s ra ed or ~ster lv.t,t~,, x.,u~a a~c.a~u.~~n t.e ume tu ~p~ay zu~ SALES and SERVICE [honor of Miss Beatrlce.Mlsklmon ful pet kltte o t, st y I ........ I ............. benefits of said estate. All bene./ A P- P L I A N C E S ['r. ........... o.var who enaea net teacn- stole-. "'and"R"sie'darkV" is awRhatmixture, inf I spemvllle" me weeKenu in r, earneys-ItnlSnotlced, pest.their bagslaSt taUor cocoonsr wmterhangyOU ficiaries of said estate are noti-/ ~ii!iiiiii~i~ ........ t lng career of 41 years at the close light gray y ,, .... home .... an" fled to present said day to/ !i!~!iii!i!~~ unities Town, W, V~ |of sch-,,' ,hi~ ,,ear 36 ,,eor~ ,~i~ touch of yellow [ Mr. uon t;napman arrlvea . jmg on me trees you c ~e sure protect their interests. / Xrooh . , ,m /...'. enior stu I from Morgantown last Saturuay/the new crop of worms are pres. Given under my hand this 8th | ............ 6 ..........~ .......... .~ ............. ,~ ....... - ...... o. .................... i triet ~to spend summer vacation with ~ent now. ...... iond grade m Harpers I~erry Gra- dent in Harpers Ferry D s t .....................D"ul D | ........... day of June, 1961. i !~i~iii~i~~ _ ------~-.~--~ ~liS aretit~ ms auu ~**x~ ra latnl n a mUlslon usea /tied School The other five ,,ears High School has been awarded I P -~, / a~a o , o% e T.W. STEPTOE [ ~iiiiii::~i - [were spent teaching in Mil ville theCrisco Trophy for outstanding I C pm::ci Mrs W rren LaRue en/at the rate of one tablespoon per Commissioner of Accounts / ii!i land Bakerton. Punch and cup work in 1tome Economics. The I : ".... ... . / gallon ot water will maKe a satis- Jefferson County / ~i~ii~ tertalned the rapport rlve nun . "~ ]cakes were served on a long table Trophy was presented at Awards I ......... t_. iv __ on]factory spray. Lead arsenate is June 8-3t- [ ~~~ [ ~ " | 1 idecorated with flowers in honor Assembly by the home economics |~rea .t:ara t~lu9 at mew home . /also a satisfactory material useu i :i~i:~%i::!!i::~ili!~!::ii~iiiii:!~i::ii!i::i::i::::iiii!::i::!ii::!::i:#~:: ~aturuay evening present he ~lillil~ | ! --.., I 1 land appreciation of her many instructor of the High School./. .. . ... [at t rate of three tablespoons ~::#~ii:#:~i~::~i~::~::~:~ii::::::i::::::i::#::-i::~::~::~ .... " n' is h dau tor me evening were ann rs. er allow of water ORDER OF PUBLICATION !iilil i I '1 1 [years of teaching m the .~emen- The one ho ored t e ghter [ .................. [P g . . ..= ... ~..".-~i~:~:::~ ..... II V | 1/tar, chool The guest of honor of Mr. and Mrs. John Newcomer Circuit Court of Jefferson Court [ I | "1" -- I |was presented with a portableof Cliffside Motel. /~r~ ann mr~/..~ay^waraat~oya, ~r. [ Now is the. t!me to work on the ty,.W. Va. / 1 I 1 ]'PV._ ,)..~Rof --u~hi('h ..... was ~,,,reatlv, annreo.,.,. ~ _$156 From Sunner__ /'*"Wand Mrsm'~" Paul""'"WChapman" ~u,,,,~,ana ~r:':'"/promemsh ot internal parasites, in Raymond E. Longerbeam, plain 1 ~--- ~ --- - - I 1 Inr~ild'101~ I [Mated. The net profit from the supper/ .. . . .. [ eep. Back years ago; this was a tiff / , -- " - = - - - I | lill.~dJ/~'b~[qk~l~~ .... Ill On Monday the teachers of theserved at the local High Schl/ann" ~rs"ja'mes't'uma-n'~r ann mrs taomer t'resgraviseriuses problem and then we ~an~h.Ci~i~lfEeAia~bnOe!hN I I ~1 1 | | |elementary school invited "Miss on Saturday evening was $156.30 [ _ 7,.- ...... [learned by the use copper 128 Low- , ,, ann Cnlloren uamerme anu Jim g ! I [Bee to accompany them to Town despite the inclement weather. [ ............. e .... a ...... sts [sulfate drench we could get fair I I I ,f ~ X~1'11~ I |House for luncheon. She was pres Those receiving their membership [,~y o[ ~yCCMrs,~u~s,~arro~Sr Ii entedwithabeautifulwristwat'cardswillpssiblysendinad'iuL "-'a'u'm ........ " cmlal l nl l), n, trPa,r, .... [ [ "It's truly dreamy, that new car of ours oh hv thorn Mi~ Mi ki r n nation oVOn if .mall in the near I mr. ana mrs. ueorge LiHttlt.n re ...................... ..... . ................................................. cently moved from Cherry Meade ]many friends throughout this en- future. I .......... Circuit Court of Jefferson , And it appearing by an. affida-I I ~nk Auto Loan that help r n farm to 7tn Avenue /lawson, w 1 1 _ _z, ~,J-~ ~" I itire area. M . a d Mrs. Royce Smith and [. County, W. Va. ' wit fileu in this action mat the i [ ~ .... :~.-,~,,i! va. I l~d~l l ~ I 1 / Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith and family of Alexandrm, Va. spent i ............ ith Henry W. Morrow, Admmlstra. said Frenchie Elizabeth Heitt Low i I and conveniently[ weeKenu VISItOrS ;3 oay w I tl/family of Alexandria, Va. spent last Wednesday and Thursday at [ ......... tor of the Estate of Ludessa M. gerbeam is a non-resident of the [ ~ " " "~' l mr ann mrs J L t=napman was I "- " tN tl/the weekend at the home of Mr. the home of M'. and Mrs. Miller / ". , . , Penwell State of West Virginia it is order- i i of Mrs Smith their daughter and her nus~anu land Mrs. Charles Trundle, parents Webb parents .. " . [.. " ......... v. Civil Action No. 126 ed that she do .serve upon Roger i I ~M.,. COHV[NI[HCF THAT'S-: mr anu mrs troy riarns ana ~ [of Mrs. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kisling/._ ". . ~. .... Elzy Penwell and Eva Mae Pen- j. Perry, plaintiff's attorney, I I ..... ~ melr grandson tray t;arson r~ar _-. _ iGraves Civil War Now recently attended a reunion at / .......... " well, his wife, Eppie J. Penwell whose address is Charles Town, i i m OtT Sl ~ I1S Ot ttapmne, va lso lvlrs ~ ~ | The State Federation of Garden Mary Washington College in Fred. ~," .... ...... and Mary V. Penwell, his wife,W. Va. an answer or other defen I "~' rs tmapman s bromer ann tamuy mr "- - - _ [Clubs has requested the local ericksburg, Va. M ". Kisling is a / ......... Clenzy Penwell and Bonnie Pen- se to the complaint filed in this I ,-,~r~ T~,~.T.TT~ ~.~,VT~ anu mrs r arnest Lucas anu mrs |Garden Dept. to locate the graves ~,raduate of the above College. / .... " ... .......... ~; well, his wife, Granville Penwell action on or before July 10, 1961, [ ~i%1% I~DDII~ I"IJ.'~I~A , mb ~amerlne Williams anu ner cnlia ~ F I l llflMAlfl IR ]of all Civil War men buried inA group of me ere of the Io-/ .......... and JoSephine A. Penwell, hisotherwise judgment upon proper ] -, --, ren naron anu KICKy all OI x er /the local Cemeteries. Following is cal Fire Company attended ser. / ........ - wife, heirs at law of Ludessa M. hearing and trial will be taken a-/ ~ ~h~____ ryvme was ~unaay Vlmtors A ~. ~ Id ~ V [the committee which was appoint vices at St. Peters Catholic Chur- / ...... -. ..... Penwell, deceased, and Melvin T. gainst her at any time thereafter. I ' ~ ...... . u marcna Anoers, aaugmer oz ear ~# L I'! b / led for that purpose: Mrs. C. E. ch in a body on S nday. | ........... Strider Company, Inc. a corporat- A copy of said complaint can be| _. ..... r --- iDud~ow, chairman, Mrs. M. J. Rau Mr. John Glover who has been ana mrs. melvin Anaers ot ~nar- ion. , obtained from the undersigned| CONSUMERS CREDIT DEPARTM] INSCRANCE AND * le in les Town spent ~aturaay at lne ~ IMrs.: Mamie Marquette, Mrs. K. q~fiite ill and a pat" nt " Newton ....... The object of this suit is to sell Clerk at his officet [ ,, |. "" ............ j "~ , home ot her granuparems mr r~r ~w~,v~m~ |K. Caxalier assisted by Mr. Karl D. Baker Hospital for about three ........ " the real estate of Ludessa M. Pen Entered by the Clerk of said/ ,~,~,~ ~o..-,,.~ ann mrs ttooert Anaers [Grubb. Following is a list of weeks is much improved and is ^ : ..... "__ .~ well, deceased, in order to settle Court June 5, 1961. / Dl:ttDll: RAUIt th une ot the teachers ot the row Mason Buildin thames which have been located now at the home of his mo er ............ ~ . her estate and pay all just claims ~ W. M. JONES l" li,-'~ILl,,dl l,ll"tl~l'll " |to date: Catholic Cemetery, Pri- near Bolivar. natan ~cnool.,ealSS ~ll~t?ro~ra~7 against said estate. Clerk of Court I .... V 1 1 trom t~erryvlue gave p g Phone 735 /vate Luke Quinn who was the on. Mr. R. L. Geron'mo eont'nues ........ To the above named Defendants. By: Marie Trussell, D. C.I Phone 10 -- Charms iown, + an~ a mncneon to me parents anu .... /ly Marine killed in the storming quite ill in NDB VA Hospital ............. It appearing by affidavit filed June 8-3t- i + ' n rles Town W. a ear tm bur cnnoren on ThUrsday ~a]zaoem U a , V . [of the Engine House at Harpers n Mar" s g. .. ....... .. ... in this action that Eppie J. Pen- rid r l stll mltn anu her morner Mrs trOd ]Ferry. No other names could be Miss Minnie B " ne "s " 1 a ............. welL Mary V. Petiwell, Clenzy [ i ~~ ~ [located in the above Cemetery. patient in the Memorial Hospital err ft. ~mltn Jr. attenaea ~nepr~ Penwell, Bonnie Penwell and Joe I I~ H, L. MILLS GASOLINE STATION s A-, / gram ana mncneon alter the m q ' Lutheran Cemetery-Capt. Char. in Winchester, Va. "- " ...... e eph A. Penwell are non-residents y, lshn cneon mere was a SOl.Dill gam ~ ..... Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K" "g . ...... of the State of West Virginia it is , i CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. L June i i between parents anu enuuren and their house guests spent :last ....... "_ hereby ordered that Eppie J. Pen in and vie eaiss ~niriey ~arris ann her a ~ "~ 1" ~ i"lr ~ ~ ~ Thursday in Wash gton ......... well, Mary V. Penwell, Clenzy GET A VERY BEAUTIFUL SHELL PINK COLOR ' ~rother troy ill oaugmer ann son ,~ 1 i frl ild[ ! N i ited Senator Gale McGee of WY-h or" ~r ......... ann ears ~oy ~ ~arrls Penwell, BonniePenwellandXos. CREAM PI]" | i / i i' i [' ~ oming. He was a professor of t e . ...._ , ._ . _, ephine A. Penwell serve upon ~ _ ":~ Iversltwh Jr ot t=narles Town returnea I I Ik 1 lq, lll Wyoming Un" y ereMr., ... ........... HenryW. Morrow, plaintiffsat- i Hi,R ~- -~- v "~ ,din ~ V " ~ Kisslin~ was a student thereoacK tO ~apnlne, va. wire me~r torney whose address is Box 469 Mrs.~lohn Mower, Jr. and'little grandparentsB Harris fur twoMr'weeksand Mrs. Roy Charles Town, W. Va. an answer , IT MATCHES THE SUGAR BOWL YOU GOT LAST WEEK; daughter Kim of Cumberland, ,. ,. ' ..... on or before the 3rd day of July, vacatton ,n ~,enmeKy f 1 O SO U . Md. spent a few days recently .......... 1961. If you a'l to d , j dg- ITlIDl , ff IlllI~ ~ I~ ~ with her parents Mr. and .. ".. 7; ~.. ": merit may be taken against you I tt mr ann mrs erman t~opLey anu , JA/unuI JUI L 17 | Raymond Wilt. Mrs. Mower a en . . .... . _ . for the relief demanded in the Am ,f, r.cK A M ded graduation ex rclses at Har- vaca !one.a.., in complaint. ~,~1~ ~J ~x ~, --. -~-.~ ..... warnela, l~y tor a week VlSltlng + " ....... pers Ferry High School where .... ..... Entered by Clerk of said Court Steve Wilt was a ear t;opley s parents ann relau At Rockingham Farm, located Four Miles North of her brother ' ' " June 3, 1961. Warrenton, Virginia, entrance on Route 17, ~ollow Signs to Sale. TO 50 WITH CALVES AT SIDE 4 BULLS BE SOLD IN UNIFORM GROUPS FARM MACHINERY Two Farmall M Tractors; Farmail H Tractor; Farmall B Tractor; Ford Tractor with Backhoe; New Holland 68 Hay- liner Baler with Bale Loader; Dorf Rake Bush Hog, Kosh Mower, Cunningham Hay Conditioner, Gehl Field Harves- ter with corn and grass attachments; PTO Meyer Sprayer; McCormick Corn Binder. McCormick Manure Sprea, der, 2 Side Delivery Rakes, McCormick 10-ft. Binder; Rome Heavy disc harrow; New Holland 77 Baler; 3 International mowers; McCormick Combine, John Deere two-bottom plow; 1946 1V.z Ton Ford Truck; Farm Dump Truck, 2 Corn Planters; Chain Harrow, Spike Tooth H~rrow, 2-wheel Trailer; 3 Wagons on rubber; 2 Hammer Mills, Drill, Hay Rake, Ma- nure Spreader, light disc harrow, road scraper, chain s~w, drill press, emory wheel cattle scales, hay loader, tractor chains, 2 log chains, horse wagon, cultivators, platform scales. 3 tarps, extension ladder, chain hoist hand truck, 3 wheelbarrows. 2 cutting boxes. 4 hand seed sowers, lot of harness, 2 hand sprayers, 2 lawn rollers, lime spreader, hay tedder, anvil, metal septic tank, shop tools, several grease guns, western saddle, shovels, picks, rakes, hundreds of items too numerous to mention. Household Items and Antiques For Information Contact: ROCKINGHAM FARM J. M. HATCHER, Owner June ~ - It. i member of the graduating class Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobs of Charles Town and their dauoghter Mrs. Raymond Wilt recently visi- ted Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mower Jr. and little daughter in Cumber- land, Md. Mrs. Austin Nicodemus Church Services Morning prayer and sermon will be held at St. John's Episco- pal Church on Sunday, June 11 at 9:30 D. S. T. by the pastor Rev. Temple Wheeler. Sunday S~hool will be at 10:30 D. S. T. Miss Effie Moore from Mount Jackson, Va has been a house guest for the past week and on Friday Mrs. Robert R. Smith Jr. and Mary Randolph Smith accom partied Miss Moore back to Mount Jackson, Va. Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins from Boyce, Va. spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ande'rs. Rippon Ball Game One of the most interesting baseball games of the season took place on Lloyds Field Sunday af- ternoon when the Rippon baseball Club defeated the Rippon Old Timers by a score of 11-10. The Old Timers Players consisted of Hayward Boyd, Kenneth Boyd, Tony Ceravelo, Paul Chapman, Warren LaRue, Jimmy Louthan, Edward Boyd, Buzzy Anders, Alec Carroll, Carl Carter, Franklin Goetz. A good time was had by all with a very tired team of old timers using a liniment bottle. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rissler and daughters Pat, Jane and Susan vis Red in Gerrardstown on Sunday with Mrs. Risslers sister Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kees. There were 55 women that went on ;,the tour of old churches of Jefferson and Berkeley County on Friday from the different dubs. The ones that went from Rippon ves. Thursday Miss Elizabeth M. Smith and Miss Anna Smith will take Mary Randolph Smith back to University of S. C. for a six weeks summer school. On return- ing back home they will bring back their nephew Robert R Smith from V. P. I. Blacksburg, Va. Vacation Bible Sehool The children of St. John's Epis copal Church will go to Zion Epis copal Church in Charles Town on June 12 and will continue for two weeks for their vacation Bible School. It will begin every morn- ing at 9 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Whit and family from Middleway visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nicodemus on Sunday. The South Jefferson Ruritan Club met at the home of Mr. Woodrow Adams on Monday night to have their board meet- ing. Mr. and Mrs. William Whetzel from Beltsville, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Bert Richards, Mrs. George Breed en, sons George and Julian from Ranson, Nancy Breeden, Sonny Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bar row from Rock Hall were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. El- wood Breeden on Sunday. Lester Carroll Birthday Lester Carroll celebrated his birthday with a weiner roast giv- en by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Alec Carroll of Inwood. Among others were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carroll Sr. and Kenneth who help ed their grandson celebrate his birthday. Mrs. Paul Melborn and Mrs. Molly Hillard spent Sunday after noon in Brucetown, Va. Teresa Lloyd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lloyd celebrated her first birthday on Sunday with the honor with her great grand. mother also her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Lloyd and Mrs. Helen Harrell and other close tel. atives was there to help her to celebrate her birthday. W. M. JONES Clerk of Court June 8-3t- ORDER 'OF PUBLICATION. Circuit Court of Jefferson Coun ty, West Virginia Blakeley Bank and Trust Com- pany A Corporation, Administrat- or of The Estate of Bessie E. Pen well, Deceased, complainant vs. Civil Action No. 121 Goldie Painter, James PenweH, Ellen Wilt, Irene Akers, Marie Heishman, Donald Penwell, Bes- sie Ballenger, Eppa Penwell, Fran eis Penwell, Catherine Brackett, Edward Penwell, Blakeley Blink and Trust Company, a Corporat- ion, Potomac Light and Power Company, a Corporation, Charles Town General Hospital, Inc. a Cur poration, Jules F. Langlet, M. D., William P. Warden, M. D., The Melvin T. Strider Company, a Cur poration, defendants. The object of the above entitled action is to subject the real es- tate owned by Bessie E. Penwell at the time of her death to sell and apply the proceeds thereof to the debts of the Estate of Bessie E. Penwell, deceased. And it appearing by an affidav- it filed in this action that the said Irene Akers, Bessie Ballenger and Eppa Penwell are non resi- dents of the State of West Virgin- ia, it is ordered 'that they do ser- ve upon Kenneth W. Metz, com- plaintants attorney, whose ad- dress is Charles Town, West Vir- ginia, an answer or other defense to the complaint filed in this act- ion on or before the 17th day .of June, 1961, otherwise judgement by default will be taken against them at any time thereafter. A copy of said complaint can be obtained from the undersigned Clerk at his office. Entered by the Clerk of said Court, May 12, 1961. W. M. JONES Clerk of Court May 18-4t- ACTUAL SIZE MORE PINK 'W WILL BE GIV ! + WITH EACH PURCHASE OF KEROSENE GASOLINE Gallon 1! i STATION FAIRFAX BLVD RANSON, :::, :..', ._ +