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June 8, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 8, 1961

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hursday, June , 1961 W[ST VIRGIHIA PRESS ASSOCgTIOH As the newspaper men and women of West Virginia meet this week at Blackwater Falls we pause for a moment to pay llbu e an organ]saLmon few laymen knew anything of, but an organization that means much to professional journalism. We speak of the West Virginia Press Asso- ciation. If the Association did nothing more than convene news- paper men and women from all over the state once a year for an exchange of ideas and fellowship it would be a worth- while orgamzation. But fortunately for us in the profes- sion it does more than that, and we think it time recogni- tion be given to its virtually anonymous programs. In the profession we are justly proud of the rights accorded us under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Con- s imdon, and if any attQmpt is made to encroach on our precious freedom of the press our editorial pen is 'quick il o respond. The more flagrant challenges to this freedom t h'e quickly noted. But it is the Press Association which lpierces the more subtle challenges, devoting its time and - energy to watching any and all things that might interfere i ith the fair and proper dissemination of news and ad- ; rtisement. !t!There can be ,no question but that the Association has been instrumental in raising standards of journalism "throughout the state. Through a policy of granting awards for every conceivable kind of newspaper work it has pro- vided an incentive for newspaper men and women to do their best. All in all, the Association has been a powerful factor for good in West Virginia. It has pro noted good will between membera of the Fourtii Estate. It has raised standards Of journali n, and thereby has been the champion of better and better newspapers for all the reading public. We salute the Association. And we list our me nbership in it on our masthead with the greatest of pride. R CTIOX Of THE P PLE TO FoREIGH AID Every president since the late Franklin D. Roosevelt has pleaded with Congress for more foreign aid, but no president, including the enor rnously popular Dwight D. Eisenhower has ever gotten what he really wanted. It is doubtful if John F. Kennedy will fare any better. There are two reasons in our opinion for the reluctance of Congress to act as the last three presidents have wanted them to. In the first place Congressmen sense a back-home opposition to foreign aid program that is more than a fig- ment of their imagination.. The plain truth of the matter is that many people, probably a majority of them, do not see why they should be taxed and taxed' and taxed for a progr n that they do not fully understand. The more arti- culate will point to a long and expensive program of for- eign aid for Laos, and then point to the results. They will also cite the cases of Tito and France and then ask why their money should be used to aid people such as these. The second reason for the opposition to the program stems frown the reports emanating from some highly re- spected sources to the effect that much of the foreign aid money is going down the drain, being spent on projects of doubtful value, and being used in many instances to keep leaders in some countries in power against the popular wishes of the people. These reports are too persistent to be constantly ignored. In principle, the foreign aid prograxn is as sound as the dollar that is being used to support it. If it was not it could not have been so enthusiastically endorsed by the last four presidents of the United States. But the people of this country have a right to be better informed as to its necessity, and they also have a right to a strict account- ing from their government as to what the money is being The cries for reform have been spent for and why. It is not enough that the Congress be infor n d. Congress is sensitive to the wishes of the people, and how can the people form an intelligent opinion on something they know so little about. The annual "Park Sale' has been rescheduled for Thursday evening, June 29 and will be held at the Blue Ridge Livestock Sales in Charles Town, starting at 6:30 P. M. daylight savings time. Mr. W. Glenn Ramsburg, chair man of the project for the bene- fit of Jefferson Memorial Park, stated th~ change was made to a- void conflicts with private auction wales. He-and his ~mmittee also are of the belief that an evening sale will appeal to a larger public. In addition the sale can be held regardless of the weather. Mr. Kenneth Kisner, chairman of solicitations, has requested the ~ollowing persons and organizat- 0us to assist him in his part of the project: Mrs. Mary Ann Small wood in Kabletown; Mrs. Norval Johnston in Kearneysville; the ,11uri~ Gl~lhs in Mi$1dleway.,.Sun}. " ttnit :~-Pomt,~Leet~Wa'arld ';~i:ppon; 4tl " "=Club,-= Kiwaai Club, d T _ . [money ........ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON v,utMr. II for appeal which the attor their club r , ~i it [ hey s want $250:00 and I only post 'I am in bad health and crippled [ 4--A THURSDAY! JUNE ~:~i~:'~:~::i::::~. :,,:~:%--~;~::~:~i:~:::~i:~i~ ~l r ' ~[ ~ led $285.00 bond with the Depart. My husband put out my plant at ~ __ :::::: ...... ii~::~:!::ii:i~!~:~':!::~!i~!:~ ~ " ' = ~ ]merit of Motors Vehicles I really our mail box and tended it nicely. --J :~: : ii ~:!~i::i!~!iii ~i::i~i:::::: ~ ........ ~:~.~ ..... .:~::i:!i~:: ~:i?:.~::::.~I~ m,x m~=~, ]think I am entitled to a miss It was veryprettylastyear; some Congressman Harley O. Staggers, Exclusive use of t ~:~i " :::iii!::~:::i:i~i~!:::::i:i: ~ [ -== IU II-lJ~ -== /trial that I ask the judge for I am one came along, stole half of it pushing for the project there, i Holstein-Friesian ~Assc sins ~!:i~!::::~::~::::=i:::~ .... of this (second) district has been ]name has been uranb The property at Harpers Ferry America It will become t would be used by the NPS, under InPut part of official brea present plans as a training place at the organization's for NPS officials from Washing-[headquarters in' Brattlel~ ton as desired More than 30,000 Holgd -- ]men are currently usil~ B ~ * ane s Holstein Cattle Will ly distinctive prefixes sHt~i~ ~aa~eilBl:iH:R~r~edlH~l" !ahn~ni!a~r dt tch~ttlae~ Bane, Summit Point, will hence: GO TO CHURCH [~ forth begin with the words "Ban -~ Haram '. I USE THE CLASSII~ ................... FILL IT UP AT ,! ................. v- durin the ast week and it was k.La.ll .............. Calvin O PUMP STOPS AT::! . .,... Town " save the money I had posted with m o " . .... ,.~^ led ran Laveeta IF THE ..... ...... $333 !i ~~~2 / ~ ]thanking you in advance for in- then it came back this Spring and [ [ h T ~ ) ]formation or if you print my he put extra soft around it and [ I l 15 | [story in your paper for the pub-my neighbors said it was very i ~~:~:~ ~[ [lie to read. I am a Washington pretty last week: Saturday even- ~ s.q ~. ~... Z ] [Terminal conductor on sick leave, [ing some one came along and [ ' WHERE IS JUSTICE~' [with a heart attack, i stole half of it aagin. I would like JEFFERSON VS M.~RX: PART 2 / - ^ .'__ I Very truly yours, to know who this guilty person is In a previous article which up- / ......... aune z, /~oz [ Heber B. Tucker Sr. [and let her know what I think of peared here some attempt was [;:2t ~:T~= ot me. [ Route 1 !her. The other club members made to discuss some of the rea- /S lrit " s an~ [ Harpers Ferry, W, Va. ]have theirs at their mail boxes sons for the seemingly continuous/~p .. oz Jefferson-Advocate [ (Washington Co, Md.) and I can t have mine. It certain. advance of Communism and how /~enuemen: I ]ly is unlawful to steal other peo- I we might thwart that advance by / In a recent court of Jefferson [ Charles Town, W. Va. [ples property when you try to t a more vigorous, approach to a ]County, W. Va. there was a award ] May 31, 1961 [ beautify your high way some one program of selhng.Amemca. If we [~ a~,~ ...... a .... ;~o~ ..... ,~ ]Mr. Max Brown, Editor comes along and messes it up must win the minds of men and ~ ......... I v z o~w~un-~uvvcat~ I Si~ned thereby the cold war it is imper- [~ns~pi~Y Swinth ~eer~ a~:ek? a~nn~ [CDh:rl~r:~rW:wnW.." Va. [ Mrs FranrWatson at]re that we know who and what/uname m be in court, the case[ On behalf of the members of l , our enemy is. What, then, we ask, is Commun Iwas againstmyselfHeber 13. Tuck [the Jefferson County Chamber of] ~ m _ _ _ . [ism and who are the people who |er, ann tieoer ~. TucKer ar. me ]Commerce and at the direction of l I ~ $ ~@ ~$qP I I are interested, for one reason or/casewas, near~..~aY..!5th, at 9:~ ]their directors, we desire to paY l ] ~ ~}~t,I I $1~ ] another, in advancing it? If we/an me juage mr. ~llver knew at/tribute to the a~e~llanea with I I ~ ~a~ ~ .I must fight the enemy we must [~hoet~aeIn~sa, S mt~ho~nheSp~ale~ the|which Mr. ffoseph Staley has con [ | ~ " ~[~~] know him. This is elementary, [ P .... y w 1 [dueted the affairs of the Chum. I " - and yet it is surprising how many/was in me hospital, the attorney [ber during his presidency I ....... . [that was appointed for my son i Whe ah~,~, ...... ~,~a "~,~,~o I omy one oirtn oecurrea at me Americans have nothing more |knew I was m the hospital, the [it has not ~,o~ot- ........... ] es Town General Hospital than the vaguest notions as to ]complaments attorney called Mr./nr-ach~a ~na i~ t,~ ~ ~ ....... ~_ ] g P I what a Communist believes or [3Iorrow on the date of the trial at ]]on for~fu~'ure'~,r~'~,~*-':'~.6 ffo:::t~ [a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. ~what communism is. Most Ameri- [about 8:30 and stating that the or- [of sound ,,---~ .... a ,,,,,a ,,,., | . ckson of Charles cans are prone to dismiss it as |~gmal attorney I had employed to [ci~l he#*h | . The infant has been num. "something bad" and let it go at ...... F that. It seems an oddity that Am- [ ........... [ I p rtant m the suc~e~ v, ~,~, .... " . ericans would be scarcely conver- ]me Department oz motor venie./Chamber is the snlendid work of / ~urgicat patients admitted to [les. I originally employed Mr. [the Secretary Br%oke Bla~---a the hospital were: Mrs Frances sant about a doctrine that annual ;ram " "" ........ " ly costs them about fifty billion [ es M. Mason 3rd Attorney in [Startin~ in Chamber work with [L. Houser, Mrs. Dorothy M. Hen. dollars in national defense and |Charles Town to hand!e my ease. [no pre ious experience Mr. Bhci [esy, cLty; Mrs. Doris E. Longer- threatens to bury them and all/my unuerstanamg wire mr. mas./ford has ~iven close st~udv and in- [beam, ~runswiek, Md.; Mr. James their precious institutions. |on, he would handle the .ease for ]tell]gent attention to his'multiple IF- Tomblin, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. /Za~o out ot court anu ~ ir it had [duties He has attended study [Augusta Cave, Little Olin E. Car- To have a basic understanding |to go to eourt. Mr. Mason refused ]classes at ti~e University of Nor- [per,-Miss Reva Nieodemus, Mas- of Communism One must know |to come to the hospital to see me [th Carolina and has improved ev. [ter Will]tim W. Lloyd Jr. City. something about conditions in the ]while I was there about my case ]cry opportunity for ,contact with[ Medical patients admitted were TXF GhS IS world in 1848 when Karl Marx [and demanded $75.00 from my [other secretaries and informed [Mr. Allen B. LeDane, Bunker and l~rederick Engels first corn-[son, or he would drop the case. I [Chamber personnel in neighbor. [Hill; Master Donald H. White Jr. posed the Communist Manifesto|Heber B. Tucker instructed mY|mug communities Therefore,|Mr. Donald D. Hovermale, City; FREE urging the workers of the world ]son not to g~ve the attorney the [much that has been done can be IMrs. Dorothy W. Null, Brunswick to unite as they had nothing to |$75.00 that it could not go to court [directly attributable to the excell fMd; Mr. Frederick W. Mauck, lose but their chains. Marx was a ]as long as I could not appear in lent mob being done by our .~e~,ro [Ranson; Mr. Clarence W. Weather ~han of brilliant intellect who was ]court. Mr. Mason went to court Italy" ..... "|holt, Front Royal, Va.; Mr. Frank apparently deeply disturbed over [on the 15th the day of trial and [ We cannot overlook the faith-|J" Willis, Mrs. Agnes E. Johnson, the fact that the advances f the ]withdreW frm the case' Mr" Mr" [ful attentin t duty f ur Treas [City; Mr" Alfred H" Jhnsn' Mill ATLhNT Industrial Revolution were mak-|row was then appointed for my |urer Herman willis You ma- Iville; Mr. Bernie P Welch, Mrs ing the workers mere servants of [son, the case was against myself ]think that to take money and to |Kate T. Thomas, City; Mrs. Llew I C their capitalist employers. The iHeber B. Tucker, Sr., and Heber Idlstribute it deserves no-narticul |ellyn Fields, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. situation at the time was bad, in- iB. Tucker Jr. the ease was.tried, |ar mention. But we direct your /Nettle I. Spates, Halltown; Mrs. ONE OF THE BEST t RANDED REGUL deed. Workers worked long hours Iwnile ~ was in me hospital, and [attention to the fact that without [Mae T. Overcash, City; Little Lin GASOLINES ON THE MARKET. for a mere pittance; child labor [against my son only. I went to Mr. [the lon~ detailed and often lab- [da J. Light, Summit Point; Mr. was rampant; wrking cnditins [ Silvers' the judge' in his chum" | rius wrk f the Treasurer' the |Emry L" Jenkins' Harpers Fer" 19~~ in the factories were terrible. ~bers at the court house in Mar- ]Chamber's programme could eas-/ry; Mrs. Edna J. Gray, Mr. Char- Marx made ne fatal misealcul" tinsburg and asked him fr a miss I ily suffer Less experienced hand" lies R" Painter' City; Mrs" Eliza" Per 5aL at]on. He assumed that conditions trial which I think I am entitled ]ling of the job would have given [beth V. Geary, Harpers Ferry; would remain as they were in to. He told me I could appeal the |the Chamber many headaches, |Mr. William M. Myers, Ranson; 1848 unless the wot'kers of the case. I also told him that under [that Mr Willis has been able to/Miss Shirley Hoover, City; Mrs. world united ~to throw off their the circumstances that I was en- [avoid by his knowledge of the job ]Mary T. Wilson, Harpers Ferry. chains. The truth of the matter is titled to a miss trial as the case [and his careful attention to it [" PLUS TAX ...... : that from 1848 right up to 1914 was against myself, Heber B Tuc " ! " In consequence the Chamber ~ the pressure for social reform was ker Sr. and Heber B. Tucker Jr. [and its membershin a.~ well ~ tb~ t S ~te C0mmtHee OK s s great that the g~ver~me~tsI~a~edG~vern~rBarr~n~f~|~untvasawh~e~wet.~h~e-~e~^..~Vaf~radvl~e~buthewasn~tm I: TOTAL.. =- = = and parliaments of Europe were " ~ ~ m~.. . .... [much Their success is, also, lar. Annromafion For forced to yield to much of it. No his oHice I men went to the - el a ri ..... rr-"r ........... , doubt the terrible blood-letting of :" .... g y tt butable to the fin~ ~vup. ] the French Revolution had not S~tes Attorney, Mr. ~.~inner OZleration they have received in'C&..., t~ ~ ~ ] aetterson t~ounty ann trjeu ro talk earrthe JIU|tff UI OUU ying out Chamber poll-' ~ t~J~ been forgotten by the rulers of to inm for a miss trial, but helcies We bes,,,~at, the same .... I IMPERIAL BRANDED HI - mta~::~f Europe during the last .... ~-- ...... v" I v,~o~ld not hsten to my s~de and [eration for Mr Staley's Successor, 1 U.S. Sena~l~ 'adVised OF THE BEST half"0f~$he nineteenth century, was,rude enough to ~alk away|President Shirley Hunt The|The Spirit of~fl.~,~ltb~te G OLINES ON' THE 7MARKET. r The pint t remember is that bY zrm me' t keep frm hearing IChamber wiU' we are persuaded' | frm his Washingtn ffiee that , P " 23C a perfectly democratic process my side: I then called the attor. Igo on to lar~er and broader use- the Senate Appropriations Corn- most of the European countries hey general Mr. Kennedy and talk I fullness " mittee had approved inclusion of succeeded in eliminating many f ed t an assistant and was infrrn" [ " Sincerely yurs I apprpriatins f $300'000 fr par er Gal the grievances of which Marx ed they could not be of any as- [ John S Alfriend' I chase of Storer College and adja- complained. sistance to me in my case. I then [ Outgoin~ Director of Jef [ cent property for future use in But unfortunately Russia had called Senator F. Glenn Beall of |ferson C~ountv ChamberIcnnection with the National not seen fit to follow the example Maryland in which state I live. I [ of Commere~ ~ i Park Service. of many of her sister Europeanwas asked to g~ve ........ h~m a letter on [ The proposal is co-sponsored in PLUS TAX - ..... states; there was not only no dem the case. I did, and he replied, [ Leetown, W Va [ the Senate by him and U. S. Sen- ocracy in Russia in 1917; there stating he eould be of no assistan [ ,..^= ~,~, " ator Jennings Randolph, both of 0Thl *i was no middle class that could ce to me. Now I am turning to,~,~,t~_ ~,=,t,~ IWest Virginia. blunt the force of a revolution if your paper and the public, ffyoulAT~bl,~.iL~B~;r~o ] He said approval by the corn- LE STAMP DAYS-" it came. In 1917 the workers of only print my story I am sure | }mittee was tantamount to approv. ---DouB Russia did precisely what Marx there is some way I can have my[ The Leetown Farm Woman's al by the Senate as a whole. had exhorted all the workers of day in court to be heard. The lClub members purchased special On the House side the measure FRIDAY -- SATURDAY -- S ] Europe to do in 1848. Led by Nic. case was against myself Heber B, I Golden Iris from Maryland 4 has also been approved by the olai Lenin 'they took over. They Tucker Sr. and my son Heber B. J years ago at 50c a plant to, plant Appropriations Committee and [~~-'~ confiscated land without compen. Tucker Jr. I do not have the ,.at their mail boxes to represent passage there is also anticipated I II II II sat]on. They repudiated the debts of the Csarist regime. They plac- .iREE SPRI " " "" ed the "soviets" or councils of workers and soldiers in complete control of the apparatus of the state. , The purpose of a study of his- tory is to learn from the past. If we, therefore, today are to learn , ! anything from history it is this: Communism has its best chances , for success in two basic situat- ~, ions; first where a majority of the people are suppressed and where | their cries for reform go repeat- edly unanswered; and "secondly ; :;i{I; where there is no middle class to / i~ stem the tide when the all most inevitable storm breaks. We have had no threat of a Communist revolution in this country for precisely, this reason. answered by the most vast and far roaching social legislation ever known by a major world power in history: minimum wage laws, child labor laws, factory and mine inspection laws, social security Jaycees, Womerm Club and the legislation, benefits to the aged, Junior Womens Club in Charles to mention but a few. And we Town and the Ranson Civic Clui: have maintained a strong middle and the Ranson Helpers Club in class second to no, power in the Ransom " world which has served to guard The Committee chairmen urge I against confiscation of private everyone to search tlaeir premises property without just compensat- ion, against repuditatl0n of guy- and contribute some of the many ]ernment bonds, and like confisca- things around their home that [tory actions. And we have done they no longer have use for but all this by a democratic process. wlil sell at a public auction. You It's too bad Marx can't return in may have an odd bed, a sofa, rad- the Twentieth Century and see io, T. V., table, lawn mower, wash what a democracy can do when it ing machine, books and the many puts its mind to it--and still sur. other items to numerous to men- rive. tion, Just call any of the solicit- ing committee members or phone GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Charles Town 100, 500 or 891 and Advertise In The Spirit-Advocate someone will be pleased to call at your home and pick up the do- nation. Picking up the donations will be under the direction of Mr. Leighton Welch and his very cap able committee of truck drivers. In addition to used items, there will be numerous new merchan. 'disc on sale m every line includ. ing clothing, cosmetics, oil, gaso- line, canned foods and other sun- dries. Watch your newspaper in ffUture'-~v~ks %r-a furtfier?li~ting~ NEVER DEFROST your freezer again! 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