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June 4, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 4, 1959

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IMarcus Bros. recer~tly dug a park near Washington. |tha~her sister Mrs. Lena IAgl~ther (Mr. and Mrs. James Riley of] SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE I-[ADrJ~xTTXTP~ TM ]well on their hovne place the Pal Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spitler, ihad ,the m`isfortune to ~alkl from a Hyabtsville, Md. and Mr. and Mrs. i THITRSDAY JUNE 4 1959 7--B '~ ,-~=t~l~o a~ mer Far,m, digging only six, teen Mrs. Bernice Spieler und daugh-[step ladder w~ile cleaning house Jack Loudan of Harpers Ferry[ 'J , , ix a ~ ~ ...... I feet vthen v~ter was reached. The ters of Baltimore, Md. were Fri-[and broke her left ,arch a~nd disto- were Sunday guests of Mr. and l -- K A K | != [! W ~l i well digger operator Mr. Singhas ~ay guests with Mrs. E~hel Buz- [cwted her shoulder..Mrs. IAg'h~tner ~Mrs. Harold H,ard~ng and son and ~ turned home. Mrs. Trail and dau ~ FRIENDLY CLASS TO MEET il ~ I~ L L IJ || I~ continued further to assure a ~ard .and f~amily, i~as formerly from here and is Mrs. A,nnie Loudan. - [ ~hter are at the home o~ her raG- [ r$ Clarence Smallwood Phone 20-F-024 ~ed u~te~" aAs :P~ongcJ.h:ftta~as Sunday dinner guests 'with Mr. Iknown very well by us all. iMiss Esther Geary, gr~du,ate of ]her Mrs. John Moler and fnmily. I The Friendly Class of the (:2~r and Mrs. Vernon S~taubs and fam-I Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepherdstown High School has| Mr and Mrs Harry Fries Sr i1~.~ m~,,, ~M,,~,~.~, rm,,~,h ,,,~ . for years fwiled this spring and ily 'were ~Mrs. CurSis Bennett and [ Abshire in The H~agerstown Hospit .~Onese~rWaS;hi ]~ ;gu~:rl?;t;~h ..... ],the owners had to resorS ton well. c~Aldren of Rippon, W. Va. Mr. [al Monday, June 1st 'a fine baby ?:tan~{ Die ~enatnd [ ?fgMg~le~sst~lMwere2t~v~ld?Yc;~V~l] ldFt!~;;l" r iy Will be a church oI~icial re,as Frye. Mrs. Catherine Cross, ~Mrs. Th~nas Mercer and grand and Mrs. l~ymond Staubs and [boy. Mrs. Abahire before marriage gon. [ les I~aott and son and t~cir house I g " Y, P."m,~;t. ~:~ aee,~i,ng of the Jefferson sans Elwood and David, Mrs. Mar daughter Susan spen% Monday (~l*ldre,n of ~Iannings. [was Miss Clarisee Nichols, daug~h- Mr. Carol Jones of Homestead,[ guest Mrs Florence Run[on [~the home of Mary Mag~lha. Nort~l In'day regent June 5 at 8 garet Grubbs daug~hter Blanahe, [wi,t~ Mrs. ArChie Smith and faro- l~onald Rodgers spent Sunduy]ter of 'Mr. and Mrs. Russell N~eh- Florida who has been ~isiting his] Miss Cal-olyn Hoffmaster return[George s~reet. I~T ~,~ ~.~ ~ ..... ~, o~.~.~, land Jo~hn Brown all of Middleway[ily of Ransom ni~l~t wiS'h his brother and wife [ols. son-in-l,aw and daughter Mr. and] ed on Sunday evening from Vhree[~ Commi~,~ ...... ~h~v [Mr. and Mrs. Leo M~l'ler and two [ Mrs. Est~her Turner of C~arles 'Mr. and Mrs. Earl l~odgers in [ Miss Donna SmaHwood o,f Har- Mrs. Norman Geary .and ~amily [ days in .~tlantic Ci.ty. She accom- ld Evan'~'~ ~'~ "t~'~ t dauglhters and Mrs. Paul J. Un- / Tow,n was a 4inner guest wt the Brunswick, Md. _ ... . [ pers Ferry spent Wednesday rms returned home. uottie oeary| canted her teacher and some of | Will ~"~'~', ~"~" ,~'~ ' derwood of Waslh.m~ton. D. C. / home of her bro~her-m-l~aw and zv~r and Mrs ~eorge ~auos Miss Ida ' made the retunu trip for a visit, i ~i~er classmates there i .~ ::. .... [ ' Mary BuSler. l=~alei.~l Moler and Bud Coyle/ Miss C;rolvn Hoffma~ter who[ W~l~Mfl|ltg ~l~e t~ ~,,:~t-~ ~,~ Boyd, Tommy, Harvey, Ollie and / sister Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bush ano son ~eg of cn,arms Town ,ear. I ......................... and M s. Paul B)asterday o P P-irls n ~na ~r .T,,~ ~i'~S ,e ~,~a,, Who have employmenS in BalSi- ~ ~" W regisier'~osee~i} rout" u~'es IBbby Brown wt home./and Ste ie on Sunday. Mr. and r f' w, uue .una r .ar- . I ..... tl- ..... I i.Jllll llUUJli needed " ~ [ Mrs. Joseph Mercer returned to ]Mrs. Saxn Hough of near Kear- port were Sunday visitors with 'Mr. [Hook coH/A'2~r*.'an~d ~'~rs.~'Da~ more are visiting their homes this [ w'~,5",',~ ~'-5,~",~,'~,'~",,"~, ;&2k,~\':, I and Mrs. Cecil Eve~ar~ and faml ._ ~- T"~."~ E~..'." ..... . .... - week . t .... ~"-~ .... ..................... z/ a I~ I~ II | a kll~P~ ~ : ~_ . ]her home after visiting her dau-/neysville were eal~lers in the after- ily and Mrs. ff~Iaude Everhart. iwa ~ageDy ~.m~oay evemng. " moroAng for Washington, D. C. ,~a~ en)~on ,rownwas n.o,u 1 ~h:ters Mrs. Howard Brown a,nd/noon. The Adflt Class of the Method-[ ~here s~e has secured a secretar-[ A r r L ! A R L ~ 3 ~en~ w~en ~n:niF~,~ow~ng .family. M,:s. H~tl Re ese an,d faro- ] William Owen is the name ~v- Mr Pau'l Staubs of Neersville I ,Allsses ~ay ,ragg an, uorrene ist Church held their annual coy-/ial position at the Penltagon with [ l~ .... ~ ~.~." ~. "-_~- ~y o~ wasmng~on, ~. t:., her son en to the baby born recently in Vs. "Mr. He,nry Erby of Falls[Gage,by were among Vhe sdhool ered disch supper Friday nigh,t af/the Depa~tmen.t of the Air Fo~x~e.[ ,~r home ceieora~mg nor ,~,,~ ...... f~m~l" ~f Cam~" Hill ..... ~ ~ - :- ' Church, Vs. were Sund,ay callers | group that./spent t~e weekend in ~er supper the monthly/W~h~le there she will reside wi~h I (;OMPLETE LINE OF ~. Mr and Mrs "^e Bar I '~"'~'~ "~"~ ~ ' ~ ~' ~" , I 5ne unarms z'own L/eneval ~os- ~)~, " _ .. - ~... - [ Pa. and her nephew Charles Mer [ piita'l to Mr and Mrs Kenneth wi~ Mr. and Mrs. Vernon SOau;bs [ ui~y. uaro~yn r~onmas~er and business meeting~ were held. i .her aunt Mrs A J Bridges of A1- [ ~.~er dane. ~vn~: ann ~rs. ] cer and family of Middletown, Pa. [ Pen, well w~o" reside on" the Avon and family [ from Bakerton was also with ~, oauanrers ~arwn ~on " e -' , ] Mrs Elmer Rodemck return d , ~usa~ ~/r ..... a ~ ~rm~ . .... I Bend Farm locally kno~vn as the Mr and Mrs George Van~ords [ them. Three cars full le.f~ from Miss Janice ~i'ft spent the week [ exandrl~a, Vs." " " [ ~ [~,,~,~,~ ........................ home ~una.ay m g~ht al%er spena- l ShutS or Duff Farm. Mrs. Penweil dale knd cl-~il~tren of ,Murtinsburg I Harpers Ferry Thursday eve0n,ing, end width Miss Dixie Kay Houser. [ Miss C~trolyn Hoffma~ter has [ a~aa~o, ling several days witch her son-in- [was formerly 1V~iss Genevieve were Friday evening v~sitors with [They were ariven by two of ~heir Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wel~b ofl been ~warded the Benedum Sdhol | _ Alexandria Vra spenS the v~eatl(xn arshl,p to attend She herd Colle e / e rl~'O_rRt~l"l~. flaw a;.ad daughter Rev. and Mrs. I JohnSton daug~,ter of Mrs. Owe~n $he latters mot,her Mrs. Raymond Iteachers ~rom Mavtmsuurg ~ars. , / ~ g ...... ,, _=_: [ ~H. H. Srm~th of near BuChannon, IT. J0hns~on and the l~te (Mr. Cole and .am~ly. ErnestAne return [P~ing. and ~MAss Pmtterson, and Vir- a~t the homes of his parents Mr. [ in the fall. She also received a [ -~~ i Vs. [ JOhnston. The famAly now con- ed home with her sister for an ex [ alma ~erry of H,arpers Ferry. and Mrs. Miller Webb in Bol`iv~r [ gold pin for otttstand~ng pennmn- [ ~ W~A~ ]h-~.~,, '~ -"[~ [ IMrs. Me,in Roderick has been Isi sts of tw boys. ~,e~'~ded visit [They all had a swell ,time. land her mother Mrs. Hurvie Kld-[ghip in ~o~a~d. [ ~aa~a~ L~,~. --~~ ~ on the sick list but is muc2~ be~er [ CongvWtul,xtions Charles Lung- Mr "rs ' i *l n Mr and Mrs Ben Breeden and wiler and aml~y. ' ,g~ y p e by . ' ]Annie Loudan motored bo Middle [ IN BERRYVILLE, VA. [ ~E aT~ ~~ V~I~ ~IT.~ ---.~~ inow. [don upon being ehosen by the Am dau ter Nanc accom an,1 d x.amny oI ~aiumore vls~ea ,vlr ~,.~ ~,.,.n~ ,,J~ ~ "~ -~l Lewis Carroll Jr. recen*Vly up- erican Legion to ad~te~nd Mountain Mrs Bernice S~i'tler and dau~h-]and Mrs. Marwn Breeden Satur-ltown, Md. on Friday and visited[ ~ I I ~ ' pc,inted constable representing the leer Boys S~te to be held Jxne 7 ters were visitor's with the latters [day. Mr. and Mrs. Kenney Kisner [ ~ - =_ Kabletown Distri~ and Mrs. C~r- [t.hrou~h June 1-3 a~ Jackson's Mill mother Mrs. Huff in M~rtinsburg [ a,nd son oMr. and Mrs.. Ray Breed [ the latters brother Mr. William ] (Mrs. Carlysle Huffman, pros[- [ k] ~ U ~ on Frld.ay evening The lo%ter Mrs I en all oi rvanson visited ~Vr. ano [ Hoff, m,a~ter who is a patient a;t [ dens of the Farm and Coun~try [ ~ A 13 A n A k j~ ~ roll drove to Pence Sprin.~s near [Ch, arl~e along vllth three other - -" " r _~~ Beckley (~rt official business Wed- [boys were selected from the Jun Spl~ler and dat~hters remained IM s. Breeden Sunday. Mr. Breed- [,the Valley View. /Gard~n Club of Clarke country an [ a~i iaLn#~P ~PLn~,~=w with Mrs Huff and soent Friday [en who has been s`i:ck for ,the past [ The VaeaSion Bible ~chool [nounces Vhat Thursday, Sept. 17 [ ArrLIAI%C LCH[1~ nesd~ay. ~he Carrol boys stayed ]ior Classes of Harpers Ferry and night a,n~t Saturday - -[bwo weeks is now buck at work. lope,us Mommy morning dune 8th [is the date for the club's annual [ with their g~andparen~ts Mr. and [Cl~arles Town Hi.g~h S~hool and (Mr. und Mrs. Earl Rodgers of I Mr. J~ack Wright, Sonny Wri~h,t [~t the Methodist Church art 9:00/Fal'l Flower Show to be held in [ nv,~a~,~h,~,= ~oa , . Mrs. Grove of near Berryville, Vs. [have Vhe hi,hesS ra~ing according Brunswick Md. Mr..and Mrs. Iand MJllton W'righ, t all of Lees-[ DT/2 Donald E. Trundle who is, [ , I I ~ I~ I~ / IU[~l Mr. and Mrs. Oval B. Hughes [~o their s~ho~lar~htp, extra curric- Flo~d C.haDman and children of [burg visi~ted Mr. and Mrs. ~Vfarvin ' [ erryv~lle, Vs. ~J i ll ~l lllkl and family visjrted Sunday with ~ulur aetivilties, coxnvnunity aeti- - - [stationed wt t'he United Sta~tes ] There may be more than one [ HARLES TOWN, W. VA. " - =" - her mother Mrs. Gilber~ Cadwal- [vi~y and ~avacter trai~s. Mannings, (Mr. and Mrs. Gene [Breeden on Saturday. '~ V~il,t and faznily were Sunday vist- [ Mr .and Mrs William Breede,n [Coast Guard Academy spent the [way to skin a cat but we know of [ " . - der of near Boyce. Vs. [ J,oe Cloud accompanied by his ,tors wish Mr -and Mrs Captain [and son Dennis of Ranson visited [weekend width his wife and daug*h [ only one. ' / ~ ~ i : i[lll~liI, Ell[~l~i Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Glaize [parents Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rodgers and family " /Mr. and Mrs. Breeden on ~un-|ter. ~ ~lll~l~ moved Thursday from Myerstown [Cloud of "The' Rocks" Pa~y a,nd [ Mr. and Mrs. Sam]el Trundle[ ' ' ' ',~"- '. ~' I '~' ~ - to 1%anson wlhere they have pur-, Jane ,tR~'ssier accom, par~ed by their Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilt ~.nd [day. [of Shepherdstown and Mr. and [[[[ DR VERh wIU U . [[[ " __ chased the ~l'aize home place. Mr. ] parents Mr. and Mrs. LewSs Pdss- son of Bolivar were e~Hers wish / ]iMrs. Burns Trundle of Washing- [[[I . -- . ,.,,~..~,~, vg~v.,~.~ [|] .. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Co~e ~tnd / ~ A I/I: D T fl M to., D. C. were Sunday guests of [[[[ EYES EXAMINED --- GLASSES FITTED m l~~a~l~l ,and Mrs. Frank O. Howell (Bud- [ ler of near Wheatland w~ended .Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Staubs and [U ][4[ R L n | ~,~ ]~ - ----' ' " dy) and family and her motherla banquet a~ the Thomas Jeffer- faznily. " ......... - M Miss Mar aret Houser Mr. a,'2d Mrs. William Snyder 'and lift Hours:--9:45 - 5:00---Closed Tuesday and Thursd~ty m ,. Mrs. Pearl Edwards are mo~i,.ng[son Hotel on Thursday evening David St aunts spen~ e'rmay w, uh] y g ]t,heir house guests Mr. and Mrs. llll OPEN Friday Evenings Until 9:00 P.M. m ~ll-~r~ ~ from the Bethany Farm owned by[given by the Ki.wanis Club in hon rel.~tives ,in Baltimore, Md. [ -- Don Trundle and daughte [ Oharles William Tra. ~ has[[I] Phone :S5 U2 S. Charles 8$. Chaxles Town, W. V~ I[ .... ~firs. C. R. Langdon to the former ] or of the top t~rd students o4 the .. _ Gl,aize home in Myerstown which [ 9th grade Who are taki,.ng preparaIMrs.(Mrs'EffieLenaFietdsStaUbSof Ransonf Bolivar,were [,and [ 'Mr.Mrs.a,.nd MrS.C.J.F'HillA" I-Iilimotoredand]]'been st~tioned in Korea has re- ' - , ,, . , , ~ .,, :" II~',[[]~|J~][:T[~ 'the Howells recenSly purchased. Iory college work. The meeting ~aturday visi~tors wi~h .Mr. ,andlWinehester on Sa~turday and were .... " 'Mrs. Curtis Writ~t and daughter / was in Charge of Dr. J. L. Van Me ,Mrs. Vernon Sbaubs and family. [weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. " .:i~::::i!i~ i!~:~i:: (Mary Elizabeth of near Shepherds [tre wi,th Mr. Henry W. Morrow as Mrs. Celia White and cbAldrea [ Rober~ Hill and daughter. [ VA/UE-RArE the ~0CKEr l~ ~.::::::~ ................ !~;i~i:::!!i!::!i::::ii i.: :!!i~ ~" ..... town were recent callers with Mr. [speaker. ~::~: ~ .... *, : - l ' -' - :.' : ~ and Mrs. Howard O. Bus'h and her [ and Mrs. Betty Buford were visi- [ Mr. Charles Hoffma~ter of Bal- ] ~ ~:::::::~i~ili~!!iiii~i iii~iiil;ii~i~iiii:!ii~iliiiiiiii:~!i~!~i!ii~:.:::~ i -~ ,parents Mr. and ~VIrs. J'ovhua / C'il ~ll"i~ ~i~llP 'tors with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lon/,ti~nore, Md. was a recent guest of ~iii::ii~ii !i~i::i::!!~:::~ .... .......................... ~!! "-~/~'- Clipp._ of Avon Dale Farm." --i / By"llll rlqMrs. EthelV'111 il Jl r .BV--uzzardb gerbeamrenandMr, and Mrs" H'oward Cgle' (Mr' / and Mrs' C" J" Hill and Mr" andand'MrS'Mrs.inwal'ter Chestn,xt MaryC~lec~g.leHill'andwereCh,ild-vis[ [/hisMrs''in-'lawF" C~vinA" Itil~l.Knott andandSister daugh-Mr"[ T~I~ ~'~ a ~l' w~li~ i l~iii~i :: :~:::::~ii~)~i~] ;:*:: :~::,:: :.t:]i! il]iii i!i!ii! iiiii!~!i!~!i::t~:' i~ ( BUIll)IHG OR RFHOD[llN(} [ ltorswithMr, and Mrs. RoyWatltersofiV~ar~insburgwereSunday ::ii]~i~ . W~:I~4P"i~ ., ~ . (Mr. and Mrs. ~Sherman Grove ers and daughter in Bedtngton,/eve~uing guests of Mr. and Mrs.[ knows V~E~ I UO l E~i~:~'~:'~'~ ~i["~': ~:~ and ~wo Children were visiltorsW. Vs. [ Charles Knott and family. /over the weekend w~th ~he lusters Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cogle a,nd[ IMr. and Mrs. Edgar Mills and [ ~ .... ' / ! #'a A T T |l~obert Westo.n in Alexandria, Vs. son were Sunday visitors wish Mr. / daughters and Mrs. Anna Mary ~[~O~ Olds l ~ 2-~ l.a la and Mrs. David Brackeq)t and ram [ Hetzel motored to Wa~ngton, D.[[ ~ " ........... ~~/[: :~ ~:' [ Mrs. Mamie Russell of Chestn] Hy in 'Millville. [C. on S~turday and visited Mrs. i :~:~.i | Hill and Mrs. C.arrie J.Ohnson of Mrs. Mabel Gift of Sharpsburg,[W. S. Geary and family and Mr. More and more medlum-priced car ~ ~~i -ira i~==-ii |Millville were v~sitors on Tuesday ~Md. spent the weekend wi~h her/'and Mrs. G. W. Emmert. nnl r irllglrll / th ~VIrs. Mary Cogle and ~Mrs. son ~VIr. and Mrs. Wa'Hace Oif't/ Mrs. Anna Bond of Harpers[ buyers who want the most for their i ~ .... - -- - I I m~n ill lil~l[ill [(Maude Evevha~. [ ~ r * fllI'~I[-mJ[IILILII ] 'Mrs. Ella Bel~e Renner and two and family, iFerry WhO was a pa~tienlt l.n KingsI mo, ey are joining the swmg to Olds. l Mr. and .Mrs. John WbAte~a'lr/Daughters Hospital in 1V~artlns- : m Ill~* ~Wl m~l==, ~' m" m children tMrs. Wilmer Turner and and son Keith of Harpers ]Perry / burg is now at ~he home of her [ Why? BecAuse thcy figureupallthell ~~~'~[ i~ .... , . [daugen:ter Doris of" Hagers~own, were visl~tors with the latters par-[ son-~in-law and daug.h'ter Mr. and[ extra quality fcaturcs and con- ll~ ~~ _~- : I " i ~l~.~l~Al, ,CONTRACTOR I(Md. were Wed,nesday guests with ents Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ever-]Mrs. Wallace Gil% and children. [ veniences Olds has as standard ~!~ ~~ " - I I "-~ ............... Mrs. Ads Cogle and family. hart. [ Mrs. Oscar Hoffman and Billie ' ~ .. "' : ,r ~Mrs. Celia White 'had the m4s- .Delmar Cogle spent several days [ Bond of Millwll]e, Mr. and Mrs./ eauir, ment ]'hey carefully consider ~ ~ ~ I I ~_ [fortune ~o ,fall down a ~pair of ~ ~" " " ,~-~4~ i o.oonom, "~/'~]D,, A ~I~]h-al~~.~ri~T~t/l[ArIPl~l~ [~steps and fracture her elbow ~n MillviHe. [ian, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alder- XJl~. ~ l'l~,12Jl~t '12at.~llltl~-lkl-i-~ ~kg,.k~ 'v~hich 'caused quite a 10t of pain Mrs. Jeannette Ramsburg of[~a and son of Martinsburg and] ;.. the low.cost maintenance of an ~ ._ IShe wenS,to Leesburg and h,adi~ Frederick, Md. was a visitor with / Rowland Bond of Har,pers Ferry[ Olds...itshigherresalevalue. But~ ~~[ ANY RESIDENTIAL :O4 COMMERCIAL [tended to. -- ~" "~"-". ........... [ Mr. ,and Mrs. Captain Rodgers her grandmother Mrs. Mattie Da-[were S~turday guests, of ~Mr. andI most of all they ask, themselves, i ~ ~ I CONSTRUCTIONtOK ' EMOD NG and fa.mily were Sunday evening vis or~ Ftqday anti Sunday .... |Mrs. Vtallmce Gift and family and , . " Mrs. Loons ~tau~s of Bolivar (Mrs. Anna Bond. [ Is thts the kind of car my family i i;!..!:;il ~l ' visitors with their son and dau- and ~VIrs. Effie Fields of Ranson[ IMr. and Mrs. Carl Frye and [, and I will be proud to own.., ~ l~.Lll ~ " ~hiter-in~law Mr. and Mrs. Earl Were visi~ors with their faSher Mr. ]dhildren and Mrs. Virginia Frye | .......... IRodgers i,rl Brunswick. ,Md. also Frank Stau'bs on S~turday. [of H~agerstown, Md. were Sunday[ one that will'give us the full~ ~ L ll k.4~,b|nek,,~n ~nl[~eb A~ 2.Qd.ll 'called on 'Mrs. Hazel Danner and I ia i'IGIIIII3M~.I~ ~Vll~;~,l Mrl o t-rs i family there. " Mr. and Mrs. Cordon Cook and [ evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. [ measure of fun and comfort we ~.~ ~ ~ | son of near tow,n were visitors [Er,ue~t Houser Sr. and daughter.[want.., is this the car whose ~l ~ ~ ! ~'~t~l~#~l~- Iand'Mrson'andWIr. MrS.and WIrs.HarldRobertStaubSSpit wi'th Mrs. Elsie Cook and f.axnfly. 'Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sh,irley of style will ~tay in style?" 1 ~ ~J~li~l ler and children Terry and Nancy -- Shenandoa~h Junction were Sun-[ " " be [Davis and Mrs. Ethel Buzzard en rP ~kl ~LI/~ L1 i:c IB.dayHouser.guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.J.[ The overwhelming yes can joyed ,Memorial Day at Glen Echo ..... I Over the weekend guests ~t the [ found in the zooming sales success A,**]F~ By Mrs. Lena Ambrose ,home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. B. [ of the '59 Oldsmobile. See your~ ir I~ ~ 2" [Houser were Mr. and Mrs. Char- ;e:r I~@q Mr. ,and Mrs. Bill Honk and [les ~nl%ney of Cumlbelqand, Md. [ Oldsmobile dealer today.,.Value- ~ llmmmllm~ ~-~ famil have moved t~s week ~r~m ,and Shirley ~urtney and son of] Rate the Rocket[ ~ BYO/EI~MEI~BULooTIIEV~' , y The Wyncook ~f'arm ~o Uvil~a inlal~ts~burg, Pa. / ~ CAR ~ T~ ~.~mM PlaCF. c~ the ~l~'rge house on Mr. ~am Skin- [Miss Al~r~a Lee Knott, student i i her's orchard. ,nurse at Kings daughters hospi,tal " n a (Mr. and Mrs. Harry l~aney ~a,.-'ld in Martirisburg who spent the sron of IMar insburg and Mrs. Frun,Pastt woweeKsatthenomeofner} WAGNER CHEVROLET, Inc., WEST WASHINGTON ST. cos J~ck~on and ~mily of Charles 'parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Town visilted Mrs. M, amie Martin Knott and f~mily has returned. Sunday. I ,Mr. and ~VIrs. Hoard C'~tgeby All Aluminum Velon Webbed NE.WBERRY and Mr. Berrly Wells of BMItimore spen't ~he weekend w~th Mr. 'and (Mrs. W. E. Oageby. Cli~ton Peacher of near Hall- ~ow,.'~ .spen~ Sunday night WaYne and Char~es WelSy. !Mr. and (Mrs. T. W. Welty and son visited Mr. and ~Mrs. Lee Em ery in !Martins~)urg ,Sunday n,igh,t. Breaks Left Arm Mrs. David Oageby received word Friday. ,from Was~ing~on Reg. $4.98 LOW PRICE Children's - Misses Reg. $1.98 Plaid NEWBERRY LOW PRICE 1 Heavy wet wash turns fluffy dry in just minutes in the Maytag Gas Dryer. Touch the controls and the extra capao, ity blower streams 150 cubic feet of safe, 10w.temp heat per minute through your wash. Here's high speed drying at rock bottom cost with economical gas as your " All Aluminum Aluminum All Metal Stand- Women's Plaid ' Folding Saran Web Barbecue Blouse 'n' :~ wash-day power servant. ~, lug mnort HA SE LOUN G ;'rACK CHA B R A Z l E R CO0 ,TF5 I .j ,ificBnt. , ..... Maytag "Hal0 of Heat 'Dryers ^ t^,T,,,TOYOUR' DEVOTION ,-TESTAM|NT $t 1.37 '3 $ ;)..84 Dr]i.. em fast.,.a typical load in 26 minutes, m mo,' th,o i^ Rock Reg. $9.98 Reg. $5.98 Reg. $3.44 A Top Value DCv 'ore a//...cottons, ools, synthetics. 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