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Charles Town, West Virginia
June 2, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 2, 1966

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE I to enter the body where it hasI Department, stated that too often ~'3~2~g~ll~ ~U1/SDAV 11TNTI~. '~ loan ~r. lideal conditions to multiply and|people are apt to think that a ..... , ...... , .... -~ ,r---,, do its deadly work. minor injury such usa cut or BAKERTON i ( [ Once the germ has entered the i scratch does not need medical i * ' body, it produces a poslon whmh attention Yet 50 percent of the a]th Survey W0rkE rs Vis[[ lug Homes ]immediately goes to ~ork. ~he tetanus caces occur in people who Miss Margaret Houser first sign may be a muscle spasm do not even remember the injury P illnl~ll|lMIl=l~lAIMI DI 'A~P~$ n A~ Wal~[F I around the wound and oiten a ITh's is the reason your lockjaw Mrs. Pearl Akehush, of Balti- zl~ IIIIIIIUI|ILUilVlI /I Vl~l~il~ II JHII 11 Villi muscle in the face or jaw is affect q protection must be kept at a high ~. ~ ed. This is the condition known level with boosters every three more, Md., who has been visiting her sister and brother, Miss Mat- ill Editor's Note: This is the sec- Who can contact lockjaw? House as lockjaw or tetanus,to four years. Hundreds of teta- tie and Robert Nichols, has re- fin a series of articles concern wives, factory workers, farmers, I To prevent lockjaw, a shot !nus or lOCKJaw cases 113 unprotect: turned home. communicable diseases pre- fishermen, miners, and even back I should be given early in life and ect peop!e are reportea each ~'ear. Mrs. Lafe Files and Mrs. Naomi ~ble by immunization. The yard gardners who may receive ,boosters should be repeated pre- l'~rUe~l:;:e ]So~tutoot mreeI McBee and daughters, of Cherry ties are prepared by the West puncture injuries are subject to liodically to maintain immunity . _ . p ;a ut. matI Run, were Wednesday guests of . , Mrs. Annie Loudan and Mr. andEach and everyone for your wonderful response to om Vaccination Assistance Pro- falling victim to this disease. I throughout life. The shot injects I every_ type ot_wouno, s.nou.ld oe~ Mrs. ttarold Harding. . . I ha cooperation with the Jeff- Children who play barefoot are ] the lockjaw vaccine into the svs- I tonowect oy a oooster mjecuon ot County Health Dept.) also likely victims, if they should Item to cause the body to produce tet_anus, toxiod to prevent _any .Miss Marg~et Hoffmaster and Grand Opening last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ~a a minor iniurv even a receive a cut or wound. Any per- lits own protective substance ! possJo.lllty OI tetanUS as a corn- ~ars. Louise 15eat, WhO spent the _ _ -, . . . . . . pltcatlon Irom me wouna ~ scratch, cause lockjaw~ son who drives or rides in an lknown as antibodies against the t ...... ' . past week in Montreal, Canada, Alia we extend to -on a m ~,,,,~ .... :- . - " au o obi i .... J urge that everyone see their visiting Mrs. Best's son-in-law and a oat ,.,,.,.lal b, Vl~lb ~answer to this uestmn " t m le s a potentml wchm. disease .... [a" " " q is a . family doctor and begin bringing lte Yes. Lockjaw is caused by the action Health survey workers visiting their immunizations u- to date daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John LI wh n - " ~le people of Jefferson County of the lockjaw germ, which lurks [homes in Jefferson County saw I ..... p . ret r, ed home. s e .eveI you can. We are eqmpped now better than - ann ~eep ~nem up ~o aa~e on e a good reason to beware of in soil, in street dust, and on [immunization protection at work ] ,,olio small-ox whoonin~ cou~h . d s. William Geary , lockjaw or tetanus germ. sharp or blunt objects, waiting [in some of the homes they visited. 1 aend iiphtheria as well~as~tetanus' and, sons of Manassas, Va. and eve to g']ve you prompt and efflemnt se rice at all times. ~U~~-~ -- ~ I Ow~ele bwYrhad :nuts ch:r ~nCoe]t~ed[ Their doctors can advise them of Mrs. Esther Demory of Sultland, Md. were the 30th May holiday , I. . . s . . ." . . . I their needs,the health officer guests of their parents, Mr. and ~hm|A$ ~a$~2-- _It_ _ I PfiI~T I~l~ltllP ILl I laact a wouna on his mot which ne t said | received when he stepped on a " ~||~J ~][O~J|||~qI0~l r~[~| i~[~|Vr |[q I . - I Mrs. Norman Geary. .... --- -- I I nall. Had these people not receiv-[. ,. .... visMitii~gD~tet~e Gse~err~, W~rsha~b~lenrA t~R~E DI~Y OF FIH[[ ~~ FOR THE HOME 1"~6m~ [ HARPERS FERRY, W VA led lockjaw vaccine before the l ]~b []!1 []lAr[t~ l~ll | ||~||~ [ ' " [ injuries and again just after the t ................... Demory in Suitland, Md. has re- A~ ~ I A{' & IM~I' P~IM ~ I IMt~/~ 'RA~~z ~ ~ra ~ PHONE 535-2212 ] injury, they could have contacted I ~ ~, u .. ,~ ,, turned home. A~} W I.tL bl~ b~ MV,}/~,VMI'LI~ I [: i.l~i~ ~.-~,ov,,, ,v. v~._ [ [lockjaw. Many adults run this[ O|g~ [1000r fl011 ~ar. and ~ars. William Burke . and family of Manassas, Va. were App IANC rt:L l tatt nma~: I-. -H . __ Irish everyday because they ne-[ -aaL June 3-41 "rnurs.-r . June Z-3 1 glect getting shots, even though I A total of 145 students of grade the weekend guests of her par- illa 1.j[ b b tml[lVl]ld[ I']~l~|~ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hoff- ~ ~nhe~ " Randall Astronauts" ] Lana Turner Hugh- u~'B'men J they made certain that their 9 through 12 made a scholastic master and son. lnd Numerous It0 APPtlhl [S . " [ " [children receive the proper vacc-~ average the past six weeks which ~kie & Gayle-Sonny & Cher I"Love Has lariat|on protection. [was high enough to place them Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trundle and daughter of Lanham, Md. Said on the Beach" I Many Faces"l Dr. Ear~ AUara, Health Officer[ on the schoo!.honor roll, at Char[ were the weekend and May 30th i .r ,~-.- 10f thA Jefferson Count,, Health~ .uwJz xx~gzz School, It wa~ guests of her parents, Mr. and ,- i,~.,.~i-- ,, am.-- am|--- ALSO ] In Color - Also I ~ " I announced this week by Principal Mrs. William Snyder. 1 l~ll~t'llE1 i IEi'! olm Scott-TheDel.Aires [ IHerbertCottrill. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Furtney II I~,.,,~, ,-,# D,,~,, I ~u~t: ~ Du t~t-t~ [ | ....... | I The senior class led the list Lv&j. ~ILIL UL J. IdL- [,~ ~9 , [ It Melts /i i i= | {}[Jl~ | ]with 53 students, with the Fresh. ~d ,son of Pittsburg and Mr. l~m lIVVVhl~b IIII//V arms Furtney of Cumberland Bea~"[ In Color with Geo Maharis[| -,.~-~.'~,~'~,, | /man class second with 39, thelMd" were the week end and May 309 W. W"shi"'~'~ . Oho,4oo ,,,,, - - [ .......................... ~I "'~//atlL, l'llJUl~'" I /Zunirs third with 34 and the 30th guests of Mr. andMrs. N.Z. ~ ,t~,~at~,-,~,~, ,~,~,,~xu,!l~W. Va, ~- ~ | I ........ 1 ~ Sophomore class with 23. rURDAY 2 P. M. ONLY[SATURDAY ONLY JUNE 4/ | (01/ ['[ I'/'~l | / The names of the students and Houser. , ~ ' . /I ^ ,- ...... l their averages by grades are as Mrs. Nancy Fraley of Shep- Golden Idol [ "Gunmen of Rio [I ~ i- I~ v I ~ 15 I / follows: herdstown and Mrs. Ruth B. With Bomba } _rande,,] | ~ t t ~ v/'~ I t n I / 12 GRADE Spring of Lovettsville, Va. were 1-, ~-, ~,. ~r~ _ _ g oor rnze ..Inn ....... ~.-6 Empty Coca-Cola Bottles I " "ol r "t- " ~Jz _. | I ~.~ UPt lal U l u U f~ | I ~ Wednesday evening nests of Mrs W o.r~ wOJ-O.! ~. ~ / " in u o w~ n uuy ~lamson || L! E" ATI KI D | I Margaret Byrer, 4.20; Barbara Annie Loudan and Mr. and Mrs. ..... I ALSO /| I'-I V.~ I I I~l ~ I ~ Hunt, 4 20; Linda Link 4 20; Re Harold Harding. . , . , " Mr and Mrs. Joe Seibert and 1st Prize Phdeo Cond]tmner- Paul Manzuk ! ~ ! | ........ | [becca Nerhood, 4.20; Tana Bar- t-Mon. June5-6] MutmyIn /I [~UM~'U~(i I [ron, 4.00;LmdaCoyle, 4.00;Linda daughter of Vanclesville, W. Va.,~ . .......... .~. '"~ ~-~ ---- t~~!~;:g'i/S~-~. ~~ ~lel~?~ [ I ~a~~;~~5~0. i!~ii!~i~ ~le[e Sunday guestss, t=narles r~nott annf Mr'son unhand n(l l'rlze- i-'lll CO r]Vl lcaalo unarles u. Peer ' M~Ir Fl~e~fCre RU:r~an" Van Camp Prize. Toasmaster Toaster - Mrs. Oral Hughes g;er, 3"60, Mr, and Mrs. Ronald Van Camp 5~1 Pr'z " - / JI /~_-~----~ I 'I 3g0: Chuck S vein mn2re?~'ren snu~:;d:2 vBat~ 4th Prize- Toastmaster Electric Knife- Charles S. Ruble .........weo..'rnurs. June v~ [ Academy, Award Performance, [| ~w- | t Taylor, 3:60; Greg Car;er, 3.~0", andr!am~Yl~Irs William Geary and I e- GE .Prtable Mixer Mrs.. Linwood Swartz / , pbrp l~At,t/~IT' [ I ~ I [Cheryl Miller, 3.50; Susan Steph- so "" " "" ~xx u.-x~ L~ en " ~' I| I.~,. ~, I I s, 3.50, Janet Clendenmg, 340; angerous ,Charter [ 1N TECIINICOLOR [| ~' ~ ~ ~l~ ~ | I Linda Johnson, 3 40; Doug Perks,parents,US of ManassaS,~vzr. and MrsVa'v~s~ted~ayan Hoff- her 6th Prme.. Box Tile - Mrs. Richard Parley master and son during the week ALSO I ~ I I 112 ~ ~ U I ~ 3.40;, Norabelle Shuman 3.40; How end and May 30th holiday. ~4- ~ ..... ~:~ / TUESDAY ONLY JUNE 7 ] | ~-~m, vq,...~.~ I ard Speaks, 3.40; Thomas Burch, '...t ~olJ.~.~u~lJ ..1 '' ~ 1 I 3.33; Fred Ashbaugh, 3.25; Ann 1~-~ t nd AGAIN, WE THANK FOR MAK !NG OUR TO Venus"| FORT BUMPER STRIP NITEI , | ~ | Reeler, 3.25; Frank Welch, 3.25; YO~ Both In Teem|color [ Paul Newman In II ............ I Linda Bell, 3.20; Ellen Funk, 3.20; ................. I e Ou,ra. ,, II ui;auNn fill I Tom Kern, 3.20;SheliaMoler, 3.201 e :: .LIE Ib [E; I l IlllrlII II ~WI v I ,,,,, Kelt tt ' , n Ill.It'll lUlSt~ Vll~ I ' h 0 , 3.20; Judy Shirley, 3.10! ~at. June 10-U [ [ I | Paula Ashby, 3.00; Pierce Burr, 1 ~ ,-.. ........ ,.A..,[ Wed .Thnrs .FrL June 8-9-10 / .............. ' 3.00; Russell Cave, 3.00; Gary Coff ] C:hurch sUcl Gn HD $6 UCCES ,[ne u,sney I " " / I ABLI OIL, CO., I U. man. 3.00; Vicki Davis, 3.00; Larry l _._ -o W.,te leven Dwars ,...... ~ AI~. ~=~.~,~z~ '~"~ eus, 3.00; Linda MeKee, 3,00; Deb,t Read The Spirfl-Aavoeate ~ The Rescue"] '~e Tam| Show" by Morris, 3,00; Tom Rowe, 3.00; ~ ~ | Ronald Shade, 3.00; Sharon Small ii ~~ wood, 3.00; Sharon Funk 3.00; i Joseph Abner Ware, 3.00; Rebecca ,, EXECUTOR'S SALeE 1W1:G420e~'kRAAi3~e~u~ E:::I 1 = = " estate Executor of the late Mrs Elizabeth M , Pam Sn--der, 4 16 Maril~n-" "~ " " THC:)UI HTFUi. MAN $ ANSW[Jq TO "1"1'4t~ HIQHmJq " " " Y ; O Dunn, Will sell at public sale the following antiques and modern 4 00~ Becky Ennis 4 00" Gable ~r~iture, located on West Washington Street, Shepherdstown l~arshall, 4.00; Sharon t'ulse, 4.~00 ~est Virginia, next to Presbyterian Church on: Norma Rickel, 4.50; Sandra Ring, U~T ~i:: i.IVIN WEkL 4.00; Debbie Baumgardner, 3.83; "" " ~"--~ "'""""'' " ~'"~" Alice Dinges, 380, Cheryl Starkey ATUILI)AI, JU NI 4, ltlt)U 3 " .80; Douglas Seibert, 3.67; Carla Starting, At 10:00 A. M.. E.D.S.T. Collis, 36O; David ,algarn, 36O; o , Robert Hankins, 3.60; Angela A N T I Q U E S Lloyd, 3.60; Donald Specht, 3.60; Walnut bed complete; several other walnut beds; old brass ~; marble top walnut dresser; two walnut ehests of drawers; ogany chest of drawers; hail tree; steeple clock; mantel ~!eek; mahogany dining room t~ble and ehalrs; three piece u.Vlng room suite; two pair candelabra, candle sticks; sterling ~. erware; carving sets; silver sets of Gorham silver; lots of ~d pieces; ironstone china; cut glass; hand painted china; ~'olate set; gold watches and other Jewelry; bevel edge hall rror; nine cane bottom chairs; pictures and picture frames; ~t irons; old lantern; high chair; music cabinet; oil lamps; tons; Sugar bucket; old Jars; books; shelves. MODERN URE ~al china eleeet; oak chest of drawet~; several large Ward. ~hes; iron bed; wash stands; tard tables; trunks and suit ~; blanket Chest; bed and table linens, pillows; blankets and q~illts; toilet sets; hat boxes; ironing boards; window screens; ~r ertttches; pair s~ales; thermos jug; electric sewing maehine; ~ric sweeper; electric heater; floor and table lights; straight r~ek and i-o~king chairs; Morris chair; ~ver stuffed chairs; ~tge and small rugs (all sizes); dressers; small desk; porch t?" lture;ffxni Frigidaire refrigerator (large size); Frigidaire e, ._ tt e four unit Steve (like new); metal cabinet; kitchen ~le and chairs; canned fruit; kitchen utensils; pots and pans; ~idng machine; wash tubs; alutninum step ladders; glass and ~e. jars; lawn mower; yard roller; garden ~teob; 4-door -'~ma automobile, (A-1 shape, 1955 model). ~t Is recommended that those planning to attend come early, ~tle? to register and get an Identification number before the !~I~=MS: Cash on day of sale. Nothing to be removed until "~ted for. THOMAS W. STEPTOE, Executor REAL ESTATE ~,,the same date and at the same place, eomnte~eli~g at 12:30 !~al. sharp, the undersigned Will offer for sale at publie i~y~lt the hOUSe ai~d lot of the late Gertude Baeclitel, being ['~Premises On which the sale is located, fronting about 68 itS: on the ~uth .side of Washington Street and extending i~t ~ween parallel lines about 120 feet to an alley in the I~, i~proved by a twO,, frame dwelling, with l~and basement, oil' furnace, eleetric water heater, tin roof, [,~ed~_,~._ porch, driveway and two-ear gaffe. I~MS: One-third down, balance in two equal annual Install. ['~e~l'ts, secured by deed Of trust. t THOMAS W, STEPTOE, Attoreny in Fact [ for Dec|sees of Gertude Baechtel I t~t~ell will be served by the Shepherdstown Fire Company. Am~a't |M w~eh~r, me eaa affmqk $3.00 Per Week CHARLFS TOWN GAS CO., iNC. 114 North Charles Street CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. MONEY AS a safe driver, you ea~ save money On auto tnsur- anee. In our Safe Driver Plan, drivei's involved in ae6iden~ or traffic violations Diane Cook, 3.40; Barbara Lally, 3.40; Rosemary Pierson, 3.40; Kar- en Day, 3.33; Becky Pulley, 3.20; Judy Furr, 3.20; Willoughby Hen- shaw, 3.20; Jim Lewis, 3.20; Nick Snyder, 3.20; Bane .Schill, 3.16; Mary Bowman, 3.10; Caroline Cloud, 3.00; Daniel Lutz, 3.00; Bill Merchant, 3.00; Dee Nichols, 3.00. 10 GRADE -- Glenn Bradley, 4.25; Jack Rick. el, 4.20; Stephanie Clapper, 4.00; Pat Doyle, 4.00; Kay Jackson, 4.00 J. T. Kitchen, 4.00; Jeaneane Sagle, 4.00; Lisa Shuman, 4.00; Cynthia Tusing, 4.00; Bonnie Min- or, 3.80; Pat Moler, 3.80; Daniel Athey, 3.75; Shelia Jones, 3.50; Diane Bailey, 3.40; Joe Snyder, 3.40; Althea Rutherford, 3.40; Don ald Williams, 3.30; Darlene Bart- les, 3.25; Dale Manuel, 3.20; Char- les Cooper, 3.00; Karen Bell, 3.00; Steve Evans, 3.00; Rodney White, 3.00; Charles Prints, 4.25. 9 GRADE --. Jaequelin Bush, 4.00; Pamela Hoffman, 4.00; Donna Martin, 4,00 Daniel Nichols, 4.00; Panic Propps 4.00; Beth Snyder, 4.00; Cindy Cain, 3.75; James Fleagle, 3.75; Kathryn Henshaw, 3.75; Chris Sagle, 3.75; Debbie Rancid|, 3.50; Lois Athey, 3.50; Olagene Bush, 3.50; Sammy Carper, 3.50; James Green, 3.50; Robert Hu, 3.50; Din- l~aY higher rates.., good ne Kratz, 3.50; Pam Liles, 3.50; drivers pay the lowest rares, Mike Mays, 3.50; John Robinson, Do you have a good driving 3.50; Jerry Salsano, 3.40; Jeff record? See us godly and Rhodes, 3.40; Jeanne Mason, 3.25; ~aye money, Susie Ward, 3.25; Katie Blackford 3.25; Glenn Edwards, 3.25; Pat, Hamilton, 3.25; Charles Jewel, 3.25; Nick Kercheval, 3.25; Donna Parker, 3.25; Pamela Shiner, 3.25; Claude Wojdag, 3.20; Alice Carper 3.20; Laura Dorsey, 3.00; Martha Seibert 3 00; Linda Deeds, 3.00; i Sharon'Frazier, 3.00 Robert Lisk- ICY, 3.00; Kathy Sagle, 3.00; Char- I lotte . Rowe, 00. 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