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June 2, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 2, 1966

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1 Howard Penwell, N. Mildred St., l n |ea I ae rn|vnru ]tioned at Buea, her work takes -~-~*~-- -= I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE SPIRIT Ransom at 7:30 p.m. .j~J vn~,~a mrs ~.,unvun$ her all over the country. She nlAN'~l'~l"rt~ Ul'Phhll [ THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1966 RSDAY I Circle 5, Chairman, Mrs. Allen . --, ~, ~- s writes that although the climate nA~rr~~ r~[ [ ......... -~:,~:..:L_~ Marshall, will meet with Mrs. A~!~eml~|V ~ LllUrl:n is tropic, .the altitude alleviates ....... [ Housecleaning and planting gar- in Fellowship Hall of Camp~. m.m Charles Conrad, Forrest Ave., at~ "" ...... ,w ........ the neat m uue.a .,ann. me view Mrs. U. ~. wem~ ]dens seems to be the order of the Methodist Church by the Sro~alTfl 3 :10 a.m. . The Rev. William P. Reed, pus- from the mountams is magmn- dt~~~lll~~~ll] day, at this time in the little town Junior and Cadette Girl SCOT" Circle 6 Chairrnan Mrs Ed- ~ cent. - ..................... | of Bolivar Gai, dens, we must say A Court of Awards will conclL_ m , . , . tor of Calvary Assembly of God I She recently took a tri intomr. ants mrs r,uwa,u ~,a,~- ' ward Morgan, will meet m Fellow Church, located on Fairfax Blvd. t ....... .,,~u,,t,.. ' East Cameroon "oin- far Pnland spent several days during the past| are lookmg free. the program..Family and frit~ Imfl ship tiall at 9:30 a. m. A nursery and Fifth Ave. in Ransom ann- ,~., ~.o,~.o,,... , s s I ..... ,,.- ,,...h *h~ir ~,n in l~w ~nd/ Miss Elsie Wilt nf North Mount I are cormauy mwteo. / I .......... is provided for this Circle.ounces the following schedule of l~ll~ i to Muslim country.. In her let- [ ~au;ht'er~an~'~am~l~y'Y~r: a~lci l~r's_] ain, recently visited her parents, ] ~'-~'-~--~ ]n~ ..... ~Mv 0t~ Ttl |h~ Pre~l~ll| Bible Study Group, Wednesday services for Sunday and subse- " " Ultor s Di( ters some sne is qmte enmusms- _ ._ ,,~ ........ .i "t.--,,. ~/i-- Bolivar Mr and Mrs Charles l . . ~-pun "J ................. at8" m .... " ~, ......~. ..... i~qi,ies ^f thisl~,rmur ~uu.,p~u. =,u ~o,.,~ ,,,/ - , n imr~llll[mLallq|q|~lltll a serie, ~,... quent week nights. I ~,~ a~ ~u --~e v~-, ~ o Ir..n n.~,~ ~. /Wilt I lUl~kT~ll-Jl~lleJ~"'" ' ld~lllldSulal~ z~. '' -. ..t ~ part of Afrma as a httle known l __ -" "" " Rola - andI ..... I _. - -| eommum #~ .... tf,_~w U/IV O-- Sr. Choir rehearsal Wednesday Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. HIIgI! III I;rlllll "*o, -i~* nar~mse'" ] Mr. anct ivirs, r, arl no ~ lnvesumre t;eremony I --" " " lltable by Commission on Education Chair Sunda- Evenin,, Evanoelisticl Le::::;: m;::';?l~6 1 ~llrlll~n ~llr I~1~1111t!111~11 man, Ed Morgan, Thursday at8 Service at 7:30 I r ~us ~f~; tP:::I~ r ~...ssv., .v..-.v ....... ..~ p.m. Tuesday, Christ's Ambassadors] ers, but there are a number of I land in Bolivar " | u~u .... . ....... :~ ..~ oe ..... - j~ ....+.. .. meet at 7:30 p.m. _ ,,o!o~3o:,~.3m:.~:. "-,4 "" I mote sections of West Cameroon [ el to ..... / ~'~'~'~'~*N~'~"~.n a mlt The Rev. Lee Williams wn! use =~ t,.qL..J I~.._L___ Thursday, Bible Study at 7'30[ Ik~aroumlSedper*.-tlChro~ldes291hrough$~ volunteers working in more re- Electrl al S ~a ----- _ - _ - _ - --, t:o .... ration"'MY DebtforTOhisThesermonPresentsubjectGene- yr...taro DuSnona ..... 'l ~' "i~iilhoailPewn:e~a: !!os!g!?~!i!t~P t~e]eher~tnSatrheA:ecthe I otnOOrSm:~~ !h! hit!~c~h t:4}~in~ 1 1 MOFrUI'S PHARMACY Sunday, June 5, at Asbury Metho- Ta Qa f,,aeb l~aaba~ ~,~ .... .~ ..... ~R~:~I a dist Church, corner of S. Charles /U ~ t,lUl;~ll dqdll;lilal;I .~,~A*~,;.~;~,~::: ............ ,~ ~.:. ................. : ~ [ a ..... ~ .... ~*~ ~- ~, .... than[ ing to make do with more or less ~ thunder, high winds, lasting forI R ~he people and North Streets. This worship . . I/~ 11 I~kllPI/I~|IlllP / .... ~." _'Y"?_'_"_ -;_~:_%"\~__~_~_" "SS_~: I successful venture Annette tells" quite some time. ~unaay was aI ~ 1 NA ]l~~f_ . ,(~lR~]la.~l ~V~ [e. a good . servme ~s" held at 11 a. m. and Y0kefefl0ws ~[l~r~[v~V|LLr [ anymmg you nave eves- me ' ]nf hay ~vnarianeo..... with makina beautiful day, w~th drymg wmas. I ~ L~ l:~~l~, = ~.~as~a~ x~,, a,| lockjaw c' when something happen' or / .............................. I BY r Mrs John Swi art o~[1 --~ will be broadcast over WXVA at ....... / guava jelly and of sewing dresses Mr and. g atthat9:30time'a, m.ChurChw]th SchOOlclasses iSforheldall theDr'historyMillardpro~ramBUShng'atWhshenherdheads ~~~~|~'rs" ~,sm liamsteao [ ~eat:~t:ot bhappae, nnno~h:~:p yo~ w~hea hand-operated sewing ma- oO~ikv,aPa. are wsRmg relatzves z DIAL 725-7321 ages. The church invites you to[ C~flege, will bequest teache~ this Mr. Richard Blue reported to [ ~ ~::ieffilik~ ~:e~ I ?~oi~s:hi~tsd~lf~Kkh:iide~!:Ma::el ~ddMr'~t~rede ~da~:gGer;!!~ClCta~tvritt~lhYeil] artes c~ebanas~hor~n~ill be in June Sunday morningformembersand the Great Lakes Naval Training[ tat R I~l~l~/M~ll~ql'l/~kl IL"PI~II/~P Ie o g Iguests of the Yokefellows Bible Center in Illinois, onApri126, to/ I crisis A Uon I . Y " / bb rlW3Ll lrliUrt 31:llllt, l; I 11 6. There will be classes for the] Class of the Charles Town Pres- begin his tour of service The] ~;~bursfin from his / -- I home of Mrs. G. E. We and f tl ~ ............. _-_-_-_- ........ _~t , || Nursery Department through_melbyterian Church The class con- son of Mr. and Mrs. James T.| ~~ "g" - the [ GO TO CHURCH SUNDA.Y lily, in Bolivar, on Sunday. [ '~ -- ~ ---- - -- ~ ~1~ a~/.~ sixm graae t;zasses will t)e nero, venes nrom"tl-" at 10 a m and .................. ~I~i~ cage just a= ] ..... ~ .......... ~ _--~ r~Lt~e . . " ..... . .- ~ J . blue, ~nenanuoan duncHon, ltlCfl-/ ~rom (p~m. % v p. m., ivionaay urges all members to make a ard graduated from Shepherds-[~~'~cireusparadepaS'ses your house is ~- * ...... ~- -- -- ~-" ................. -- - - -- lt,~at. through Tnursoay, /or two weeks .... . . special effort to attend and bring town High School and attended| ~~!i~ crisis. An epl- ~ __ il --~-..__ L --- Circles w~ll meet ruesaay oune _ ' with them a guest for the occas- Wes~ Virginia University. [ m~u~.:im demic of yellow ~ [] mum t~rllnkle R~ 7. t;~rcle ......... ~ t;na~rman, Mrs t~rover ion. Especially are all men of the Mr. and. Mrs. Carrol Zombro[ Dr. Foreman fever is a crises, Jl I nil t~ & G~ ........... " . church asked to attend Sunday and children, and Mr and Mrs.] ~ooae, wzzt meet wxtn zars tier- mornin ....... " - -- - so is the death by accident of the ~, i mn ~llr_,l m' an w'"ims, ..... r~rst Avenue," at" 2 g" uonam zomnro, ann sons,r azis~ mm nmmm ~ll{l 0 -- m -- Church, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin[ wage-earner in a family. Rare is ~ ~ ~ l" ,,~t P' . , Zombro and daughters,Wood-[ Circle 2, Chlrman, Mrs. Henr~ 0 C U 0 " * I the person who in all his.ltfetlme ' [] ~~ [ Hino will rn~=t with Mr~ f',o,r~,o H [y 0ram m n WIll ~brldge, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. never metwithacrisis. ~ ~~ ~John SCOt King Hezekiah of Judah _ _ ~~~ i[I ..... ~:-'.-: "=7= ;.--:: ---;-'A;--- ~-~'~ Jeff McDaniel and daughter,l .............. ~:~~ orror l~]eni, ~iz b tmuren ~t at t~ p m ~ *-- . ' t ~ S .......... n (a country older than Israel : ::i::iii::i::i::i!i ~l " o " " " DarKsVllle, VlSlte(1 Mr. ana ~ars. - C~rcle 3 Ch, rman, Mrs. J. W.~eAmmsrere0 un0av ........ [ (Samaria) but one which lasted iiiii!i::::i::i~ ~ ., . , w ~. w. ~omoro on ~unoay. Carroll, will meet w~th Mrs. Edgar ~,.._~ ,.~ ~...~ ~.,.,.~ a~,o [ longer) went through a crist~ ~ I~ C Graham, 341 First Ave, at 8 ........ " ........ .............. o. At Lutheran Church Margaret Grove and Nancy, Mar-'[ which,.amng other lessons, ~1i ~i~.~ TURDAY~- taw ht ~atm how tO take a crisis ................... II' ill p.m.. ...... ....- tinsburg, Mr. Bruce Shewbridge,[ g ........... ~reie % tmmrman, mrs. rno. -11~ "~""-~- "'~ -i-ite~ ~*r a-At The terrible feature of such a !~:?::~::~::: II~ ... .o _ .. . _ .. -- Fa ~ ~*II~[UII, VH., V b U 11 . Ilia I mas WOllOro, Wltl meet wltn Mrs ........ ' ...... ." The Holy Communion will be Mrs. George Hilliard, Sunday. [ combination of cii~cumstances is ~ iiII Go I administered following meditat-Miss Nancl Boyd of Hyattsville,] that it gives sometimes very little. ~ii::~i~::;i :;i~i;i~i~i . , ,, , ion at the 8:30 and 11 a. m. ser- Md., spent the weekend with herI room to maneuver, to do any- i~ii~!~ i::ii!~i~::~ i::!~iiiii~i ~ 6 Em IMI: vices Sunday, June 5, at St. Tho- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ercel Boyd. | thingat all. The crisle emes iiiii~!i! ~ ~m ! - -- "- -- mas Lutheran Church, in aanson, Miss Norma Whetzel, a stu-I and is past and the damage done !!i!i!~.'.'~i !i!i i i ~[] kdl~l tlnkl T ~1'blltl~l~ ~t it was announced Tuesday by the dent at W.V.U. is home for theI before you are well awake. ~::i~ili!i ~ ~l~l~lln C M ::~ ::!:: ~ ~..~:'~ ~ - on _PIEEIm I. ] lltll/i;lt I,U. NurseryReV" Richardwill beE' heldNeal'durihgpaStr'wor-The Mrs.SUmmerNormanWith herWhetzel.parents, Mr. andl/ ATTITUDE IN CRISIS ilili!i!!i!! :i t rren" C 0 L 0 N I A L ship for pre-schooi children. Sun- Mrs. Robert Whitmore spentI Now Hezekiah was a good !iiii:i!i!iii:~!i!!iii!iii!::ii: : ; k . .... , ......,.,~ day Church School at 9:45 a. m, several days last week with Mr.I king. One good feature he show- .,.i :::::: ~::::: 'tomis rW.L~tt~L rtumr~ for adults, young men and women and Mrs. Alien McIntosh, Falls] ed was a sense of responsibility :':: T and children; James E. Brand,Church, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. I for the welfare of his country. " Charles own Superintendent. Church Council Wilbur Johnston,Washington,But he found his beloved Judah IN T Shepherdstown meeting, Tuesday, at 8:00 p. m. at D.C. invaded by the mightiest mort- the church. Choir rehearsal, Thu Surprise Birthday arch of that part of the world at ~-Wed..q 725-7068-PHONES-876-2683 II Ill _ _ in n _ u _ NEW IDEAS FOR A NEW ERA INSURANCE ? oheok for new ideas ! [~ AUTO INSURANCE [] FIRE INSURANCE [] LIFE INSURANCE [] HOMEOWNERS [] EDUCATION [] MORTGAGE [] ACCIDENT & SICKNESS [] RETIREMENT Natibnwide has new ideas in protection to fill any insur- ante need at a cost you can afford. Check the plan that interests you and contact: NORMAN E. KISNER Insurance Consultant Fairfax Bldg.-Phone 725-5814 West Liberty Street CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. rsday, at 7:30 p. m. HALLTOWN CHURCH OF GOD Sunday School - 10:00 A. M. Morning Worship - 11:00 A. M. Evening Evangelistic Service -- 7:45 P. M. Monday June 6 - Friday June 11 - Cacation Bible School 7:00 9:00 P. M, I I I I I I II OLD DOMINION & I 131 W. Washington St. Charles Town, W. Va. Sales & Service G. E. Appliances A Beautiful Line Of MODERN FURNITURE Telephone 725-2811 II I I Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whetzel honored their daughter, Carolyn, with a surprise party on her 16th birthday at the Men's Clb build. ing in Shepherdstown. The room was gaily decorated with balloons at~d streamers in a color scheme of pink, green, and white. Assist- ed by Mrs. Roy Putman, the host- ess served Cikes, Ptpsis, cake and ~ce cream, cookies, nuts, mints. Mrs. Hirim Painter, who suf- fered a stroke on Sunday, is a pa- tient at the Charles Town General Hospital. the time, Sennacherib of Nineveh, What could he do? The situation was completely out of his con-" trol. The problem was, what to do? And the only answer seemed to be: Nothing. But Hezekiah learned (from God's prophets and specially from Isaiah)that in a time of crisis the best thing to do is all you can do, namely nothing..What is important, as the King found out, is one's at- titude, not actions. BE STILL, AND KNOW... Mrs. Noah Tip/on and Mr. and A word of the prophet that Mrs. James Shirley, Clearbrook, came to the King sounds, the first Va., and Mrs. Ada Robinson, Win- time we hear it, like nonsense, but chester, Va., visited Mr. and Mrs. it can be the highest wisdom: ~Be Robert Whitmore on Sunday eve-still, and know that I am God." ning. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bryce and Sharon and Rosemary Buffaloboy of Gaithersburg, Md., were recent Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gottschalk of Washington, D. C., spent the weekend at "Pleasance" with Mrs. Raymond Gottschalk. (FROM LAST WEEK) The Edgewood Homemakers Club met at the home of Mrs. Er- ce] Boyd on May 11, with Mrs. Lillian Sagemuller as guest. After the devotions led by Mrs. Gilbert Creamer. the lesson on "Artists and Their Works" was given. Mrs Fannie Catrow and Miss Lou Ca- trow presented this in an inter- esting manner as they showed slides of artists and some of their paintings. Since there was no business, a social hour concluded the meeting with the hostess serv- ing ice cream, cake, and coffee. The June meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Gilbert Creamer. / Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. George Hilliard were Mr. and Mrs. Donald HiUiard and son, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Haynes, Mrs. Mar- garet Grove and daughter, Miss Nancy Qrove. Miss Rebecca Kearns, all of Martinsburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Marx Whittington of Hedgesville. Mrs. Arthur Stewart and son, Stevie, Martinsburg, visited Mr. and Mrs. A. D. VanMetre on Sat- urday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gano and Ronda, Martinsburg, t/igited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jackson Saturday evening. Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Welsh were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Welsh and son, Duane, Ta- koma Park, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Junior Welsh and family, Martins- burg, Mr. / and Mrs. Wallace Welsh. Tony Thomas and Bob Constant were in Washington, D. C., on Sat- urday for the Washington Sena- tors vs. California Angels base- ball game Mr. Lewis McCarty was a week- end guest of his son and daugh. " I . . !' ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Mr. i~~~~ Carty, Jr,, Baltimore, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Grubbs and family, FaLls Church, Va., and Mr. and Mrs Ed Martin, Burke, Va., were Sunday visitors of Mr. oxclustve Doublo Protection Guarantee oaly ms. modats that bear this ar'. MAR INSBURG, W. VA. 109 WEST JOHN ST. FLOYD G. ODOM, Owner TELEPHONE 267-6141 and Mrs. Irvin Hodges. Reports From A Peace Corps Volunteer Miss Annette ti. Gottschalk, a graduate of Martinsburg High School, is at present working with the Peace Corps in Africa. After high school, Annette at- tended Carnegie Iastitute of What does this mean? It can be illustrated by a true story. A mother and father had been sit- ring in a great forest, with their small son arid a small friend 0f his. From some unaccountable impulse, they all moved down the stream a few yards. Suddenlylike the crack of a rifle a sharp sound broke the stillness of the forest. But it was not a gun. It was the beginning of the breaking-apart of a tall and heavy tree. For centuries it had been growing there, then decaying, and on that windless afternoon its time had come. The frightening thing about it was the fact that with the forest cover it was impossible to see just where the breaking tree stood. Worse than that, both small boys had vanished. The grown people shouted but there was no answer from the children. So there were no more shouts. When the mother was asked afterwards how shefelt at that dark moment, she always said that there came to her mind as if in letters of light, the words: Be still, and know ~hat I am God. It was a call (she and he always believed) from God, a call to the attitude of faith. (And there were no deaths either, as there well could have been.) FAITH IN MEN Added to faith tn God, there is need also tn times of crisis some measure of faith in men, the right kind of men. We know that this same king led in a religious, re- formation, but not of the one-man kind. He undertook to lead in an in~po~a~t and wide-reaching re- formation, but Ice dUmmoned and challenged the Levitee to helphim in God's name. The attihlde of faith not neccessarlly faith that the sun will shine and all will Be well, for the shadows may never lift, but taith in men of good will, servants o~ God, and faRh in ou~ selves. God, is not going to let yOU do~yn; don t you let others downl The time of darkness, Of crisis, Is the hour and the opporunRy of faitl~ SO the king found in days of old; so may you again. I Sm~l oo eel;n,., c~igM~ by Iko O;v,~1on d Chrlstia. Ed~afion, N~iont~l CoqmcH d ll~e Churches et Cbrk! in ~ U. $. ~ Itehmled bte C~munity Press Strvko,) Technology in Pittsburgh, Pa., where she graduated with a Bach- elor's degree in architecture, in 1965. Her training for the Peace Corps took place in the Virgin Is- lands and Puerto Rico. She is now working as consul- tant for the West Cameroon Gov. erfiment on a project of town planning. Although ta. bange: rst S Both L at. In The I-n ancient times the world waited breathlessly for every new king. It was always man's crying hope, man's fervent expectation--that under a new king the world would be different. Today we no longer put our faith in kings -- nor in any government that does not represent the people. We believe that tomorrow will be determined by the hopes and ideals of the young men and women who today prepare for their ole in life. There aren't any Christmas beIls graduation time. But it would be well for us to remember those learned men -- the Wise Men -- who came across the desert to Bethlehem. They came to l ay homage to a new-born ing... One who did change this world. And the sons and' daughters upon whom we Iook with fond hopes today must find their foundation of faith in the same Lord. With its ministry Of teaching, its inspiration to service and sacrifice, the Church pointz their path to tomorrow -- and oursl THE CHURCH FOR ALL... ALL FOR THE" CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of charac- ter and good citizenship, It is a store- house of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There ~re four aound reasons why every person should attend services rcgu- lady and support the Church. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regu- larly and read your Bible daily. Copyr~ht I996 IGOr Adverth~ng $~rvke, Inc., Stra~bu~ Va. I "~K~i~l I Somuel I Sdmuel I Samuel Psalms Psalms Jeremiah Revelation [ THESE FIRMS INVITE YOU TO A HOUSE OF WORSHIP EAEH WEEK. KABLE OIL CO., INC ESSO DISTRIBUTOR Pltone 725.7510 Charles Town, W. VII. SOUTHERN STATES Charles Town Cooperative, Inc. RANSON, W. VA. TO SELL IT -- BUY IT ADVERTISE IT IN THE SPIRIT - ADVOCATE .n J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHILCO DEALER Charles Town, W. Phone 73S-,rd 1 , CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE CENTEa MeCLURE B. WILLINGHAM, Owner Phone 725.9904 Clmrlen Town, W. Va. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE H. W. WAGELEY, INC. Dial 721; 2921 Charles Town, W, Va, JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SwmRW N.WILLL S PMNTS Phone Charles W. Vs. HALLTOW2 PAPERBOARD CO. HALLTOWN, W. VA, The MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Charles Town. W. Va. Phone 725.7068 SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME 8hep wa Phone 876.2683 it. S. CLOPPER, JR. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE AND BONDS Hill-Dale Shopping Center Phone 735.7081 Charles Town, W. V~ COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES SERVICE Charles Town, W. Va. MarUnmburg, W. VII, - Leesburg, VS. Shepherdstown, W. Va. RANSON MACHINE WORKS Phone 72~-5621 Ranson, W. VI, J. EDWARD MAGAHA ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR APPLIANCE CENTER North George SL - Phone 725.51|15 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE J. E. SENSENEY, Owner Charles Town, W. Va. LEGGETT'S DEPT. STORE aTHE HOME of BETTER VALL.~.,$" Charles Town, W. Va. POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORK RANSON, W. VA.