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June 1, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 1, 1961

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faJhlO~ They fit in. they make s~H: But-dog,life make sense? Bits a~id ~pi~" of it do. But what's I~e, lill~tit? Does life, my life, y,C~ II~, the llfe of manl~ind, fit i~t0 any conceivable pattern, or ij it a mean/ngless madness in the midst o~ An eh~pty universe? & Stranp hek The strangest book in the Bible was written by a man who was haunted bY this question. Does T~ema~e sense, and if ~o, what? e boor called Ecclesiastes tells of this/man's search for the mean- ing of life, and of his conclusions. What makes the book strange is not the ~queztion. It is the answers that are strange, or rather the an- swer. For his main conclusion is that we don't know. The writer of Ecclesiastes is what might be called a tired cynic. He had tasted the cup of life and found it bitter, or rather he had tried to drink and found the cup empty. One mournful refrain comes over and over,--"aU is vanity and a striv- ing after wind." Vanlty--- not meaning to say pride, but empti- ness. Life is like a man trying to catch the wind. He can't do it mmgs are full of weariness." & Few Certainties And yet llfe, even foi" this strange old man. is not entirely a swamp. As it is in a real swamp, so it is with life, here and there in the bog are small solid islands. Some of these islets of certainty he names (At least for him they are certain.) One is the fact, which he feels he has to accept, that this life, for all its good, has evil to match. Light and dark--good and evil--cause for rejoicing and cause for mourning--seem to have their settled places. There is a time for everything, he says, and then he Lines up good-and-bad pairs, such as weeping and laughing, tilling and healing, losing and seeking, hate and love, war and peace. This is one of the certainties of life, that not all of it is good. Ec- clesiastes more than hints that we might as well admit this and make the best of it. Man cannot figure out what God has done; so the thing for men to do is to en- joy themselves as long as they live. If sorrow is real, so is joy. Furthermore, it is possible to work at something, and to enjoy what one has done. In short, this tired old cynic is not altogether a cynic, because he does believe in a few things. One bit of wisdom we can take from him at this point is that there are unpleasant fea- tures of life that cannot be changed. Waste no time quarrel- ing with life; accept it! Fear 6odl One of the strange features about Ecclesiastes is that the author, who believed so little that was good, still did believe in God. It was not a high faith that he had. It was nothing like the faith (for example) of a Saint Paul. God for Ecclesiastes is not a Companion, he knows nothing of God's love. "God is in heaven and you upon earth," he says, "therefore let your words be few," that is, God is so far away that you'd better not say too much about him, he lives in a different world. Never. theless, though God cannot (this man thought) be known or loved, he can be feared. You can make vows to him, you can do some service for him God has no pleas- ure in fools; so don't be one. Empty words grow many; don't pour out more talk. Just llve the best you can in the world as it is. If this seems too dark a world, re- member Ecclesiastes hasn't the last word in the Bible! (Based on outlines eopyrishted by the Division of Christian ]Education, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A. Released by Community PresJ Servlce.I I Brownie Troop 15 Plants Petunias At Charles Town Hospital Brownie Troop, Number 15 of Ranson met for their weekly meet ing Wednesday, May 17, at 3:30 in the Sunday School room of the Lutheran Church. After the opening and playing of some games the girls went to the Charles Town General Hos- pital and planted Petunias a- round one of the trees. This was one of the projects. Upon finishing, they were treated to some Dairy Queen be- fore closing the meeting. GO T~NDAY TRUSTEE'S SALE of Valuable Real Estate By virtue of the aumority ves- ted in me by a Deed of Trust dat ed July 8, 1958, executed by Er- nest Hardy and Josephine Hardy, husband and wife to the under- signed, James M. Mason, 3d., Trus tee, to secure the payment of that certain note therein described, re corded in the office of the Clerk of he County Court of Jefferson County, West Virginia, in Deed Book 225, Page 401, the said note now being due and payable and default having been made in the payment thereof, the undersigned having been required so to do by the holder of said note, will offer for sale, at public auction to the highest bidder at the front door of the Court House in Charles Town, Jefferson County, West Vir gin[a, on SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1961 at TEN O'CLOCK (10:00) A. M., DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME, the following described contig- uous parcels of real estate, with improvements thereon, situated on the south side of W. Va. High way No. 9 and east of the Shenan doah River, in Jefferson County, West Virginia, to wit: (1) That certain rectangular tract beginning at a point in the east line of the old county road 236 feet south of the north line of the real estate conveyed to Rob strip of land being T-shaped and I And lik wi e bci g t !C same I May !14t- [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSU2 FARMERS adjoining said former Wilt prop. J proP'erty Which was onveyed to[ [ 4-.B ' . THURSDAY, erty of the north and east sides the said Ei~est Hardy and Jos- ~2ne An~ I~|rlu~ Tn R- [ ~ thereof, and being the Same real ~ ephine Hardy by ~tobert B. Ott !m~ #dl!u nn.Jt~;~ iv u~; [ four named as ol estate which was conveyed to the [and Yola V.'Ott by deed bearin)~' _ " - - - " ' Sunday Services For bers of the Junior said John L. Wilt and wife by Rob I date the 24th day of January, 1956 ~rmon For LH~h~rAn~ I ert H. Wiley, and wife, by deed [and of record in the office of the i ................... I a ., ,~ . ,,,. . She and nine other dated October, 31, 1942, recorded IClerk of the County Court of Jef- I The Rev Earl Neal, pastor of~ Assem0|v boa ~)nurcn I from the freshmen, s said Clerk s _ffice in Deed i ........ ferson County, West Virginia, in'st. Thomas Lutheran Church, mi" ~ -- land seniors classe's wee ~ook !57, Page auo. [)eea Boor. ~w, rage 406, to Ranson, announced Monday the The Rev. William P. Reed pas- zed at an honors banqt (4) Also that certain tract [ wh!ch said deed. and the referen- i following schedule of services for tor of Calvary Assembly of God May 24 at the Univer' which is a part of the same real ice merem contamea, relerenee m ISunday ,rune 4, and subsequetn Ibcated on Fairfax Boulevard on received inscribed certJ estate that was conveyed to said [nereoy mane. [ events: Fifth Avenue in Ranson annaunc- recognition of their aca~ Church Trustees by said Wileys [ TERIt~ OF SALE . . [. The Service at 8:30 ,,~_m. and ed the following schedule of meet preformance achievemd by said deed dated March 24, 1942 [ One-third (~) cash on (lay ot | ll:UO a. m. sermon, rags anu ings for Sunday and subsequent I Forty. other students: recorded in said Deed Book 156, [sale, balance in 'two (2) equal in-~Riches." Nursery held during the week nights. Sunday school at lhonorabie mention for~ Page 477, and is described as a [sallments, evidenced by the notes |worship. Sunday Church School 10:00. a. m., morning worship ser-[ovomont~ certain strip of 16 feet wide by,of the purchaser, bearing even[at 9:45 a. m.; Joseph R. Staley, vice-at 11:00 a. m., Evening E-I ............ - 310 feet in depth, being rectan-[date with day of sale, payable on[Superintendent. Monday through ,vangelistic service at 7:30 p. m., [ f'.~ qP~ ~r~r~frH S( gular in shape, off the southern[or before one (1) and two (2)[Friday, Vacation Church School iTuesday the Christ Ambassadors[ ..... ~' ...... ":- portion of said church lot and[years after~ date, respectively,|at-9:00 a. m. Sunday School de.[meet at 7:30 p. m., Thursday[ I adjoining a similar strip conveyed [bearing interest from date at six [partmental meeting at the home[Bible Study at 7:30 p.m. [ 111 to said Wilts ten feet in width [per cent (6%) per annum, pay-[of Mrs. Robert Trail, Monday, atI I SMITH & Jll~ likewise by said hereinWileys' o. the [able semi-annuallY,of secured by a [8:o0 p. m. Church Council meets Wendv oen0n Is. I FUNERAL "~ south, said strip conveyed t Deed Trust upon the property [ at the parsonage, Tuesday at 8:00 I D fronting 16 feet on the east side [ sold, and assignment of fire Insur [ p. m., Evangelism committee and I of the State Road and running lance in reasonable amounts upon [lay visitors meet Wednesday at 0.tstanding Junior [ back between parallel lines to [ the buildings thereon, if any, with [ 7:30 p. m. Senior Choir Rehears- said Wilt property in the rear, ]the privilege to the purchaser of [ al, Thursday, at 8:00 p.m. . - , , .- . _ I 304 West Wash[n8 which bounds it on the east,[paying all cash on day of sale or[ o At Umverstt Colorado i Charles Tow., being bounded on the north by [ increasing the cash lmyment as[ Moscow profoundly moved by the remainder of said Church[he may de~ire. [space flight. Wendy Louise Anderson, dan-[ , property, and being the same real [ James M. Mason 3rd [ ~ " ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. ~ PHONE :-" estate which was conveyed to said [ Trustee | Uommlssions are not paid on Anderson of Harpers Ferry, and [ .... W:ilts by Virginia Dillow, et al.,[To inspct this property call Cha~largumeats won, but on sales a junior at the University of Col-[ ~ay ~'zo Trustees of said Church, by deed [ les Town: 16. made. irado, Boulder, Col., was one of' dated October 31, 1942, recorded| ,, in said Clerk's office in DeeoJ ..... Book 158, Page 4, to which re-J ference is had. :::::::: :: :::: and even if he could, he would still have--nothing. The wheel of #life ~oes around and around, till "all Junior Woman's HeldMeting MW 15 At Don Parish House The Junior Woman's Club met on Monday, May 15 at the Epis- copal Parish House. The Bonnie Bell coronation preceeded the regular meeting. Mrs. H. It. Hunt er crowned litle Miss Cindy Slush- er as "Miss Bonnie Bell." Run- ners-up were Miss Terry McGow- en in second place, Miss Pamila Hooper, third, Miss Bonnie Sue Riley, fourth and Miscs Sheri Whittington fifth. Over two.hun. ~red dollars was ralsed for the unior Woman's State Project of Mental Health. After the contest the Junior Women conducted their business meeting while the guests were be- ing served refreshments. Mrs'. Roger Perry, president, presided over the meeting. Mrs. Donald Cline gave a report on the Clean- Up C~paign and also distributed (5)) Also that certain tract be- ginning at a point on the east side of the public road at the corner of the lot owned by the said Wilts and the eastern boundary of said public road, thence with the east- ern boundary of said public road 62 feet to a point in the land of Robert H. Wiley and wife, made a corner with the eastern bottn. daw of said road 10 feet from the line of Ott, thence preserving a distance of 10 feet from the line of said Ott and parallel with it in an easterly direction a distance of 385 feet to a point, made a corner with other land of said Wileys, thence at right angle by new line running in a northerly direction 62 feet to a corner with the said Wilt lot, thence with the Wilt line westerly 385 feet to the point or place of beginning in the east- ern boundary of the public road, forming a lot fronting on the east side of said state road 62 feet and extending back with parallel lines a distance of 385 feet, adjoining the lands of said Wilts and said ert H. Wiley and wife, by Will- Wileys, and being the" same real tam H. Wilson, unmarried, by estate which was conveyed to said deed dated July 1, 1941, recorded Wilts by Robert H. Wiley and in the office of the Clerk of the wife by deed dated November 6, County Court of said County in 1943, recorded in said Clerk's of- In Russia they have a TV in Deed Book 154, Page 340 and 10 rice in Deed Book 159, Page 328, every hotel room--only it watches feet south of the south line of the to which reference is had. you. property conveyed by the said Wileys to the Trustees of the (6) And finally, that certain brooms to those present to sell. Pentacostial Full Gospel Church tract described as a tri-angular tract lying between the old e0un- Mrs. James Gore gave a report at Mannings, by deed dated July ty road and State Route No. 9, ad on the Junior Woman's Club Con 1, 1941, recorded in said Deed joining the lands of said Wilts, xention which several of the girls I Book 154 in said Clerk's office, Said Church and said Wiley, and attended. Mrs. Buddy Smoot gave thence parallel to said north line designated on the "Plat of Lots'' a report on the reaction of both of said Wiley property and par- the Charles Town and Ranson allel to the south line of said councils as to sanitary conditions in both towns. Following the business meeting Mrs. Roger Perry was given a Stork Shower by its members. The table was attractively ar- ranged with an artificial stork looking over the many gifts and a large cake. Punch and nuts and mints were also served with the cake. Mrs. Perry received many useful gifts. If you find life is empty, tr~ putting something into it. OF HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS H:~i~g ,purchased the former Chamber's home in :Bolivar v.otla~l~ wi~h ,fttrnlshirtgs I wilt sell sa~d furnishingesa~-at tl~e Cllatmber's house loca~ed in ,Bollvar, W. Va. ON SATURDAY, JUNE 3rd BEGINNING At 10 O'CLOCK A. M. DST Walv~ut drop-leaf ~'b)o, walnut ~e ~,~fe, walnut end ,~able, 3 ,pia..,%k-bot, tom chairs, 6 side chmrs decorated, c~ne seat). ~t~ple locg. ,pl~i2or~a rocker, morris ~hair, ,mantel clock, 5 rockers, sideboard, ~k exte~mlon t~ble, 9 d~n~ng room *chairs, 3 ~orch ~ers, )buffet, ~f~t, ~bed, coal ~ove, home comfor.~, C~n- er~l E~c ref.rlger~t~r, love se~t ph~s arm chair, side chair @nd .foot ~tool, de~k: coffee ~ble. ,R. C. A. radio, hall tree, hall 8e~ ~artd 'eo, g(~)t ~tool wlth ~rought iron l,egs, 3 piece living room sulte, '3 snioklng stands, odd st@ntis, end tables, old rock- er, ~taga~i~Re rack, 2-3 piece ~bedroom s,~l,tes. 2 ward,i'obes, tires- ~r, ~Rgl~ ~.d, was~d, old safe, Tugs, plctur~ and picture fraenes hlal{id~ng set .of deep ~alnut ,frames, ~%lvrors, 4 pit- they ~nd~'--]~owl set.s, books, oil ~amps, vasgs, milk glad. dresser set, walntlt wall ro~ck, jewel case, drapes, el'finn '~nd gtass~vare Church property (leaving a strip 10 feet wide in between) in an easterly direction 310 feet to point, thence at right angles in a southerly direction 72 feet along the line of other Wiley property to a point, corner with Wiley, thence at right angles in a wes- terly direction 310 feet to another point in the east line of said County road, thence at right an- gles in a northerly direction along the east line of said road 72 feet to the point of beginning, contain ing five-eights of an acre, more or less, it being the same real es- tate which was conveyed to the said John L. Wilt and Martha E. Wilt, his wife by Robert H. Wil- ley and wife, by deed dated Mar. ch 24, 1942, recorded in said of. lice in Deed Book 156, Page 477 to which reference is hereby had. (2) Also that certain right-of- way for pipe line and water pur- poses for domestic use over the adjoining property of said Wileys conveyed to them by said deed from William H. Wilson, unmar. tied, described as beginning at approximately the intersection of boundary lines at the northeast- ern corner of said Wilt property above described and the southeast ern corner of the ten foot strip between their property and the property conveyed to said Chur- ch Trustees, above set forth, and on March 24, 1942, and p~'oceed- ing thence over said Wiley prop- erty in a straight Mne (except where necessa/7 to go around a substantial amount of rock or other obstruction) approximately 300 feet to a head spring in an easterly direction from said Writ tract of land, together with neceas ary ingress and egress for the pur pose Of maintaining said pipe line in use and operation, which said right-of-way was conveyed to the said John L. Wilt and Martha E. Wilt, his wife, by Robert H. Wll, ey and wife by deed dated July 18, 1942, recorded in said C!erk's of- rice in Deed Book 157, Page 316. (3) Also that certain tract be- ginning at a point in the east side of the road at the northwestern corner of said Wilt property (con veyed to them by said Wileys by l~eAuding ~tmlerotts ~ma'll ~tv.~ers, custrian chi~, St|teens. cup ~tnd satmers, pressed glass ~l)te glasses, kJt~l~en utensils, l~ogers silver, rare, shavir~g ~nirrors, $~)otstools, 6 ~blue av.~rged, crockery j~r~ aid ,battles, pe~,,e~1,on oil ~tove, bed clothing, omsKets, aug- ~r buckets, line/gs, q jilts, .step ladder, la~wn ,mower, 2 garden ~)lows, ~rass ~hears, ~ssorted tools, grinders, shovels, hoes, rakes d!:gging ii~n, porch glider az~d benches ~nd other a~icles ~ar too ,at~ei~0us ~o mention. DOUG BOWERS deed dated March 24, 1942, record ed in said Deed Book 156, Page 477) and running thence north. wardly with said road a distance of 10 feet to the property of said Pentacostal Church/thence with said Church property eastwardly 310 feet, thence with said Church property (at the rear thereof) nor AUCTIONEERS MILLER and MORROW CLERKS: MORELAND and NEWCOMER WSC.8 of ,Bolivar Methodist Church will ~rv~ lunch At She same ti~me and place we will se~t ~the ~ollowing: several sets of ,furniture from CHf,fslde Motel ~ncluding A~o(!ern kneeholeodesks, bedside ta'ble, double beds, ~prings thwardly 16 feet, thence eastward ~ttre.sses, che#ts of drawer~, maple chairs and rockers, 2 ly again 75 feet, thence southwar set~ af sir,.g}o springs ,and m.~ttresse~, 2 .maple chests of drawers dly 98 feet, thence wcstwardly 75 2 maple ,beds. bed clot~,ng, 3 used television sets, 2 girls bicy- feet to the said Wilt line (at the from the South@est corner of the B. C. Washington tract, made by J. Jas. Skinner, S. J. C,, as Lot No, 4 and being the same rdal estate which was conveyed to said Wilts by Nellie May Oden and husband, by Deed dated Ap. ril 29, 1944, recorded in said Clerk's office in Deed Book 160, Page 318, to which deed and said- plat thereto attached reference is made. t LESS, HOWEVER, LOT NO, 5, on said plat (being 62 feet by 85 :feet deep) conveyed to said Oden ~by said Wilts by deed bearing same date. rear thereof), thence with same northwardly 72 feet, thence with same westwardly 310 feet to the ' all of said No other monument can be "just as good" as a Rock of Ages* Monument available only from. your Rock of Authori d Dealer. MARTIHSBURG 6RANtR wo s 109 West Jolm Strest Telephone Amh ,mt 7.6141 Mart: burg, W. Va FLOYD C ODOM, Own oleo, ,a~d enlsc~llaneous ibem.s. M~y 24,2'1'- JOHN NEWCOMER ::.:- .::. :.: .:.......:.. Nothing quite compares with the .exhilaration of that .final day at high ool. The drudgery of note-t king, the monotony of assignments and rec- ant[on, the tedium of term papers, the nights of cramming, the toiling tension of exam week.., it's all behind them. And ahead.., graduation. . the prom.., college.., a job. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . .. ALL FOR THE CHURCH "]'he Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of sp~rltual values. Without a ~trong Church. neither: democracy nor civilization, can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should atlend services regularly and support the Church. They arc: (I) For his own sake.. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support, Plan to go to church regularly and read-your Biblc daily,, But as an earnest parent, pause to take sto k of your son's spiritual maturity. Has the soul's growth kept:pace with the mind's? The firmness of the bond between the Home and the Church holds the answer. Strengthen that bond every Sunday. In a world that con- stant!y tests the faith of men.., the, e am over. Day Book Chapter Verses Sunday Proverbs 23 12-18 Monday Proverbs 23 19-26 Tuesday Luke 2 39-52 Wednesday I Samuel 2 18-26 Thursday I Samuel 3 10-20 Friday Hebrews :12 1-6 Saturday Hebrews 12 7.ii ~ijtt llql, X~'~r A4,. ~d~ Strs~rg, ~ S ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. Chaelee T0w W. Vs. fllone 408 CHARLES TOWN ESS0 / SERVICE STATION Phone 600T Cha~ea Tow~ W. V~. J:, C. PENNEY COMPANY ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY" CHARLES TowN, W. YA. , | t , i H. W; WAGELEY, INC. BUI aTANE SEBVlC W. $ e. SALES vows, w. ~X 5~1 eHONE zxs Phone 8-W les Town. W. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SHER~VIN-WILLIA~S PAINTS Phone 45 Chaxles Town, W. VL P WHATAN 'r BRASS &" ,IliON 'WORKS RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA ,,RAN ON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RS~'$ON, W. VA. PHONE 309 RANSON. MACHINE WORKS PHONE 481.. RANSON, W, vA. i, COMM ITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES 'SERVICE m.le Tow W. Va. a/g, W. va. - Leesbur , ya. '. : VALLEY BOARD CORP. WES LEGGETT'S DEPT. "THE HOME OF BETTER Charles Tawn, W. V~. VICKERS & GULF DEALERS 321 West Washington Phone 5006 Charles Town, SHENANDOA AIR CONDITIONING HEATING--COOLING Plumbing - Sheet Metal o Charles Town, W. Va~ PhO~e THE MELVIN T. COLONIAL FUNERAL Charles Town SUDLEY FUNERAL Shepherdstown 2683 PITTS CHARLES THEATRE--Ranso "ALWAYS A GOOD