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June 1, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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June 1, 1961

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T., ........... . ..... " f Brownie Scouts Of ": iiZ d]2 ' r l e_ enti, ' p 30 Inves WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER [ Tr00_ ted As CHARLEE TOWN W ,A " "" " Intermediate Scouts L (Ed. Note: This is the first in of denial of due process of law Eleven Brownie Scouts f BEST MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING a series of five articles. Subse- by a police state. These are but _ . ' o FOR REACHING THI~ BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND AL" qnent articles will deal with the a few of the things that the Jeff- ~'roop i~o. 30 w. ere invested, as BURROUNDING AREAB FOR MORE THAN |16 YEARB. history of Communism and how ersonian system has not only pro ,l,~er~e~Ia~3re~nIor~ ~oVdSatat a READ EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN it gained a foothold in Russia; raised but produced I defy corn-' Y- P y me what Communism is and why t munist to, at any time or place, I cit e,ns Fire Company^Building -- 20,OOO PERSONS -- holds such fascination for many show me where his system can n... at.u.raay, z'/, at z:uo.p..m. people, the breeding spots of improve on this. 1 am not inter-I zrmnas ann parents attena- 3 Y g g 1~. d. Allara men reau a poem I oon the ten laws of Girl Scouting PUBLIBHED EVERY THURSDAY El IJ ,1 n+ityand fmankindreach MissthemmarmaChallengeyniiilps, thea teachertm the a Communism and what it thrives ested in hearing some cotnrhtin- rag. BY THE JEFFIkRSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. BECOND CLABB POSTAGE PAID AT CHARLEB TOWN, W. VA. on; how the principles of Thomas ist say what will happen whenI The program was opened Wi[h Jefferson, John Locke, Rousseau the Great Revolution has been I the Flag Ceremony presented by and Diderot can ultimately stem completed. I want to hear about[Sue Littleton and Missy Ramey BPIRIT ESTABLISHED IB&4cOMBINED--MARcHADVOCATEI. 1948 EBTABLISHED laa~ the Communist tide and insure today...... not promises about to-]as Flag Bearers, and Cindy Payne its ultimate defeat. H.W.M. morrow. For in forty-five years and Debbie Merchant as Guards, MAX BROWN, EDITOR JEFFERSON vs MARX" PART 1 the Communists still rule byE followed by the Plegde of Aleeg- OFFICE NORTH GEORGE BTREET -- TELEPHONE aa2 A ..... ;a~., ~ .... n." ........ I force and not by consent of the iance and the Troop singing "My . -*~ v-yo,?,: ....... : .... .~.Y'~E?'.Y~ [ governed while this nation has [ Country 'Tis Of Thee." N*TIONAI. ADVERTISING REPREaENTATIVEE It0 meet mls week wl[n INIKlca, been eno inthe blessin-s of I ....... : _ Khrusehev, one cannot help but . ear ,, ,, WEEKLY NEWBPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, iNC. ~ ......... Ihberty for more than 150 y s l entitled My Cree f ~ d. alO4 FllrrH AVENUE, NEW YORK 18, N.Y. e.1that the Free worm has t an . . . Our system has been tes ed d, Mrs Turtle a ATLANTA -- CHICAGO ---DETROIT "-- LOS ANGELES Justcause for pessimism and ;, .... -lqm te societ- == r Rmey, Leader of l gloom In Africa there is tumult i.'.'..'..*:,.."~:~"~L.x'~,2~'.~. :.~n v...;~]tne Troop led me uand!eiight land trife, and not all of it ls l .......... ]Ceremony m which every girl ALl. BUIIECRIPTIONII DELIVERED IN THE ~I'ATE ARE BUEJECT TO S% CONEUMERS " VlblAdlIZ, I~LI Uy .L.L~II.~ CllXU. JL~l~1111, " " * " has never oeen testeu, uutwe stud one of the Girl Scout Laws BALER TAX. BUIIIICRIWIrlON SB.EO PER YEAR IN AOVANCK nweed to::e:2ngo" Infamrprfof" can.get some idea of how !t [and lighted a candle for each of i . work ]z we count me graves ~rum - MEMBER OF TNE [m se of extremely dubious value. [ ....... Balk ] N AT I O N A t E D I T O R I A L [ In Cuba the insolent Castro cud-I a2t. ermany ..acr ssmmeia an= I The girls were presented by a.u u, u,uu - " Mrs Earl Allara Assistant Lead- /N I I Itles up to the Communists. In] ......... 0--I ];eneva talks with the Russians]~merm an(]. mercy on ?l~wnler~ to Mrs. Joe Littleton, Assist. [)n banning nuclear tests are frus-[through China. ,,~om_p.are__~ ere ]ant Leader, who gave each girl . . numoers wire me numue~ uz ,, [tratlng and unproductive ..... ~ .... *"- hay- been killed by]her Fly-Up .wings,. and Mrs. J VJh~r nno rnic~ht ~eb ie fha I p~uIJs~ w.u ~ ~ IWlillam Kotn, r~elgnDornood ' [news all most always bad for us ..... ' ...... al' - lunmrman' plnnea the lrl Scout Thursday, June 1, 1961 /and good for the Communist ong Pin on each girl as she stated tile . Girl Scout Promise ] my. Why would anyone chooselof the Free World is not getting t ..... L_ , . DVENTURE I l,+ommuntsm over uemoeracy as[+ho +, .......... +ho,, no at.l rnezroop sang wneneer+You A N PLEASURE ]we know it in this country and the [Make A Promise," led by Mary .............. liz .... las. we would like to have othezlunited States for thesiren]elE abeth Watson. ~aations know and enjoy it~ '1,..~.. +h~ ~o knnw n,,r svs.~ IA rayer was eiven by Mrs The Jefferson County Memorial Park has opened for the . ......... t ............... tem P .... ] No one can hope to come up ]to be far superior and for the fur- ]William Roth after which she SeAmier of 1961 and the community can be grateful. We J vith a single answer to these lther reason that the things that I gave the Principles and Beliefs remember when the Park was dedicated quite some few years / ]uesdons., out .a of .tile arts- I breed Communism in other I of Girl Scou[lng. er, I think, hes in our inability ago. ,BRings Randolph, who was then an executive with Cap- I ........ [countries simply do not exist[ Daylight Taps were then ung ital Airlines and is now, as we all know, our senior U. S. Sen- 'o oe oom persuasive ano ark- [:'ulate a- t- the advantages of the[here' We know thin too: has lby the Troop. ator, admonished the assembled throng not to let the .... ..... [been+ our superior system that[ Delicious refreshments Were grow up in weeds. Well, the Park Board of Directors, headed ......... ...................... " i a- [ .... wo,1 .... nn [has been responmble for erad c t [ served to all guests and G rl ............................. " " " f Com- by C. F. Reininger must have taken the ad, moition pretty [.. m.o;..u., ;o **.+o ..... ,ling the breeding places o ,,+ I scouts by Mrs. Carl Merchant and much to heart. There's scarcely any room for weeds --; ..... ,~ ]toURiSm. poverty, hunger, unt . [Mrs. Roscoe Payne, members of you take into consideration that there's now a swimming / .,o,q,+ ........ de the ,,nc-m- [ acy, demal of basic reeuoms, J the Troop Committee, at the Con- ....... ~, ....... 1 i ation " pool,, a couple of tennis courts, picnic areas with cover provi- [ nitted people of the world and [ expio t ........ [ cluslon of the ceremony. what can we uo aoout '. ded in ease of inclement weather, and a playground area of [ ven the Communsits themselfes[ _. ........... [ Girls invested as Intermediate proolem l~lrst ot all, me voice + ,, ,, swings and sliding boards that scarcely has a moments rest [that m a test between these two] . . ". _ owerfullG rl Scouts were: Cookm Russ- America can De a p )hilosophies, Jefferson vs Marx ......... if lell, Sue Littleton, Mary Elizabeth from the patter of little feet. It would take a ,mighty hearty - .' meulum xor teuing our story Waton Miss Rame a [ here can be but one outcome ff ................ f , y y, C thy Bart- specimen of a Weed to flourish in this environment. arvo if,- ,4+.. t It lS not nanmcappeu oy u ] lett B J Allar Cind P lmankindzstopry ....... a + not al I , . a, y ayne, + A wonderful job has been done at the park ,and much of it ea Ce / ,t h e p: ofl . h:o nn3 [ ND ?b:ie ][as been done on faith on th part of the Park officials that aou ,-' r n?Z r ~:r~ ta' KBaye ~:b i nKoay |he community wanted the job done, and that the community [stantial part of the reason for .............. idea of a Peace land Mary Shuman. ould respond by donations. If you use the Park but once a / )ur failure in Laos, in Cuba, and ]~e rre~zucu~ owerful instru I rear or if you have kids who use it please send your donation/in the Conga and the rest of Af-[ fc:p eod Put it will deai l he Ik hae Talb if you haven't all ready done so. The Park officials will be rica is the fact that we have not l .... . " , ............... I 3 more ]n teCtllllCal ale aHu au- j[rateful if and the conrmunity will be grateful for the [,men successful in persuading the ,+.~ +h .... i+h lm'~ .~o tho [ ~ ~ t . ,.. hart you play in making this adventure in pleasure possible. [ Pl rPele s Oaf th sree cioun rimeScrtpavt [ =rd an'd be"done it-=] nel ermmwn mgn al thatto match.the Commumstsif is not enoughCannttohPebe- It. occurs to me that what we raduates Of New O.. "HE WEATHER AND OTHER llieve in this future with a blind lnee are a group o~ propaganal~ ] ,, . " I faHh" wo m,,st develon a mission- [ abroad who are telling me peop e [ The new dawn may be as beau- CHESTNUT HILL HEWS ITEHS ................ about America and pointing out tiful asthe Vl [ary zeal for translating this be-I ..... .'a-. ..... [ . . "ew Allen B-Shep- to mem wim lntenigence ano hera astronuat o e [lief into language that the whole] ...... I ,. enj y d on his I;.,,o~o, ........ ~,~, ,,,u,~,o~,~,,.~.n~"o+~"a ,,,q"~ ,__o.m,,~ ,i gance or with a hozier-man-mou. -- . [ Oliver S. Ikenberry, president of By Mrs. Georgia Pearl ]world, including the Commun-!convicdn,(ana never w~m arro-[flight into outer space," said Dr. yak attRude) the story o~ Amerma Shee herd Colic ~" " ' trate simply,~we need to sp " P ge, when he ad- , + ~r~'~w ,, -, +l~intorm~ofabstractionsueh~Let ~ ," ~'~- =us u ~ -o-~Cm'/aressea+~e~-ra,4ua*eso'C~'e~" Weather! Rather mixed I would dinner guests on Sunday with the EaR "freedom of man and dignity I mumsts to debate and see ff the [herdstown H gh School Friday. say with very little Spring weath- latters parents Mr. and Mrs, Will- [of man" and more in tern~s of [ Communists accept. Let them, in ]His subject was "The Coming Of er. More like Autumn and cold [iam Wilt. [what the off-springs of those i-[short,._be chargedinWI~mtehrecar3-[The Morn." t tandard of sponslmlity o~ sell g one week. Monday morning very :Scouts On Trip, , ideals mean: deccA s I .......... *: / Jacqueline Hughes welcomed kin co d tlons oroao liKe 1 has never oeen soiu ,, cloudy and very penetrating airI Troop 253, -Indian Head, Md, l living, decent wor " g n ' , I.. [the 450 guests with Salutation later in the day. Strong westerly I.oador Mr Ray 14n on Roy I freedom from fear of exploitation]oe re. Ito the Dawn, and Patricia Par. winds. Tuesday, another morning I g-~+~-,-t~" _~-'-~mo%'-'D,'/,~V~'".Ta~ / Y P . a e .An~ fare- of clouded skies and cold and on ~.~"-;~:. -:'J:",~ "~o--'n "~"'~ b business em ires, the right We have the greatest story insons called the ch 11 nu" e . . . i rranKnn, mlcKey wa , . . [to a fazr decent wage for]modern history to tell. Let s get well, A Trumpet to the Morn. weanesaay morning tempera .... ............. [Gilbert, Bill Barrett, Paul Gibson,/one's labor, freedom from fear ]on with telling it. L J l IcDonald, president of turps in A igm frost m . . [motored from Indian Head, Md. " " some areas. Arouna noon some]to Wilson's Ga-on the A- alach- [ the Board of Education of Jef- P Pl~ sunshine and temperature rising .... ' ....... [said that it used to bethought~u~|Pe ~~ ~|l||~e ferson County, awarded the dip. o- .... .... /lan rrau ana spem me nlgm. ]that superior students had to IVll3 I'lGlllIG I mm a lomas and presented to the audi ,DOUr ~ p m l~ was a~)out vo . . " : ..... "[They hiked to Keyes Lean-to on have superior a. " ,, __ ^ , -- ncestors She said ence the other members Mrs TnursaaYshine andCmara wonderfulSmes' orlgntbreathsun- [ aturdaVof ....... " .... and nont,_ ........ tho nighto.._ [that a good background is a great N0n0r [|n KeIIremen Louise Corbin, Lowell Hetzel ......... [there and on Sunday motored to ]'help, but any n6rmal child who .... Shirley Hunt and Leo Widmyer. prlng. we are m neea ot ram ............ I Indmn Head where they report/wil1 apply itself to his or her A& u...I..~.,. MAre^ Edward B. Rogers, principal anu me grounu is very ury ann a wonderful trin gardens not looking very prom-. . f. .... work, can be an honor studenb II llbllGW I1 111 presided at the exercises, intro- ising. The cold strong wind dis- Mrs..~nnie wilt aria aa.ugnter The speaker said that parents .............. , _ ducing the speaker and present- turbs the nlants verv much Fri Arbutus and daughter Antmnette should realize their part in help- . . = ...... " g c ndidates for graduation. ........ - ......." " at t=naries Town junior rtlgn re day moraine a very clouded sky were visitors recently with the in~, to make a good scholar Ros- . ..... " The Rev. Russell Parons, of an(t about 10J30 a in. a very heavv formers daughter and family Mr. . . -" ti ing trom me teacmng pro- t e'New St " cue Payne, Junior High Principal ...... --ore at h reet Methodist Church, ...... esslon iRiS year, was non u t h nor gave the Invocatmn and the Ben air a r hi ' and Mrs Claude Rmkels and their made awards to the twen y o " - " .... of Mrs " " r storm nd e gh winds and a "u v mnrn daughter Norma Jean of Charles students. He said that this Rum- . ........... a edmtion. cold nlht. Saturda. ___ ....... " a mncneon at me Rome . , w r ensnaw oI .NllUUleW y Town, W va ing, a light frost. ber was picked from a class of : ...... ..Dr..Ikenberry .and .Mr..Par- on amroay, May o r an Mrs Ada Cogle, Mrs Mary M . d Mrs. Charles Garrett . sons held very personal interests n ere uests on Saturdav evenin Longerbeam, Mrs Charles Grove ......... ;,,;., ....... In addition to the guest of ho - in the class, each having a daugh- w .......... " i were. aro ;n"l verhar , l a ri'c a or, and other women teachers, ter receiving a diploma ....... with their daughtei" and family and Mrs. Anme Grove, all of S1- Mr and Mrs Nell g|n hor eft ver roxe were visitors recenuy T -az, OIroll Mar,arot from the Junior High School, the Theodore A. Uowery, superin- Ranson ............ With Mr. and Mrs. John Runion. "=t'ol es-'Su ette guests included Miss Ruth Phil- tendent of schools in Jefferson " . On Sight-Seeing Trip IavXls?' K aUs otl r Anne West, lips, Miss Lucille Heflebower and County, accepted a check tOward L ttle James Thompson, Jr who .......... '~h .... .n I.arrv Am Miss Christine Hunter. a new stage curtain for the aud- Tnirw nine pupas ot me tsJue ................. ,- ........ , ._.+.. was a patient in the Charles Town General Hospital with a ruptured appendix has returned home and is recuperating satisfactorily Mr. Johnnie Brackett is work. Ridge School motored to Wash- ington, D. C. on Wednesday and really enjoyed the trip and the sights. Those of the sixth grade from Chestnut Hill were Frankly brose, Rosella Kern, Jeannie Ramsburg, Lois Brewer, Caleb Burns, Robert Benton, David Bowers, Amon Grantham, Carla Alexander, Jbhn Merchant and Miss Phillips was presented with a corsage of roses and a pin along with a card of best wishes from all those present. The luncheon tables were cent- itorium from Charles Swope, pres ident of the class. The high school band, dfi'ected by Charles Via, played the march- es. ing as a truck driver for a lumber Deck, Ronnie Jackson, Jamie company near Falls Church, Va., Pearl, Nancy Ann Grove, David and is very well satisfied with his Piper and Wayne McDaniels. work. The teacher of the sixth grade is Mr. and Mrs. George Wilt spent Miss Edwards. the weekend with their daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Higgs of near Baltomore, Md. 20 Honor Students At Mrs. Eva Davis children of Charles Town, Mrs. "Virginia C! Wilt and daughter Cindy Lou aries Town Junior I were guests on Friday with Mrs. Rosebud McDaniels. High Guests Of Kiwanis Mr. and Mrs. Richard West and family of Purcellvi|le, Va. were Twenty honor students at the visitors recently with the I tters Charles Town Junior High School parents Mr. and Mrs. John Run- ion. Mr. John Runion, Jr. of Front Royal, Va. has returned home aft- er spending several days with his parents Mr. and Mrs, John Run- ion, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown and family of Charles Town were dinner guests on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Runion and fam- Ily. Mr. and Mrs. John Runion motored to Mt. Jackson, Va. on Sunday to pay tribute to their l ed ones Who are :buried in the Nit, Jackson Cemetery. Visitors At Runions Those who visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Runion in were paid a well.deserved tribute on their outstanding scholastic achievement Thursday evening, May 25, by members of the Char- les Town Kiwanis Club at their regular weekly dinner meeting, held at the Thomas Jefferson Ho- tel. Teachers and parents of the students also attended the dinner bringing the total present to 77. Dr. J. L. Van Meter explained the origin and purpose of the meeting He said that three years ago the Club decided to honor the outstanding studenls for their scholastic work, in much the same way outstanding athletes, beauty queens, etc. are honored. Each year since 1959, ~he Club has given a dinner in honor of the past week were Mr. and Mrs. these students. The event is spun- Herbert Dodsbn of Halltown, Mr. sored by the Vocational Guidance and Mrs. Clarence Fritts and son Committee of the Club. and Mrs. Mary Leps, all of Char- Dr Sara Cree of the Shepherd |es Town and Mr. and Mrs. Rich- College faculty was the speaker ard West and family of Purcell- of the evening. Dr. Cree said that] ville, Va. each year there is nlorc and more / Mr. a,nd Mrs Frankly Ange o Anterest by students who are try-I " i + 4wo a +o,Buxke+ Va-,,were :ing::to:excell:in4heir:studies.-ShelJ Richard Ebersote, Clarke County Boy Gets $300 Scholarship, To Enroll At Shepherd Jesse K. Longerbeam of Berry- ville, Va., has been selected win- ner of the $300 scholarship given by Lloy/t Williams Post 41, Amer- ican Legion Aukiliary. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mason Longerbeam of Berryville, and will graduate from Clarke County High School in June. Jesse plans to attend Shepherd College for one or two years, and he wil then transfer to the Un- iversity of Virginia. He will study physical educatiop and biology. Jesse was selected by Sporting News as a member of the Nation- al High School All-American Foot ball team for 1960. He has een captain of the Eagles for two years Jesse was president of his Fu-: ture Farmers of America Feder. ation this year, and recently won the FFA federation public speak. ing contest. He has held several local FFA offices He is president of the Hout 4-H Club, of which he has also served i as treasurer and reporter. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Jacobs andI daughter, Mrs. Raymond Wilt,] Bolivar spent last Wednesday vis. [ iting Mr. and Mrs. Johnny MoyerI is, Cumberlandr hid. : ered with bowls of snap dragons The menu consisted of juice, fried chicken, peas, potato chips, hot rolls, salad, beverages and cake. At this same luncheon, Donna Gageby, who will be married on June 6th., was presented with a wedding gift of coming ware from those present. _ C!arles Town Library WHI Cimmje To Su er Hours Monday June 5 On Monday, June 5, the Oide Charles Town Library will change to Summer hours and the new hours now will be as follows: Monday through Friday from 10:30 a. m. to 12 noon; Friday night from 7:30 to 8:30, Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 p. m.. It was also announced this week that the Eastern Panhandle Heart Association, through the local Heart. Chapter chairman, Forrest Willinghhm, has given to the Olde Charles Town Library a gift $50 to be used to pur- chase books on Heart trouble and it's causes. June books for the library are: The Chess Players, Frances Park- inson Keyes, The Wainwright In- heritance, Elizabeth Corbett, In A Summer Season, Elizabeth TRy lor, That Night It Rained, Hill. ary Waugh, Science and Govern. meat, C. Snow and Complete Field Guide To American Wild- life,. Hem j, Hill:Collias,- Jr.. The officers for the class of 1961 were Charles Swope, preSi- dent; Jacqueline Hughes, vice- president; Matthew Williams, sec- retary; Peggy Jeanne Lowe, treas- urer. The students had for their mot- to, "Bold Chanticleer Proclaims the Morn." Their colors were crimson and old; their flower, the coxcomb; and their symbol, the chanticleer. Earlier in the school year the class had present- ed for their play, "The Egg and I" Mrs. John Gri singer, Jr., and Miss Gladys Hartzetl were the class sponsors. Beverly Custer Has Party On 7th Birthday Miss Beverly Custer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley Custer, JeffersOn Terrace celebrated her 7th birthday May 25 with a pai-ty Those helping her celebrate were Elaine Ba ane i0, Lau A1- len, Debbie and Buddy Rinaldi, Stevie Ruble, Marsha and. Diatia Brown, Douglas Allara, Donnie Baumgardner, Joy Doff, Kevin Robinson, Ge e Carper, David White, Holly Cave, Joan Uuster, Mr. and Mrs. Page Custer and Mrs. Robert Custer of Shepherds- town. Refreshments Of ice cream and birthday cake, Cookies, mints, nuts and cool aid was served. Bey. erly received ma y beautiful and useful gifts at d Wisl es tO thallk evewone for the gifts. l St}undiflh SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ,amazas nf =" "*'"* 4:--A Ti IURSDAY, JUNE Bells Opens County Honor Students Named Garnet Payne To Ot D:l eri I 1 ve in At Clarke County High Riding Stables Jefferson County was opened on BERRYVILL]~ -. Lloyd Lee' Garnet E. Payne, ! Monday evening, May 22 at 7 p. Loope, Jr., of BlUemont has beeh County farmer, plans m. with the ringing of Chureh named valedictorian of the senior riding school on June bells ahd for the next two hours l tss Cl i'k'e CSiiiit Higli, his farm near Bard Mental Health Bell Ringers were School. land gaited and wesb,~ busy carrying on a door-to-d6or saiutatorian is Mary Jane mite 'horses are available [canvass tunas unuer sponsor- Laske daughter of Mr and Mrs who wish to learn to |i [ship of the county s Mental Heal John O Laskev of Front Royal tented riders may also1 I th Association. * [ Both" have maintained an "Aes by appointrrient. I_. Although, the effars of the Bell l average throughout high school. The Beginner's IRingers May 22 were considered Lloyd has served as nresident held on Tuesday and':[ I successful not aU section of the of his junior and seni0r" classes, mornings. The int j coumy were reacneu in fhe two I the Beta Club and the French group will meet on yio] [hours which the workers were Club. He has been in the cast of Wednesday mornings [out:. So.those charged w!th di.]tlie two class plays, and was vice- clud a riding ring for I recking, me arive are I president of the Student Cooper- refi, and a practice area ! It seA rangers to continue meirlative Association and Hi-Y mediate riders as welli [ efforts and. to complete can ass- ] Lloyd has also been literary ed- paths for those who [ lAg m secuons not aireauy coy- I itor of the school b ner and was to riue. An experience [ Bred as quickly as possible.] on the yearbook staff. ' will accompany all [ In making their calls at homes l Jane is a member of the Latin I The classes are limit I li e:?ev d!d not get a response [ Club, Debating Club and the ber to provl le individ I " isits ana persons who[ h " n lion for everyone desiri TrI-HI-Y. She ha_ _yen v] - . . [ have not already done so are i ident of the Beta Club and treas- [ tlclpate, i I urged to scrod t eir contributions [ urer of her cla. far tha na t twn I I , o ,a lea suJreTof S it riC arles [years. -- ........ ]Senioi: High School, [ " ] She has been chairman of an ]warded a scholarship tO] ] , ,. I SCA committee, and news editor ]University for the'St [ Memoms urves [of the school paper as well as and his wife, the for I ..... [literary editor of the yearbook. [Lee Hoffmaster, and [ I The two honor students will[StaR, resi I Jl ,,,IIllg [speak at commencement June 12[ ,, I .... = [at 6 p. m. on the school lawn I GO TO CHURCH I The vari0tis ctrcies of the Char[ " lies Town Methodist Church WilIIFoRMER FERRY TEACHER I ...... [ meet Tuesday June, 6 w, ith all of ,,, ...... ..... I $ $ S A V E I them except Circle No. 1 meeting o~n~aaton.r [ SEWINGWING ____MACI l at 8 p. m. Circle 1 Will meet at lUN RSITY OF MARYLAND[ [2 p. m. at the home of Mrs. E. [ ......"---'Z- . - + [ Low ................. PHces--Pho [L. Stolle, N rth George Street. [. w mmm urKe, ormer[ . ........,A I Mrs Grover Goode, is chairman Iteacner-eoacn at tiarpers r'errYl Vr t MAtCX I Circles No 2 Mrs Harry Pine" [ High School is now coaching and [ 25 - 3t. ]chairman meets Tuesday at the[teaching at Bethesda-Chevy Chase l IF | I [home of Mrs. Harry Barker, East [ [ Liberty Street. [ ...................... ....... , [ Circle No. 3, Mrs. Joseph Car-[ ,!, [roll, chairman , at 8 p. m. fit theli ltkl iMP " [ +'~ [home of Mrs. Harry Swimley and[ AMMfllIMPIMg [Mrs. Graham, First Avenue. PU II IWi [ Illqdl / Circle No. 4, Mrs. Addie Green[ , ...... , " I chai :man, meet a[ 8 P. m. at the[ " ii:] [home of Mrs. Thomas Kern, Jeff-] +" erson Avenue. .... I anCirc eaiNo. n Mrs. E ward Mor-[| .... the opening of .... [g " a , meeti g TueSday/ ,., [at the home of Mrs. Albert Ner-[ ,,, IEniy Ati.oo ,, sou,.Samuel Street. IJ+ rRIR ' na vMr ' l~~i~~:+~!e++!r~+Ji RIDING STABLE! [ W officers for the ensuing y ere voted to their seats and " Mrs. Vivan Bush was appointed to Ii CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS. B dal p iths f represent the lub f e District/ : , --" .. " : +:" ' : tenceu rluers Meeting, May 22 in Martinsburg [8 " ++.+++ at the Shenandoah Hotel. + ' The retiring president Mrs.[ , : +ii Jaam:?hiMOluer was presented with [~ ALL HORSES QUIET AND ELL BROKE g c r appreciation ozt " her guidance during the yeai'. ,. Mrs. Kenneth S/ ger of Brooke . ' Ave. was awarded a Hyalin foot-/9 TELEPHONE 33-F-023 ed compote for earning the high .', est number of points for the year. Mrs. Robert Stone and Mrs. Viv/i FOR APPOINTMENTS AND RATES , ' an Bush earned the second place ' r :~ in paint count. , The June meeting will be held [~ - + ~!! at the home of Mrs. Elmer Wag GARNET PAYNE emy on Morison Ave. and the gen eral arrangement is to be a cres- cent of roses, l iiii i nv~o ,IL [ fi/~ ~s~ i NEWBERRY 20" - 3 SPEED N 60 x 24" x 20" ALL METAL Charg e It. 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