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May 30, 2018     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 30, 2018

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PAGE A12 Wednesda 30, 2018 FARM/LEGALS SPIRIT of JEFFERSON and EM{MER'S ADVOCATE LIVESTOCK REPORT FARMERS LIVESTOCK LAMBS: 24 - Choice - $130-194. EXCHANGE INC. Slaughter Ewes: 20 - $79-99. 1995 Northwestern Pike SLAUGHTER CATTLE: Winchester, Va. Cows: 114 - Utility & Comm. - $58.50- Monday, May 21, 2018 73.50; Canner & Cutter - $30-36; Cutter and BNG - $44-58. HOGS: 5 Bulls: 20 - 1-2 - $74-88 50. Sows:. $35. Stock Cows: 133 - $650-1375. Pigs:,50 lbs. - $60. FEEDER CATTLE: 894 Steers: Med & Lg #1 - 200-300 lbs. - $165-173; 300-400 lbs.- $150-161; 400-500 lbs. - $142-153; 500-600 lbs. - $141-151; 600-700 lbs. - $138-146; 700-800 lbs. - $123-135; 800-900 lbs. - $112-120; 900-1100 lbs. - $96 50-101. Meal & Lg #2 - 300-400 lbs.- $134- 144; 400-500 lbs. - $137 50-141; 500- 600 lbs.- $130-140; 600-700 lbs. - $120-137; 700-800 lbs. - $110-119; 900-1100 lbs. - $93. Heifers: Med & Lg #1 - 300-400 lbs. - $135-144; 400-500 lbs.- $128-142; 500-600 lbs. - $128-138; 600-700 lbs. - $120 50-130 50; 700-800 lbs.- $110- 121; 800-900 lbs.- $106-113. Med & Lg #2 - 300-400 lbs.- $115- 128; 4(X)-500 lbs.- $113-124; 500-600 lbs. - $115-127; 600-700 lbs. - $105- 119; 700-800 - $99-105. Bulls: Med & Lg #1 -300-400 lbs. - $142-167; 400-500 lbs.- $136-147; 500-600 lbs. - $134-146; 600-700 lbs. - $127-141; 700-800 lbs. - $111-116; 800-900 lbs. - $95-104. Med & Lg #2 - 300-400 lbs. - $128- 138; 400-500 lbs. - $123-134; 500-600 lbs.- $118-133; 600-700 lbs. - $108- 121; 700-800 lbs.- $100-110. Total: 1275 Regular sale every Monday at 1 p.m. State graded feeder sale 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Fat cattle sale 1st Monday of each month at 3 p.m. FOUR STATES LIVESTOCK PO Box 108 Hagerstown, Md. 301-733-8120 Wednesday, May 23, 2018 SLAUGHTER COWS: 68 Head Breakers: H Dressing - $04-64 50; Avg Dressing - $55-61.50. Boners: H Dressing - $59-61; Avg Dressing - $52.50-58.50. Lean: H Dressing - $54-55; Avg Dress- ing- $50-53. BULLS: 1 Head High Dressing: 1998 lbs. - $90. GOATS: 42 Head Kids Selection #1 - 10-90 lbs. - $40- 220; Kids Selection #2 - 10-60 lbs. - $17.50-127; Nannies Selection #1 - 80- 180 lbs.- $145-185; Nannies Selection #2 - 80-200 lbs. - $140-160; Billies Se- lection #1 - 100-150 lbs. - $200; Weth- ers Selection #1 - 100-150 lbs. - $195- 225. CALVES: 55 Head #1 - 75-120 lbs. - $82-50-12730; #2 - 96-120 lbs. - $6750-9230; Utility - 65- 120 lbs. - $20-35. SLAUGHTER HOGS: 38 Head 48-58% Lean - 250-350 lbs. - $3644. Roasters: 150-225 lbs. - $43-75. Sows: 9 Head - 300-700 lbs. - $35- 43.50. Boars: 5 Head - 300-800 lbs. - $10- 14-50. STOCK CATTLE: 203 Head Steers: M & L #1 - 500-700 lbs. - $111-127 .50; M & L #2 - 200-300 lbs. - $87.50-107.50; 300-500 lbs. - $102 50- 122.50; 500-700 lbs. - $92-117.50; Hol- stein Large #3 - 300-500 lbs. - $65-87; 500-700 lbs. - $60-83. Heifers: M & L#1 - 300-500 lbs. - $115-122 50; 500-700 lbs. - $122-126; M & L#2 - 300-500 lbs. - $86-99; 500- 700 lbs. - $87.50-110; 700-900 lbs. - $80-102.50. Bulls: M & L #1 - 300-500 lbs. - $122- 131; 500-700 lbs.- $116-125; 700-900 lbs. - $110; M & L#2 - 200-300 lbs. - $97.50-125; 300-500 lbs. - $87 50- 112.50; 500-700 lbs.- $82.50-107; 700- 900 lbs. - $98-109. Stock Bulls: $92-94. LAMBS: 50 Head Choice 2-3 - 20-140 lbs. - $170-225. SHEEP: 15 Head Good: 125-210 lbs. - $55-90. PIGS & SHOATS: 197 Head Sold By the Head - 30-90 lbs. - $28- 61. Stock Boar: 3 Head - 200-400 lbs. - $13-20. Stock cow sale, First Wednesday of month, starting at 8 p.m.; Feeder cat- tie sales, second and fourth Wednes- day of month; Dairy cattle Sale, always third Wednesday of month, starting at 7:45 p.m. sold in "AS IS" condition. The TRUSTEES' SALE OF Trustees shall be under no duty VALUABLE REAL ESTATE to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the subject 618 General Early Drive, property to vacate said prop- H'.arpers Ferry, WV 25425 erty. The Trustees will deliver a The undersigned Trustees, trustees' deed to the purchaser by virtue of the authority vested without any covenant or war- in tfiem by that certain deed of ranty (express or implied) in the trust' dated April 13, 2005, and form prescribed by W. Va. Code duly recorded in the Office of the 38-1-6. The Trustees make no Clerk of the County Commission representations and warranties of Jefferson County, West Virgin- about the title of the real estate ia, in Deed of Trust Book 1419, to be conveyed. If the Trustees at page 545, Gwendolyn Colmes are unable to convey insurable and John Colmes did convey or marketable title to purchaser unto' Tasha N. Keller, Trustee, for any reason, purchaser's sole certain real property described in remedy is return of deposit. said,deed of trust; and the ben- TERMSOFSALE:$35,000.00 eficihry has elected to appoint cash in hand at the time of sale Terra Abstract Trustee West Vir- in the form of a certified check or ginia, Inc. as substitute Trustees cashier's check made payable to by a~ Substitution of Trustee re- "Stern & Eisenberg Mid-Atlantic, corded in the aforesaid Clerk's PC, counsel for Terra Abstract" Office; and default having been and the balance in cash clos- made under the aforementioned ing within 30 days of the date deed of trust and the under- of the sale. Purchaser shall pay signed Trustees, having been for transfer stamps and record- instructed by the secured party ing fees. Additional terms of sale to foreclose thereunder, will offer may be announced prior to the for Sale at public auction at the sale. front door of the Jefferson Coun- Terra Abstract Trustee ty Courthouse, 100 East Wash- West Virginia, Inc. ington Street, Charles Town, 55 Meridian Parkway, Suite 108 We~t Virginia 25414 on: Martinsburg, WV 25404 : June 29, 2018 (304) 757-7956, (443) 815-3931 At 09:36 AM Afl that certain lot or parcel of 5/30/2t real estate, with improvements thereon and appurtenances NOTICE OF TRUSTEE thereunto belonging, situate SALE OF VALUABLE along the westerly margin of REAL ESTATE West Virginia County Route 230, Pursuant to the authority vest- approximately 1.0 miles north of ed in the undersigned by deed of Halltown, in the Harpers Ferry trust dated the 27th day of De- District, Jefferson County, West cember 2007, signed by Jeanne Virginia, as more particularly A. Cooper, to Tasha Keller Ca- bounded and described as fol- trow, Trustee, which said deed of lows: trust is of record in the Office of Being all of Lot 119, Section 3, the Clerk of the County Commis- Gap View Village, as shown on a sion of Jefferson County, survey made by Fred W. Gates, Virginia, in Trust Dee( dated March 11, 2002, entitled 1695, at page "Final Plat, Gap View Village, & Amo= Phase IIr', and recorded in the office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Jefferson Coun- ty, West Virginia in Plat Book 19 at Page 50. The aforesaid property is SUBJECT TO any and all ease- meats, rights-of-way, conditions, covenants and restrictions of re- cord or in existence. The sale of the foregoing real property will be made subject to all exceptions, reservations, rights of way, easements, con- ditions, covenants, restrictions, leases and other servitudes of record, if any, pertaining to said real estate, subject to all mat- ters disclosed by an examination and-inspection of the property, subject to any and all unpaid taxe~ as recorded against said property, and to any further mat- terslennounced at said sale. The prol0erty is sold subject to an accurate survey at purchaser's expense. [ -he sale of the foregoing real,lproperty will also be made expressly subject to any and all other deeds of trust, judgments, lien~, and all other encumbranc- es of any nature whatsoever, if a~y, having priority over the deed of trust referred to herein. -~he Trustees reserve the right to adjourn the sale, for a time, or fror~ time to time, without further notiEe, by announcement at the tim~and place of sale describe abc e or any adjournment there- of. ~he Trustees reserve the rig~to reject any and all bids. "[:he subject property will be 0 by proper description as was intended to be transferred and conveyed in the aforesaid deed of trust. The above described real es- tate is reported to have a mailing address of: 3732 Whithers Larue Road, Rippon, West Virginia 25441 TERMS OF SALE: Cash in hand on day of sale or within 30 days of date of sale upon terms to be agreed upon between Trustee and successful bidder, time being of the essence; pay- ment for unpaid real estate taxes: to be assumed by the purchaser. The Trustee does not warrant title or fitness to this property; it is being purchased as is; this is a buyer beware sale and any buyer is advised to retain coun- sel before the sale. If there is any part of the process of sale which is found to be objectionable, the Trustee reserves the right to cancel the sale. No purchaser should take possession or make improvements in the premises until the Trustee deed is deliv- ered or recorded. A third PartY purchaser at sale will be required to pay the purchase price plus all recording and transfer fees. Trustee at sale is under no duty to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the subject property to vacate said property. FEDERAL TAX LIEN: In the event that there are Federal Tax Liens against the property, the United States would have the right to redeem the property within a period of 120 days from the date of such sale or the pe- riod allowable for redemption under local law, whichever is lon- ger. The p the terms ~in 30 days, the ;e reserves the right to transfer the property to the next fau er highest bidder. the ons of said Any sale hereunder may be and the provisions adjourned from time to time with- in said deed of trust concern- out any notice other than oral ing acceleration having been proclamation at the time and complied with by the Secured place appointed for this sale or Creditor and present holder of by posting of a notice of same. the note, said Trustee will sell at Should the Trustee not appear public auction at 4:30 o'clock at the time appointed for the sale P.M. on the and there is no notice posted of 14th day of a continuance please contact JUNE 2018 the office of the Trustee to make at the front doors of the Court- further inquiry. Any sale may be house in Jefferson County in conducted or adjourned by the Charles Town, West Virginia the designated agent or attorney of following described real estate: the Trustee. The undersigned is All that certain house and lot fully vested with the authority to of land situated at Rippon in Ka- sell said property as Trustee by bletown District, Jefferson Coun- instrument of record. ty, West Virginia, described as a Should any party have any "lot lying next to B.W. Kanode on inquires, objections to the sale the left side of the road leading or protests regarding the sale, from Rippon to the N. & W. Sta- or requests regarding the sale, tion, described on plat and sur- please notify the trustee below vey as beginning at a post (Fig. 1 by one of the means of commu- on plat) corner to B.W. Kanode; nications set forth below. thence with his line S. 14-40 W. GOLDEN & AMOS, PLLC, 49.8 poles to a post (Fig. 2) in TRUSTEE Humpston's line; thence with 543 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 81 his line N 73-40 W. 16.85 poles Parkersburg, WV 26102 to a stake, now made a corner Telephone (304) 485-3851 (Fig. 3); thence by new line N. Fax (304)485-0261 14-14 E. 46 poles to a stake E-mail: vgolden@goldenamos. (Fig. 4) at the edge of the road; corn thence along the edge of the Our business hours are 8:30 road; thence along the edge of AM- 5:00 PM the road S. 86-30 E. 16.92 poles On weekdays - not including to the beginning, containing five holidays acres", more or less. Lender: Bank of America It is the intention of this no- Processor: Kristi/Ext 27 tice to sell the secured property 5/30/2t JOHN B CRIM KIMBERLY M WEISS NOTICE OF 46259 CECIL ROAD 852 ARCHER ROAD ADMINISTRATION LEXINGTON PARK MD KEARNEYSVILLE WV 25430 TO CREDITORS, 20653-2173 DISTRIBUTEES & A'n'ORNEY: ESTATE OF: LEGATEES JOHN K DORSEY HOLLINS N RANDOLPH JR CO EXECUTRIX: Notice is hereby given that the ESTATE OF: MARTHA C HYRE following estate(s) have been JEFFREY GREY 167 QUAIL RUN ROAD opened for probate in the Jef- CO ADMINISTRATOR: SUMMIT POINT WV 25446 ferson County Clerk's Office at ASHLEY ELISABETH GREY CO EXECUTRIX: PO Box 208 Charles Town, WV39 COOPER STREET BONNIE S SMITH 25414-0208. Any person seek- LOUDON NH 03307-0700 165TIFFANY COURT ing to impeach or establish a will CO ADMINISTRATOR: HARPERS FERRY WV 25425 must make a complaint in accor- JEFFREY ADAM GREY dance with the provisions of West 2637 SUFFOLK AVENUE ESTATE OF: Virginia Code 41-5-11 through APT G CHARLES LEE NEWMAN 13. Any interested person ob- HIGH POINT NC 27265-3566 ADMINISTRATRIX: jecting to the qualifications of the A'n'ORNEY: BEI-rY M NEWMAN personal representative or the HENRY W MORROW JR 9005 CHARLES TOWN ROAD venue or jurisdiction of the court, CHARLES TOWN WV 25414 shall file written notice of an ob- ESTATE OF: jection with the County Commis- MARY F CARR ESTATE OF: sion through the Jefferson Coun- EXECUTRIX: SHARON D. DODSON ty Clerk's Office at the address DONNA KAMERDIENER EXECUTOR: listed above within 60 days after ROBERT W DODSON JR the date of the first publication or ESTATE OF: 303 CEDAR HOLLOW LANE within 30 days of the service of ROBERT BRUCE LOWE KEARNEYSVILLE WV 25430 the notice, whichever is later. If EXECUTRIX: an objection is not filed timely, the DOLORES LOWE Subscribed and sworn to be- objection is forever barred. Any 39 WATERCRESS PLACE fore me on 05/25/2018 person interested in filing claims SHEPHERDSTOWN WV 25443 Jacqueline C Shadle against an= estate must file them ATTORNEY: Clerk of Jefferson County in accordance with West Virginia DAVID DEJARNE-I-F 5/30/2t Code 44-2 or 44-3A. MARTINSBURG WV Settlement of the estate(s)of PUBLIC NOTICE the following named decedent(s) ESTATE OF: JEFFERSON COUNTY will proceed without reference to LURA BLACHARD HUNT PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT a fiduciary commissioner unless EXECUTRIX: within 60 days from the first pub- SAUNDRA LEIGH HALL-MCK- REQUEST FOR LEGAL lication of this notice a reference OY SERVICES PROPOSAL is requested by a party of interest 1226 PORT ECHO LANE or an unpaid creditor files a claim BOWIE MD 20716 and good cause is shown to sup- The Jefferson County Public Service District ("District") is port reference to a fiduciary corn- ESTATE OF: missioner, seeking proposals from legal First Publication Date: ELAINE SIGRID MOSEL firms to provide General Legal EXECUTRIX: Services. The District provides WednesdaY, May 30, 2018 MICHELE K FOX sewer and water utility service Claim Deadline: Sunday, July 157 JEFFERSON VILLAGE to Jefferson County, West Vir- 29, 2018 RANSON WV 25438 ginia. Qualified firms interested in ESTATE OF: ESTATE OF: being considered must submit PRESTON E MORRIS JR JAMES MELVIN PRETRE the following: 1. Letter of inter- EXECUTRIX: ADMINISTRATRIX: est with hourly rate listed; 2. VIOLET M LOWERY BONNIE PRETRE Resume; and; 3. References. 566 EAGLE AVENUE 297 EUCLID AVENUE Please submit all requested CHARLES TOWN WV 25414 CHARLES TOWN WV 25414 forms to April Shultz, General Manager, Jefferson County Pub- ESTATE OF: ESTATE OF: lic Service District, 340 Edmond HEATHER ELAINE LEPAGE JEANNEI-IE VANBELLEGHEM Road, Suite A, Kearneysville, ADMINISTRATOR: ADMINISTRATOR: WV 25430 or admasst@jcpsd. TYLER LEPAGE DANIEL J VANBELLEGHEM com. 17 VELVET LANE 807 CHERRY RUN ROAD The Jefferson County Pub- KEARNEYSVILLE WV HARPERS FERRY WV 25425 25430-2527 lic Service District reserves the right to reject any and all pro- ESTATE OF: posals. ESTATE OF: SHIRLEY A HALL 5/30/lt RICHARD B CRIM EXECUTRIX: EXECUTOR: From Page A10 Weekly SUDOKU ---- -- King Crossword Answer 7893 61 254 216459738 3548 2 7169 1729 3 5486 6431 78 925 59864 2 371 9'25716843 46 1 2 8 3 597 83759 4 612 Answers Solution time: 25 mins. EXPERT TALK Conservator Rachel-Ray Cleveland will explain how to conserve documents and maps at a special talk at 2 p.m. Bring in your own aged family documents for advice no need to pay museum admission for this special event