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Charles Town, West Virginia
May 28, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 28, 1959

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whos birthdays are in ~vIay. Next ryville on Sunday. They also at- SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOC:~,TE NEWS IN meeting will be aune 17 at the IDrJzlaqp,~ ~nT~T~ ~XT )~T tended t~he Decoration Serviee in ,,~... .................. """ r:. home of Mrs. William Baker withvv aAz-*A O ".~V'~,'~'J~, "~ . Berryvilie on Sunday. IrlUl%~l)AI, iVlAI ZS, 1~)5 ,)--A. )Mrs. Frank Watson co=hostess. ~' ~ w Mrs P, Achard Brait'hwaite was ~~ --------'- Those ~rom fine Leetown area .' ..... I M k | ~ ~ ~ ~ u~h, Lv~ ~m,,~ ~ ~ ~,,no,t~ ~ , | k [ a victor with earl Hmton Mrs Lews m~t~er Mrs. Susie iBlakeley Apt. spe~n~ Sunday wl~h # |v| |v | | | ~ |1 of Oharles Town Junior ~Iigh o L ~Tnur~ay evemng, o.. . . Glame. I~ter m he afternoon [ her sisters Misses Ruth and Ethel School who traveled by bus o .......... .....~v~r. a,na Mrs Arthur wan as vls ~zey stove over the ba~lefield a~iWwtson of Pre~on St. o ............ ..... ' _ _ tly fflrS. Key ~reeuen Telephone ~00-J2k i~ted wI,th the formers sister and ~urg Md otUart qUrlm rhone q I-IF-P33 w:r~eI~i~f;r t~:uWaS~:ng~nOn,~Jr~:~s ..... brofiner-in=law Mr. and Mrs. Clar Mrs ~ude 'W. P~yne of the [ READ THE CLASSIFIEDS ~.--------. --- --. --. ~ ~ ~ - --~,. ~,_^i.._~ - ence Pearl o~ near town on Sa~- !~ L. IA~h't and her in ge of fine Church of ,t~e Holy S'pir . Barbara Brat]ha was a guest o~ Co veredDish Supper June 4 .. )Mrs. Char~s Mauck and ~amily urday mght. . . er -, ........ '+ -- - her playmate Pegg~ Baker "Men=~ne ~anson ~e~pers ~mo wiufwere Mrs. t=aarms welsh anu son ~v~rs. Marguerite ,,ane of Mar-i a ~.r~a;e.~ro,~'~n ~t :I~es 'l~or~en~rlv~Ue~n~nM~?I~I~y day af, ternoon. " ,hold a covered dds'h supper and ]Mrs. WiHa Fry a,nd daughter and tinsburg visited on Wedr~esday,! ........ ~n General Hospital ~,p (~reamer and 'their ~mall dau-h Mrs. Jo:h~ Poland and !Mrs E1 bir:hday party on Thursday, June [ Miss Dottle Davis all of Rochester, evening with Mrs. Hor~ense Breed Ill V ~ T 5 5 ~ g I .L . ' " "~ " ' drid'eBakerandsnfMartins "a''cicKattheClubHuse'iN Y'i enandMrs l~iohardBrai'thwal'te'll _ '~'" 'v" I ~z~y ~as 'porE on Wed- .~er Putts Shirmy ur vi i e .~ All are .asked to be present They ~ ,, ! 20th The new arriv Graduate From H b g. st d Tuesday w~th Mrs J. Mr. and M~s Carroll Reed and WIrs Ka~leen Viands and Sar zz . C. . S. S Locke wrll also have the election of offi- . . ah Fran R ' ed 8 ~bs, 7oz. at ,bfr= Fn,,r ~,irr~ ~nd ,h,~,,~ e,,~,~ ~,,.,~ '.- ." ..... ~,~ /fam~ly ofLrttleton Pa. visited~ ces amey were in Win- end child ~n the I~igbt . , ~ s. o. v'ranz t~araner, [Mrs. Ily . , . chester on Monday w~,th Mrs. Ma- n ......... m~ Point were members of fine Brat]ha Mrs ~Marv B .... W-r- 'Mr and Mrs Thomas B-ssard[wl'th Mr'AFt'hEr webb and family ~l,~ ~,,))- ,~.~, ........ h,~,~,.,,,lI I I lIl&lA~n~i I ~ three year pip 'class of 1959 which" was' gr~duat ' " " "" ..... " " "~ on SuEd ~, ....... '~- ,~,-.-a .......... ~,~,,,,a by _ f~ ___ r~ ~ __ ;=and Mrs. Wit]tam Harris membersof ~Viillville were visitors on Sun . . ay and that a1~ternoon and also Sara~ had to go to the/I I I ~ ~[~ ~IN1 I~ I |Z~ ........ ea .(~...~'naJes Town 'l'iign of the Leetown Farm Women's day with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ~ar. webb ann ~amhy and the doctors for another shot /I mid ~m IllIIrlmmluI~UllI wn.~on rtenry ann ~c,noo.l ~ '~ne ~=ommencemen,~ ex- Club a~tended CounZy Council Viands of the Rans~n Inn Reed family motored to South- ] 'Mr. and Mrs. Richard Braith- I ~iffaard Fellers all of Sunday at ~he home of ,the' latters The girls ended' their eveni,ng I S~Evturday night visitor with ~Ir. ] and claughter Ci'ndy were visitors [finree 0hildren" spent l a~ Thurs- n| Y o UR V OTE WILL BE APPRECIA TEl) I J. Also visiting widthparents :Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rob at .the home of Mr ,and Mrs Char [ahd Mrs. Roy Breede~ and sons.. I wi.~h the formers mo~her Mrs. Hel ~day wi,~h Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Tnxs HI .............. ' ~n Sunday were ,their er~s. les Owens finey received ice [ "Mr. and Mrs. Roy Breeden ann I en Robinson on Sunday. [ sel!l, l]ll :and ,Mrs. Lee SJtickel"Mr. ,and ~VIrs. Elwood Cheshire cream and pretty green and white Is0ns were visitors on Sunday wi.fin [ Mrs. Su~e Glaize of Ra,nson a= I '.Mr. and Mrs. Jack |eden of ill ......................... er, Vs. recently began the construction of cup cakes decorated with G A. IMr. and iMrs. Buddy Singhas of [long wi,t*h Mr. and Mrs. William iBrucetown, Va. visited with Mrs. I| POK ~E TO THE POLLS | Gracey returned an addition Lto their home. on them. " i Berryville and Mr. and Mrs. J. Ed I Fellers of Pa. and Mr. and Mrs. ~Suste Glaize last Thu.rsd~ty. i| 'PIP! ~ptnn~ ~ )=~ Hay.from tMartinsburg 'Mr. Willi~am McCorkie of Char=The girls aH had a marvelous [~ar Smartweed of near town. J Harry Long of Florida were visi- ] Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Levi of Ber It| ~ ~'~"~ ~'~' ad 'spent fine ,past set= *les Town w,as a visitor on "Monday time They say no wonder there ~ Weekend visitors with Mr. and tors with Mrs. Eddie Levi in Ber- ' ryville visited on Sunday wi:~h a!siting w.i,fin her bro= evening a~ "~MonCe View" ~he ~are so many bums. Going along[i ~I-~ .... ~~" ~ter-in-law, "Mr. andhome of "Mr. and ~Mrs. Stuart Crim ~for t'he supper were Emma Ru,th I . . ,, ,, Keller and with her Deferred From Last Week Bradley, Doris Sisk; Carla Co|is. I l I a~,l ~w :and sister ~Vir. and Miss Judy Jenkins who has ~Iariland Dunn, Ben,hie Jackson, I . , .... , ~ CHEVY 15o 4-DR. SEDAN. Heater, Strazght Trans- Bender been visi.ting for the past several Sandra Shank, Betsy Everhart, i i Id ~ ~ ~ mission. A Buy At ..... ' 695 Sells" of Charles mon~hs wi,fin Mr. and Mrs. Jake Lois Ann Brewer, Don] Jackson, I nl l/ ~~ ~ ~ _ _ ~ $ SUnday visi,ting w i~hGray a't their home sear Brighton Debbie Sisk. Becky Dunn, Sandal Ell llll ~l i ~R/i~l I 1954 PLYMO 4-DR. SEDAN. Heater, Good Tires and ~ss Bell ~nyder ~t .MitZvah spertt the weekend with Roberts, ,:Mrs. Hu~h Collis, coun-l n~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ , UTH ~ne." her parents Mr. and Mrs. Mar- selor for the .girls ,and assistant[ nl nn[ __ | Runs Good ......... CO~- Urehwomen To Meet s~,all Jenkins. She was a.ccompan- ~Mrs. Nellie Sisk. ff~Irs. Melvin was I ll ~~~ ~nnai~mig ~n ~ i ,t) ~o,~ ,meeting v:f fine Epis- !ed here by Mr. and Mrs. Gra.y. co-hostess at the "Magaha home. [ ll Ill [ 1953 FORD CUSTOMLINE TUDOR. V-8, Radio, HeaLer, -~ ot the ChurCh of ~neir son L~onald and their son=~n IMrs. Er,nest Slasher Jr. and I II II II II i For ~ a,_,:_ ~_ ,~,^__ .. ,,, lairit .will be held at l a,w and daughlter Mr. and Mrs. Gaff spent Tuesday with Mr. and | II II II II I U-V'IVl~ttlt:. r~.~tla ~,va,, ..... -~ O~O L~ST (7"00 EST) on Harold Hope aH of Bright c,n who Mrs J. W Moreland in nansen I /~ ~ H~nr~'4 I ............. ~v " I " r ) T rung June l~t at fine visited over fine weekend with re ,Mrs. Rufus Largent and daugh- I ''r "-- I 19b;J DODGE 4-DR. Heater, } -8 Engine, New I amt. ~rs. Philip Creamer l.a~ives in fine county, ter Helen of Paw Paw. W. V.a. vis[ "" -- -- Drive It Awa For eEl - , "e reminded O come Revival Meeting ]ted several days last ,week wi'th] ~~~ ~ $ ~d~dP~D~ I Y Y ..... $ O9,). 'answer to roll call Beginning on 'Sunday morning..Mr, and Mrs. I. E. Moreland and i ~.~r~ ~i~ ~P~L~n~"~P~ m~ ~Nl~pP~pr~n~_d~ | 1 g~'O ./'nTTT~lrXr , nn o~n i~, ,) .......... -- --" DOem or reading ra= :May 24 a revival w.ill be held at family A~ri I.~"~ V ~' IV~' if ~'~ l lt/OO ~rl]l~1 ~-x~x~. or~u~xz~, z owergllue, liaulo, rieater. the customary Bible the Ba,pt4st Church With the Rev- :Mr. 'and Mrs. Luther K aylor of I,m ,,-- - - ---- v I Very Niro - ' ,,, ' ,. erendWilliam Carson of t/he Sec- near ,Martinsburg were recen~t visi i ~ ~' - - ~ I ........... ~ O~O~ ~=~Unday~ubreyat ,thejenkinshOme Ondburg tmpUSta.s the ChurChguest speaker.f Mar~ins-The torSla,nd.wifin Mr. and_ ;Mrs. I. E. "More II .I1953 'PONTIAC CHIEFTAIN. DELUXE 4-DR. lladio,' Sn~-~W~ .and dau- services Will,:~ each evening at "Mrs Sonny Wilson and daugen- i I II Heater, Hydramatic, Clean , -> ~d :Mrs. ~-~Re'Fye ,and 8:00 o'clock DST and wtil contin ~ter Karen are visiting this week[ ~~/l~ ll I/l~===~ I ..... nny ,and !Mr: a~Irs. :He ~hrou~h .F~id,ay evening. ~he ,with Mrs. Wilson's 'parents "Mr. I~I~ I~iHK l 1952 FORD CUSTOMLINE 4-DR. SEDAN. Radio, Heater V~bridge .all of ~harles pu:blic is cordially invited to at= and'~Mrs. I. E. Moreland and sister It| /mm | ...... ' , I,tend. " Mary :~ I I~IK I~I II~ ~~ I ~t ~eai tiooct ....... ~rs. William Sch.midt iI~s~N:'E. S~anley her daugh- ~VIiss vic~"i~l~ was the guest] ~~Im .- I ll I ... . .... .......... ' t.~'aY of last week for Mls Jur~. ~*ley apd Mrs of Miss Diane Col|i~R~u'dav .and i i I I IH l loo l l]O oo , amo, HeaLer, Hydramatlc. (to spend some time I Lewis Els~icl(~ ~l[$~:l~ai:dy, Ky. Saturday night. ! : I,, I II I I .......... ~a '.there and visiting arrived here on:~Tud.~.ay Miss Diane Co|is visiged !Stzn-[ ~ ~~II: IIII II ~ I , ............ ~ ~" "~ "L' ~a ........... ~ O ~) ;) " k [ [ 1951 EVY DELUXE TUDOR. Heater, Motor Just Over- James H. Snyder and fineir fam- er and son Lloycl of Baker Heights I T . . . ..... , ,, .... . .... i hauled .......... . -, re ilton of [il{ms ellie Shul Wifin her child allers .S?ndCy a % .noon I Hunclrecxs or wlse t uyers in Inls becuon tlave n ............ , .... , $ 39o_ n)me o~t~:s,~n-:p:S Iren MarYa d Louis EHen,d MrBa~b'ara Stephen erVJri, a~da~a~ughrtSer~nTls.~. I Already Taken Advantage of Our Sensational Offer i 1951 'ORD 5'UST?ML?NE a-DR. Rebuilt" % -8, Radio," " n "Marshal:l. ., ...... ] l~ an . Randolph Furr Mrs. W. L. Barren wst~C~ ~/I0n| .%. _,__.,_ .r t nearer. tuns oom - ...... elby Longerbeam a.ndivisited on Sund~y witJl~ her ~oz~:~q~W~h ~;~l~. &~,~?~,, ~|LLt .u(~O{l AULOmODlleS... ~O L;all lea . I ouo. S:bofin of ~aom corn= [ and dau~hter=i,n-la~v Mr. and WIrs. ~Mr. and ~irs. George Tabb and | ' I MANY ~4onw ,Ja . ,~n ,~ ~,a ,~9,~ wz~ ~az.~, enlistments in .the lEd,ward Shall in Berry~le, Va sons left Saurdav for a we~t-! l ..... ""'~"~-" =o uv - ux ,~.,~ u-o x~ recen,tly have aceept/ 'Mrs. C.aralee Sm,a]l~ood return- ,ion in Florida. - ' -U- ! ~t:T TMI~ PAD Villi I I~C CO~kk4 TMI DI~ lklh I FKOM n,t in Washing'ton D. t ed home on Sunda rom a visit Birly Owens Jr.. of Mr. and I ULI tilL 5Aft IVU LIHL Dill,,) DIU I er wi,th lfine Federal I with her daughter M~s. Inez Rey- 'Mrs. Billy F. Owens celebraced ,his I ................................ i ~ nvestigation and fine / n.olds and her {amily in Frederick 6thbirthday Sunday, "May 24.1 rUn|rNZ [q~:gTINM glCHT a aAVl I i ,.ATIOH WAg~M~I astern Airlines at fine / sourg, va. ano with her son-in- Those present were ,Mrs Floyd P I t.|lUA, L Nll IJll| ! I v -- n = , v ,, v v m a . ~ort' [law and daugh~ter Mr. and Mrs Owens Miss Patricia Owens Mr I ....................... I " ~)n returned home on JRobevt Ray iI~ Frc~nt Royal, Va. Bates Wagon Mr. and Mrs. Char I 1 1958 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE 9 PASSENGER. Itadm, )ra the Virgi0nia Poly)Mrs, ~'auI WiIIiams les Owens and sons IMiss Va'lerie! H r ~ = - " ~ " , " l,t~te m .Blacksburg, I .'Mrs.. Paul Williams..of Berry- Owen.s and Master .Mmhael Owens[ ~ [ eate , Ford O Matlc, Power Steering and Brake , ~Vhlte ' * ('~d~/O fT. .~he long *weekend vis ] v]lle, w m.ow of Pau.1 W~hu~ns, died :Mrs. t~loyd Owens a?~tended the [ ~ | Tires, 1 Owner, Low Mileage ..... ~970,~, us parents ,Mr and early ~'rmay in Vlnones~er Mem- Shena,ndoah Council of fine A.merl~)'-~dW]~rP.~Y, df~r~--iY.d~f~ ~r]~,,~'~,~m~(~4~d~d~~' i ................... . Cri~m. " Iorial Hospi,tal where she had been ]can Red Cross at New"ton D. Bak I ~g~l~lk.r v -" " I IYtJILP ur zttz SEDAN. Radm, Heater, l:ord-O- a patient for sometime, er Hospital Thursday a~ternoon .... ,, . . , n's Society of Christ-[ She was born in Summi,t Point. Mrs. Oharles Owens and Child-I . . .. , ,.. , am I Matlc, White Tires, Just ,,000 Actual Miles. Like Brand New t the Met'hodist C~ur [May 13, 1897, dau,~n'~er of the la~e ren visited Friday afternoon with ] ~~A ~qJ~ ~ ~AI~[ ~[ ~ ~l~ r~r_~ ~~ I ............. 'v'v"~" at 8:00 o'clock (7:00 [Lewis and Nellie Thomas Berry- WIrs. A. D. Jones of Charles Town I ~ | 1957 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN. Radio, Heater, Ford-O- Wednesday evening [vi.lle. :Deferred.From ~Last~Week; I | Matte Power .... L ..... he home of Mrs. Law l ,She is survived by one sister. Barbara Bra,tin~a celebrated her] ~ I ;; ... s. " ]Mrs. Millie Young cff Brwl~imore, seventh birthday wiith a ~a;t~her= I ~ I very /~lce. - = " - .... ~IOG~ mine who had IMd5 a bro+.~er, Robert Thomas ing of friends for a picnicsupper [ I ..................... 'P'~'"~" 'for several days at I'oz aye, on, Ohio; and a s~ep dau, Wednesday May 13. Guests were I . I IYOI L;IIP 1 ut, u~ ~,~,,)r~. healer, - yllnoer, Straight Mr. ,and Mrs. W. J. I~hter. Mrs. "Maure~er Parks of Peggy Baker, P~tricia Collis Cin-[ ........ ........................ ,~ | Transmission A Real Hand,, w~,~ -~nd Priced ai ' L Wednesday of last iBhiladel'phis, Pa. dy H annas, Jenny Hendricks, Lib l lOl [) PAll LAl 15 POlll)Ul . l~aOlo, r eater, cono- I , ................ Only $159o. her home in Har ~ 'by and Irene Sisk, Ludmlla and i " " " " " ' " " " " m cal 6 Cyhnder wlth Overdllve Transmission Low Mileage 1955 PLYMOUTH SUBURBAN, 6 Cylinder, Straight Other recent visi= [ | g I: I' n W M Christine Bra, ina assisted with I " " " $1995. | " " .... ,~,~derMa~lFUr~eWere I L. L | VV |~] h ugames' he ',. lic m -- I 1958 CHEVY BISCAYNE 4-DR SEDAN Radio, Heater, ] Transmision, Heater, Good Tires, Clean and Runs Good. s' =' - g P : eeung on " " n w , - ~Mrs. Albert Renner, I By Mrs. ~ary Bruce Furr schoo levy held May 12 i.n the ! 8-Cylinder with Straight Transmision 1 Local Owner ~tm~ ] 0 e her ....... $1595. . ,Joan, Nancy ann i -- ,.eeto~n ~cnool the memoers of l ,e~,,~,o,i rYvil]e, Va. and Miss [Farm Womens Meeting * ,the :Leetown P. T. A, electdd the ] 1(1~ #~I-II~WV DELRAY 2-DR SEDAN Radio Heater 8 I ~ ~ II e~ ~ d~ ~r H~ ii p HB P ~ D~ II O~ an : Boyce, Vs. Dinner I Thirteen members o.f the Lee- ,~oHowing officers Ifor fine coming I . " " ' ' " I /K II I. % = 1 K II 1 = 1 K ll [ i lYast Sunday ~t ~he ~town l~arm Womens Club met at year. President, Dr. Kenneth Wol,f [ Cylinder, Power Glide Transmission, 1 Owner, Low Mileage. q~lQa~ I - ill V V ,~ ~ I am q~ ~) II ~ 1 ll lt~ '~ Ilk .re Mr. and Mrs. Gee I~he home of ~Irs. Taylor Winkler "ice presiden~ Mr. George ~abb [ q:~'~'J" I ,-Charles Town, Mr.. ]Wednesday ....... afternoon with one .Secretary.. Mrs. Warren.. Co lis, I 1958 'CHEVY BISCAYNE 4-DR. SEDAN. Radio, Heater, 6- I 1957 'CHEVY 4.100 SERIES 1 TON. 12 ] lat Bed, Heater" . .z ~and Mr. Charles VZSlZOr present. The meeting was ~reasurer ~ars. Ily ~ratlna. The " " ~ " " . ' ' , Y~.ille, Vs. Mrs. The- [called to order by the president, officers urged alt paren~ts to join[ Cyhnder lth Straight ransmlsslon, Blue and WhRe, I Good Tires, 1 Owner. A Good Dependable rruck - - ~ children, ~Mury E1 [,Mrs. David Bell had chargc of ithe the P. T. A. organization and to [ Real Nice. 1 I ........... , .......... , ............ v v. .~uise, Stephen and Idevdtions, Mrs. Oharles Owe~ns give fineir support in aidi,ng the[ " ~-~-. | 1 00 I:'OI D ,,.,up vA~:L z-TU . Healer, b-tyllnaer, xl Mrs. Ralph Dunn, lread the scripture and alter a ,chi'ldren to gain fine best educatl 1957 MERCURY MONTEREY 2-DR. HARDTOP, Radio I ^. ...... s. l~obert Chapman Isong Mrs. M. K. Bowers recited a ,ion ,of Whioh finey are capable. I Heat r Mer ...................... I ........ 1095. Lemen of Summit [ poem. "Mrs. Arnett of ~Vartinsburg ~Mrs James Watson principal [ e , c-u-lvla[lc, rower ~teenng, White wail Ilres. i 1[~ ~u~rxr ~/- TON PICK UP 6 C-'linder 11 000 ~" """' rs [gave ,a short talk on the ~tanley of the Leeitown School during this [ Wry Clean. WAS $2195.00--NOW .... e1995" t .,,,,,,v ,,- . -, , ~c,,~, .. Clayton ,S~agner Produots " year will be returning to Ranson '~ I Mil@~ . ,,~,, ~,- ~lbby ,and Scotty of l The secretary ~Vrs. Ily :Bratina Elemen,tary Sehool in ~he Fall.] 1957 MERCURY MONTEREY 4-DOOR SEDAN. Radio, | , 11. O. Were dinner guests ] read the minutes of the last meet ,She will be succeeded by Mr. Wil [ ..................... | 1955 FORD F-350 l-TON Cab and Chassis, V-8 Engine, the home of ,Mr. ling. ,the ,treasurers repoPt was (}],am Griffifin. . [ nearer, lvlerc-~)-lvlatic, rower teerlng, lvlany umer I .. ~,L~wson and :thmr[g~ven.,The club voted, to make a. Regular preaching serwce Sun-I Extlas. Jet Black with White Wall Tires - . . | xtra Clean, Dual Rear Wheels, 4 Speed Transmlssmn, ties Town. [donation to ~he ~ormgn Student .any, May 24 m the Lee= [ ........... _ ..... "+' Good TLres, One Owner ..... fgW ~s and relatives vis- IFu,nd and also to give to the Hos town Methodist Church at 9:45 by [ l~ F()I' D I'AIHLANE HARDTOP. Radio, Heater. Ford- ~'. rae of ~Vh-. and Mrs. ~pi.tal Boo fin June 5. A co llec'tion fine pastor Rev. Samuel Bttc~er. I --" ................... : . . 1G 4 F-100 a/.-TON PICK i)l) OVer the weekend to for Pennies for Friendship was' Sunday School 10:45. I t)-lyla[lc, lnunuert)lru ~nglne, White l lres, narp lCe ann ,, -- , - -- ........ Mrs. Light and lit-[:taken. Mrs. Raymond Borer and Mrs. ] Black Finish ......... Radio, Heater, Extra Clean .... iiaa/aU~":arnsngd~hd~.e~h ]~,t~}:s a{;d~ibe~engcfuCa~uaerr~nea:rl .a ewMdeek tiid U c! i ! 1956 FORDM:(iA, II ILANd 4b;D:EHA.nReWI ::I Radio, Heater, 1953 C}IEVY TON PICK Runs Good:,6.Ply Tires 595: Barbara Jean of l The educa$ional exhibit ~or the inanity enter for the Je~er- [ - - "" r "" g" , er Steering, Air , 1925 DODGE zaON tAB and CHASSIS, 170 Wheel Base, Aid., Mrs Margaret I fair ia September is to be decided son Coun)ty Farm Womens Ciub [ Conditioner, 1 Owner ...... 5 2 S ~"'^ "~"- a ,,_.__ .... ~= ............. -.--.~r" ~.o~.-,,,v~,~,~.a. wa.~"'~-~ I u. ...... o~,,. I mem'b'~-o, ~.,o $,..a0,~x,, $-alo a*.IU'~'~A .t-x.l"4 I ~&~J~' og~vu .:~tv, xxooU llres, o':~o. X ZU, ~UtPU lVllleS Oil l rana Oa ,Sunday VIr. I The eiub did mending at the] "Mr. Lyle Ta)bb and 3 sons Cam] 1956 FORD FAIl{LANE 2-DR. HARDTOP. Radio, Heater, New Motor Just the Thing for A Farm Truck . ~M. K, ackley and [C~arles Town Hpspital the firs t!V~alter and Bobby Carter Tabb | .... .... ~., .................... "+' "~'* : ~erryvl,lle Vs. and ]two week~']h.2~ay. ]visited in l=tiolzmond, Vs. Saturday IP ore-o-lois[it, lnunuerolru ~ngine, While wail lires, Junior Deck ~ndl 'Mrs. William Harris lesson lead and Sunday J Black and White........ ~:/4av, WATTTI 2 TK~ :~l~]l~l)'i~ VtiIT AI)I2. ;~ J. C. of Winches- ]er .gave a very interesting ~al'k on l ~Mrs. Lyle Tabb. Oinny Lea and I q~x~to~, r ' J~ JL X ~L ~ ~ JL I~~ ~qq~JL~L~Vl~ ~L ~ ~ ~l~L~ .'''" at ~he Ll,g:n home ['"Care of New Fabrics" ending .in David visilted Sunday af, ternoon I MONTEREY H A.RDTOP Radio Heater -~ ~Y Mr and ,Mrs. ,in a general d,scussm,n Wfl)h Mrs. C. C. Henshaw ....... JOE SUTTON I, V[I T. "~l~ted by" the ~,a/vters [ The meeting' adjourned." " " Dur- ',Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Furr'and s~n [ Merc-O-Matlc,,' " ' New Englne,~" Runs t, oou,- lutone- Blue with" r,L_._ _ .. ...... r 0rother=in-law "Mr. ling the social hour the recrea%ion ! Kl,m visited Sunday afternoon I White Wall Tires ...... 0:I 1 nmne rnone ~u~ home rnone z z -n, In ' wlth r , r ,~x~,~. Welty ~t,nd son [leader had a quiz gave t'he .hos- L "d M S' Ma y Bruce Furr. [ aynesboro Pa and Itess and co-hostess lV[rs W L ILeetown Vacation Bible School l 1Q_K~ ]ha~I~l~ CUSTOMLINE TUDOR Radio Heater V S E 1~ WI-][TTTNT/2 l~/IT/: t'aCtt'kl)h~D 'rr~pps ano~RU-;~arron serveu cleuClOUS re[resn- o~ II~lLl aaay ~-oune o s ~;o! T:, ). ... ,~. .. ~ .... ~ . _ . ~ ... ~,,.~,,=.,~ -.v v~. t.~...,, C~aries Town. I ments, they .also had a birthday] 11:30 DST. Preparation and enroll I r~ng'lne, -With ~Iraxgnt xransmlsslon. ~ew Faint Job. rmme rhone mob Home 1"none iuoo Clark of Alexan- I cake :for ,two members Mrs. ~I. K. meEt will be held at the Leetown I Runs Good, Looks Gobd ...... : [~O~ eminarian-in=OharIBowers and "Mrs. Frank Watson Bapt i&t Church on May 28 at 2[ , , ~ OO,~. PI%IIFII)I'~ llY "l[fill~,rO'~'kr ----~ o'clock |ST. i ] {1~ "l~gll~l~ ( USTOMLINE q'ir)~)e H~;,~o~ a (~vH.d.~. l.~u yy .t'SLJ~12 YY. JK)l-ll'~i~Ul~ d~M~ laez e We ens Somety of ChEst with Stral ht Transmissl n l Shepherdstown, I hone 2991 ." . Service of t'he ~Iefinodist] " ''g ' ' "'"o 7' We have comp e(ely Over- ' - L I1 i Cost Esrimotes on Poim ,ChurCh will meet Friday nig,ht.] hauled the Engine. Runs Exceptionally Well. - - ~ R0_K ~vi;ay 2"z at the home of Mr. and ,q, v,~,. )lTr o,nd,,Wollpop.e,r..$omples -Mrs'MiH.ardEdwardsat8'clckl 1954 FORD TUDOR. Radio, Heater, Ford-O-Matte. A irrrrn0nu nnln[iTu I,nvnnn iu. Ill ot roper ~anuea to ~ou. ~moor~an(~ t)uslness meeting,i ~ --r IkIWl~I=l~lllIll /llllIl/! IIII/IIUI IlI/ Ir-'r Advice on YoulDecoroting ~i~-itors w~h fine Millard Ed-[ goou one ......... $ 795. irrrrilli.IiI I_IIlIll/! nIIII/lln.~ IlL h,U lnlnN Problems were Mz~. Harry Cookes and son[ 1954 MERCURY MONaEREY 4DR. SEDAN. Radl(,,' UL//LIIUUII UUUiI// IVlU/UlIU IIIU ill wards family Sunday evening , ~ , :, . "-- of M.arl~in~i.~)rg and Mr. and Mrs. ,, {. , . , , Heater, Ovezdrl, e lzansmlsslon, White Wall llres qlus des Town, W. Vs., 485--.':sk for Mr Lennon ~la'shall Wi~,n. [ ..... , ^ " ...... ' 202 EAST LIRERq ,QTI~EI~,T 121 N. Charles Street, Ch~!es Town, W. Va. -- -- I is A t eai t ooa une ....... RO. ................... No matter wha~ ou may think [ ,, ~" "~"J* ~ =~ Congress a great i. ' 1954 CHEVY "2 0" tUDOR. Radi,,, Heater, Straight Trans- PHONE 212 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. waTh orek aYcbae 2 e on~[] nlission, M.tor Just Overhauled. A Very Nice Car" . $'795. OPEN WEEK NIGHTS 6:30 to 9:00 P. M. only oue ' " I ' ' -- = ": ' I