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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
May 26, 1983     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 26, 1983

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE -- THURSDAY~ MAY 26t 1983 i i Fwnishod 1 bedroom apt. utilities ~ d~l TV 9EI~ICE. Expert repairs made, [ DIRECI~)R OF included no pets. 725-22021/27~ wr~-P ' n ' - ---~--------- t ll/Allrlr|r]l a,~IF all brands fully guaranteed ] PHYRICALI. ~v s~ ~olE ~llleteT husleM/~Llocatedin Rippon. L - J GmL~:(XJTS Prompt, dependable, tease able. I qI~I-ilI~RAPV Wooed building lot, larle bees. No childrem nor pets. Phone ~ IRIIE]IOIBJm 725-8668. 6/17/tf J restrictoderea. Cai1725-2546dter 725-9525. Callafler 5pro. 5-]2-If In k~nl memory of Mrs Louise ~ JWiz~hest~r Memorial .eek . 5-19-b ~n ~~d- ~ ~ z ~0~ )~I ~ m a Morns oesmd m May 24 1~ ~ Home JmmO~llmfll. ] Hospital is seeking an ristian name. HM remences. -" ::-:' Remade(i- a" ons. --r 1 ed. 725-3213. 5-5-If F ~.~ 7~c~ar~t --.- -eer~zemersmmp ,qs. ~ =. m~,==. I ,-e-,-:;~ ;,e,~w kssociation Spri~ Sele. Sit, Jun " ~ Bad Idm ill ell bemlL sun deck~ sidin car rts roof- I save LZCem;ea t-nyszcaJ - g. po f ,alove, dcesser amd :4, 1983, Fins Livestock Ex- ~ '@ml~txq/saitcrattitoms.p@nl~. UMII BuodayN areal inl, pambng, concrete, blocks, I Thcrapmt or head of It&See May27 28. chan~e, Winchester, ~. X 12:30 River.$lS0~.7251892.4-lg-4p fresh produce or baked loads. Devoted hoabmd. Hmry H. MOms chimneys, mobile homes, A-frame,the Physical Therapy 12. 103' CedJ "Ct p.m. 5-19-2 ~m Beke~on Farmers'. Market- Every 5-2~lpmd ~ md family, roofs. No job too small. Free,De~ment:.'rhe suci ik. Cl,ades Town. F~ faro house. 2 miles south of Saturday, 9-], starti~ June 4. Call ~ estimate~. Call 725-8227, 7 days a I ee~szm candidate wU 876-3321 for info. 5-25-1p In ~,~n~ ~,v ,~ ,~ ~,~L week, 7am to 10pm. 7-tf I have several.years ex- rm0dded bm ~use, ~r~ b~rn, S~p~rdm~. 30~87&3116~ Tm bm v~ur ~d ~ ~r~ns--------~ ;.~'~'~.-~'~'~ ""-~-"-#~ -- I pe~ence wl~ over ~r~tt~zD~S~ Greer~L~ll~e. ~t~10 ~ ~k~0 ~es ~o~1 am~hard ~9-2 - --, ,- :. ,v ~,~,~ u ~ "ears ,~'-,~enee 304:725-7]47 or 725-11332 ~ 725-4697 or 535-2372 5-26-2 Memdm ml I~ nnm,' I i,e~,r-~n ~nur I I," ---e-- b :evel Salary is c m- OUr w~eho~! 6pro. 5-19-21) T011 and I lred Lmn and ther mr I 's k qmt [ BUsY Tourist Area I [ petitive and commew XFrit %PP & c "P. y"needado.mirz . 19,mmmmrodlqklmmd I 1225-Wa.shinlton St. i W,~lt, May 28, 9 to E]oc. tdo~ors, E]oc. & Gesotiee Cam- a shrill at 10. Call - I bedroom (or 2) m Charles Town wy, I o.varlHarpers terry I I Winchester Memorial ~mir4elreesOeceto pressers. Waiders. lmd & Bec. leekkeel~ . knowledge of orRanson. Cai1725-7476 or write 1~ zU ~ ~j/ iq dw. J 53S-22 - 725-4336 J [Hospital is a 445 bed Hoists. Lil~ Rants. Compete & distribution, cash sales, cash 528 E. WeshinlPon St Charles mm ~ ~ mmum,~5-4 ] I regional medical facE- 5-26-1 Mort~Mixers, PowerTrowds& ~.p~rchesmjoumm. Town WV 25414 5-lg-tf'~emwe~, t~ lilly located in the ', - R.bbor Hose. P1estic ledler & financial reports. ,m Im. km md, S]' m, ncicah VaLley tools, clothes. Pipe. HAGERSTOWN EQUIPMENT Write P.O, Box ~6-LW, ~rles ~ mrn~wweq~pmem zo oe And ~ m ImM ~ n ' '; do or o.ed . in =d n Fnn nENTj I I ~uomzz r.~ume ano ~ ~26-1p CO. Md. & Memorial, Town, WV 25414. 5-26-1 new offices of the United Way of 5-26-1 Gkmn & fzm~ I vn n ~ I s.alary rosary m con- ale. May ~-~- 30]-73~7600. 5-19-2 $~T Jefferson County. Call 725-GIVE or --------------~. ~ " I ~ ~ I I z:aer~e [o: ~J & 71h~i ~d wmted: charles Town business 876-2707. 4-28-tp HIEUP FOR NON READERS. Con- I T,~:r-'" I I mawm t. J~eso~ up. ~ dark every day m May. See needs somme, employee. Prefer ~ ~ fident,d. One to one. Free. Call l ~ I i ~ hes. eapes.b ,0 them in bloom at 910 Belvedere hi~ school or ~ b~siness ]z" "z] 725-3359 or 535-2371. 4-28-8 I Prefen/Me/Bkl . I I WINCHF ~']'~R ', 312E He,r ,m. Town. 5-12-3 tMISCEIJANEOUS t I On I I MEMORIAL t,ct pomp. Mood WE'VE GOT IT l w. I i HOSPITAL k Zl ipleyEloment y, ed. Sawmonoy yourehurch, to voice.Prderem=poim TATLORRIITIrALCINTEI l INDOWNTOWN I,SOUTH STEWART Infant-Preteen Ladies Apparel 1203- A Winchester Ave CHARLES TOWN N STREET A date June 3-4. school, fire hall or remurant. Best to diudvantl~ed and/or handicap- ~ "~'~ ' prices anywhere, Larte display of ped M~ qgatify for Federal " " " J -',-- I I WI CHESTER, V ~. supplies. Visit our showroom X Talleled Jobs CreW. Send br~ let- Store. Oflerin~ all nab0~lly known 267-2973 I z'none: I I z'~oz orends. Bdt~, Jordacbe, Chic, ~At~n~ u A I t E-ual '~'"rtunR- ~tnd chil~ 663N L ud u~St"Wmchester ~t~OfficeMm~'P'O'Box834, Cherles Tow WV 25414. Lee, Levi, Vanderl~t. lzod, Catvin sB .~.w.~ I 725-5745 I I " zm oro; " k~l dehydretor, or phone (703)662-1124. Hmdll (Equal Opportunity Employer) Klein. Esprit. Ze~. Gtmne Six. ~ I 1 I r---~--- ms. Skemmdoah FoodserviceEquipmentCo.5-12-3 5-26-1 0cetn Peciflc, 300other brands. MASTER'S ~iBBiilBlilB $7,900 to $16,900. l)~innin~ in- AND " B YD 5-L l ve. y, ad e for one to Fm ion o CARD OF THANKS, PALMER O Jelkrsonlk~s 41xlrm;completokJtchenWstove. ~ Pin Res~ent. 300 N. Center. tmninl, fixtures. 8rand 341~1N Wewish to extend our thanks and Appreciation refill, dishwasher; intercom; 2 Mildred St Charles Town. Reedy oponinl. Call Mr. Koste~y (501) FLOOeSANmNG to our friends, relatives and neighbors for theh- baths:~wcarpet;drmes;~,her tore-open.Call 7256688 home or 327 8031. 5,L~-lp 0~I)U~ flowers, food, car~ and aLl acts of ~ shown dishes. & 0rwer~;-play room. Nic~y land- 725-6255 restaur~t. 5-26-1 ------~ MIEIIO~I/LM ------ Z~7-81Z5 or Z~7-2172 to us during our loss of our Father and Grand- ,d other sceped. For more info call ~ In ~ memory of my motl',er. Nov. z-gO.W father. A special thanks to our minister, Rev. 5-26-I 725-8421 or 725-2465. 5-5-4 toys&lMbi~yowspamlime.Top MMelineMIlinllhem.onherblrth- ~ RobertC"dpp, PallbearersandMelv~nT. Strider commission. No investment, day, May 28. Colonial Funeral Home. Thank You house, livin~ room with fire~tce, no o01ec~ or daiberinl. Easy ew ~ look II keaul IMAMI'ghl Son, Emmett H. Bo~d dining room. bal~. kitchen indudinl j0yable aveninll work. Call Friend- kl I Iwe Im sl~ ~,M Daughter-in-l~w Viola Boyd ranle and r~ilerXor. Excellent ly Home Toy Parties. 725-5747, I ldl and Ihink d Mr I I am i ndividual wishes to Grandchildren Emmett, Jr Sandra location in town. Certified apprais- 725"4226. 535-2368. Also ho0k~ .-- - - -. ~ acr "'" " [ a.d Debbie home on ed price $45,000. Call 876-6172 pad~. 5-26-1 Ildmlwmikqlme&dmdd zm.y :cage wzm, or ~ Lo~- dau|h~~t house. l mile from aft~ 6pro. anytime weekends. Itilpmtm 9mMrdsto~mL 5-26-1p ""~ Nmcy' Prefer ZO to 75 acre I X sq.ft, of liv- ~ Bm~o~l~.o.~ o.~-e0o ~ o4 ,tormaimd 3~i must be 55 yem or older, meet an + . incomepidoSno, 20to30hows ~ ' ' : * ; parcel. Desirsbl ) Unimproved Pr(q=erty on Top of Biue Ridge Mount- P~ IS di~ with west of Charles Town. Beautiful aweek. 3.35per hourwaee. Cor~ ] PROFESSIONAL / io~ation Important. oins. Porcelz of two acres to 6, acres. and emma- Corner Exempt To, . S76- 84,DOG GROOMING ] F RO 703- 90-S73 OWNn, U*= Pomp. double from $2.000roMplacomentfee. 4pro. 5-19-2 I by SUSAN I orwriteRodm~,yWtngo7~7. I OVERLOOK Shenandoah Volley From This ,~ Pricedc nstruc1~ nto sell E~.'$IE'000 301-271-7967. 5-5-4 Waitress725.9998.2/3ft & Cook. 725-4348 "or / Daytime & Eve Appointments J . . Vistas Lane 1 3.66 wooded Acres $20,000 1 .000, Cotmlzy,Senior Citizens Discount I" MClL,~iD, vs 22101 Judy M~o2~.e~ (late models)- $115 to $150- 90 SHENANDOAH RIVER FRONTAGE-, BR. 2 baths. day warranty. Caf1725-5779 after L t ,+--: ,' %,-- -*- v 4pm 2/7/tf - I ssg,000 m,ew~es, may be4 door, ex. F~ l 'G~lf, Cherles feeders. 10ft. to24ft, onle~sor ' M.H. & R. t KULIK REALTY, REALTOR 5-Zt~lp wheels. Call after 4 evenings. ANTENNA SERVICE I t ! +7837, 5-26-tp We do all kinds of Antenna In- stallation, Masts, Antenna ins,or Rotor i +~mc+~ |Ira 4 room =, Summit Point BUILDING ' I No lob too big or too small av|ilable.725,1541, erea $200 month, no chikgre~ or 5-26-2 pets. :+'~=sit re~red. 7Z~]541. FREE ESTIMATES 5- 2 Coil 725-1254 FOR SALE Apmmmt furnished 1250. nished $200. View, I~den, yard, near restaurants, bus train. 535-2266 o~ 725,4335. 5-26-ff Ska 2 be koom, don. k chon. $225. rh+ p M. Minke. 725-3180 eves. 5-26-1 Resteml 5 bedroom Charles Town. $390 month, lease, security deposit, references. 725-3050 5-26-1p style home+ Good buy at Tarot Card Reader Reveals your pQst, pre- sent and future. Answers oll questions concerning love, marriage, health. business, lostarticles and much more. PATmCIA A PSVCmC ~ 522 Seek. ~z mib eft SO. Columbus. O~ S J LOG HOME SALES ,INCREASING 53% PER YEAR ManufaCturer of Lincoln Log Homes is seeking district ClOalo~s to est a~4ish re4a=t Sates within S p~ote~te(I 10 . riloty Unlimited Income Potential FEATURING: Ouahly Log Home pack- ages t~t re, aft |o ~ p~r ac~ ft+ US~I "Maxi+Mini'+ solar ~3 fireplace total ho~ heating system that can cul utilit~ up to 60%: lnst~lled f~und~r $6,OOO, Exclusive *+Weatt~+ Lo~'+ INVESTMENT 100% EIlla A HILLS R RENT THREE BEDROOM HOUSE WITH FULL BASEMENT S Per Month With Securi Deposit Call 15 or 725-7742 .+ II I I iiii Gravel, Sand, Top $4>11 Drinking Water, Fill Dirt Grader & Back Hoe Service Charles Town, W.Vo. Phone; 725-8631 iiii 20 Acres, Fenced, stream, two barns, 10 paddocks with shelter, Modem House, 5, 00 square feet living space, 3 bedrooms, 2% baths, large kitchen, with woodstove, din- ing room, sunken living room, with fire- place, family room with Wet Bar and wood- :stove. Also master bedroom with fireplace & dining room. Another room for 4th bed- room if needed, utility room and garage. s175,000 Located on Summit Point Road Phone 725-2324 Is fishing your hoblvy? Walk from your back- yard to the Opequon and also enjoy this lovely split foyer, brick & frame, 2 baths, 3 bdrm, eomplete kitchen, family rm w/woodstove, deck & garage. Le own ares. g/e,ooo FARMElq~ IN LEE1~WN: Immaculate property 6 acres; brick rancher, 3 Mrm, 1 haUm, comqplete kitchan, rec room w/FP; barn ~0x36, loaf'u~ shed 16x42. Board fezz~g, ideal for borm 11441,O11 SHEPHERI TOWN: 4 bdrm, 1 baths, custom kitchen w/appliances, water be,ted, 2 car garage. Immaculate home !IZ, LOT&--FARMS--WOODED ACREAGE JEFFERSON & BERKELEY COUNTIlF~ / City water-sewer, streets, restrictive covenants, in Brookhaven Development, South of Cemetery at East end of Hunter Street in Charles Town, W. Va. CALL Donald T. Phillips 304-725-5163 ml ii i i i i 513 N. Mildred St. Ranson, W. Va. WILLIAM SHULTZ Broker REALTY+ ~o 7,s.o,~ Come See Us Sunday After Church LAND $.7 AC. Wooded Homesite $14,500 SAC. Homl ite 8 % Interest $14,900 7.6 AC. 2 Homesttes ~ All For $~,000 Ave. 3 bdrm$ ! both, Good Starter Home MAKE AN OFFER SUMMIT POINT - Split Level on 1 ~ Acres- uust be .4 $.t9,S00 SNEPHERDSTOWN 3 bdrm. Rancher, Bosement, Fireplace, Heat Pump, 1 AC. Lot with Trees. SS4,SO0 CLOSE TO PARK . 4 bdrm - Finished Basement . Swimming Peat ONLY fd~2,000 TUSCAWILLA HILLS - Rancher, 3 bdrms 1% bath, Trees, Woodstove, Play area for the kids, $62,s00 TUSCAWILLA HILLS - Clese to Pc~k, 3 bdrm Rancher Full Bsrnt ONLY ~,000 TUSCAWILLA HIU.S .2 Story - 4 bdrm 2% be. on wonu Lot 4MI! ,600 1~1". - 2 Story, 2 Boths, 4 bdrms, Brick home with Rental, One Bedroom Home in back. $8%000 ' COUNTRY LIVING 18 AC. - Fenced . Barns - 2 bedroom home with m=ny ex.o, $92,000 10 AC. - Fenced - For the Ho~ . BeautHul 3 Bdrm. Rancher on Htll only 6% ml. from Race Track, Owner wM help on FIn~. $133,300 10 AC. Trout Stream - Barns, Remtol unit, 2 story hoo- 114S,000 M NIED USTIN~SI H You Want To Sell Your Home We Can Market It, Find The Qualified Buyer And Help Them Obtain Financing. CALL A MEMBER OF OUR PROFESSIONAL SALES STAFF TODA YI EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY /ks~ /ABER FmHA MULTI-LIST MEMBER VA MULTI.LIST CAU. AFnl HOUes: 23 SOUTHRIDGE APARTMENTS Tuscawllla Hills WE ARE NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS 1 - BEDROOM 1 - BEDROOM -- DEN 2 - BEDROOM STARTING AT s290 Per Month For Information Call 725-7815 Ed Johnson Real Estate 306 W. Washington St. Charles Town, WV 725-6529 DON'T MISS THIS ONE: Assume 10.95 % mortgage on 3 Bdrm Split Foyer on %Ac, Lge Family Rm w/Woodstove, much more $52,000 OWNER REDUCTION: Brick/Frame Rancher w/3 Bdrms, Ige Faro Rm Willconsider lease/purchase option, nr commuter, duel & golf $4,1,000 FAMILY STYLE: 1%-Story w/3 Bdrms, 1 i/~ Baths, Good location nr/town Fenced half acre $42,500/offor. EVERYTHING: Locotion, quality, price, Brick/Frame Split Foyer on Ige lot w/trees, 3 Bdrms, 2 Baths, Fern Rm/with fireplace, much to see $70,500 12x70 TOPPER EXPANDO M-C; 2 Bdrms, Bath, Kitchen, Din-Liv Area, excellent condition, 100X100 lot, shed $17,900 TWO MOBILES: 12x70 w/3 Bdrms & :3 lots for $16,000 10)(52 w/2 Bdrms & 60x125 lot for $11,000. PHONE US or CALL AT OFFICE for financing Information. Properties, Inc. ! 16 Fast Washington Street Chorlee Town, W. Vet 2~414 r~ (304) 725-6571 EXECUTIVE'S DELIGHT You'll proudly entertain friends and business associates in this dream house. Indoors, more than 2700 square feet of luxury. Outdoors, a private in-ground pool and patio and two