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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
May 21, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 21, 1959

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10 YEARS AGO --- 1949 is hard l~it, l,t by hail and [e /:rees str~,pped :and ~aged by the l,ashing *ris Anders daughter of Mrs. Robert Anders of was saluta/:urian of Henry Leight of Clareadon, Vs. Mrs. J. Sisk and Mrs. Hugh Col- bought Beali-Aire, the ho~ne of lis were in charge of re,feshments ever to perform at the P~brici~a D~wes to John Wi,lli,am wn Jockey Club. He is Gore, son of Mr. and Mrs. John the former Miss Evelyn Wil,son Gore o.f C~aries Tc~cn. 'they have 2 daug~Ccers -- [Ands. Grant is recover 20 YEAR,' AGO m 1939 a s?tort spell of illness DIED:In Ch ,ries Tow~n, ~frs. be ready to resume r~d- Nann,ie Bell (ook, wi,fe of Guy ay 16t~h. Cook; at his h >me sou, th of Mid- ger is now regularly fi'l~- dle~ray, Wilt~iar L W. Whi/:e, one of si/:ion as ph,arm~acist ~t ~he leading hers o,f the Midd~le _& W~te drug store in way dist~ric~; a. t?ne home of Mrs. tbwn. S~me years ago, DAisy Frights, r ear Leetown, Miss FARM LOANS "Short, Long or Intermediate Term (Land Bank tr PCA)--For Any Farm Purpose. 'Repayment Plan to Fit Farm Income--- Col. Lewis Washington in Hall-served in the chuch basemen/: Eel /:own. levying the progrem. Rel.wbives and. ,Mrs. C. W. L. Boyd was the pur friends enjoyed the foT]owi~g pro- (~haser o.f the W. A. Higgs re,den gr~m Which ~the children present- ce .and 16 acres on Ma'plehurs.t fored. ~he sum of $9,000. FIRST GRADE i Jefferson C~un~ty court es~ab- Twi:light Lul.l~tby and Svans on fished a new preeinc~ in Ha,l~pers the Lake by Carolyn Drish. Ferry District witch a pol:ling pla.ce Hoe Cake Shuffle and Just a ~t Millvil.le. Song a/: T~iliSht by Bob Perks. MARRIED: In Bristol Tenn. The Cassoions Go Rolling Along Miss Marie W arte~.~bee, daughter and Le Ta~mbourin by Kaq, he~2ne of Mr. and ~/Irs. F. L. Wa.rCenbee Lennon. Indian Rain Dance :and In The of Charles Town /:o ~VIr. J. ~e Swing ~by JOhnson Everhart. G~anLt; in Ha gerstown, Md. a/: t i Fred Ell'led the swme l~.~i~ion be- Dora Clipo, a lice long resident of Methodist Church ~ass Marie Barnyard Frolics and Theme Core moving to Berryvilie, Va. Leetown neiffhibovhood; 'aS ~,s Fleming, dau,gh~ter of Mr. ,and Mrs. from Andan:tino .by ~Ylarilyn DIED: Max Pentz ass~s~n/: a- home near Bardane, J. Ha~rry George W. Plem*ing and Mr. Ch,ar Swartz. gent for the N. & W. R. R. wt its Bl,acl~ford a li,felong resident of les E. Rennet, bo,th of the county; On The Levee a,nd ~oes~ Dawn Charles To~n st~t~on died at his ~l~he county. . ...... .~ Mr. and Mrs. BUtler Jones of near by Michael Lennon. ho~ne on West Washington Street; Watson Marlow, sc~ o'~ aar. a.u Shep~erdstown a~nounced ~:he Some Day My Prince Will Come Thomas S. Shepherd wt the h~me 'Mrs. T. Wil~li:am Marlow wus f,a!t- m~arri~age (g their daughter Mary (Vocal) by Ki,bty Blue. of his scan, Wil~li,a,m in Berryville, ,a~lly injured When ~truck by an Es,tel,le ot Mr. Wesley C. W~hi/:.mer SECOND GRADE class of 1949 ~d ,Miss V~a.; Mrs. Alice Russ, co'loved wt ,a~tomobHe on the H a~pers Ferry of Duffields. The,me from Lisbstrau~n No. 3 daug,h/:er o$ Mr. ;her home near Miiddleway. pike. and The Banjo Picker by L~is An~ was valedictorian. Announcemen,t has been made Thomas B. Farnsworth of Sum 40 YEARS AGO --- 1919 Brewer. P~tsy Grant well ,by Mrs. F. Vernon Aler of ,the on- mi,t Poin,t retired af/:er 52 years DIED.In Martinsburg ho~pital, Longing and The School B,a~d jockey and one of the ~agemen of her eldest daughter, of service .for the B. & O. R. R. Mrs. Flo,ra Bell Pa~n;tev o,f Kear- Ma~rch .by Nancy Burnett. Co. neysville; a~ the home of his dau- Plantation Memories and Bhra- ~YIr. and Mrs. S. Wal,ter "Wash- gh/:er in Elk,ins, W. Va. Capt. Win. m,s Wal,tz. by Carol Hammond. in,ton arrived in Charles To~vn B. Co.lston an Ex-Con:federwte vet Swans on the Moonli,t Lake and from Latvia Where Mr. W,as,hing- eran fovmeriy of Mar~insburg.Evening in Havana by Carla Col- ,ton had been employed in the The B. & O. Railroad resumed Hs. Consul~vr service of the Gove~kn- i/:s Sunday excursions to Wash- Drousy Moon a~d Under Sou- ment for some time. ~ing~on and Bal,Vimore after havi,.~g thern Skies by I~bb~e Sisk. "Wi'lH~m B'oyer brough/: to /:he ,been suspended for the period of Dreamy "rime Song and Vienese Publishing Co. office a copy of ~he ,the World War. iMelody by Vick~ie Blue. Under the Leaves (Piano) RovEs S'pi~it of Jefferson prinCed on Jan-50 YEARS--'~O --- 1909 ed by S~harsenberg-Thoe by K,it~y ttary 17, 1871 by John ,W. Dal- garn. A l~ve issue of bh,a~ time DIED: At the home of his dau-Blue. was on the remo~a~l of the County ghter in Vicksburg, ~VIiss., Capt. THIRD GRADE seaf~ from ~epherdsCo~vn to Char "Wm. C. l~aum a native of Charles Theme from 5,th Sym,phony and les To~vn, l}hen ira*pending J. J. Town and an Ex-C~n~f~der~te ve~ Londenderry Air by Marry Virginia ~Moran advertised o repair shoes eran; at Waxa~hac~te, Texas Co.. Ever~aavt. i~r~ a room of t.he pr~a~tely aban- W. H. Getzendanner, a brother of ~Iemories and Tore,xdor Song by doned Ch~a~rles T~wn j~i]. Asa Mar She late Dan,~Ol Gotzer~da~ner of Joyce Dris~h. Shortenin' Bread and Nobody steller and Son had a aard in the ~is county. He also was a Con- Knows De Trouble I've Seen by old ,paper advertising blacksmith .federate veteran. ing and w~g~n m,aking ~t Zoar. ~Mrs. AnnuM. T. Ewling daugh Doris Sisk. Charles W. AisquiCth and John A. cer of bhe late T. B. Washing~n Three Bl~nd Mice (varia/:ions on them) and La Curaracha by "Washing~n gave n(~tice of the of Claymont this county, died in Dane Col,lis. d~issolUtion of their drug f,ivm in Edi,uburg Kents, En,gland. b. Prelude and Maracas by E,mma Life Insurance Avails le if Desired-- Ch~arles Tow~. The Jefferson Club roo~ns in Rut:h Bradley. ,the Sadler building in Charles FOURTH GRADE 30 YEARS AGO--- 1929 Town were formal,ly opened. Chopsticks (.variations on/:heine) FARM CREDFF C0 0h DIED: A/: the he,me of his dau- ,Miss Corn M. Sisk of th, s coun- Concerto I in D Minor by Will.iam ~y was married to Gee. Hinkle o,f calY)u'll Never Walk Alone (Vo- g~a/:er in W~a~dn,~ton, D. C. Frank Boston at the home of t~he officEs- EveVhart. W. HAMMOND, Asst. See.- Treas. M a~er, former, resident of BOlivar mty Agent's Office - 10 - 12 Standard Time ~t his home sou~h ef Shenandoah ~bing minister ~he Rev. J. H. Wolff JunCtion, JOhn M. Dun~e~, for 22 Charles Town. Shepherdstown 4441 or Martinsburg AM 7-8011 p n...v ye~:rs Clerk of the Jefferson Cir- VChe,at was quoted at 1.45 a bus cu't Cour~ and an ex-Confedera~e ,hel in Charles Town; corn 80 M~ ut veteran. 1 cents; hams 15 and 16 ce,.~,ts; I : jj I j yung ickens 20 lbs: bu/:ter 18 B[00d Dnr Recru|tmg ,cen/:s and eggs 1 cents a dozen. 60 YEARS AGO -- 1899 Plans for staging an all-out ,Mr. Thomas E. Woodward of blood donor recruiting program in ,th~s coun,ty was married at MilE- Jefferson County prior to the next I I U I visit of the Red Cross Bloodmo- ,wood, Vs. to Mrs. Lydia C~u'bbs. bile uwit Lo Charles Town were dis The engagemen/: of John W. Da v~s o.f Clarksburg to Miss Ju~i~a Mc cussed ~May 8 at a meeting of Red Dona.ld dau$1~ter of Maj. and Mrs. Cross officials in ,the Red Cross Chapter rooms. E. H. McDon,ald of this county Mrs. James M. Mason, III chair ~as an,.~ounced. man .of the chapter's executive Charles E. Diehl of ~harles board, met with Admi.ral George Town was awarded a prize of $50 for his class SVanding in ~he study R. Cooper, chairman of the blood of Hebrew at the Pri~n,ce~on Thee program and Mrs. George R. Held ~lS~i~al SemAn,ary. rich, Chapter executive secretary and discussed various ways of re- cruiting :: 70 YEARSAGO -- 1889 blood donors. Jefferson 'County has been lag- J~mes R. Nicely was appainted ging behind in their quotas for the postmaster at Lee~to~vn, succeed- Bloodmobile visits and it is hoped ~ing Ja,mes E. Wwtson. The County Court gran~ted li- quor licenses to fifteen places of i,n t'his county. DIED:Near Su~n,miit Po4n~ Mrs. Mary ~r~ber, wife of So~lamon Grubber. N! ! [Young Music Students Present Annual Recital At Leetown Church MAILI To Our esidential Heating Specialist LEARN of the many advantages that go with heating your home ELECTRICALLY; It's as clean as your electric light! Exact controls pro- Vide the real comfort of uniform temperatures in all weather. Electric heat is the only truly quiet heat. The music studen,ts of Mrs. Gone Starliper presented ~their annual recital Wednesday, ,May 6 in .the social room of the Leetown MeSh odist ChurCh. I II THE MELVIN T. STRIDER C0. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Charles Town Shepherdstown 35 - Telephones - 162 Meet the Home Heating Specialist for your area. His services include preparing plans, recommending the proper electrical heating equip- ment and supplying information regarding oper- ating costs. I Patrick L. McLaugblin For Free In/ormatlon, Mail This Coupon Today'! To: Residential Heating Specialist POTOMAC LIGHT & POWER CO. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Please send FREE Information About Electric Residential Heating to: N me ... Addr $ ... City . ..... 4 $ # 4~ 0 O t t 6 6 o O o o o t o- # 4 t t e o 0 e j e e 0 O $ $ # # e 0 e 0 e~ 6 O O O 4 O O d) 4. o o e. e 6 o o O O o O e ~ 40 o O O i. ~ ~ O O ~ O O O 8. ~ O 6 ~: o o o o e e o e e, o e o o o e e o e e o o o ,t, o o ~ e e e o 9 e o o o e e ~ 0 ~ m i A LASTING TESTAMENT TO YOUR DEVOTION., ' .^ Rock of Age! nJL'n0 wholo p.rp m of rtal art k to eo emorate the personality and accent. plkhment ot an individual or family. Reek of Ages' |killed design staff translato~ thew aeeomplkhment~ into ~au~al memorial design~ Them b no flare' /KUi-~ ~ WILy tO sh0w yOUl~ eae. Vow ~ od' Aeo0 ,~,0te~od I)0eO~ MARTINSBURG GRANITE WORKS FLOYD C. ODOM, Mgr. 109 West John Street Martinsburg, W. Va. that the ~ex visit on June 30 at the Episcopal Purist~ House can at tract ~t least 200 donors. 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