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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
May 21, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 21, 1959

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! a pioneer missionary fil~ty years ,and Mrs. Forre~ IAndon Dotson, THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1959 5---A ago. Few people have had t;he of Charles Town. g Turner h~as had as she has work: born to ~Ir. 'and Mrs. C~arles Moore, Kearneysville; Mr. Ronald I revival services to be held May 25 iC~]]|n! k.ind of rare experience tha~ Mrs. A dau~,ter Sandra Sue was ~vumm~q e~l~''~'~%'~" ~':*~ ~ ...... '~'~ "'~: and ~ o~mn, ~.a~uraay, may 16. Mrs El~a M. Decrier Knoxville I Rev. William F Carson o[ the Sec Commencement pea-erk M"ay H gh( ester r'resoy~e y on ~vx,ay zx s edge"i of Shen,anflo~h Jun Lee R,ickard, Ashtabula,, Ohio;. [May 31 at. 8:00p. m. DST. 'I21e ,~u~ .... t. ~+ ,~ ..... ~o +~,,^, ,~,~,,+ A .on, T Tnot:hy Wayne Yeas ~ [ond Bal~mt Church, Mar~msburg ~'l~e" Pres~t"e~:'iV~av~21 ~1 ........ '~ born Monday May 18 to Mr. and Summit Point Baptists [w. Va. will be tJhe visiting m:m~- .. . J ~ J. f ~ " " J,Mrs. Louis Allen Broy of l~tppon .....~ "V " '~ " I ter of 37, 19 g~rl~ lV~a-~e Stanley, Frances Ellen ~una,ay SCrmoi mr all age] Out oatien.ts admitted ~o the t'lan l~e "1 al ~ervlces [ " r " ' '4 - ' .... ~ graduated from Shep W~lker, Sandra Lee Wa~son. g w~ll be at 9. 5 a.m. ]hospit;al were: Vanny Cars,o~n,, ,. . ~ . . [ Any wife can make a man of kl,igh School in Corn- Boys-James WaEer Blue, Jess The Senior High Fellowship will I ~harles Town; Wililam D~dson, ~ ~umm~t laozn Bap~st Church [her husband if he will only llsten exercises set for Mort- Orville CuIHson ~harles Jerald leave t~he church a 1:15 P. M. for ] Leesburg, Va.; Mrs. Pearl Lawren invites everyone to attend their to what she says. xg, May 25 ~t 8 p. m. Derr, George Kms:ley l~renc~h, a hike, p~cnic sup,per and vesper rice, Frederick, Md.; Elmer LaRue, ~~ Ie S~epherds, towr~ High Jo'hr~ Wi~lliam H,andzo, l~homas progra~n in ~,he Harpers Fm'ry Harpers Ferry; Carol Mer0han'$, ~~ a~rium i*t w,as ann oun- Lane Henson J~mes Levi Hil$i.ard, Ikby s~hool principal ]William L~Mar Hockensmi'h, ~ar area. Charles Town; Bessie Pearl, Har- | ~ i _ I pers Ferry; Paul Hildebrand, !~lL~lJ ~ l~' ~ . IX~sler. land Jay Hurley, Charles Wade- Mr. - Mrs. R. W. Morrow Will Frederick. Md. Alfred Owens II : ~ -"~*%~ ~ I L Colikns ~ member of Iworbh Kidwiler, Jerry Briscoe ~,#_ ,_~,,_ ~._ _. .... I Kearneys~ille; Jessie Tibbs, Jane ~- < ~.~li~k ][llt~ ~, College of Law West [tMauck, Do'rid Timothy Park, Jr., ;)urn ~nmvezsary I Arthur, Charles Town; Tony Jen- i| |~[:~ ~]~l~l~ ~]~h, ~ n aiversit sin 1950 wil~l Jeffrey SaviHe Shxfl,tz Ja~mes Den Y e " ' _..___ Cuz~tiss Jenkin.s and Edgar De- |~~4~Jl'l~tl|/"'~l| '~li | ~ker for ~he commence- [z~l Smutch, Willia~m Jonathan Sny- At 'Open House' May 31 ki,ns, Sandra Smallwood, l~anson; ~~ ,J.%:/~|l | ~]Jl],]l]l| ]'| | ~m. Mr Collins a n.a-[der, Nelson Lewis,ard, Char- Friends and relaltives of Mr. and Louder, Harpers Ferry. n ~~~J '~1~%~'%., ~n~L,~ ~L-,~mL a~ ~l ~nont, W Va was grad lies ~mory Stupider, John Wa'lJer Mrs. R. W. Morrow (ff S,het~herds-' Surgical patien~ts admit,ted to N ~ ~|:4-- ~~]~.~.. ~ ~U~ N :940 ~ro~ Notre Dame ]Wood,on. town nro in~itorl tn ~n "Cm~n ]the hospi:t~at were: mas%er Doug- [~l[~a~'~i[~"-- ~,~v n wl,t,h a B. S. C. degree. [ ,q.. ~ ........................... House on Sunday, May 31 at t~he dlas Lewis Hendersn Knxville"I, ' n .~rved four years in ~he t I.IVle Leann WlJl , ua~te~ Henry Harder Mrs. Beul- home of their son-~a-la,w and d au ' - llg World War II and ] .... D.... W - as graduated frown [ ~l ~ ~, m. ~ ~ ~ht~r r~, ~nd ~r~ ('~h,~,.q~ W ah V. Staubs, H.arpers Ferry; Mas / ~eer u0mgnr ~:~u Busty, near Winebrenner's Cross :~irsR?v~n: LHe HHilLaz~an~ni ~ ~ P t~ IP~| P tP' di~ll I~ t~| tl goads in honor of t:heir fif,Uet'h " " Y- ' I ri:Ul'Lr3 zzt-t-z v z L . weddin~ anniversary The kours ]Chpp, ~r., ~nmswick, Md.; Mrs. -- v -- h ~ ~ V Z Z s. Z .......... are 3 ~ 5 and 7 to 9"o'clock I Cat~herine E. C~aanon Paul Sum- ! ~r~te.Y in ::5a7 mWegm~be~/ The Hers regular meeting of the The ~bove children from the xx-?u ~...r'repa~rons .an%en- u ,~u~o c,t~c~. Imers H,ilde!brand Frecteriek, Md.; II n d~e 'a ,~,,,,~ ,- ,-.^- .... |Jefferson Councy C~vie League vill 87 A~rn~'v~r~e~Uev~' |be held Thursday, May 21 ~t 8:30 W~lraven School of the Dance of [o~me~:~ ~s~[ ~hne~ an ~'~a~e~8 ~ _ J wal~er Leroy W elty, Shenandoah I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ U n ........ Ip. m. ~vt ~he 85. Phillips Parish Charles Town took part in the ,, ,).,a ~ y i M I~t n | I ] Junction; Mrs. Donna Whil~ting- I[" ~ ~ r a L~ | U ~ I i or/ to the gradu'aeslHouse The primary business of Variety Show and Crowning of ........... I "~[~J~J)~,l Iglb | I Wn, Char~es Town; lime Sarbarail ............ I nday evening May 24 [,~he meeting will be t~e annual el- War Memorial May Queen which Ann Stunkle, Ra,nson and Larry l !~the Kig'h sci]ool and-eeUc~n of officers and bhe planning took16. Readingplace in Shepherdstown,from left to right-May0utstandJng Church ~ - I OO ~~! V.MedicalLink, CharleS:p~tien~tsTOWn.admitted o .I NOW...l'N t~PFRATIflN________u.v__[ .I t~h t~e Rev. l~and,ali I,of aet~vi~Aes for ~e 1959-1960 Susan Magaha who ably portray aa~ ~ ~. , ~. . ~ l the hospiJal were Miss Josephine I~ ' ~r of ~he Shel~erds year. The officers to be ele,~ed are t odist Oh*arge, del~iver- I~residen, vi'ce-presiden% corres- led a Modern Jazz number; Nan- W 1~ Can ty ~henandoah Junction" I Lu,. w.o da, n.,, da.~ed ,.o 0man/0 5peak unaay births, Lwo boys and two ~Viiss ~--r--Vh- E H .............. : 1 (]h~lff~ IT~ "La[~l:~ ]IT~D11~lLlI l~~t'~ I~ATI V l ~or~. ~he Reverend Mr. I pondence secretary, recording see hard toe numbers, "Twinkle Toes" girls occurred at the Ch~ar.les j... .~,~jt~.y _. :a,m~,~u., ~.a~e ! ~.~ ~ ~O X' KJI~, 1' l~,12~DlIl~t~D lXaXl~l. ' ~nala v. rmraer rlarpers ferry" gradu~aie of M~vriet&a re~ary, areasurer and publicly d i,r and "I'd Like To Be a Little Bal- 'Mrs. Patsy Bra~t~o,n Turner nat Tow,n General Hospi.tal during the ; Mr~ I .... L N "-'rim .......... ' J ~ n ,~l'riettasem,inaryOhi andof Was~Wes" J'tectr'Prior to the main busines.s of lerina"; Debbie Morris who withran,ally known PresbYterian e'~ur- period of May 13 and May 18. [Gr;y ~I~rs LiiliLa~:H B~r~wn'~t;: Im p F fl P ] F ~ ~ II P P I V i ~. ~rved in ~he min,is-l~the evening eandida,tes lor eJee- her sister Miekie on the extreme c h speaker will speak in tlh,is char 14AtoS~r.l~iCkn~ Ll~Ies WH~obw111n tay [,Mrs. 'Naom,i A, Heskett, I~ve~ts', | L ~ | L ~ ~l} ~ 11# / / L | right danced a tap routine to eh at t~he regul, ar morning service ~ - , ~. a "d [vHle, Va.; Mr. Daniel Mullins, Lees Ji NORTH SAMUEL ST. D,,~r~, ~ , , ~],b01Me CounJy and [~ion to t)he C,harles Town ci,ty "Goody-Goody"; and Becky Kay on May 24 at 11:00 a._m. Mrs. Tar ora,ms o,f Chants ]own [burg, Va.; Mr. Boyd C. Carter, ............ '~'~ ~a" a~,,a~ ~ ' Md. [council will be given an oo,por'~un- Ware dressed in an Alice Blue tu ,Her will come here .from Canoe, Friday, May 15, a d aug!h~ter lKearneysville; IMrs. Dorothy Lee ,or ~he gradu,wt~on class IVty to address the grou, p. Those i,n tu presented a beautiful ballet to ~ ~ i ~ ~ ~ ...... t~llows: (~irls-Be~ty An I,terested in t~his privilege should Alice Blue Gown. These children ~OYce l~ebecca Buhr- JconaOt l~r. James W. Niekens, sec will participate in the eighth an- Pearl Bu:~ts, Lena Ire tory. nual recital of the school which I 1954 CHEVY "150' 4-DR. SEDAN. tteater, Straight Trans- '~ren, ee, Mary P~)salieI &t the speeial mee,~ng of May 6 will be held on Wednesday, June ml[llL I mission. A. Buy At - .... 2 695. Deloris Jean Day, Ev-[*a very l~vely dis,cussion was he,ld 3rd at 8:15 p. m. at the Junior ~her"ll!le ~raleYYvonne, EthelGeary, [,eoncermngMar" wi,th .t~he. superin~tenden~tt)he s'cho(>l~ needs,f s0hoOlSuse High School~Auditorium. II~ ~ Irl~l~ I 1954 PLYMOUTH a-DR. SEDAN. Heater, ood Ti,'es and . . ~Idua Elizabe$~h Hod. !ilevy. The League wens on record Vacation Bible Sch ol U Jenk,in's, Eliza'be,t,h las favoriag t~he levy as a prelude Vaoa o. ScHool m---- --m l /mm n 1953 FORD CUSTOMLINE TUDOR. V-8, Radio, Heater, , Jiane E~lizwbeibh ~a-]:to bhe i.mpl~vement of our school will beheld l~ay 29-June 5, 9:00 llli ~ "~l~m~/~/nlI~'lb I rgie Lee Springer, Joy I syssem. ord-O-Matic. Extra Clean I 1953 DODGE 4-DR: Heater, V-8 Engine, New l'aint..e ..... l-. A I Drive It Away I or Only ...... 2 590. I 1953__ CHEVY 4-DR. SEDAN. Powerglide, Radio, Heater. [ Very Nice ......... 2 595. 'PROXIMATELY $100,000.00 WORTH OF l , VALUABLE LATE MODEL " n 1953 I ONTIAC " iIN DELUXE 4-DIL Radio, I //ll im ll-ml I Heater, Hydramatie, Clean ..... 590. EQUIPMENT & PARTS - 'S - ~~ between Martins- i "/WIII lllill /// I 19o2 FORD (,u TOMLINE 4-DR. SEDAN. Radm, Heater, tllk d[Jdl/ll " I A Real Good One ....... 2 495. and Sh~tion known as the Sims .... n I 1952 OLDS SUPER 88 4-DR. Radio, Heater, Hydramatic. SA r',t959 ..... I I Extra Clean - ........ 2 595. ]i~!~i~t~~eh, ihe,UDder-li ].w--r?.- ............ [1951CHEVY DELUXt TUDOR. Heater, Motor Just Over[. I ' , hauled .......... Hundreds of Wise Car Buyers in Thxs Section Have I ......... "-rs .... m nt; Sev- i .... . --. . . .. ........ i 1951 FORD TOMLINE 4-DR. Rebuilt, V-8, Raclio, Alreaay laKen Aovantage oi our ensauonal oiler I ........ " i .r,o i . . , -eater. ,tuns t, ooo ....... $ 39o. 1(~a gMachines" 2 valve I : IH Good Automobiles... So Can You... RIG AHDli FROM.. " " * ~ee!Bal~neing M~- I I MANY MORE '49 - '50 - '51 and %2's TO CHOOSE COmply, r~tor and'~$tarter i Z~ezz'~ Equime~ n~ndPa|n,; 2 , i GET THE CAR YOU LIKE FROM THIS, I Block and Fa~ and Wheel Pullers of all l "S a.a oZso .,ypes;ma z:z htl ' STATION WAGONS? 'er~ubes,"ax~aX~d In~; New Parts of Batteries,a]l types Airfr i CH0!CE SELECTION RIGHT AWAY!! n195s FORD col N']RY" J" ' SOl, IRE ~ ~ (., PASSENGER. ...... Radio, ,.' I I Heater, Ford-O-Marie, Power Steering and Brakes, White '~ Electric Wrenches of a~r rages; Body Tools R 8 b D ' . i * Tires, 1 Owner, Low Mileage ..... $2795. |ell~' kinds~ieCeSplentyOfofEqulpmentMiScella. II - " " I I 1958 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN. Radio, Heater, ForcI-O- ;,LOT OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS. i -- , , ,, , i Matic, White Tires, Just ,,000 ActualMiles. Like Brand New 22695. SOLD ON PREMISES. I ...... ] 1957 'FORD COUNTRY SEDAN. Radio, Heater, Ford-O- . | Matic, Power Steering. Many More Extras. 1 Owner, urther Information, Call AM 3-3882 m $16.10 I Very Nice. - - ..... $1995. ~?.R., Auctioneers. W. REID and GARLAND MARTIN, Clerks. II I 1957 CHEVY TUDOR WAGON." Heater, 6-Cylinder, Straight Cushion Glide.- 195:8 FORD FAIRLANE FORDOR. Radio, Heater, Econo- [ Transmission, A Real Handy Wagon and Priced at Only $1595. 21 - zt. made to give ~;~}~\| ~ lll n ll I traction for ~i~iL~[I mical 6-Cylinder Overdrive Transmission. Low Mileage $1995. I 1955 PLYMOUTH SUBURBAN, 6-Cylinder, Straight ~t,~ '()