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May 19, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 19, 1966

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| n SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE [ [ [~lT,, d T i~ I I 1 i '~] | m r , I[ [ T ' ' " i I I ' THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1966 , t I I1.,. ,I. | ! II I Ir CIVIC county She has been a member 2, ran into the rear of a tl~ c tl tl ] ! ,.,,L II [ I the Democratic Executive cam- operated by Joseph F Wilt, J,| PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY [ IJ[ I .,.. n, I ~;:~:: :~i ~ .~ l mittee of the county for some 30 Ranson, on State Route 9 t~ - , l | 11 | /1~1 IL I J rll I ~ ~!i~ [ years and treasurer of the cam- I miles south of here. I ] ~/[ J!J ' / ~ ~ ~:~i~}~l ~ / mittee for a number of years. She / The collision caused $200 dli~:~ :B~10~ort~E~FE~~l!IaxSleHIs~oGwC?~ I~2" By HemT W, Morrow I H I' H1 : : ::: t~elS~g~c:an{e!!{i~s:ltnY }!h~~knt{! ::ii7 pe#Ddv~ta;hwai~geda~h;rel-rr-- ,, :: and otherwise And during World .... : keep her vehicle under contr . :: ..... War I1, she devoted much time/ .. - v nin b ut 8i05| ' ~ ff/'t/'t zh~ . : . ~wonaay e e g a o REXD B,Y MORE THAN ,ow PEOPLE / ANTIDOTE FOR FEAR , these figures are reasonably accu-~ . i:i~::.:i:::.~:.::~.:: ..... land effort to voluntary nursing !one-car accident occurred o;'S~t '/ Some one has said that the rate it means that exclusive of| ~ ~:~.~T~ [service at the Newton D. BaKer Route 9 about 31 miles Soutll~* Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffiee /difference between an optimist government obligations the pea:| ~ii::i~::~:::i::::~ :::~ ::: ]C~nter,flthen r~n Army hosp~a~lcharles'Town near the inter~ ...... / and a pessimist is this: the pes-, pie of this country own about[ : :;::: : :: z:i : / .. e st!]l wo s ith the.._ e /ion of Route 9 and Jefferson A~I simist wil look at a artl con nine times more mey owe. : :-~ t~ross moon program m ~nep- Ell 1 P Y " [ .... :i .::: :~i~ Hue, when a 1953 Dodge t NATIONAL NEW$~PAPr~E t sumed glass of wine and remark] Now, it has been said while/ ~ ~~ /herdstown. And a few years agO/being driven by Elmer A. W~ [ L~l~ili][ll~l~n|,~ ~ . ~ | |AS~Cp'~TI~0~N [that it is half empty, while an|figures dont lie, at the same[ ~ ~~ |wHen me count.y-wine porto ~.m;165' of Martinsburg went out][ 14 ~ ~] ] ~ ] | ~ k./ k./ | optimist will look at the same time liars will figure. Consequen-| ~[i ~ i~ ~ | mumzauon]ect was .carrma ~ control when the driver said ~,. . .... ~.:~:::"~: out, sue asslstect wgn me pro- t - ~ - :-' :-- - - -: " | glass and observe that ~t Is half tly, it would be foohsh to c~te| ~!i|] ~!~~ | ...... /stepped on the gas pedal inst._~. . ~ -- /full. Simply put a lot of things lthese figures in support of an| ~qll~:~~ | gram. ~ne is a~ormer memoero~/of the brake. He sustained mi~:- | depend on how you look at them argument that we have 'nothing[ ~*:::.|i. :~ | m.e JeHerson ~ounty r~eaim ~a-| injuries Trooper Anthony~Dt~ ~:: : .... : visory committee a cHarter mem- " fe MAX BROWN, GeneralManager | And it seems to me that while[to be afraid of economically or ::i~1 | .......... | said no charges were prefer~ DON RENTCH, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor | Wall Street and the stock market/financially. But this is precisely I ~:i: : : |: : : ::~ | ~i~tt: i~n~re~s~rer~;l~rYje~m'| in the accident. Damages ~[ | are floundering around, as they} the point The prophets of doom ~!~::| ::: ~il]~ | .~' ...... "| listed at $200 ,~ son tmunty uommunity t enter ut [are at the moment we would all|and gloom are constantly citing ~!~ii~ | ~ [ ........ | Sunday afternoon abo Lt a~ ' ' "ii~ ..... Association; a past-presment oz i rred ~ National Advertising Representative, American | do well to give ourselves a mild/the national debt in support of ~ !1~ | the TTnit~a nan-hte~ -~ the Con / a one:car ace dent occu ~ed~' ew York anhdote for our fears I m no m ~ ueconaary ttoute 1, on Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave., N | ......................... k :__ .~..~the proposition that we are I i ~ili | federacy; a member of the Poto-|.u,,,,h , gummt, Point wh~ great tmxtever in wm~tziut; m t.v fiscal trouble and I would be the ................. , Detroit-CMeago- Atlanta. San Francisco. Los Angeles |dark but I do believe that pre-[,i,~, , ..... ~'~^ ,~._, .~. .... ,....1[ [] ~ll [mac Garden Club and the Jeff-| car being driven by Jol~l ~~ , ' . lzx .......... HI::? LIICI~ tlll~7 lld, erson t~ounty flame oemonstrat- u " ' m | occupation with fears of things/debt is and should be a matter/ ~ ~~ | ........ | Weaver, 18, of RFD 2, Su~ SUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Yr., Plus 1bets, W. Va. tax | that mi ht come can contribute - 1on urea. une is also a zormer . .... g ...... ~ of concern. But at the same hme[ II []i~ | member of the De artment of| Point, went out of control to toe very mmgs we zear me " o i , Pu " " P . ran off the highway Damage .............. I ....................... /does not the business c mmun ty,/ re- ~w,s' ~o J, .I bhe Assistance Council. / .... ar was listed at'~500 a~ tar pureness, ~ews or Attver ]smg uepartmenm mos~ A.mmst me tam. anu gmon!y/ as exemplified by the Chamber ofl ~t-'~ ,m,'--"^,o ! .~a--_ '[ Mrs Hammond said this week ! ~e~,,.. o~;a ur ..... ~ .... ~" eil~[_ pre(llCtlOnS Ot a coming economic , ~, =, ~,.,,, ~,,.u ,, ==.,.,., DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 _ recession in the nation, it seems~ C~m::ct~'aefrb~xa~:leoi~Veu~l ~to pr zeDanc "1 in this modern space age with led with failure to have ll/S~~ " ,,, m,~ *h~t ~,~ mi~'ht ~et some, Y P P I ~w tagedine ~1 such fine scientific equipment I under control ][ THURSDAY, I AY 19, 1966 psychological boost ~y looking at ~haetrethve Cu~ntheaS tW~te~des and ~ I rp, rs p~ze :|now available to doctorsI and l A threecar accident occ~t~ , ~- *ha hricthto.~ eido .f thin~s I ~ v v " tar m ~y gate . nurses, in mouern hOSpitals, anu] .~...., q.~g ,,,.~., NF .. . ....... ~, .......... .. . spective.? Furthermore, how can! tati, t. 2he instr '- the many life-saving drugs now ........... .:,,,~ ........ .~o .............. . .;[::kaeld ~WasY :fn otnhee o~nS~de[we poss!bly know howto evaluate [he om boersvi available !t is hard to visualize[ S;::eTRutew9e~nU~teS~nth ~:~ Tawim q SqZAi:F AITInFHT ~ ..... -y , v s? ~ .I me natmna! oeot wimout Know- ~t, tl~ftlTh 'as far OaCK as 57 vears auo anal .... ' -- - ;-.-.-~ /VW l~r,~o jars- #~i~,a~ country s leaning newspapers, xI ing what the government owns to 2~" -'~ ~.'2! ........ [ com,~reh-na tho "grea* ~tridesl at unarms Town,. was uet~v~ ...... ran across a news item the other lback it un9 It has always struck e,,t, ,.= ~,~., :1_ ~..~_" ~]? .... ~_.._ ?_" ;_~ ....... /newspapers and nan pulled ~! , . n " as* - *" - 3rs(saca-auall - WilleD_ meulcal science Has D-laue. " 0 : %e at tins newspaper lmve been w,r.cnlng zrom aIar, day that interested me, My first! me as confusing, to say the least, ^-- ~:-~- .... s I Mrs Hammond said she has/car off the highway and s_to~: it were. ti e ConuTessional investigations into the cHarges I inclination was to clip it and mail I to ha,'~ on what the ~,ove~nment .~" " "~' ~'_~'~. I ..... " ........ a ~. .... ,._ . I to make a aenvery, rx]s car ~J~. of one Mr; . Ral dol-ph Nader against the automobile industry it .... to the Chamber of Commerce[ owes " vithout reciting what it tt' a- :r wi... ............. * I .... ............. i struck and damaged to the /v to the effect dmt Amer . , ,. " . . ................... } fleaele durmmer and Dean Coyle, of the Civic Assocmtmn present-I being able to lend a hand when l .... ~.~ .... n~7 ican automobiles are unsafe And we inasmuch as ~t dealt with a rosier owns ) ~I ..... " tent of about $500 by a h~ licit tha zocuse(l on lsine o~ things tuun mu~ ~,am-i " .... ' ne ............. wereplease(t to see the national pub y _ - Co ere- are mchned" Years ago a friend of mine told the lead o~uitar. I ed the awards and Reid Geron- I eded, at home: in the eommun- ,I ,~,,-v ...... ................ , ,-,_ ,.._ u.., .... , ...o, ho ~ the President" of the Umted" States last week making, anI bers. of mm e I me that everyhme" he got to worry Second place in" the 3udgmg ..... ~mo, chairman of the pro3ect, lty and the hospitals. It has been vesti ated thi accident sa~d" emotional pitch in the Rose Garden for safer cars and calling ~e;P:ffkLImPr::umi~lthetCh;mv I lag too much about what he owed went to little Linda Jean Frye, served as master of ceremonies. ]most gratifying, indeed, she said. aboutg 15 minutes later 'o/~t'~ attenticn to the fact that in 1965 50,000,lives were snuued I that " it spends a considerable I he sat. down and prepared a 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and [ Proceeds from .the show will J Mrs. Hammond said she has I a m. a car being driven b-y ~, _.., ;... +,,,; .... ; Ruth Mr ~nd~r .~ char es ann the t ...... , ~ ,,o ,;... n.~,,,,.~.. ,~. I financial statement snowing wna~ Mrs John Frye of Gapmno, Mcl., I go towards a Dunmng zuna tar I never regretted becoming a nurse. I ricia A Nicodemus 28 of tl0~ Presi'de s*em t o' - -s" can be helpful in-mat in; th9 public [ a~m~t'ted~y larle'nat~ona~'d~)t~ of ] hey~V~leditllyt, acks up ::o~n~tii~ wh~ :nterta ndedta th~angathe~ng [ ~eCerme~tUe~Ry:enterbu~ld~ng ~o [ T:~reha~bb:~n lgr: ta st a s ac on 2, Charles Town, struci~ ~ia:~ want to do something about riffs great national scandal. But the United States, and this is as I ......... g~ P g. I ........... / g o ] Hey car uoing anout $300 darnS* to no xt mav not make you ~ee~ r~ze was 25 m cash Bonvar wmcn me association pur needed in the~ home and In the r we cannot escape the feeling that the Nadar charges of [ it should be. But the article I am I ~ ; - - ": ..... P ~" "- $- " "" -'- e t ! chased last - ear " [ c ii Ra" " . I to her car She told Cor~' , " : ........... ,__ r,.._~:.~^..~,,~l ~neakin~ nf addressed itself to the I ten ~eet tal~, OUt at me same I zne mira prize ot Sin w n y [ ommunt hasp" is. It has oeen/Holman she came over the ~< mecnanicat alafl swuc~urai oeilclencles aria toe s, .... . . I ,, ..... ...... ,h. I -- I -ratif-in- ind-e Mrs Ham/ ._a .... ...., ~...:a .... e lorablel subject in a different manner, xt ...... , ..... ~ -.~, a ................ ~ ~ ~, . ~ ,,, -- .... . ,,.u ,~,,u,u ,u~ a~u,u ,,~-,, plea evade facing the real responsibility for the d p: , - , nlo.~o n ~h~ h.lf [ that you ought to go in wagnn would haul the wash boil , Mrs Hammond has done some [ mood said There is a generahon/Wennev car Cornoral Holm~l~][, . . [ spoke, ff you ~.. .............. . . ~_-o ............. - - . - stahst]cs: the real culprits m h~ghway dea ns .are ~ne nut . " f the half k~tchen close the windows, and er basins sterile dressin-s and [ nursinz in the new Charles Town i now who never heard of a musta- still investizatinz these two ~.~ behind the wheel, ,~nd his counterp~trt in the :factory who fUmlptglag~as~snStead ~omehow It turn on the gas. I otiaer necessary materialst()the Hospital, but most of her ours-Ird plaster, who never had to wear dents "~ " "- | blandly goes on producing _bigger and more power m cars | found it to be both balancin~ and / We are facing at this time a [ home of the patient, thus bring- [ ing interests and efforts, have | an aseptic .bag tied around their About 4 30 Sunday morni~j~ ....... ee entrate in the homes necK; woo nave never Had m take ~: for smaller and smaller minds. , . .... I r~er~h.~ in~..~ _heT substance of the [ permd of economic, doubt. One of mg the hospital to the patmnt, b n cone. . d ' | ...... in two-car .clhsln occurred., a~ Mark you our words on thrs : when the automobile industry/article was that the total private I the best ant dotes for that doubt [ Mrs. Hammond said that after [ and also m pub!m health services / stop.our ann mmasses tar a. g seven miles East of Charles unveils its new model later thi year the emphasis in its / indebtedness (not public or gov-] is a resurgence of confidence, she had been in training at the wHere sue teit Her servmes were/ton)c; woo suea mrpenune on Secondary Route 27. .... " " " "t '~ - sorei needed aooomlnal pains or onion palaces " s~u ' clsel And one of the helpful ways of Tow Has ltal for Y Trooper Anthony Dwlta advertising program will be onsafety. And th s ]s pre ernment, but private) in this] ...... Iold Charles n P I ..... " ...... /Mro Hammond recalled ~S~i~ ................. . ...... :. _..-:.~ ..~ ~..~ +h .... h'~sis/ countr,, io estimated to be -~264| arriving at me state at con- ~ some months Dr Vennings wouldl In ~a~ sue went to ~nepner~/ ~. car oemg operated by Norm~,~ pr Ut'tet a:s : c et ':wf~e:::n?l P:::::t :; ! twak~ hoe;ertt~sh~i:Cuh;hhelsffih!n I C}:a~e(h:hiSster~o~re~e a~/gh:~5;:ta~!] SJx [n]u,~i B::~deasnrgub~i'D{mdii~eV'Lb~g~t~1 can trove- ne': most*" ]mr)o.' , sible all results" : "a safe accident'. ,| estimated, to be about 2.2 trillion, assets and liabilities. We need to .. his own home Of s a ] J Y ~2'~.'~. ~-~- o- t-n0" absurd that we cannot restrain ourselve, | dollars, leaving an estimated net look at the partly consumed glass as surgery facilities became a- this work she received an award] FROM PAGE -- 1 F. Hooe, of Washington t~o-~ ~,,,~ ~ ~, , ~, ~ ,~ ,,v . - , , . ~ '-/worth of one trillion, nine hun- I and see that it s half full, not t vailable at the old Charles Town/from the college for outstandingi and smashed into a fence owned Charles Town Damage to the~:~ from forewarlling against it. For (;he cal" Has Hal; Ye~toei~l| d~on dollars, if we assume'half empty. |Hospital the home operations[leadership and distinguished ser-|by E. Eugene Stanley. cars was placed at $1,400. T~h~a~: ome off the drawm boards th made, nor will it eve. c g , | were discontinued. / " / His 1963 vehicle was a total loss Divita said Breeden was, cha~ protect the public against the weak nut at the wheel. | by the Rev Frederick F Bush, formed into an operating table Then in 1948 the new Charles l STILL ACTIVE | with damage estimated $1,600. with having no operator s li~ The modern automobile, with its emphasis on speed, horse-| Jr., Secretary of the Convention. ;the kitchen equipment of the ! Town General Hospital was cam-i Mrs Hammond is still an active| State Trooper Anthony Divita and the owner of the car, Th=~~ power, and beauty, is and will remain a death instrument.| The meeting concluded by ac- home would provide the necess- pleted and Jefferson County had memb'er of the Kearneysville| investigated the mishap Helen Kline of ShepherdstO~ The re~ent bend towards having the manufacturel place cepting the invitation of Trinity cry facilities for sterlizin~ the. for the first time a modern has- Presl)yterian Church and takes an[ In another accident Tuesday at was arrested permitting a~ P * ' " ' ~ " " " " ~ " actzve and rominent art in civ 11 10 p m, a cai driven by Mar son to operate her car without~t added safety features ,nto-,ts construction ]s commendable, Episcopal Church Martmsburgt~or surgical instruments. And Lou p~tal and the most modern of " P P "/ : . . .~ ...- s .., .. it is also dangerous The d nger is that the driving pub- the 1967 meeting. Rutherford, driving an old SpringI surgery facilities, ic affairs in the community and tha Ellen art, r~arpers terry, ttt. operator s ncense. lic will be lulled- into a sense of false security, into a sense A signal honor also came to the of believing that death on the highway can be avoided at tbe factory. Perhaps, a hundred thousand or more deaths from now, the impact of what we are trying to say will egister. L Dear Max: I In your May 5th. edition, theret appeared an error in the story[ concerning the valedictorians at t the Charles Town Senior High ............................. School for this year LETTERS TO THE EDITOR In 1962 the school had the honor of having Miss Jane Rissler and Miss Elizabeth Wysong as ................... co-valedictorians. This was a first. Charles Town, W. Va. Also, I had the honor of naming 1966 Miss Judith Jenkins as the salutat May 17, tartan of that class. Mr. Max Brown, Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate I I understand this year that Charles Town, West Va. I only the valedictorians were named. A great honor and one rightly given; however, I am sure that the third person in rank in the class of 1966 feels somewhat left out. This is an honor that could well have been given by the principal without detracting from honor bestowed on the two named as valedictorians. In another matter, according to If another harvester or tractor will i crease your efficiency and reduce labor costs, it's time to talk to Farm Credit. Call t lay. my records, the Class of 1961 pre sented to the school money with which to purchase large letters of the name of the school to be so erected and this was done at a cost of over $150.00. This past week the Charles Town High Schopl name was wantonly strttck from the building and totally des troyed by board employees. Who gave the order for the destruct- ion of this Board property? The class of 1961 will be dis- mayed when they learn of the destruction of their gift to the school. Very truly yours, William J. Brown Past principal Charles Town High School. ILBd I1~ Los~ Cmitt t~ns A Farmer Owned Farmsr Dlreete4 ASSOCIATION W. W. HAMMOND ASSISTANT MANAGER Shepherdstown, W. Va. DIAL 876-7441 Or WINCHESTER 662-3479 Rev. Mr. Bartlett. who was elected as one of four clerical delegates to the triannual meeting of the General Convention in Seattle, Washington in 1967. The General Convention is the law making body of the Episcopal Church, which meets once every three years and is constituted by cleri- cal and lay delegates from every diocese in the United States and abroad and from missionary dis- tricts all over the world. This is the second time Mr. Bartlett has been so honored. He was elected a delegate to the General Convention in St. Louis two years ago. Mrs. Laura FROM PAGE 1-A eluded in a service Sunday morn- ing in Fairmont Theatre. FROM PAGE --- 1 ren, one of them John N., died at the age of only five months. Another son. William W. Ham- mond, resides near Shepherds- town; and a daughter, Mrs. Helen H. Benedum, resides in Harris- burg, Pa, BORN IN POOLESVILLE Mrs. Hammond was born in Poolesville, Md., a daughter of the late Joseph T. and Laura Mr- Garry White, and a granddaugh- ter of the late Dr. Stephen C. White of Poolesville. But from ,the time she came to Powhatan College until the present, Jeffer- son County has been the place she has called home. Mrs. Hammond recalls with ease the trying times and days which she, Dr. Venning and other members of the old Charles Town Hospital staff, encountered in the early days of the hospital, She said the bed capacity of the hos- pital ranged from 21 to 30 pat- ients providing beds were placed in the reception room and on the outside porches Witfi a staff of just four persons, the hours of fighting the dreaded diseases of In addition to the Zion Church typhoid fever and d~phtheria, delegation, the following men were long and tedious ones in and women represented other EpiscOpal Churches in Jefferson County: The Rev. Douglass Bailey St. John's Rippon and St. And- rews on the Mount (Mr. Bailey is also the Assistaiat Rector at Zion Church) Mr. Paul Chapman. St. John's Rippon: Mr. Allan Glass- ford, Church of the Holy Spirit, Summit Point; Mr. William O. Macoughtery, Grace Church, Mid- dleway; Rev. Temple G. Wheeler, St. John Harpers Ferry, together with Mrs. Wheeler and Mr and Mrs. W. W. Spear and The Rev. George J. Johnson and Mrs. John start. Trinity Church, Shepherds- those days, Mrs. Hammond said. Back in those days the word operation brought fear and tremb- ling into the minds of many people, she remembers. But the work of the hospital was carried forward with faith and fortitude. When a surgery case was diag- nosed, the late Dr. Richard Yen- ning, Dr. A. V. Albin, Dr. Phil. lips, Dr. Neill. Dr. Osbourn, Dr. Skinner and Dr. C. C. Lucas, the latter of Kearneysville, all worked together as a team in performing th enecessary operation. Beford facilities were made a. vailable at the hospital for sur. town. gery, Mrs. Hammond said many The Fairmont meeting was the an emergency operation was per- largest Diocensean Convention of formed in the patient's home, the Episcopal Church ever held, with the dining room or kitchen to a tatement made .table of the home trans- this younger generation coming to?" 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