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Charles Town, West Virginia
May 18, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 18, 1961

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Fm w, ~.,II ! Reserve champion bull was rule are as follows: Burning con- The suggestion, that it is vital I ianity Encounters Communism." I for the 4th Transportation Ter-, SPIRIT OF IEFFERSON WARMERS ADVOCAT] UlIII &PUll [shown by Morlunda Farms, Lew- ditions are most dangerous be-lthat each of us remember that l The Baccalaureate Service will lminal Command C at Fort Story, [m~]~v~v x~p,v lo 1,~el ~,,~ _ . lisburg, W. Va. and purchased bytween ten a. m. and 5 p. m. due what we see in one field in the be held in the Health and Ph~sic-iVa. i **,,J,~L,~., ~,-.~ xo, x~v~ ~----,,~ -~7.~.~ ~ IFloyd n. Champe and Son, Pool, to the sun and wind drying out county or in one field on the farm al Education Building, Dr. A. G. [ A clerk typist in the command's I .... ~" ...... ~W. Va. the dead leaves and grass. After is not necessarily the situation all Slonaker, academic dean, has an-[Headquarters Company, Si~ecialist[ n , ~- , ! Morlunda Farms, consigned five p. m. (six p. m. DST) the over that county or that farm. It notmced. [Palmer was selected for his sol [ ~.~"~~'J:~-~..P~"J'~'.~.r.,"J':~'~:.~:~.~-~ neremm Gale Ibth the champion and reserve wind dies down and the sun loses will take frequent and close exam ~ [ dierly appearance, knowledge and ] ~ I~ ~ h V h II h K [champion among the females, its power, allowing the dead vege- ination of each field to determine C~-- ] I .....h-I-.-. [performance of duties and mill-J t~ r o n ] v u n )rd size crowd was pres- IChampion female was purchased tation to cool off and soak up when to spray, opC-q jerome rdlmtff I tary courtesy. I~ MiX C0NCR[TE NEI I)$ | he 27th Annual West Virlby Baker Farm, Huntington, W. moisture and dew from the air. A few suggestions to keep in -- READY ereford Breeders' Assoc- IVa. at $835.00. Reserve champion Sometimes, rather as an excep- mind are: Be sure to use one and ~:tm~ ~h|~;~P ~ He entered the Army in Septem ~ row and sale at Jackson siwent to Truman Smith, Buckhan tion, fires will start after five p. one half to two pints of the fifty ,,uam,, ~vm,~,, v, , ------~-]bepr:l:5"7r" is a 1957 graduate of CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 OR I Va. on April 13. I non, W. Va. at $400.00. m. if the sky is overcast. In this five percent Malathion per acre. , ., a. i- . ,,. seven bulls and 10 fe- [ . case the clouds act as a blanket Be sure tO use thirty gallons of I Martinsburg High School and was ] VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA. Were in the sale order andlle .... L e.*._ h ..... so that the ground fuels do not water per acre, be sure to keep ................... [employed by Armstrong Furnit-|~ ......................... D ' $17,675.00 for an average I roresI nre Pdllqt ! lose their heat and stay relatively close watch and spray when dam-t Fort Story, Va. (AHTNC)-Army [ ure Co., before entering the / 6 lHlli/Id IIIURI;I IrlNiUI AldV X .00. I " - dry. During this type of weather age shows in at least fifty percen Specialist Four Jerome J. Palmer | Army. His wife, Hildegard, lives | ~ /IINIiI~ LUlVIUI II bVIVl/14il / ]i IIerman Jurdy, University.bkely t0 Increase and also during extreme fire dan of the alfalfa terminals. Be sure whose parents, Mr. and Mrs, Mar-IIn Virginia Beach, Va.. Millville Plant No. 899 Charles Town I t. placed the cattle in the[h.r~an ltl~Ib I"~#~ U/aalee ger the fire towers start obser- to allow 7 days betwen the appli- vin L. Keller, live at 409 Wilson Show and for his champ-[~u II1~ II~;A| | WVV E~ ving as soon as it gets light in cation of Malathion and harvest. St., Martinsburg, W Va recently] Talk of Bangkok: "Cold war"[ ~ Martinsburg Plant AM 7-8955 the morning, in order to allow Two other items that desire at- was named Sol(lier of ti e Month fails to arouse Thais. Selected an entry from During the next week the fire time to suppress any fires before tention are to spray at a time Farm, Charles Town, W. was purchased by Ken- Burton, W. Va. for Week o~ danger is likely to increase. A combination of exceptionally wet weather and a growing awareness of fire prevention among the pop- ulation has kept down fires thus far during the spring forest fire season (March, April and May). During this season, Tri-County Forester Galtjo Geertsema re. minds, no open burning is allow- ed between five a. m. and five p. m. E. S. T. The reasons for this [ I I I GARDEN TILLFILS SALES and SFRYICE burning conditions worsen as the day advances. This is one reason why no burning is allowed after five a. m. Please comply with burning re gulations. Report any forest or field fire to a fire tower, fire de- partment, game warden, local for- est fire warden or the county for- ester. Help Smokey prevent for- est fires. when the temperature is 55 de- grees or above if possible. It has been suggested that boom sprayers will give better re sults and if you are using a boom sprayer, it may be necessary to re place the discs with larger ones in order to get 30 gallons of water per acre on the alfalfa. Bishop 6ordon Howard III Baccalaureate Service Saves work and it now! TOwN PHONE 769 CO., INC CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. North Charles SL April 27-4t. Town, W. Va. i I It, t H i d BY J. K" SAVILLE COUNTY AGENT III II I IIIIll Deferred From Last Week Alfalfa Weevil Situation It appears from my observation and that of others that the hatch- ing of the weevil larva and dam- age is very different from farm to farm and field to field on the same farm. OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE! The following described real estate (of which George H. Hageley died seized and possessed about 1914 and which he divesed to the children of his sister, Mollie E. Petty) will be offered for sale at Public Auction in front of the Court House in Charles Town, West Virginia, on !SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1961 AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. (D. S. T.) Speaker At Shepherd 1. Lot fronting about 70 feet on North side of East Liberty Street, in Charles Town, known as the McKnight prop- erty being tile same real estate (less tl ree out-conveyances wnich was conveyed to said Hagley by William K. Kurtz and wife by deed dater July 11, 1893, recorued in Deed Book 74, page 506. Said property is adjacent to Jefferson County Motors, and improved by two dwellings: a 2-s ory frame dwelling with furnace and both berty" ......... Street; and a 1-story brick and block dwelting fronting on mley in rear of said property. A parcel of land fronting ,about 151.4 feet on So side ot Wes Wasmngton Street, m Charles Town, being a part of Lot No. 1 on the plat ot me Shugart Tan Yard Property, dated Octo- ber 9th, 1899, recorded in Deed klook 86, page 115, stud Lot /No. 1 in its entirety having been conveyed to said ttagley by Forrest W. Brown, .et al., Special Comnussaoners, by deed dated December 13, 1899, recorded said Clerk's bfflce in Deed Book 86, page 113; together with the benefit, ff any, of the easement or right-of-way granted by said deed to said Hagley; and being all of said Lot No. 1 except a portion situate in the normwest corner which was conveyed by stud Hagley and wife to George R. Wendling by deed dated November 12, 1902; recorded in Deed Book 92, page 397. Said property is improved by two dwellings:, a 2- Story brick dweU!ng fronting on West Washington Street; and a 2-story dweUing on the South side of Evitt's Run fronting on West (Mt. Parvo) gslley, this dwelling covered with imitation brick siding. These dwell- will be offered as separate properties with Evitt's Run the divid- mg line. 3. A parcel of land situate at intersection of West Street and Mill Lane (now Water Street), in Charles Town, known the Anne Davis property, which was conveyed to said Hageley by dry E. Davis by deed dated August 5, 1908, recorded in Deed Book 101, page 208, which will be sold in three separate parcels as fohows: (a) A lot on west side of Evitt's Run fronting about 66 feet on Liberty Street, improved by a 2.story frame dwelling. (b) An unimproved lot situate on corner of West Liberty Street and Water Street, fronting about 60 feet on Liberty and 100 Bishop J. Gordon Howard will be the speaker for the Baccalaur- eate Service, 8:00 p. m. (d. s. t.) May 28 at Shepherd College's eighty-eighth Annual Commence- ment Exercise, Dr. Oliver S. Iken- berry, President, has announced. Rev. Howard, at Pittsburgh, Pa. is Bishop, East Central Area, Evan- gelical United Brethern Church. His sermon subject will be, "When Am I Grown Up?" Bishop Howard was born Dec. 3, 1899, in Tokyo, Japan of miss- ionary parents and continued to reside in Japan until he was 12 years old. He was educated at Ot- terbein College; United Theologi- cal Seminary; New York Univer- sity; and Ohio State University, attaining the following degrees; A. B., B. D., M. A. and honorary degrees S. C. and L. L. D. Ordain- ed in 1925, Rev. Howard has ser- ved diligently and with devotion for the past 35 years as: national director of young people's work; editor of church school publicat- ions; president of Otterbein Col- lege; president of various church councils and college councils; and as Bishop. His works on public- ations include: "When Youth Wor ship"; "Christian Beliefs for Christian Youth"; "The Success- ful Sunday School"; "A Catechism for Youth"; "God's Will Be Done in the Home"; and editor "Christ III111 I I on Growins Crops INSURE IN A DEPENDABLE OLD LINE STOCK INSURANCE COMPANY "For $atfda aon" feet' on Water Street. maiw~ m[~~ (c) A lot fronting about 96 feet on Water Street improved by 3 ammmmm m small dwellings covered With imitation brick siding.. _ 4. A parcel of land fronting about 76 ,feet on side of East North Street, in Charles Town, known as the Wfl- Allen property, which was conveyed to said Hageley by Forrest Brown, Special Commissioner, by deed dated March 7, 1906, recorded Deed Book 97, page 49. Improved by 2 d vellings: a 2.story double residence, and a 1-story single residence, each covered with imitati@n brick siding. . . 5. Those certain lots or parcels of land, mtuate in _ mson, known as the Glove Factory property, fronting a total of about 130 feet on east side of North Mildred Street northwardly from its in- tersection with 7th Avenue, and extending back eastwardly of equal dth along 7th Avenue about 125 feet to an alley; being a part of ..ock No. 117 as shown on the plat of the lands of the C. T. M. M. & I. mpany's Addition, of record in Deed Book X, page 1, and being the real estate conveyed to said Hagley by 2 deeds, eachdated August v, 1903, the firs from John A. Washington recorded in Deed Book 93, Page 419, and the second from H. H. Cooke et als, recorded in Deed Book page 420; together with the benefit, if any, but subject to the reserva- on, of that certain right-of-way across the northerly portion of said real estate, as described in the first of laid deeds. Improved by a 2- S ry brick building, now occupied by the Simons Rest Home, consisting f6 rooms, 2 baths and furnace, which has been occupied as two separate aPartments in the past. 6. A certain lot fronting about 30 feet on north S. de 0f Ann Street in Charles Town, known as the Reeler property, which conveyed to said Hagley by S. W. Washington, Trustee, by deed ated January 10, 1914, recorded in Deed Book 110, page 260. Improved "Y a 2'story frame dwelling. All buildings are now rented. Lessees will be permitted to occupy Premises until September 1, 1961, on present lease terms. TERMS:--May be arranged at Bank of Charles Town. BANK OF CHARLES TOWN, Agent HEIRS OF MOLLIE E. PETTY, MILLER, JR,, Auctioneer. 11 3t. L. McDONALD, JR. AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Mason Building Phone 785 Charles Town, W. Va. L uumun ,..with these pre-mixed bagsof fungicide and insecticides.We've been using ORTHO since they were put on the market." 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