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May 18, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 18, 1961

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# of this country the opportunity to remember both the ha- off for greater adventures in the us by greed and materialism; tions war dead and its disabled veterans. The poppy be- exploration and conquest of "the there is space between man and Came immortalized in a poem by a Canadian soldier, Lt. beyond". " the conquest of disease that has Col. John ,McRae, entitled, "In Flanders' Field." Practi- But since then I've done a tot not been charted. cally everyone is familiar with its opening lines: "In of thinking about the matter, and We can spend billions of dol- Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses row without sounding preacherish I've ~lars on getting to the moon and on row." have to begin the so-called con- Albert Schweitzer to live on ely. The poppy as a memorial to our servicemen's sacrifices i been wondering what right we at the same time allow a man like for the cause of freedom dates back to the years following quest of space and the explorat-ltual charity while he battles poe- ion of God's universe beyond'erty, disease, supershfion and 11- ~ne zirst World War. The American soldiers returning when we haven't even proved our literacy in the jungles of Africa. home in 1918 were familiar with the wild European poppies fitness to occupy this puny little, The great spaces are not be- which bloomed on the battlefields of Europe. planet called Earth yet. Suppose yond the perimiter of this sad All of the red crepe 'paper memorial flowers offered to we do find life not entirely unlike planet. They are right here with the public each year by volunteer workers are made by our own on some other planet? us if we would but see them and veterans in hospitals and recuperation centers throughout the What have got give it? Christ- they have been with us ever sin- nation. Poppies offered to the public in this area are made ianity? We haven't even learned ce the time of Cain and Abel. at the Newton D. Baker V. A. Center Hospital. it ourselves yet. Shall we tell There was a Man once who told Since the years following World War I the flower has them about our atomic discover-us how we could chart those ies and how after five thousand spaces, but we killed Him. become symbolic of the sacrifices all American servicemen years of so-called civ41ization weI This is not intended as a ser- have made in the nation's defense. Wearir g a poppy on have 'finally found a way to kill men; but let us fervently hope May 26th and 27th will be your opportunit to remember all ourselves at one time? Shall that in. our great concern and them. j we .tell them about the Hitlers equally great curiosity about the and Stalins and Eichmanns we've worlds beyond we do not forget NENTiL HEALTH produced and the conditions the explorations that need to be , which we've allowed to exist that made here. This is not a time to hospi " made it possible for such men to gloat on our conquests of "the Did you know there are more patients in mental . come to positions of power? Shall beyond", but a time for reflection tals than in all other hospitals combined, we tell them of the millions of on the things we have left undone Mental illness afflicts 17,000,000 Americans, and that people back on Earth who are and which should have been done includes young children, because mental illness plays no starving to death,while we cruise ere that journey began. around among the stars? We literally shoot for the favorites--nobody is immune. I I do not question the fact that moon, we are told, because our But mental illness is no longer hopeless. Already new there is technical data of import- national defense and our national drugs and ethel: treatment methods are saving thousands ance-and curiosity-to be gained security require it. But if we had I ................ *~ I with their uncle and aunt Mr. and Tuesday and Tuesday night with SPIRIT OF XIgFFERSON VnnMV_~ -- I Mrs. Thomas Gray and daughter I Mrs. Al Johnson and daughters of 4--A , , THURSDAY, MAY eardly 0rth enti l ,Janie. The Rutherfords are child Martinsburg. ...... ren of the former Miss Fannie Mrs. William Hough and son and Dou~,ie were dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Millard wEsT VmGIN~A'S OLOESV NZWSeAPER Gray who resided in this commun George, Miss Nancy Clevenger Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clay Miss Geraldine Fritts CHAR'ES TOWN, W. VA. CE~thWEarthl~rWw ,ity several years ago. Little Sally and Mrs. Bill Ainsworth were via S~trhs atM Summit Post. ington, D. C. was a wee : : ' ~ ~ Atkins daughter of Mr. and Mrs. itors with Mrs. James Lilla and :i HUMANITY AND SPA e e've got and take in- Cletus Atkins of Middleway, Va. sons on Saturday. [ s. cry Bruce Furr was a toy wilh her parents Mr. . ventory of what we've done with has been visiting her cousin Jan Mrs. Neesaw of Washington, D. caller Saturday afternoon with Kenneth Fritts. ---- ~ I must confess that, hke mill ......... ie Gray for several weeks. C. spent the weeknd with her Mrs. Viola Chapman. , They are having ( ........ In. mere ]s space right here on lens or omer Amermans, t sensea ~Earth that needs a little exnlor- Mary Ann Mercer, Marie Pen- parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gage- Dinner guests Sunday with the Club Day at Commm a feeling of elation and pride in th " "- well, Patricia Heflebower and Mar by. Slashers 'and Wilsons were Mr. Saturday, May 20 g, e space that hes between . . _ _ when Commander Shephard made man and his fellow man, and the Ishall Thompson accompanied and Mrs. Eddm Bohrer of Blg~ They had election "Wear a Poppy, an annual appeal from the American h~s. successful journey ~nto and ocean of inhumanity that lies be- other pupils of Junior High L0C~[ hssmbl Of 60d Pool, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boh- for the P. T. A. Pre, Legion Auxiliary, will be heard in Charles Town and Ranson .PACK ~rom outer space. 1ely ~.eei- tween the two; there is space that tSchl and several teachers to y rer of Martmsburg, Mr. and Mrs. alon 14,~ffman" vice on the 26th and 27th of May. rag, i suppose, was ruler typical: lies in the depths of our own Washington, D. C. on Saturday on M.H. Wilson of near CharlesM,~."L\'" ~,~'::'--~;:~'~"'vv u,~, "d"cJo~ For more than 40 years Poppy Day has offered citizens we re eatehmg up, andbefore hearts that has never been prob- a sight seeing tour. Despite the Church To Observe Town and Mr and Mrs Ernest o~'-- '~ .....nd . Ch,.~ uw~.~ .~ long we u nave our men masung ed and that has been hidden from inelement weather the children Slusher Jr. and Gaff of Leetown. Mrs. James C. Tabb. reported a very enjoyable day.LJ s ~, ~ ~ Mr. and Mrs. Lyl Furr and son Mrs. Betty White has returned eqemnersmp ~unaay Kim were supper guests Sunday I to her employment with the Tele- evening with Mrs. Mary Bruce I CANDIDATE phone Company of Charles Town , Calvary Assembly of God loca- Fury. [ RE-ELECT: after a leave of several weeks due ted on Fairfax Boulevard at Fifth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blue of ]TO COUN to illness of her grandmother Avenue in Ranson will join thous Martinsburg were visitors Sunday [ TOWN OF R~ Mrs. Gertie Boyd. ands of Churches of the denomin evening with Mr. and Mrs. Marion 1 Mr. Howard O. Bush, sons Bob ation Sunday, May 21 in observa- Blue and daughter, f I a,m a cax~d~date Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman glen ,to t~e Town Co~ and Sonny attended the livestock tion of National Membership Sun~land sales in Front Royal on Saturday. [ day. family visited Sunday even- s~n, W. Va., su'bjee$ to They purchased a chestnut cow Currently, the Assemblies of ing with the formers mother Mrs. the voters ~t the C~rpo: pony mare and a donkey. The lat- I God, with international headquar Viola Chapman. t~on on June 6, 1961, ter is quite an active little fellow ~ters in Springfield, Me. ranks Mrs. William Swartz and Mrs. greatly ,appreciate yo~r support. which affords much pleasure for 27th membership-wise out of Clyarence Swartz of Charles Town MRS. HARRY" R. the children, some 258 denominations, report- were callers Sunday evening with May 18-3t. Mothers Day visitors with Mrs. ing to the 1961 volume of the Joseph Mercer were her son and Yearbook of American Churches daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Growth of the Assemblies of Phillip i~ercer and daughters of God during its 47 years can be Martinsburg. They report that her credited to an active home miss- father Mr. Jbhn McBride who ions and Sunday School program submitted to a major surgery last according to the Rev. William P. month is getting along nicely but Reed of the local congregation, m~ remains in a hospital in Kansas The denomination has averaged I I City, Me. Mrs. McBride her son opening approximately a Church and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. a day for the past 11 years. I Richard McBride, sons Randy and Churches of the Assemblies of Michael all of Kansas City were God number 8,233 in the United ~J~ I| visiting the formers daughter States with some 12,459 in foreign Mrs. Phillip Mercer Martinsburg lands. Merdbership of the dehorn- when the message arrived that [nation is 508,502. However, many her husband had been rushed to of the Churches have given little the hospital for an emergency op- emphasis to membership before. eration. Mrs. McBride employed The Current membership Sun- in Hagerstown on Sunday arriv- day is the second in the history of ing in Kansas city the following the Assemblies of God. Many in- from mental disorders that resisted treatment a few short from the exploration of space, conquered some of the spaces morning The" remainder of the dividuals who have been eligible years ago. But at the same time it seems to here it is unlikely that national party left by motor on Monday. for membership are expected to $ We will install FREE OF CHARGE: And with this basic knowledge, medical science can now me, as the venture is about to be- defense would be a major prob- Mothers Day dinner guests with join the various Assembly of God any Pump you purchase from us during go on and find ways to combat all forms of mental' illness, gin, it is a time to take a look at lem. Mr .and Mrs. Howard O. Bush and Churches during the emphasis, the next 30 days. You are cordially ir . family and her mother Mrs. Jos- The Rev. Reed pointed out to- vited to stop in at your earliest corb With the support of the American people, research has hun Clipp were Mr. and Mrs. Bus. day that Sunday Schools of the venience for complete details, i' conquered one dread disease after another. With the sup- tHISWEEKS NEWS IN il R. Clipp and Mrs. Katherine denomination are more represen- port of the people, research can conquer mental illness too. Byrnes all of Alexandria, Va., Mr. tative of the size of the Church We carry a complete line of top qualiY : The mental health association in this community, as an ~ ~ "~! ~ ~ ~ and Mrs. Arthur Bush, Mrs. El-As of 1960, the Sunday Schools Sta-Rite pumps, both shallow and dOP, l ffiliate of the National Association for Mental Health, is ' I| ~ I~ ~ ~ I~ eanor Bush, son Steven, Mr. and had 119,955 workers and a nationwell types, designed to meet every fa n taonsoring research on the prevention, the treatment and Mrs. Walter Burdick, children all al enrollment of 974,824. A drive need. Prices start as low as $113.20 r , By Mrs. Roy Breeden of Charles Town, Mrs. Jessie is underway to boost enrollment the 1/3 HP shallow well model. ta- fie cure of mental illness. Funds are needed to sustain and Telephone 256-J Clipp, Miss Cecelia Pipes, George to one million by the end of 1961. Rite pumps are efficient and econonqcal [xpand thisGivePrOgramat the Sight ridofmankindthe Ringingf theBell.SCourage of Recent visitors at the home of L i E-H ental illness. David Boyer, Sue Ellen, Bob and provide plenty of fresh, rur ing we urge you to give generously to your Bell Ringer when Mr. James Williams of Balti- Sonny Bush. more, Md. is spending a few days Mr. and Mrs. James H. Myers of calls. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Alger were[ water fdr home and farm. Rug dly - Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Banner from with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hin- Silver Spring, Md. were callers built, too, for added years of tro ble- I Akron, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Homer ton. Sunday afternoon after having By Mrs. Mary Bruce Fury free service. Come in and see ear,vide Burner from Luray, Va. and Mrs. Mr. James Williams with Mr. visited the grave of his mother range of models today! Expert swvice Robert Burner from Overall also and Mrs. Stanley Hinton visited the late Mrs. Alma Conklyn My- The Aid S~ will meet Fri- and repair. Mrs. Nelson Nichols, on Sunday in Berryville, Va. with ers in Edge Hill Cemetery. day night May 26 at th home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Breeden and Mr. Arthur Bell Misses Mary Ann, Joyce EllenMr. and Mrs. Millard Edwards at sons visited on Monday evening1 Mrs: Florence Place of Martins- and Susan Mercer were present 8 o'clock DST. with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gano burg visited on Sunday with Mrs. Sunday afternoon at a surprise Mr. and Mrs. Marion Blue and and family. I Bertha Miller and also with Mr. birthday party in honor of Mrs. children and Mr. and Mrs. War- Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rickard and ]and:Mxs. LeRoy Holmes and fam- Betty Milton at the home of her yen Co!lis and children spent Sun been em-10,,ed for the -ast 15 children, visited on Sunday with IllS:"~' parents Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Tam day at the Pfir~ in-Charles.Town S 0 U I It E R tl STA l E S Although showing slight im- ~ ~ .... v "~har Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Breeden and / Monday visitors at the home of blin in Millville. ' with Mr .and Mrs. Phil Perks. years, ann memoers oi me provement and having spent a .. . " family near Rippon. . |Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hinton were Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Frye Mr. Frankie Gardner and daughCHARLES TOWN C00PERhllff fair night Tuesday, Joseph F. Fel- lea Town Clhzens Fire Company [ Mr. Robert Springer who is em- [Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Shiley of Kear- Charles Town called on friends ter Julia "Kyner Gardner spent o~ wmcn ne na~ mug Deen a mem N W, ton, 20 of Brooklyn, N. Y. a race .... I nloved near Washington spent t~e 1 neysville and Mr. and Mrs. J. Sunday evening, the weekend visiting with Mr. PHONE 443 RA SON, VA. track jockey is still reported on nor, servea as honorary oearers. - - ., , ~rell known in Charles Town weekend w~th his wife and child- [ONefll of Florida. Mrs. Ethleen Mills of Martins and Mrs. John Gardner. / the critical list at Charles Town ,, . . ',yen here in Ranson ~ Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Weller of burg spent Mother's Day with her Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Winkler McDonough was active m a hum General Hospital today as the re- . ....... "1 Mr and Mrs Lyle Furr and i Baltimore, Md visited on Sunday mother Mrs. Elsie Gr~iy. She also oer oI ClVlC organlzallons He was' " - salt of injuries sustained in one born at Leetown Februar" 27 son Kem visited on Sunday with wRh Cyrus Weller. attended the local Sunday School. of Jefferson County's worst high- ~a~a ..... f w~u~,~ p ~z ~ Mrs. George Breeden in Ranson I Mrs. Kathleen Viands with Mr. Mrs. Charles Langdon and son way acidents in years. Three per o~,,,~ and'" oth:Y fia:: and also with Mrs. Mary Bruce and Mrs. Marvin ~tamey ann aau- Charles were dinner guests Sun- sons were killed and Felton crit- ~ McDonou-h ~ ~ ~ Fury in Leetown. ghter Sarah were in Winchester day with her mother Mrs. Frank lcally injured in the head on col- ~,~ . . s . , Mrs. Hortense Breeden and sons I on Tuesday. Mrs. Ramey- had to Gardner St. Margaret's Apartment Survlwng besides his father are re o t back to e docto there listen of two cars about 2:30 Sun ....... ~ !, were recent dinner' guests with ~r h r r . Charles Town. - - day morning on State Route 9 on his wi~e, lvirs, rieien L()uise r~c- Mr and Mrs. Edgar Smallwood. I Mrs Roy Breeden and sons a curve about a few hundred feet Donough and a daughter Linda Ylr. Francis Alger spent last [ Philip and Wayne were among ] MilL LV IL L !: North of Kearneysville. Louise McDonough at the home week with his sister Mrs. Nelson t those who helped surprise Mrs. Killed outright, or dying beforeon North Lawrence street m Nichols who has been on the sick ] Myra Braithwaite on Saturday I ' y ss Dorothy Lake reaching the Charles Town Gem Charles Town, six sisters and two list [night with a birthday suppergiv- B eral Hospital were: Filmore Sam brothers-Mrs. Florence Drish and i~r and Mrs. Charles Welsh t en at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I Sunday Gues~--" tel Canby, Jr, 24 of Martinsburg, Mrs. Kathryn Graham, Middleway and f'amilv of Rochester, N Y vis IEdgar Smallwood. Mr. and Mrs. I Mr. and Mrs. George Holman of driver of one of the cars; Miss Mrs. Nellie Sisk, Kearneysville; ited on/Saturday with Mrs: Kath- [ Russell McAboy and son of Bruce i Randallstown, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Wanda Jean Miller, 17, also ofMrs. Joseph Harden, Mrs. Fanny leen Adkins who makes her home town, Mr. Richard Braithwaite Paul Ranalli and children of Ran Martinsburg, a passenger in Can- Costello and Mrs. Eleanor Nice. with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mauck I with him his son Ricky and dau- son were Sunday guests of Mr. by's car and Leonard Pittman Mc warner, Charles Town; Charles and family. I ghter Debby were also there. Donough, 37, of Charles Town, a and Robert McDonough, Charles Mr and Mrs. Charles Mauck ! Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hinton offund[ and MrS.Mrs. RalphLula Ranalli.Jhnsn and sons passenger in the car being driven Town. with ti~em Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ranson with them Mr. James Wil I A surprise birthday party was I~y Felton. " A World War II Veteran he had Thomnson s~ent Saturday night llama of Baltimore were Saturday ] given for Mrs. John Milton at her Charles Town State Trooper W. been employed for the past 15 in Hagerstown, Md. with Mr. and afternoon guests with Mr. and i heme on Sunday evening. Those R., Barlow said the two cars eel- years by the General Telephone Mrs Robert Trenary ~ Mrs. Edgar Smallwood. ] attending were Mr. and Mrs. Geo- lided head-on and both were com Company. He was a member of" --" I rge Milton of Charles Tows, Mr. pletely demolished with estimated the Presbyterian Church, Alneri ...... and Mrs. John Dillow of Man- damage of $950. can Legion, Veterans of Foreign ITEMS OF INTEREST IN VICINITY OF nings, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Tom- ~U.JI~[L KIIr~ ~mlll ~l&lb NYLON FRONT TIRI:$ Trooper Barlow said although Wars, Moose Lodge and the Citi- there was some fog at the time i.t zeus Fire Company in Charles was not heavy enough to cause Town. the accident. Trooper Barlow is ~ continuing his investigation and Jefferson Chorus has not yet placed any charges. By Mrs. Clarence blin Shirley and Bucky Tomblin and Mr. S. F. Macharty of Mechan icstown, Mr. and Mrs. James Lilla and sons Jay and Vin~e, Misses Smallwood Phone 20-F-024 Mary Ann Joyce Ellen and Susan , ,, Mercer of Kabletown, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Underwood and Bev- ley Boyd, John Gardiner, Harry erly and Rhonda Underwood of Moffatt, C. T. Black and B. S. Bluemont, Va., Mrs. Lollie Mil- Ware. Mervin Roderick gave the ton of Mannings, Mrs. Gene Doe alfalfa on his farm Green Hill a tis and family, Mr. John Milton, similar treatment this week.Johnnie Bonnie and Rhonda Mil- On Thursday Mrs. Joe Milton spent the day with Mrs. Floyd ltn" Chicken salad sandwiches, tea Milton of Millville and attended lemonade, coffee, potato chips, Worship Service Sunday Sunday evening May 21st, Rev. S. F. Butcher, P. C. will conduct evening worship service begin- ning at 8 o'clock. This will be his final service before going to Gen. eral Conference. A very cordial invitation is extended to all to The car being driven by Felton was headed towards Charles Town IS Or~ized To Sin0 and the Canby car towards Mar- tinsburg. McDonough was pinned in the Felton car and Miss Miller At Park Opening May 30 was pinned in the Canby car. Canby and Felton were thrown The halls of Charles Town Jun clear of the cars. ior High- School resounded with Felton suffered internal injur- exceptionally fine choral nmsic ies, along with injuries to both Friday night, May 12, as some q0 come and join in the service, a brush party held in the formers, pickels, mints and care was set- legs, one side, his face and both of Jefferson county's finest male Mrs. Chas.-B. Clendening, Sr. home that night, ved. arms. and female voices were being son Jimmy and daughter Helen of On Wednesday Mrs. Joe Milton Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson uneral services were held for blended together in one big chor Charles Town spent Sunday after spent the day with her sister Mrs. and daughters Sherry Lou Lynda McDonough Tuesday afternoon us to be known as the Jefferson noon recently with the formers Lula Slusher in Ransom Beth Ann and Jennifer Sue of son Paul and family of Avon Dinner guests at Mr. and Mrs. i Martinsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Mead- from the Melvin T. Strider Colon Chorus. ial Funeral Home in Ranson~ with A move was started a short Wood Dairy Farm. Paul is em-I Joe Milton on Sunday were Mr. 'ows and daughter of Washington, his pasta)r, the Poev. Carlyle Me. time ago by Mrs. Leeds K. Riely ployed by the Webb's Radio-TV Mahlon Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Donald of the' Charles Town Pres to bring many of the outstanding Appliances, C"harles Town. Carl Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Ray M~adoWs and children Craig and byteria~i Church officiating. Bur- voices which Jefferson County Mr. Steptoe Cloud "The Rocks" Marcus Jr. and son Eric all of Dahra. of Bolivar spent Sunday ial was made in Edge Hill Ceme- has long had, into one large group spent the weekend rcentiy, with [ Winchester, Va., Mr. and Mrs. with Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Mead- tery in Charles Town and Friday night the organizat- ~ his brother Mr Frank Cloud and [ Johnnie Milton, son Johnnie II, ows. I~earers were fellow'workers at ion was formed and the first Chor family of Springs City, Pc. He I Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Milton and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ranalli Jr. the General Telephone Company us rehearsal was held. also visited other relatives while I son Kevin of Millville, Mr. and 'and daughter of Charles Town in Charles Town, where he had I The next rehearsal will be held i there' [Mrs. Donnie Magaha of Charles were visitors with the formers ~ [at the Junior High gchool at 8 p. Miss Caroline Cloud daughter Town. IN MEMORIAM. Era. Friday, May 26. [of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cloud [ Messers Joe Milton, Carl andIgrandparentsRanalli on SundayMr" andafternoon.Mrs. Moss ~ ] The chorus which is being dir- and a pupil in the sixth grade of [Floyd Milton, Donna Magaha, Ray ~ Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Myers and 'In memory of my husband eeted by Mrs. Alonzo Peters, of Arclaie Allen Smeltery, who passed Charles Town will present a pro- the local school won one of the [ Marcus, Mahlon Marcus 'attended 'children of Rockville, Md. spent ~vay one year ~go May 18, 1960 ra at the o enm of ff , ~ g m p " g Je erson awards in the essay [the ball game at Griffith Stadium the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. sored by the South Jefferson Rut / in Washington, D.C. Preston Longerbeam. They say Ch~t ~l'me heals ~11 ~.~or- County Memorial Park May 30 itan Club. ] RecentIy Mrs. Joe Milton, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Ryman ~gws, , [and on June 15, will sing at the And helPs one to forget" form"' ~-eni-- f .... t Mr. and Mrs. Charles Getts of Ray Marcus and son Mrs. Donnie and children of Shenandoah Junc. _ ~ ." . ., ~ ,~ up ug o ~tne harpers Boyce, Va. visited on Saturday Magaha, Mrs. Floyd Milton and tion and Mr. and Mrs. George Mor ~ut tlme so lax has on|y proven - , ~ rmw~ .... mu~n ~ nuss you yet ' ,Ferry C~vll War Showcase. ~with her brother-in-law and sis-Ison visited Mr. and Mrs. Sonny rison and son Freddie of Charles ........... :.._ _,i I The Chorus will also make ter Mr. and Mrs. Robert White. i Longerbeam of Summit Point. Town spent Sunday with Mr. and ~,,~- sw,~ ~he memories feel" [ other public appearances m Jef- Mr. and Mrs. Forrest E. Rissler ] Mr. and Mrs. Phil Perks and [ Mrs. Edward Ryman and Miss Your deat~ has lef$ a, l ~erson t=oun y m the near future, two sons Billy and Charles of [ daughter Jean of Ranson recently ~ Juanita Ryman. 'I~at :this world can never heal. I ..... " I near Wilkensburg, Pc: recently t visited his and sis Johnnie Milton spent Saturday ~$eautif.ul m~es ~re all I ~uveI 5. B. M.'s sales and earning set spent the weekend at,their sum- te'r Mr. and Mrs. Joe Milton. night with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin left, [ new high. mer home Rural Retreat. ] Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rather- ' Tomblin of Mechanicstown. 0~ ~t~e wQnd~rf~l ~h~J~i~baRd I ~b.~tl ~ ~xmver f~rget. I Bonn to prepay $587,000,000[ The onslaught caused by the ford, children Angle, Elizabeth Miss Stephanie Bell of Washing l ] insect destroying hlfalfa has giv- and ~21arence Jr., Miss Edna Ru- toll, D. C. spent the weekend with Your L~ving debt. I en ,~emplgyme, l~t to ~,He~ry .: C!i~p~, the~ord;,~her ~ nieeo~..Fa~;~all: of ! wha: has.isprayed-Iields: (or,- 8ta i -I al imota== vi t d, on * ttixday Now you can have all the rugged durability of Nylon cord construc- tion at no ~tep-up in price. Here is a tire with maximum strength to resist bruises, sharp impacts and blowouts and give you lowest-cost- per-acre operation. And, you will like the way the Dual- Ring tre'ad gives you straight run- ning and easy steering in the field or on the road. Come in and check this outstanding value. plus tax 4.00-15--4 ply B.F.LJ0drich REAR \ plus tax 8.3-24/8-24--4 ply B.F.Goodrlch has used the beam" engineering crevte a cleat of strength. These curved rid of bending and buckling' dig in, take a bite, keep yoU and Wipe clean. You'll get arfce, even in heavy soil, more acres under the day. You save on fuel and |f you equip with the Power-Grip. 111 SOUTH GEORGE STREE PII() NE 54 CKARLES TOWN, ',