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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
May 14, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 14, 1959

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~|! I II I | l S I I I l | ! | l li| l l I II I l I I I I I I l |! I II | I I I l III I I IIIII III II | l l l l l| III I IIII I I IIIIII II I I III II I I I I I |II I 11 ! I II I III I II IIII III l ll|lil III|| ~J~~Ill~~~~~|'~ Mrs. Jennie Brady spent the weekend at her home in Summit Point and on Sunday visited wit.h her for Mothers Day where her ohildren Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brady of Shenandoah Junction, Mr. a~d Mrs. Jack Brady and sons Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Webster and sons of Charles Town, Mr. and cMrs. Arthur Miller and chitdl~m of Baltimore, Md.,~ Mr. and Mrs. Harry BreedeR and family of Sum mit Point, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Breeder and daughter of Pikeside and Mr. Earl McDonald of Berry- ville a~d nephew Harry McDon- ald. A picnic dinner was served. Mrs. J. Emory Katie left Sun day for Newport. R. I. to visit with her dau~-,.hter Nancy who gave bir ~h in a Newport hospital to an eight pound baby born on Friday, May 8. Both the infant named John Francis Grucza IV and mo- ther are doing ,nicely. T/Sgt. Howard W. Haft has re ~urned to his base in South Da- kota after spending a week with his mot~her Mrs. ttoward "Ike" Haft while his father was confin- ed in the hospital. ,Mr. and Mrs. Charle~ W. Ap- pell attended the Murrell Hill Me thodist Church Sunday and after church spent the evening with their aunt Mrs. An:ate Nelson of Knoxville, Md. Mr .and Mrs. Pa.tsy Grant had as their dinner guests Sunday the latters parents Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Ger- ald Dorsey and 2 children c>l Brunswick, Md. and ~Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Smoot and 2 childre,n. Mrs. Charles W. Appell and Mrs. Agnes Blum attended an antique sale at Waterford, Va. last Satur- day. Mrs. Charles W. Appell, Mrs. Wednesday evening at the Presby terian Church at Luckett, Va. There was a very large crowd a,nd an enjoyable evening was had. meeting lots of old friends and making new ones. I AT ANY RIB STEAK .... lb. 69c SIRLOIN STEAK - - - lb. 79c ROUND STEAK .... lb. 79c CUBE STEAK - - - lb. 69c ESSKAY'S SKINLESS DIXIE MAID FRANKS - lb. 49c Esskay's SUN UP BACON - lb. 43c LONGHORN CHEESE - lb. 49c (Small-Le£-'Sm:kJ " ]]C VEAL CHOPS .... lb. 59c IN U. S. Inspected---U. S. Grade "A" BROILERS OR FRYERS (Whole or Cut Up) LARGE FRESH COUNTRY lb. 29c II • III • I I ~1 II I -FROZEN STRAWBERRIES - - 5 pkgs. 95c FRENCH FRIES - 2 9-oz. pkgs. 35c FORDHOOK LIMAS, 2 10-oz. pkgs. 35c EVERFRESH GREEN PEAS - 2 10-oz. pkgs. 29c ESSKAY'S CHICKEN BACKS and NECKS - 5-lb. box 59c DRESSED WHITINGS, 10-lb. box $1.49 [ OPEN 8:00 A. M. to 12:00 Midnight Monday Thru Saturday (Quantity Rights Reserved) Always Plenty of FREE PARKING! Mr .and Mrs. Gerald Dorsey and I moneY ioi copra• CTldb tSIujOCL:;. 2thechildrenweekendBrunswick'with theirMd'parentsspent iI MISS PORTERFIELD MMa%dMSi's.CsNi'I~.DmK:Yo'tt AI-!WILL WE,) IN JUNE gerMd.andspentbabYMother'sJanie Bee'DayBaltim°rewith his !of ]V~lheaanddoMhS'juMa'~ionP°~'tn~itelf mother Mrs. Kenna Knott Alger Ice Uhe engagement and forthcom- W. Congress St. ling marriage of their daughter Be Eyster- Hardy Nuptials Occur in Winchester Announcement was made this week of the marriage of Mrs. Edna E. Hardy to Mr. Donald B. Mac- Leod Eyster on Saturday, May 9 in Winchester, Va. The Rev. J. S. Peebles of the Methodist Church [performed the ceremony. tWill Start Record I Hops Again Friday The Charles Town Lions Club will 'begin another series of Record Hops at the Charles Town Junior High School Fri~tay night, May 15 it was announced this week. There will be special music and some dance contests. Last year the Lions Club staged successiully a n,xmber of these Hops to raise l lmbachMiss Porterfield°f Martinsburg'is a junior a( Shepherd College. Her fiance is a 14th Wedding Anniversary Parents of Both Living ding anniversary April 17 at their home and both were quite proud of the fact that their mothers and father are still living. Mrs. Hahn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Sechrist, Fairfax Blvd., Ran son; a~d Mr. Hahn is the son of Mr. and M~s. S. W. Hahn, Third Avenue, Ransom THIS WEEK'S NEWS IN SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON raRM r ADVOCATI THURSDAY, MAY 14, PON By Mrs. Stuart Crim Phone Named By Stafford Walton Chapter 47-F-032 To Attend Conservation Camp in Ju.e Shirley ,Rites student showed colored slides Puneral services were held at made during her travels Lo a 11:00 o'clock on Wednesday morn igr°UPsehool on°f fz'iendSMondayaSsembledcvenm~" at the ing from the Episcopal Church of W. S. C. S. Meeting 'th~omH:lYshShP~to/°JLoMe~u~t Ger°orgee ianThescrviceWome.YSof theSOCietMe,hodisty of ChristChur whose death, following a long ill- ch met on Wednesday evening of ness ocmn'red on Sunday morninglast week at the home of Mrs. in the King's Daughters HospitalLawrence DeHaven with ten of ina surgicalMarti;~sburgpatientWhereforhe hadthe beenpast tDhevo~ie~:~ezn~d i~heape:danmCewTchl~ several weeks, dealt wi.l'h Mother's Day and i¢'s Mr. Shirley. who had been a life ~oPigtn were presented by Mrs. Wal long reMdent of the community lace Snyder. Following a brief bus was born on December 1, 1869 ~¢nd iness se.~.~:ion the meetine was ad was the last of the seven children ' journed and a pelasant somal hour was enjoyed during which delic- ious rofre.,a_ments were sezwed by the hostess. Mr..~nd ~,~rs. Creighton Propps and daughter Trina who returned to Summit Point last week from Good luck rarely comes unex- Front Royal. Va. where they had eP~?ted; usually, it, is over-expect- lnb~eenHalyn~b?s°fncthet,Ch~cphi:f885' serving as a vestryman lesbe°e~tl~nTown"~°:~'~~in:nevchere theyfF°fdtahyehavetPa~irXtaken a TheMISSstaffordJOANNEchapterLEMEN°f the IzaakMISSwaltonMARYLeagueELLEN :~r n~o~:sth:? :~x~ygeca~'Srac~d f as ho~ernO~o Ave pu~illiam tCoOUn:Ydhaa~ setl~cc~d rM~esseJ°~ntin:e?~:nt~:dcMi~.~rM~[oYn pacity for twenty four years. Jackson. The baby was born May ter of Mrs. Nellie M. Shull. He was married to the former 9 in Winchester Memorial Hospit , ofWednesdayietyTheM~.s.°f the'W°men'ScliftonBaptiStafternoOnLongerbeamMiSsi°narYCh']rChat'themethomeS°e'with°n Graduating Class lardMrs.Char!esMrSMartmNormanGUYT°WnrepresentedTUCker'KisnerJr W°man'SandPresiden'ttheMrS.charClUb'wil°f andChe°nS'onSa~turdaYTemplegUests forgatheredeVeningthe 450at eight membens and one guest in a~ . - les Town Club at the Junior De- convention, ¢he .tendance. The meeting was opened !partment of the West Virginia Fed quet and the anr withDrishDev°ti°nSand the lessonled bY"PraiseMis's MabelFrom theerati°nchancell°r°f W°man'sH°telClUbSin Parkers-held at ~helnhonOrhe sewingaWards.di~rision, thewithISles"the worka lesS°nof theWhiChchurehdea}tin burg'FridayMaYnight1 andthe2" delegates par- f°rnanplacingKisner sec°ndreceivedina the Hawaiian Islands was pres- ~icipated in a treasure hunt and thing, for 'her entry a ented by Mrs. Longerbeam. The enjoyed an entertaining skit en- w~th full skirt and meeting was followed by a pleas- titled, "Call Me Madam President" leng~th sleeves of aqua ant social hour during which de- ~iven by ~he Junior Dept., Hun~- taffeta, completely lieious refreshments were served ington Jr. Woman's Club. A re- Acceptance speeches by the hostess, ception was held also, that even- from Richard L. Young, Visitors on Mother's Day at the ing in the Blennerhassett Room in tendent. Industrial 'home of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Jen honor of West Virginia's two Nat- Boys, Prunytown, Dr. kins were their se;~s-in-law and iDEal Junior chairmen, Mrs. ~rank Anderson, Ae~ing daughterand son Kenny,Mr' andMrMrS'.andJakeMrs. FryeHow Guthrie.Claytor, Jr. and Mrs. Fleetwood TrainingHaroldSO an addresSNeely,SCh°°lstateWaSatheardS't" ard Shewbridge all of Charles The Saturday morning session of Public Instigations. Town. opened at 9:00 at the first Bap- The convention will be ton'Mr'andanddaughterMrs" D°naldpamelaWhitting'of Hall from'tist ChurCh-al1 districtRep°rtScha~rmanWere heardand Beckley, W. Va. nex.t ..year' : ' toWnternoenWereat theViS~torShomeOnofSUndaYlahe la.ttersaf ~[hegeateC~air~nenb::V:fOrUtht~ie ;er: Enrollment For I ~d~:Mii'~'o~nt°~eo~y'i:n {icula"District,Mrs" distr|ct'H°wardc!hairman.Dill°W'presentedEasternbhe Graders, Rans0n Va'sistr_in.lawh°meWhere°f the'theYMr.f°°:thratRe~:~_andthe AlthoughROBERThe didLORENZOnot quite hit a Charlesthe bestT°Wn°ver allClUb'clubarep°rtCi~ati°nfr°mf°r Will Be Held AT OUR EVERYDAY MONEY leston,hartMrs.a°hns°naosephinew, va.andarrivedBurtontheir herefamilY'of Charlast seh°lastiCforg~.aduatingthe twoStandard.tOPclasshOnOrSat Charleshighin theen°ughTown1959 Jdentles1958-1959the TownEaS'ternMrsSent?~&Tu~kerreTheve~harDiStriCtin by thef°r c'lubthe yearpres childrenschoolEnrollmenta whOthe fOrRansonWitlthebe U.p oS.'TSAVINGNo.A T1oMAINEESLOWER. . PRICES!10.1bs. 29c T.Mt.Sh~ws`~Mt.andweekMissC~anedaughte~Ja~`ks~n~E~en.~t~PieturesMa~`thavisitJr. andwit~hPa.C~ne~fAnz~et~ei~w~her~weder~D~.t~s~he~ands~n-in~awsper~tfami~yMrs.} lasl,at°fJ' ~stand~hgsHigvherySchc~):leente~.Avenue~Mrs.~~ass.~ra~kwest~renz~ha~`~es~fVi~giniaL~en~R~be~tthe~hirds~nT~wn~t*~pUniVersityiL~`t?ez~fwa~]~f~ftenJe~ers~nMt~.p~a~s~fand~ais~rt~ wardl005)100'J}{eresting~?t'i~e.Clubs,t~h~e t~:?f!~a~R~d~rde~!der!Barnes'Fede~'~ti°ntalk byPresidentMiss°fMarYw°men's°fKa-the sch°°lnesday"til'M°ndaY'thei~renbring3 P'a°rimmunizationinm'rec°~'dAllMaysendSe'ptemberitpa~'entswas180fal°ngfr°mbir'th9 CARROTS - - l-lb. cello bag 10c summer in Sweden as an exchange the ran ronowing the morning session save time CELERY---large stalk - - - 10c 27 Will Be From Harpers ~aent~~~°n~w°~~t~e~m~un°~°°n~w~the~°~u°~°°n°w°`°~n~t°t~e~°`°~°~a`~w~e~h°~.°~n°~°s~~``t~e oldarySeCp~l~lmdr~)er~orl, willl960.beiT'atYeyntaeresix prior LETTUCE...Iceberg}}' E S T E R N - 2 heads for 25c erry High Mal 27 Finals B~ththede~gatesBanquetgr~upshin~he~nwere1%~men~te~aineda:twasthehe~dH~te~.byin Mrs'held Kathevinein the firStMole~.grade vocal groups from Parkersburg Any wife can make FANCY GOLDEN Twelve boys and 15 girls will Joseph Bussard, MillvHle High School. Lovely door prizesher husband if he will B A N A N A S - - - 2-lbs. 25c atmakeHarpersup theFerry1959 gradua'tingHigtl Schoolelass~t GeorgiaJames Canif°rd'Dahlin, MillvilleHarpers Ferry were given away at both these hiE to what she says, was announced last week by Prin- Evlyn Earp, Harpers Ferry TOMATOES - - 2 cello packs 39c winOp~l beCarlgraduatedS. Auvil. atTheeommence27 seniors WilliamVirginia HardY,Hoak' HarpersHarpers FerrYFerry' ONIONS---New Texas - - 3-1bs. 29c Virginia'sme~°exe~:~v~Syr24h~senio," U. S. Senator~ilfhhSC'~°°~Jen FerryRFoWflt°nl Hockens.mith, Hai,pers {:hades SWEET POTATOES - - 3-1bs. 29c n~gs Randolph, will be ,the speak Carolyn Hoffmaster, Bakerton George Houg~h, Bakerto~ Phone ORANGES ..... 3-doz. 97c eder'AnforAWardsFriday,AssemblYMay 15isa,tsehedul-2:45 p. Ph°ebewayne aamison,H°ugh' HarperSBaker~onFerry m. At this assembly the ,typingVirginia Jones, Harpers Ferry CANTALOUPES - - - each 29c and athletic awards will be pres- Franklin Kidwiler, Harpers n~ted along with othr student re- Fmwy II I I II I I I I cognitions. Parents and friendsHoward Koonce, Halltown ,are 'invited. Bobby Loudan, Harpers Ferry On S~turd,ay, May 16, the jun- Joseph M~honey, Bakm%on lor-senior banquet a~d prom willKay O~t, Harpms Ferry be ,held-the banqut to be served ut Clyde Reed, Harpers Perry Camp Hill Methodist C~urch and E~ther Rickard, Millville SPEND LESS AND GET MORE schooldancinggym.tO follow in the 'hlgh lesDelorlsTo,vn Ring Nice.warner, Char- Those who will make up this Janet Shumaker, Harpers Ferry HEINZMAXwELLM NARCHK UNTYB SC L NSTANTS AINEDINSTANTK STC FFEEE v'AP.H USEPEASBABYM LKC FFEEF DS-- 2 .617"°z'6.oz.g.oz.tall" cansCanSjarJarea" 25C79c93c79cl 0c !~: ~~O~~~i~l'!yr y CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE lb. 71e Inducted Into Armed Forces This Week ANI BOSCUL COFFEE - - lb. 73e PILLSBURY AND BETTY CROCKER ASSORT. CAKE MIXES 29c DOMINO SUGAR - - - 5-1bs. 39c (With Purchase of $5.00 or More) CHANNEL 7 KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES - 8-oz. pkg. 17c AT 5:30 P. M. CUT RITE WAX PAPER---125-Ft. Roll, 2 for 45c HEREFORD CORNED BEEF - 12-oz. can45c SOFT- WOVE TISSUE -- - 2 rolls 25e ZEST TOILET SOAP--Bath Size 2 for 39c ZEST TOILET SOAP - 2 reg. size29c SUPER SUDS - - large box 23c (One Box FREE with each $10.00 Order or More) LUX LIQUID - - Reg. Size 39c A. B. C. DOG FOOD - 12 cans $1.00 $2.9s AND A R R O W ....... 98c G U N T H E R ..... 98c S C H L I T Z ..... $1.40 Two Jefferson County volunteer registrants under the Selective "P-F' Flyers ore the (6 PACK THROW AWAY BOTTLES) Board'~erviCetoWereBaltimore,l°rwardedl~d-,by Tuesdaythe JefferS°nm°rningC°untyf°r Seleetivefinal pr°eessingService °nlYbuilt.inCanvasbAAGIcSh°eSwEoGEthatWitha helps ALL POPULAR BRANDS quotaaz~d inductl°nof the Draftinto theBoardnatl°n'Sfor theArmedmonth-F°rces'TheThementwOasmetsh°Wnthe you play your best and run your fostest~loflger. ' ab°Veshenax~doahare" l~tun:t~on,righa~td--~l~ta:: MillardStewaXtEngle,Pinckett'HarpersR" F'Ferry.D"