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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
May 14, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 14, 1959

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON fARMERS =' ' ' ' ' ' 4---A THURSDAY, MAY thee " " .o..,=o ,. ~ or ntlon - _ The work will be on display from byterian Church at " . . . noon Monday the 25th until 9:00 Thursday 21st May at By Hem~g W Morrow , Pleasant View Farm could furnish materials concern- ,that evening. Everyone is invited. DST. . BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. " Charles Town, W. Va. It, rig the re, any fields of opportuni- .Host members for~ ~~~ May 7, 1959 ies for our ~tudents. Thus they ........ will be M. 1..~lpp~, lOllED 1844 ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1885 The Youth Conservation Cur s for ,prisons and reforma,tories; but .~i~it nr .lpff~r.on Advocate COuIQ ,better plan ahead for train Sons ot Contederate veterans Moore, lnorn~on ~v,~ SPIRIT [STABL -- "r P .~- ................ " - - ~Kinner r~enr ~vl. COMBINED MARCH i 1948 [;~,no~nv ~"~~ HU "~ - Iwe are reluctmn.t to spend in a Charles Town W Va [rng beyond ~0he hi~ school pro- M etin= Thursday. May 21st r .......... . ....,, of ,_ .. ~ - - - ' " " ,-r~m e ..... ................. r J., . . neaia;n ano USelUl program ol re- . ~, ., MAX BROWN ~'oIrOR Minnesota, has introduced a'blll in Ihabilt Ytion that would benefit Dear Editor. [ The $7,000 published as the es- ------ Strider and Jack TraP, OFFICE NORTH GEORGE frl'm=rr TELEPHONE ZZZ the United Stwtes Senate, which J society the boys and the country I would like to make a plea for It[mated cost for this service includ The monthly meeting and din- J ~ -- is co-sponsored by our ~wo WestI q~~" ~ .... ~o~ ~...,~g ~n,~ ~." some change in route 17, or the Jes other operating expenses asner of ~he Henry Kyd Douglas _~ r R ndol , " .................... " Flowing Springs Road to the Race |well as salary for personal service Camp Sons of the Confederate Then there are ~e I-~._~ SRVING J[FFEFISON COUNTY FOR I14 YEARS AND READ BY MOR[ phandSena~orByrd whiehwouldl Virginia Senators, Send;to a . ' . - er ~ gen~ reason for enacting such a track from Route 340. Saturday[ It is our desire that everybody Veterans will be held at the Pres like jokes-on ~he oth~.~ THAN an.non PEOPLE F'VERY WEEK. create a Youth 'Conservation law. Last n!ght at night i~ complete disregard for lundersVand ull facts v~oncerni~g ~ ~^--~--,~--~ .... ~, ~he oldIour lOCal junior nign scnool, a our state law the people were|~?Jhis program ~hich will be sub- ~------~ -~v~o ~, s~co~ c~*s M~r~ *v vx~ Posro~,c~ m c.^a~, row~. Civilian Conservation Corps which Jmeetmgw,as held to s~n~tke~vld;g_r coming towards, route..340 from line,ted .t~.. thevoters on,May 1.9~h. _ ................ .~,~ w "v, ,, ......... x ,-~ X*aCH a taw was erewted in the early days of I~zacmn~ pmns on a va~e .. v the raceway on onto sines o~ me/ We wi,ll oe n~poy ~o niscuss Cne I I fiVh' OI I lUDIMg &Mfi HGA/I~ ....... "* ................. - ..... +,h~ ~w Deal A sub-committee of I Ject to Keep West Virginia ~reen, i road. A person going out the flow / program with any who will come LL~/~ ~ [LUlVI~II~$ ~I~V IIh~/"11" .......... : r ' WKEKLY N EWSFAP[R REPRESENTATIVES. INC. the Senwte, headed by Senator l.,Th,is meeting and ones si.~fla, to ling springs road or route 17 had to lby the office. The records an our N" YORK CHtCA~O ATtANTA owrROIT kOS AN~m.ZS Jenn4ngs Randol~, Is holding [':tl~e~nn~ ~2~r~g~g:~s~ante ~nnd face the possibility of ~ head on [office ,are open for inspection by ~ " .... open hearings on ~he ,bill bhis week [ g '_. _ : : ' __ [collision. It was almost impo~ible/those interested. . ......... ~ .. ~ ~.,, and I had ~he ~pporttmi:ty of sit- natron snow an ~.ncreasmg con_- to round the ~irsc curve wnere, | As ,al~ays we ~pledge ~rsewes to |un Dln " - l-leaun - eD[IC 'J[alll " MEMBR OF THE ring in on a portion of those hear J sciousness an the minds of The ~en [ you ~urn at the corner oz me oio / continue to do fine very best for o --- .~'-~ o.*~'i"~ week. Senator, Randolph I era'l public on the necessi,ty and ~ track to head towards ShepherdS[all of fine ,boys ~nd ,girls in Jeff- . . _~ .... _~ ~- NATIONA,L DITr..OR L had asked Sheriff C. A, Helle, of ecn.~mY.2f co.nserv~Uon. ~ere itown. They were coming out ,thelerson County. . ' Dralnflelds -- Stone and Dirt t~l~ I I Atlt/~e'iI.&TICM~I t~ ~rlk~t~},~ t C~arles Town to appear before Iare nterany mrmons upon mma~us ~normm en~ratace aceormng to one[ Sincerely, I I ~,ag~ ,,~ qr-'~r" | ~, r~=_m~j ,_1 # :US _ -~-,**^^ "...I v ..... + ^ ~u,o~ Iof acres of land in our eoun~try, F signs at route 340 .where a ,person/ q~ A T~w~rv i ton wi~h him Back in his early and this is pa~i.cularly true in [ going east from Charles Town [ ...... ,I ~ dna~s Sheriff H~-lle had been a Wee Vir~nia,.vmcn arefln sc~eiwouldmakea.lefthandturnontol ~upen~enan~y'tSvJ1ec~isrson PHONE 744 CHARLES TOWN, W.' m,.~,h.v ,.f +:h. ~.i~li~,.n Conserva-[parKS, na~lonal parks ann ~ores~s. [route 17 or me ~'iowing ~pringsl A~ suHcm,x,o,. Vz~tvaaza u vxz StArt A~t Suazzc-r To a% co~suu~ns t?on-Cor~ and"h'e readily testi-lThese a.reas .cannot be [road. May I suggest that this see-[ ~Jun~ion . .... v.~ *,,.~cm~xo~ sa ~o P~. v~^n ,. Avw~c~ f~ t~ th~ v~],~ ~f fine vro~ram IPreserver and c~servea 1, tlon of road be made a 3 lane/ ....... ~.. ........... " "q~he~ l~i'h, "[Tendered lawl ~m~ted ~personnel'lable for [road to the raceway from route/Edi~tor ~M~y ~, lvav ~le ,Ph,,,-,~l~v May l a lq.~q .... ,,~a nrovidefor a series ofI~nls purpose. ~no In many oi [340 with one lane reservea Ior ~ne/ ....... an,,,...~*~, . , __.~.~.,....,, .,..~., .~, .,.v.. ..v~... ~ " n t~te areas ~p~n~ oi del'terson-,~,~.,~..~vo ; . camps across the country manned these n~tional a.d s_ . [property owners who reside ~n[ ................. I t~ IAI ~ --| lL * .............. by vohinCeer youths, unmarried lerF ? en i en2 .s nce[route 17or the .Flo !ng ........... l . .. h f ,,, = and between fine ages. of seventeen ~,,= u~.,~,, ,,, ~..~ ,-~..=~.. ,~,,,o=,-he roar so ~ney can .ge~ nome wire- ~r ~r.- . i ~ 1111: 3tlll/tl:I ) and twdnty-hree. Th boys wouldvwti~, Corps to insure finutt. lout getting run off the .road. If/ Enc~)sed~scheck for the renew- I ~ :,: ...... Ir~ be 0barged primarily wifin .the re- public s enor~nous ~nves~men~ m lthis is impossi,ble perhaps an as-|al of my subsvription to ,~he Spir~I I H II q,., lll PBttll Ill ==" Tho d.ath of Georve T Shirley earlier this week markz, spausibillty of conserving t~he rail- [.nese areas oe pr~tea r'oresc lphalt cur. up the center of theiof Jefferson-,Farmers Advoca~te. II -- ....... ":.- . ~ " ~ .......... ,. lions of acres of forest and park l~.wes alone cos~ mall)ons ttpon mu- [road would save one lane for iocalm enjoy i,ts weekly visit to ,my home i a lll r Li rz v ',mltl . in a sense, the en(~ oI an era in deiierson wounty. - ~e wa~ lands in which ,the country now I sans of don,ars ~o vne pe?p)e an- [.traffic till it .got past the raceway. ~ so very very muc~. [ ~~(~~.~.~ f~"~ | the last of his generation of a family that has long been has so enormous an investment. [nualty .There ~s. Othe_run.~la.ioss[ I .hope the raceway does per-I Respectfully J ~]~t[~.~.~~,'~ ~~" ~ ~ _ _~e..:.__ T,~ ,~ F~xxr ~lr~ ~v~ ~f w~. q~ l~d~ would be uaid a no minalJin soil erosion, in ~mpr~p~r wa~er Isuane people to go ~o ~agers~own I Mrs Bo-d IA~l~k I Ili~[~a~va~ ~.:..:.-,.~i~'~ prommen: m county atta:r~ oyo~ a ..... "-'"')7 ~'~", :" --~7~ -':;:-;?of "78 "~r mon,th in add[t- I control, ,.not to mention he high t by Ranson Kearneysville and j " " [ ~ .:_, ~ ". ":'-" our sad duty to report in this 3ournal the death ms sole The [~o'll exacted by noxious insects To ~ho..h~.act~,~ a last ...... i l ~ "C .K~-~'-/ surviving sister, Miss Juha Shirley. program would also offer training [adopt .~.he)dea that expenditures i de~ts on route 17 or the Flowing I 11 VFR r.RnVF I In their way the Shirleys left a lasting impression on in trades and occupations, i o .puonc zunas to prese.rve,tn.eselsprings road would ,like that. I ~11.I i, II IllVll~ i~, J= A J~, . P #~ ~ .I I~ I~ I " "t is fittin that we s eak of it as rt would seem to this observer / .~,~ngs ~so unwarr.~an~en,2s~o oe I Yours sincerely, I I [# P II Y / P X II / ! this community and 1 g P r~. +ha# +,h~r~ ie oan~l~l~ral,hlt~ merit, w,,-~ ......... v,, ........ ', .... ~ an~n, w ~r~V~nald I 8-., .................. I -- -- v m -- -- ~ ~ v . -- m = " " nd ~ ...... : ......... --------- ~i)lleSer~~i!ii!inili!irPm~;~s~ieY~~r~eb:rhws'o~:!~ '~ild/~;~;~d~n~il D:je:~orS~u~'~r;~!i::~:~! G G FACT0,, But to know the Shirleys was to know real and honest 'to~h~:evi~t~nble;eSU]uvenile ~u~Iget excited aLut trees. But per-[ May 11, 19591Raymond Cole and fsx~ily and Mr. I .................... , r staff recalls how for l sent to indus- h~ s it would be a~ppro~riate toJMr l~ax Brown Editor [Henry Erie of Arlington, Va. were |U ~D[::U&Tlnaal eo le. One of the members of ou and are frequent y P . " ' , r n rs ~, " :~ P P - - ....... ~-~-- x~:co L,];. q~;~q .... -~-, ~o~ heriff Hehle .r~n~l nuote the zmmort#al words of fine [Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate [Sunday wib.hM ..~ d M . l UTL /411UI . - " - "'w 1! ea ou~ in .ills i~es~lauu~ly uvxux~ vx,~ ~v,.~. -- .................. , gave h m, each year at Chrmtmas, one of the ank 1 ~ e su, b committee of the Senate on [I think that I shal~ never see [ Dear Mr Brow~" [ Mr. ,and Mrs. George Vanords .... ~ | books She had taken a kindly interest in our staff member s o day here in Jeffers l ..... ............ I Wo ld'.--ube okindto-u li !d le and f mlly of mrtin u=: :SEE US FOR FRESH EGGS .... ' ' ' " ~ile ~ pUeUl a~ ~vveay ~ ct ~ee; u ~u ~,t~ Mr and Mrs Chester P~illman ~na father and she was carrying ~t on through httle, acts oi County t)here 1s.a young juventence [Poems are made b", fools like me, ....... Jr)his letter in your May 14t2t Ed [ family" of Carlisle" Pa accompan- I ~ was thin s of this sort that delinquent echo m under sen[But onl- God can make a tree lit[on9 ' ' " kindness to his.children" ]t g ....... Industrial chool for I' . . . ,led by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond [ | || P P | iiian active interest i Y " ' "free to roam the streets wit [ Y ' " " lmisunclerstandin-s ~he ,~r,~,msedi - -- ..... " -I ~ i ~tannin~, him on the street and passing the time of day a~tendant danger of more ~rouble./port and tl~is small voice is rais- I levies win not ~uble ta~esYThe[mna ~oJe_ an~fam~; ......... I ~B ~ A dP~ J ~m ! ~-~'+" ~" " 'i nsl ed in su rt of it. . . Mr. ~ymonu w~rt~.are a uu ) i nd discussm local roblems We shall mms that we can apparently spend mlll o ppo [rate mcreasepropased ls less tha,n]Miss Dero h_v S uster of Rippon I a ~. g P "" - ' 1/5 or 20% of fine ob~l Count ' - ' ~m~'~m==~ ~. m.=------ q To h,s hter andto his meces and nephews we ex.- , ...... / .............. Y i w. Va. were Wednesday vim~ors[ ,: _~ ____ dau% ..... ~ ,_ ___ ,~ _ ~.^! .... .I m m ~ h Itl l| meeting ~ivn prayer. "t'ne ~ecre-/~ax ra,se ~or zs~n. one-:nab o~ ~ne I w4,eh Mr and Mrs Vernon Staubs/ ~.~o**a .. ~.,,** 4a 11 miles East of Freder iitenct ournear Iel condolences, they nave .e,.wu H A I / / II IIg N tary Mrs l ars aall .Mc&boy rcad/rwtes con,tained in the Board of " " ' ................-- ~i ber of their family We have lost a frmnd. I| ~ ~ ~ | It~ II II ,the .m~~u~es ~nd had roll call. Mrs. [Education call for eleotion have al~ . =--~-='-='-='-='-=~~a . I 2 miles West of Ridgeville, Md., At . , [hem ~ nv M|~,~ nnrnlhv Bowers Nathaniel Orey, Jr., chairman[been i.n effect as au.thorized by a' Wrmht II~nnv nrt t i0:00 O'CLOCK D. S.T. (RAIN OR SHIb ' n~a~ ~tn ~.~' nl~U "'~ ............. " made several unnouncernents.|previous vote of the people. Six- ,v nu~uuu ~m|||~ r~uu I (3AqPTTI)Y~AV ~JI[AV 9~] 19 ) raJ un Jnc DALI ------ The lesson ,for May, "Growing| teen counties have passed a s.imil- .. II I= A Aiim [ I~X']kl~Jl~l~X'~l~ 2.Vial "~'-~U].~k&~ "~'" ........ Mrs. Leon I_agngerbeam and .Mrs. Up Into The Household of God",/ far levy during Che ~st couple of I=vhlhl$ I|H "Sit / ~- r~ ~ n~r n~r~ ~ ~r~[~r}~ .... John Seal of Ran~on V~rSi,ted ~1~- ~aken from I Peter 2:4-10 was re-|months. The ~nereased rates ,are ImAIIl~ll VII I'lU,J ~ J ~O J~ 2qkl~l1 ll~kk~.~lUl~O , Well there are a lot of property owners m aoou~ day at iVhe home of ~VIr. a~d ~VIrs. viewed 'by Mrs. Charles Orey who].controlied .by the Better Schools / ........... u M A ~nd Cub Farmalls Jot q, ...... h. in ~,]- sin[on, deserve a sort o~ singu- IMar~hall ~IcAboy an'a sons. mrs. ,also closed ,~he meeting ~wi~h ,pray-l~mend~ent. Pupils and faculty of the Wright/ ~,f~'ua,,',~'~,~'~,~",~"-M ~[a~in~ and {)]" e ~?raci ..... , ,.._~. ^- ~t~^ ~-.,~,lr ,~l ,~.~o~ ~u ice Hen,ry McKee and daughter Ka I er. During ~he soolal hour the hos Secondly we would hke ~o ex Denny School have announced a~ ~ ~._ _r,.~.~_.. ~-f--t =elf Pro-elled Comb nes G~ , lar (or may, e aoume:) ,c 7;'"e Uo icTM o Kay .also of l anson were over- ess served delicious refreshme s.'plain .the proposed es blishment change m the date of their an-lModde 'l n' 141. in cellcnt shape 'Se' Street in town and the effect is to improve the appear- :Mr~an]q, ~Ifr~,~R~lP~c)Jio~,-~n Co m~)any~nCh~triesTown, a ....... ,~lone~but ~ould inelud.e testing fa~^which wi~l:r~ntwaoirnkait0taulOf Lot of Small Items, tools, 2 tons baler twine; , ......wn reo~---',e ......... ~ u~,,~+~" in new and ,,~ ..... z .....'~ ....... .. . ........ . .... ,~ ............ ,,~,~, ~,d'~u(les, aoin.~ms," e.~c. ~zv~ p aces o . electric dr[H, Skill saw, several cars .and trucks, ance the WhOle ~0 . _ _p _ . l~ .. . spen,t ~he weekend wCth relatives ,and son Bruce visited Mr. ~nd Once ~his is done we could coun- will be the media of crayolas, tern Van bodies; Ford Tractor with fork lift; Galon ' "fronts ', people are painting old h'on~s, sere, there ann in ~he country were ~stors Sun- Mrs. Douglas Bowers ~nd family sel wi~h students and parents and pera paints, chalk, f!nger pal[at,Grader White Tractor and Lowboy Trailer everywhere, spring cleaning and repair is under way; day. ~fLternoon~t the .Rome oI ~vir. in Boliva.r Sunday. . ~hus base recomendations on a paper-cut outs, modern oes gn We ~#Vill Sell Your Equipment on Commission ........ " - , . " , number o~ ~an~ Mrs. marl t'ea~ner an~ sons.. .Mrs. A]ec ~os~eno. ~a mere:per more scientific basis, and illustrated writing. . Sales daily . ?i Alm t wrywhere, that m. The e are stfl!.a ..... i Mrs Ed~vin Clevenger visi~ea o~ ,fine Brunswick, Md. mgh Then, t~o, under ,the Na~tional Judges ,will review the several ca " #-~I AV ~AI ~'~ J |' properties that look pretty much hke trey om rlgn~ a .er her brObhe.r-in~law and sister Mr. School f,acul,ty enjoyed a tour and .Defense Education Ant we may. in tegories and award ribbons to ~l~Z-~ ~z~J]_~ , . the first Battle of Bull Run. Eaves and sp, out!ng, are m-. a,ud !Mrs. William.Trail and sons dinner a)t_For~ Diet.~ick, F~deri:ck, ~he .fUture..qualify for matching each grade for outsta~din.g work. PHONE MT. AIRY 200 MT. II~ fested with bird nets Pigeons roost there to tnew hearts ~n ~oiivar on ~una~y and also a~- Md. on "z~esaay ~long w~n the ~unos allocated by The Sta~e ~e- ~'rmcipa~ James lvmmr, sam ~o~ay ~.o, ~a ~ ,~a - . , -:-- --~....~o ~h~ ~ro ,~ di race to the com- ~tended She Mothers 'Day Service ~.k~er Frederick County ~clence partmer~t of Educ~tion. the Art Exhibit will be equal or .... ~ "" - "~"'~'~" _... con en , leaving mew, , o ....... Y - "" owners ~t fine ,Methodist ~urdh wiCk~ the teachers. A q,xalified person in this field better than in the years ,passed I I rticular source shame the f'a "l " mumty and a pa ~ ~n~ y. Mrs. l~af~amel Grey Jr. ~.nd or at least the owners should be ashamed, although they Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Smith of dau , ters and Mrs..Mar- ......... t Ij,amsvi:He, Md. were dinner guests ~tin Grimes ac~. n~p~nled ,by Mrs. .. . ~I Pr :tm o .re urn to the main point. A hem ty commumty ,'a~d ~ynd IMrs Elmer E~l,me~tW~el~tr ~i2i, e~dauMgrl~,~aensd ~s~ M A I vote of thanks to those public minded citizens of the area Mrs. N thamel Grey .Jr. was Berryvirle, Va. Sunday f ernoon. who believe that ownership of property carrys with it at[hnred on Mother's Day ~vi~h a " " , towards" nce" and a loud picrric dimner on ithe l~wn ~t ~er sense of respons bfl t ,. a'sl'hmel Her children ,and heir d of boos for those who regara all income rom ren i: 1 n- - '" roun . l,raxmnes preparer ~ a server ~ne as clear profit, without any obligation to do any repalrl,boun~Vi,ful dinner and ,t~ose pres- work [eat besides the guest of honor and Iher famtly were Mr. and ,Mrs [Oharles Grey and daughters, Mr. ~r~ m,o .r~.r. ~v ~xT I a,nd Mrs. David Penwell and fam- ~n~t o ~L~'~ ~z'~ ~'~ * lily, !Mr .~nd :Mrs. M~tin Grimes and f~mily ~VIr. and .Mrs. Jose~pn l~an~l'li and .fa~ni'ly and Miss Betty By Mrs. Roy Breeden Telephone 256-JX L ! I Baby Girl .Pfsc. and Mrs. Forrest :Willing- ham are 4~he proud parents of a "/ lb. 13~,~ oz. baby ~girl born in ~he Charles Tow,u General Hos- pital on Tuesday, May 12th. This is ~he first v2~ild ,and has been warned Robin Kay. Both mother ,and baby are doing fine. ~Mr .and Mrs. Frank Grove and 'son Scott of Takoma Park, Md. ,and Mr. and Mrs, Robert L. Trus sell and daughter of 'Salem, Va. spent the past weekend with Mr a,nd Mrs. M C. Trussell. ,Mrs. ~Iayo Shlley of Middle- ~ay was a ~cer~t vlistor ~vit~ Mrs. Stanley Hin, ton. Mr. and Mrs. ~tan~ey ,Hin~ton vis ~ted with Mr. and ~Irs. Leroy ~amp ,and ,family of Shep~erds- ~own on ~aturday. iMrs. Myrtle Carroll ~nd son I-Ioward were Sunday afternoon visitors witch her sister i~ Stephen City, Va. Mrs. Liltie Naylor visi,ted with 2Ir. Fred McCauley who is a ;pa- tterer in the ~Klngs Dau~ters Hos ~pltal on Mon(~ay. Mrs. Naylor ,found him very much improved. Mrs. Grace Boyd visited with ~er sister .Mrs. James Hardy over the past weekend. Mr. and Mrs. H. O Wilt of Rip pon and Mr Roger Rissler ~and Vflss Dallas Rissler were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. .M.C. TrusseH. ,Mr. Stanley Hin.te,u who hasn'.t been very well lately wen't ,to .the doctors on Monday for check-up end came back witch a good report. The fire truck was called to .the home of Will Ha~hn of third ave- nuc on S~turday. 'Mr, ,and Mrs. Richard Braith- ~v~ite and two children were sup- per guests on Tuesday nigh't with ~Ir. and Mrs. John B~dthwai~e of Byrds Orohard. Breeden and sons were visitors on Sunday with .Mrs. George Breeden ,and .family and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Small- ~vood. Mr. ,and Mrs. Stanley Hinton visited on Sunday with IMrs. Irene Boyd ~t the Fahrney Keedy rest home at Boonsboro, Md. ~Mrs. Elmer G1aize and so,.n Billy of ~harles Town spent Sunday af ~cernoon with Mrs. Susie Glaize. Stork Shower ! A stork shower was given re- cently by ~rs. John Hough and Mrs. Kathryn Bcahm in ,honor of Mrs. Dortald MiNer. Mrs. Miller re- ceived many nice useful gifts ~hen r~fre~e,~ts were served. As the guests le$~ they ~ll wished Mrs Wflller fine best of luck. ,Mr. and .Mrs. William Fellers and Mr. and ~Irs. Gus College of Pc. viisted width .Mr. and Mrs. Wil bur Tharpe on Sunday morning l~Siss Anna Creamer and neice Rosimarie Creamer and Miss Vir- ginia Crider all of Ranson visi,ted Saturday night with ff~Irs. Susie Gtaize. Mrs. Mary Ott of seec,ud avenue is on our sick .list ,and ,has been for ~he ,past week and under the doctors care. We all hope she will soon be well a~ain. William Perkins, Hospital Manager to Speak Thursday Night at Kiwanis Dinner William Perkins, general mana ger of ~the Charles Town General Hospi~tal w:ili be guest speaker, tell irtg about the hospi,t~l a~ivi,ties in general at the Thursday night din her meeting of ,trm Charles Town Kiwanis Club. The hour is 6:15 p. m .and ~the program will be un der the direction of Kiwanian, i Fred Byrer. mem'ber of ~he hos- pital Board. Di~low. Mr. ,and Mrs. Donald W~l~ting- :ton and daughter Pamel~ visied Mrs. Whi~ting~:on's paren,ts Mr. and Mrs. Jo~ Henry in Sttmmi,t Poiwt. Mother's Day. l~eeent visitors at ,t~he home of ,Mr. and :Mrs. William Hock and :family '.have 'been {Mr.,~and Mrs. Roy Hock of Gore, Va., RVIr. and Mrs. Eugene Bo~ers ~nd son of Winchester, Va., '.Mr. and Mrs. Aus ,tin Bowers and .famAiy ~nd ,Mr. Bill Bowers of Charles Tow,u, Mrs. Dougl~as Bowers and sons of Bol- ,War ~and Mr. William Hoak Jr. of Engte. Mr. Hugh Muse. M2sses Pa~sy !Muse and Betty Casey of ~es- burg, Va. ,were visitors Thursday evening '~t ir~he ho~ne .of tMr. and Mrs. Alton Muse, Mr. and Mrs. Muse sper~t Mother's Da~ i,n Lees- ,burg wl'fin his-mother. Mr. and ,Mrs. Lester Mulet visi- ,ted Mrs. BeOAe IA~tleton in Bolivar Tu~sd~ty evening. Sunday visi~tors a,t .the home of ,Mr. ,and ~Irs. Edwin Clevenger end daughter were ,Mr..and Mrs. Earl Crone of ,Sleepy Creek and dau- gh~ters Miss Anne Crone ef Wash ington, D. C. and ,Mrs. Bruce Rock well and scans of Clover, Va. ~up- per ,guests wi,th ~he family were Mr. Sydney Clevenger of Hagers- ~own, Md..and Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam Trai,l ~tnd sons of Bolivar. Mr. ,and Mrs. Kenneth Ande.~s and chi'ldren of l~anson were sup- per guests Su.uday of ~A~rs. An- der's parea~s .Mr. and Mrs. 'Ber- nard O~t. ,Mr. and Mrs. Lee Friend of Rlv erdale, Md. visited Mr. and Mrs. David Penwell ~and ~a~nily on ~un day. Mr. ~nd Mrs. Stephen Da'lgarn Jr. of Oharles Town were visitors M~ther's Day ,a~t ,fine home of Mrs. Dalgarn's mobhcr ,Mrs. Am'tic Pope and family. Circle Meeting Fourteen members and .three vis i~tors were presertt Monday evening when ,the Presbyterian Circle met at t~he home of Mrs. Cl~arles Grey. Grey ~,he Suffers Painful Burns !Miss Dorothy Bowers returned to 'her home on Saturday from [:he Charles Town General Ho~pi- 'tal w~ere she was ~t medical p~t- ~ent ~or , several days, receiving trewtment for second degree burns ~n her arm and face. An over- ~he~ted pan of parraffin wax, ex- ploding caused fine Painful burns. At ~his writing she .continues ~o improve, ~lt~ough remaans qut.te uncomfortable. Short Circuit in Motor Does $2,000 Damage At Funkhouser Goetz Plant S A ,E GIRLS WASHABLE WOMENS SLEEVELESS Reg. $1.39 EWBERRY WASHABLE SIZES 3 to 12 The Charles Town Independent Fire Company reported Wednes- day tRey ,have respc~uded to 11 a- larms since May 1, with one which occurred at the Goetz plant in Ranson ~bout 10:20 !Monday .morn LOW ing being ~he only one to do any m~terial daznage. In thaf~ fire a PRICE short circuft in a motor in ~he pla,n.t owned and operated by R.J. Reg. 69c Funl~ouser, did about $2,000 in damages to ~he motor and plant. An overheard sPrinkler system in ,the plant was credi~ted wi'h keep iwg bhe damage as low ~s i*t was. The (~ther ten fires resul4~d :from a variety of causes, such as lightning run,rang in on electric service lines tangled electric drop cords, un automobile seat on fire ,a minor blaze at a race track tack room ,and other causes Nine arr~bulance calls were also answered by the Indcpenden~ Fire Company ambul~a,uee duping ~he *period of M~y 1-14 Yokefel s Oass to Girls Popover Boy's Play LOW PRICE Reg. 59c 34 x 50 COTTON REGULAR $1.98 Visit With Men's Class PHONE 314 The Shepher~stown Presbyter- iaR Men's Bible Class will be ho~ Sunday morning, May 17 to the Yokefellows Bible Class of the Charles Town Presbyterian Chur- ch to return a visit made last mon th by the Shepherdstown group. The meeting will be held in ,Rey- nolds Hall, Shepherd College at 9:45 I:~T. Attorney Henry Mor- row will lead the discus[on. Dr. nay ~rank will provide special music. The recently reorganized Shep- herdstown group chose A. P. Rider president and John Lowe Jr. as secretary-trea tu'er. LOW PRICE SIZES 32 to 44 LOW Womens Popover LOW e PRICE Reg. 98e Girls Jamacia LOW PRICE Girls LOW PRICE Boys Short LOW PRICE Reg. $1.29 Sleeve Boys Washable LOW .22 PRICE Reg. $1.79 SIZES 3 to 6x Mens Short SH ,RT5 LOW PRICE Reg. NEWBERRY LOW PRICE 5 Year Guaranteed 50-Feet REGULAR $1.98 LOW CHARLES TOWN