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May 12, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 12, 1966

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way on Saturday evening SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE Mr. and Mrs. John Whittington THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1966 and family of York, Pa., called on --~ the former's sister and brother-in law, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hines on Rev. Joseph Washington of Duff- it was announced this week. Mrs Floyd Simons .qundav afternoon ields Music for this service will The Family Night will .__ ___ "__~. ._~_ ................ - ......... be furnished by an all male choir, heln at the church Sunday el PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY ~~~m~"~:~'r~w~g:'---=: ....... -- .............. to" i- beAn- "~ - ' /hk b]:/t~lS ldI lllYltat 11 b $ BY TII~ON PUBLIC., INC. Mrs. Bill Kline and daughter of Wrlaht Dennv Th[rd extended to all ministers and lag, May 15, at6 p. m. pe By Henry W. Morrow I Cavetown, Md. spent last Tuesday ~ ~ members of their congregations attending are asked to 210 North George Street - Charles Town, W. Ca. " --" with her mother Mrs. Goldie I~.r~mla l~}.tlan}e Tntw to attend one or both of these along their own silver. Zip Code 25414 ] Brown, Fairfax Blvd. ~IIIIMI; Jluul;tlto zvuz services ------m ~ ~ Mrs Goldie Brown was a sup- " ROBERT HENRY WINS 1-/," I per guest of her son-in-law and ~PM/~ll;tlIDr ~irls A,.,Iq,.~. k_4~i,h~.l|el, ~nmr~h CAMERA IN CONTEST READ ]BY MORE THAN 22~500 PEOP~w~ THE ALABAMA ELECTION tof the road are strewn with those daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo '1 .... r'ul" ........ /4bUUl~ i,l~ll|VIJl~| bllUit, al VALLEY HARDWARE CO. at eo le out who tried to make it the other Unger Monday evening. On Friday, May 6, Mrs Jane It seems to me thp p " ] " I Mrs Nell Meade Arlin,,ton. Va ......... = .... D.~kl. ,k.,,I 7,, O,, U,IJ In the drawing for the C~ Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffiee . way Every now and then one: " , ~ . t~arr s mzra graoe class m wngm DIUI~ ~)IL.IIUUI I U Dig II~IU . rode.the State of Alabama are be-I ~o~,o ~, ,, the ton on the basis visited her daughter Mrs. Phyhss Denny School visited the Spirit in the recent Daws Paint C .~ ~NN mg 3ust a h.ttle too, too sancumo-[ o~'~oo(~~ hard work and ability i Kilmer Sunday. of Jefferson office to see how a I .... / ,I / I- P .... !---. sponsored by Valley Har(l] ATIONAL NEWSPAPER nmus in Demg snoc.Keu ~,,~ ...... ~. ..... i~ ,h~ ~xce~tion' Mrs Raymond Snyder of Bmi-" newsnaner is printed Mr Brown JUHe O'lO IH ry~l[il[l~ Company in Charles Town,~ F~') r~[ I ~:~ 0 I~ --,~ , AS.,-.. C.,,-,,T r~.N nommatmn ' of Lurmeni wanacethat I ........................... noL ........... me rum. tl ear Vlszted her son and daughter-. ~-uidea,, the class throu-h' "~ the v err L. Henry of 502. South CA! for. the governorsh p of, .... [ ............. -~ :-- ^~-~-~,~o is!in'law' Mr. and Mrs. Melwn Shy- printing rooms and told how the The Asbury Methodis~ Church Street, was the winner. Wh.e2 ~ - ..... . .. -~ ~tate. heavens ~o t~etsy: : xzm] **,~ ,~,,~u., .......... . der and famiw rriaay evening. ,,~,~,~,,, u,,rlrod TAd children of Charles Town will hold a Bible J sors appreciate me interes~ ~ " wes vote of thanks to one of the reasons many peopm ...... : .......... ........... ~ .................. . . , nation o a [ ...... ~vzr. x~ennem e, naers anu mere- h,n~ ,h~, thi~ wil~ heln them with School from 7 unhl 9 p m June t m the contest and thank all " e man ...~.~ .... , o . ,- . , . Geor e Wallace for coming out of proven atomy ann stat s " ~-^ " .... iv'c Club f Ranson ~ " " g ..... 1 ............... rs m me t~ z o their class newspaoer which they 6-9 and June 13-16 in the church entered zt. in the open and doing what me| nKe quailues never aspire to ~ are making a ball diamond for- - - -- .... - -- MAX BROWN, General Manager governors of the other forty-nine / political future. For many, indeed the youth of Ranson in a field ;renp~a~n~m;gh~, P~r~n~un~::cl~2re' l DON RENTCTI, News Editor- ItENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor ~th!~: ihwcaa~eb:t~hndi:i:u~~!/~;:!e2mefl t~a!!Oha~neto~t:~ni~t~! ~7t:::gmgrustO:~nd~o:n:rj]est :~fonf ::~!oBeetw:YJT:v!i~de~A P 2::rs,n~ws" YOUR C RErlT IS GOOD NationalRepresentatives,Advertising Representative, American ~~fWs~olalm~2ig:~xtdthi~oC ~:!ii ~feub~: ~]Cti~a2i:~h~:yheiT~t~i~ ~iOmMr~~:dn%'no~or~.r'~'la;d ~fame;e:eA~d;r~', TD!renos~a~ B~r!o~': ERIC[ S 1 lue., 404 Fifth Ave. New York RE.._ RIGHT Newspaper pend on for the ne Y . Y ...... Mr and Mrs George James re- r,~ot. ~, ~an,,- Charles 'arner Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta - San Francisco - Los Angeles y to carry on the Wallace tradition. ~een made ~or mem 'mere are turnea home from Florida last ~ ...... '--" ~'~'" ..... --~ ~ ' more robabl better than a mill o SUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Yr., Phm 15ets. W. Ca. Tax ' i n " uryan t;ooper, rnmp ~orsey, Who could he depend on P Y Tuesda, Mrs James flew out on. .... er Y Lewis Fisher, SherryGageby, ----- "- than hls own wife? The Longs m people in Alabama who are bett ~,n .... ~.,., .,.a ~,,ined her hus ......... .. ~,^~. No Finance or Carrying Charges ~,,,~ h~,, n.~.. *h~ ~ualifie~ than Lurleen Wallace .~'"~2~."'~"~ .... 2" - ... ~eanua t~loson, ~aarsnazl t~,,,,, For Business, News or Advertising Departments Lomsana h ............. ~ ..... . ...... oana mere to return nome w~m ~.n ..... u~h .... ~ ~raron Hol- same thing for years, although on for the governorship, t~ut quaml- . ................ ~,., _.:y._.. . .... h~m man, Delia Hughes, Vwmn Keh DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 ln~tw seai'e ~or need we much if anything, to do with it - ' " can, Marsha Manuel, Howard TRU-SOR Or KIN-IX)CK an enhrely mascuhne and less catlons and ability haven t got Mr and Mrs Rmhard Stickles THURSDAY; MAY 12, 1966 imag o " e ....................... : and family of Alexandria, Va, Mr Pucket, Earle Rowe, Alan War- go as ~ar as me ueep bourn to ~nat's why my nat ~ ,zz t. and Mrs Garnet Bentz and Mrs find examples of this thing of George Wallace. He has stripped Earl wiaittington were Sunday ~nfse~riMr?" Gerald Dorsey and assin the governorship along an election of pretense and put P g " " " " nd guests of Mrs Louise Bentz LATI0NS TO SEN T0R RAND0tPH How many Democratic governors zt on the hne for what it zs A ...- -- : .... " CONGRATU A -" " " e 1 we him a rne uanson ue~pers ~m~ John~_Wesley Hethodist, of West Vzrgmm can say they for doing th~s w a 1 o M n'hl N m ' " e o ~ y eWs We extend hearty con_ ratulationso . to Senator ..... Jennmgs walked into the Governor s Man- debt of gratitude. . . FOrrselveYearS.ntoWxne................... x~az~solz x-~ezpez~ wzuo~" ,zv,u~'"w~ n collea es m the Umted stun m Charleston wlthout the have been k~ddmg ou s z Randolph oil his selectlo by. , . gu ..................... ~ ......... a o,,* ". belivin~, that our ~ove~nors are thmr regular monthly meeting chUrCh Te 0bse e Hens States Sen:~te to the wtally zmportan~ cnmrmansmp o~_ ~ne mu ~nu con .... ~ ............. --ulao choices and m "and ~aay atn~ 1~. -- A Fine Selection Of Senate Public ,Works Committee. _The [ onor bestowedeffi " vaic:2tn2tr i: gt:g/f::: i:: Pno arwoman)of greatenta ure,] The meeting opned by the chap a est Virffinias senior Senator also reziec1 s grea cr ....... able enli-htened and born lead-lin ~ora Foster reading Psalm nu.a] With ervtc Sun&y ,le:,,, & 4en's W ZI( W holce zn commenmng uovernor wanace , " " the wise c " " " s chapter 138, 1-SV Followed with on the )eoole of West Vwgmm who made ............ ........ ers But George Wallace ha ...... ..... - : - . ~ or czung me ut.~ v~.a,,,~,~o 0, .. ,, ,, me ~oru s rrayer, lrlag ~alute, The annual Men's Day Service in sending him to represent them and the natron m the the passing on of the crown 1 am pointed out that an abe enhght-.. ............... GRUEN, ELGIN, HA31ILTON, WALTHAM world's most deliberate body. ........ [being dead serious. For whatened,,bornleader'can be anlmate ~~el~ltlelrsYrl~aet~t g~::/e~Sa'r;rn will be held ~at John Wesley ~s not as well known ag it snoul(1 Be, the real KeyI Governor Wallace has done strips on whom t~xty nml or the ~ . , Methodist Church in Harpers Merchandise Always Coming Out Of Pawn While 't" " . - ................. Ale port by Ruth Nichols, Treasurers Ferry, Sunday, May 15, it was tile United. States ena e ,. . n des house haS. cno en to '"this ie xne new ouslness was on Dlrm Sh01 o ef ec iveness and influence in . . . the masquerade of the erro e t f t . . . . , ..~. .... a ................ announced Monday by Oscar Ree- ls at the top of the committee, ladder, and that is preczsely notion indeed the childish fmry- So let us stop thzs smu~,ness ..... " .... H A where Senator Randolph now lS. There are sixteen Pertain- tale notmn, that in the good old this self-r~ghteousI~ess, ot Pm~eatkYe day supper, the month of June vance program.ler' chairman of the special obser Webb's Jeweh nd Pawll ake no mis- U S A a man can go as tar as ne t~eorge wanace d d n ent Committees of the United State.s Senate. M . .... . ........ being the month the club was The regular morning Worship , " n wants to go in pozifies it ne s got ~ toms out oz me peopze oz . ke about it, the sixteen Senators who are the chmrme ................. ak ls orgamzed June 1942, the club wzll service will be held at 11 a.m. 112 WASHINGTON ST. --- PHONE 725-2214 ta ,, ,~ " ....... ....... ~- ----woe ~vel" something on me dUll. t'oppycocK. ~,laoama, nor mo ne m .e zo~ celebrate its 24th anniversary A with the sermon by the Pastor, oz nese ommlttees nave a v]rtum me or ue u, ............. zn ronucs, as m busz'ness, the out of the rest ot me nation m " CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. " " " " Action The are the " covered dish supper will be held the Rev. Abraham Brockington. the matters coming under the .r .!unsd .Y , best guarantee of getting to the both cases they and we intAct-[at 6 o'clock June 2nd Please all And there will be a special ser- select of the elect, and West Vwgmm and the nahon can oe ton is to marry the boss's daugh- pated him, and made fools of our-I ....... i. .......* " I I I ha 9 th',t one of its two Senators has attained such a ter or, as in the case of Lurleen, selves. The fault, Dear Brutus, is '"~eemee~i~as~closed b, the vice at 3 p .m. conducted by the Pt Y "~' ' " " ' I ~s )osition of stature marry the boss himself The szdes not m our stars but zn ourse yes ...................... , ....." l i ~ 1 -~ ] " - . .-- v " ' L, llapllIl ~ura ro~tur WILII Kla.y~l. h as we do we know tlaa tne Knowing Jennings Randolp , , . . ~[ ........ ---'-- by Shirley Jones, Recording Sec: chairmanship of this powerful Committee has passeo into I am sure you have not been wrong tree. Mrs Bertha Simmons visitea competent, able and wise hands. We are confident that the reading the Spirit of Jefferso~z- I own and ride a motorcycle, her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. great power with which he has been entrusted will be used Advocate newspaper the past few and try in every way I know how and Mrs. Dan Mason, Martinsburg with wisdom and discretion, and that the added duties which weeks because if you had you to ride it in the manner in which R. F. D. Monday. have been thrust upon him ill give him even greater op-must have seen the publicity it should be ridden. And I know Little Eugene Camden returned portunities to serve West Virginia and the nation, as he has which the paper carried concern- that the ones who take chances home on Monday from the Char- ing a county-wide Clean-Up and and break the law are not around les Town Hospital, glad to report ably done for the past eight years in the Senate, and for fourteen years prior to that in the House of Representatives Fix-Up" Campaign for the court- too long to cause anyone any ty, and the attempt that is being cause to call them a nuisance. made to solicit the cooperation You have persons riding or and support of all organizations driving vehicles on the road that and individuals in this effort, would be foolhardy no matter [~1 II 4816 Russell Avenue Avondale. Maryland Washington, D. C. 20018 May 6, 1966 Mr. Lewis Rissler Road Commissioner Jefferson County Charles Town, West Virginia Dear Sir: This is a letter from a former West Virginian who was born and raised in Keyser, W. Va. and later lived for a good many years in Charleston, W. Va. For the past several years I have lived in the State of Maryland, near Washing- ton, D C. and am employed in Washington. Two years ago I pur chased a cottage in the River View Park Development near Shannandale, and have been busy converting it into my retirement if another harvester or tractor will increase your efficiency and reduce labor costs, it's time to talk to Farm Credit. Call today, tong Term lend ~ ton~ Short Tim Fmdudiw Cre4it I~ A Farmer Owned Farmer Dtre,~d ASSOCIATION W. W. HAMMOND ASSISTANT MANAGER Shepherdstown, W. Va. DIAL 876-7441 Or WINCHESTER 662-3479 I will admit there is a tremend- what they operated, so I don't see home for the near future. I have always been proud of my home state with its beautiful scenery and wonderful climate. But I wonder what has happened within the last year and who is responsible for the uncalled for littering of the highways and road parks? ls it because of pros- perity and the easy life led by so marry nowadays that we are losing our sense of responsibility and civic pride? What has happened to the pride we used to have in keeping our State beautiful? I have never seen so much litter on the highways and state rad parks as there has been in the past few months. Take a drive on Route No. 9 from Charles Town over the Shenandoah River Bridge to the intersection of Miss ion Road, turn right, drive two or three miles toward Shannandale. You will find almost everT kind of litter you can name in those two stretches of highway, and this is a very small part of our high- way system. I have been told that there is a clean-up by the high- way crews once a year; certainly it has not been done so far this year. I am at my cottage each week-end and the condition gets ~.~0rse each week. It has reached tile point where I am ashamed to bring my friends along due to the unsightly condition along the roads. Is it possible for a clean-up pro gram to get underway in Jeffer- son County? Why not solicit the help of local civic groups and the Boy Scouts? Can't we do some- thing to remedy this condition and help to make Jefferson Cou- nty a model for the whole state to follow? I still have the pride of a West Virginian and believe that there are thousands of others in this county and elsewhere who would do everything possible to remedy this condition. Sincerely, J, B. Isles cc: Max Brown Editor.Jefferson-Advocate Charles Town. W. Va. Charles Town,W. Va. May 10, 1966 ous amount of litter and debris thrown along our latghways. And in discussing this problem with Mr. Rissler we reached that con- clusion that the increase in high- way traffic, plus the population increase in the county and sect- ion. are the major causes of the litter problem. We must admit there has always been a litter problem in the county, but ap- parently more people are now be- coming conscious of it than ever before. Mr. Rissler has been most cooperative with the county beautification committee in it's efforts to make the county's high- ways more beautiful and clean. lte and his Road Commission crews have on many occasions in the past cleaned the litter from along the county's highways. Last Summer this job was carried out on on eight different occasions. This Spring his men also done quite a bit of clean-up work. I travel State Route 9, daily be- tween Charles Town and Hills- boro, Va., and I know that Mr. Rissler's road crews have done some clean-up work along this route because I have seen them in action. In regards to the specific road to which you refer in your letter, please be advised that it is listed as a "dead end" road and that there are not funds available to the local State Road Commission to keep this road and others like it clear of litter. However, Mr. Rissler has cleaned that road in the past on a number of occas- ions and plans to do the same in the future. I am tremendously interested in this clean-up campaign and all persons contacted have indicated a willingness to help. Would it be possible for you to be a mem- ber of our Clean-up and Fix-up committee, since there are so many opportunities in your lo- cality where you can help us. Won't you please contact me. Sincerely yours, Mrs. O. &Bloom Chairman of Jefferson County Clean-up, Fix-up Committee Charles Town, W. Va. May 11,1966 Mr. Max Brown Editor why it behooves this mayor $o single out the motorcycle riders in particular. Maybe he should clear his eyes of stale pipe smoke and take a long look around him. He might see things more distrub- ing than these few cycle riders. I never pictured this mayor as a man who would gag on a gnat and swallow a camel. I was born and raised adjacent to this small town and the way young folks leave when they grad- uate from high school, it seems as if it needs a bit of life to keep it from turning into another Rip Van Winkle morturary. I know it has it's share of barking dogs, etc., some of which have never had taxes paid on them. and years ago when the main street of this town was the main route through ' it large trucks, and what have you, made more noise than all the motor- cycles could make that could be put into it. It appears, what with more motorcycles on the road today, the man who squawks the loudest is generally the man who wishes he had enough courage to ride one or the courage to let his neighbor see hint on one. These type of people are the ones who will criticize motorcycles and then stand on the street corner and watch their sons ride a bicycle through a stop sign or red light, on the wrong side of the street. To you, Mr. Mayor, 1 suggest you get yourself a small motor bike to ride, quit listening to a few grumblings of people who will grumble at anything that does not benefit or please them or try something more helpful, such as oiling your rocking chair, This is too nice a small com- munity to sleep so long. Sincerely William (Bill) Brill WEST VIRGINIA GARDEN CLUB Bluefield, West Virginia May 5, 1966 Mr. Max Brown Jefferson Publishing Co. Charles Town, West Virginia Dear Mr. Brown: The West Virginia Garden Clubs, Inc. appreciate your help and cooperative attitude in the Mr. Max .Brown, Editor, Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate publicity which you have given Dear Max: us throughout the year. In response to the rumblings CLUBS BE IT RESOLVED that Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Dear Max: of a mayor of a local small town, This letter is in reply to one concerning motorcycles and their which Mr. J. B. Isles, of Avon- faults or proposed effects on the dale, Md., has sent to Mr. Lewis peace and serenity of the town, Rissler, Road Commissioner of I wish to express these few re- Jefferson County and a copy of marks concerning same. which was sent to you for pub, The persons who ride these lication in your newspaper, vehicles have paid taxes to ride Dea Mr. Isles: i have been shown a letter which you wrote to Mr. Lewis Rissler, supervisor of the Jeffer- son County Road Commission. concerning inquiry about a clean. up campaign m Jefferson County. these motorcycles and are pro. tected by law just the same as anyone who pays taxes to ride any sort of a vehicle on the public roads, streets or what have you, and unless they are breaking the law, this mayor is baxkiag Up the the members of the West Virginia Garden Clubs, Inc. in attendance at their thirty sixth Annual Meet ing held at the Greenbrier Hotel March 28, 29, 30, 1966, express their.gratitude and appreciation for the help you gave us in mak. ing this meeting a success. Sincerely, Mayrle Lenora Crow (Mrs. O. G.) Corresponding Secretary Read The Spirit-A4vocate he is getting along fine, at this time. Mrs. Mary Snyder and children visited relatives and friends, and her mother's grave on Mother's Day in Berkeley Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis ~lenkins and family visited with Mr. and Mrs. Allen Owens and sons of Win- chester, Va., on Wednesday even ing. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Costello of Charles Town was guest Sun- day of their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Costello. Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown a.nd family were Mr. and Mrs. John Whittington and family of York, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ruble and family of Gerrardstown, Mrs, Paul Ring and daughters of Middleway. Mrs. Virginia Shewbridge and children of Jefferson Terrace called on their sister-in-law, Mrs. Lena Jenkins and children on Tuesday morning. Mrs. Charles Costello and fam- ily called on her sister and family Mrs Woodrow Drish in Middle- REMEMBER LAST SUMMER? 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