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May 9, 1974     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 9, 1974

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Jehovah's To Attend May 11-12 vRation is extend the to be pceset May 12, at 2 p. m. he Bible lecture "Be of Divine Victory." Idace is Auista Expo, Va. which has for ,the send-ann assembly of Jeho- VARY LY GOD CHURCH _aev. Witliam *ed, pas-  Assembly God Fa00= mlllpmee4 e .fol4owing serv- Sunday, May 12, and  week-day and even be dtarod by some of oux mothers. Curch School at 10 with classes and material suR able for aLl ,ge groups. Youth choir wLl be meeting at 6:30 and the adutt choir at 7:00 for pra(ice. May 13, membership clos at 7:30 P. M. and all new mem- bers as well as any other inter- ested in the beliefs and doer- 4nes of ,the Church axe invited o abtend. May 15. BAle tudy and Pray er meeting at 7:30 end we ere baying a gret time in ,the Lord as we sem the Script- ures together. For the next mouth we are setlug a go'l in attendance of 10 more ,than the Sunday be- fore and we ira,ire any unchtr ched families .to come and wor ship Wi us. SUNDAY SERVICES AT LUTHERAN CHURCH The Rev. Richard E. Neat, pastor of St. 1aomas Lutheran Church, Ranson, has anounc- ed le followig seawices for Sunday, {Mey 12. Worship at 8:30 a. m. end and at 7:30 p. m, AdtIR Cclr rehearse. Friday at 6 p. m. it Wi$1 be Teen Time. SERVICES FOR HALLTOWN ELK BRANCH CHURCHES The Roy. Fred A. Smith or, 'has ennounced the foUow- ing services for Sunday, May 12, t the ,HalRow, Ek Br Pveshyterian Churches. For ,the ,HaIRown hurch Worsh_i Service wi,ll be t 9:30 a. m. e Sermon Topic be ing "The Mer-in-Law", Nao- mi. Sunday School will be at 10:30 a m. ,Elk mmmh c Sunda chool a 10 a. m. and Morng Worip at 11 e. m. with the sermon topic 'Motr-", Naomi. CHARLES TOWN ASBURY METHODIST CHURCH The Rev. Mrcus Earp, pas- tor, has annotmced the follow- mg scbede of services for Stmy, May 12,  e Cha,les Tcsv Asbm'y Uited {Merhodist Curch, and also a host of eves during le week. (u.h School 9:30 a. m. %orning orship 8:30 & 11:00 a. m.; Sermon: "The Apostles-- John, ?he Dislle Wom Jesus Loved". Sun - 6:30 p. m. Und {Methodist Youth Fellowsp; 7:30 p. m. Bible Study. Monday. 3:30 p. m. Chend) & Jr. Choirs.; 8:00 p. m. Ad- m4istraive Board. Tuesday. Clesses Meet. Wednesday - 7:30 p. m. Sbar ing Group at the ome of Mr. and Ms. Charles Myers; 7:30 p. m. Senior Choir. ThsdaT - 7:30 p. m. AduR ii [ ...... I i II BIRTHS: -- Mr. and 's. Stephen Tho- mas, ILliown. A Son April 29 Mr. and Mrs. Mack Jenkins, SummR Poin.t. A I)att/lt May 2. ,Mr. nd Ms. Kemm Fumble, Knoxwitle, Md. A DaugIRer May 3. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory GTove, Charles Town. A I)attglRer May 4. ,Mr. and Ms. [Mervin Jackson Harpers Ferry. A Daughter May 5. SURGICAL: -- Mss Daria Lockwood, lar. tinsburg. Mrs. Louise Be]J, Keweys- vill. Mr. ane Overly, ,Harpers Ferry. (Mr. David Geetz, Boonsboro, Md. Mr. James  IH, Fmox- viUe, Md. M,rs. Janet Grove, Olmrles Town. MEDICAL: -- {Mr. Jdhn Cain, CVnerles Tows Miss Shirley Alger, Mrs..F_Ael Webb, Harpem Ferry. (Miss Pa4rieia Brmmo, herdstown. ,Mrs. Zelia Tompson, Ha4ies burg, liss. Miss Kathy Corm), Bvck Md. Mrs. Virginia mtcker, andoah Jtmotien. rs. C5"ine JoMmou, Km rweyile. Mrs. Joyce Win-e, Renson. Mr. Glenn Cmmnngs, Herp- ers Ferry. Mr. Jack {Mcl)ael, Charles Town. Mrs. Audrey {Mahe, Vs. Mr. George Vickors, Cmvles Tbwn. Mrs. Margo Bruce, Rate, on. r. Epgene Wrig, MiAllle ,Mr. Walter Rader, ,et- wood, Md. :Mr. Amdrew Kees, Chafes Tow. Mr Atbu See, SERVICES CHARLES Mrs. MelSnda Cook; M. Kay TOWN BAPTIST CHURCH Cogle and 'Mrs. Elsie Cook. Wha makes e tire of one Ageiaxeceived meny nice end who is a Christian diHer- useful  including money. .ent from e tire of one who Parents of Daughter ]s not a Christian? The Ll Mr. and M. ,Mervin Jack- ing of ,the Spirit of God makes son axe he proud perens of the difference. The sermon for a baby girl ,born o them on Sunday, ay 12 a Charles Sunday morning May 5th at Town Baptist Church will set the CYmrles Town General Hos 11:00 a. m.; sermon title ')d's Family". Nrsery held during worship for pre-school 0hildren Sunday Church School classes and the Pastor's Class at 9:45 a. m. Reformaon Circle meets on Monday at 7:00 p. m. with Division Banquet. Friday - 7:30 p." m. Sharing C, xou t .te home of $4r. and Mrs. Howaxd Demory. forth that difference. The opic is, "The Holy SpirY in" he Christian Life." qne pastor and congregation [ GLEANERS CLASS WILL invi, te you ,to oin ,them for NOT MEET THIS MONTH worsMp at 11:00 A. {M. The music is under ,the direction of The Gleaers Sunday School Harold L. Chamblin, Jr. Class of Asbury {Methodist There will he a choir festival Church wilt not meet 4ris and ,hymn zing on Stmday ay ,month. The meeting  been 19, t 7:30 P. M. All ,the choirs cancelled. June meeting Witl be of e church will sing special " held at he home of {Mrs. Finn- numbers. This will mark e day choo] at I0:00 A. {M. Worship at 11:00; ,Amssadors meet at L ] Evangelistic Service P.M. Y, Missione2tes meet I P" " Bible Study end ltlr ]w. Joseph LewiS, pus- ' services for Sun. al a hest of sub- ! kdlay and evong ) ): Will be a C. B. Y. F. Sle Friday l Sat I =: y 10th and ll.t in zom . . Mrs. Ralph Coffman. Trir#Ry Circle meets on Tuesday 2:00 p. m. wi Mrs. Earle Bone. Cho rehearsal on day et 7:30 p. m. SUNDAY SERVICES FOR GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH The Rev. Hervey T. Kesnp, pastor, bag anaounced the fol- lowing services for the Grace Baptist Church of Shenandoah Jtmction for Sunday May 12. Ohuch School will be at 10 e. m. wth Worship service at 11. There will ,be an evening serv- ice  7 p. m. wirh he ,Rev. Keys a missionary from Buzz9 as guest speaker. He will show slides of his work in BraZil. Tues4ay morning there wll be es' VisRation at 9:45 a. m.; We4nes, at 7 p. m. r)y er Meeting; Thin-gray at 4 p. m. ChibJron's choir xehearsl; cis White, Fast Wasbi, rtgton Street. SUMMIT POINT BAPTIST CHURCH Richard G. Moore, Pastor Sunday School 10:00 A. M. asses for all ages. Leroy Ceshire, director. Morning Worship 11:00 A. M. Special Mother's Day Message by ,the pastor. The choir will ender speciM music. Choir rehearsl We4nesd evening a seven, prayer service at eit. Youth GrOUp will meet during ,the prayer service hour. {Mere bers m-e encouraged to bring flowers for Mother's Dey. Habit those useful, no longer end of ,the ehdldren's choir work until September. OOher aetivJ,ties of the com- ing week inolude the Girls in Action group on Wednesday, May 8, .the Church Business Meeting on May 8 at 7:30 P. M. the Women's Missionary Union General Momhly Meeting on Monday, May 131h at 7:30 P. M., the Virginia Frazer Circle meeting at the church on Tues day, May 14 t 3:00 P. M. nd the Lotde Moon Circle meeting at the church on Tues day at 8:00 ,P .M. i i SILVER GROVE Mrs. Jaunlta Buzzard Bake Sale & Festival On Saturday May llth stunt- ing  2:00 p. m. ,there will be a festival and bake sale at the Silver Grove Churchyard. Pro ceeds will ,go Coward the build ing fund of the church. Dinner Visitors Dinner wisitors on Sunday t the ,home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray mond Wn's wero Mr. and {Mrs. Nelson Waters and sons of Harpers Ferry; Mr. rM Mrs. lalph Cogle and rMs. Juenta Buzzard and daughters. Mrs. Marie Cole; Mrs. Dar- lene Cole and daughter; M's. Jueni Buzzard and datgJr; ,Mrs. Thelma Cogle; Mrs. Luc- file Weters; Mrs. Doris teW- art and daughter Mrs. ildred Cogle and Mrs. Elsie Cook wore dinmer visitors on Wed- nesday with Wands Everhar and datJghter Angeh. A wond- erful day was enjoyed by the ,ladies. Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ever- har arm daugMer Marsha Mrs. Audrey B.ian; Mrs. Vanessa Everamrt; Mxs. Juanita Buzz- a and daughters were visit- ors on Saturday with Mr. end ,Mrs. Jerry ,Everrt and dau- 'Rers. Rev..Mary Arm Kvapil of Sharmondale Charge was a v.isK or on Friday niglt with Mr. and Mrs. Dear] Grove and Mrs. Beula Pierson. Celebrates 6th birthday pt`tal. This s e first dti, ld for VESTED INTERESTS Lemon for May 12, 19"/4 Berkrund Scripture: Acts 18 trouah 19. Omtll! IleHi 2 Coriethiel 10:4L The Chamber of Commerce of Ephesus swung into action. In an attempt to alert the people of that city to the growing move ment known as Christianity, a flyer was distributed to the gen- eral lmblie. This is what it said: Citizens of  Greater Ephesus! Wake up! Wake up A little band of subversive athe- ists is plotting the downfall of Rev. Althoese our glorious re ligion of Artemis. Called "Chris- tinne" and led by a man of Tar- stm named Paul (alia Saul), th i group has already undermined the faith throughout much of the province of Asia. They have blasphemed Artemis and our idols, saying, "God's made with hands are not gods." They attack, not only our religion, but also our city of Ephesus, home of the temple of Artemis and one of the seven wonders of the world. Our city is known as the center for the manufacture of the Artemis statues. What, will happen to our religion throughout the world ff it is learned that the people of her own city are forsaking her?. Who will want to come and see our magnificent temple if this subversive group is allowed to continue? Let us crush this move- ment now. It is the religious and patriotic duty of every citizen of Ephesus to join in the strug- gle to defend all that we hold dear. In the public interest, Your Chamber of Commerce A second communication wa sent to all the businessmen of Ephesus. Added to what was said in the public notice was news of the alarming drop-off in sales by silversmiths and a warning that this constituted a threat to all merchants. "The banks, the ho- tess, the market, winerys, sacred prostitute-all will suffer*. Mer- chants, join us in stamping out this menace to our livelihood!" i: needed items with a Spirit of Jeffeis0n- Advocate W T Telephone 725.2046 and Me/n. .lmions to ,tim mother and and eir new baby. Vflcrs on Stmy with Mr. wick Md.; r. and Mrs. Wa/ne end M. Dmrl Grove were Cook md em Mike; Mr. Mr.  Mrs. Piresen; Mrs. Lm Mrs. Lyie Cook  children d Hough end sons of Matin-  and Cqstophor; Mr. end igs; Ma's. l.zmse Howell; Alice . WiKiam Cole oH of Hst Piper; d. Dorow Grove; ors Ferry ]d Club zl '. M-s. Sheren OCt md 6mter ad Mm.  ebs and of MmIngs and Mr. md eMs. Jry Evm and daughter, daugbler Pey  Olmstn {Mx'. end MTs. I.n Staubs and H. daughter Robin of Harpers Mr. and Mrs. Witlim Cole Ferry Mr. Club were di,mer of Harpers Ferry Mt. Club visitom on Sunday wth Mr. were visRors on Sunday even- and ,M. ,Hxry Smbs of Tus- ,rag with Mr. and M's. Roger cawilh Ki. Cole and dau#zter Tey. 00U00DAZ, MAY 9, , , ,, |, , ,i CALLEY SENTENCE CUT Secretary of the Army How- ard H. Callaway cut the 20- y ear sntence imposed on First Lieut. William L. Cal- ley Jr. to ten years. ,00600D l[011]00 from the Eible Mv. and rs. Roger Cole and Mrs. Brbara  end dau 'Pracy md ,Mr. emd gbter Robin of Hmpers  Good News from the Bible ,Mrs. W$11im Cole were dier t. Club was a vr on Satur visRors on Sunday ernoon day igt with Mr. and Mrs. Wih ,Mx. end Mr,. Lee Rey- LaPry  and dugtem. holds of Sndy tHook, Md. {Mrs.  Hou@h of Mmm- Mrs. Ilda Piper md Jerk-  nd 'Mrs. Pelrme ,Howetl Cogle were isRam en Stm ami ohildren of (2mstn itl day afternoon with {Mr. and were vLsRom during  week Ms. Bob Fitts of Hmem with Mrs. Petsy Evn; Mrs. Ferry. Geneive Grove and .s. Beu- Visitors on Stmd wirh Ms. ,lab :Pierson. 'Elsie Cook nd scm Ted were .Mr. and Mrs. Don#as Cook Atto output chows 7.6 per and dauge Melssa of Bums cem drop -iliif. The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trou- ble. And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee; for thou, Lord, has no# forsaken them that seek thee. -Psalms 9:9-10 Does GO of all generations . . . on all the blessings and opportunities that God continues to bestow. "His truth endurcth to all gen- erations," said the Psalmist. When Great-Grandma holds little Linda in her arms next Sunday, she'll be t h i n k i n g gratefully of all the gifts they have in common -- from the Lord. And she'll be praying that Linda will be brought up to cherish those gifts. The generation gap---like all differences  disappears when human intelligence g r a s p s God's point of view. Sunday Acts 4:8-12 Copyr,ght 1974 Ketsle Advertising Service, Inc, StrasbuPg, Virginia fiptutes Selected By The American Sibe SOCiety Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday John * Psalms * John * Revelation ! Peter * John 10:1-10 100:1-5 i0:11-18 7:9-17 2:4-9 14:1-12 I I Illl I III I II I I I I This series d messages it made potable by the followifig Charles Town and Jefferson County finns who recognize the value and service of the Chur&u of our Community. RANSON REAL ESTATE k INSURANCE CO. INC. Ranson, W. Vs. I: 725-7072 . 725-7071 RAY'S AUTO SERVICE Gen% Auto Reimir Body And Fender Repairs. Auto Glass - Painting. Ph.: 725-9663 E. North St.. Charles Town JEFFERSON Angela Everba celebreted Bad for business MACHINE CO., INC. her 6th birthday on Sunday Of course, no such communic. Route 340 East afternoon wRh a paty given tions were ever distributed in Charles Town, W. Vs. by her mother, Wanda Ever- Ephesus because there were no Dial 7'i-20 hart. Several of Ageia's fri- Chambers of Commerce ia those .... ends were to help her cole- days. Still, we can be sure that brae ,they were Miohaol Cook; the merchants of Ephesus re- The MELVIN T. STRIDER CO, ,Pemmy Statbs; Dawn and Ch acted in a way not unlike that COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME stopher Cook; Jennifer Cogle; noted above. Christianity was bad Ph.; 725-7 - Charles Town for business when tlmt business Tracy Cole; Roxmme Everart was based upon human exploits- SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME Christine and Kelly Buzzard; t/on. Terry and F'th Cogle; .Patti, The clash, of course, need not Ph.; 876-6460 - Shepherdstown Brian and Jeffery Cogle; {Mel- have been inevitable. The mer-  issa Cook; Patr.cia and Gg- chants of Ephesus were little ?ESTF.,R AUTO ory Staubs end Mark Cogle; concerned about Paul's theology ASSOCIATE 8TORE J. E. Senseney, Owuer Charles Town, W. Va. Mrs. Carolyn Cogle; iMrs. Lieda Stabs; h-s. Aretta Cook; Mrs. Diane Cook; {Mrs. I)arleee Cole; Judy Cogle; Mrs. Beetrice Ever t; Mrs. Jmmi Buzzard; THE MR00T.$'mll}B CO. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME TOWN SllEPHERDSTOWN 7068. Phones. 8754 F,. GUY DAVIS Direr --until he announced that Chrt makes all idols worthless, ff Paul had just kept quiet about the silver statues, he probably could have continued in his work undisturbed. This is no less true in our own day. Christianity is still cow stantly in conflict With the vested interests of many communifle It does not seek to offend, but it cannot help but offend at times bemuse the values of the gospel are radically different. I Christianity "bed for I- hess" with the vend interests o yo town? , kted cm ou0inet op,/dlbled by fl O[vhliOo Of Chriltion [ttt4% liOll Council of  Chterch4n of Ct|lt  f U.$.A, Sthlllld by Crmtm|lr Press $ervt.) RIDDLEBERGER'S STORE Home Furnlsh/ngs. Carpet ResfUent Flooring pb.; 725-2624. Charles Town GUY'S BUICK - PONTIAC, INC. OPEL - G. M.C. TRUCKS Dial 725-5338 State Rt. 9 Charles Town, W. Vs. CHARLES TOWN COOP . 302 N. Mildred St. lhumen, W. Va Pl: 725-2212 RANSON PEOPLF SUPPLY, INC. Grain. Feed - Mol-Mix. Dial 5-22. Charles Tows CIIARLES TOWN EXXON SERVICE CENTER MeCIure B. WllIingham-Owner Pit:  - Charles Town LESLIE'8  LAND 'erytMag In Nude" West Wmsidngton St real m411 MACHINE WORKS, INC. Ph.; 725-7095 - Ranson , ,, , , R. M. HANN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTO| Ph.: 725-521S - Charles Tewn HAIJLTORN PAPERBoARD COMPANY Paperboard Froducts From Reqzel Fibers lhlltown, W. Va. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITC SERVICE Charles Town, W. Va.. Lees. burg, Vs.. MarUudmr W. Va - Shelerdstown, W. Va _ ,,, ,,= , MAGAilA, INC. ICAL CONTRAcroB APPIJANC CENTER N. Gee. St 1,: 7M15 l@ VAN TOL FLORISTS Flowers by Wire Ph.: 725-2019 Charles Town, W. Vs. tlERCIIANT - NOLAND, INC. CHEVROLET.OLDSMOBILE Route 340 East Ph,; 725-7045 or W-7046 Charles Town, W, Vs. J. RUSSELL FRllq & SON INC. Appltances - Furniture Dealer Phlice. Gibson Di! 725-5511 - Charles Town B STUCK & ALGER PHARMACY, INC. "Your Family Drug StoR" Ph.: 725-2021 - Charles Town H. L. JONES CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. Concrete& Cinder Blodm Building Materlj.. Pk: 535-6,147 Harpers Ferry JCPenney We Know What You'roLooking For. Charles Town, W. Va. SMITH OIL COMPANY ARCO OIL PRODUCT 01 N. Mildred St 1%: 'lS. Ramea, W. Vs. uHHi