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May 6, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 6, 1982

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE 2 , g~.#14~,~~~ by Barry McWi/liams LETTERS TO I m THE EDITOR . I m 51NEE = i m ONLY 5ENIP H, Letter to the Editor I mm 'M OUY IN RMR@. Dear Mr. Renteh, I [I I am supporting a letter that I ~:~ J w ed, in yo= letters to the i -- I / -- edit column on April 15 l We preface this bit with the obser- they order add to the patient's bill. W~at ! cannot understand is m vation that we like doctors. Many of We suggest that one way doctors can if the people can do with less, I~'~f~.".~ ,~ ~ them we consider to be friends, And keep dreaded socialized medicine at why can't Potomac Edison use jlml / the trains of it s management ]il ll 1 at least one is saddled with deter- bay is to hold down the cost of to dottle same? mining the state of our health from treatment Hundreds of people, who ,'| - 7/-ll Lime to time We can recall, some years ago own ag-electric homes have I| I, SZ[ We use this preface because we (and some of you can too) when the been forced to install wood- l| J hIIdV// burnm stoves. Many people - - may say things here that may not sit American Medical Association and have spent thousands of l : well with some physicians, but will doctors generally fought socialized dollars on tax-deductible [| be accepted by others, medicine as it was proposed under energy conservation m sl What concerns us, and certainly it Social Security's Medicare program measures. Despite rigorously ~ i,~ ~ must concern some members of the and under Wel are's Medicaid couservmg nergy, ezectnc i m bills continue to soar. --- m medical profession and other health program. P.E. officials have said the I " [ providers, is the continued meteoric Reluctantly, they accepted the rate hike is necessary to meet [,t rise in health care costs, programs proposed by Congress.higher operating costs and .- As the Charleston Gazette so aptly Not so reluctantly, a great many to attract investors. First of puts it, "Ask the average American physicians have taken advantage of ali, what high operating costs? -- - " " I understand that fuel has , when he is beyond the earshot of his those programs and have waxed decreased in the past year. ff -,=~m~-- --==m~ ~ d own physician and he will tell you rich off governmental returns from this assumption is correct, it " I that he thinks heis being diddledby the programs, despite their outcrys rS .--hke.PrE Sh- uld. NEWS OF ( TH[R YEARS the medical care system and is not of socialism. mgt~zr a . Co~d as easily scared by the cry of Now, in West Virginia, the West high oper cost be a .o e.o e.o,-e o,- o- -o ESTABLISHED 1844 'socialized medicine' as he once Virginia Medical Association says reflection of poor raanagement I -.YFARSAGO--10 DIED JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO INC was." " that "fewer and fewer of the state's Se condly, .as far as a!- Joseph Christian, Sr. was Mrs. Artemis Diana Riley, Do bJ O. bMdl Continued the Gazette: "There is doctors are willing to treat patients acting invesurs, woul.dn't R honored by the Kiwanis Club Charles Town; Mrs. T. W naek,m w bound to be a rebellion against a who articipate in the Medicaid more unpresmve to snow a for his 26 years of service to Juanita Painter, Baltimore, " " system in which health care ,program."The president of the profit through good sound the chb.- Md.; WoodrowDalley "Joe" R.M Do ey management? If electric bills Dr Sarah Cree, Professor of Michael, 52, Ranson; deliverers acknowledge blithely that association, Dr. John B. Markey, continue to rise, people won't Health and Physical B Ott Waldorf" Otho Hilt Published Every ThursdayAt theirs are the only services inargues that physicians have an have any choice but to have Education at ShepherdR i, Loudoun elghts, Va. 210 North George Stree' America for which the charge is so obligation "to treat all patientstheir electric turned off. What College is retiring after Vince Lilla was named Charles Town W Va - 25414 high it cannot be paid except regardless of category." is P.E. going to do to attract years as a member of the student of the month at 'P'~Ipnhnn~ (~ through special insurance existing We can remember, before investors snould that happen: faculty of Shepherd College. Harpers Ferry High School. we au understand that the - " - ,l for that sole purpose. " Medicare and Medicaid, before the cost of producing electridty is It's lime to clean up the depending on people like you uDscmpuonvmce: mJeHerson .ounty It is being noted by Blue Shield advent of higher and higher medical great but, I feel the time has judiciary and to nublicize the to have them elected ayear: out of Jefferson County $1000 that the average fee paid a surgeon eosts, when physicians did treat arrived to stand up together names of the ' tors who I distinctly rem ai' n" at the tax must be added for all West ; 'irginia alone (not counting hospital costs) everyone, the rich and indigent, and and call a halt to terrible contribute to a sunverse last eleclion for Sheriff, I for what is now considered a fairly collected payment where possible, greed. We live in the greatest or anization, wrote not as a party member, Entered In The Post Office At Charles part of the world where the Lela Gardner but as a concerned citizen of As Second Class Matter - USPSSI0- routine operation, the heart bypass, Not anylonger, has so generously en- Jefferson County. Do you is now between $3,500 and $4,500, Muchhas beensaid by peliticians dowed the earth with many know what a supposed to be AdDeadline4P M. Mondav providing eaeh of about 700 surgeons about legislation which might con- resources. I feel very sad ~x.z~mu~, - intellectual candidate an- " " uo you remember me an income of more than $350,000 a tr01 health care costs. We would when people are assaulted on . swered. He said I must be a all side with " " outcry wnen rteagan s this utility. Communmt.Thatmthetypeof year. hope this would not be necessary. - and yet are expected to neregumma me .ou. person running for office We are willing to pay for skill, but a However, only the doctors who, for -" wi u a mere was supposoa m De a pay them tho t good today. reason multlmillion dollar glve Irish) heart bypass, while still fraught with the most part, control health care may ne a party memtmr . / ok these r~te away ~0 ~le huge OU con1- ~nd rl~finit~l~ n "enrd enr Re#.~=.:--~-~W / I lo at - . panics Fuel oil and gas zor ,; danger, is now provided on a large costs, can prevent this from hap- hikeson the electric bill on one . i ~ tying senior,but I vote for scale with automated routines, pening. hand and the terrible um +ho m i. m + - Thus it is that those who deliver And it may well be that physicians "- "**" to reach a gallou. " the. Amemcan people are in for the job, and if no one m health care sh surprised, who not so many years ago so having each month to make nJed qualif for the job, I do not b in adamantly opposed Medicare and ends meet, I see clearly a .m, ,~ r m, p ~.uw . vote. That is What I nman by n[ ~ . ,~ of Do.o, vote m , hear the ever-loader murmurings ot Medicaid, may stand as the only . courage Jute maz nomowee at, and I feel that good t,lmppaqmmc aim, mm a The majority of the seniors discontent, bulwark between the continuation of management would be congre,emcma live on a fixed income, maybe m v- It is not surprising to find, says the privately operated health care me wmamas prom tax, mus soluUon u do also I was not for- m - n .-z Gazette, that yet another survey facilities and socialized medicine We may not be able to do mc ungyouuno .me. Yt ate to work for big m - u~z41q~ u,Hu LIUZU IM~VMt~ tU reveals that physicians are unaware prescribed by the Federal gover- practically anything about the industry or for the govern- bieh ,fi||t~ hilha 14nw~v~r if smyatnomemeausewecoma rn~ntnrwmzb,#t~htnfm mm~ v - of hOW much the hospital services nment. - v- "'" = not ~toro to lea N GATHERING we raise our voices and our = by somehody. I lmve tried for m A.--ttF m THE CHARLESTQ --. ,oo- . -. ,o - -- .-- --- col~mon ~l;-it's r~'~,ible articles to tell you how ac- an~'~Fn~-o~e~';'h:" ."~n-'~ m o m to re/lli,~ ther--~ll/h f~ gtllhv "~ed curate were the l~'~c~ons ,hill, T-YAnrmt *:;~ iW~h"~ ' ~ ho.t astronomlesi gas - Call for ,- ~ . Increases You see Kathy Cavalier . . ~t ' ~ ~ my Social Security. Instead of WASHINGTON -- There is delay a decision For some years now we havefathers drew up to go along with it. ?,business hiring an ex- nothir more frustrating for for nearly a year, been living in an era of gross We must say that we are just as muon ana oraer your . : May3,1982fllt ml it penenced, person: they. put indivzdual dUzens then to be wha.t happens exaggerations, flying epithets and concerned not only with the preser- Ren,^k - --"-" ": "-:' "-7"7"' T" someone just out ot SChOOl, forced to wait, month after pemng. ,-. -;-, many us learneo m no rex le a overheated debate on a wide variety vation of the Constitution and the break them m and before long month, for the federal Fo amp , wm~t, yuu um~ = ~" ~C~USe we ['14).0 IO watch of issues. And usualiy the substance Bill of Rights as those who will be to a ^- 'date for-- they have left for more government to deride whether from Elkins was of the questions at issue are onlyof gathering in Charleston this week- political office, there are The price is not $2 a gallon m .ey them apphcatmns .!or ,lung on wm T I -- uut ootut suv=l,ulgovernmentcompensauon minor concern or importance to the end. And we are even more eoncer- -,o -- .-elua prorntsed to augment the will be honored appealed the citizenry until the politidans and the ned about what has been, and is " man it has mmn zor a year or "" " w almost a . Social Security with state Many cztizens m the 2rid no ye =. funds when he first ran for Dmtrtct who apphed for special interest groups manage to being done in the past several so the Z hor ~um r.u~m~*a, wu m ~uu "lime ma~asme wonoerou li," W ~ . lf.enmlov 4These office. I haven t heard workers compensation or not even kno attract the attention of enough of the decades to weaken or by-pass the -,-, me ou crum ne questions are asked because ,~undinsoluble,~,~ anything about ~t for years, black lung benehts are persons case :~ news media to sensationalize the provisions of the Constitution. the Federal Election law Put a man in office who will presently experiencing these warded to the issue to the point it becomes a cow Yes, we are concerned, but not by r,v.~-~ ~ = ~v, methin r " d Ofl~ requires all political parties, down when prices were so o gfo minion, frustrations:m l use Law. Ju ge troversy, something which an the' under on the Right," as Alan candidate campaign com. " wm zor me semors not a the veparunent t myr, nearing. As element of our society and the Crawford, one of the nation's most .-.'- plpsqneak who knows nothing which has remomibility for Secretary ~=~ mmu imu.~:oa ~ u. ~'re~ ~ eCOnomy WC~-S. ~. . ~ ~. : .i :!1 : !.1 liberal news media, thriveon, liberal journalists, refers tothe Con- ~nmmitt. ~ k.n ~-n~k nf,~ a.~. m.~'u, w m 8vm$ un =,u wm mese programs, ~ naa a ~x~u.~u~=. tho 'dm -ot no "" " "" expect, his friends to push him poor track record recentl in UnfortunatdY. A case in point is the two-day con- servatives in this country. We are, . o a ,A ; into ofllce, resolvmg pending cases tic, nan [rum :o auu ~u .t= u=~a.~u - ~ Ule ]]l~iOlUOle ference which the extreme liberal and have been, concerned over the y. ot y When I say do not vote I quickly alone. Another ,~ frO! " mean if nobody qualified m The applicatimm from West has been trying to element of tile American society, in- actions of the "Lighting to the left," mere m morn oy ur,'s cluding many present and former 'frsmework uponwhichwhat it is, and has beenthis conntryd ing' to " ou ethfe members of Congress will be staging weaken the very foundation and yC, harleston this Friday and Satur- munistParty, USA(CI SA), an arKflcally ldgh price and for a -----^ ,- --" rang r"--sen was built and became great. .~ ~ tn m-nvlde th~ ~ ~ a .~, .ta,~ ~uac urn, w, L,nanesum ann rar~ersm4rg, m.~o-,= = r make them proud in later If an a cation m denied the not untque to The gathering is being billed as a .I --" years. Who knows, they may applicant has the right to Applicants state-wide conference "In Defense A listing of the key coaference required information. The market They must lower the ppli r euerm m,z~utm x u ~m~,rll~ prices ~ mayDe some ""' ire "" need help when they get old if appeal the decision This country are also of the United States Constitution: speakers for the Charleston ,:- o=,-,: co rmnes.mort nou, wmo CPUSA to aive the in- !. -- u v m wne me lems are -- The Threat from the New Right." gathering reads like a "Who's Who" formation oth organizations you hear an aw ay occurring. Ac. g to U The press releases on the event in the Americans for Democratic were required to Rive nnn.rv at o wam. m' oon t worthy .ate. t. formation I nave received, tt m msu -.nm say it is being sponsored by between Action, the American Civil Liberties A ed .al h,a,e" ed that of ",Z"2". happening outside ot me USA. ela .s which have been up- many applican.= 17 and 29 (depending on the release Union, the National Abortion Rights ~ C~PTmA did r~t haw tn -~ -- ~ orry bout what goes on m pealed are taking up to eight wctim to these . gt e file information . . Reagan is balancing the o^: o youread) civil rights and public in- Action League; the National v fVVltdld your bsckyard, months or longer to be atthel)e terest organizations in West Orga tion for Women; the recordsn t nave oft amcmSenames con- "bud etthink ofatthethe-cest v m = . .: - r-. :of the Voorme "ecause oz" " 'concern -*" Virginia. And they say its purpose Women s Political Action Caucus; ibutors .Z! udge saidmay e erlenc They about these per: u'a w supposedly is to focus attention on' the American Friends Service that such disclosures could mi htli elnabetterecm my A]x 28,1982 . . a auyconmcz. -emryoz ,-- tm r tm tzmov last reatrect me - the New Right's Challenge to the Committee; the National subject them (the con. - oue in wldch there was work To the Editor the Spirit of ymona . tributors) to threats,for all They ml/ht be able to week. I told the Secret that resources to U.S. Constitutionthe Bill of. Association for the Advancement of herammnt, or reprisals rom mt self m- weather in an area it is tetany unaccepmme processing Rights in the areas of separation of Colored People; National -- -- stona, other government officials port,instead of feeding at abounding with natural pen church and state; the right of Association of Social Workers, etc. and irivm parties."the public trough, beautyand steeped in history, j t arge " and privacy; due process of the law; as well as three former U.S. Sweel Idm. wam'tit, to ttractedhundreds of m mle mmreprojeasaepemonthe mmucnw m 1 equal otection under the law; Senators; Birch Bayh, Jacob Javit- ntribute to the nmml continued success of our officials at tot- ~n"~m. "~n~O""~ -d' e cated At. l 26 Gm'dens -T r '-'soonso'- red House and Garde Tours. Department freedom of speech and the press and its and Thomas Mclntyre, who were --,-- -,- -, the sepan|tien of powers of dethroned of their potential political to the destruceou of our to me editor the gard clubs of Je er n on, a, government). " To Mrs. Westall Booth:and Berkeley Count[ea last of the garaen cram . ' government, power in the 1980 general election. Rcould also, the Judge said, Your answer to my weekend. Several visitors ma'mn and Berkeley t! abridge the party's diatribe was most in- were from as far away as Counties, I want to thank you wait so A Constitution Conference Com- NOw we wonder why all these self mittee (whatever that is) is spun- appointed defenders of the Con- soring this gathering of some of the stitutien are gathering in such num- nation's ardent and active bers in Charleston, W. Va of all llberab, lissidents, activists in places in the coun tr-y. Specidatien various fields, along with many liberal politicians, several of them U.S. Senators. The Constitution of the United States is without a doubt a great deeument. But we doubt it could have mwvived without the strong Bill of Rights, which our is that the of the meeting is not so much to mount a nation-wide movement in defense of the Con- stitution, but rather to do everything they can to prevent the defeat of another very liberal Democratic U.S. tor in West Virginia by a Conservative Republican. associationalunder the First AmendmmL I suppme he means the r ts d the cPusA although why R should bare any rights, R wmm to d tmy the co mtr b beymd rim. There's a movement to straighten o.t or clean up the Judiciary. I think the movement deserves our most twt sem rt. Jm m, Judges say g ma cr be given to contributors to an gmizatioa &dica to our dem mtio teres but, you seem to have missed the poinL We are not interested in 'wh is happening in Salvador or Russia Leave tbat to the young rues to worry about. They may be drafted. Who ure you voting or? Is R a man who is qualified for the Job be Is ruining for, or ts it br a h'lend of yows. is the gist of the mat . Pso ere for office that ere not qualified md they am tim oum wbe ere Califm la, however, over oue. for your promotion and in- from the of those taking the tour tivec erageofour about their from our immediate House And Gardens Tours. my overall Wan P. Perrythe Without the ezcellent coverage and cooperation of the Spirit of Jefferson, our tour oould not have been inch a ~IcceM. Imve been usod for mch Wo} ts as: the Sm- r in Ferry, knd aping the General Adam Stephen aoum merv of Pre lmt sLqv of Potomac md tbepeople CouncilofGsrdenClul I will eRminate these wifl mother Now-- 200 years old, the piesm let me Iron Bridge over the Severn M] Rim. in Shropshire. England, was the first brk to he you in getttnd :conm, ucmd entirely of iron. resolved.