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Charles Town, West Virginia
May 6, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 6, 1982

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118 - NO. 17 CHARLES TOWN, (Jefferson County), WEST VI RGLNIA 25414 THURSDAY, MAY 6, 1982 24 PAGES PER COPY 20c Clyde See, House S To Be At Democratic Dinner At Hilltop Tuesday Clyde See, speaker of the i Delegates, will be among the top state Democrats who ~ ~ ~ be present Tues May 11 at Hilltop House in Harpers Jefferson Countybetween DiMagno and :;t Ferry for the big dinner rally sion, after con-Po.t na.c's Jack Shelly, and efferson County Effective the first week in Charles and Warren, in U.S. : a request from .c ly a JEDEO0 problem June, the Jefferson County District Court for Northern 3, the industrial y t,cause it delays a final Former" Congressman Courthouse will close its doors West Virginia. meht arm of the sealernent. 1 Harley Staggers, St. of this on Saturday. In that suit the Franklins County Chamber of OnceJEDF-,( basreceived Second Congressional It remain open on sued the sheriff for clothing ce for help in winding final grant payments for District, will be the principal Friday evenings until 8 and other valuables which they affairs in connection improvements at Bardano, it speaker for the dinner o'clock, providing of course, left behind at the time of their the Bardane Industrial w~l only be concerned with '! program, there is sufficient business to escape from Jefferson County has agreed to allow the option or sale of rune there, The affair will get underway warrant the operation for that jail last summer. ation of two county of- at 6 p.m. with a social hour, to three-hour period. Hamstead's answer denies off me remaining land debt be followed by the dLmner and The change will not affect responsibility for materials .on a limited basis, in the sales, that will hopefully pay CLYDE SEE there and provide cash for then the speaking program, open to all Democrats the the number of employees or left behind in the commission ter hearing William future improvements. Tickets to tte affair are committee the hours they work. It will, of two more crimes, jail break rol, the current president The enticement of new in- available from officers of the "Issues, West Virginiathe County C.ommission hopes, and destruction of property. [DECO say that the work dustry to the industrial park Jefferson County Democratic Political and Economical cut down on energy costs, Hemstend also noted that all CDECO is ninety-five per row lies, and has been with Association and candidates at problems will be the theme of heating in the winter and of the so-called "belongings" complete, and that the Jefferson County $10.00 each. the Pre-Primary rally,cooling in the summer,have been gathered together ral construction matters Development Authority for Reva Mickey, president of The Democrats will discuss A new dog ordinance for and submitted to the U.S, to be resolved at the the last year and a half /: the Association and Rosa the failure of the West Jefferson County is currently Court as an exhibit to the lane installation, the The Commission last i :i Lynch, vice president also Vi,-ginia legislature to pass being studied by County answer he has filed. mission agreed to allow Thursday approved the ap- have tickets available as do satisfactory budgets to Commission. So that it The Commission, meeting ity Administrator David mrtmentofAttorneyWilliam 'Loyalty Day" was oncedirected by Mrs. Isabel GingerBordier, treasurer and provide for pay raises for may meet with the approval of with three of tbe county's four and the director of the rtin to the Eastern again celebrated in Charles Albright, Americanism Eleanor Moore, Secretary. school teachers, non teaching the general public, open ioners of accounts, The committee arranging personnel, senior citizens, hearings will be held on two has agreed to utilize a plan rity,~tY JaneDevel pmentKasfl, to help CenterPanhandleadvisoryMentalboardHealthto MayT- wnlast Saturdayafternoon,1 with a progrmn of Auxiliary,chairman beganf r thewithVFWthe the rally is comprised of Dera highways,etc. consecutive Thursdays, May which will basically maintain ding up the JEDECO It will be a candidate night 24 and June 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the present commissioner of replace Peter Doagherty, who patriotic music, speeches and playing of the National An- Rawlinga, Minnie Mentzer, resignecL the presentation of a number then on the piano by Rodney Eleanor Moore, Joseph in reverse with the people the circuit court room at the accounts operation in Jef- cipally, JEDEOO'sfiles It cor dered as well, ,a of awards, inc g one to Wolfe, akin student Christian, Jr Bill Boyer and doing the talP ng and the courthouse, ferson County. is in to be straightened out request from the Molers Jefferson Countys Most Jefferson county. Nextthe Dr. JamesMoler. Therallyis candidates dolng the listening. Responding to a request compliance with recent from the Raleigh County Legislative action which rdsbrou t up to date Extension Hor makers Club Outstanding Leader for the Rev. Richard Neat, pastor of -- Commission, asking for provided two separate plans JEDECO may call Anti-Litter Resolution the Economic C~ittee' asking that the year 1981. St. Thomas Lutheran Clmrch, support in its view that for the handling of estates of The program,staged in the Charles Town gave the criminals who are lodged in deceased persons. merit Authority for mmmsion outline its Wright Denny School opening prayer and remarks i| county jails should be Under one plan, which is th and final payment aversion to litter along county auditori .ran, was sponsored of wdcome to the gatY ring required to work on roads or mandatory in one county in s allowed for work at highways, and punctuating its jointly by the Jefferson were extended by Mrs. other pr0jects, be paida wage, the state (Kanawha) a Van Tol noted that argument with the statement Memorial Post No. 3522Rhonda Wolfe, president of and in turn use this to pay for salaried fiduciary supervisor Y, ;EDEOOis paying that the "problem is soVeterans of Foreign Wars the Auxiliary. their lodging, attorney or will be appointed. Com- onMi0.000(atlSper serious as to actually affect Po andAmdliary. Then came the presentaUon whatever else he wants to lmy, missioners wil l be appointed t) at the four local the environment and "me Seventh Annual Loyalty of a number of American they'd like to get health." the Commission voiced its only ff there isa dispute in- to be at least releived of this The Commission agreed to ask the Moler,s unit to says R spearhead a county-wide R also iates of up the county ,ennjneered mna free disposal to e project, and ~~ who help in the mac Construction om mittm. which imtalled the Also approved was a minor treatment plant at adjustment which Involved is a $2,700 brings the Towne House It was emphasized Mote.l, on Route MO East, into memb Robert city limits of Clmrles this is an argument Town. program, arranged and TURN TO PAGE 1O of the proposal, volving the estmte. The Raleigh County gro Under the plan, there is disturbed with the Federal will be 4 sstonersd One hundred ninety-four Defeated candidates for and State sources t,h end Tue selected a coun included R. f rcin c -ntles to " u Id be "~ a~ ~ ~, a r~rrow loser with f~tiea ~tare not only a two 90 ; Wayne Bjorlle, an financial burden for the Incm~nt.~ votes; s~d ~yersoftheU~ited~ ~t~ [by Named mayor was Mrs. James A, Schmitt,71 votes, but are encou ,a glng criminals commis being S. Egle, the There were write in votes, to commit crimes so they instead by Clerk John town recorder, received each getting one vote. For may be housed in these Oft. ff, e most votes of any can- mayor, Clark Thornton, facilities. The main thru. st d the 165. She was unop- Charles Bosley, Clarence In this connection, legislation is to shorten the Wright and Charlle Kave. For Prosecuting Attorney Braun time R takes settle an estate, The murder retrial of Hamstaad and Askin willA former mayor, Clarence recorder, Cathie Evans, Hamstead re~d he had making it possible for set- Charles W. "Chuckie" make their opening W. Wright, was dose behind. Audrey Egle, Margaret flled the answer of Sheriff Den tlement within six months. Peacher began slowly statements. Askin has already He garnered 161 votes. He, Skinner and Winifred Tegge; Glardina to the action brought The old limitation was one Tuesday in Jefferson County asked Judge Doste~ to move too, was opposed for the post and for council, John Farrior, by the Franklin Brothers, year. ClrcuR Court. the locati of the Irlal twice, of town recorder, the present mayor. David Jr. With Judge Pierre Destert but Doetert refused. Askin For council, former Craig, Newton Washington Uoyd Laurence ding "C,t en Of . jury panel from the some of potential jurors who knew u:)p vote getter with 149 forty persons who were about or had formed an 'llne new mayor and council for duty up in the case proved named to c . .ere wm take most Of the e ht.hour day. Peacher could not get a fair Charles J. Cathcart (140 I. The election was conducted und, when the session was trial, votes); Incumbent LeenardS. a month early this- time finally recessed, in late af- The jurors, incidentally, Moore, St. (123 votes); in- around becanse it woma trove ternoon, the required panel of were all persmm who came to cmnbent W'mifred Tegge (108 conflicted with the state jurors (from which 12 Jefferson County aftervotes); and M. Jan Kees (96 election on June I if it had Jurors and 2 alternates will August, 1977, three n nths votes), been held at the regular time. ultimately be chosen), was uer Peacher was c victed still three short of completion, by a jury in the shooting death Sidewalk : Prosecuting Attorney Braun Moreland in May, 1977. llmnstead ana Ue nse At- Hanmtead has stmmmm w$ torney Steven Askin will no less than 50 witnesses for their right to "strike" the retrial, Askin has cer min jm ors fr n the moned six, indnding one new i of 24 until the final 14 are "surprise" witness. chosen. The trial may continue Following that, both through the week. At Discussed In Attitude Is The subject of Charles On the recommendation of Town's ordinance dealing with the finance committee, the placing items for sale on the council agreed to permit the iiewalks of the town eame up demolishing and cle 'ing of for discussion again Monday some six to eight condemned evening, b.t the co.noll stood Imildinga within the olty limits firm in its decis/on not to and to recover the costs of wave" h'om the provisions of such action by placing liens - several " ,a,ainst o,o One of the top awat ls days or wee in the laW. """ i' "" l sented Satnrday the fi, l.t . prig wen Ernest Ikmer, Jr especially here in Brtngin up the matter The f" by the Auxiliary of Jeffers us not all that Laurence received the VFW J eff. erson County. His according to council minutes," Umnce committee also Memorial Post No. 3522, otes his time to. sly s top award wuungneas to re@rod at any was the manager of r .nmmnded all city V'ewrans of Foreign Wars, at As a recognized cooperative aflerno at the 7th hour of the day or night, to Jefferson County State Officers said the inclden! Newherry's in downtown .en . ioyees enjoy the same its seventh mual Loyalty weather observer for the .Loy Day program help people in need, or Police ate probing a rock occurred when the Cloud Chm'lesTown, who said that nounaysastheaeallotedtothe Day went to Laurence Lloyd, National Weather Bureau m the Wright Demrv distress uxemplifles the throwing incident which traffic. Damag( because of the law he lost police, department by the state one d the likeable and outs of Washington, D.C in Ouu.les nature of the damaged a motor bome a was $900. more than $2,000 in flower . e.Tntswllladdsome prominent personalities in Laurence is contacted on Route at A two car collision on Ront sales at Easter time, and felt six says to the holiday Charles Town and Jefferson h'equently for weather In- rotation of a special Hous,Jr can well theshemmdeahRlverbrldge 9reaminsunderinvestigatlon he would also bse money for schedule, a council County. formation by individuals, to the counW's Most ~ r .~ to as a"man of last Friday. It involved vehicles driven b~ Mother's Day sales tmcanse spokemmm said. At the program held in the business concerns, newspaper !ding Leader'in Jef. n ny hatS" since hi, I.- Officers said rocks were Larry Penwell, Route Ihe couldnotplacetheflowers Wright Denny School and radio stations of the County for isst year, . cu m, now and have for thrown through the side Harpers Ferry and George B on the s/dewalk. Approved was a building auditorium Laurence was section and area. lebyMrL window of the motor home K WidL Indian Head, MdThe com in vlew of the permR for the constructlo of recognlsedfurhlsoutstanding AretlredWestUnionofflce ~dsm Chairman ~ ~r~is~ - ''~ ~peratedby~&uithof Dsmage was $1,000 there wer( ~ flied by the Eveninga 32 ~ motel by Towne contributions to the com- ~,~hasbe ~ VAuxllinryand Robsrt,-'eaerson no injuries and no charges Connnander of the County, Mrs. Al t stated. Detroit, Michigan. vmnase Journal of Martimburg, feels Motor Lodge on site munity, county and its keeping close tabs on the Mr Houser, a -'" WIRoc 'were later tbro wn at however, that it can make no the old Shenandoah Motel. residents not only in the weather for nearly a half three tractor t, uers, evm though R sympathizes annexed into the city fleld of community volun, during that long period of time Albright said up " " eerryanda - damaging one owned by in behalf of his he has telephoned lnformatlon of 19 he in Farm Food of - f. y, to the mt r uais in Jeffers Navy. He served Edlnburg, Va to the estent of to lorce tlm council to pemR it Also a resolution Preaa tationofabconzeand r,' arWas which has the yem. ---, the w= made by Mr he h. totbs .N hewwk fm, aflme.' eltherlncidmt. .Frogram for hon Albrlght, Americanism home on State Route g, Just n mt and As for ,highway scci Imts sad Friday. County Circuit Court. Uon and community alrman o! the VFW South of Clmrles Town. I been a major lu Md. tmz,in tl mkl dop, which contribute to (It,/.M a!uqer Robert Cain n was pointed out that forecut foe thls of his tine and to the cause of with a . Both ocoured last Friday to low Ws. The preJeemi and and that for the next Laurence does spend a m'ea. Laurmcotsone of mine far many Yemrs. wu . a U S. In- One was on Rouge 340, near Ira' Ibe mmu of ttm stores year, R is ted tre amount of his 13,000 cooperative weather manhas and wJ"ere he worked since.'m in V'-sr In IM3 -tven by S. Rlpp n' involving a van seasomd tures tref r West VlrSl ht: Below of kw enforcement ves' primarily the citY' reoeive $67.140 days trying to observers na , Newm Delaware rasing, up about $10,00e from Countiems what the wea e.ce has above mm tl deal with Juvmfle ore. ederal revenue determine and alert Jeffermm lee the )f tn ~ vtce of TURN TO PAGE It ~dred Cloud, of Rt~. tbe~yea w~lbeUke~3v~|~r TUW.NTOPAGEIe